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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 24, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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with -- >> everything they can take, jewelry, watches, money. >> where did they come in? >> reporter: san jose police say two of the neighbors had their homes burglarized during the evacuation. while they take inventory of what's missing -- >> who needs water, folks? keep yourself hydrated. >> reporter: the red cross passed out hundreds of fsupplie to families cleaning up. >> the water came up to about 18 inches or more. >> reporter: he said he's been sleeping in his kids waterlogged bedroom the past couple of nights to protect them from the contaminated water. >> we have not sanitized anything yet. we just tried to clean up as much as possible. >> reporter: for many cleaning up means throwing everything away and preparing for the fact that it may be a long time before it's safe to sleep at home. >> rather than any other places, home is much better. >> reporter: back here at the
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mobile home park, san jose police say they did run patrols in the evacuated areas but so far they don't have suspects in this case. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> so unfortunate. take a look at this, our nbc bay area cameras captured pictures of coyote creek today as the flood waters recede. we're seeing trees and reg tags that's built up along the creek bed along with all this trash. big question tonight whether the debris is partially responsible for some of the flooding. the santa clara water district said today it's just one of the things it's investigating. tonight at 6:00, what a water management expert is saying to us about the role the debris could have played in the flooding. the shock has turned to anger for many evacuees and business owners. there's a growing number of complaints that the city of san jose did not properly warn the thousands of people about this flood. the city and water district appear to be pointing the finger at each other.
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nbc bay area robert handa has the latest. >> reporter: we're here on south 20th street where there's been nonstop cleanup activity ever since people returned home. you're right, many people here say they'd still like to know who is partly to blame for them getting caught by surprise by the flood. this woman is try to salvage whatever she can from the home she's lived in for 40 years. she appreciates the help she's getting from city workers, but she's still upset she didn't get some kind of alert to save more belongings. >> we didn't get any warning at all. nothing whatsoever. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo and other state leaders came to fire station 34 to acknowledge first responders. >> we have a very simple message today. that is thank you. >> reporter: but when the city was alerted and why it didn't do more are still unresolved issues. the santa clara valley water district said it warned the city tuesday about rising water and
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susceptible areas. sources inside city hall tell me that warning was actually, as they put it, just an e-mail between one public information officer to another and not a communication between appropriate high level officials. liccardo declined to comment on that, but did say he's calling for public hearings on all the procedures prior to the flood. and once again said now is not the time to try to place blame. >> i don't care what any bureaucracy or any other agency believed they did or didn't do. it happened in our city. we're responsible. >> reporter: now, the mayor's office says those public hearings to try to help explain who said what and when will be discussed at next tuesday's city council meeting and they expect those hearings to be scheduled in the next few weeks. coming up at 6:00 more on the dispute as well as community concerns. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. and our investigative unit is looking into a sewage pump that's been a source of
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confusion during the flood. did the pump fail or did city leaders shut it down before floodwaters hit? the pump station in question is located on nordale avenue. our investigative unit dug through city records and found it's nearly 60 years old. the city now tells us it wasn't knocked out during the flood. they took it off line because they were worried about the electrical parts of the pump. the department of transportation tells us when the pump stopped it left sewage sitting in underground pipes where it could have mixed with floodwaters. again, our unit dug through city records and found it was 60 years old, one of the oldest in the city. that's why the department of public works had plans to replace it. construction was supposed to begin this month, then the flood happened. city officials now say they plan to raise the pump station to a higher elevation and make it waterproof. while this break in the rain has been spectacular actually for the entire bay area, spring-like conditions, but be warned, changes are coming. >> take a look outside.
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san jose, blue skies giving crews a chance to clean up flooded-out neighborhoods but wet weather is returning this weekend. >> based on the current forecast, it doesn't look like anything that would produce any kind of major river or creek flooding. now, we're closely tracking the anderson reservoir, the source of the flooding that pushed all this water into coyote creek. it's slowly dropping from 106% on tuesday now down to 101%. it really is just dropping ever so slowly, so we likely won't see the water stop spilling over the reservoir until 5:00 p.m. on sunday into 11:00 p.m. that's really the window when we could see things kind of turn off and that would be good to alleviate pressure on coyote creek. there is good news to report. we do have this storm system just off shore but it definitely does not look again like a major storm system. i'll detail this and how much
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rainfall we could squeeze out of that in about 15 minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. >> among our eyes and ears in the community, you the viewer. this picture from shayne skower. that looks beautiful there. the two oak trees split and one of them toppled to the ground. tag us on twitter or instagram or post it right to our facebook page. the break in the rain is giving caltrans a chance to fill some of the potholes that opened up on bay area freeways. work crews are out in full force right now. we're live in south hampton with more on that. >> reporter: caltrans says when it gets warm and dry enough, they have their crews out here working as fast as possible to fill these potholes, but to give you an idea of the scope of the issue they're dealing with, they say the cause of pothole repair statewide in january of this year, $8.8 million compared with
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$1.3 million in january of last year. on highway 101 on the peninsula, potholes. this man drives for a living and is memorizing the hazards so he can avoid them. >> move to the different lanes. we already know. >> reporter: chris believes the potholes are making his drive longer. >> in terms of avoiding it and traffic is that, too, because everybody is going down because of that. so yeah, traffic is getting, yeah, heavy. >> reporter: art montiel with redwood city chp says he's hearing from drivers, too. >> sometimes they'll call 911 and say, i just hit a pothole and got a flat tire. >> reporter: they want to make a report about it. caltrans estimates pothole repair costs for january alone are 8$8.8 million. >> most of the potholes occur in very cold, rainy weather, but you can only make the permanent repairs when it's warm and dry.
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>> reporter: between the potholes, mud slides and other problems, crews have a long fix-it list. >> our problem is it's just normal maintenance. we have a backlog of about $5.8 billion. so we're trying to get caught up with that. the winter storms have just confounded that. >> reporter: and more rain is on the way. >> you have to be careful. >> reporter: caltrans says that you can try to file a claim online if you've had damage to your car that you believe was from a pothole. we ask how they determine the priority of pothole repairs. they say their maintenance regions and they look at things like traffic, how many potholes there are in the area and then how big they are to determine the priorities. reporting live in south san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> it's a mess for all of us. california's roads are racking up quite a bill for the repairs here because of these storms. 350 of our roads need major
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work, not just sink holes. you've seen it around town. also floods and mud slides. the price tag nearly 600 million bucks which is twice that of the state budget for such emergencies. $600 million does not include infrastructure repairs for problems like the oroville dam. now to president trump's first 100 days in office. no surprise the trump administration clashes again with the press. today white house press secretary sean spicer blocked a handful of media outlets from today's press gaggle. nbc news, cbs and fox news were all allowed in. cnn was not. also blocked, "the new york times," "the los angeles times," politico and buzzfeed. the associated press and "time" magazine boycotted the press briefing because of how it was being handled. the president said the gaggle was actually an expanded pool situation meaning whoever was at the briefing would have to share the material with others. meantime, president trump was in maryland today at the conservative political action
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conference. >> usa, usa. >> lots of cheers from the crowd at cpac. the president reiterated his agenda, which includes strengthening the military and beefing up immigration enforcement. >> we're building the wall, we're building the wall. in fact, it's going to start soon. way ahead of schedule. >> today we also got our first detailed look at the president's plan to replace obamacare. a draft shows it would get rid of the requirement to buy insurance, dismantle low income subsidies and taxes and roll back medicaid. it would be paid for by limiting tax breaks that most workers get for employer health plans. this is just a draft, nowhere near final. new information about the president's travel ban after it was denied by san francisco's ninth circuit, mr. trump tweeted, you might remember, see you in court. but today the justice department filed papers to delay court action. the ninth circuit court of appeals set march 3rd as the date for the government to file its opening brief in the
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so-called travel ban case, but today government lawyers requested it to be put on hold. after it caused so much chaos at airports, the president vowed to rewrite the order, but leaders in washington state who sued to block the original order, say they want the case to go forward with no delays. a lot more from the white house today. we continue our coverage on "nightly news." lester holt joins us in less than 25 minutes. still to come, new trouble for b.a.r.t. the reason it says it may be coming to you to keep trains on track. >> also governor brown has a plan to mix our dams, waterways and roads. the political advisory he's turning to get help to. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a lot of blue skies in san francisco right now. that continues right down to los gatos. my weekend weather forecast coming up in about eight minutes. it will detail that chance of a few showers.
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a foster mom's fear for a child she loves. >> he passed away. >> tonight, we investigate claims santa clara county is still failing vulnerable children. >> how did that weigh on you as a foster parent? >> it's horrible. >> and a new hope after our series of investigations. >> when the news report came out, we took notice. >> tonight at 11:00. that's how many riders w
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describe bart. so it's no surpr well, crowded and often broken down. that's how many riders now describe b.a.r.t. it's no surprise that b.a.r.t. says ridership is dropping. elyce kirchner is at the walnut creek station with what b.a.r.t. is considering to balance its
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books. >> reporter: well, rob, many of the people we spoke to at the station say that the overcrowded trains that seem to be breaking down more and more is driving them to find other ways to commute. ironically b.a.r.t. says that is dropping ridership and they need to find a way to make up for that lost revenue. it's a common complaint. >> it runs late. >> reporter: and when b.a.r.t. trains do arrive, rider jamie calladen says they're packed. >> i'm always standing up. >> reporter: what b.a.r.t. ridership found, that's outrageous. despite overcrowded trains during peak commute times, the spokesperson says overall ridership is actually down by 4% on the weekdays and 9% on the weekends. >> fewer riders means less revenue coming in, but also means things like the slower less assistant from the state. >> reporter: that all adds up to a $10 million deficit in fiscal
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year. and a projected $25 million shortfall next year. b.a.r.t. has put a hiring freeze in place and cut down on overtime, but it's not enough. now fares may be going up and service could be cut. >> they paid a janitor last year $270,000. >> reporter: but a longtime b.a.r.t. critic says it comes down to mismanagement. >> b.a.r.t. hasn't been willing to run a lean operation. >> reporter: was there a way to have predicted this. >> you can say with the track work we should have expected a drop in ridership and that's a fair judgment to put on us and something that we need to look at moving forward. >> reporter: some of their ideas on the table include charging more for parking at stations like this one. the b.a.r.t.'s board will have to make a decision some time this spring before the fiscal year begins in july. live in walnut creek tonight, elyce kirchner. a heartbreaking update now. sheriff's deputies say they've
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identified the body found along ama lead da creek yesterday it. is the missing teen whose car plunged into the creek last month. a man found the body of jayda jenkins last night in free mont about 11 miles down stream from where her car went into the water off niles canyon road. in a statement today the jenkins family says the discovery gives them some sense of closure. the child abuse council of santa clara county has launched a new investigation prompted by a series of our reports. >> vicky nguyen first broke the story of a girl nearly killed while in the care of her relatives the despite multiple reports about her injuries. she's with us now with the next step to prevent this from happening to other kids. >> reporter: janelle and raj, the department of family and child services is now the subject of a county investigation after we exposed concerns about the department from foster parents and the social workers inside the agency. we first uncovered problems in october of 2015 in the wake of several incidents that left a
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child badly abused. the investigative unit also exposed what employees called a toxic work environment that led to high turnover. we learn that in the past two years the agency lost 110 social workers, and right now it's struggling to fill 42 social worker jobs. >> i need that social worker there. and if they're so overwhelmed because there's so much going on, it's really not in the best interests of the child. >> reporter: is this an agency in crisis? >> i wouldn't say that it's an agency in crisis. i would say that it's an agency that is aware that they can see and turnover huge issues aware of the consequences of that. >> reporter: the department director declined to bey interviewed but said her goal is to provide a strong infrastructure to meet federal and state performance outcome measures. tonight leaders of the child abuse council explain why their investigation is different and how they think it will lead to real reform.
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we investigate tonight at 11:00. weeks of extreme weather have california's infrastructure feeling the strain. governor brown is reacting with an urgent improvement plan. the threat of massive flooding from the oroville dam is prompting stepped-up dam inspections and a shifting of state money to flood control programs. aging rod roads and bridges are prompting them to work on a funding package. governor brown asked for help from washington on those projects and high speed rail. >> mr. trump is a very different kind of republican. we'll see how much money he wants to put into infrastructure. he says he wants rail, if he wants high speed rail like 17 other nations, this is the only place he's going to get it while he's president. >> the governor sent a letter to the president today seeking expedited environmental reviews for ten priority projects including rebuilding the oroville dam spillways. and on a much lower level we're just talking about the potholes. we can talk about it at length.
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all those potholes. >> i hit one the other night and felt like the car split in half. i got a flat tire. you got to be careful out there, even with the sunny weather. watch out for the potholes. we had a great story by christie smith earlier in the show. you can see beautiful blue skies. san jose a little bit of cloud cover back toward the coastal mountains, currently checking in at 53. 44 at 11:00 p.m. now those clouds will come in from a storm system we're watching just off shore and to the north. this will ride down the coast as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast hoping to increase the chance of showers. but again on storm ranger, mobile doppler radar, you can see it currently is dry. let's go ahead and get you into saturday morning, also the chance of a few spotter showers but it will be chilly to start. 42 for the peninsula and 39 expected for the south bay. we'll also go near the freezing mark for the north bay, san francisco, 45 and the east bay at 44.
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let's take you to the futurecast and you can see the main reason why we won't get a lot of rainfall with that storm. 7:00 a.m. on saturday, the bulk of it, the heart of the storm remains just off shore. and as this heads through the day, we're going to see most of that rainfall remain out here towards the pacific. so i think we may get a passing shower moving over the bay area, but in terms of any heavy rainfall, it does not look like it. now, as we head into sunday we'll see another wave passing through that could also bring us the chance here of a few spotty showers. so let's go ahead and take in your micro climate forecast as we head throughout saturday. we'll have partly sunny skies and maybe a couple of drops for the south bay. 55 expected in morgan hill. for the east bay relatively light winds, partly sunny, 53 at antioch and mid-50s for oakland. but the winds coming out of the west at 6 miles per hour. 52 in half moon bay. over in palo alto, over at 55. chilly along the embarcadero,
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needs the jacket for the afternoon and 50 degrees. for the north bay, 54 at novato and 56 expected at napa. not only the chance here for scattered showers, we'll hold on to a slight chance on monday. max totals for the next three days only a quarter of an inch. so fantastic news. it will allow the creeks, rivers and streams to continue to drop and still great news for next tuesday possibly into march 9th. we could have this extended drying period coming our way. so i'll keep a close eye on that for all of you. this is an excellent trend. possibly some of the driest weather we have seen not in weeks but in months. i was out doing some cleanup in the yard today. so many branches everywhere. i know i'm not the only one. >> it does feel good to be out there, though. >> it does. still to come here, a teenager claims her iphone 7 caught fire. what apple is now doing to fix this problem. plus shutting down a major
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retailer is closing more than 100 of its stores. the logic behind jcpenney's latest move. the school says he repeatedldeps
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happening now, uc berkeley has banned a man from campus libraries. he repeatedly deposited lice in the rest rooms. the department of homeland security is asking contractors to submit their plans by march 10th. we have more news in ten minutes. for no apparent reason this wee
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apple is investigating reports of an iphone that caught fire for no apparent reason this week. brianna oliveas posted this on twitter. she claims her iphone 7 plus started smoking without warning on wednesday. then the case melted right off. her boyfriend recorded it as it all happened. olivas says she always uses an apple charger. apple says it will take the phone and run tests to determine what exactly happened.
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jcpenney plans to close 100 of its stores. it is closing the stores as well as two distribution centers as it tries to adopt better to online shopping trends. the closures represent about 14% of jcpenney stores and comes as the department store industry is sagging in competition with online retailers. earlier this week macy's announced it is on track to close 100 stores over the next few years. no word on how many bay area stores will be affected. up next, something we haven't seen in months and it's making a lot of people smile. o baseball.
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the fit game ofpring training for the take a look. hello baseball. the first game of spring training for the giants and what a way to start. a walkoff home run. that's giants first baseman chris morero. you see him there, he's just trying to make the team. this helps. >> for sure. >> wow. >> a's start their spring training game tomorrow. >> something in those contract negotiations. >> home run. home run today but not tomorrow. >> a few scattered showers possibly this weekend. good news, no major flooding.
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only a quarter inch for the next few days. >> the weekend is here. enjoy it. meantime -- rememb you can alwan facebook and ttter. obamacare replacement plan? nbc news obtains a draft being circulated among republicans. our first look at what's in it and what's not. also tonight, controversy erupts over a conversation between the white house chief of staff and the fbi. winter of extremes, as we head into theeekend, dangerous storms threatening millions. as millions more bask in record february heat. there's trouble in store. news tonight of another big american brand name closing locations. where experts say those shoppers are going. not just online. wheel of misfortune, surging car insurance premiums, drivers paying more. a key factor behind it? what you should keep in mind. and inspiring america, the pair


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