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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 19, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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area. and with scenes like this at rivers and reservoirs already, a lot of people wondering how much more can we take? the news at five clock starts now. good evening to you. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. a dangerous storm bearing down on the bay area. a live look outside at san francisco. dry right now but heavy rain just hours away. we have team coverage of tonight's storm for you. let's begin with rob mayeda with what's happening on the doppler radar right now. >> you are seeing moderate showers moving through san rafael through berkeley and oakland. relatively dry in the south bay year san jose but you can see where the moisture plume begins in hawaii and aims in towards san francisco. we call these atmospheric rivers. the tropical moisture that comes along for the ride, gets pulled into storm systems and can boost the rainfall rate by hour sometimes doubling or tripling the rainfall rate per hour.
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this is what we're tracking now as we go through tonight and tomorrow. flood watch out for the entire bay area. fast rising areas creeks, streams and rivers. also a wind advisory for san jose and high wind warnings elsewhere in the peninsula, san francisco and north bay. wind gusts could get close to 60 miles per hour during the day tomorrow. the one-two punch of heavy rain and runoff along with those gusty winds and the problem here at this atmospheric river base storm is how long it can hang out over the bay area. it could last into tomorrow evening. so as we struck the day tomorrow and you wake up perhaps on your day off, wind and rain start the day, likely to finish as well. we'll come up with our hour by hour outlook. >> we look forward to that. serious concern tonight because of this. water spilling over the anderson reservoir for first time in more than a decade. it's causing a serious flood threat for some communities. rick boone continues our coverage live near the reservoir where tengs are high.
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rick? >> reporter: it's a big concern for anyone who lives along the coyote creek or any waterway. flash floods could come your way. you need to take all this information as serious as possible. we understand the reservoir now dealing with intense overflow sending more of this water full of the reservoir straight towards coyote creek and heads towards homes. and some neighborhoods racing against the clock to avoid a flood as much as they can, cleaning up storm grates and also county roads, clearing debris as much as they can. doing whatever they can to avoid a water backup on their block. >> this is higher than i've seen in the last five years. it might be the highest that i've seen in the whole nine years that i've lived in my house here. >> reporter: and also we understand from the water district they tell us that you see this big spout, water spout behind me. they say they may be turning that off some time soon. and how that's not really good news.
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the reason why they turn that off, it means the spillway is moving a little too fast. so that means that's going to be the only concentrated area where water is coming from from this reservoir which means a lot more water will be going up stream into a lot of areas. that's their big watch. if you live along any waterways at all, rivers and creek, watch out for what may be happening because it may be rising and rising fast. we're live in morgan hill, rick boone, nbc bay area news. let's take another look at the anderson reservoir spilling over. this is video sent to us be melissa garcia corral. you can post this to our facebook page. new at 5:00, rescuers pull a man's body from the lorenzo river near salton. now deputies are investigating how that man died. marianne favro joining us from felton with a lot of questions still to be answered. >> reporter: you can see how
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swiftly the san lorenzo river is moving right now. the man's body was found in the river in ben lomond. apparently he was caught up in some trees. >> down there. >> we are standing here and looking down the river, and on the two trees are that close together down there, it appeared that there was a body. and we called nine one one. >> reporter: cliff water rescue crew ks arrived and confirmed the man in the water was dead and he removed his body from the river. his name has not been released yet, but we have confirmed he is a 46-year-old man from ben lomond. the coroner is expected to perform an autopsy later this week. reporting live in felton,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. it was one week ago today that the alarm was sounded in oroville after water began spilling over the emergency spillway at the lake there. 200,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes, their towns after a week of around the clock maintenance and repairs, the water levels now are thankfully dropping. officials say the water is about 45 feet below the top of that emergency spillway. they don't think the incoming rain will be enough to cause another emergency situation there. water levels are getting high at the lexington reservoir, this is south of los gatos. it's 100% full right now. this is a scene at the reservoir today. many are stopping by to get a glimpse out. they're not used to seeing it look like this, with you the incoming rain headed our way crews are keeping an eye on the situation here as well as other reservoirs in the bay area. do track the storm and the
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forecast with our nbc bay area app. it's free to download. you can get your exact forecast you're going to need it tonight going into tomorrow. police in san jose are searching for a suspect in a double shooting near the san jose state campus. it happened just before 3:30 this morning in the area of third and east san carlos streets. police say when they got to the scene they found two men who had been shot. they were taken to the hospital. they're expected to be ok. witnesses say it all started because of an argument inside a nearby taqueria. an alert sent out to the san jose state campus community saying that police are investigating an alleged sexual assault that happened inside of a fraternity house. this happened during a party at the alpha epsilon phi fra tern pi. the victim told officers that the suspect touched the her then quickly left the party after she confronted him. the fraternity tweeted that the suspect was not a member of their fraternity and they're sickened by the events that
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transpired there. police are working to locate that suspect. seeing rain at times around the bay area. increasing wind and locally heavier rain could increase the risk for flooding bay-area wide tomorrow. the timeline when we come back. plus protecting undocumented immigrants. the outreach in the south bay today as the president continues to craft a new immigration plan. you look at what's happening last night in sweden, sweden. >> and the comments by president trump and one country lashing out on social media. we're keeping a close e on ther
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storm's path right now. we are keeping a very close eye on the radar this afternoon. our satellite showing the storm's path right now. rob mayeda working to get the latest information. we'll check in with him again shortly. the san francisco district attorney is doing its best to calm the fears of resident. jim rosen spoke to the congregation at the church in san jose today-his goal is to remind everyone that his job is to protect everyone in the county even if they are undocumented immigrants. he wants to make sure that criminals don't terrorize undocumented communities because immigrants are afraid to report crimes to police. >> recently i've heard from community members about their concerns of what police departments and district attorneys' offices will do given
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the new administration in washington. >> he adds the county does not work with isis. >> president trump interviewing candidates for national security adviser after general mike flynn stepped down. they include keith kellogg, robert kaslen and mcallister and john bolton. the president is working on a new executive order to reinstate his travel ban from seven mostly muslim countries as well. there are new concerns over the proposed guideline for deporting undocumented immigrants. it calls for speeding up deportation hearings and prosecuting parents who pay smugglers to get their children into the country. >> if these memos go forward and even if they don't, their intent
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is to create fear and chaos in communities across the country. >> now, the white house says it has raised objections to some of the directives in those memos and also that nothing so far is final. a comment that president trump made at his rally in florida is now going viral on social media. >> you look at what's happening last night in sweden. sweden! who would believe this? sweden. they took in large numbers, they're having problems like they never thought possible. >> now, the president there appearing to reference a terror attack in sweden on friday night as evidence of problems caused by refugees only there was no such terror attack. in a tweet today the president said he was referencing a story that was broadcast on fox news on friday night. fox news did broadcast a segment featuring allegations that migrants are responsible for a crime wave in sweden, but it's not clear why the president characterized it the way that he
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did. quite a scene near highway 24 in orinda at this hour. where slide repair work is under way. and a helicopter is being used to fly material in. coming up, we'll tell you what pg&e has to do with it. set to pound the bay area
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with another round of storms set to pound the bay area, many communities already dealing with significant damage from all of our recent rain. >> crews in orinda are trying to
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repair a slide in a remote area that's near a pg&e transmission tower. christie smith. >> reporter: within the last few mins we've seen crews bring in trailers with lights on them. then we saw a helicopter moving material over to the slide area in the hill. it's in a remote area. they're trying to shore up this slide. right now we're not seeing the heavy rain right now in orinda, which is probably a relief for the workers who were out here this weekend trying to get the job done. this slide around a transmission tower was actually discovered on january 29th. it caused soil instability near the tower and, as a result, they brought in a -- >> we're having some problems
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technically with that live report. right now rob mayeda with the micro climate forecast. this storm has got nowhere to go as far as runoff will be -- as far as absorption into the ground. it's going to be runoff. >> yes, a storm all on its own, it would cause flooding around the bay area. we've got the saturated soil and the storm itself is going to linger over the bay area. that presents a whole bunch of problems as we go through the day tomorrow coupled with gusty winds. some passing light showers around some of the east bay communities. out near the tri-valley. cloudy skies in san jose. mid-50s outside right now, rain around the north bay up to san rafael. mainly just lighter showers. wind speeds already starting to pick up out of the south. could get a little noisy as gusts get up to 40 miles per hour. marin county, san rafael, berkeley, you're seeing a few showers, relatively quiet for now around san jose and the santa cruz mountains.
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but likely by 10:00 and 11:00 tonight, that's going to change as we go through the morning hours tomorrow. some periods of some heavier rain at times especially around the peninsula and santa cruz mountains. daytime temperatures low 60s. a tropical system that's pulling water out of the tropics. close to 7,000 feet. so the hour by hour outlook begins to show steadier rain around midnight. you notice the central bay into the south bay. notice the time stamp here. 8:00 in the morning, lunchtime still in the santa cruz mountains all the way to 5:30 now. heavy rain from the peninsula, golden gate south to morgan hill. some of that rain should move off to the east, then things still showery for tuesday but the main event will be in the rearview mirror. across the north bay some of the highest totals here highlighted
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for you. could get 3 to 5 inches of rain around mt. tam. but the santa cruz mountains get the brunt of the storm. we could see more than 3 to 5ives in places like ben lomond. you'll probably see rapid rises. san lorenzo river will likely get flooding there late tomorrow into tuesday. alameda creek along niles canyon has had a number of issues. that will go two feet above flood stage late tomorrow into tuesday. coyote creek out around anderson. we see that rising to levels the highest since 1998. the napa river we think will get close to flood stage. maybe a half foot or so below that. the russian river at guerneville by mid-afternoon on tuesday we'll see some flooding. gusty winds focus in on the areas here in purple. wind speeds 6:00 tomorrow
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evening 40 to 50 miles per hour. 11:00 tomorrow night probably the windiest part of that storm. tuesday finally that storm moves on and we'll still deal with rain at times. cooler air coming on in. maybe some rain for next saturday but that's a gulf of alaska system that won't have the access to moisture like this one has. but in the meantime, the next 24 to 36 hours, that runoff will cause a lot of issues. >> if you don't have to go out, many kids don't have school, stay at home. >> the holiday falls tomorrow is a very good thing with this storm. >> thanks, rob. the school let me down immeasurably. >> he says class mates bullied him because he's black and teachers failed to stop it. i'm liz wagner. we reveal the missteps at a north bay high school that led to a federal investigation.
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you're watching nbc bay area news. holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area, we investigate. a sonoma high school student says he was subjected to a long pattern of harassment because of the color of his skin. >> his classmates took his dignity then the school failed to act. liz wagner reports. >> reporter: we found their claims are backed up by other students and a federal investigation. tonight the family is telling its story because a year and a half later they feel like there's still no resolution. as a kid, football meant everything to evan mack. and he couldn't wait to play at
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seven ast o poll's analy high school. >> it made the promise of making my life better. >> reporter: but he said the school made his life worse. >> all the i got from the day i showed up on that campus was nothing but disappointment after disappointment after disappointment. >> reporter: he says students made racist comments, teachers overlooked it and administrators failed to act in a district where black and biracial students make up just 6% of the population. mack says on the field kids used racial slurs is and in class they called him the n-word. >> and i would say, could you please not do that. >> reporter: around campus he noticed that the confederate flag on clothing and cars. a former classmate posted this picture on social media. and in the locker room, he says he once overheard some teammates singing this david allen coe song. ♪ but a [ bleep ] greasy [ bleep ] ♪ >> reporter: he tells us the
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language happened within earshot of school staff but no one intervened. >> it was the kind of thing that you didn't talk about or if you did talk about it, no one even really cares. >> reporter: he kept quiet for two years until he showed his parents these online exchanges with two stonts. >> just because you're a [ bleep ] and think like that doesn't mean that i do and i will punch you in the [ bleep ] mouth. >> reporter: raquel and john mack brought the threats to the west sonoma county high school. this letter warned them about any continued harassment. the other left the school. they spoke with the coach to ensure that all players will be supported. then they closed the case. how would you describe the school's investigation? >> there wasn't one. no, there was no investigation. >> reporter: so they sent a complaint to the u.s. department of education's office for civil rights here in san francisco. it investigated and last fall issued this 20-page report noting the district's failure to
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follow its own grievance procedure and finding its investigation was not appropriate. it amounted to a civil rights violation. the district didn't admit any wrongdoing but agreed to make changes, create an anti-harassment statement, provide training and conduct climate surveys about race. the district told the feds the climate for african-american students was welcoming and friendly. >> like they would say the n-word all the time. >> reporter: but these kids say they felt like outsiders. >> they tried to call the evan mack situation like a singular situation and say that it was just him. it is not just him. they treat all the kids of color like that. >> reporter: do you feel like administrators at your former high school had your back? >> no. >> uh-uh. >> not at all. >> reporter: when their parents pulled them from analy, they say school leaders never followed up. what does that say to you? >> that they didn't care. >> reporter: why it took a federal investigation for them to confront an apparent racial
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divide. they cited a lawsuit the mack family filed last month. he's writing, the district takes these matters very seriously and strives to provide an environment free of harassment and discrimination for everyone. >> there needs to be a mutual culture of respect. >> reporter: evan mack will graduate from a new high school this year but his parents want accountability for all students in his former district. a district in a city where people want to get rid of racism not promote it. >> that was liz wagner reporting. if have you a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips the or e-mail a storm is gaining strength over the bay area. a live look from our tower cam in san jose. a pretty angry sky there. >> sure. >> lots of gray clouds and dark outside.
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checking in now with rob for one final check of the forecast. >> right now seeing some areas with rain right around the north bay, east bay and around areas just east of downtown san jose. you can see the storm fetching tropical moisture. we've been calling these storms atmospheric river storm. any time it gets pulled in off hawaii, it can boost the rain rates. how many inches are we talking about? afternoon forecast heavy rain at times with gusty winds. likely the evening forecast will have some heavy rain to contend with as well. we will begin to catch a break we think after 9:00 toward 11:00 tomorrow. winds subside as we get into tuesday. but even with the rain moving on, we'll see lingering flooding and some rivers reaching their crest early tuesday afternoon.
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>> thank you very much. thank you for joining us. nightly news is next. >> on this sunday night, immigration crackdown. a new draft memo on security and enforcement among the proposals, hiring thousands of border agents and deputy tiezing local law enforcement officers as the president meets with new national security candidates. russia's trump file. the information moscow islecting about the president, including what one insider describes as a psychological portrait. out of this world. the spectacular blastoff of a spacex rocket from the same launch pad where america sent men to the moon. and on the job. a big american company embraces and benefits from people with autism. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from n


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