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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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s the thing that gus will build that will change the world. and this is the thing that could change gus' world. gus doesn't know what this thing is, but we know what this thing is. this is the thing we'll help gus get rid of. and without this thing, gus can grow up to build this thing, whatever that thing is, because that's what we do. we do health things, and we do those things for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. that is set to make the fra right now at 11 round two almost here. tracking another storm. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm jessica aguirre. and i'm -- we are under microclimate alert. on the left side of the screen oroville dam is going to be a big test.
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the right side is near capacity. this could impact a lot of people who live several miles away. chief meteorologist is with us. when will heaviest rein arrive. >> tomorrow morning. on the doppler radar the bulk of the activity, 4:00 a.m. up towards north bay by 6:30. 25 in or ren da and 27 in napa. as the flooding fears are high. possibly the biggest storm in over a decade. >> see you then. there's concern about flooding in anderson reservoir
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with that rain approaching a lot of people a worried the creek could overflow. rick. >> hey, jessica. it's relieving the small percentage of the reservoir the big concern is the spillway that could lead too flooding. >> there's nothing we can do about it. >> waiting for the rain to come in. it should be at 68 but now it's 98%. with the recent rain experts say it's not reducing the levels fast enough. >> the form that's coming in is producing run off on the hillside that could cause the creek levels to rise.
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>> reporter: breaking for over flow which is send high-levels of water into creek that could reach san jose. if they have to ak visit it they are going to turn off this line. this look at this, this tells you the reality if that spillway gets activated we're looking at water. >> the emergency spillway is holding steady in oroville. just like here in the bay area. more rain is expected overnight. they say better safe than sorry. nbc cheryl has been in oroville and has the latest.
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cheryl. >> raj, officials are telling people it's safe to move back into that homings. they see what you are looking at right now, rushing water along the feather river. they are releasing less water interest the oroville dam but that's not calming the people were below. amanda has been checking on the river which flows through the neighborhood for two days and mapping out a plan just in case. >> that would be all right if can i make it that fair. >> the river is a gait for a lieutenalot of people. he decided to leave oroville for good. >> if there's another mandatory
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evacuation i'm already gone. >> reporter: crews are making good progress in creating the spill sway. >> we have the ability to absorb the inflow. >> reporter: we are told that the work will take months or longer and it doesn't help the rain is coming. reporting live in oroville, cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> just click on weather take to access live doppler radar ask across california including lake tahoe. democrat senator are pulling an all-nighter. mr. pruitt sued 14 times at
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attorney general. the white house said president trump plans to introduce travel ban sometime next week. they asked circuit court to stand down on full review. it's not necessary since it will narrow next week. rem jekted a motion to reinstate the ban last week. that agreed that request and will ask the full panel to hear the appeal. parents are waiting for more details if it's spreading. the county health department confirmed active health patient is a student, staff member orval tier at the school. acco according to the letter the
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patient is -- willing not return until cleared by the health department. relief any type of an -- more ghost ship fire were issued and retracted leaving families wondering if safety will be top priority in oakland. >> looking to prevent another ghost ship fire oakland city leaders are changing procedures at the police department. chief sent e-mails directing officers to notify them of party or code violation. the president of the police
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officers association say the officers will do their best. >> we have the highest crime rate in the state you want them to be involved in illegal cops will do their duty, if you'll tell us what to do, we'll do it. >> reporter: no one at city hall will explain. oakland police responded but never reported the illegal residence, his says officers are being unfairly singled out. >> there's a guy rented renting building having finger prointed at him or her is unacceptable. >> reporter: 30 people died in the building. changes must be made. tonight 20-year-old mcgregory said it's too bad to make common
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sense changes. nbc news. new at 11 recorded kidnapping of the council members daughter, last week rereported he left council meeting after learn his 13-year-old had been kip napped the teenager said two men took her and release her. road rage investigation in the east bay. this white van was driving nearby whether gunman opened fire. he was driving on marina boulevard when he was shot. his girlfriend and two kids from in the car. they are hoping driver can pride some clues.
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>> construction insight triggered to shutdown. the owner of the contractor are required to provided license and report on the stability of the repairs must be submitted within 48 hours. >> we have storm rang with flooding high. we'll talk about the extraordinary amount of rain we'll get in 24 hours. once in captivity no one going to be affected for the rest of their lives. we expose records that the federal government doesn't want you to see. bay area tourist attraction
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for change crooked streets in the world. some believe could eventuallcurs
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it's kind of science that some people believe could cure park son or aids. monkeys one northern california university is housing 6,000 monkeys for research. >> when it comes to monkeys their striking similarities to humans make them prime for testing. the experiments are largely funded with your tax dollars and
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regulate people with disabilities u.s. earlier this month we'll show you what the federal government doesn't want you to see. >> reporter: meet mia, that used to be subject of research experiment in california. now each time he makes eye contact with a human, he immediately motions to bite his arm it's a behavior he developed while inside the lab that he left four years ago. >> it never goes away completely. >> reporter: he runs a he rehabilitates mon keys and pets and they show emotional scars. >> they will be affected for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: nationwide research labs house more than 100,025 though are used for experience
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that cause pain or distress of those primate 740 are never given any form of pain medicati medication that could interfere with the research. >> bob has been studying primate for 40 years. >> the not that i done think medical research has been helpful because it had. 0 years ago you could have did that because there was no other methods on horrizon to get you there but it is now. >> reporter: it's all connected to a commuter and could be used to test the impact of drugs in humans doing away with one major need for primates but not all according to some scientists.
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>> those who say it's unnecessary are wrong. >> reporter: dr. carry wrong is director at national instatutes of health which fund much of the research. she spoke to us from nih he headquarters in maryland. they are helping develop polio vaccine and treatment for park sans to name a few. it allows them to develop protestic arms and legs to communicate with the human brains. >> these are area we have not developed alternative technology to allows to replace non-primate. >> the skrien is not there yet. >> it's science is not there yet. >> reporter: there are 159 primate research centers throughout u.s. 69% have been
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cited with 77 violation directly impacting the health of animals. uc da sis is home research centers with more than 6,000 primates. >> that's absolutely that's huge amount of hanimals. >> silent protests each month to raise awareness. >> u.s. primate center has been cited 13 times and under federal investigation. it is largely funded with your taxpayer dollars but they would not talk to you or allow us inside. they said incidents are rare
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when we take each incident seriously. the center points to medical break throughs including hiv veen that's in trial. focus more on alternative that would mean fewer monkeys in the lab and here hat the sanctuary. >> in the long-term there's going to be a lot of this for a long time. >> they cited privacy concern said the plan was already in the work before trump took over. you can log on and find every primates are in the country. that's all >> thank you. if you have a tip in our unit give us a call.
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888996 tips. let's turn attention back to weather alert. >> five hours at this point returning to the bay area we are under microclimate weather. this is due to the fact they are locking at potentially biggest storm system they have seen in over a decade. in 4 hours we have looking at 2 to 3 inches of rainfall downtown. we'll continue to track flooding issues as we need into tomorrow's forecast. the southern california and entire state will be getting so much rainfall is typical storm system but going combine with
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atmospheric river if you have road trip plan, take it slow. a lot of patients are going to be needed rainfall across the board. for the north bay, 52 to start. san francisco 54. future cast is going to show atmospheric rainfall to the south and off to the west. both converging tomorrow to bring in first wave of wet weather tomorrow morning. i think after the morning hours, once in the afternoon, it will scattered rainfall situation. latest twist in the forecast the model is disagreeing op the
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totally. the green color is 4/10 of an inch. about an inch of rain across santa cruz moin mountain maybe 2 and a half inches. heading up to the sierra, folks have next week up, heading up to lake tahoe, saturday and sunday, sunshine after another 6 to 10 inches of snowfall effected on saturday. we get third storm moving in late sunday night monday forecast and another by next wednesday. same thing here for interior valley. i have been asked to look beyond
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this, by february 28 through march 5th it could be try for an extended period. >> that's a long-term news. >> thank you. up next, caught on camera, does it matter. the reason it may be difficult for police to track down this bank robber. >> and we have jimmy. hey, jessica bale, do not change the channel. a new photo from an armed robbe
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it hapne take a look a new photo from a armed robbery it happened at safe way the suspect revealed to the employees and took off with the cash in the safe. it seems like a clear image but investigateors things he wearing a mask. >> would you pay to go down this street there's a toll and system to travel down lombard. to ease congestion in the area. would it be worth it. >> i'm willing to pay but not that much, maybe $10, $15. >> $2 maybe. i don't think it should be much more than a cable car ride.
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>> no answer on what the toll would be. the authority board will look at proposal in march. >> kevin durant is off to india, we'll explain next. even ditches bike and officers arrest him. the president crackdown on immigration store owners as part of the day without imgrans. they posted photographs on the home page. the earthquakes have a new ok
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itas unviled a party atan pedro uare inowntown okay. check it out. it is unvailed at party in downtown san jose. a large logo across the jersey. they kickoff the season march 4th. one of the sports stars in the world will be visits one of the largest countries in the world.
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>> warrior superstar is heading to india. he will visit this summer once the season end in the bay area he would be part of the nba caravan. he said he grateful for the opportunity, he wants to see the taj ma hall. how about this, the tnt network sweeted out this video, he became famous shown dancing on big screen. this dance off will be shown during the game in new orleans. >> they are collaborating. >> back in a moment with the latest on the storm hours away now. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv.
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=raj/fs= all right, live look at san francisco we're going to see the rain coming in. >> as we get a look at time line
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for the storm. santa cruz mountain and 7:00 in the morning rainfall up toward north bay at 11:00 a.m. as we hit afternoon hours scattered rains and isolated storms. this week storm by early monday morning. we are kicking off sky area. tomorrow morning covering in the morning. drive slow, drive safe. we'll see you tomorrow. >> welcome, welcome. thank me. [ cheers and applause ] thank me. thank me. and buckle up. because i'm coming in hot! laughter ] this is going to be a crazy one. daddy came to play. [ light laughter ] first of all, you're all fake news. i hate you all very much, and


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