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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 8, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the road and landed upside down as you can see here. that's when another driver jumped into action one of the stories from our team of reporters covering this micro climate weather alert. >> you talked to that guy with the pickax, talk about quick thinking. >> the two rescuers didn't have time to think about it over too much they jumped into the water and started moving they did all the right things to save that driver before it was too late. >> we heard a bunch of skidding, and i thought, oh, my god. >> the car landed upside down in the creek. >> i thought, whoever's in that car is in trouble. who is the young man in site hitting the window under the water. we couldn't get the door open. >> rich and a neighbor sprang
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into action. they tried desperately to pry the door open. >> the door wasn't going to be able to open. that's when he took out a pickax from his work truck. >> you could hear the window implode inside. we just started grabbing everything i could. >> i guess one of the things i grabbed was him. it happened so fast. >> the man in his 20s had only minor injuries. >> it was all going so fast, he was dazed. he was just happy to get out of the car. >> the two men who saved him say they're thankful they were able to help. >> it's fortunate we were here, here to get a little help. >> just glad he's okay. >> slow down. if you think you're in control,
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put your phones away, don't text. >> that's something the chp can agree with, we don't know if the driver was texting or going too fast. what is certain is he's one lucky young man. reporting live in dublin, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> should serve as a lesson to all of us. a major freeway that runs through the east bay. a couple lanes on westbound 580 are going to stay closed until 10:00 tonight. the whole is so big, you can see the rebar showing. east of greenville road in livermore. more than a dozen cars were damaged before crews could finally respond. this road won't be fully reopened until 10:00 p.m. this evening. >> a live look in san jose, rain today, but nothing like what we're expecting tomorrow. >> jeff ranieri is tracking this
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storm. >> we think as we head throughout tomorrow morning, it will start to move into parts of the north bay. as we saw in that earlier story a lot of the creeks, rivers and streams are running so fast on top of that. even with a light to moderate rain, you can still hydroplane. stay at the speed limit or a little below. nothing in terms of heavy rainfall. new flash flood watch is issued in advance for the area through friday. we could see rivers and creeks rise very fast. mudslides and rock slides are possible. the most immediate threat is along the russian river. flood warning continues here as well until friday at 8:00 a.m.
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>> we expect the newest crest -- i have the time line on the storm system. a new update at 6:00 tonight. >> the phone line was down, but the wifi was still active, that was the lifeline for a woman, she used facebook live to communicate with her friends and family after this mudslide destroyed a home. nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us now from los gatos. how did this all unfold. >> thousands of pounds of mud and debris came rushing toward the house. they've been cleaning up now they're worried this other storm could put them in jeopardy again. >> those two cars were jammed up against trees. >> dave describes his property in the santa cruz mountains as a mess. >> there was a laundry room alongside it, it ripped it off. >> he's trying to create a path
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for the water to flow past his home and into the creek. admits he's shaken up. >> sounded like a jet plane landing on the report. i jumped out and heard somebody yell. >> his pregnant daughter was inside this mobil home when the mud picked it up and pushed it downhill about eight feet moments later -- >> jennifer ray, who also lives on the property, went live on facebook to ask for help. >> i'm trying to get ahold of everybody, the lines are down. >> the satellites on the property weren't damaged which allowed her to use wifi. >> everyone is safe. >> the family was able to dig out one of the cars to drive down the mountain. today dave is trying to clean up one pile at a time. this christmas ornament is
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sitting on top of piles of debris. >> silt is 2 to 4 feet deep in some spots. >> he's hoping the mountain above their property won't give way again. >> we have a link to their go fund me page on our website. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >>. >> what happens for this family and others after a mudslide. are you covered by our homeowner's insurance. at this hour, work crews are digging away at that massive mudslide in the santa cruz mountains they're using a special machine called the spider. is there a more permanent plan in place other than digging every fixing every time we get a storm? >> it's kind of what they have to do.
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the seemingly endless mudslides have made it an agonizing year for commuters. right now, crews with lights and the spider are working on this slide behind me. even more ambitious plans are needed to end the nightmare once and for all. caltrans brought in the spider from san luis obispo. it stays stable as it digs and moves up hill like a spider, crucial on a top heavy slide. >> kind of like digging a hole in the sand. this machinery allows us to get to the top. >> a mudslide last month on this exact section that tied up traffic the same way. >> i'm a nurse, so i have to get to work. it's been a big problem this
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year, and then our backroad, which is the summit is also -- has mudslides. >> there's so many frustrated commuters. is there a long term plan in trying to stabilize these sections? >> there is, and we're looking at that now. >> long term solution could be putting up a larger rock catch system. the other solutions would be to get in here and lay the slope back. >> the focus is on keeping drivers moving in single lanes, northbound and southbound. >> that would be through the weekend as long as this next storm doesn't bring anything unexpected. >> it's kind of fun, you could still get through. it may take a little while, but it's all right. as long as you plan it right. >> many drivers we talked to were relieved to have single lanes open. as for those long term plans, depends on a lot of factors, including state funding and how long they can afford to keep highway 17 closed while they do
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the work. live in the santa cruz mountains, robert honda, nbc bay area news. at this point i think we can expect the unexpected. let's show you marin county, raging waters rushing down. this video which is amazing, was sent to us by a viewer. coming up in 23 minutes we're going to show you more videos and pictures from viewers like you, showing us how a recent rain has impacted their own communities. >> we could have a decision by tomorrow. the controversial travel ban issued by donald trump may be reinstated by the ninth circuit court. president trump has personally questioned the judges even though no ruling has been given. there are fears and considerations. scammers are trying to get money out of people by threatening
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deportation. new at 6:00 nbc bay area's zamian trujillo is at the office with this new scam. >> there's been an uptick in claims of deportation scams in san jose. both the da's office and the mexican consulate tell me they are investigating. >> more and more people have been filing into the mexican consulate in san jose. someone will be claiming to call from the same consulate, for a few thousand dollars, the consulate can get them off that list. >> from time to time, we give some advice to people, don't buy those lies. >> this and other similar deportation trickery has them
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trying to ease rattled nerves since the november election. >> the district attorney's office says some people have paid the scammers by wiring money or releasing their debit card numbers. >> we've been seeing an uptick in these telephone scams where they're calling from the consulate or claiming to be calling from ice themselves, the d.a.'s office says when the u.s. government agency is demanding payment, they do it via mail and never ask for a debit card number or money to be wired. they tell people to ask for a name and call back number to make it easier to catch the crooks. >> the mexican consulate says they got a phone call from a bank in santa cruz last week, asking if they were requesting this transaction from a scammed customer. the consulate said no. and the customer was not victimized. live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. neighbors and community agencies keeping an eye on a
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hillside after a mudslide knocked out a home. coming up, that story, plus an outpouring of support for those who lived in the home. keeping a close eye on our new storm system set to arrive by 6:30 in the morning, across the north bay, we'll have a look at the time line coming up in about seven minutes. still hard to beleive this mass.
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it is hard to believe that this mass of wood and mud used to be someone's house the home was ripped apart by a mudslide. christie smith was there with the tremendous outpouring. strangers and neighbors are stepping up to help them. >> what they're saying is friends and neighbors, folks they didn't even know, have been stepping up to help. some of those neighbors also coming by to take a look at this and keep an eye on the hill behind the home and the trees they say, is a marker of where things stood before the storm. of course they know, more rain is on the way. >> the tremendous outpouring of support and love has just been awesome. >> john future stands by bags dropped off at his sister's house, where he's staying after a mudslide knocked over his home in san rafael. >> things we haven't thought of, you know, you kind of -- you're
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thinking of what's in there, we ran out with our -- what we had on our -- what we were wearing. >> he's grateful for the aga generosity of friends and neighbors after the hill on his home gave way. a neighbor's home also damaged, another threatened. public works crews say it's private property, but today tried to divert water away with more rain coming. >> pretty tough to deal with mother nate. >> he's seen his share of erosion and swollen waterways in the north bay. >> too much water. the ground can't take it. >> back on mountain vilville -- >> i was more roried about vegetation as opposed to it ever coming down.
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>> public works will continue to monitor the hillside. >> a lot of questions as we see all this weather. mud and money among them. who pays for your house if it's hit by a mudslide? chances are you're out of luck. >> the big answer here is, possibly, i wish i had a better answer. what kind of insurance a homeowner has, and was it a mudslide or something else. we checked with fema and the insurance industry today, they made it clear, your every day homeowner's insurance does not cover damage caused by that. other insurance might pay, like government backed flood insurance or private coverage called difference in conditions. a difference in conditions policy is rare. today we learned that terminology here is key. was this mess a mud flow,
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mudslide or a landslide. we consider those words interchangeable. insurance adjusters do not. the insurance information institute says mud flows are covered. we're not sure who makes that determination. very few homeowners actually buy flood insurance. of the nearly 7 million homes in california, only 290,000 currently carry a federal flood policy. it's possible that emergency federal aide could be approved for the uninsured. there is absolutely no guarantee there. if you're concerned, whether your home is protected. we recommend talking with an insurance agent asap. the state waterboard has decided to keep the drought emergency in effect. many water agencies have been pushing for the restrictions to end. the restrictions are hurting their bottom line. they also argue californians
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shouldn't be tricked. >> frankly in this political era of fake news. i'm concerned that the state of california is going to be looked upon as giving fake news to many people thinking that there's still a drought, when it's evaporated away. >> some lawmakers encounter restrictions and continue to develop water habits. the drought emergency is expected to remain in effect throughout this rainy season. our drought is over here in the bay area, these restrictions still apply. >> it's going to be a touchy subject as we head through the next couple months. we know more rain coming from the sky here over the next couple days. possibly over the next two weeks. let's get you into our micro climate noor cast. you'll be able to see a lot of pictures coming into us. this one from los gatos on the left. you have the los gatos trail.
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you can see how much water is on the trail right now that's why i want all of you at home to know the next storm system is arriving by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning so much water on these roads, it's going to be very difficult to travel in the morning hours this moves down to san francisco around 9:00 in the morning, and eventually to san jose, around the noon hour. we'll keep the rain in the forecast all the way from 4:00 and 5:00. 11:00 p.m. thursday, we start to see things dry out. how does the extended forecast look? i do think we'll see the chance here is some rainfall on friday. possibly an early shower here on saturday morning. dry into the afternoon, and also looking at sunny weather as we head all the way into next wednesday. what about beyond this? i know some of you do not want to hear about more rainfall coming out way. it is part of my job to look out
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in that long range. what we're seeing is possibly four more storms february 16th through the 23rd. still time for that to change, we're going to be watching that ever so closely. >> jeff, thank you. >> a $50 million plan to fight deadly disease here in the bay area. i'm scott bud man, coming up, an exclusive look at what mark zuckerberg launched today. at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything.
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we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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creative reumissions marin county. the fire department is tweetings out of flood a woman they're wain creative rescue missions in marin county. firefighters using a jet ski. they're warning people to stay safe with more storms coming in tomorrow. on our facebook page. a london based polling agency asked europeans if they would support trump's travel ban. 55% said yes. and it's backed by facebook
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founder mark zuckerberg and his wife, doctor pricilla chan a new effort to fight disease, it's backed by facebook founder mark zuckerberg. >> big names poring in, some big money, zuckerberg and his wife are hoping to knock out some of the world's deadliest killers. how much money are we talking about here to fund this. >> the commitment is $50 million
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over 5 years, the goal to bring technology and medicine together to make the world a safer and healthier place. >> this is a gm sequencer. >> visiting this lab is like visiting a high-tech toy room. >> malaria, zeek ka fierce. ebola, respiratory viruses and others. >> he's the co president of the khan zucker biohub. a five-year commitment to give 47 local researchers $50 million to fight disease. >> we're going to be funding these individuals to do the experiments they would have never proposed before. >> this lab and others will do what it takes to make progress. armed with a lot of money famous backers and the very latest in
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technology. >> we'll have a full set of mechanical engineers. and a data science team. >> joe was actually dr. priscilla khan's professor at one point. the researchers are excited about the five year commitment, they can make a big difference in that time. scott bud man, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thank you. up next, he usually doesn't get political, tonight steph curry delivers some strong words about president trump. new photos and records showing a history of violations in unsafe living conditions and warehouses in oakland. i'll tell you what police knew about the ghost ship long before 36 people died there.
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everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. looking here at the russian river - it's just one of the rirs we're keepg an eye as a new storm barrerls toward the b right now at 6:30, looking atted russian river here, it's one of the rivers we're keeping an eye on as the storm barrels toward the bay area. >> it's gathering strength in the pacific as we speak. jeff ranieri is tracking which rivers will rise and when that storm rolls in. >> we think the storm will bring widespread rainfall by 1:30 in the afternoon i'm tracking the three top rivers where river flooding is likely. the russian river expected to
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crest at a new flood stage up to 35.5 feet 11:00 a.m. on friday. and drastically dropping this weekend. we're also looking at the napa river, this will rapidly rise tomorrow, reaching a new crest of 23.1 feet by 11 p.m. on thursday. and also dramatically dropping off this weekend. the alameda creek at niles canyon. this reaching flood stage by 11:00 p.m. on thursday. you're back below flood stage as we head to saturday and sunday. >> we can't get a look at when things will dry out. midday sunshine returns, we'll have sunshine at least through the day on wednesday. we'll have another update in 15 minutes. >> we'll see you then, thank you. it's been a tense situation for a while for people living along the russian river, floodwaters are getting higher and higher.
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making it difficult for people to get around. the sheriff's department says 31 roadways are shut down, the southbound lanes are closed because of the road oversaturated. >> i think it's the land giving way, there's too much water. and the soil can't stick together. so it's -- gravity has taken over. >> the superintendent of schools sent out a notice before 6:00 this evening saying that several schools public and private will be closed tomorrow because of safety concerns related to the storm. rushing water powered its way through the lexington reservoir this morning. dennis wingo sending us video. also in los gatos, this picked from sky land road. the unsuspecting driver of this blue van drove right into this abyss the road giving way here,
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remarkably, no injuries. in the north bay, this is a picture from bon air road in green bray. we want to see your pictures and video, tag us on twitter instagram or post it right to our facebook page. before this next storm rolls into toufrn, be sure to download our free app, it will give you access to the same live doppler radar that jeff ranieri and our weather team uses. new revelations tonight about what the city of oakland new before that deadly warehouse fire in december. the city released hundreds of pages of records and photos today. in response to media requests filed weeks ago. vicky, you've been digging through the stacks of documents, what did you find? >> a lot of pictures. >> police were called out to the ghost ship warehouse nearly two years before the fatal fire. in march of 2015, someone flappinged down opd officers and complained about an illegal raid with drug and alcohol sales.
6:33 pm
days later, another call to police, this time, about a man who kicked in the door and came into the warehouse with a knife or box cutter trying to steal things. police also responded to a report about illegal shared housing. in december of 2014, a tenant called 911 to report the landlord punched him in the head for being short on rent. he told police he might be murdered if both parties stayed under one roof. this one on international boulevard, the space altered as you can see, toilets, sinks, bedrooms, none of it permitted. bottles of alcohol, this warehouse was used as an illegal living space. ang's attorneys did not respond to our request for comments.
6:34 pm
all this adding to the mounting criticism that the city knew about the ghost ship and other warehouses, did not take meaningful action until after 36 people were killed. our investigative unit has been covering the fallout from this warehouse fire for several weeks. since it happened in december, to watch all of our reports, head to our website, warriors superstar steph curry rarely talks about politics publicly. that changed today. in an interview with the bay area news group. curry was asked if he thinks president trump is an asset. curry bluntly replied yes if you remove the e and t from asset. as you might know, curry is the face of underarounder and has signed with the company through 2024. he reportedly has an equity stake in underarmor as well. he was asked if something like this would leave him to leaving
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underarmor. if i can say the leadership is not in mind with my core values, there's no amount of money, no platform i wouldn't jump off of, if it wasn't in line with who i am. that's a decision i will make every single day when i wake up. it should be noted. kevin plank said his comment about the president was purely about mr. trump's business accu men. another member of president trump's cabinet has been confirmed tonight. jeff sessions will be sworn in tomorrow as attorney general. the vote was 52-47. it came at a cost to the gop. when elizabeth warren was silenced and removed from the senate floor using an arcane rule. it gave democrats a new rallying cry. warren tried to read a 30-year-old letter from coretta scott king. she criticized sessions years ago, for impeding voting rights among african-americans, she was told to stop reading the letter and told she could not
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participate any more. however, later on, male senators were not kept from reading that very same letter. no decision yet from the ninth circuit can court of appeals. president donald interrupt took issue with the court today. he had harsh words, the court is considering whether mr. trump's temporary travel ban is unconstitutional. it temporarily bans citizens from seven predominantly muslim countries from entering the u.s. the ninth circuit court is deciding whether to keep the temporary ban in place. >> i don't ever want to call a court biassed, i won't call it biassed, we haven't had a decision yet. but courts seem to be so political. >> the court promises a decision before the weekend, and today it said it will give a 60 to 90
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minute warning before the decision is made public. we'll be tracking that decision here on our digital platforms. president trump's words about california's ninth court are not sitting well with his supreme court nominee. who met with senators today. one of them quoted neil gorsuch as calling the president's attacks disheartening and demoralizing. richard blumenthal says gorsuch was also responding to president trump calling the judge a so-called judge. mr. trump is merely defending his daughter. at issue, is ivanka trump's clothing line. earlier this week, you might recall we reported that nordstrom is dropping ivanka's label. the president tweeting from his personal account calling terrible and un fair. initially nordstrom's stock
6:38 pm
dropped after trump's tweet. it's considered the biggest jewel in the trump empire. there's word that the 60 floor skyscraper could get a new tenant, the department of defense. a pentagon spokesman says the resources that would move into the 5th avenue address already support the president when he's in new york. so the move is convenient. as you probably know, it's very pricy, that real estate there in midtown manhattan, with rental of a single floor costing a million and a half bucks each year. towed even though he had a parking permit. a man in the south bay wants his money back.
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a shoe washed ashore with a foo= an unusual and unpleasant discovery along the sonoma county coastline. a shoe washed ashore with a foot still inside. authorities are trying to figure out who the foot belongs to. meeting with president trump 2349 oval office today, the ceo of intel. ceo brian crazanich said they could employ as many as 3,000 workers in the new plan the in arizona. tesla will begin assembly for the pilot car two weeks from now. you more than 375,000 people have put down deposits for the model 3, which is in the 35,000
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or $40,000 range. much less than the pricier models. >> whatever model they get, they need it to do well on slick roads. there's so much water everywhere, a live look outside right now, the camera lens is wet, and we currently have 59 in nearby santa rosa. i have the thursday time line in about 3 minutes. a condo owner's car is towed from his assigned spot. then he has to pay to get his car back, i'm chris kamora. to a sunnyvale man who says hisy
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towed. jess/2shot he got his car back, but not without paying a chunk of money. nbc bay area responds to a
6:45 pm
sunnyvale man who says his car was wrongfully toed. >> he got his car back, but not without paying a chunk of money. >> he had proof his car should not have been towed. it seemed no one cared except us. >> this permit that hangs from tim's rearview mirror guarantees him a parking spot at his apartment complex. >> i came out one morning and my car was towed. >> he was rushed to get to work that day, so he payed a $400 fee before he left, he took a picture of the permit hanging from his rearview mirror. >> to prove it was in the tow yard with the permit on it. >> he went to his homeowner's association, seeking a refund for the tow. >> tim called us and we reached out to the hoa. the hoa contracts with owe ryan
6:46 pm
security to watch for parking violators. they're authorized to tow cars that don't have permits. tim's car didn't have one. owe ryan security report that night doesn't shed further light on the issue. his hoa gave us a copy of the report. o'ryan took pictures of tim's car before towing it. you can't tell whether or not tim's tag was missing from the car. we went back to tim's hoa, it called the tow company which refunded tim's $400. tim is relieved to finally have his money back. >> it went back into my savings. >> no california regulatory board overseas toeing companies, there are some state codes the industry must follow tow
6:47 pm
companies don't have to snap pictures before towing from private property. security doesn't have to take pictures if you feel you've been wrongfully toed and can't resolve it with the parties involved, you can resolve it in small claims court. if not, we can help. ever been towed? >> it's expensive. >> i've been wrongfully towed. what's your number again? >> i caught the guy. >> thanks, chris. can you guess what's happening a year from tonight? yes, light the flame, the olympics a colorful ceremony to mark the ceremony.
6:48 pm
expect a lot of northern california athletes to be right there. >> we have a countdown clock going on. >> any one of you two. >> we've done our time, it's going to be great. >> don't ask me about the temperatures today. we're so overloaded with our weather here, a lot more rainfall coming our way for tomorrow. sunshine is in sight everyone. we have that increased flooding threat over the next 36 hours. we find ourselves with the new storm moving in. the sub tropical moisture. temperatures were more mild. let's bring you into our most immediate flood concern. it includes the north bay, coastal mountains and that's where creeks, rivers and streams could be rising really fast. if you have a river or creek behind your house, have you to watch it closely.
6:49 pm
>> no heavy rainfall right now, we're finding areas of scattered rain up and throughout the north bay. all roadways for that matter remain slick tonight. please take it easy on the roads. no matter how slow you go, the rainfall is going to be winning out at this point. the yellow, orange and red on this map in case you haven't seen too much of this is heavy rain. 6:30 in the morning -- by 9:00 a.m., it's slowly moving to the south. down here toward san jose by around the noon hour heavy bouts of rain from 11:00 a.m. across the bay area. after this, we'll start to dry out from the heaviest rainfall. rain totals with this next storm. highest across santa cruz
6:50 pm
mountains, you can see the key at the top, find your city. we're locked in for about 1 1/2 inches. near san jose, this bright yellow area. we're tracking three top river concerns we brought them to you earlier, i want everyone who lives near these areas to be on alert. 34.5 feet. nearby this on the napa river this will get close to flood stage. we also have the alameda creek near niles canyon. . all of the rivers we just tracked will drop dramatically as we head into the upcoming weekend. speaking of which. it's going to dry out. 3:00 to 7:00 a.m., after that,
6:51 pm
we're on a drying trend also way through wednesday's forecast. we can take a breath, clean up a little bit. beyond this, the pattern still look looks wet. >> we'll embrace that sunshine. it looks good. a slice of hollywood down at pebble beach at the proam. we had actors, models and athletes and plenty of bay area golf fans. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen.
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the new era begins, that private plane touching down today. the contract has been signed, that's the 49ers new head coach. 49ers releasing that video on their website. not much rain at pebble beach today luckily, there were plenty of stars. >> bill murray leading the charge. >> a little glitz, golf -- >> we thought the 3m celebrity challenge would be the same thing different year. then it happened. this tee shot happened. >> he played college golf at georgetown. i haven't competed in a while, it will be exciting to see how it goes. >> actress and model kelly rohrbach, the first female to participate in this event. there were the usual cast of characters too. >> i hope you were going to be
6:55 pm
on the dance floor. >> bill murray, alfonso ribeiro. >> i'm playing so bad right now, tiger woods could beat me. >> the gallery followed the celebs, right behind them, a threesome of professional players quietly went about their business. >> yeah, no, it's fun it's nice to let them have the spotlight. hopefully my golf is going to put me into that spotlight this week. >> an unfortunate incident for jordan spieth as he walked off 18 following his practice round heckled by a group of autograph seekers. >> one of them dropped an f-bomb in front of three kids. i felt the need to turn around and tell them that wasn't right.
6:56 pm
you're not tiger woods, i'm just like, whatever. you're trying to benefit off me, and i'm not even tiger woods. >> spooij and the rest of the field tee off thursday morning. tonight at 11:00, when their country needed them, they served with honor, when they ran into trouble with the law, they were kicked out, senior investigative reporter steven stock goes to mexico to investigate why u.s. military veterans have been deported by a country they fought to protect. jeff ranieri is going to take us out with what to expect in the next few hours. >> scattered areas of rainfall, the storm arrives tomorrow. 7:00 a.m., to 7:00 p.m., we start to dry out, once we get past 7:00 p.m. on saturday, and it looks like dry weather all the way into next wednesday's forecast. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00, have a great evening. >> we hope to see you at 11:00, bye-bye.
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her body under attack at the super bowl. her message today to the online trollings. >> and what she told us about battling body issues now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra is this a belly to be ashamed of? lady gaga sounds off about getting barraged with mean online insults. as she releases her sexy new video, gaga's "extra" is interview about accepting her imperfections as she joins a sisterhood of proud stars. >> "this is us" star chrissy metz opening up today about a lifetime of diets and depression. "live" with kelly -- and tamron? days after walking from "today,"


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