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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 8, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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the democrats most vocal elizabeth warren causing democrats to lash out at republicans. waiting game, the president and the nation await an imminent ruling on the immigration travel order. >> eight to ten tornadoes ripped through dozens much states. a state of emergency in louisiana. that as the northeast enjoys the calm before a nor'easter brings up to 16 inches of snow. "early today" starts right now. >> great being with you this morning. >> they got a pounding in the
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south. now a state of emergency is declared in louisiana after severe storm tore through the gulf coast. there an estimated 8 to 12 tornadoes through louisiana and mississippi leaving a wide swath of destruction. while no deaths have been reported at least 25 people being treated for injuries. here is gabe with details on the powerful weather. >> reporter: the south is bracing for more severe weather. >> got another one coming. >> reporter: after powerful stormed ripped through louisiana. >> look at this. man, this is a real tornado. >> total devastation. i can't believe it. >> reporter: flipping trucks and tearing this gas station apart. witnesses say the sky went dark in seconds. >> get on our knees so we won't get hurt. it was scary. >> reporter: louisiana's governor declaring a state of emergency. thousands of people left without power. >> we have had our share of tragedies, and the people in new orleans are as cuff as they come
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and we'll get through this. >> reporter: among the worst hit new orleans east, some of the same neighborhoods ravaged by katrina more than a decade ago. >> i thought i was going to die. >> it knocked me down and took my dog away. it took my dog away. it took my dog away. >> the twister is part of a powerful system, dumping hail and pounding region with relentless winds. neighbors are helping neighbors in a neighbor that has seen heartbreak before. >> the northeast is brace frg some of the heaviest snow. that's coming up. president trump's travel ban rests in the hands of three california judges after an emergency hearing was held.
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while lawyers for washington state argd the travel restrictions should be done away with all together. pete williams that has report. >> reporter: as the trump travel restriction remained on hold for a fourth day immigrants rushed to get here concerned it could suddenly be enforced once again. in a telephone conference call appointed by presidents carter, george w. bush and obama, lawyers for the justice department made that stay should be lifted after it was imposed friday stopping enforcement of the executive order. >> reporter: a lawyer for the state said the executive order violates the law and hurts economically. >> it has always been the judicial branch's role to --
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that judicial role has never been more important in recent history than it is today. >> reporter: the new secretary of homeland security officer in congress. >> i should have delayed it just a bit so that i could talk to members of congress, particularly the leadership and the committees like this, to prepare them for what was coming ppb. >> he said the seven countries named in the executive order were chosen not because they are muslim, but because, like, iran they were declared state sponsors of terrorism, and others are incapable of providing background information to people that want to come here like refugees. senate democrats have been
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holding another talk-a-thon to oppose the pick for jeff sessions. there's one major headline from the all night talk session. warren's colleagues cried foul. >> mr. president, the suggestion that reciting the words of the great king's letter. >> i could not believe it when i heard it that a united states senator would be silenced by another united states senator. >> so the #letlizspeak took
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over. warren ultimately taking to facebook life against sessions. it comes after the last stalling effort still resulted in betsy devos becoming the education secretary. >> the senate being equally divided the vice president votes in the affirmative and the nomination is confirmed. >> still the president is furious with democrats attempts to delay his cabinet. a vote to confirm sessions is expected later today after senate republicans themselves postponed his vote in order to have him vote in favor of betsy
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devos' nomination. and then the manhunt for two suspects has come to a bloody end. during a standoff with police at a georgia motel, boyette died from a self inflicted gun wound, and mary rice was arrested. the two suspects were spotted on surveillance video casually eating at a hardy's restaurant. her brother insists she was not a willing participant and was just trying to survive. the controversial dakota access pipeline has gotten the army seal of approval after its
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corp. of engineers gave it a thumb's up. it's still expected to face protest from tribes and environmental activist that have been strongly opposed to the pipeline. the sioux tribe is promising a legal battle. a new cdc program shows the number of states with widespread outbreaks of the flu is growing to 40, and it's hitting children particularly hard this year. there have been 15 associated deaths, a 67% increase from last year, and the flu season has three more months to go and the best way to protect yourself is vaccinations, and it's not too late considering how bad it has become. bill karins is joining us with more on weather, and a storm that could exacerbate flood conditions in california. >> a atmospheric river head into
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northern california and oregon. a lot of rivers are high. the elevations are high for snow, too. as far as the storm totals are going to go, the highest rainfall again, northern california and in coastal areas of oregon, and just what a mess with all the rainfall we have had over the oregon, and many rivers still running high around sacramento and tahoe. in case you missed it, former president, barack obama, has been enjoying some kite boarding at virgin billionaire sir
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richard's home. the tropical images have prompted social media that obama looks younger and healthier and more enjoyable, and that picture says it all. he did complain when he was in the white house, guys, that he wasn't allowed to do this stuff for safety reasons, and now he's enjoying himself. >> looking good, too. ou need to. kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber to help a body thrive... folic acid and vitamin d... make a body feel this good. start your day with 150 nourishing calories... a bowl of special k. ♪ eat special, feel special. introducing special k nourish bites. a new way to snack special.
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>> >> president donald trump reacting to texas sheriff herald after hearing that a state senator had been feuding with the sheriff over legislation. the sheriff declined to identify the senator in question. the new york times is reporting that the yemen government has with drawn for the u.s. to run grounds missions in their country. it followed the navy s.e.a.l.s raid in yemen. the ground mission suspension has not been announced to the government. military and civilian say it does not expand to military drone attacks. on a lighter note, bost bostonians showed up in the
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shouz to catch a glimpse of the vince bombardy trophy. in all of their glory was tom brady wearing a shirt wearing roger that and his fifth super bowl ring on his middle finger intended for roger goodell. we are learning a third player may skip a visit to the white house. he may join teammates boycotting the celebratory trip to the white house. >> we all know donald trump is friends with kraft, so i imagine kraft and the rest of the team will be there. actor richard hatch has died. hatch passed away tuesday in los angeles after a battle with pancreatic cancer. he earned a golden globe nomination in 1979. he also returned for the remake in 2003. richard hatch was 71 years old. just ahead, former vice president, joe biden, has a new
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guys, i'm good. now you don't have to distract yourself to last longer. with new k-y duration spray, men everywhere can last longer and stay in the moment. new k-y duration. you too? for today's quick hits, san francisco is poised to become the first city in the country to make college free for all students. the mayor made the announcement saying tuition would be free regardless of your income. professor joe biden, soon
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teaching at the university of delaware, and he will be focusing on domestic policy, and the biden center zeroing in on policy. and today a judge if philadelphia plans on live streaming an nfl concussion case so retired players can learn what is ahead when a $1 billion settlement comes out this year. and facebook setting a new trend that other companies will follow? kate rogers is following it all along with the markets this morning. >> wall street will try to add to tuesday's gains today. stocks closed on the high in this session and the nasdaq ended at a new all-time high. positive earnings reports were offset by sliding crude prices. data showing a massive increase signaling the market is over
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supplied despite production cuts by opec. and then a member of the president's business advisory council, and a petition is urging her to reconsider her role. facebook wants to give employees more time to deal with the loss of a loved one. the company is expanding bereavement leave from 10 to 20 days and also extending family leave allowing employees to care for sick family member up to six weeks. >> a really nice gesture for employees. thank you, and we appreciate it. just ahead, the fictional feud with the office is finally over. check it out, a cop going to
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stealing drinks off peoples' tables. >> it has been 11 years and chili's is finally ready to forgive and forget. chili's responded tweeting back, breaking, chili's lifts the ban on pam, and they included an official press release. here she goes all behind them now. >> put it past them. >> it's the gift that keeps on giving. and then a cop was responding to a reported fight. he noticed a group of students surrounding one guy, and as he got closer he realized the kids were filming a music video so he decided to jump in and show off some of his own dance moves. you have to have a sense of humor on that job. the hits on the video has over
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9,000 views. >> maybe a dance contract over it. >> 1,000 new words were just added to the merriam-webster dictionary. there's bing-watch. throw shade. photobomb. first world problems. safe space. woo-woo. but they defined a few of the words as gifts, and face-palm to cover one face with the hand as an expression of embarrassment, and side eye, a side-long glance or gaze especially when exsprerbing disapproval. if they had emojis, we wouldn't have to speak, right? >> your top stories are straight ahead. this is "early today."
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the next atmospheric river already has begun, and here's the rainfall predictions, five inches of rain in the mountains of northern calf and especially eureka, and what a mess there. the middle of the country just fine. anybody traveling tomorrow, that nor'easter will be affecting the major airports in the northeast, so keep that in mind and probably will have a ripple affect across the nation. senator mccain is rebuking donald trump after trump's recent comments about putin.
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hear mr. trump's comments followed by mccain's response. >> putin is a killer. >> we have a lot of killers. what, you think our country is so innocent? you think our country is so innocent? >> i don't know of any government leaders that are killers. >> take a look at what we have done, too. made a lot of mistakes. >> there is no moral equivalent between that kgb thug and the country that ronald reagan used to call a shining city on a hill. in new released documents, lawyers for first lady, melania trump said a lot of what the paper ran of her deprived her of the unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to launch a
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lucrative broad-based, and she settles another suit against a marilyn blocker. eagle watch is on in the nation's capital. here's a live look near d.c.'s police quarters. look at that little guy. there's an egg that was spotted in the nest. even more eggs could be on the way and they should hatch in about 35 days. >> fun to watch. we have some very cute footage for you. two fluffy giant panda cubs wrestling each other and they tumble off the platform. check it out. you can't get through your
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morning without that, and a mother panda as we fight through another dayy
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area. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge (ad lib)... a microclimate weather alert as we fight through another day of rain in the bay area. this is the golden gate bridge. plenty of water on the roads. steady downpours continue. a mess on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. rock slides shut down traffic in both directions yesterday.


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