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tv   Today  NBC  May 5, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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well. wleel we'll be back in a half hour. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. happy cinco de mayo. happy friday. have a great one. good morning. victory lap. >> obamacare is no longer living. president trump hails his win in the house on health care during his first trip to new york since the inauguration. major hurdles await. why even republicans in the senate are saying it's far from a done deal. weekend washout. new downpours adding to the flooding misery in the midwest. those dangerous storms now pushing east today. heavy rains from maryland to massachusetts. tornado threats in the south. al's tracking it it all. today exclusive. fresh from her stint as ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy returns to the states set to honor former president obama with a john f. kennedy
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profile and encourage award. she will be here along with her son, jack, first live sit down ever. what is next for her and does he have a future in politics? and they're almost off. the 143rd running of the kentucky derby just a day away as a horse with one eye emerges as a fan favorite. >> you can't help but root for him. >> what are his chances? dylan is at churchill downs with all the horses, the hype and the hats. today, friday, may 5th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i just want to say it again. i love this time of year. i love the triple crown races. my family is way into this. >> i don't know how to tell you this. look at kentucky derby grounds right now. it is raining and it doesn't look like it's necessarily going
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to let up. >> al, al. >> how can a mother be -- does not look good. rain today, more rain tomorrow. the track, at best, is going to be muddy but probably sloppy. coverage starts on nbc at 2:30. showers right into the afternoon. not a great day and cool, as well. >> worried about the horses. i'm worried about the hats. >> much more of al's derby forecast in a little while. let's get taour top story on a friday morning while president trump celebrates the passes of a revised bill in the house and democrats using that as a way to taunt their republican counterparts. the fight heading to the senate and facing a very uncertain future. we have complete coverage beginning with kristen welker at the white house. good morning. >> good morning to you. this morning the president is still celebrating after house republicans passed a plan to overhaul obamacare and a very steep battle.
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overnight mr. trump was in new york meeting with the prime minister of australia and he struck a note of confidence it will pass the senate, but already a bitter backlash. president trump declaring victory against obamacare in new york overnight. >> premiums are going to come down very substantially. we have something that is going to be, i think, one of the best anywhere in the world. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: a major first step as the president fights to close his biggest deal yet. >> the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >> reporter: bringing back to life one of his key campaign pledges. >> inbill is passed. >> the house passing their version of a health care overhaul by a slim margin. the opposition from democrats fierce. audible on the floor. democrats singing and waving good-bye to republicans. >> transactions to north korea -- >> reporter: the taunt suggesting it will cost the bill seats in the election and outside -- vice president biden lashing out on twitter calling it a day of shame in congress
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adding millions of americans will lose coverage. so, what's in the bill? it keeps two popular obamacare provisions in tact. children can stay on their parents' plan until the age of 26 and caps on coverage are still prohibited. the big changes, the bill scraps the cornerstone of obamacare. the original mandate. meaning you are no longer required to buy health insurance. it allows states to opt out of providing essential health benefits like maternity leave and mental health services. and it changes the way people with pre-existing conditions are covered, providing $8 billion in federal funds to lower costs if states choose to charge more for those conditions. republicans say their bill will lower the cost of health care overall and allow people to choose the plans they want. >> the winners are younger, healthier and higher income people. >> reporter: and the losers, according to the nation's largest group of doctors and more than ten health organizations, older or sick americans. the plan also cuts back medicaid
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coverage, which could mean lower income families will face higher out of pocket costs. there's also concern for special needs children. 70% of schools say medicaid helps them pay for therapists. but politically the stakes couldn't be higher. and for now, it's mr. trump's biggest legislative win yet. >> how am i doing? am i doing okay? i'm president. i'm president. can you believe it, right? >> reporter: the powerful senior lobby the aarp is weighing in telling nbc news the bill puts older americans at risk of paying more. the administration arguing there will be extra funds set up in every state to help offset any additional costs. as for that big battle in the senate, the president can only afford to lose two republicans in order to pass the bill. senate leaders already saying the entire bill may need to be overhauled. matt, savannah. >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you. this isn't the kentucky derby, this is more like a marathon. >> exactly.
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they're at about mile six of the marathon right now. here's what's ahead for republicans after yesterday if they want to get this. the good news for them, they can check this out. they passed the house. took them two times and did it by the skin of their teeth. they did pass the house. they can check that off. here's the bad news. they have a long way to go. the senate, the political considerations of republicans very different. the margin of error very thin. if you have to change this bill to get through the senate which is very likely if they're going to pass it just to make that checkmark. you have to reconcile the differences. you take one past the house and past the senate and you merge them somehow and that's a torturous process and then goes back to the house. think about this, if you have to make this more moderate to get it through the senate, you could have a revolt on the right trying to get it through the right. got to go through the senate, once again. only when you do that could president trump actually sign it. only then would obamacare really be repealed.
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they have made it through the house and they still have all of this to go down here, a long path. >> like a decathlon, i guess. >> a lot of different events. >> steve, thanks very much. let's bring in nbc news political analyst nicole wallace and josh earnest who served as president obama's white house press secretary. good a see you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> before we go forward, what was accomplished in the house in the past. egetting republicans in the house together on a bill like this was like herding cats. they did pass it. slim margin, but they did pass it. how big an accomplishment? >> a big deal. paul ryan's first ledgislative win on behalf of this president. i think he's grappled with how to be paul ryan the conservative thinker in the time of trump. trump last night at an event voiced admiration for australia's health care system. australia's health care system is more similar to an obamacare single payer system and paul ryan has a legislative win and i
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think the president remains a wildcard in all of this. >> josh, you were in the obama white house the they passed health care. you know how difficult this is. do you think the republicans will pull it off where they can craft a bill in the senate which can then get it through the house, as well. ultimately, the law has changed. >> well, savannah. i think senate republicans are unlikely to take the same kind of political risk that house republicans did. they face the same kind of agonizing political dilemma. of breaking their repeated promise to repeal obamacare or keeping that promise by passing a bill that is wildly unpopular that would raise costs on seniors and working people and on people with pre-existing conditions. so, the calculation that house republicans have made is pretty obvious. no sooner had they cast a vote in favor of this bill than they walked off the floor of the house of representatives and got on a bus and took that bus down pennsylvania avenue to the white house where they stood with president trump. it's clear that they're counting on president trump to make the case to the american people. over the objections of the aarp.
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over the objections of the american medical association, over the objections of the american nurses association that what they did is the right thing to do. that is the big risk to take when you're talking about the most unpopular -- >> a big risk for some of the members of the house who will face very difficult re-election battles in swing districts coming up in a year and a half or so. you heard nancy pelosi say they're going to end up walking the plank on this and those ads that the democratic party are already starting to put together will make them glow in the dark. what is impact going to be in the races? >> obama care wasn't that popular either until republicans started talking about taking it away. even long-time republicans i talked to a former reagan aide yesterday who said once people have something. it is an impossible mission to take it from them particularly when it's their health care. i know we talk about the politics of this. this involves people's lives and it is unfair to the republicans and unfair to simply sort of
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presume that obamacare was perfect. the united states was talking and improve the obamacare and should there be a transition. the greatest opportunity for this white house is to make these fixes and i think this is what is going to happen in the senate. josh will even agree. i don't think the senate will produce a bill that says extreme is what came out of the house. >> members of congress are saying, we can go back to our district and say we did vote to repeal and replace and for them, that might be the whole ball game. >> that is popular among a sliver of movements. >> josh and nicole, thank you very much. good to talk to you guys. >> as we mentioned following that health care vote president trump made his way here to new york city. first trip to the hometown since the inauguration. he didn't stay in manhattan very long, opting to spend the night, instead, in new jersey. peter alexander has more on that. peter, good morning.
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>> hey, matt, good morning to you. actually less than four hours there in new york city. now up in his summer home. in new york he was greeted by a crowd of protesters. here, he's enjoying renewed confidence. for the first time since taking office, president trump back in the city where he built his fame and fortune. overnight attending a black tie gala on the "intrepid" with the australian prime minister. >> i love australia. we have a fantastic relationship. >> reporter: downplaying a testy phone call between the two in january over whether the u.s. would honor a past agreement to take in hundreds of refugees living in australia. >> we had a very nice -- got a little testy. that's okay. >> reporter: the president also raising eyebrows praising australia's universal health care cystal. just hours after the house took the first step to dismantle obamacare. >> we have a failing health care. i shouldn't say this. my great gentleman and my friend, you have better health care than we do.
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>> reporter: outside the aircraft carrier greeted by hundreds of protesters. >> we will be here for the next three and a half years to make sure that he does as little damage as possible. >> reporter: instead of over nighting at trump tower, mr. trump staying at his exclusive golf club with his mar-a-lago property in palm beach preparing to close for the season. president trump is expected to make this his summer destination. but his next stop later this month, the middle east and europe. >> my first foreign trip as president of the united states will be to saudi arabia then israel and then to a place that mye very much, rome. >> after that, again, a highly anticipated meeting with pope francis who candidate trump once dismissed as disgraceful for the pope's critical comments over mr. trump's proposed border wall. also this morning, the state department is coming under fire after its office of global
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women's issues retweeted a post by ivanka trump. that post touting her new book. an example of the government promoting trump family business interest that retweet was later deleted. the state department is not commenting. matt and savannah, back to you. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, trump's predecessor has stayed out of the spotlight since leaving office but now weighing in on the heated presidential race in france. the runoff is just days away. being called one of the most consequential votes in that country's history. nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel. hi, richard, good mornin >> reporter: good morning. this election is seen very much as a test for all of europe, and it is unusual for a former president or a current president to weigh in on a foreign election, particularly a european election, but president obama has done that, endorsing one of the candidates. a sign of just how much is at stake.
7:14 am
this is a campaign marked by candidates who are polar opposites. hitting the young centrist banker emmanuel macron against the far right marine le pen. >> great excitement, actually, and a lot of fear as well. >> reporter: at stake, the future of france as a member of the european union and government policies about immigration and even the nation's 5 million muslim citizens. the centrist candidate macron is being endorsed by former president obama on twitter. >> the french election is very important. he is committed to a better future for the french people. he appeals to people's hopes and not their fears. vive la france. >> reporter: while the polls predict macron will win by a landslide, there's anxiety that hackers or planted news stories could influence sunday's vote. there's anxiety over terrorism, too. france has been shaken by a number of isis-inspired attacks in the last year including a deadly shooting on the eve of
7:15 am
the first round of the elections here two weeks ago. the tensions between macron and his rival le pen have been clear for all of france and all the world to see. they squared off in a blistering televised debate. macron calling le pen the high priestess of fear for her hardline anti-immigrant protectionist stance. tempers are flaring among voters, too. le pen was pelted with eggs yesterday. but she has support, too. promises a surprise when the polls open on sunday. president obama's endorsement could have an impact here. he remains extremely popular in france. le pen, however, has been, and her supporters say they've been inspired by president trump. matt, savannah, back to you. >> richard engel in paris for us, thank you. >> it was a really scary moment during a major league baseball game in san diego on thursday.
7:16 am
this happened in the ninth inning, when the padres catcher hector sanchez' bat flew into the stands. the woman managed to walk up the stairs, had a bandage on her head. the couple was taken to the hospital. stadium officials say their injuries do not appear to be serious, but that is scary. now to a story that had some gin drinkers seeing double in more ways than one.s seeing dou more than one ways than one. bombay sapphire london dry gin is being recalled because some bottles contain nearly double the alcohol content than was actually listed on the label. the bottles had 77% alcohol. instead of the standard 40%. turns out a batch of the gin was bottled before it was correctly diluted. so, the good news or the bad news depending on your perspective, the effective products were sold only in canada. >> that could creep up on you real quickly. >> 77% alcohol. goodness. first check of the weather. >> actually, kind of your second check of the weather. >> that's true. unfortunately, a lot of rough
7:17 am
weather. the same weather we have been seeing day in and day out for the past week. from missouri to arkansas, more flooding continuing as the rain continues, the rivers continue to rise or at least the dropping of those rivers has slowed down. and we've got more rain to talk about. even tornado watches to talk about. look at this here along the eastern seaboard. louisville, a lot of heavy rain. as you look back to the east, we have severe thunderstorm watch and tornado watches from parts of virginia and the chesapeake bay all the way to wilmington. the southwestern virginia area into that tornado watch until 1:00 this afternoon. 18 million people from maine to detroit down into indianapolis and we're looking at flood watches and this rain pushes into the east later today. heavier thunderstorms move along the i-95 corridor. continues into tomorrow. in fact, we're looking at anywhere from four to six inches of rain down east maine and down into cape cod. but generally about one to three inches.
7:18 am
so, flooding is going to be an issue and, of course, the airports are going to be a mess from d.c. to boston. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good friday horning. we start out with clouds looking live at san francisco. it will be cloudily throughout the day, also windy today. winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour with a highture of 64 degrees. we'll see a high of 60 tomorrow and a slight chance of rain. staying cloudy throughout the weekend. a few peeks of sun and
7:19 am
temperatures in the upper 60s to start out next week. for the inland areas, expect it to be up to 73 today and a chance of rain. especially saturday evening. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. >> coming up, yet another troubling airline incident. a delta employee caught on camera threatening to have parents arrested and their children sent to foster care. we'll hear from those parents and the airline. then a "today" exclusive. we'll sit down with ambassador caroline kennedy and her son jack. it's his first live interview ever. and we're going to talk about their future. is elected office in either or both or neither of their future? but first, this is "today" on nbc. coming up, a
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and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. because with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. i )m - -... ==topvo== a short time from now .. jurors a very good friday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a short time frau now, jurors will resume deliberation in the high-profile criminal trial tied to the sierra lamar murder case. closing arguments wrapped up yesterday in antolin garcia torres's murder case. prosecutors argued garcia torres kidnapped lamar while she headed to school and later killed her. the defense claims since lamar's body was never found, she likely ran away. if convicted, garcia torres faces the death penalty. right now, things developing in the weather department. we're cooling down. >> yes, in a major way because we have a lot of of clouds moving in. also a cold front across the bay
7:27 am
area. it's going to be windy with a lot of clouds and peeks of sunshine for the south bay. as you head out now, 57 degrees and 56 in the east bay. highs reaching into the low 70s. some times of sun but also mostly cloudy skies in the tri-valley, a high of 73 degrees. coming down from the 80 yesterday. and san francisco will be at a windy 64 degrees. over the next couple days. we'll continue on with some gusty winds, and also some fresh breezes. our temperatures will be closer to average for this time of year. let's get an update on how the roads are moving with mike. >> overall, friday, lighter flow of travel. south bay, silicon valley, slowing. a build westbound at 92 and 84. the san mateo and dumbarton bridges show the commute up to the toll plaza, and we continue to track this sinkhole which is at seventh and townsend in san francisco. pete is heading to the scene there, expect local traffic disruptions. seventh at townsend, a big
7:28 am
sinkhole continues to be an issue. >> thank you very much. and thank you for joining us. we'll be back in a half hour.
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♪ someone's getting up a little early this morning. 7:30 friday morning. may 5th, 2017. cinco de mayo. and sadly a rainy one for folks on the plaza. >> but we're getting out there. >> we'll be out there in a couple minutes. >> no matter what. president trump and republicans are one step closer to fulfilling their promise to overhaul the nation's healthcare system. they still have a long way to go. the house has approved its centerpiece bill by a narrow 217-213 vote. that now pushes it to the senate. but some republicans there are already signaling they could scrap the measure altogether and start on a brand-new version. >> 20 million people under flood
7:31 am
watches this morning with soaking rain stretching from the midwest to new england. the storms could be severe in parts of the carolinas and also in virginia where tornado watches are in effect. >> check out this great catch at last night's game between the mets and the braves. not from a player but from a fan. the ball was a home run ball heading toward the door of a restaurant. the guy makes a bare-handed grab. >> don't spill the beer. >> you know he didn't because you men are good at that. holding the beer and catching the ball. you can do it. >> 9.8 degree difficulty on that move. this morning another major airline answering allegations that it mistreated a family. and even threatened to have the parents arrested and their children sent to foster care. this time the airline in question is delta. nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us. >> reporter: good morning. this is now the third of the big four airlines to face public scrutiny with a video going viral. this one involving this family with toddlers traveling from hawaii to los angeles on the red
7:32 am
eye. >> you need to do what's right. i bought this seat and you need to leave us alone. >> reporter: a viz inly upset brian shear videoed by his wife and put on youtube. they bought a ticket for their teenaged son then put him on another flight so their 2-year-old could sleep in his car seat for the flight home to l.a. delta agents understood what they were doing. >> they let us on the plane but when they saw the flight was oversold and they had passengers waiting for seats they told us we had to take our son out of the car seat and they'll give our seat away. >> reporter: the toddler's name wasn't on the ticket. but when the shears refused to move him, a supervisor threatened him and both children. >> when you're a mother and you have your 1-year-old and 2-year-old and they threaten to take your kids away from you, it made my heart drop. and i was shaking the rest of the time. >> reporter: another delta employee then told the shears
7:33 am
their 2-year-old could not sit in a car seat anyway because the faa doesn't allow it. >> he cannot sit in the car seat. that's the purpose -- he has to sit here in your arms the whole time. >> reporter: but that's not true. the faa tells nbc news it encourages small children to sit in car seats because it's safer. and the faa has no age restrictions. but the shears were told the plane would not leave with them on board. >> i got two infants, i have nowhere to stay, there's no more flights. sleep in the airport? >> at this point you're on your own. >> no, this is wrong! >> reporter: just the latest in a string of incidents in the last month that have gone viral forcing united and then american execs to apologize. >> you guys are unbelievable. great customer service. >> reporter: now delta is apologizing in a statement saying we are sorry for the unfortunate experience our customers had with delta and we've reached out to them to refund their travel and provide additional compensation.
7:34 am
the shears had to pay for their hotel that night and then a flight back home. we asked the shears how much compensation they received from the airline. they said several thousand dollars. they do not think that that was adequate. we asked delta airlines does the shears' account of what happened, is that accurate? delta declined to offer any kind of a guidance on that. however, they did say that in this case they failed to get a family to their destination and they apologized. back to you. >> worth underscoring the foster care mention. that's unbelievable. >> can you explain that? no matter what the circumstances were, totally inappropriate. >> that's a great transition to you, mr. roker. >> well, you're flying today, not great. the weather's not fantastic. and if you like the weather you have right now, you're going to love it for the rest of the week. if you don't like what you have right now, it ain't going anywhere. what's basically called an omega block. cool in the northeast and
7:35 am
showers right through the weekend and into the beginning of next week. if you live in the plains, fantastic weather, storm free. but out west more rain and more cooler weather. for example, as we look here in the east, we're going to see temperatures that are unseasonably cool. in fact, anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees below average in boston, indianapolis, atlanta, tallahassee, new orleans and kansas city. as we get into the weekend more of the same from cleveland, charlotte, down to tallahassee and into next week temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees below average from new york city out to louisville and down to good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. here's a live look at san francisco. the low clouds rolling through. and it's 54 degrees. a cool start this morning. 56 in oakland and 57 in san jose. highs this afternoon will be much cooler than the past few days. reaching the low 70s for the inland spots and the valleys.
7:36 am
76 degrees in concord. 75 in napa. oakland, 69, and in san francisco, expect a high of 62. but it will be very windy today as the clouds remain. get that weather any time you need it, check out the weather channel on cable. great weekend to stay in and watch the derby. >> back to your room and work on that forecast. >> i'm going right now. >> al, thank you. up next, an exclusive live interview with ambassador caroline kennedy and her son jack ahead of a really important weekend for their fam
7:37 am
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7:41 am
the award and it's going to former president barack obama. >> they're with us now exclusively. good to see you guys again. >> thank you. >> you were here not along ago and talking about the times we're living in and the dysfunction in washington and in politics in general. i was wondering is it harder these days to find political acts of courage or do political acts of courage jump out more and stand out more amidst this? >> well, that's a good question. i think that really this award is about encouraging people to both require it in our public officials and look for ways we can be more courageous in our own lives. so all of us. because i think that doing what's right is something that, you know, we need a lot more of. >> president obama, of course, is the recipient this year. did you identify certain instances where you said, okay, that was an act of political courage, he went on on a limb there and he didn't have to?
7:42 am
>> jack was on the committee that chose president obama. i was in japan. but i'm thrilled with the choice. and i think that there are many kinds of courage, and he demonstrated more than one of those. and i think that certainly -- >> right, well, 2008 i was inspired by president obama's vision for america and all the promises that he laid out for our country. and this award really recognizes that he made tough choices over the last eight years to execute on that vision to give people healthcare, to get serious about climate change and to reach out to international partners and really improve america's standing in the world. that takes political courage. we're seeing today that it's pretty easy to criticize without offering solutions, and president obama did not do that. he had the courage to govern responsibly. >> you're 22, right? >> 24. >> 24, excuse me. graduated from yale. >> i did. by the skin of my teeth. >> about to go to law school. >> yes. >> at harvard. people are going to get to know you now. you studied your grandfather and his legacy quite a bit.
7:43 am
what did you learn by looking back at his life and his career? >> my favorite speech of his is the speech he gave at rice university explaining to america why we should go to the moon. in that speech he said that great challenges are actually great opportunities. i think that's a really important thing to remember today when for my generation when it seems like things couldn't be any worse. we're going to inherit a world that has a lot of unsolved problems. it's important to remember that we can rise to the occasion if we choose. >> when you look around today, do you still think politics is a noble calling? also do you think it will attract people of worth, people -- the kind of caliber that you would want to serve in public office? >> absolutely i think it's a noble calling. i have great respect for people who really dedicate themselves to public service. and i think that we're seeing now how important it is, more and more young people are willing to do community service but they don't necessarily see politics as the way to solve problems. but president obama really
7:44 am
brought in a new generation just like president kennedy did. and certainly the generation that was inspired by my father, transformed this country and civil rights, peace corps, space. and i think that the generation that president obama brought in to public life, my children among them, are going to go on to do good things. >> that's a real good segue. >> you know the look your mom can give sometimes? as a kid, you know that, right? when i've asked her a certain question in the past, she gave me that look. let me try it differently. would you like to see your mom run for elected office? >> i'll support my mother in anything she does. i love her so much. but that's her decision. and i'll leave it at that. >> ambassador kennedy, would you like to see your son jack get into the family business? >> i love my son jack, and i support whatever decision he makes. >> i would like the record to reflect that neither of you answered that question. so you're ready for politics. >> do you feel pressure?
7:45 am
do you get the questions, jack? i mean, to take a certain path. do you feel the pressure on your shoulders? >> i'm inspired by my family aeps legacy of public service. it's something that i'm very proud of. but i'm still trying to make my own way, figure things out. stay tuned. i don't know what i'm going to do. >> courage takes many different forms. so i want to talk about a form of courage and i want to put an image up on the screen, if i can. that is a bold move, ambassador kennedy from the met gala this monday night. you look great. >> thank you. >> did it take a little bit of convincing? >> i had to convince everyone else. but you know what? it's really interesting because the person who the exhibit is honoring is actually also somebody who was willing to go against the popular grain and do what she felt was right and courageous. so i think that we can look for, you know, great individuals with
7:46 am
the courage to, you know, do what they think is right. and, you know, right there. what can i say? >> the event celebrated avant-garde fashion. now, jack, your outfit wasn't that courageous, but you looked very good. >> thank you. appreciate that. >> guys, nice to have you here. good luck on sunday when you hand out the profile in courage award. and we'll all be thinking later in the month when we mark the n anniversary of what would have been your dad's 100th birthday. we'll have special coverage of the profile in courage award ceremony. that's sunday night starting at 8:00 eastern time. we're back with much more of "today" on a friday morning right after this. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a coupe soup. [woman] so beautiful. [man] beautiful just like you. [woman] oh, why thank you.
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hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: the citi double cash card. when you don't know what to do as a parent, there's really only one thing to do, right? turn to the internet and google it. >> that's what built the walls
7:51 am
of this room. that thought right there here in the orange room. you did spark a nice social media response. here's the tweet savannah put out yesterday. dear internet, let's say hypothetically your toddler put vices vaporub on her hair. how do we get it out? parents are responding with their own hair horror stories. here's lindsey's son also got his hands on some aquafor. this is little austin. look at the vaseline in her hair. elmer's glue, toothpaste, we even got the classic sucker, throw in a thomas the train right there, and then, of course, people started sending us the classic diy haircuts. look at the bangs. >> oh, my goodness. >> yeah, that's going to grow back. it happened in the time it took us to set up a tent. well, thank god our viewers did get around to giving you advice. the most popular was dawn detergent. >> right, which i tried it.
7:52 am
>> how did it work? didn't take all the grease out but helped, just 44 more washes. where are we at right now? >> we have like 35 washes to go. but kind of straightened out her hair. it was different. >> a permanent. >> but very greasy. it's a real greasy situation at home right now. >> i have two daughters. i'm not ready for the weird things in the hair. i'm still just trying to get the braid thing down, the dad braid. >> did you do that? >> yeah, i did that. >> nice. >> it's a work in progress. >> carson, thanks. >> apparently dawn does take grease out of the way. >> coming up, our revealing conversation with all finished.
7:53 am
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==dbox== happening now - a sinkhole .. causing traffic problems in san good friday morning to you. 7:56 right now. happening now, a sinkhole causing traffic problems in san francisco off market street. pete suratos is live at the scene at seventh and townsend. pretty big out there, huh, pete? >> yeah, good morning to you, laura. wee on seventh street between townsend, you can see the big rig tipping on its side. i spoke to the driver moments ago. he tells me he was parking the flatbed around 5:30 when it slowly started to tip over. he realized the big rig was indeed sirnging into the street. he said after 10 to 15 seconds, it stopped and that's when he hopped utof the truck. i can report there's no injuries to the driver or others in the area. as you can see behind me, the work begins towing the truck out of the sinkhole. back to you in the studio. >> he will have quite the story to tell today. thank you very much. did you notice pete was wearing a jacket? a little cool.
7:57 am
>> we have a lot of clouds as our temperatures start out in the mid to upper 50s. highs today will also be cooler, reaching 64 in san francisco. 69 in oakland. more clouds mixing in as well with some gusty winds and expect a high of 72 degrees in san jose and morgan hill as well as santa rosa, and napa will see a high of 75. let's get an update on the morning commute now from mike. >> lighter, friday, as you would expect all around the bay. we'll take you over towards the area eastbound 24 heading away rom the maze. just shy of there, a crash was cleared a short time ago off highway 24. still slow, so highway 13 and on highway 13, as you make the shift over to the connector. the approach to the bay bridge moves well, but the metering lights are on, and that sinkhole tones at seventh townsend. >> thank you very much. we'll be back with another local news update in a half hour. have a great day. in the middle of a storm destiny struck.
7:58 am
7:59 am
did may imagine april showers bringing her fashionable, flowers at such a sunny price? never but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, victory lap. >> obamacare's dead. >> president trump touting a big win in the house. in a late-night event in new york. republicans taking the first major step in overhauling health care. but heavy opposition stands in its way as the bill heads to the senate. we're live at the white house. plus one on one with ellen. i'll sit down with the comedian 20 years after she made television history. >> i wish i would have done it sooner. i wish i hadn't waited so long. >> as she takes our prank war to the next level. >> oh! and off to the races. ready the hats and mint juleps.
8:01 am
the running of the kentucky derby is tomorrow and we're live at churchill downs today, friday may 5th, 2017. ♪ >> we have declared today funky dance friday. hit it! ♪ ♪ too hot ♪ too hot >> what are you celebrating today? >> i'm christine and celebrating my 30th birthday. >> i'm here to celebrate my 30th birthday. >> i'm celebrating my 25th birthday. >> high school senior class trip. ♪ because uptown funk don't give it to you ♪ ♪ because uptown funk don't give it to you ♪ ♪ don't believe me just watch >> we're back at 8:00 on a friday morning. it's the 5th day of may, 2017. this is one of those days that people come down to the plaza or to our plaza here at rockefeller
8:02 am
center. it's not nice. >> they're doing the funky dance in the rain. >> happy cinco de mayo. >> happy cinco, everybody. we'll round out our week by dining with the dalys. one of our favorite segments. with mother's day fast approaching. look who is here. her mom. she's going to help us do the perfect brunch. >> it's her birthday today. >> happy birthday. >> gigi. >> so it's a real family event today. >> it is. >> carson, tell us that mother-in-law joke you always tell us. >> here's your news. >> i'm kristine well kerr at the white house. >> president trump is still taking a victory lap after house republicans passed a bill to overhaul obamacare thursday, but now that bill faces very steep odds in the senate. mr. trump is waking up at his resort in bedminster, new jersey, after making a brief stop in new york overnight. his first trip back to his home state since becoming president. while in new york he met with
8:03 am
australia's prime minister and discussed a range of topics but healthcare was still at the forefront. mr. trump expressing confidence the bill will pass the senate. >> i went through two years of campaigning and i'm telling you, no matter where i went, people were suffering so badly with the ravages of obamacare. we're going to get this passed through the senate. i feel so confident. >> the president held a made-for-tv celebration in the rose garden in the moments after the bill passed. republicans say the legislation will lower the cost of healthcare overall but democrats are lashing out. they say the bill will help the young and healthy while penalizing the sick and elderly. we're learning the president's first foreign travel will include stops in saudi arabia, israel and the vatican to meet the pope at the end of this month. >> kristen, thank you very much. the storms that brought severe flooding to parts of the south and the midwest are now
8:04 am
moving to the east. heavy rain will cause flight delays from washington, d.c., up into new england. in missouri and arkansas stretches of some rivers are still at record levels. flood warnings are in effect from illinois all the way down to louisiana. but water levels are slowly dropping. many roads are reopening. some evacuated families are luckily returning to their homes. two students who pulled the wrong kind of all-nighter at the university of kentucky are now facing charges. officials say one of the young men crawled through an air duct in the science building to steal a final exam from a teacher's office. this was after midnight on wednesday. once inside he dropped from the ceiling, kind of "mission: impossible" style, but the teacher was working late. discovered him. both were charged with felonies. one reportedly admitted this wasn't the first time he had tried to steal an exam. >> can you imagine they drop in and see the teacher? >> judge just ahead the unusual
8:05 am
thing about the blanket you're about to see. it claims to reduce stress and improve your sleep. >> love hearing that. we'll go one on one with ellen. she'll open about up the hardest thing she's ever done. where she sees herself in ten years. and a little bit more. then it's off to the races. dylan's at churchill downs to get ready for tomorrow's kentucky derby. has the perfect hat for it. but first, these messages. you'ls when you put your red nose on. ♪ you help ensure that children in the u.s. and around the world are safe, healthy and educated. this red nose day, swing by walgreens and get your noses on to help end child poverty. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. yet some cards limit whereuldn't you earncomplicated. bonus cash back to a few places.
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8:09 am
gone viral. there it is the gravity blanket, everybody, it weighs more than 82 times, it sold 1 million in eight day, it's a weighted blanket, comes in 15, 20 or 25 pounds. it depends on your body weight which one you choose, here's the thing, it's supposed to evenly disburse the appreciate and simulates pressure points to calm you. i think, this appeals to me. it feels like an adult swadle. >> for kid with special needs, it's weighted, a weighted blaenkt, it helps calm them down. >> really? it sounds like it's cozy and heavy. >> i like thick but light. >> i like those duvets that are feather light. i like something on top, i don't like to feel weight. >> you like the fringe? >> i fall right to sleep. >> exactly. >> it's either that or spooning with you, al, for the rest of
8:10 am
us, it's the weighted blanket. >> all right, let's move on. one of buzzfeed's top trending stories this morning has headline that kind of caught our eye, 17 reasons why you should never tip servers 20%. it seems negative, right? who has been a waiter here? >> not in a long time. >> so you know how long the job is. >> you have to tip. >> that buzzfeed story is supposed to be sarcastic, it's a social media round-up, showing the hard work restaurants put in. like this one, here is a waiter balancing five plates. >> you think that guy deserves 20%? >> and they're hot, too, here is a guy wearing a protective sleeve. another one is tweeting, my side job was scooping all those sauces, #serverproblems, finally the unfavorite work that goes unnoticed. it's not just what you do in the front of the house, sometimes you got to work in the back of the house as well. >> gosh. at least. >> mr. daly.
8:11 am
>> yes, sir. >> you want to do a little pop start? >> it's do it. let's start with goldie hahn. they both made a mark on the golden stars, they both received stars. they are there to honor goldie and kurt and reese witherspoon and quinton tarantino and her daughter kate hudson that spoke about what this means to her. >> the deep feeling of love and nurtureing to prevent the most important thing we have in this life. family. so that's what these stars represent to me forever. >> to you i owe my wonderful life. simply put, gold dirks i cher issue. and all the stars in the sky or on the boulevard can't hold a candle to that. >> did we just get married? >> very nice ceremony there in
8:12 am
hollywood. obviously both. so incredibly deserving. congratulations to them. now paris jackson, michael jacquie's 19-year-old daughter signed on to be the new face of calvin klein, according to new york post a seven-figure deal marks her first major campaign. she wore calvin klein in monday's net gala. we mentioned she was cast in her first feature film. a lot of works for paris. some fan pafrts, game of throne, the hit season has two seasons left. hp oo mentioned not one, not two, not three, but four spinoffs. not sure what will spin off. the writers are working on a potential plot line. and calling all harry potter fans, the curse child is coming to broadway. it will open in fork new york. it's a tale of a grown-up harry, miny and ron and it is sure to be a box office hit right here in the u.s. that's your shortstop start.
8:13 am
>> nice minding your heinie there. >> check the weather. >> today's weather is brought to you by kay jewelers, for 100 years, every dis begins with kay. >> and as we look at what's going on today, a lot of wet weather up and down the east coast. air traffic is going to be a real mess. we have tornado watches as well. we're keeping an eye on that. flood watches from detroit down to indianapolis. roanoke, northern north carolina into new england. rainfall amounts over the next 48 hours we're generally about 2 to 3 inches but 4 to 5 inches from cape cod to eastern maine. it will be a real mess. rest of the country today we've got beautiful sunshine from texas all the way up to the plains. flood watches for parts of the pacific northwest. things heat up in the southwest and a nice dry day today for southern california but that will change over the weekend. that's what's going on around the country. >> i'm meteorologist kari hall
8:14 am
taking a live look at san francisco the low clouds rolling across the buildings and misting and drizzling as temperatures start at 55 degrees, 55 in palo alto and 57 in san jose. expect a high temperature to be much cooler than yesterday into the low 70s for the inland valleys, 76 for concord and 69 in oakland and 64 today in san francisco. but the winds will be kicking up, gusts to 30 miles an hour. and that is your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. matt is just back from los angeles and you sat down with ellen. >> that's right. she welcomed me to her show on thursday right after that appearance, i flipped the table with the studio audience still there because i had some questions for her. there because i had some questions for her. i honestly didn't know we were having an audience today. >> of course they're staying for this. of course, they are. >> okay. they're going to groan at this, but the last time we sat down, you told me that when the inspiration stops, you get out.
8:15 am
are you any closer to feeling that way, do you think? >> no. look, i have so much fun doing the show right now. and you know, some days are more fun than others, but even on my least fun day it's the greatest job in the world. so i'm still having fun. this is the hardest thing i that ever had to do in my life. >> you had a show recently, you spent a whole hour looking back at something that happened in your life in the life of this country really 20 years ago. >> yes. >> the episode of your sitcom where you came out on national tv. >> i'm so afraid to tell people. i mean, i just -- susan, i'm gay. >> if you look back with the benefit of 20 years, does it feel differently to you now? do you look at it, that event differently than you did at the time? >> i was anticipating it being a charged episode, which it was because it was, you know, making a big decision to come out and
8:16 am
to be honest and stop hiding something that i'd kept secret for so long. it was a big deal. i look back on it now and i think i wish i would have done it sooner. i wish i hadn't waited so long, but it was what it was. >> did you get a lot of letters back then from people saying, you know, your bravery inspired me and because of you i can be -- and do you save those letters? >> i got letters of people that were going to, you know, take their lives and did not because of what i did. i got letters from people who said that they could have a conversation with their parents or their parents called them and recognized that their children had been hiding. and so i got a lot of letters and, yes, i have those. >> what was the most negative thing that happened 20 years ago after you came out? what do you remember? >> you know, there were death threats and that was negative. i look at that as a negative. the biggest thing was that i lost my career. you know, for three years, i couldn't work. and was not offered one thing. and i was running out of money.
8:17 am
and i didn't know if i was going to work again. i was 45 years old. i was like this doesn't look good. >> at that time were you angry or proud? >> i was angry. i started writing standup again and came back. it taught me compassion. it taught me that i was strong enough to start all over again. and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. >> you're socially aware, very socially conscious. you are at times outspoken. what's your relationship with donald trump? do you know him at all? have you had a chance to interview him? talk to him? >> i don't know him. i know him from "celebrity apprentice" because when we first started the show we went out there and filmed something with him. so i flew in his helicopter and did a bit with him. and so i knew him then. i have not spoken to him since he's run for president or become president. >> would you like him to come on
8:18 am
the show? >> no. >> why not? why wouldn't someone like you like to sit down opposite the president of the united states? >> because i'm not going to change his mind. he's against everything that i stand for. we need to look at someone else who looks different than us and believes in something that we don't believe in and still accept them and still let them have their rights. >> what keeps you most grounded? >> i keep myself grounded. i think portia. i think it's again whu keep each other in check. >> who keeps you. >> the butler who washes me. >> still. you're the executive producer of first date. why? what was it about first dates
8:19 am
that got in your mind and you said, wait, there's a show here? >> because it's already proven that it's a successful show in other places. we just took the format. we just borrowed it. i'm so glad of the casting. we have great couples. people are really acting like they were on a first date and they're not inhibited. it is not a reality show in a mean spirited way. it's actually a great show. >> trivia question, do you think i've ever been on a blind date? >> yes, i do. yes, have you? >> i'm still married to my only blind date. >> really? >> that's the only blind date i was ever on. >> that's fantastic. >> not long from now, within a month of each other, we will both turn 60. >> mm-hmm. >> if we have the pleasure of sitting down and talking as we're about to celebrate our 70th birthday, what will you be doing? >> hopefully i'll be healthy and i'll be happy. i don't know if i'm going to do this show any more. i'm going to break a hip at some point. >> if this prank car continues she'll probably cause me to
8:20 am
break my hip as well. >> she got you. >> i was on guard the whole time i was there. then all of a sudden i just lost my train of thought and that guy with the wig on. >> he'd been sitting in a box for the first 25 minutes of the interview. >> and go. >> right in the middle of a sentence. >> that's the offensive part. that's the savannah guthrie impersonator. that hairy guy? >> no. >> yes. >> that never crossed my mind. >> surprised him with -- >> he came out with the cue don't ask me about savannah. >> looks like fred flintstone. >> i know. >> a great chat with ellen. that was really insightful. >> you can catch "first dates" tonight 8:00, 7:00 central time here on nbc. another big event, we're all looking forward to this, no one more than this guy right here, kentucky derby is tomorrow. dylan is there, she'll check out
8:21 am
the hype, the horses. looking good, miss dylan. >> good morning, guys. i went with the hat-inator this year. i found a dress with a horse on it. the color of the day is pink. the other color is gray. it has been downpouring here all night long. the weather has been miserable. fashion and weather aside, tomorrow's 143rd running of the kentucky derby is all about the horses. while there's no huge front-runner this year there's one horse in particular who has got his eye on the prize. ♪ >> a call for greatness. horses and their riders given a chance to go from unknown to legend. >> american pharoah that won the kentucky derby. >> last year the favorite won the race, nyquist. >> nyquist has won the kentucky
8:22 am
derby. >> reporter: while this year might be better known for its lack of favorites. >> every time we thought we had one, they had a bad race. so i'm coming back to the horse that was the best 2-year-old that had a good race right before this one, and that's classic empire. >> reporter: mike tirico is hosting nbc's triple crown coverage this year and it's his first trip to the derby. always dreaming. i've heard stuff about them, too. >> always dreaming is another strong horse. mccracken is there as well. irish war cry. anybody who has irish blood in them, they may go that direction. >> reporter: todd pletcher is the trainer behind always dreaming. >> he's doing great. been very aggressive since we've been here. >> reporter: pletcher may have a front-runner, but it seems everyone is talking about his other colt, aptly named patch, with just one eye, some consider him the underdog. i've never seen a one-eyed horse before. is that something that happens often? >> it's pretty rare. >> reporter: do you have to do
8:23 am
anything differently around him now? >> most of it is common sense stuff. you don't want to walk up to him and startle him or surprise him. he's adapted so professionally. >> reporter: vets removed patch's eye a year ago after it became inflamed. but that hasn't pulled the reins on this wonder in his quest to capture glory in the shadow of the twin spires. patch has recovered and taken to the track. is he kind of an inspiration of sorts? >> i think he is. it's a great story. i think it's generated lot of interest for the sport. you can't help but root for him because he's overcome a lot. i have so much respect for the way he's handled it. >> reporter: and he really was such a sweet horse, too. and tomorrow, the national anthem will be sung by harry connick jr. we're going to talk to him on the show tomorrow morning. i showed you the horse on my dress. but if we pan down more, this is how i have to stay warm. it's 50-something degrees, it's
8:24 am
pouring rain. not the best day on the track, to say the least. now my hate's going to fly away. >> we see the whole outfit, dylan. we love how you put it all together. >> have fun down there. such a great event. have a minute julep for us. >> by the way, you can catch the 143rd running of the kentucky derby right here on nbc. coverage begins ten minutes from now -- just kidding. coverage begins tomorrow at 2:30 eastern and the horses run a little while after that. >> a fun day. >> got the horse right here. >> just ahead, david blaine is about to amaze us live in studio 1-a. >> >> i )m ...
8:25 am
8:26 am
==anim== our breaking news: good morning. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia cannon. we have breaking news, live pictures coming to you from the valero refinery in benicia this morning. take a look at the flaring that is going on. all the smoke pouring over the area. this happened after authorities say a power outage happened at the valero refinery in benicia. benicia police tell us businesses and homes immediately downwind from that flaring are being told to evacuate. we're getting conflicting reports because valero is claiming that there's no cause for concern. this is video that was sent to us by a viewer this morning of when this first started. probably about a half hour or so. we're monitoring everything going on and calls out to valero and benicia police and crews on the way to the scene and you saw
8:27 am
the chopper shot from nbc bay area sky ranger. talk to kari, talk about the winds in that area. >> it's going to be very windy and as we get a look at the map to give you an idea of exactly where this is, benicia hangs into the bay so that's where the winds are blowing. and also, blowing over toward grizzly bay as well as those winds continue to pick up we will continue to watch this smoke spreading farther off towards the east. >> stay with nbc bay area and follow us on twitter as well for the latest.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. 8:30 friday morning, may 5th, 2017. our week of great weather, it's over. and al says if you like this weather, you'll love it for the next three days. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> no chance? >> it's going to be hit or miss, in and out. where it's nice today it will be nice through the weekend. >> okay. >> but for this minute -- >> not bad at all. >> why shouldn't we ask david blaine to do something about this? isn't he a guy that can make the weather change? he's about to do something he's never done before. we'll tell you about that. but first he's going to blow our minds with magic in studio 1-a.
8:31 am
>> that's good enough for me right there. >> everybody is waiting for the next segment called "dining with the dalys." siri is here and siri's mom as well. so that's going to be a good one. >> don't forget our summer concert series kicking off in a huge way next week. harry styles will be live on the plaza on tuesday. of course, we're expecting a pretty massive crowd. if you're thinking about coming, come now. >> just kidding. because they actually will. get a check of the weather. >> let's see your weekend weather starting with the kentucky derby. as we said, not so nice for the 143rd run for the roses. we are talking about 55 degrees, variably cloudy, so the track not in optimal condition. weekend outlook, for tomorrow unseasonably cool and wet, the ohio river valley into the northeast. sunshine from plains down to the gulf. sunday, sunday, we've got a frosty start in the ohio river
8:32 am
valley, scattered showers through the plains, the western plains, central plains down into texas fantastic, and look for wet weather developing down through southern california. what's happening around the country. >> i'm meteorologist kari hall. a gusty day in san francisco. expect the winds to pick up to 30 miles an hour with a high of 44 degrees. clouds too and mist and drizzle. slight chance of showers for the weekend otherwise partly cloudy highs in the low 60s. inland areas also windy today with highs in the low 70s. cooling down to 69 degrees tomorrow and we'll gradually warm up heading into the start of next week up to 81 degrees on tuesday. and that is your latest weather. don't forget check your weather any time you need it, go to the weather channel on cable. mr. lauer? >> mr. roker, thank you very much. we're wrapping up our special
8:33 am
series, "diana 20 years later." we're talking about her legacy. >> keir simmons is at his post at kensington palace. >> diana's greatest legacy has to be her sons. you can see her in almost everything they do. we found early footage of her. >> he's not at all shy and very polite. very much an organizer, which will help in future years. where perhaps harry is more xwoo quiet and watches william. we'll see but he's a different character altogether. >> reporter: they are unmistakably diana's boys, william and harry, born to a princess who profoundly changed what it meant to be royal. >> diana was an absolutely pivotal figure in reconfiguring
8:34 am
monarchy as we know it. she completely modernized it. she made it much more touchable. she made royals much more engaged with the public. >> reporter: kensington palace is once again william and harry's royal residence. it's where they grew up under the watchful eye of their mother. d >> diana always wanted them to have as normal an upbringing as possible. >> reporter: back then he was bodyguard to diana and the princes. >> their apartment's there and harry would come out and play around here. of course, the public would sort of often do a double take and say that looks like harry, whatever. >> reporter: they couldn't believe. >> they couldn't believe they'd actually be playing in a public park. >> reporter: often forgotten pictures from the time show diana taking young william to a movie theater. >> the shops and the burger bars that william and harry loved. this was all part of diana's education. >> reporter: that education even included secret visits to the
8:35 am
home leless and hiv sufferers. >> if she was going to go out there's no reason why the boys couldn't. harry was taken at the age of 9 to go meet people who were suffering from this condition. >> reporter: but diana's boys would become personally acquainted with suffering, their parents' marriage collapse, their mom thrown into deep depression, then the car crash in paris. outside kensington palace, a carpet of flowers. the royal family thrown into crisis by the public mourning for diana. at her funeral, william and harry walked behind her coffin. finally admitting now they've been struggling with her loss for decades. >> i really regret not ever talking about it. >> yeah. >> for the first 28 years of my life. >> reporter: today diana's boys are leading her charity and more. william on the cover of an lgbt magazine raising awareness about
8:36 am
bullying, and sometimes to spotlight a cause to go further than even she did. the future king of england spent a night sleeping on the streets of lon ddon for a homeless charity. he was pictured standing right here. that ability to connect with anyone, that was diana. harry introduced hiv sufferers all those years ago promoting the cause by taking an hiv test. and there is one cause through which they remember their mother and the devastating way they lost her. >> probably very close to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions. >> reporter: with kate, they've launched a mental health charity called heads together. this month in a frank online chat. >> hello, prince william. >> hello, lady gaga. >> reporter: prince william praising lady gaga for opening up about her own struggle. >> i thought it was incredibly moving and very brave of you to write down such personal
8:37 am
feelings. >> reporter: two princes who just like diana are transforming what it means to be royal. >> the quote that's been attributed to the queen as saying, really, we've got a lot to think diana for because we see her legacy radiating through william, radiating through harry. >> i think she would be proud of the campaign, proud of everybody involved. proud of will. >> reporter: hard to believe that we and her sons lost her 20 years ago. think of all the events that have happened since then and the greatest sadness and anyone who has lost a parent early will feel this is surely that she didn't get to see her sons start their own families. guys. >> what a credit to her they are really. kir, thank you so much. we should mention "dateline" is taking an in depth look at the life and death of princess diana. up next master magician and
8:38 am
illusionist david blaine brings his tricks to studio 1-a. no idea what he has up his sleeve. he's actually rolled up his sleeves.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we are back now at 8:40 with master magician and illusionist david blaine whose tricks and death-defying stunts make headlines around the world, from being buried alive to being submerged in water for a week, even being electrified. he's taking his act on the road. an american tour called david blaine live. congrats. that's great. nice to see you. i don't usually start interviews by saying i'm still somewhat amazing you're alive. you do crazy things. how do you determine the risk/reward calculation in these things? >> i mean, i train and i try to figure out the most -- you know, the best route to get there so i don't kill myself basically.
8:41 am
you were there for my first stunt when i buried myself alive, but what i'm doing now is more difficult than anything that i've ever done in my life because i'm going to do a tour where for 40 days and 40 nights through all these cities i can't good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we interrupt the "today" show because a shelter in place ordered for benicia. these are live pictures from our nbc bay area sky ranger. you can take a look, clearly see there the flaring and smoke that is being distributed throughout the air now. authorities say this started as a power outage. benicia police tell us businesses and homes downwind from that flaring area we're told to evk wait but now the new update you should keep those doors and windows closed and bring your pets inside as a shelter in place ordered for the city. valero in the meantime we've been calling them.
8:42 am
they're claiming there's no cause for concern but take caution if you are in this area and we are updating everything on-line at i'm sending out tweets right now with any new information we get. thank you to viewers as well sending in your videos. stay with nbc bay area for the latest on the shelter in place. hallucinations and everything, my team around me looked really scared. when the people close to me look horrified, that's when i react. >> i remember that like it was yesterday. hoda come on in, savannah come in. >> do you have i.d. on you? >> i do not. >> somebody have a wallet? can some of the guys from the crew? can i get a few of you guys, do you guys have wallets on you? >> ice picks? >> no, no. >> like driver's license, i.d. or something like that. pull it out. can you mix these behind your back and turn them face down. >> face down.
8:43 am
>> good. >> and you mix the cards. it's not like there's an order. they were all shuffled, everything is difficult. >> yes, yes. >> you mix them behind your back. so i need a few small piles of cards. you will say stop wherever you want. i'll say stop. >> stop. >> again say stop. >> somewhere in the middle. >> stop. >> done. >> four piles. can you turn any two piles face down? two piles face down. >> i choose? >> he shuffled, then you're going to shuffle, but like a wash in vegas on the table. great. you know what? can you hand him -- spread the i.d.s out and choose one of them. spread them out. you take one and give her one. >> oh, i see. >> perfect. >> should we look at them? >> no, no, no, don't look at them. but here's what we're going to do. put the i.d. down for a second and push these together. >> push them up? >> mix them.
8:44 am
keep it neat. then which pile do you want to turn over, this or this? you turn over either one. >> i'll do this one. >> flip it, good. then let's spin everything. you will push it all to one pile. >> all three of them? >> into one neat pile. >> he's better neat than i am. >> great. >> you can see -- >> some are hup, some are down. >> some are up, some are down. is that fair? >> yes. >> look, would you be impressed if every single card in the deck turns face down? >> yeah. >> i'll show you. it's not like they're all up and down. would you be impressed if everything is face down and in order? >> yes. >> stay stop whenever you want. stay stop. >> stop. >> her or you. >> i said stop. >> so it's on me. >> no, you stop it some more. >> what do you want me to do? >> we'll use your i.d.
8:45 am
so when i spread the cards, everything is now -- oh, wait. oh, no. well, it's kind of in order. you can see the spades, then the clubs. >> yeah. >> hold on. but you stopped me on her. >> yes. >> you took an i.d. from one of the crew. whose i.d. is that? oh, yeah. there's an i.d. number. can you read it out loud. >> 834. >> 834. >> 4. >> 4. >> 9. >> 5. >> 495. >> yeah. >> we don't want to give away his i.d., but keep going. 93 and the last number don't say so we don't give it away. >> how did that happen? >> davy! >> that's amazing. >> how did that happen? >> are you shocked?
8:46 am
>> that's unbelievable. >> i just want my i.d. back. >> raise your hand. >> wow. >> so i guess this i.d. was just a stunt, right? this didn't even matter. that's unreal. >> that's crazy. >> obviously, we didn't say all the numbers on purpose. >> david blaine going on tour, again the tour is called david blaine live kicks off in san diego. check your websites, check your city, find out when he's coming to you. david, congrats. >> mother's day brunch no reservation required. the dalys and siri have all the recipes you need. - everything we stock at grocery outlet
8:47 am
8:48 am
has crazy low prices. do you know how we do it? - how? - bargainomics! say, if california has a bumper crop and produces too many oranges. or a winemaker in sonoma suddenly has 1000 bottles too many. we've got name-brand, top-quality groceries priced 40-70% off every day. bargainomics. that's our business model. and our business model is... delicious. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ today's food is brought to you by fiber one. we make fiber taste great.
8:49 am
>> we're back eating food and a brand-new installment of "dining with the dalies." carson and siri are back together. and mother's day is next weekend. so we have gretchen here. >> gigi. >> it's her birthday, too. so happy to have you here. you guys have been cooking in the kitchen together for a long time. >> she taught me how to cook. it's always been centered around the kitchen. it's always fun. >> did she had talent early on? >> a great tuna casserole. like a pro. >> potato chips. >> i'm from the midwest and itses a the land of casserole. this is a bagel and egg casserole combining all the best things of breakfast. eight eggs and two cups of milk and whisk that together. mom, you want to help me? >> now you're being nice on tv. >> cheddar cheese. >> listen to him. >> you want all of that? >> all the cheddar cheese.
8:50 am
then we'll add some lox. >> not everyone is a lox fan. >> you can skip it altogether, put like crumbled bacon. >> sure. >> i'm going to stab these. that's ground mustard. you can add that, too. savannah, you want to sprinkle a little salt. >> i'll just stand here. >> you just keep drinking. >> over here we have four everything bagels ripped up, so my mom is going to keep ripping. >> these are stale. >> they can be fresh because we'll let the casserole sit for at least two hours or maybe even overnight. and that will get all the egg mixture soaked up. you guys are doing a great job. you can use any kind of bagel but i like everything because -- >> you like everything. . so you just pour this mixture on top, then you take cream cheese and it's better if it is at room temp. and you will dollop the cream cheese, as you can see over here, into little dollops, add
8:51 am
some chives, let it sit in the fridge. i'll pop this in the often and we'll bake it 45 minutes. thank you, mom. >> with our mouths full. >> it's a decadent mother's day brunch. >> let gigi do one, right? >> gigi, what is this? >> rhubarb crisp. >> strawberry rhubarb crisp. my mom made this growing up all the time. because look at the rhubarb. it looks like celery. >> this is flour, a cup of flour, oatmeal, then you add a cup of brown sugar, have to have nuts. these are, oops, walnuts. pecans and this is melted butter. and that's important. >> if you don't like nuts, you could actually leave them out. >> you could. >> just checking. >> where does your love of rhubarb come from because that's so you? >> it's my parents.
8:52 am
my parents were gardeners. they grew everything. >> my grandmother's name is etta and we named our daughter etta. >> is water, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla, it will get really thick. >> you cook that until it gets thick. >> then we add all the fruit. strawberries and rhubarb. you can do like blueberries which is kind of cool because it makes it a really cool color. >> how did you do this? >> half of the crumb mixture is in the bottom and we put this on top with that. >> we'll continue this at home, guys. come on over. >> i'll do the toast because it's a great toast. >> full recipe at happy mother's day. we love you. we love you. >> we love you. >> welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone,
8:53 am
at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx it's day one of we're playing zombie tag! i'm tired, but i'm teaching them hopscotch. i'm starting a garden with my neighbors so our kids can eat better. and we feel happier! i have more energy at work. i feel stronger! small changes you make today can make a big difference in how you feel.... and may help prevent obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. start now to turn today into a better day.
8:54 am
it's been a month, and we feel better! we are back. 8:54. a look ahead to the weekend. >> good morning, guys. how are you? >> we have the instagram founders coming up this sunday. kevin systrom and mike krieger. believe it or not, instagram wasn't around 6 1/2 years ago. they started in the fall of 2010 and they now have 700 million users around the world. so how did they get there? >> who are the craziest celebrities who join instagram, oh, my god, that person is using the thing we dreamed up? >> the first one was snoop dogg. he really like joined early and
8:55 am
just, you know, early adopter. >> that stuff matters, right? snoop makes it cool. >> you have a team of what, eight or nine at the time. and snoop dogg joins and then you get a message that snoop's people want to come over to the office. you're like snoop's people want to -- i don't have people. do you have people? >> so like so many things in life snoop led off the chat on instagram. they had a million users within their first three months. that thing just took off. we'll be with them on sunday. >> look what just happened. >> stars in the new movie "snatched." good morning. >> i can't believe you sit this many people -- it's like the wu-tang clan. >> morning tv. >> you are a scene stealer in "snatched." you and joan cusack, every time you came on screen i died. was that a fun role? >> oh, my god, we had so much fun.
8:56 am
joan's character, she cut out her own tongue. so she couldn't give up secrets. we had so much fun playing that. hey, let me know if you want to run lines. all right. >> wanda will stick around for i )m ... hour of "today." ==anim== our breaking news: ==topvo== we )re a very good morning to you. 8:56. we are continuing to cover breaking news this morning. there is a shelter in place for people who live near the valero refinery in benicia. these are live pictures from the scene right now where there has been a fire and smoke pouring out of all of the areas there. this we're told it originally started about 7:30 this morning
8:57 am
during a power outage. you see the flaring that's been going on. benicia police tell us businesses and homes immediately downwind of that area were told to evacuate, people who live in the area, shelter in place. keep your doors and windows closed, bring your pets inside as well. we have sky ranger overhead, crews on the ground that includes pete suratos who joins us by phone. what can you tell me? >> good morning to you, laura. we are just crossing the bridge in san francisco and we could see here the smoke and the -- a big orange ball of flame coming out of the stack as a result of the power outage that took place over there at the valero refinery this morning as you're reporting. we're just getting to the scene trying to gather more details but i can say from where we were standing you could see the smoke coming out of the stacks area and you mentioned that people are being told to evacuate downhill. we're going to gather more information and get another update for you pretty soon. >> we will let you do that right
8:58 am
now as we continue to take a live look at the stacks there at the valero refinery. shelter ordered -- shelter in place i should say ordered. in the meantime valero we have been trying to contact them, early reports say they said there is no cause for concern. but it's something we're continuing to monitor this morning. new information coming in to us, 680 is closed near the bridge there. we want to check in with mike inouye. we have details on that. traffic is being diverted when you get past the bridge? >> that's right. on the north side of the bridge. as you look at the map we're showing the bay bridge in the lower corner there getting over towards the san francisco. folks use that as a reference point for the traffic flow but up here this is have the benicia bridge is. the arrow the at bottom of the screen points north 680 across the site. you see the orange line i've drawn here that is folks being diverted off 680 to 780 westbound getting towards second street which takes you behind the refinery and that is where
8:59 am
the wind is blowing in the opposite direction. the wind is blowing the smoke that you saw toward that closed area on 680 and they just want for safety sake i'm sure to keep the drivers from the area. and so that orange route behind the refinery is the one that some folks are taking and getting congested. just as folks are joining with northbound 680. for the folks southbound from the top of your screen starting to jam up heading off of the call da cot junction towards lake herman road. chp is diverting folks past the refinery because the smoke is drifting across the area and i'm sure they worry just as they are worried about the businesses and holes in the area they want -- homes in the area, they don't want people breathing in the fumes. you can use the bridge as an alternate and the rest of the north bay is looking lighter because it is a friday. we're tracking the closure for 680 and drivers and homes affected. back to you. >> thank you very much. it is a good idea to avoid that area if you don't have to go to that area. it's all happening near the
9:00 am
valero refinery in benicia this morning. we continue to bring you live pictures from nbc bay area sky rangers and have multiple crews on the ground there gathering information. this first came in to us at about 7:30 when benicia police told us there was some sort of power outage at the plant and that is when we started to seeing the flaring, and thick smoke and it has been billowing out there. new update coming right now. mike inouye was telling us about the 680 closure near lake herman road just north of the benicia bridge. 680 is reopened. so that's a good sign right there. they're going to help move traffic through that area. i still know there is a shelter in place ordered. keep your doors and windows closed if you're in that area at all. now look at the shift in the winds. we've been watching the live pictures from the chopper. i want to bring in kari hall to talk about, you know, how high those winds are in that area right now. >> it's still breezy, laura, and the concerns there is a lot of not only residents but businesses on the other side of
9:01 am
680. you have the coca-cola bottling company and also the north gate fellowship clutch. those areas right there on the other side of 680, just to the east of benicia, dealing with some of that smoke.
9:02 am
started shooting the last two years a home movie that's turned into a show idea. so we've been cooking mexican food day and night. we have tacos and pico de gallo. it's always cinco de mayo in my house but we do love cinco de mayo and celebrate it. it's special to us. we lost my fath every's mother recently. she loved cinco de mayo. >> on twitter i noticed on your twitter feed you were going to address some truths this morning. >> yes.
9:03 am
>> what are the truths? >> well, my best friend and i -- she's my son's godmother. we just started a channel. you can follow me on twitt twitter @vanessamarcil. it's called love stop. everybody needs a love stop. >> what does that mean? >> you need to take five seconds every day, tell someone the truth about how you really are. like how you really are doing. >> how you feel. >> so many times people ask us how are you doing? you say oh, i'm fine, when you probably aren't or sometimes aren't. >> sometimes you need to take five seconds and just kind of say what you're scared about, nervous about, sad about, insecure about and have someone give you some positive feedback. so i don't know, maybe don't call your mom. but if you don't have a safe love stop you can go on and it will be a radio show. the rule is you tell someone how
9:04 am
you really feel for five seconds, then you have to make each other laugh. >> i like that it's five seconds. it won't go on and on. you be truthful and then somebody will make you feel better. the only thing that ends up mattering is be honest and laugh. be honest and laugh and nothing can get that bad in life. >> like playing the banjo. nobody is in a bad mood playing the banjo. i always remember thinking about steve martin when he plays the banjo. >> i was looking at the monitor. is that something that -- >> no. it was up in here. >> are we talking about banjos? i think you're right. have you ever seen anybody frown playing a banjo. >> when you're smiling and laughing, nothing is that bad. >> here you go. >> cheers. >> here's the question, though. but you've been in some serious tv dramas. do you want to do comedy?
9:05 am
because it seems like you should. >> i really do. but i think that comedy is the hardest thing to do. >> people underestimate it, you're right. >> so hard. like our relationship was starting to fall apart, me and you, whenny found out wanda sykes is on. >> she's so funny. >> she's so funny. what's it like to be that funny? >> british actor sir edmund keane set on his death bed. someone asked him what was it like to be dying? he said dying is easy. comedy is hard. >> you're full of all sorts of things this morning. >> we have game of secrets. we'd like to know some of the secrets from your set. here's jeremy. he has a popcorn box. if you would pull out -- >> cue the music. >> a couple of questions that you can tell us about the secrets. >> i just took a deep breath. >> real secrets or i should make some up? >> are these from our producers,
9:06 am
the mind of our producers? >> okay, so they're clean. >> no, no. they're disturbing the most likely. >> okay. what's this say, darling? >> you starred in the show "las vegas." did the set ever get as wild as the vegas strip? >> well, we shot 18 hours. we were pretty tire and we didn't get to really be drunk. so we actually did have a lot of fun on that set. and we always had -- these are little fun facts. 500 extras on set, real extras. and you know, they were girls in hike bikinis that were very -- >> extra. >> yeah. and las vegas was the second largest set ever built for a television show. you know what the first is? >> "love boat." >> oh, that's a good guess. it's "the west wing." they built a real live casino.
9:07 am
it was fun. >> can you pull out another secret? >> why am i doing all this here? >> because we don't have any to tell. >> you have so many guest stars, better kisser, alex baldwin, jon bon jovi or snoop dogg. >> you kiss all of them? >> kiss all of them. al, came down. i thought it was the morning, al. you guys are worried about me? >> so who is the best kisser? >> i think we all know the answer to this. >> i think it would be snoop. >> bon jovi. >> this is a quote by vanessa marcil. hot is fleeting, splmart and fuy is forever. soho would so who would be the best kisser. >> imagine him kissing in the donald trump voice. >> you just ruined that for me. that was horrible. >> one more.
9:08 am
you're a soap opera lemon -- soap opera legend. soap opera lemon? what's the secret to a steamy on-camera love scene? >> didn't do love scenes. that's the secret. you got to keep them guessing. i never took my clothes off and i would only show my bare back. >> look at this. >> look at these i'm in. but we were playing teenagers. look at my outfit. i'm so covered up. >> would you ever go back? >> to "general hospital"? always. i loved the show. the best job ever. the nicest people ever. >> wow. all right. >> you guys should have said maurice benard. >> you call that actor a weirdo. >> he's a little weird. >> guess we'll have to have him on now. >> yes. >> that was gavin our producer.
9:09 am
>> he's my good friend. he's not weird. he's very sweet. he's australian. >> my josh. that's not weird. okay. just kidding. i love stlaustralia. >> we'll kiss and see if you're a better kisser -- >> what could go possibly wrong with that. >> 9:00 hour. >> no, no, i need this job. maybe after september. not now. >> oh! >> oh, come on. >> that's showing everywhere, that blurb was showing everywhere. >> can i talk now? hot topic. so we've been talking about different airlines, obviously, different things have been goin now people are talking about delta airlines with allegations that they threatened to have the parents arrested and their children sent to foster care. the family bought a ticket for
9:10 am
their teenaged son but then then put him on another fight so the 2-year-old could sleep in his car seat on the flight home from l.a. the toddler's name wasn't on the ticket, but the family says that the delta agents understood that. they understood what they were doing. they let them get on the plane knowing that the 2-year-old would sit in the older brother's seat. here's the edited version of the incident the family uploaded to youtube. >> you need to do what's right. i bought the seat and you need to leave us alone. >> this is a federal offense. you and your wife will be arrested. >> i have two infants, nowhere to stay, no more flights. are we suppose to sleep in the airport? >> at this point you. >> they told them that their 2-year-old couldn't sit in a car seat anyway. but the faa said that it encourages small children to sit in car seats because it's safer. i will say this.
9:11 am
it doesn't matter who is right, who is wrong, delta is already apologizing. they do not want to deal with this the way it happened with the other airlines. we're sorry for the unfortunate experience our customers had with delta and we've reached out to them to refund their travel and provide additional compensation. i can tell you delta has offer them several thousand dollars. but the father tells nbc news he doesn't think that's adequate. i don't know if it's going away. >> tom costello was on the "today" show earlier, our aviation expert, and said he reached out to delta to ask them if the parents' version of this is correct or incorrect and delta has not responded. >> that's interesting, isn't it? did you guys notice, i felt like the guy was really calm. >> no, he wasn't belligerent. >> calm but frustrated. you know if you've traveled with children, it can be a very -- it's a challenging situation when you have little ones. interesting to me that they just threw money at them -- not threw money at problem but try to
9:12 am
address it. we'll see what happens. >> just ahead, we're going to check in with dylan and her lovely -- it's a hat-inator. >> hat fascinator. >> we'll get ready for tomorrow's kentucky derby. it's rainy and cool. >> dylan, you look beautiful, my this salad? at panera, a good salad is so much more than a bowl of something green. more than an obligation to be good. more than just something you have on the side. more than just one flavor, or texture, or color. a good clean salad is so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event. panera. food as it should be. new neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair wrinkles? your time is up! with the proven power of retinol. reduces wrinkles
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9:15 am
marcil. and you look spectacular. >> i like it. you look gorgeous. >> so dramatic. >> growing up, women used to wear hats in church. i feel like we don't wear hats as much anymore. let's bring it back. >> we have kentucky derby this weekend. dylan dreyer is at churchill downs. is it still raining? >> yes, al. and you're very well aware of that. didn't you use to come down to this thing? where are you? >> i did. i'm here because i was going to come down but i couldn't get -- >> from italy. >> i couldn't get there from paris. so i just -- i know you're a horse person. you know. >> all right. you're excused. but yeah it's just unfortunate timing this year with the rain. but the hat's keeping me dry, i guess. just a little bit chilly. you know, besides the hats, everybody, of course, is talking about the races tomorrow. it's the 143rd running of the kentucky derby. an interesting year because there's no clear favorite like this has been in past years.
9:16 am
always dreaming and classic empire, those are probably the two horses that people are talking about the most. i had a chance to hang out with a horse named patch. he's a one-eyed horse. he had his eye removed because of an infection, and he's racing in the derby. and that could be one of the underdogs. but i think a lot of people come out here obviously to wear the hats, to bring the hats back. i have four different hats over the course of everything that i'm doing here. this is my first one by christine moore. >> she's wonderful. she does great hats. >> beautiful. >> she does. i send her pictures of my dresses. this year i went hot pink with horses on my dress, actually. she made the hat to match my dress. >> debra goes to the central park hat lunch every year and christine always makes her a hat. >> oh, that sounds like a nice lunch. >> yeah. it's fun. >> sorry. i just like to chitchat with you guys. >> you should invite me next
9:17 am
time. >> who are you going to be betting on? >> i feel like as a meteorologist i have to go with thunder snow. >> all right. >> usually, dylan, you've done well in the past. >> we usually start off well. we win the first couple of races, then lose all our money on the last couple of races. we never come home with anything. >> but the oaks is later this afternoon. >> the oaks is later today. the rain is coming down hard. i'd bet on a mudder for sure. >> the old abbott and costello routine, how can a mother be a father, abbott. >>? his mother was a mudder. >> hello mudder, hello fadder. we have that mind meld. the coverage with the kentucky derby starts tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. eastern right here on nbc. dylan, thank you so much. >> thanks. and now the weather.
9:18 am
>> today's weather is brought to you by kay jewelers. for 100 year, every kiss begins with kay. wow, this minute julep a little strong. >> i smell it. you stop. >> i'm drunk. is that okay on the "today" show? >> it's what we do every day. wet weather in the pacific northwest and oregon, they've had tornado warnings today. we're also looking for strong storms in the east. we've got 18 million people under flood watches from new england on to the appalachians. we'll be watching all this rain moving in. in fact, parts of coastal maine on to cap cod 4 to 5 inches of rain. airports will be a mess from we start out with some cloudy skies across parts of the bay area, and looking live right now in fremont, the roads are busy and i'm kind of watching this flag here.
9:19 am
it's been moving about as we've seen the winds picking up throughout the morning. that will be the case throughout the day and temperatures now in the upper 50s as you get ready to head out the door. high temperatures today in the mid-70s for concord, 75 degrees in napa and 64 degrees in san francisco. temperatures coming way down after a week of some very high heat. means. we're giving away something amazing to fans on the plaza and to you folks at home. stay tuned, don't go away if you want to win.
9:20 am
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9:22 am
can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at look at that crowd. it's worth standing in the rain because it's freebie friday and we have something every family is going to want. >> i want one. it's so exciting. thanks to sharp tv we're giving away three 55-inch ultrahigh definition tvs to fans. more to our viewers at home. look at this. that's going to be yours. yes, maybe. let's head outside to see who wants one. we have these gigantic remotes. this is just a prop. i asked them, is this for real? 1982? this is because we can't carry a
9:23 am
55-inch tv. this is a souvenir. there are a lot of people outside this morning. are you ready? >> here we go. >> ah! >> so fun! >> good morning! good morning! okay. vanessa, who wants a tv? oh, my goodness. >> that's pressure. i feel pressure. how about -- how about you? >> hi, i'm amy. >> your name is amy? where are you from? >> washington state. >> would you like a 55-inch tv? and you get a picture with vanessa, too. how about that?
9:24 am
where are you from and what are you here for? >> we're on a school trip from cascade middle school. >> are you the chaperone? >> one of them. >> then you deserve a tv. we'll come back for that. >> here we go. here we go. woo-hoo. i need your -- it's your birthday? happy birthday. >> where are you from? >> from michigan. >> what do you do? >> i'm a nurse. >> you're a nurse? how cool is that? you take care of people. would you like someone to take care of you and give you a 55-inch tv? what about our viewers at home? >> thanks to our friends at sharp tv we're giving three lucky fans at home a 55-inch high definition smart tv. visit to
9:25 am
find out how to enter. ride along with me and josh on board the orient express after the local news and weather. ♪ ouch! ♪ skin-flex™, anna! sit! new band-aid® brand skin-flex™ bandages. our best bandage yet! it moves like a second skin. ♪ dries almost instantly. better? yeah. go! good thing because stopping never crosses your mind. band-aid® brand. stick with it™ new neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair wrinkles? your time is up!
9:26 am
with the proven power of retinol. reduces wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena® we continue to monitor breaking news out of benicia... ==live== good friday morning. 9:26. i'm sam brock. we do continue to monitor breaking news out of benicia this morning. that fire has been going on at the valero refinery since 7:00 this morning. ve benicia police department telling us the warnings have been lifted. matthew turner elementary school and robert semple elementary school had evacuations. that said, they're still encouraging people to stay indoors, close your windows, close your doors, turn on your
9:27 am
ac and stay inside if you can. the office of emergency services says they've been monitoring this situation but they've not been asked specifically by benicia for help. our photographer catching this right near 680. that is a fire going on at the valero refinery, a flaring. people reacting near their homes and businesses, sending that in. we'll check wind speeds and how it's affecting the situation with kari right after the break. ==live==
9:28 am
and welcome back. again, we are keeping a very close eye on what's happening in benicia this morning. this is the valero refinery and a power outage earlier this morning about 7:30 or so caused this flaring to happen and thick black smoke coming from that refinery. the latest information we have is evacuations have been lifted as of about 9:00 and people are
9:29 am
just being encouraged now in the benicia area to stay indoors. we send it to kari as we see this smoke moving east now, kari. >> that will be the direction as we go through the rest of the day. as we continue to see this smoke, it will be drifting mostly over the bay and the industrial areas as well. the elementary school we talked about still in the shelter in place is just to the north of benicia so those areas will be watching as well. the smoke continues to drift to the east. wind speeds have been quite strong this morning as we've seen a weather system approaching. it's bringing notices wind speeds in from the west at about 10 to 15 miles an hour and there may be some higher gusts as we go through the day. so the wind speeds picking up throughout the afternoon, but at least we do have some cool temperatures for some of those people who are still under that shelter in place. now let's see how the roads are moving now as we check in with mike. >> mike, it looks like we'll
9:30 am
have a hard time getting ahold of mike. mike, do we have you? >> i got you, sammy, i'm sorry. benicia is now moving once again. 680 has reopened. it reopened during the last cut-in. southbound making up for a little of that delay, an exclamation point over rhett fi -- the refinery and a big plume seen at the scene. lighter friday flow of traffic helped with that recovery and the north bay really wasn't affected by that flow because the closure was such a short amount of time there. you see the benicia and carbanos bridges a point of reference after that freeway opened a half hour ago. back to you. >> you mentioned that plume of smoke was on the carbonos
9:31 am
bridge. as you saw on the bottom of your screen a second ago, there is a shelter in place that has been lifted for most of benicia, however, not robert semple elementary. we'll be following this through our midday show as well. cab of the locomotive of the venice simplon orient express. yeah. the world's biggest toy train set. the 20-hour journey takes us from venice to paris in old-school style. we are in one of three dining cars. these are refurbished cars. 1929 this one was actually built. and we're here to talk about one of the great movies of all time "murder on the orient express." released in 1974, the agatha christie murder mystery put on
9:32 am
display the extravagant features of the train. >> the murder is afoot. >> this was my compartment. i spent my leisure time here. in couch will turn into a bed and the porter will take care of that. here's my writing desk where i can keep and write all my notes because that's what we do in the 1930s. and, of course, here is my sink so that i may take care of my toilette in the morning. josh gad and i popped off for a chat. the murder on the orient express. >> yes. >> when you were asked to do this, was there even a moment's hesitation? >> there was literally, they couldn't get the words out. agatha christie's murder -- i'm in. you have kenneth branagh directing who in my opinion is one of the ultimate directors. you have one of the most extraordinary casts i've worked with, johnny depp, james judi dench, penelope cruz. >> why does it hold up? here is a story that was written in the early 1930s, and here we
9:33 am
are all this time later and people still are fascinated by it. >> there's a reason that agatha christie is the best-selling author after the bible. and after shakespeare. >> who are you in the film? [ train horn ] >> hello! >> i think i just had a minor heart attack. >> there you go. while josh recovered, i thought i'd grab a quick bite, but like everything else on this train, dinner is an experience. ♪ piano bar and all. i love you, john legend! before i knew it, we arrived in paris and my journey, sadly, complete. hello, paris. i'm like the rail going cher. changing outfit after outfit. >> a lot of outfit changes. the red pants and the white
9:34 am
jacket. >> well, there you go. coming up, the one, the only guacamole recipe you'll ever need. invite your friends over. we'll show you last-minute cinco we'll show you last-minute cinco de mayo foods that will make mastering irresistibly smooth. the lindor truffle. created with passion... by the lindt master chocolatiers. a hard outer shell with a smooth center. luscious... flowing... welcome... to the best time of your day. unwrap... unwind... experience the melt. only the lindor truffle. from the lindt master chocolatiers. does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena.
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what twisted ankle?ask what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. coloneed hair get super fruit amla oil. in the all new fructis damage eraser. repair damaged hair in just one use. hair is 2x stronger. all new garnier fructis. super fruit. super hair. garnier. this morning on "today food" cinco de mayo cooking. >> he's the executive chef of rosewood mayacopa. >> chef juan pablo, good to see you again. it's not cinco de mayo unless you're here. >> yeah, exactly. we don't do anything in mexico in cinco de mayo, so it's a good reason to come to new york and enjoy tequila and salsa. >> nothing wrong with that.
9:39 am
so what are we making? >> we're going to make salsa to fix some tacos. we do at mayacopa something like this. we're going to change your life with this salsa. >> you're charring all these ingredients. >> this is called mexican salsa because it's the color of the mexican flag. we just roast everything. just put everything on the high heat without any oil. we call it asado. then we put this on the mocopete. we put garlic, salt -- >> why do you char it? >> sorry? >> why do you char it? >> it gives lots of flavor. it's a technique that we use in mexico for more than 5,000 years. it's really healthy. this charred thing is good for your flora, your digest. >> oh. >> if you don't have tasty e
9:40 am
tomatoes like we have in mexico. >> it helps the flavor. >> so you use roma tomatoes. >> we use any time of chile, this is chile serrano. >> do you use other chiles or oth only these? >> any. >> to move on, we chop up the tomato? >> we have the garlic here, we put the tomatoes in this. they're really hot. >> oh, wow. >> so we just crush it in the mocopetle. >> like a mortar and pestle. >> this gives a little bit of minerals to the food so it's more healthy. at the end after you crush it, it finish a little bit like that. if you burn it more, it's more tasty and looks more dark. >> oh, nice. >> my family is from chihuahua, mex ico and we make this all th time but we call it pico de
9:41 am
gallo? >> let's move up to the front while we're talking. >> what do we have here, chef? >> we have the salsa ready and we make shrimps. we marinate shrimps with oil. >> why do you do that? >> just to give some flavor. we have a little bit of lime, the lemon zest. we put cilantro and then -- >> the ice machine's going right now. >> al! pull it together. >> getting ready for margaritas. >> time for margarita. >> so we have some salt -- >> skewers. >> then we just do it like this. >> why do you soak these? >> so they don't get -- when you are putting on the grill they don't get -- >> you will do these quickly on each side. >> i didn't know that. >> so with the magic of television, we have some shrimp for you. >> i need you to try this
9:42 am
shrimp. it's amazing. try it. >> a little creamy avocado. >> this is avocado puree, then we put shrimps on the top. this is a regular tortilla. >> these are home made. >> these are home made over there but you can buy these from the store. avoe caddo puree. >> this is kind of like a taco bar, people can make their own. >> we put a salsa. for the good taco, the main thing you need is a good tortilla, good salsa. >> look at the finished product. >> thank you. >> wait, wait. >> oh. i messed it up. >> a little bit extra love. >> chef juan pablo, thank you very much. >> happy cinco de mayo. >> that's right. visit our friends at rosa mayacoba. head to our "today" facebook
9:43 am
page. >> right before you do the weather. perfect. >> now we'll see how well i can do this. weekend outlook for tomorrow. unsettled and cool in the northeast. mid-atlantic states into the new england area. warm in the rockies with plenty of sunshine. gulf coast as well. sunday sunday! a frosty start in the northeast with some wet weather. the plains from the northern plains all the way down into the south plenty of sunshine and a few scatt good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. right now we're getting some clearing in san francisco and a great way to start out this friday morning, but there will be some more clouds on the way. we're going to watch this cold front drop down from the north, bring in some mostly cloudy skies and also gusty winds throughout the day. and our high temperatures today will only reach into the mid-60s there. for the inland areas, expect it to reach 71 degrees in livermore, san jose 72 degrees and concord will be up to 76. at times our winds will be up to
9:44 am
about 30 miles an hour by this evening. sykes, amy schumer, goldie hawn and joan cusack. cusack. we're talking about the new i was always "the girl with psoriasis." cusack. wepeople don't stare anymore. i never joined in. that wasn't fair to any of us. i was covered. i tried lots of things over the years. but i didn't give up. i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. that still works. now? see me. see me. i found clear skin that lasts. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease,
9:45 am
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9:48 am
we're out of diapers gneed anything else?. peas! and paper towels and soap! got it. get everyday low prices on everyday essentials, targetrun and done. actor and producer wanda sykes has been a comedy powerhouse for years ever since her work on the chris rock show in the '90s and even before that. and now she's stealing scenes in the new movie "snatched" playing an american tourist with a shady past in ecuador who gives a stern warning to some fellow american travelers. >> you will not stop laughing. they are played by goldie hawn and amy schumer. >> ecuador is a pretty place. no arguing that. but you can't let your guard down. >> that is right. that is exactly right. >> a lot of terrible things happen outside these little gates. >> exactly.
9:49 am
see? >> one in four tourists in south america are kidnapped. >> what? incredible. >> not true. >> totally true. one, two, three, somebody's missing. >> that's logical, right? >> good morning. welcome back. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this film. you and your friend barb played by joan cusack. you go to extreme lengths essentially to protect goldie hawn and amy's character. talk a little bit about it. did i set that up correctly? >> yes. i'm pretty much joan cusack's character's hype man because barb she was in special forces, in special ops but cut her tongue out. >> that makes sense. >> couldn't she just write it down? >> right, right. so maybe she should have thought that out. so yes, so we are the travelers there with them. and goldie and amy, they get
9:50 am
kidnapped and we go try to save them. >> joan cusack is almost unrecognizable in this movie. but i thought the two of you -- they could spin the two of you off into your own movie. because it looked like it was a blast. was it as much fun. >> so much fun. such a good time. and you know, getting to hang out with goldie hawn, you know? amy has all this crazy energy. she's like, let's go do a pop-up show. so amy and i would go out in honolulu, yeah and go do stand-up. and here comes goldie hawn and her daughter kate hudson was hanging out with us. >> did the people go crazy? >> yes! so we're just walking up, no security or anything. all of a sudden joan and i automatically like slip into character. and we're like protecting goldie and kate and amy. what are we doing? >> if something had happened, would you have been able to take care of it? >> yes! i would have handled it. >> is that a real question?
9:51 am
wait. can i ask you one thing. how do you play a character with a shady past? that would be a stretch for you, right? >> i'm squeaky clean. >> me, too. >> nothing wrong, folks. but we had a good time. it was no problem protecting them because, you know, it's hawaii. just shake a tiki torch at them and they take off. it's fine, yeah. play some hula music. you break up a fight. >> you and don ho. >> exactly. >> was it cool to have goldie back. she has a star. didn't realize she didn't have a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> i would have been sure she had a star by now. >> all the right with the world. a combo. >> it comes out right before mother's day. >> perfect movie. >> do you have any plans with the twins? >> i'm sure it's the usual -- i'll get up and make breakfast and everything and they'll be so
9:52 am
excited to give us a gift that they made. >> are they 8? >> yes, they're 8. you have to do the whole fake thing. look at this bracelet, oh, it's yarn. this is a nice heavy yarn, too. let me just take off this cartier bracelet and tie your bracelet on. >> this is not, this is it? >> you can't. you can't. not at 8. >> teenager age, right? my son's 15 and he asked to go see your movie for mother's day. >> oh, good. >> can we talk about kurt quickly? is kurt coming back. >> they haven't called me. >> larry david, call her. >> thank you so much. >> they can try to do it without me. >> things won't go well. >> "snatched" opens nationwide next friday may 12. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> happy mothes day.r'
9:53 am
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9:55 am
where's jenna. >> just learned how to take a selfie. >> wow. >> why at the back of the camera? >> because she didn't know how to do a selfie. >> that's crazy. >> jenna bush hager is hosting. she's in the rest room right now. busy doing more important things. >> jeff garland is my man. >> he's here, too. >> we're going to make cinco de mayo cocktails and give you hairstyles that will make you look younger. how about that? >> i have to get some i )m ...
9:56 am
breaking news that we )ve been following since 7-30 this morning---- flaringt good friday morning at 9:56. i'm sam brock. now the breaking news we've been following for you since 7:30 this morning. flaring at the valero refinery in benicia. a power outage caused the
9:57 am
flaring. you're looking at pictures from our photographer on the ground not far from that refinery at 680. there will be a news conference live on we learned that evacuations were lifted by benicia police and no shelters in place except for robert turner elementary and robert semple elementary. >> that's the concern as we go through the rest of the afternoon. the smoke is here in benicia and it's going to be drifting over the bay. there are also some industrial areas that will be with the smoke as the winds continue to move off to the east. pinned speeds so far have been in the 10 to 15-mile-an-hour range, but with the existing cold front, it will be picking up as we go through the day. and as of now, 680 northbound and southbound which
9:58 am
had an issued alert about an hour ago, that is flowing along nicely, though we do have a slowdown on 880. >> they are monitoring the air quality in benicia. we'll have much more coming up for you in a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> you can tell by these hats it is derby weekend. it's also happy cinco day mayo. >> we have lots of props. >> jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee. when she's in, we always have more alcohol when you're here. >> that is not true. >> i just want to do a little point out. the show hasn't even begun yet. i just want you to look at what'sea


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