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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 18, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the week. >> look for indoor activities, get it done on monday. that's for sure. more "nightly news" coming up after this. we'll see you back here at 6:00. >> good night. on this saturday night, deadly storms, the flood, the mudslides, the destruction from one of the most powerful storms to hit california in years, leaving at least four people dead. more severe weather is moving in. campaign mode. the president with the people who swept him into power. a big rally on friendly ground while the vice president reassures nervous allies about security, russia and the president. roe vs. wade. tonight remembering the woman at the center of the landmark and still controversial abortion decision. going on sale. they're everywhere this weekend. how can you tell if the item you're looking at is marked down? tonight we go shopping for the real deals. and drawing their dreams. children of war creating their visions
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of a brighter future. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with jose diaz-balart. good evening. a deadly and powerful storm has ravaged southern california. tonight, almost 20,000 people are still without power. the lasting effect of a dangerous weather system that left millions cowering through the night as strong winds and damaging rains caused landslides, flash floods, giant sinkholes and chaos on the roads. steve patterson reports from duarte, california. >> reporter: traffic jams are common on southern california interstates, but not like this. >> it's incredible to see how big this flood is. >> reporter: on one of the west's biggest arteries. interstate 5 still on hold. flooding this morning, half a day after a rush hour washout snarled traffic for hours. >> look at that.
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>> reporter: the aftermath of a deadly storm that slammed into the region. more rain in one day than some areas see in a month. in victorville, rescuers find a motorist dead in a car. submerged on a flooded road. meanwhile, two passengers killed in separate accidents along a slippery interstate near san diego. in san bernardino county, three firefighters barely escaped after their truck tumbled off a crumbling road. near los angeles, crews pulled people out of a sinkhole. thanks to a rescue, no one was hurt. cleanup under way in neighborhoods littered with debris, damaging wind gusts reaching 80 miles an hour, tumbled trees into homes and power lines. a 55-year-old man was electrocuted and killed when one collapsed, dropping wires on to his car. into duarte, east of los angeles, a massive cleanup operation after a mud flow tore through this street forcing evacuations.
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>> mud is everywhere. what was it like when it hit? >> you can see like waves going like this. rippling. it was pretty hairy. >> richard walker and his wife anna decided to stay fortifying their home after living in a burn zone. he says disaster is always around the corner here. >> hopefully, this will be the last real big one, but you never know. it's kind of chaos. >> so the mandatory evacuation order here in duarte has been lifted, although some roads will remain closed until officials can really determine whether or not the danger is finally over. meanwhile, we have late confirmation of a fifth victim of this storm, a man in his 20s found in a swollen creek bed. all this while there is more rain in the forecast and it could come as early as monday. jose? >> steve patterson, thank you. for more on the path of this storm and what's coming up in the days ahead, let's bring in meteorologist indra petersons. this has been an
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incredibly powerful system. take a look here in the last 24 hours, upwards of 10 inches of rain through southern california. as we mentioned, that's not the end of the story. unfortunately, in the pacific, already looms a second system expected to make its way through sunday as we move in through monday. you see the moisture pouring towards northern california. there will be a slight change here. more scattered showers in southern california. look at the flood threat through northern california. especially towards oroville, they could see 3 inches of rain. the one blessing, it's expected to be a colder system. likely the runoff will not exist until later in the season as we'll see snowfall. >> not just the storm out west, there's unusual weather in the rest of the country as well. >> severe weather threat in texas, that first system farther to the east. also going to be watching, look at the temperatures, chicago today saw a record of 70 degrees. typically, they should be in the 30s. this will remain as we
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go as far as wednesday. 60s and 70s, unbelievable, jose. thank you very much. president trump was back in campaign mode and attack mode tonight appearing at a big rally in florida. while vice president mike pence was in europe reaffirming the u.s. commitment to nato allies and dealing with questions of security and relations with russia. kelly o'donnell is following it for us. kelly? >> reporter: good evening, jose. a fired up president trump came out with a recap of his first month in office. his definition for accomplishments, grievances, things still to do. he told reporters he hoped to deliver a message of unity. asked why do a rally at all. the president said life is a campaign. >> running a new campaign. but this time president trump is asking not for the vote. but a vote of confidence. >> i'm also here to tell you about our plans for the future and they're big and they're bold.
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>> together in melbourne, florida, the president joined by first lady melania, reveled in the moment. >> i will always stay true to myself and be truthful to you. no matter what the opposition is saying about me. >> from a crowd that waited in line for hours, trump supporters frustrated by setbacks and protests against the president say give him time. >> instead of mouthing off with friends and saying isn't this terrible, i wanted to be here showing support. >> it doesn't matter at this point. democratic or republican, i do support him. i plan to keep my support. >> just four weeks in office, this was not a white house event but organized by the president's campaign committee. calling out the media as his current opponent. >> i also want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news. >> while this trip got the president out of the washington bubble.
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today in germany the vice president represented the united states at the annual munich security conference where mike pence met with the heads of other nato countries. >> the united states will continue to hold russia accountable. even as we search for new common ground. >> pence came to deliver reassurance but also to press that member countries should pay their full share of defense costs. >> well, mike pence was pretty convincing. the question is, whether in future tweets and other things the president does he will sound the same themes. >> the vice president stopped to respond to keir simmons. >> president trump's commitment to nato is strong, it's historic, it's important. to sustain that commitment it's important that allies live up to their word as america does as well. >> reporter: and senior white house advisers tell us that tomorrow president trump will be conducting interviews to fill the vacancy for national security adviser, at least four
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interviews, perhaps more all to fill the spot left when mike flynn was fired. jose? thank you, kelly. much more on that tomorrow morning on "meet the press." chuck todd will be joined by former defense secretary leon panetta and senator john mccain. for people in flint, michigan, a sad milestone. the city has not gone for more than 1,000 days without clean drinking water. still in a crisis over lead contamination. there is enormous concern about potential health problems in children who drank that water as the city deals with a crisis of confidence. more tonight from stephanie gosk. >> at first, cummings preschool in flint, michigan, it looks pretty typical. until you talk to the teachers. >> what i'm noticing more is that reaction times are quicker for kids to become more explosive and angry. >> that volatility could be the first
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sign of what people in the city fear. the effects of lead exposure. every single child who was exposed to the water at the most vulnerable age, half of them have high levels of lead. >> the kids need more support, more one-on-one. >> good nutrition, lots of outdoor play and mental stimulation are all ways to slow down the lead's effects. >> there is no medication to get rid of the lead in our children. >> pediatrician, dr. mona henna helped to expose the crisis in 2015. symptoms, she says, could take years to show. >> not knowing a lot of anxiety that the families are going through, was my kid always supposed to have issues for school. >> officials say the water is safer, it's been nearly three years since a switch to a corrosive water source from leeched lead from the pipes and out the faucets. if the water is safer, why are people still afraid to drink it? part, because they're
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still told to use filters. but there is an even more distressing problem in flint. how ready are the people of flint to believe what officials tell them? >> it's hard to believe. >> there's a real deficit of trust, isn't there? >> there is, with good reason. when we were misled by local, state and federal government. >> karen weaver took office in the middle of the crisis. >> people need new pipes, people deserve new pipes. that's going to give people confidence that okay, things are fine again. >> but it's expensive and slow. only 800 homes refitted so far. >> pretty good. there's a door. >> campbell is still waiting. every morning she heats her son's bath water on the stove. i've been doing that for three years. >> that's exhausting. >> yes, it is. >> her son is one of the 130 or so kids at cummings. every single one has had their lives upended and it's not over. >> don't forget about flint. flint is in the middle of the great lakes, in the largest source of freshwater in the world.
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to this day, we don't have safe drinking water. >> michigan's attorney general brought criminal charges against 13 people connected to flint's water crisis. many of them pled not guilty. the strongest charges carry sentences up to 20 years, jose. >> stephanie, back to the water quality. what does it mean when you say it's safe? we're talking about 1,000 days after the crisis. >> state officials say it falls within government guidelines, but then they add caveats like you need a filter. doesn't instill a lot of confidence. then there are concerns that when you replace these pipes, it has the potential to dislodge lead and put it back out the faucet. safer is very clearly not safe. >> safer. three years into this. >> remarkable. >> stephanie, thank you very much. in florida, the launch of a spacex rocket was stopped 13 seconds before blastoff because of potential problem in a rocket engine. thousands of people come to watch the liftoff. some from the same launchpad where astronauts flew to the moon half a century
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ago. if the problem is fixed, they'll try again tomorrow. on a delivery mission to the international space station. the convicted terrorist known as the blind sheikh died today in north carolina. abdel rahman was known as -- born in egypt he became a spiritual leader for islamic militants. he was 78 years old and serving a life sentence. the woman in roe vs. wade died of heart failure in texas. ron mott takes a look at her life after becoming anonymously famous. >> for much of her adult life, she was better known by another name. jane roe. as in roe v. wade, the 1973 supreme court decision that legalized abortion throughout america. >> once the supreme court decision was done in '73, i thought okay, we're all safe
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and legal now, we can have control over our own bodies. >> her quest began not as a movement for women's right but an unmarried 22-year-old looking to end her third pregnancy in texas where the procedure was illegal unless the woman's life was in danger. despite her ultimate victory in the case, she had her baby. the legal process pushed well beyond nine months. the ruling propelled mccorvey out of the shadows of her pseudonym and a spotlight of a divisive social issue. she became the face of pro abortion rights but she announced she was a born again christian and in an about face became an anti-abortion advocate, appearing in ads. >> i realized that my case legalized abortion on demand was the biggest mistake of my life. >> the national director of priests for life was a long-time friend. >> she never embraced the abortion rights view 100%. she was at peace because she knew where
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she stood in regards to abortion. she fully rejected it since 1995. she knew where she stood with god because he's a god of mercy. >> norma mccorvey was 69. ron mott, nbc news, new york. still ahead tonight, deal or no deal? how to know when the sales are really saving you money.
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every shopper loves a deal. whether it's presidents' day or beyond, how do you know they're real?
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jo ling kent finds out. president's day sales signs bombarding you at the mall. >> the final week of the presidents' day sale. >> i'm a sucker for the sign. >> rarely. >> these days nothing is full price. are you really getting a great deal? >> it seems like everything is on sale. >> some things really are on sale. >> the consumer nonprofit group finds sales nationwide. holiday deals like on presidents' day don't save you money with the exception of black friday. >> why are companies doing this? >> i think a lot of stores do this to keep their customers from shopping around. the only way to compete with low price competitors is to make people think they're getting a great deal when they're not. >> kohl's, macy's and sears are the worst offenders, both in store and online. luring in customers by
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advertising special low prices that are actually the same price most of the year. sears disagreed on the findings and says it complies with advertising laws. macy's said its pricing varies for items based on the season at of the merchandise. kohl's didn't respond. last year los angeles ggy/vo==
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right now at 6 -- a reservoir in the southay -- >>. >> right now at 6:00 the reservoir in the south bay is filling over for the first time in years. what's being done to prevent the flood willing haefd a strong storm system that's heading our way tomorrow night. >> human remains found wrapped in plastic in the north bay. why the fbi is now involved in
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that investigation? >> good evening everybody. thanks for joining us. those remains were found yesterday on platform bridge road. >> and today investigators including the fbi combing the area looking for clues. >> reporter: the fbi is part of this joint investigation because the human remains were found on national park service land. what investigators are saying is that a driver was going by in the area, noticed something unusual, stopped and made the grewsome discovery now an embankment by platform ridge road. a portion of it was closed for hours and reopened late this afternoon. search and rescue, fbi and the national park service were out there trying to find more answers and potential clues that may have been left behind in the h.


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