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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 5, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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we're der microcmate weatr alert. stng rain andwind.a right now at 11:00 we are under a micro sun weather alert. strong rain and wind also hitting the bay area. more on the storms this way, also this week. the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening to you and thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. tonight's rain is actually the first of three storm systems this week which could lead to problems including a difficult commute tomorrow morning. tracking the conditions with storm ranger, rob. >> rain totals around the north bay closing in on an inch of rain but less from san francisco to oakland. about less than a quarter inch of rain so far. up towards the santa cruz mountains, big different from about 1/10 inch of rain around san jose but nearing 3/4 around
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ben loehmann. the roadways there, a little damp from the rain that fell earlier, but the cameras from emeryville into san jose bouncing around due to those gusty winds which earlier tonight were up to 43 to 45 miles per hour. still gusts close to 30 in san jose and gusts from 20 to 30 out along the coast. storm ranger, you can see scanning the rain crossing over the peninsula into the east bay and south bay. and as this moisture, which is getting a sub tropics boost is forced to rise over the santa cruz mountains, we'll likely see one to two inches of rain in the mountains as we head towards tomorrow morning. pretty big stretch of moisture aiming in like an arare row. the second storm we think will bring twice the amount of rainfall we're seeing tonight. the full timeline on those two storms ahead coming up at 11:16. >> of course that's going to have a direct impact on the sierra.
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there is a winter storm warning in the sierra. let's take you there live. these are live pictures here from conditions at castle peak. areas above 6,000 feet are expecting another one to two feet of snow. chains are required in you're headed in that direction. the winter storm warning will be in effect through tomorrow night. you can track the snow and rain on our bay area app. just click on the weather tab to access our live doppler radar and get a personalized forecast. we're following developing news out of fremont where an officer shot and killed a suspect. it happened on mowrey avenue between logan and sutter this afternoon. marianne favro is live at the scene with what's going on. >> reporter: terry, you can see police are still out here investigating. they're interviewing witnesses and clebtiollecting evidence. this all happened short a already 4:00 this afternoon. an officer shot and killed a suspect. the officer is okay. police shut down a section of
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busy mowrey avenue tonight in fremont after a fellow officer shot and killed a man late this afternoon. police say the officer first responded to some kind of disturbance in a business district nearby. he spotted a man believed to be a suspect and ended up shooting and killing the man. the officer was taken to a nearby hospital. >> the police officer is receiving medical attention at this point for non-life-threatening injuries. >> reporter: the officer was released from the hospital tonight. neighbors here were surprised to learn what had happened while they were watching the super bowl game. >> i'm very surprised. i just came home from watching the super bowl, of course, and there's all this police activity, and we never see this here. it's a business street, mowrey is. sometimes traffic incidents, but knowled nothing like this. >> reporter: police are not releasing the name of the man who was shot and killed or the name of the officer. they say they plan to continue to be out here investigating and
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have mowrey continue to be closed for the next two hours. reporting live in fremont, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> stay with nbc bay area as this story continues to develop. we'll post the latest on the investigation online and have an update tomorrow morning on today in the bay starting at 4:30. a 12-year-old yemeni girl is finally with her family tonight after she got stuck in africa for a full week because of president trump's travel ban. with that ban temporarily lifted, eman ali walked into the arms of her mother and her sister at sfo this evening. the girl and her family just cried tears of joy, hugging each other. a very happy to be reunited after seven years of efforts to come back together. nbc bay area's thom jensen is live at the airport with their emotional story. thom, you can see the tears on their faces. >> reporter: it was really a happy moment, peggy. like you said, eman ali has been trying to get a visa for seven years to get back with their
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family. she got that visa, but once the president's travel ban was put into place, the whole family wondered if it would ever happen. but tonight that dream of a homecoming is finally a reality. they hadn't seen each other for four years, and now eman ali and her 14-year-old sister, sarah, can't be separated. the two had planned to reunite more than a week ago, but after president trump ordered a ban on travel from seven muslim majority countries, including yemen, eman was stuck at the airport in djibouti. an immigration lawyer said eman is one of the few yemenis who has been able to get out of that airport. >> there's about 240 people still trapped who are not able to board airplanes. she was able to only because of heroic efforts. >> reporter: her father traveled to djibouti to be with her until they arrived in san francisco sunday. >> after seven years, finally.
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>> reporter: they thanked their hometown, the court, and the peak who spoke out against the ban and those who fought to bring his daughter home. >> finally i have all my family home. >> reporter: speaking in arabic and translated by her dad, ema nsaid how hapn said how happy she was too. her big sister needed no translation. tonight eman is also home with her mother and her 2-year-old sister, who she was able to hug for the very first time. live from sfo, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. that wasn't the only reunion at sfo today. a couple who hasn't seen each other in a few months, since october. one of them, an iranian woman, has been suspect in italy since the ban went into effect. she was able to return to american soil and see her boyfriend today. >> now i feel good. everything is okay.
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but i had a terrible week last week. it was terrible. well, president trump's immigration ban is still on hold because the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco declined to immediately reinstate it today. the president is not taking the court rulings lightly. today the white house vowed to fight any opposition, saying it will prevail for the safety of the country. vice president mike pence says he believes a majority of americans are grateful that president trump is taking decisive action to protect the country. >> we're very confident the president's operating within his authority as president both under the constitution and under clear statutory law. >> now, the white house says it will not work with congress to hammer out a less controversial travel ban. the big question, what is next? the ninth circuit court of appeals here in san francisco has asked for both sides to file legal briefs before the court makes its final decision. legal analysts say that the court is considered to be the most liberal court in the u.s.
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and in the u.s. justice department, they are now asking to reinstate the travel ban after u.s. district court judge james robart suspended president trump's executive order on friday. legal experts say that the burden of proof is with the justice department. >> they'd have to show that there's good reason to think that this order is constitutional and they also have to show that the states are not going to suffer irreparable harm while we are awaiting a final decision by the trial court. >> now, as for which judges will be making that decision, a three-judge panel from the ninth circuit will be selected randomly to make the decision. but the case is expected to go all the way to the supreme court. several prominent tech giants are banding together against the president's immigration order. twitter, netflix, uber, yelp, and pinterest just to name a few are planning to file a legal brief claiming the travel ban is unlawful. that brief is expected to be filed with the ninth circuit
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court of appeals. many silicon valley leaders see immigration as central to innovation. congresswoman nancy pelosi has an issue with the way trump referred to the judge who halted his immigration ban. trump wrote, the opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country is ridiculous and will be overturned. pelosi addressed this tweet this morning on "meet the press." >> for him to say a so-called judge, it's one thing to criticize a decision. it's quite another thing to say a so-called judge. >> pelosi also talked about the democratic party's strategy in dealing with the president. she says she wants to focus on job creation and work and family life balance. our coverage of president trump continues in just a few minutes. the sanctions he says he's mulling for california as legislators vote to make it a sanctuary state. chp officers say they have found a car that they believe was used in a deadly hit-and-run last week. last thursday, a big rig driver
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on 101 in novato found a body lying on the free way near the atherton avenue exit just after 1:00 in the morning. investigators say that the man was the victim of a hit-and-run. they released this picture of the suspect's vehicle. it's a silver nissan versa. now that car has been located. the driver, though, remains at large, and the victim's name has not been released. right now we're tracking downpours around the bay area from dublin and the tri-valley down into the south bay. our storm ranger mobile doppler radar showing you some rain throughout the south bay. when you can expect for tomorrow morning's commute and two more storms on the way this week. the timeline when we come right back. then super bowl ads get serious. the political messages that made it into many of the commercials this year. then could ivanka trump's brand lose another deal? the other major department stores feeling the pressure to pull her merchandise off shelves after nordstrom made that same move.
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he's in! patriots win the super bowl! >> a super bowl for the ages. for the first time ever, the super bowl goes to overtime, and the patriots win in the most dramatic of fashions. san mateo's tom brady rallied the patriots from 25 points down to win his record fifth super bowl title. but it's not just the game. the super bowl ads just as popular as ever, but this year many took on a more serious tone. san francisco based airbnb aired this ad with a montage of different faces with t the #weaccept. airbnb has been a vocal critic of president trump's immigration policy. the ad reportedly came together in just a few days as the company only decided to run it after finding out there was a last-second opening. ♪ perhaps the most emotional ad was this one. it came from the hardware change
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84 lumber. it depicts a mother and daughter's difficult journey to america. at the end of the ad, it instructed people to go to the company's website to see how the journey ended. so many tried to watch it, the website crashed. the original ad showed the pa para -- pair arriving at an enormous wall, but the company was forced to air a different version that did not depict the wall. not just immigration. this audi showed a father watching his daughter in a soapbox derby wondering how to discuss gender inequality with her. the ad ended with the tag line, america is equal to equal pay for equal work. this might have been the most emotional victory of tom brady's career. his mother has been battling an undisclosed illness for over a year, so he dedicated the came to her. mrs. brady was unable to attend a single game that he played in all year long, but today she did not want to miss the big game.
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after ward, with tears in his eyes, the patriots quarterback celebrated with his entire family, including his mother by his side, and then talked about celebrating with them too. >> they're all happy, so it's nice to have everybody here. it's going to be a great celebration tonight. so thank you to all our fans. everyone back in boston, new england, we love you. you've been with us all year. we're bringing this sucker home! >> brady excited there. we do have full highlights of tonight's super bowl game in sports. we'll hear more from tom brady as he talks about his place in football history coming up in about 25 minutes. tense moments in san jose has police search for a suspect considered armed and dangerouses. officers tried to pull over a car they thought belonged to a man wanted for brand shing a handgun. that driver allegedly sped off, got out of the car and started running. police set up a perimeter and eventually arrested the suspect. a handgun was also recovered.
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in oakland, a suspected arsonnist who set a car on fire this morning is behind bars. the c.h.p. tweeted this picture of a car completely engulfed in flames. they say that officers arrested a 20-year-old man with the help of witnesses. the suspect, jose herm sio, is a transient according to investigators. a motive for the arson has not been released. president trump is threatening to cut off federal funding for california if it votes to become a sanctuary state. state lawmakers took the first steps last week towards barring state and local police from enforcing federal immigration law. on fox news today, the president called california, quote, out of control and sanctuary cities ridiculous. >> i'm opposed to sanctuary cities. they breed crime. there's a lot of problems. if we have to, we'll defund. we give tremendous amounts of money to california. >> one of the systems to suffer if the president makes good on his promise is the uc system. university of california receives billions of dollars in
11:17 pm
grants, financial aid, and research. the department chain macy's under pressure to follow nordstrom's lead and drop ivanka trump's clothing and accessories and shoes. nordstrom cited lackluster sales and said it was not politically motivated. customers are flooding social media pages asking the company to dump the ivanka trump lane. many are threatening to boycott macy's until all of the products are removed. so far macy's has not responded. now with a story that's going to start -- well, it's really started. it it's going to go till thursday or friday. >> we're seeing three storms spread out over five days and still dealing with the first storm which came roaring in right around 6:00. it might have been the wind which is rattling the windows, moving some outdoor furniture around. right now the roadway actually has dried out a little bit across the golden gate bridge as our storm ranger mobile
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depositor radar will show you. you can see most of the rain is actually across the east bay out towards the tri-valley. a closer look at dublin shows you a wet 58 commute there. westbound you will see ponding on the roads likely waiting for tomorrow morning's commute. down towards the south bay, san jose seeing some steady rain at times and the camera bouncing around a bit due to those gusty winds. close to 30 miles per hour out at san jose airport. you see that rain continuing to spill over the santa cruz mountains into the south bay. so far, close to a half inch of rain already around morgan hill. we had the progression of the main front boundary around 6:00 to 7:00 tonight. now these bands of showers with some brief downpours will roll through between now and probably midday tomorrow. wind speeds overnight still 25 to 30 miles per hour. it will be gusty at times. highest wind speeds and strongest gusts probably right along the coast of hills into probably about early afternoon
11:19 pm
tomorrow. morning temperatures not too chilly. low 50s to start the day with rain at times. plan a little extra time for your morning commute. afternoon, mild temperatures overall. upper 50s. may even get a few breaks of sunshine as the rain just kind of eases off just a little bit around mid-afternoon and early evening on monday. to the peninsula and near san francisco, you'll see highsener 58 in belmont, downtown san francisco in the upper 50s. so the timeline of the first storm, you can see bands of rain continuing through about 8:00 tomorrow morning. showers still lingering until 2:00. then we think the rain will temporarily focus a little bit more on the north bay, heading into monday evening. but watch what happens midnight tuesday. that rain really does fill in again. that is the arrival of storm number two, and it's very interesting from midnight to 7:00 a.m., the focus of the heavier rain could hang up in the north bay, and that will be the window we'll have to watch out for runoff around creeks and
11:20 pm
streams. if that scenario plays out. by 11:00 a.m., it should progress to the south, and then we're falling between the second and third storms in the series. tuesday into wednesday a bit of a break in the action before the third storm arrives on thursday. the highest rainfall totals we expect to see, the areas in purple here, north bay hills, some of the east bay hills but especially the santa cruz mountains. three to maybe as much as five inches of rain. coming in for the third storm in the series, this is thursday with more showers into friday. then high pressure builds in. if you've got plans for next weekend, those don't look to bad. after the stretch, that will take us all the way through friday. we've got these storms coming through. tuesday, i really do think that's the day to watch. that will be the storm that brings the most rain, two to four inches of rain. one more storm there on thursday. then the sky is clear as we head into next weekend. busy stretch of days ahead, but
11:21 pm
next weekend looking pretty nice. >> rob, thanks very much. coming up, the longest flight in the world. inside the nearly 18-hour flight. >> oh, boy. also a stellar halftime show and nearly everyone raving about lady gaga's performance at the super bowl.
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and we do those things for northern california, i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. ♪ >> let's face it. only one person can do lady gaga, and that is lady gaga. rave reviews for what lady gaga did tonight at her super bowl. her halftime performance just killed it. she started out singing god bless america, and this land is your land. right there, jumping off the stage. she rocked it.
11:25 pm
also she sang a medley of her top hits. it was so good to hear those songs again, and ended with that mike drop. a literal mike drop, jumping from the stage. nice work. presidential start to super bowl li. former president george hw bush were brought to midfield for the ceremonial coin toss. he flipped the coin, which landed on the tails side, and the falcons chose to give new england the ball. former president bush was released from the hospital just last monday after battling pneumonia. barbara was in the hospital, but they were doing well there tonight. >> the ovation he got when they rolled him out, it was massive. could you sit on a plane for nearly 18 hours? peggy just said no in her own way. believe it or not, hundreds of passengers did that for what's considered the longest commercial flight in the world. the flight is through qatar airways. it takes off in doha qatar, lands in auckland, new zealand. how long is that journey would
11:26 pm
you guess, peggy? >> 18 hours. >> it is 18 hours and 9,000 miles. it took a total of 17 hours and 45 minutes to do it. the airline's ceo says auckland is a destination they've wanted to add for a while now. >> you have to have the stamina for flights like that. >> it's like moving in with someone. >> that's a whole lifetime. still to come, tracking a week's worth of storms. >> you're looking at live data from storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. we'll have a look at what you can expect for the day as head. then an ambulance ride was only part of the injury. nbc bay area responding to people feeling the financial pain still years later.
11:27 pm
11:28 pm
and on this sunday night, we are under a microclimate weather alert. the first of three storms to hit this week now in the bay area already. >> live right now at the bay
11:29 pm
bridge and the golden gate bridge. you see wet decks. tuesday is a big day, is that right? >> that's the day we're going to see a storm we think temporarily stall out over the bay area. rain totals getting more impressive. closing in on an inch of rain. san francisco to oakland still less than a quarter inch of rain. santa cruz mountains, the national weather service radar site, almost 1 1/2 inches of rain. morgan hill, almost three quarters of an inch of rain and the cameras bouncing around due to some gusty winds. close to 30 miles per hour in san jose. earlier we had wind speeds above 40 miles per hour and sfo and half moon bay. there's a lot of moisture to work with here as we widen out the view. this is the atmospheric river, which has made a connection all the way back to hawaii, aiming into the bay area. this will bring us rain at times
11:30 pm
for tomorrow morning's commute. yes, two more storms ahead. and perhaps even a dry weekend squeezed into the seven-day forecast. a look at that coming up in 12 minutes. >> rob, thank you so much. well, you certainly can track this storm with our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab to get the latest updates and forecast for your area. now to our other top story. across the country families reuniting after today's court ruling on the president's immigration ban. take a look at the scene at sfo. a 12-year-old yemeni girl arriving after being stuck in limbo after about a week. eman ali is now a u.s. citizen after her parents had wanted her to move to the u.s. for six years. she was supposed to come a week ago. then came the ban. it was an emotional reunion for her family who said they're thankful for the support they received. we are just hours away from the next legal filing in the fierce battle over president trump's immigration order as travelers rush to take advantage of the suspension. nbc's kelly o'donnell has the
11:31 pm
latest. >> reporter: today home comings and arrivals. relief granted by a federal court and reinforced by welcome signs at international airports. for travelers from seven mostly muslim countries whose visas were reinstated. but today president trump doubled down. just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. if something happens, blame him and court system. people pouring in. bad. the president tweeted that he is using his authority over agencies that screen travelers. i have instructed homeland security to check people coming into our country very carefully. the courts are making the job very difficult. the vice president defended mr. trump's broadside against the court. >> the judge's actions in this case making decisions about american foreign policy and national security, it's just very frustrating to the president, to the whole
11:32 pm
administration. >> reporter: today one protest flew over the super bowl. what he said about vladimir putin stunned even fellow republicans. >> will i get along with him? i have no idea. it's possible i won't. >> putin's a killer. >> there are a lot of killers. we've got a lot of killers. what, you think our country is so innocent? you think our country is so innocent? >> i don't know of any government leaders that are killers in america. >> take a look at what we've done too. we've made a lot of mistakes. >> reporter: but putin is suspected in the murders of political adversaries and journalists. a comparison rejected by prominent republicans. >> i don't think there's any equivalency between the way the russians conduct themselves and the way the united states does. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich tweeted, there is no equivalence with the brutal regime of vladimir putin. wyoming congresswoman liz cheney called the president's suggestion deeply troubling and wrong. a person is dead after being
11:33 pm
shot in vallejo this afternoon. vallejo police got a call of shots fired shortly before 1:00 this afternoon. when they got there, they found a person who had been shot. the victim died at the scene. now, this happened near the apartment complex on hoe born street in vallejo. investigators are looking for a suspect or suspects. they say they don't know what led to the shooting. nbc bay area responding to more than two dozen of our viewers targeted by a debt collector and it all stems from an ambulance service. >> they said there must have been a mistake, but they got nowhere. so they called in consumer vthor chris chmura for some answers as we found out. [ sirens ] >> i was in so much pain. >> reporter: an ambulance rushed ana gonzalez from work to the hospital. >> and i remember the ride. it was so bumpy. >> reporter: that was more than two years ago. but back in july, ana got a letter from a debt collector demanding almost $1,600 for the
11:34 pm
ambulance ride before she'd ever seen a bill. >> nobody has contacted me, you know. i sent them my insurance, you know, information. why haven't they done anything? >> that's exactly what i'm going through. >> reporter: this man was in a car crash at the san jose intersection more than two years ago. he also recently receive aid demand from credence for $1,600 that he supposedly owed to the ambulance company, rural metro. >> i was shocked because i never had like any news from rural metro about a bill or anything. >> reporter: 25 bay area consumers have told us the same story. more than 70 people contacted our sister station in san diego. they also received a notice from the debt collector before they ever saw a bill and after it was too late to file an insurance claim. >> they haven't processed it through insurance and it was an unpaid bill they dumped on collections. >> reporter: we asked the ambulance company, rural mitt
11:35 pm
row, for an explanation. it declined our request for an interview. in a statement, a spokesman acknowledged an error though he wouldn't tell us how many people were mistakenly sent to collection. he said the problem resulted from a processing change. we also had questions for credence, the debt collector, because consumers told us no one there believed their story. they were simply instructed to pay. >> that was the only way out. >> reporter: a credence compliance officer said rural metro vouched that the debts were legitimate and that's why its call centers told people to pay. but credence says it later saw a pattern to people's objection and stopped collections. credence then said it returned the portfolio of accounts to rural metro. we forwarded the 25 complaints we received to rural metro. a specialist reviewed each one case by case, then closed all of them, erasing almost $35,000 in debt, including anna's $1,573 balance. >> oh, thank you very much.
11:36 pm
i appreciate it, you know. it's one less bill, you know, to worry about. >> reporter: and why kim wong's $165 balance. >> i'm just so happy about it and i'm glad that i've called you guys and that you guys know because you guys have helped completely. >> reporter: getting those debts erased was only half our mission. next we needed to make sure each patient's credit record was clear. we pressed rural/metro and credence about whether this billing error would stain people's credit reports. in a statement, the credence compliance officer said that on the rural metro accounts we inquired about, it did not credit report any of those accounts. that's reassuring news for kim, who actually made a payment to the debt collector to protect his credit store. >> to have a bad credit store will affect everything in your life. >> reporter: anna is also relieved that her credit history is clear. >> thank you for having this program, you know. >> reporter: but she's questioning what would have happened if we hadn't spoken up
11:37 pm
for patients like her. >> why couldn't we do this on our own? >> that's a good question. that was chris chmura reporting. credence called this kind of mistake rare. rural/metro told us it has instituted new procedures to ensure it does not happen again. we asked rural metro if it sent out a blanket notice about the mistake. in response, it said it is handling disputes on a case by case basis using the e-mail address on your screen right there. you can send collections concerns directly to credence we've also posted that e-mail to our website. >> how frustrating for those folks. my goodness. well, if you are having a problem, any kind of consumer issue, we're here to help you out. the number to call, 1-888-996-tips. you can also visit our website. and still to come, call it a flu season surge. >> what is being blamed for a large uptick in flu cases across the country this year. but first let's take a look at what's coming up in sports.
11:38 pm
hey, guys, coming up in sports, it's already being called the best super bowl of all time. we'll show you how tom brady pulled off an impossible comeback to win his fifth super bowl title. sports is next. imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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welcome back. super bowl li did not disappoint. the falcons were looking to hoist the lombardi trophy for the first time in franchise history. meanwhile, tom brady and bill belichick were hoping to become the first player and coach to win five championships. well, a blowout turned into the greatest comeback in nfl history.
11:40 pm
patriots-falcons at nrg stadium in houston. new england looking for their fifth title. atlanta still searching for their first. second quarter, 14-0 falcons. patriots at the falcons' 23. tom brady picked up by robert alford. alford, 82 yards the other way for the pick six. first ever pix six that brady has thrown in a playoff game. just like that 21-0 falcons. fourth quarter, 28-12 falcons. third and one, they should run it here. they decide to pass, and that was a bad decision because ryan turned it over. five plays later, brady finds danny amendola in the end zone. touchdown patriots. so they're within eight after a two-point conversion. patriots with the ball again. brady's pass broken up but julian edelman comes up with it. how in the world did he catch that? take another look. one of the greatest catches in super bowl history.
11:41 pm
wow! patriots, second and goal at the one. james white punches it in from one yard out. after another two-point conversion, it's all tied up at 28. we're going to overtime. patriots win the coin toss. second play of the drive, brady hits amendola along the sidelines. 14-yard gain. they kept going. next play, brady, he'll hook up with chris hogan. 18-yard pickup there. they were driving. four plays later, patriots in the red zone. brady looks for martellus blount in the end zone. two plays later, toss to white. game over. patriots are world champions. patriots scored 31 unanswered points. biggest comeback in super bowl history. 38-24 the final. brady wins his fifth super bowl
11:42 pm
title. and here's the san mateo native after the game. >> i wasn't thinking much, you know. i was thinking we just got to score, and then we scored the touchdown. it was nine, and then we got the -- then we get the turn skbroefr. there was a lot of [ bleep ] that happened tonight, and i got hit pretty hard. we played our tails off all season to get to this point, and it's hard to win a game in the nfl. and to beat this team and to get down 28-3 and, you know, it was just a lot of mental toughness by our team. you know, we're all going to remember this for the rest of our life. well, to the raiders. alden schmi aldon smith is expected to be reinstated if he remains complaint wi compliant with the substance abuse policy. he missed the entire 2016
11:43 pm
season. that's it for sports. more news after the break.
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
the c-d-c says flu a it is the height of flu season and right now it's particularly bad. the cdc says the flu activity is higher this year compared to last year and considerably more widespread within each state. steve patterson has the details. >> reporter: from florida to washington state, families across the country are down for
11:46 pm
the count. >> bubble gum. >> reporter: near seattle, this mom is running a living room infirmary. her family of six, all sick with the flu. >> we haven't been hit quite like this in i can't remember when. >> are you seeing a lot of people down there coughing? >> yeah. >> reporter: in washington state alone, 148 people have died from the flu this season, putting the state on track for its worst flu season in seven years. there's cause for concern nationwide. according to the centers for disease control, 40 states are reporting widespread flu activity with more than 30,000 reported cases of influenza in the u.s. so far this season, 15 children have died, 7 in just one week. >> i think people forget that influenza kills tens of thousands of americans each year. >> reporter: it's why doctors across the country are pushing the importance of immunization. >> the most important thing that people can do to prevent them from getting influenza is to get vaccinated. >> she was like a ray of sunshine.
11:47 pm
>> reporter: rebecca hendricks works with a group called families fighting flu after the illness claimed her 5-year-old daughter scarlett two years ago. >> i didn't know, so i treated it like a common cold. when i took her to the hospital, she went straight to icu and died four hours later. >> a heartbreaking lesson she shares in hopes of saving precious lives as flu season hits its peak. steve patterson, nbc news. >> that is a good reminder how deadly flu is. we do forget. >> it's flu season. rain and plenty of it to go around over the next five to six days across the bay area. we've got storm ranger up working late tonight atop scanning the bay area. most of the rain is across the south bay out towards the east bay and tri-valley. quick view here of dublin. wet roadways as you head through the 580-680 interchange. could have some pondinging on on ramps and off ramps. we'll take you down into the south bay. san jose, breezy at times,
11:48 pm
seeing some relatively lighter rain compared to heavy year rain in the santa cruz mountains. you can see the camera is still bouncing around. some wind gusts close to 30. there you see the steady rain across the santa cruz mountains. we continue to see one band of rain move on and then more bands come on in. it's pretty interesting as you take a look here on the satellite view, many times we talk about an atmospheric river. this is what it looks like, originating from north of hawaii. this is the rainfall boost we get. extra moisture being drawn into these incoming storms which can power up higher rain rates per hour than our typical gulf of alaska type weather systems that drop in and bring snow to the sierra. one thing to watch midweek, snow levels rising in the sierra and potential for heavy year rain come tuesday. tomorrow, 50s to low 60s for highs. temporarily, mid-afternoon and early evening, you may see the
11:49 pm
rain start to decrease in coverage briefly. this is the gap between storm one and storm two. then as we approach midnight on early tuesday morning, see the rain flare up once again. and we think it could focus in on the north bay. if it stalls out there for more than six hours given how heavy the rain can be at times, really have to watch creeks and streams then for marin county, sonoma, and napa counties. by 11:00 tuesday morning, this is the current pro-jekds of the weather models. that rain line should march to the south. then as we head towards tuesday evening, rain intensity begins to drop off. stay tuned. if this stalls out in any one area around the bay area given how much moisture is in play, that could cause some problems. the area is likely to be targeted with the heaviest rainfall. notice the hill tops in the north bay as we zero in on regions that will likely see more than three inches of rain between now and 11:00 tuesday. certainly in the santa kruds mountains and we still have one more storm to deal with. this is thursday, fairly fast moving system. friday, a few more showers. right now things are actually
11:50 pm
looking good as we head towards next weekend as high pressure begins to build in. but a very active seven-day forecast. as you see, tuesday seems to be the wettest day in the next seven days. another thing to watch as snow levels rise. look at the temperatures on wednesday. we could have upper 60s in parts of the bay area. the south bay. cooler air will follow and then skies clear right in time for the weekend. >> rob, thanks very much. still to come tonight, smartphone screens damaging kids' eyesight at an alarming rate. >> new research shows just how bad the problem has become. where do babies come from?
11:51 pm
well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children are born every day in northern california -- the cradle of ideas, changing the very world around us. every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
11:52 pm
proudly caring for northern california, compte interesting story here. we're all spending a lot more time staring at screens, smartphones, computers, tablets and for kids addicted to their phones, there is a new danger that doctors are concerned about. all that screen time is prematurely aging their eyes. >> and that damage could be permanent. nbc's medical correspondent dr. john torres explains. >> 239 days in a row.
11:53 pm
>> 239 days in a row? >> uh-huh. >> 13-year-old eva weber says she's on her smartphone at least eight hours a day, chatting with friends, taking photos, even using it for homework. >> if i'm bored, i'll go on my phone and just like look up things to do. >> she usually carries her phone charger with her because she's on her phone so much that we have to stop and charge phones. >> reporter: but eva is now trying to hang up on her phone habit. her eyes have become so irritated, she has trouble with her vision. >> last week she took a test, and she openly said to me by the end of the three hours, my eyes were so tired that i just didn't even care if i was getting the answers wrong. >> come on in. >> reporter: eva is diagnosed with a condition typically found in aging adults, not teenagers. dry eye syndrome. when tears don't provide enough moisture. >> this is actually eva's eye between blinks. >> so she has dry eye everywhere. >> this is like an aging eye. you see this commonly in people in their 50s and 60s. but now in children who are
11:54 pm
using their smartphones a lot, we're seeing this more and more. >> reporter: how can a smartphone dry out the eye? staring at screens makes you blink less so tears evaporate faster. >> i think that's one of the biggest misconceptions is that tears don't do very much except for keep the eye moist. the tear level on the eye is the most important thing for helping a patient see the best that they can. >> reporter: ophthalmologist dr. ralph chew has been seeing so many dry eye cases lately he now recommends the 20-20-20 rule. every 20 ins stare at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. that along with eye drops has helped eva get some relief. though like most teens, she still can't put her phone down for too long. >> say ahh. >> reporter: a smarter way to keep eyes young and healthy. dr. john torres, nbc news, new market, minnesota. >> a lot of parents will be changing attention to that. >> i'm one of them. >> i know.
11:55 pm
new way of life. that's for sure. we are under a microclimate weather alert. we'll be right back with some details on the week ahead. i can show you the world shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes...
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priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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getting ready for some rain coming our way. >> still seeing it and probably will have an impact on the morning commute given how heavy the rain has been falling. lighter showers around san francisco. steady rain to san jose and santa cruz mountains. you can see bands of rain coming on through and stretching out to our west, there's a lot of moisture at work there. there's honolulu, the hawaiian islands, and that is subtropical moisture being drawn in to these incoming systems. for us it's a lot of warm rain, but if you're traveling into the pacific northwest, snow all over seat. we could see travel delays, but also snow on the northern end of
11:58 pm
the storm system working into the west coast. so tuesday is the day to watch. heaviest rain, we think, in the series of three storms arrives there on tuesday. wednesday right now looks pretty mild and relatively dry. and then the third storm comes in on thursday, similar to one we're seeing now. friday, a few more showers and then skies should clear for the weekend. but some coastal mountain areas could see about four to five inches of rain between now and tuesday night. >> thank you very much. thank you for watching. have yourselves a great week. >> good night, everyone.
11:59 pm
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seeing you with your shirt off in that episode -- >> it was so dreamy. >> that and whatever swimsuit he was wearing. ♪ this week, the "in depth" team shares the test of another year with the biggest names in sports. >> come on, graham. >> from amazing and unexpected access -- >> he may be in his late 70s, but we were struggling to keep up. >> to revealing


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