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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 10, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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travel flows nicely for most of your freeways. another tree down highway 1. the restriction over here. vine hill. granite creek will slow you down throughout the day. nice easy drive. no problems. flooding continuing likely through the weekend from atherton to 101. i'll leave you in the north bay because there is more to cover. >> we are not out of the woods yet. pete suratos continuing our coverage from guerneville. >> the storm is set to be moving out at least later tonight. a russian river is still a major concern for people living nearby, pete. >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you, laura and sam. it is always a concern for folks here in guerneville. and the russian river is expected to crest at 35.7 feet at 1:00 p.m. so you have evacuation notices going to folks along the russian river. they have opened up the emergency operation center in
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sonoma county. this is the building along drake road. yesterday this was completely devoid of water. no water at all. as you can see, the river is expected to crest later on today. you are seeing the water start to creep up just a couple of feet below the windowsill. sonoma county evacuated its emergency evacuation center. we should see flooding in those low-lying areas. also in monte rio. information that was passed along to my by officials they want to get out to residents. first, look out for road closures today. that is all depending on the weather conditions. pg&e in place. they will be fully staffed in the event of any power outages in the area. of course if there is a chance for flash flooding to move immediately to higher ground. folks can't find a place due to flooding shelter has been set up
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at the guerneville federal buildsing. live in guerneville, pete sur suratos for today in the bay. >> all right. a lot to deal with there. it is 5:02 right now. another developing story we're following. president trump is vowing to fight in court after federal judges issued a ruling that continues to block the temporary travel ban. edward lawrence is live with the impact this is having across the world. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. this is very something decision because it was unanimous. one of the judges on this three-judge panel was reported by the president. they did not look at the merits of the case. but they did rule the government provided in sufficient evidence to overturn the travel ban stay issued by the lower court. that means people from seven predominantly muslim countries can still come into the u.s.
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bob ferguson brought the case and said he respects the president's authority for the executive order but he has to follow the constitution. he said he has been with the administration in court twice now and he is two for two. president trump has two options. he can appeal to the u.s. supreme court or he can ask all the judges in the ninth circuit court of appeals to write an opinion on this. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence. now back to you, sam and laura. >> thank you for the latest there. breaking news out of france. within the last few minutes, we learned french anti-terrorism forces arrested four people, including a 16-year-old girl and uncovered a makeshift laboratory with explosive materials. there are unconfirmed reports that suspects were planning a suicide bombing in paris. the latest now from d.c. happening overnight, the u.s. senate did confirm representative tom price to
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become the country's next secretary of heating and human services which means he will be the person tagged with seeing any overhauls of obamacare. it was a party line vote, 52-47. democrats opposed the lawmaker from georgia because he wants to dismantle the affordable care act. he supports cutting medicare and medicaid. >> new here in the bay area, a man tried to lure her into his car twice this week. police are now looking for that man. the 15-year-old girl said she encountered the man near food max grocery store on beck avenue yesterday and wednesday. the teen says the man asked her for a ride. she declined. she said she was follow. this is surveillance of the suspect's car. it is described as a late 2000s lincoln navigator. >> another bay area home hit by a mudslide this time in orinda.
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he managed to get out of the house, but most of his valuable possessions were destroyed. >> my wallet, my hard drive with all the kids photos. >> just gut-wrenching scenes all week long like this. housing officials regular-tagd-e home. earlier this week mudslides hit los gatos and san rafael as well. >> it has been a tough week. it will be nice to dry out this weekend. but still rain, kari. still rain moving through. showers moving through the peninsula, as well as parts of the east bay. a couple of lighter showers. as we get a closer look, we can still see green here. it is once again hit or miss and just rolling from southwest to southeast. san francisco seeing light
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showers. low visibility with fog, low clouds. we head over to oakland and rain coming down at a pretty good pace. heavier around redwood city, extending into the east bay. light rain across the santa cruz mountains. we are seeing pockets of heavy rain north and east of hayward. it is going to be very wet on 238. and also for oakland over towards owe orinda, hit or miss showers. still tracking showers moving in. and a few pockets of heavy rain as this moisture stays right over us. and it looks like there could be a little bit more energy with another round expected to move in this afternoon. the potential of a couple of isolated rumbles of thunder before this storm system runs down. coming up in about four minutes, we will take a look at the forecast for fan day as you make plans at at and t park.
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>> reminder, as kari says, we are not completing out of this. we still have wet roadways. light traffic right now. we will call out this crash that just came into chp. 880 and marina boulevard in towards san leandro. it will be a factor. i'll keep my eye on that report. look at the live camera over by the oakland coliseum. it shows you the conditions there kind of murky. mist, drizzle and wet raotoadwa. continuing over towards the san mateo bridge, murky as well. water on the lens has been an issue. flashing lights just showed up westbound. we will check out what's going on now. so far getting across the san mateo bridge, we haven't seen anything. taking mass transit, no delays. bart slowing down trains just
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for safety's sake. it is tougher to stop on the rails. they want to make sure everything is okay. so far it is. >> a little extra precaution. a much anticipated meeting. the world leader heading to the white house. how it could impact u.s. relations in asia. >> wall street sets new records. old mcdonald had a robot. that's coming up in business and tech. >> is that how it goes? new video and more damage overnight in the santa cruz mountains. drivers stuck in a mudslide mess. how they were able to get up themselves next.
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good friday morning. it is 5:11. still tracking spotty showers. it will be beautiful, chilly, with breezy winds. we start out at 50 degrees at 10:00. reaching the mid-50s. definitely make sure you have the sunscreen and that you are bundled up. what we can expect for today coming up at 5:16.
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and travel times not bad. this is great for 580 coming through the tri-valley. still have slick roads. the repair work held up well. we just got video of trees down on the peninsula. this is a big one. well, you know, we're following breaking news from overnight. another mudslide stalling traffic in the santa cruz mountai mountains. new video of damage on black road. it is a scary situation for drivers out there. the road is on a steep cliff. >> we ran into this mudslide. it didn't turn around too easy. thankfully the police showed up and were able to help us turn it all around. >> and he's smiling. chp officers helped them unhook the trailer. then they spun it around. the road remains closed, however, this morning. we go live now to the nation's capital where president
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trump is welcoming one of america's closest allies. a lot of attention on this japanese prime minister shinzo abe. this is new video of the prime minister arriving late last night joined by his wife there. he will be meeting with trump at the white house today. then for a weekend trip to the president's resort in florida. abe is hoping to shore up the relationship between these two allies. president trump's tough talk on trade and putting america first is a source of real concern for the country of japan. a late night phone call the president told the chinese president they will honor the one china policy. the white house described it as extremely cordial. and both men invited the other to visit their respective countries. tesla has everything you would expect in a car factory, everything except union.
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>> a new push by united auto workers. new complaints from employees led by one man who claims to have worked at the fremont plan the last four years. he posted the complaints publicly. jose moran said employees are required to work overtime. they are paid far less than autoworkers in detroit and live in the bay area, which is far more expensive. he wants tesla to fix it. they see it as union agitation. they said, "as california's largeest manufacturing employer and a company that has created thousands of quality job here in the bay area, this is not the first time we have been the farther of a professional unionizing effort such as this." a hat trick on the market. the dow, s&p 500, and the nasdaq all hit record highs. this comes after president trump promised details about his huge tax cuts coming in the next few weeks. remember, while he's cutting
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taxes he has promised to spend a trillion on infrastructure. that's great news if you're caterpillar which makes bulldozers. the company gets a lot more business but pays less on profits. if you're a fan of balanced budgets, maybe not so fast. we're used to the idea of self-driving cars, but how about self-driving tractors. eventually they will put farmers out of work. >> automation technology has changed the nature of the jobs. think about farming itself. our customers love to work on the land itself. even though our technology in the tractors hass epnabled themo be driverless, you will still find a farmer sitting in the cab because they love to work the land. >> that's coming up after "meet the press" this coming sunday. it's amazing to watch tractors and other equipment just going out in the morning and taking care of business. the farmer could stay sipping
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coffee but he stays in the tractor anyway. >> he doesn't have to listen to the rooster so early in the morning. from philly to boston, millions digging out of a major snowstorm. some places seeing up to a foot of snow. airports will try to pay catchup after 4,000 flights were canceled. the good news is this happens to be one of the slowest travel times of the year. >> i wonder why? this doesn't look appealing to people? i'm finding a lot out there, so many extra potholes. >> they need to know about them so they can put them on the list. >> still flooding on the roads. even from the residual rain and heavy downpours from yesterday. it is still very wet out there. at times you have to turn on the windshield wipers.
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we're dealing with the aftereffects of the storm. as you step out, it is now 56 degrees in the tri-valley 55 degrees. microclimate seeing fog and some patchy fog there as well as some cool temperatures. and looking at the visibility, we are seeing some patchy fog developing in some parts of the bay area. concord, the fog and visibility down to about 5 miles, down to 2 miles in santa rosa. the storm system still moving south and east of here. and rain moving through much of the east bay and the tri-valley. so definitely the windshield wiper is on umbrella needed at least for the first part of the day. then we'll have a few more breaks. by 10:00 in the morning, rain moving through the peninsula and the south bay. and it looks like there could still be enough energy in the atmosphere as the storm system spins across the region and brings in a few last waves of rain. maybe a couple isolated storms
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in the too. we'll be watching out for that before it all dries out. looking ahead to the weekend, a cool start for the bay and inland areas. 43 degrees. 53 at lunchtime. low significance. a very nice day. for sunday, a few clouds during the morning. but then we will see milder temperatures, up to 63 degrees at 3:00. and mostly clear skies at 7:00 as well. on facebook and twitter, keeping you up to date on what's happening. i appreciate you taking pictures, sending it to me. and i can share with everyone else of what's going on. looking at the forecast, our temperatures will stay nice and cool after this cold front rolls through. and a chance of spotty showers still lingering today. for tomorrow, looking breezy, cool. 57 in san francisco. and for next week, we will be watching another storm system between thursday and friday. that could bring back wet weather. so enjoy the weekend and the dry conditions while it lasts.
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trees down across two highways. mike, what's going on? >> we talked about this. saturated soil. some of the landslides and the hill sides have reached that point. a couple of trees down. one that is a major concern. we have talked about this area before. this is highway 85 at 34. the trees and wires were cleared there yesterday. we have another tree down on highway 35 a half mile away from there. these are major trees. they're going to have to clear these. this stretch of highway 35 has so much damage. wires down. and other issues in the area. they may have a section closed until july. the locals i understand will be able to get through. right now the trees are blocking highway 35 just off highway 84. now we are looking a little farther west. another tree down across highway 1. it blocks the entire highway on
5:20 am
the, south of half moon bay. no word when they hope crews can clear that. there you go. over here, easy drive fort bay bridge as it is around much of the bay. looking at the san mateo bridge. a live shot across 92. rain has hit the lens here. it continues to be an issue in many patches. be careful. it is friday. let's to the weekend safely. back to you. >> that's right. looking forward to that. thank you, mike. coming next, a potentially costly problem. the way a berkeley man's $25 mistake ended up costing him $1,200. the expected fast lane at the airport could soon be coming to an end for some travelers. why they are pulling back on their precheck boarding passes. a live look outside from our emeryville camera. at this time yesterday this was shaking all the place. so calmer conditions to start
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for a little bit. the park is asking ople to welcome back on your friday. if you're planning on a trip to yosemite, you may need to hold off just a little bit. the park is asking folks to
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delay their trip so they arrive saturday afternoon or later. there was so much rain that park officials and roads winding through the park are covered in water and debris and they want to clean it up. >> the day of unexpectedly finding a tsa precheck mark on your boarding pass are numbered. since 2011, the tsa granted some nonmember travelers access on a flight-by-flight basis. a $25 goof ended up costing a phafrpb a lot more than that. consumer investigator chris chmura wants to change that. he joins us now. >> car owners around the area are paying thousands of dollars in fines when they could be paying nothing by showing their phone to a police officer. it all comes down to a consumer protection law that many people
5:25 am
simply exists. consider mark lily, a police officer pulled him over for a rolling stop. he was cited for not having his insurance card with him. he got a fix it ticket. paying $25 fine later, as long as you show proof of insure. he tried to do that but ran into road blocks. the court had computer problems and the wrong address on the ticket. it ballooned into a $1200 fine and collection fee. >> i was sort of shocked. i didn't know what to say. in mark asked us if we could help. we tried. but he is still being told he has to pay. there is an important lesson in mark's case. he could have avoided this the day he pulled over by pulling out his phone to show proof of insurance. tonight at 11:00, we'll tell you how that works. and how many fix-it tickets are still being given to drivers even though they might be
5:26 am
completely preable. if you have a consumer problems, call us at 888-996-tips. or see you tonight at 11:00. >> that's a good suggestion. the problem is when you try to pull up your insurance, i always forget my user name and password. >> i just try not to get pulled over. >> wise lesson there. how does that work out for you? >> let's move on to this story. valentine's day just around the corner, which means big movies at the box office and highly anticipated sequels are this weekend. >> "50 shades darker." i missed the first one. dakota johnson is reuniting with christian grey. >> if you are looking for something maybe a little more family friendly the "lego batman
5:27 am
movie." batman has to with the responsibilities of battling bad guys and raising his adopted son. it is is rated pg. and i see that one definitely in my future. 5:27 fplts the bay area remains under a microclimate weather alert. we have team coverage for you this morning. i'm along the creek in san jose which is usually a tranquil walking spot. it is a rushing river now. we'll show you what the impact of the commute will be this morning. seismic concerns over a dam in the south bay. the reason engineers can't release the water pressure fast enough. the bay area in recovery mode.wg
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impact from back-to-bkstorms. =sam/live/vo= and mancres and rivs are avill very swollen... 5:30 friday morning. the bay area in recovery mode. the lasting impact from back-to-back storms. >> many creeks and rivers still ve very swollen leaving streets under water. people anxiously awaiting the sunshine. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> you don't have to wait much longer. here comes the sun. >> this morning we are still saying here comes the rain.
5:31 am
a lot of rain still tracking that on the radar this morning. wet roads as you step out the door. allow extra time to get to work. friday. it's hard to get out of bed. but you need to get moving. we have rain moving through the peninsula, as well as the east bay, approaching the south bay with something else to make more water standing on the roads. we are seeing also from petaluma, to novato, san rafael, light rain there. in san francisco, it's fogging, misty and drizzling and oakland and the peninsula around san mateo. also for the south county. as you get the kids ready for the bus stop, you need the umbrella and rain boots. it will be muddy and cloudy at recess. cool with breezy winds. now over to mike.
5:32 am
>> we saw flashing lights westbound. the rain on the lens actively raining right there. slick roadways. we still have apparently westbound lanes affected by the crash on the shoulder. it's all right at the toll plaza. it is is slower towards the high rise. making me a liar. they just cleared that. that is a factor for your morning commute. still a factor as well, highway 17. we have a much bigger issue. we'll tell you about that in just a bit. back to you. take a look at all that rushing water. in morgan hill, the apb tknders reservoir is full. bob redell is live with
5:33 am
fears that the water district has after all of this rain. good morning. good morning to you, sam and laura. the santa clara valley water district is concerned that if there were major earthquake, a magnitude 7.25 or greater, that the anderson dam could become damaged. that's why you see this tremendous water flow behind me. i want you to take a listen. it's very loud, very hard to miss as you are driving through morgan hill. the district has opened the gate in an attempt the get the reservoir to drop. but with the recent rains and projected storms of the bay, they could not get rid of the water fast enough. sometimes the incoming rain has been outpacing the release. back in 2009, they discovered the dam built in 1950 was particularly vulnerable to earthquakes. it was decided the reservoir should never go above 68% capacity. that has been difficult to
5:34 am
change with recent storms. the reservoir is releasing 400 cubic feet of water per secretary. even at that rate, the district projects it could take four to nine weeks to get back down to 68% restricted level which means between now and then there could be flooding along the coyote creek. the district thinks the dam could be damaged but it would not necessarily result in a complete failure. engineers are working on decision designs to retrofit the dam. construction started to 2020 with completion projected for 2024. live in morgan hill, just on the bottom side of the anderson dam, bob redell, today in the bay. all right. we are glad we can still hear you over all of that gushing water. thank you for that report. today in the bay kris sanchez
5:35 am
joins us with the aftermath of the penitencia creek. >> reporter: the series of storms has been so long that we are going live that we generally don't talk about when we talk about rain. the penetencia creek. i'm on one side. the work crews on the other side, just to give you a perspective how wide the creek is rushing right now. in the video we got earlier, you can see the water spilled of the bay. the creek is now flowing over mabry road near educational park drive. the traffic disruption leads all the way to north king road. so folks are rerouting. now they are waiting for the flood to run its course. back in 2015, the santa clara valley water district spent
5:36 am
money to try to do bank repairs. it is a good thing they did. otherwise, this could have been worse. it is a sight to see. the water is really rushing. it looks swifter than usual. watch from a safe distance. it is fast. and it's cold. so steer clear. and watch from a safe distance. again, we can't tell you that often enough. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> we'll watch from your pictures. thanks so many. it is 5:36. live now to the russian river in the north bay. we are expecting the river there to once again crest its banks early this afternoon. but as we have been telling you all this week here on today in the bay, the river is already overflowing some of its banks in some spots. pete suratos showed us flooding but today he is in guerneville. the napa river receding. that is good news for residents hit hard these past few weeks.
5:37 am
>> i'm getting out and getting my steps in and enjoying the break. >> they have experienced mudslides to downed trees and flooding. one driver narrowly escaped from rising waters earlier this week. >> you talked about the mudslides. we have seen them all over the bay area. this area problematic for commuters. the cleanup effort took a tragic and deadly turn. this morning, friends, family, and co-workers are remembering a construction worker killed on the job there. this happened yesterday just around noon. now on the granite rock construction website and social media, 54-year-old robert gill of los bonos is being remember ltded. he was standing behind a dump truck that backed up and in stan
5:38 am
sta instantaneously killed him. steven whittier was also pinned under the truck. he was able to communicate with responders and is expected to survive. 5 it is 5:37. a live look at the golden gate bridge. you see it on your left. highway 101 and san jose on your right. the roads shiny and slick. i want to check in with kari hall. how much rain have we had so far? >> we have had lots of rain. some of the staggering amounts have been in the north bay. this is unbelievable. over five days we have had over 11 inches of rain there. as in the santa cruz mountains. anywhere from 6 to 10 inches of rain. san he jose, over an inch of rain. and oakland too as well. san francisco seeing two and a half inches of rain in walnut creek. with all of that we are seeing the storm systems winding down.
5:39 am
a small chance that we could have rumbles of thunder as we go into this afternoon with the last waves of this rain moving through that low pressure system. >> highway 37, that mudslide highway 17 tragedy yesterday. be very careful through the construction zone and the repair work going on throughout the bay. we have a tree down as well. let me show you the entire bay. most of our speed sensors are just fine. highway 1 will be a problem south from half moon bay,
5:40 am
highway 84. already had a number of problems with trees and wires down. highway 35 as well. right there at very day a tree blocking the pacific coast highway. that will be a problem for the time being until they get the proper crews out there. over here, looking toward the tri-valley no major problems. holds up well with the repair work. a little slow for highway 84. standard through the construction zone. the metering lights also on. that is standard backup. there is still rain. look at the fog in the lights. that will be slick roadways with the fast lanes. bring cash. it's a little faster. >> sun is coming at least tomorrow. it is 5:40. bart is taking a stand. the policy the transit agency is trying to implement that goes against the president. bird's-eye view of storm damage. how they are using destruction that would otherwise be harder to spot.
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good friday morning. it is 5:43. we are still tracking rain so as you look ahead to the weekend, making plans to get outside. it will be cool to start fort bay and inland areas. low 60s tomorrow. for sunday, also looking at some sunshine. but we still have rain rolling through right now. we will take a look at the radar in four minutes. taking a look at the san
5:44 am
mateo bridge right now. improvements westbound. no more slowing for the crash that has been cleared. still rain coming down the road. you want it slow for the conditions. 544. menlo park fire using drones to survey storm damage. this is drone video of the trash rack at the san francisquito creek. it is happening under highway 101 in east palo alto. it is meant to stop large debris from crashing into the bay. they hope to have it fixed by monday or a plan in place by monday to fix the broken barrier. all right. quite a disturbing scene in new zealand. volunteers are racing to try to save hundreds of stranded whales. this is one of the largest recorded mass whale strandings ever. up to 300 whales are dead. volunteers are trying to send 50
5:45 am
of them back to sea, trying to save their lives. no word what caused the whales to beach themselves. developing overnight in louisiana, a pipeline explosion injured two workers and another still unaccounted for. it is happening about 30 miles west of new orleans. the pipeline belongs to phillips 66. workers suffered serious burns. no word what caused that explosion. continuing coverage right now. let's get you caught up on the garcia torres murder trial. the man accused of killing sierra lamar. a search volunteer testified yesterday saying most people were found in a 12 mile radius of where they were last seen. they had about six hours unacted f unaccounted for. the trial now takes a break today. it will resume on monday. quarter to vi right now.
5:46 am
voters voted to remove 2,500 seats from its cars. it will create more space for people to stand during the peak hours. they found they were willing to stand rather than miss the train altogether because it was just too full. bart could become a sa sanctuary city. it would limit collaboration between the agency and i.c.e. bart board member defended the policy that is still in the works at this point saying, regardless of their immigration status, riders the security of getting to and from work without becoming unduly targeted during their daily commutes. bart policy has not yet been officially adopted. at nbc bay area, we're always looking to hold the powerful accountable no matter which side of the ale they are on. >> scott issing and the first
5:47 am
100 days in office. >> it is a shift. got lost in all the news about the ninth circuit decision. chinese media didn't miss it. they are trumpeting donald trump's change of mind as president trump recognizes america's one china policy. this comes after a phone call between our president and theirs last night. to understand why this is a big deal you have to understand the facts of america's one china policy. candidate trump thought the whole thing was kind of sill and he wasn't wrong. there are clearly two countries. china and taiwan. beijing and taipei. we will defend taiwan but we don't say it.
5:48 am
in the olympics nobody said taiwan. they were very upset when the president-elect took a call from the president of taiwan. the president isn't even supposed to talk to the president of taiwan. trump, as phreresident-elect sa he would stick to the policy. >> i fully understand the one china policy. i don't know why we have to be bound by a one china policy unless we make a deal with china. >> but everything is different. so the big question is, why did president trump change his policy? did he get a deal or did diplomats convince him this was the best way to handle china? very important to silicon valley, sam laura. what about slapping them with a 35% tariff? we will continue to watch. >> scott, by the way, will be looking at all of president trump's tweets, executive orders, speeches and policies throughout the first 100 days on today in the bay.
5:49 am
you can share your thoughts on twitter. the twitter handle is easy enough just scott mcgrew. a polar plunge in massachusetts to tell you about. an area that has been rocked by snow of late. if you were wondering why hoarde hoardes of people would jump, in you see it wasn't hoardes of people. it was a few people. the official event was canceled because of the blizzard. the plunge went on for those two. it was meant to raise money for a local charity. >> they are having their own party out there. i've been there. >> the polar plunge? >> no. during the summertime in cape cod. and you know that the water is cold year-round. so i can't imagine how cold it is during a blizzard. >> we are getting warming. at least sun shining into the
5:50 am
weekend. >> this weekend is looking really nice. especially compared to this long, wet,y week we have had around the bay area. lingering rain. getting a live look at emeryville. you see it is still misting. low clouds and fog. still a beautiful shot here as we get a look at some of the city lights in emeryville. so going into the day, we are still going to see rain hit or miss. more of the widespread showers in the bay area. and seeing the rain especially across the bay. we are dipping on the north bay now. we still see fog and drizzle creating wet roads. a shower just moved out moving across the bay bridge, heading towards oakland. we have rain as you go up to 80 at this point. and also for the south bay. raining again in san jose, over towards fremont, as well as the tri-valley. heavy rain leaving livermore. and it continues off towards the east toward discovery bay. also from antioch, san ramon,
5:51 am
heavy rain moving in. it shows with the last cold front moving through the pay area, we will have a chance to produce thunder and lightning. slight possibility. rain into tonight. but it all careers out early tomorrow morning. still need the umbrella and peeks of sun as well. if you're heading towards lake tahoe, rain mixing with snow. clearing out for the weekend. and melting snow with temperatures reaching into the mid 40s for the beach forecast. showers there. once again dry for saturday and sunday. for san francisco, looking at 50s the next several days. into next week, still nice and dry. a lot of sun in the forecast. and then look at the end. there's the rain icon there. another storm system could quickly move in between thursday and friday.
5:52 am
heading over to mike now, some old problems and a new crash. >> highway 17 we continue to have that issue. the flooding in novato as well for highway 37 between atherton and 101. we know about that. wet roads around the bay. highlights green in many parts of the bay. we move our camera out. slowing down. one-way traffic control. one lane through that zone. be careful in the area. it's a distraction. bright lights for the construction area. we want smooth commute right now. southbound 680, a crash there. should be over to the shoulder quickly. it is terrific. hopefully it will be moved to the shoulder. the rest of the approach toward the bay bridge, a fender-bender. i'll check to see. incident sounded like it wasn't a big issue. it should be cleared. a quick look at oakland shows you conditions.
5:53 am
still kind of soupy conditions. slick roads. back out to the maps. a quick look at the travel times as well. smooth drive with 23 minutes. 50s in the richmond area, over to the bart system. no problems for mass transit. back to you. >> all right. we all need to dry out. what about this. live to at&t park where the giants are getting ready for fan fest. time honored tradition. so today ahead of the fan fast, the media gets a chance to catch up with the players and the coach. they beat the new york mets in a wild card game. buff they lost to the eventual world series champions chicago cubs. spring training starts in two weeks. it is on the 24th against the cincinnati reds. >> a lot of people feel like it is a really long baseball season. but spring training, there's just something about that that gets you going. hot dogs, garlic fries.
5:54 am
after being deported from the country they fought hard to protect, veterans hoping to reunite with family in the united states. but first happening now, no part of the bay area has been left up scathed by severe weather. we want to see what it looks like in your neighborhood. send your photos and videos to i see or tag us on face book or instagram. >> a wok welcomes her iranian parts an hour after the court up holds the block on the travel ban. my man friend that i've been seeing...
5:55 am
your man friend. like, as i was leaving i was like, "goodbye, i love you," and like... (laughs) what'd he say? i said, "don't say anything!" oh god! (laughs) 'cause now like, this is the cliffhanger, so we don't know if he loves you. what's gonna happen if he doesn't?
5:56 am
you knmegared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers mega support. cld be used asoon as
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the emergency swim way at the oroville dam in chico could be used as early as tomorrow morning. it was damaged during recent storms. this will be the first time in the dam's history the spillway would have to be used. crews are using tanker trucks to rescue baby salmon before they open the emergency swim spillway.
5:58 am
steven stock shows us how the policy continues to split apart families some of whom are u.s. citizens. steven. well, good morning, guys. our investigation found 70,000 noncitizens enlisted in the u.s. military between 2009 and 2016. at least half of those people never applied for citizenship, according to the center for naval analyses, leaving them vulnerable to deportation. now, under the expanded list of deportable offenses are drug possession, failure to he show up in court, entering the country illegally, even if you did it as a child. that law has had the practical effect of targeting hundreds of u.s. military veterans who sevened as noncitizens honorably charged and later convicted of a crime here in the u.s. u.s. deposit then deported them, splitting apart families, leaving many who were willing to
5:59 am
die strand indeed foreign countries, unable to return here. we found 300 living in and around tijuana and other countries overseas. 36 different conditions in fact. unable to return. ironically when they die, their buries can be buried here in a u.s. national cemetery. you can see the entire series plus behind the scenes footage. go to >> 888-996-tips. right now at 6:00, we have issued a microclimate weather alert. the latest round of rain to hit the bay area. so many creeks and river still rising. full team coverage. >> rain moving through parts of the bay area and a slight chance of thunderstorms as we go
6:00 am
through the day. details on that and a look ahead to the weekend in the microclimate weather forecast. the russian river continues to rise which means more flooding around guerneville. how the county is staying prepared. and see you in court. responds after three federal judges in san francisco decide to up hold the ban on the president's travel ban. taking you live to washington to find out what the ruling means for people traveling into the united states. today in the bay continues right now. taking a live look at the anderson reservoir this morning. it is nearly full. and we are learning about a brand-new danger. that water gushing at an amazing pace. tkpofrpbg to y good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> i'm nervous for your photographer being that close to it. a quick check of the weather. i don't want to bri t


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