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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  May 7, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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how his new leadership -- could have ripple effects across europe. right now, celebrations in france as the new president of france is announced. and what ripple effects there could be across europe. and a crash and how firefighters kept the flames from spreading. and awe officer-involved shooting between police and a man at a strip mall. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. it is an especially violent day for police aofficer. they were involved in the third police shooting since tuesday. this happened on cully road near
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the eastridge mall. christie smith is life san jose police department and an update is expected here from the police chief. what do we know so far? >> well, at that point, the police have not commented on the motive, but the state police say it started after a report of a man near a strip mall with a gun. they say when they arriveded he open d fed fire in their direct >> reporter: the road was blocked by police activity near quimby road. they say that a man fired at officers who arrived after reports of a man holding a gun outside of a store. >> the cops came flying into our area. >> reporter: neighbors watched as the scene grew and shots rang out. this is audio from the police dispatch. >> shots fired. shots fired. running into the rear of the big 5 complex and the dollar tree. >> when the officers arrived on scene, the suspect immediately opened fire on the officers, and
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the officers returned fire. the suspect fled over some fences, and in the area, and into a local mobile home park. >> reporter: no injuries reported and the man was taken into cust day. neighbor took this photo of the officer and a man in the park. officers searched for the gun, and the neighbor said that o officers came by her home. >> they said that he lived here and also said that he lived somewhere else, one of the other houses, and i said, no, he does not live here. >> reporter: the incident follows two deadly officer shootings in san jose this week under different circumstances. >> the third officer-involved shooting this week, and again, no significant injuries to the u officers and no injuries to the public. >> i was glad that they caught the guy, you know. >> reporter: the neighbors have said that they have seen the man walking around the neighborhood before, but the police have not released his identity.
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a number of investigations are now underway. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. other top stories the search is on the find a potential arsonist who nearly burned down a church in san jose. maryann favro is joining us new details. maryann? >> well, the fire happened at the syrian church of the east here, and church leaders say that someone set fire to the shed next to the church. the fire destroyed the plastic shed that contained tools. the flames started to spread to the walls of the church, but an alert neighbor u called firefighters who were able to keep the flames from engulfing the sangt wash-- sanctuary r. this church has been herer for over 30 years, and has never been targeted. >> we have looked at the
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surveillance, and it is someone in a hood di. >> reporter: church leaders are telling me they that are grateful that the alert neighbor was able to call 911, because they say that the flames were spreading quickly, and they could have easily destroyed the church. also, just last thursday, there was an arson fire at an auto repair shop a few blocks away from here, and two cars were burned in that fire. reporting live in san jose, maryann favro, nbc bay area n s news. >> thank you. and it is pretty amazing is how the alameda county sheriff's office is describe ing ting the in a 30-year-old murder case. the man is charged with murdering mary st. john after someone set her castro valley home on fire. they say that suspect broke into the home, and tortured her and then set the house on firement they say that the man was already in custody in san joaquin county jail, and he
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shared information that only the killer would know, and then they found evidence that linked him to the crime. a news conference will be held torl to release more information about the case. celebrations throughout france as a country now has a new leader. this is the scene outside of the louvre museum in paris where they celebrated the election of emmanuel macron, the new president of france. he is going to be the youngest president in france's history at 39. and the world watched as he was up against a far right candidate marine le pen. and as here, the match was contentious, and the victor took to the podium for a victory speech a short time ago. >> i wish to also have a word for those who voted for ms. le pen. don't boo them. they expressed today an ainnger
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disappoint and a conviction and i support them. >> and he replaces the current france president francois hollande and he says that it shows that a majority of the people are standing by the european union and saying that she wanted france to lead the eu. the white house sent out a statement congratulating the president-elect saying that the united states is looking forward to work with macron and continuing our alliance with france. for continuing coverage of the presidential election in france and the impact here in our country and the rest of the world, go our website nbc back home, president trump is urging the senate republicans to pass his health care bill after a victory last week. the white house and gop representatives celebrated after a bill passed thursday, but 13 republicans are working on a new plan and some say that the plan passeded by the house stand nos
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chance. >> the house bill is not going to be coming before us, and the senate is going to be starting from scratch, and we will draft our own bill, and i'm convipsed that we will take the time to do it right. >> and the white house says that people with pre-existing conditions should not worry, but some republican governors are concerned, because the bill eliminates medicaid expansion, and 22 major health care groups including the american medical association have come out against the house plan. a followup tonight on the efforts to recover the massive barge that capsized in san francisco bay. crews and divers uprighted the barge underwater. this is video of the 112 foot barge after it started to sink in april. the procedure overnight happened all underwater. the coast guard is going to be working on plan to float the barge to bring it to the surface, and it could take several weeks. the goal is to not leak any fuel, and have plin maminimal in
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the wildlife. >> the contra castro sheriff's department sent us this aerial rescue of a woman who broke her ankle on a remote trail, and she was lifted to a staging earea, and airlifted to the hospital. and tomorrow, jury will continue deliberations in sierra lamar. the man accused of murdering her in morgan hill when she disappeared in 2012. her body has never been recovered. pros kuecutors point to the dna her found in the trunk of the man and is a runaway may also be alive they say. and the connection that is one american being detained now to another american detained in
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south korea last week. >> and we will be tracking the temperatures soaring to the 80s and how warm to the work week and seeing the rain coming up. a loss could be around the corner, and so when that happens, we have to be before, because our lead ser not here. >> and plus, the general manager of the warriors is weighing in on steve kerr's new back procedure, and his comments are coming up at 5:00. ==anim==
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==peggy/cu== we )re following breaking news n north korea tonight where another american citizen has been detained. ==== we are following breaking news in north korea where another american citizen has been detain ed. reports say that the man worked for the pyongyang university of science and technology. he is detained to unspecified hostile acts against the country. on wednesday, north korea said another u.s. citizen from the same university had been detained for hostile acts. there are total of four american citizens detained in north korea. the u.s. em bbassy in seoul say
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it is aware of the latest report. new video from nigeria showing the dozens of girls released from the jihadist group boko haram, and nigeria announced that 82 will be released in exchange for prisoners. they say it is the result of the lengthy negotiation around and the girls arrived at the capital, and they were met by the president's chief of staff. >> we are happy to have you back. we are very glad. and every measure from today, we have to try to forget the suffering, because this is a torment. welcome, welcome, welcome. >> this government did not say how many boca haram suspects were released. and much more the drink for a great cause. >> why this lemonade stand is a great cause. and now, drinking lemonade and a great cause.
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there is warmer weather ahead, and a chance of finding rain like you are seeing right now to wrap up the weekend in southern california. your microclimate forecast is coming up in next. coit tower and alcatraz.
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welcome back, everyone. taking you out live and if you weren't at work, you might have been out enjoying the beautiful views of coit tower in a alcatraz. a number of people are headed out doors to take in the beautiful bay area. and also a nice day to see the lemonade in the bay area and you have this time of the year, the lemonade stands popping up, and especially from my kids. >> it is a special cause to dda for a girl who is raising money for juvenile diabetes fund. last year she raised almost $5,000 and she is hoping to make more today.
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>> we have everybody from co-workers to family, friends and our neighborhood from ourle schools to our work invited out here. >> dakota's father said they expected about 1,000 people, and that a lot of lemonade, and money for a good cause. >> it is, and it is a good day for it, too. now, nbc bay area's microclimate weather certified as most accurate. >> you heard that. we have a new title, the most accurate weather station in the bay area according to weather rate rates who is an independent weather research company. this big accomplishment is one that we are proud of the weather team coming off of the rough weather that we had all winter long. so the waeather rate scientists found our weather team the most accurate predicting severe weather, and also predicting accurate temperatures, and kudos to rob mayeda. >> yes, and we still can't lose
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chances of the spring weather going back and forth from the warm temperatures to the cooler temperatures. and wamer to wrap up the sunday. and there you can see in tie bur r. and a warm breeze and san francisco not too bad at 68. temperatures around san francisco having a chance the next two days of climb iing int the 70s. and right now, memoryville, and some of the cameras are bouncing around due to the wind around the bay. and currently, 75 in the day tomorrow, and downtown san jose may get close to 80. the airport supper 70s and downtown closer to 80 and south of downtown as we are getting closer to campbell and saratoga, finding the highs in the 80s and 70s. and so the same area of of low pressure wobbling past the
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sierra is having a mess across san diego and experiencing brief thunder and rain, but it is going to be moving out. high pressure is building n and a slight warm up of more sunshine and this trend is going to continue through tuesday a. a little gusty at times though as the high builds back in across northern california and likely to find the wind gusts at 20 to 30 miles per hour in the afternoon and especially around the north bay hills. and temperatures in the 40s and 50s and similar to this morn, and probably adding another 3 to 5 degrees on top of the high, and combination of the upper 70s and the low 80s around the santa clara valley, and mostly 80s from danville to pleasanton, and heading from concord to low 80s and in the peninsula from the low to mid-70s and cool though, and relative lon the coaly on t and patterns near ocean beach,
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but then south of downtown in san francisco, and the highs have a chance to reach the low 70s and that means dry conditions, and the highs approaching low 80s around santa rosa and snow ma, and the hour by hour outlook means that the temperatures may be climbing with winds generally out of the north to dry things out of the hilltops and right now, tuesday going to be the warmest around the bay, and 3:00, it is the 70s from san francisco to the oakland and mid-upper 70s, and the valleys as low as the valleys with the reversal from tuesday to wednesday, you have the ocean air conditioning charging up again and maybe some drizzle on the coast. a big drop of the temperatures from tuesday to wednesday and maybe about 10 to 20 degrees cooler as the trough is going to set up in the pacific northwest. this is a big impact on the seven-day forecast and next week with a brief chance of showers in north bay. but the pattern is holding up through the 14th, and likely could hold on, and longels have
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pattern. and the san francisco has a chance of 70s and the valleys of the cooling significantly, and the low clouds and drizzle possible wednesday and thursday. and so if you would like to find out more on the accuracy of the weather team, and how the study was done, you can go to the weather site on the dropdown menu and see the announcement, and the weather rate site and sol of the parameters that we went through to bring you the accurate forecast in a busy winter and busy spring in parts of northern california. >> congratulations again, rob. >> well deserved. >> unusual work of art on display in san francisco. >> we are talking about the large bunny here made by local artists, and we have details coming up.
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in san francisco. ==terry/2shot== jeremy fish unveiled his newest one of the bay areas's most popular artists is turning heads in san francisco. >> jerami fish unveiled the newest creation this past weekend and it is certainly one of a kind. we go to bay area's joe rosato. >> reporter: every artist has a medium to express their mind, and the mind of san francisco artist jeremy fish is more than most. >> from cats to vinyl boards. >> reporter: and it is murals and boards. >> it is play on cute and creepy. >> reporter: but there is one medium that fish does not do, sculpting. >> that is what makes this so
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f funny. >> reporter: the story started with a giant pink bunny sculpted from fiberglass. >> i made it with fun and some of my friends. >> it was in front of a building slated to be torn down. >> and then people got attached to it. >> and then it came down and left a hole in the haight. >> i was going to let happen whatever happen. >> reporter: and what happened was a request from the neighborhood association who said, would you make a version of it if we raised the money? >> yeah, sure. >> and so, with funds raised, a sculpted bunny razed weighing nearly two tons. but sculpting it was easier than getting the permits to install it. >> the red tape from the city. >> reporter: but after months of
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delays. >> what an exciting day. >> reporter: install day finally arrived. >> oh, man, that is so scary. >> trying to deskribt to people is fairly indescribable. >> a couple of tons of metal hang nought the air. >> it is not everyday that you will see a gigantic bunny. >> i can't believe it is sitting here. >> reporter: this past saturday a few hundred people showed up. >>er hoo it s everybody. >> to celebrate the sculpture of an artist who says he won't sculpt again. >> it is like a guy who never played baseball and showing up at the world series and walking out to hit a home run and dropping the bat and leaving. >> reporter: and it will be the opening of the art center, and the sculptor will get back on what he dreams up. >> the thing that san francisco is weird enough to make something like this happen is why i am still here. not something i would have imagined happen iing. >> nbc bay area news.
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police exchanged gun fire with a man they say opened fire in their direction, and coming up, how they caught the suspect. warriors' coach steve kerr's back surgery is complete and being called a success, but how long is the road to recovery, and why that could be murky coming up in a live report. >> we are seeing a warmer finish to the weekend and 76 in hillsberg. and the temperatures are set to climb through the 80s. could we see more record breaking heat a hehead in the w week? we will look at that forecast next. ==terry topvo==
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right now at 5 -- an officer-involved shooting in the south bay. the investigation underway -- after shots are shots are exchanged between a man and police near a strip mall. right now at 5:00, officer-involved shooting in the south bay. shots were exchanged between a man and police near a strip mall. >> the nbc bay area news starts now at 5:00. thank you for joining us this sunday night. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. unusually violent week for
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police officers. >> today, they were involved in the third shooting in san jose and the third one happening this morning on tully road near the east ridge mall. christie smith is there live who is awaiting an update from the police. what do we know about the shootings, especially the one from this morning, christie? >> well, the san jose police have not commented on a motive, and they say that it all started this morning with a report of a man with a gun that was near a strip mall by a store. now, san jose police are saying that it is when they their officers arrer rived on scene, he fired in their direction and at least one officer fired back, and police say that no one was injured, but the man took off runni running, and jumped the fence into a nearby mobile home park. he was taken town custody. it happened on tulley road near quimby which was blocked much of the day. one neighbor said that the man apparently gave more than one
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address after he was the detained. >> it was after they caught him, i believe, they came over about six or seven of them and they said, does he live here? and i said, well, no. >> reporter: this is following two other officer-involved shootings in san jose this week under different circumstances. with this incident, the officer is on the routine leave as a joint investigation is underway, and multiple agencies are monitoring the case. again, we -- we are expecting to hear from the police chief in just over an hour. christie smith, nbc bay area news. and police are looking into a fire at a san jose bay area ch church. maryann favro has the details. >> terry, it happened this morning at the church of the east off alma avenue and the


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