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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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not everyone can return home yet. more rain is in the forecast for this weekend. a lot of concern about that rain. it is looking like a weaker storm system as it rolls down the coast. we're seeing it now farther north. more on how much rain you can expect in the microclimate forecast. and demanding justice. the heartbreaking plea from the father of a young man gunned down while playing pocono go in san francisco. today in the bay continues right now. all right. to put it simply, just a massive cleanupest under way in the south bay this morning after this week's devastating flooding in san jose. what you are looking at is sky ranger video that shows the extensive damage left behind in the wake of this flooding. all that water and now mud. at the last update yesterday morning, officials told us 4,000 people are still under mandatory evacuation orders. you see the red showing
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mandatory evacuation orders, including much of the rock springs area and old oakland road. orange indicates there is still an evacuation advisory. the green means people are clear to return home. a very good morning to you on this friday. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garciagarcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're glad you're with us. we are tracking another round of rain into the bay area. >> let's begin with meteorologist kari hall. trying to clean things up. very cold air. 35. clear skies. dry weather companies.
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the next storm system well to the north that will continue to roll down the coast. a cold storm system originating farther north. this will not impact as much as we have seen with the previous storm. how much rain to expect coming up. now to vianey arana with current conditions. reporter: well, kari, it appears every day that goes by, the situation is getting a lot better out here. i have been out the last couple of days in the rock spring area. you can see coyote creek moving along. we are still seeing a significant amount of weather. it crested to 13.6 feet on tuesday. that was the highest level it ever reached in 95 years. the last time was 1922. anderson reservoir, tremendous amounts of water, have been something we have been keeping a close eye on as well.
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if we take a look at what it looked like yesterday using our nbc bay area sky ranger we can see the water spilling of. it is still over capacity. but we are expecting for that to go down. thankfully it doesn't look like a significant amount. this is how quickly a situation could change when with we track storms as well. i'll accepted things back over to you.
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we want to see your pictures and video. tag us on twitter, instagram or directly to facebook. we are following a developing story out of the east bay. a woman's body found along the swollen alameda creek rick boone near coyote regional park. good morning, rick. >> reporter: good morning. talk about details. they gave me new developments. they tell me that the coroner is conducting an investigation. that happening in the next hour or so. they say they still have to wait to make an initial i.d. jada jenkins disappeared after crashing her car into niles
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canyon. once again, they don't know if this is her. they are not linking this at all at this time. it just gives you some idea they are reaching out and doing the best they can, making sure this is a clear and full investigation. a man was walking his dog. he alerted the sheriff's department who alerted the police department. live here in the fremont area, rick pwaboone for today in the . >> rick, thank you very much e. parents experiencing grief. wait until you hear what this father has to say. a community on the peninsula demanding justice for the family and friends of a young man who was playing pokemon go at a park. someone shot 20 calvin riley last year.
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his father said six months without his son and no arrests has been a nightmare. >> he took away everything in my life. he took my heart, my best friend, my everything. he took everything from me. >> at the vigil in san mateo, a $50,000 reward was listed. the high school retired riley's jersey and is dedicating the season to him. months after the fire, there is still a physical mess because of the ghost ship warehouse. bay area water regulators are telling the city of oakland to clean up from the deadly fire. in the days after the fire, oakland city workers moved much of the debris to a temporary dump site where it has been sitting ever since. water quality control regulators are telling oakland to cover the debris, or better yet just dispose of it in the landfill.
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they say none of it is hazardous but they are worried about the runoff with all the recent rain. more news going locally. the federal government is saying it did not lie to the santa cruz police chief about a recent gang bust. here's the back story. department of homeland security arrested 10 people in daly city, watsonville and santa cruz. all facing drug-related charges. but the police chief said some santa cruz residents were detained with no criminal history. they were singled out because of their immigration status. the chief was told no immigration holds will be placed. i.c.e. spokesman said authorities encountered 11 illegal aliens who were detained initially. ultimately, 10 of those individuals were released. one remains in custody at this time due to his criminal history.
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coming up on 6:08. you will need to do that to stay warm. oracle arena. we are feeling temperatures there at 38 degrees. below freezing. santa rosa 31 degrees. morgan hill, 31 degrees as well. you may need the ice scraper as you head out before the morning drive. getting ready to put the kids on the bus stop or going to drive them to school they need a warm coat and hat. sunny and chilly. we will continue to see the sunshine throughout the day. a few more clouds during the afternoon. highs in the mid-50s. in three minutes, i'll get you out the door with the microclimate forecast. as we head over to mike, better news for the east bay. >> friday news. relatively light. north bay drivers coming across the richmond bridge from san rafael. looking at a smooth drive around
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most of the portions. all lanes have cleared. a live look from the toll plaza. just past the toll plaza, getting off the bridge, one lane blocked by a single car crash. should clear in the next 20 minutes. toll plaza lights on. hayward. fremont boulevard has cleared. back to you. thanks good. thanks, mike. some jams unexpected. others expected here, laura. up next, a traffic headache in one bay area city in just three minutes. the reason the road is closed this morning and it could be before it reopens. plus, cuts and consolidation in silicon valley.
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and j.c.y cutting stores.
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good friday morning. it is 6:12. expect temperatures to reach into the mid-50s. it is very cold. clear skies. a lot of sun is shine. up to 51 in san francisco. scattered showers in the weekend forecast. details at 6:18.
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kari, we're looking at slowing here on 880 at the bottom of your screen out of hayward. that is the ripple effect. >> mike, thank you very much. a major connector in the north bay is going closed until at least next weekend. alexander avenue and salsalito closed because of a mudslide. the closure has been extended through march 4th. alexander, which connects salsalito to highway 101 and the golden gate bridge, will be closed off to all cars. drivers will have to use marin city, salsalito exit. they should expect delays of at least 30 minutes because of all the repair efforts. >> if you're not near a television or radio, you can catch him on twitter. twitter says more than 6.8 million people tuned in for that
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event. all right. the faa has updated its list of drone sightings made by pilots here in the bay area. >> it's interesting. >> there is no question drones and airplanes are dangerous. they see a drone. one of the pilots did claim a drone stroke. the faa found no evidence. that's the case. there was a sighting by a small plane pilot of a drone south of the golden gate bridge. that is a no fly zone is for drones, period.
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it is is illegal to fly drones near airports even if they're in your own backyard. and it is illegal to fly near the golden gate bridge. several apps will read your coordinates and tell you if you can fly. 650 jobs will leave sunnyvale and go to colorado and florida. the move could take eight years. it will will help the company save money. jc penney announced it would close 140 more stores. they have been suffering from the same problems other anchor stores have had. fewer people at the mall, more people using the internet.
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we are working on getting you a list. by very first job was jc penney. >> my first job teaching squash. it is not a vegetable. >> i wrapped shoe boxes. 6:46. the implosion of a more than century old power plant in cleveland, ohio. crews imploded that building early this morning. it took 200 pounds of explosives to knock down the building. it will be turned into green space once cleared. >> a big cloud of smoke there. pulling up our nbc bay area app. >> what was your first job? >> sam was a squash instructor.
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i was clipping thorny roses. >> i worked at a local grocery store. >> look at that. you bagged squash, right? >> i brought in the carts. >> a mixed bag of jobs. >> horrible job during the rain. >> you are getting a break. it is cold. you have to bundle up heading to work and throughout the day. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. over san jose, clear sunrise, beautiful start to the day. and the temperature trend. 10:00, 48 degrees. lunchtime, 53. only making it up to 55 today. seven-day forecast at the mom of the screen. you can see those rain icons for the weekend. there's some rain on the way. looking at san francisco, heading out the door, getting a little bit more busy as the sun
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comes up. we are monitoring the local reservoirs. so many of them over 100% capacity. and anderson reservoir, 102. uvas, 102. and stevens creek at 83. so as head into the weekend, we have stormranger, our mobile doppler radar truckment the only one with this tool in the bay area. it gives us a detailed view of what's happening and where. as we get a look at the bird's-eye view, nothing going on. widening out the picture to see rain and snow well to the north o of us. this will be sliding down the coast. a different trajectory than with past systems.
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sundays we start out dry. this won't bring much in the way of heavy rain. it won't be very heavy rain. quarter inch of rain or less all across the bay area. as we go through that forecast, going to see things drying out once again early next week as temperatures will be warming up. up to 60 in san francisco by the end of next week. cool, wet, cloudy, at times soggy. a lighter commute today, mike. >> a lighter compute by comparison. san rafael to richmond bridge, east 580. closures for mudslides. highway 9, 35, 152. over here, the tri-valley, nice,
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smooth drive. a little build southbound 880 through hayward. i told you i would check the travel times to see if they had improved. 16 minutes. that is pretty standard for the morning. earlier crash did clear. san mateo, let's check out that. west bound, the build the last seven minutes. traffic really starting to build. slowing because of the popular route over to the peninsula. no slowing on the peninsula side. back out to the maps. and talking about your travel times on the transit systems. no delays for bart, ace or vta. that's good news. back to you. all right. thumbs up mass transit report. coming up in three minutes, people using the popular app. how scammers are using it to get away with your money. >> we tackle a problem shipment,
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fix an appliance repair, and explain how flooding takes an economic toll on consumers like you. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. a new warning for people w usetn
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payment ap'venmo.'it's apparenti at 6:23, a new warning for people who use person-to-person app venmo.
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it links your credit card or credit account and lets you send or receive payments. but sellers have been burned. when a payment made for an item, the item shows up in the seller's account. after receiving the item, the buyer is reversing the payment. there are no protections because it is for payments between people who trust each other. facebook is ready to make even more money from videos in its news feed. the ads cannot run until video rolled for at least 20 seconds. americans are eating out less often. a third are eating out less frequently than just three months ago mostly because of costs. the gap between grocery prices and fast food prices are at a historic high now and consumers
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are taking notice. plus, chris chmura working on getting your money back. we returned money to our viewers. we helped april in san francisco get more than $700 back from a shipping company you used to send a case of wine to the east coast. the company said it was damaged, discarded it and eventually denied the refund. and gene got $245. the company tried to fix his refrigerator twice but failed twice and kept his money. we spent amount of the week cautioning people about this week's floods. first a warning that flooded cars could end up on used car lots. to steer clear, request an independent inspection. and check the title.
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if it says salvaged in the upper right-hand corner, that's a red flag that it might have been declared a total loss by an insurance company, possibly a flood. our other big topic, insurance wakeup call. most people will likely not get help from their insurance companies because they typically do not cover floods. a separate flood insurance policy is your only option. most people in california don't buy-in. send us your complaints at 888-996-tips. or have a great weekend. >> thank you, chris. you too. a story you want to hear if you rely on bart to get to work. you might feel like you're packed in like a sardine. off peak could mean trouble whether you're a bart rider or not. coyote creek has been pumped
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out of another neighborhood in the south bay. the effort to get these people home. you're watching today in the bay. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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no more. we don't want anymore! keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month. we are 30 seconds away from 6:30 on your friday morning. but who's counting? a live look outside at downtown san jose. clear right now. we are tracking more rain moving into the bay area later this weekend. good morning to you. thanks for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock with you on this friday morning. >> it is all clear. we are still cleaning up from the mess we have had this week. water levels are still going down. so that's great news. look at how cold it is. it is down to 31 in morgan hill. 30, santa rosa. low 30s for san francisco and half moon bay. we are going to see temperatures making it into the mid 50s. this is much cooler than average. but we will take this plus of dry weather over the negative of below average temperatures. as we go into the weekend, we are tracking more rain. i'll detail how much to expect coming up in seven or eight minutes. as we head over to mike, a little more slowing through fremont. >> that is just a little bit. that is to be expected for 880 out of hey war. look how much green there is on
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the roadway. patches of mudslides for highway 935. kari, you talked about that. we still have cleanup to do. major commute. crash cleared up from the eastbound side. mild slowing just at university, east shore freeway. travel is great through the area. transit not reporting any delays. parking lot trains in the morning. even on friday. i want to show you quickly before we get there the bay bridge approach. traffic moving well. new, it may seem like bart trains are always packed when you're heading to or from work. turns out the people riding parking lot are down. >> today in the bay kris sanchez joining us with the impact it could have on riders and their
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wallets. >> reporter: we have seen a steady stream of people to take bart. you may have a hard time finding a seat. it's the rest of the day that seems to be declining in terms of ridership. that is the problem for parking lot. it seems other folks are finding another way around. transit is coming up with the fiscal year. according to bart numbers, rider ship is down 5% during the weekday hours and nearly double that, 9%, on the weekends. the surprise here, though, is this follows six years of ridership growth. according to mercury news, this could add up to $35 million shortfall in the coming fiscal year in terms of the operating budget. a labor contract set through 201. the bart manager tells the merk they are considering cutting discounts, starting service an
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hour later, reducing service on some lines. we have heard this before. the riders will hit the roads in cars. that will mean more congestion. in the city of new york, fewer people are take the subway. the transportation authority is pointing the finger at uber and lyft. here there has to be talk of that, though we are not hearing an official word just yet. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> keep warm out there. governor jerry brown responding to the death of an alameda county sheriff's deputy after a bus ran over him. michael foley was crossing a parking lot at the dublin jail when the bus struck him. officials believe low visibility may have been a factor in the accident. brown says in a statement deputy foley spent nearly four decades
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protecting communities in the bay area, and his death is a terrible loss to all who knew and love him. >> what a tough week for law enforcement. moving forward, a developing story we have been following. everything flood related in the south bay. they are expecting thousands of evacuated homes in san jose. they have made major progress. not everyone is. on tuesday, the city council will declare an emergency. >> the red zone in are still under mandatory evacuations. you see it around the rock springs neighborhood, off oakland road. orange indicates an evacuation advisory, a yellow color there.
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green means it clear for people to return home. covering the flooding all week for us. continuing our coverage with a look at the damage and cleanup efforts still under way. bob? >> good morning to you, laura and sam. we have progress in the neighborhood here. this is one of the areas hardest hit by coyote creek flooding. coyote creek to the left side, the neighborhood to the right. this is a neighborhood off center road near nordell, phalen. they were able to get the water pumped back in the coyote creek. what remains is a lot of mud. this is mud believed to be contaminat contaminated. the cars are waterlogged. there is a lot of uncertainty for people who live in the apartments and homes down the street in the background. because when they are allow to return, they can only imagine what awaits them inside, how bad the damage is. yesterday the evacuation order was lifted for other people
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living not too far away in the san francisco area. the water contaminated gasoline, oil, sewage had risen in their homes up to two feet making the furniture unsalvageable. they had to leave quickly without being able to raise the belongings off the floor. many of those items now lost. >> well, we have each other, so that's most important. we still have each other and we survived. nothing happened to us. >> it is not clear when the city will lift the mandatory evacuation here by spartan yum and happy hollow park. the streets have this muck. it is an inch or two thick in some areas.
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bob redell, today in the bay. >> one of the uplifts parts, san jose sharks are the latest to make the biggest to flood victims. for the march 9th game against washington and weekend against nashville and dallas, the sharks foundation is making a $20,000 donation and also holding an in game 50/50 ralph. the donation and half the proceeds are going to go to the san jose flood victims relief fund. >> we are learning criminal charges may be filed in the wake of an incident this week that got ugly involving an off-duty lapd officer. an unidentified officer fired his gun into the ground while confronting teenagers who he says were walking across his lawn in anaheim. they are calling for an indeed.
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>> the police officer pulls out a gun, discharges his gun. there were 13 and 15-year-old kids nearby. it was reckless and dangerous. that attorney believes the city of anaheim went too far in initially defending the officer's actions. he is now on administrative leave. lapd is conducting its own internal probe. the city of concord limiting the use of side streets during the morning commute. drivers who use many clayton road will not be able to make turns on four crossroads. extend monday through friday. the city is following through on a request made by neighbors bothered by all the cut-through traffic. it is 6:38. let me get you out the door with this forecast. 34 in the tri-valley. as you step out, very chilly temperatures. sunshine. we are seeing the sunrising in san francisco.
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it is is 42 degrees. we will be heading up into the mid-50s in the peninsula 55 degrees. beautiful start on this friday. more dry weather. it will be cold this weekend. i'll let you know how much rain to expect. and a look ahead to the weekend forecast in three minutes. any surprise on the roads, mike? >> the surprise is how nice it has been all morning. pretty predictable drive. earlier mudslides have been going on all week. we have no more problems for the tri-valley. south 880 through hayward, union city. heading across the san mateo bridge. you see westbound, the dredge the flat section. very popular over the peninsula.
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burlingame, belmont. we're talking about our travel times. the crowded bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on there. not a problem for the east shore freeway. richmond into berkeley and university. back to you. thank you very much, mike. coming up next, talking about international news as breaking news in the battle against isis. the rising death toll after a car bombing in a turkish village just taken back from isis militants. a speech and angry tweets about leaks on today, day 36. and the markets have been open 10 minutes now. down all of 50 points. the dow rising towards the 10th straight record close to 1987. 6:40 right now.
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it is 6:43 on this friday morning. waking up to some sunshine and a dry stormranger radar. this is our mobile doppler radar tracking the next system set to move into the bay area. we will start to see activity as the storm system rolls down the coast. coming up at about 6:50, how much had you rain to expect. i'll help you make weekend plans. help you make plans across the bay. the bay bridge having a backup at the toll plaza. it is is not that bad.
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the red color shows it is backed up. back to you guys. thank you very much, terry and mike. it is 6:44. breaking news out of turkey. we just learned about a second car bomb anything a town captured by turkish troops and syrian fighters. eight are dead. a few hours earlier, another car bomb went off. the turkish prime minister said isis was behind both attacks. the village was captured after two months of fighting with isis militants. they still control the areas around them. the u.s.-backed iraqi forces
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pushing deeper into western mosul, the last stronghold in the city. they gained full control of the city's airport. 750,000 people are believed to be trapped in the western part of the city. the eastern part was fully liberated last month. new details overnight on what kind of chemicals used to kill the half brother of kim jong-un. kim jong nam was killed by two women in a busy kuala lumpur airport. they wiped the chemical on his face. you see it highlighted in the red circle as he was preparing to board a flight. police arrested the two women. one vietnamese, another indonesian and a north korean man last week. they are looking for more suspects. two police officers shot in washington, d.c. last night are in stable condition this hour. they were involved in a shoot-out with a suspect who did not survive. police are not releasing many more details about what led up to the shooting. one of the officers was shot.
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he underwent surge ary overnight. both are in stable condition right now. quarter to 7:00, happening today, the man accused of killing a northern california chp officer is due in court. chp officers arrested alberto in connection with the death of officer lucas chellew. they believe he was the driver the officer was pursuing when he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into a pole wednesday night. a developing story we're following. many passengers aboard a flight from sfo to jfk wondering if their civil rights were violated. when the delta flight arrived, they were met by customs and border protections at the door of the airplane. they were checking passenger i.d.s as they came off the plane. we asked what was going on. >> he said it's not for you to worry about. he said we do it from time to
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time. >> a customs border protection spokesman said they were looking for a specific person and, "this individual was ordered removed by an immigration judge. two officers requested identification to help identify the individual. the individual was determined not to be on the flight. an immigration attorney says the officer's action was "unconstitutional." 6:47 on your friday. instagram video getting a whole lot of attention. caitlyn jenner still waiting for president trump to call her. >> the reality television star and activist. >> finally i have a message for president trump from one republican to another. this is a disaster. and you can fix it. you may have promised to protect the lbgtq community. call me. >> jenner posted the message on
6:48 am
instagram yesterday. earlier this week the trump administration the obama transgender guidance use which allows students to use bathrooms that match their gender identities. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days in office. today we're on 36. >> it is a big day for the president. >> very big. let's get right to it. the president will be speaking a lot cpac. that's the conservative political action conference around 7:00 our time. is so that's just minutes away. also, the president tweeted his anger this morning at the fbi. the fbi he says is totally unable to stop the national security leakers that permeated our government for a long time. they can't even find the leakers within the fbi itself.
6:49 am
classified information is being given to media that could have a devastating effect on u.s. find now. now the timing of this is quite jaw dropping. the white house right now has been accused of asking the fbi to leak information to journalists about the fbi investigation into the trump campaign connection with russia. cnn was the first to report it. but the president's chief of staff asked the fbi to tell journalists there was nothing to the investigation but the fbi refused. so at the same time you have president trump taking the fbi about one thing. the white house, according to reports, was asking the fbi to leak about something else. cpac conference continues today. this sentiment may be the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime. >> those are strong words from the chancellor of the university
6:50 am
of texas. he is a retired admiral who commanded the group that killed osama bin laden. told students at the university of texas president trump's claim the media was the enemy was the greatest threat to democracy in his lifetime. president trump promised to replace for both better and cheaper. >> thank you, scott. scott will be looking at president trump's tweets, executives orders and speeches throughout the first 100 days on today in the bay. he likes all the input he's getting from you as well. hair srour thoughts on twitter. of course all the latest political news on govern jerry brown taking steps to secure california's dams.
6:51 am
in just a few hours, the governor is expected to announce further action to bolster safety and improve flood protections. it is happening at 11:00. we will be sure to follow that. no doubt historic levels of rain this season. we will be adding to the totals a little bit this weekend. sunshine being out. >> every now and then you will get a little bit of sun. don't expect a lot of it. it will be cool. we are looking at a much improved weather scenario as we head into the weekend. we are expecting scattered showers. a live look at san jose. it is very cold. and we have sunshine. at least dry weather today. as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, you see the sun and the rain icons. we'll have a mix of it all. down to 28 degrees. 31 in morgan hill.
6:52 am
you get ready to get up and get out the door. make sure the kids are dressed with a warm coat and hat today. at recess, it will be sunny, chill. heading home. at 1:00, it will be cool, sunny, and breezy. as we go through the day, looking at a mix of sun and clouds. going from the low 40s up to 50 degrees at 4:00 today. we have stormranger. our mobile doppler radar gives us a detailed view of rain as it moves through the bay area. as it scans around, of course it's all dry. not seeing any green here on the map. but we are tracking the next storm system rolling down the coast for tomorrow with much lighter rainfall. it is a cold storm. it is producing snow across the pacific northwest. about the time it is here early tomorrow morning, going to see much of it drying out. spotty light showers starting out in the morning, early afternoon. just keep the umbrella handy.
6:53 am
it will be clearing out late sunday morning looks dry. and the rain moving in once again. we have been talk building how much rain we are expecting with this storm system. it looks to be a quarter inch or less for the bay area. that is definitely some great news. if you're following me on facebook and twitter, we will talk about any changes to this forecast. i'll help you make plans to. accepted me your questions about this upcoming weekend. a slow build for parts of the east bay. >> that's right, kari. we are continuing to see more folks on the roadway. you will see much more traffic flow. right now it is there at 880, across the san mateo bridge. and westbound across the san mateo and richmond bridge. a live look from the toll plaza. typical backup westbound. eastbound, no problems. earlier crash cleared quickly because of the light traffic.
6:54 am
we're talking about how things shape up for mass transit. trains reporting on time. great option if you want to relax on this friday. get a ride to work. no problems for the south bay freeway. >> looks pretty good. thanks, mike. >> a quick look at the top stories on nbc bay area including a woman's body found by the alameda creek yesterday. live pictures from the scene. rick boone is there. he will bring us details on a gruesome discovery in three minutes. but first happening now you just heard another storm lurking heading this weekend. stormranger working overtime. an exclusive look at the storm. download our nbc bay area app to see our live radar. plus, sanctuary campuses in california. police will not help federal
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officials enforce federal immigration law. read more on our home page. pack in two minutes. ? before you head out thdoor -her
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welcome back on your friday. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. that includes a gruesome discovery in the east bay.
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>> rick boone live along the alameda creek where a woman's body was found. rick? >> the very latest we're hearing for fremont police who just spoke to me are now saying this is in the hands of a coroner. this happened yesterday was discovered by a man walking along the alameda creek. you may remember with this happening, there is another aour kwroft o out there. jada jenkins crashed. that 18-year-old has not been found. they have notified her family in case this is an ongoing investigation. hopefully details today. rick boone for today in the bay. rick, thank you very much for the update. a live look at the rock spring neighborhood in san jose, an area so hard hit by flooding from coyote creek. you see it looks relatively dry right now. evacuations do remain in effect.
6:59 am
the water has been pumped. most cleared out of the way as the inspection of homes continues. at the last update at 10:00 yesterday morning, about 3800 people are still under evacuation orders on. it is is hoped that all remaining flood victims can return to their homes by sunday. next tuesday city council members are set to ratify the emergency declaration. a dry spell right now will give people a chance to return back today. but you say there is rain coming this weekend? >> it won't be a total washout. not expecting heavy amounts of rain. just off and on spotty showers for both saturday is and sunday. it is friday. we have been talking about that. you are looking at a new crash on the san mateo bridge. >> most of the bay, very light. san mateo will show slowing just as you make landfall there. dumbarton bridge, highway 84, very light. consider that as your option. >> there you go. thanks for considering us every
7:00 am
morning as well. have a great weekend. >> did we mention it's friday. >> a live update at 7:25. >> not going home just yet. >> good morning. the headliner. president trump said to address implemented. >> as trump supporter, caitlyn jenner, weighs in on the transgender bathroom controversy. >> this is a disaster. call me. hot and cold. another day of unseasonable warmth on tap for the east. the middle of the country, bracing for a blizzard. up to a foot of snow set to create a travel nightmare from colorado to michigan. weapons of mass destruction.


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