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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 12, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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collision. >> inventoryings do not believe drugs or alcoholy involved in the crash .bus driver has not been cited but the investigation is ongoing. today tesla release add statement saying in part we are deeply saddened by reports that there was a fay facility as a result of the accident we will lend any support that we can to the authorities investigating the incident. >> besides all of the events and incidents that our deputy sheriffs have to deal with at work, they have to deal with a tragic loss of one of their brothers. >> reporter: well been chirn we have celebrated his 51st birthday tomorrow he leaves behind a wife and four children. the sheriffs department says they're working together to put together a fund with you the details have not been set up. reporting live. michelle roberts bay area news. >> our thoughts go out to his family thank you. we have new details about the freeway shooting on 101 in snoma county yesterday. breaking news coverage throughout the day yesterday.
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investigators now it started when a driver and his passenger stopped at a food truck some kind of argument took place so they got into that car and then drove off. that's when someone in a truck came along fired several shots at them right on 101 in healdsburg both mean listed in serious condition no arrests have been made. just in time for the weekend you can get the classic double double with fries, the in and out burg ner livermore reopens turns out the food may not be to blame for making people sick. the people reported flu like symptoms earlier. the softball players said any got sick the in and out closed. the coach says some of the players were sick before eating there. after a thorough cleaning that store is now back open. the arsonist will strike again. that's what investigators are saying after two new car fires in contra costa county. the latest two in walnut creek
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and la laffer yeet. that brings the total to seven. map shows locations all over th east bay. rick boone is live where investigators are revealing new details. >> reporter: they're learning the arsonist patterns how piecely they're able to light the fires to take out the vehicles to how quickly the suspect or the suspects are getting away. >> now we've had fires three nights in a row. so i mean we remain ready to go to a fire should one occur. you know tonight. >> it's happened again two overnight fires mean seven vehicles have now been destroyed this week in various east bay cities and growing belief that the same arsonist could be connected to dozens of other fires since last year. >> there are a number of things that they're doing that connect them for lack of a better term kind of a like a signature. >> the latest fire gutted vehicles in walnut creek and la.
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>> our neighbor rang the door bell 330 in the morning when he noticed one of the vehicle was on fire. >> victim number five in brentwood his vehicle burned yesterday in the driveway while his kids slept feet away. >> there is no reason to do that putting people's lives at risk, property damage. i don't understand the reason for it. >> a surveillance camera did spot this person walking near the brentwood fire moments before it started. now fire investigators want to know who they are in hopes of preventing the next fire which they say could happen tonight or this weekend. >> and investigators need your help. they're say fudge you notice any suspicious activity around your vehicle or recorded any suspicious activity contact them immediately this will help capture who this arsonist or arsonists may be just ahead in the next hour or so i talked to the owner of this vehicle just literally about a good minute and a half before i started thd report we'll hear what he said
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his direct message for the arsonist hook out his car that car coming up next hour rick boone nb bay areas. >> krous in designate made quick work of a grass fire mat 280 at and 10th street. crews spent 20 minutes knock going out no reports of injuries no structures threatened. if it hasn't hit you yet it might a massive cyberattack is spreading across the world hitting hospitals, phone companies and even fedex so far hit 100 countries include russia, the uk and spain. so who is behind it and how can you protect yourself our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us inside the war room at bar a cueda network there in camable what's being done there scott. >> reporter: raj, they have staffers and offices all over the world to fight this thing. they say, yes they have been able to slow it down but because the attack spreads like a virus
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they say it's very hard to shut it down. technology got fightingens as a cyberattack hit hospitals in england part of a huge attack of ran some airway which spreads like a virus ripping through nearly 100 countries in a day. >> well a number of -- a full number of trucks have been affected by malware which has aircrafted systems it's different in different organizations some it's the telephone systems affected. and some it's a bit more extensive a and aircrafted systems that do diagnostics and record imaging for example. >> we have been tracking it. wove been watching it. >> this is something of a war room here at camable's bare a cueda network. the security company has been finding and deleting the ran some airway as fast as it can. >> it's not just i download it on my computer and my computer is vil vulerable a i my computer is now part of a network that is now going to find other
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computers vulnerable it's spreads prolivgly. >> urging computer users all over the world to protect themselves. >> and security experts tell us there are two main ways to protect yourself from ran someware. keep the computer up to date when it comes to software patches back up the daft so if you are hit you don't lose everything. scott thank you. well the turmoil continue in washington, d.c. president trump deferreding his decision to fire james comey. he also tweeted a veiled threat at comey. all of this creating a lot of concern within both parties and the american public. now here is one of many tweets sint by the isn't james comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. soon after that tweet in an interview with fox news mr. trump refused to confirm whether such a tape exists.
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>> can't talk about it won't talk about that all i want is for comey to be honest and i hope he will be. i'm sure he will be i hope. >> in another tweet the president threatened to cancel daily press briefings after reporters complained of mixed signals between him and his staff. he suggested the -- the president suggested meeting with reporters instead of every dayna he would meet reporters in person every two weeks. our coverage continues on nightly news with lester holt. more fallout from lester he is a exclusive interview with the president, including who asked who to dinner stemming from mr. trump and james comey that dinner at the white house. lester joins us with nightly news at 5:30. a big milestone for b.a.r.t. but it comes with a warning about the tracks and the number of trains that have to run. safety teams have been going door to door in san jose today spreading the mental living near the bay area station set to open next year. don't touch the tracks.
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>> it's extremely dangerous to go near a b.a.r.t. track. the unusual thing about santa clair county is that is the first ground based electric tri fied track we've had. people aren't necessarily familiar with that. >> this is a look at the 10 mile area it woents open until next year but testing starts thissier. b.a.r.t. has to order 25 now trains all have to run on the tracks all need to be up and running so there is enough trains to service the new station. contra costa county top cop is face ago firestorm of criticism including calls for his firing. i'm jodi hernandez i'll tell you what's behind it all and how the d. a. is responding. a new politicsing ad about a congressional race in georgia features san francisco as a back drop. trying to tie a candidate there to liberal san francisco. why some santa fe that shows how
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much is at steak. >> meteorologist jenn rarp y-blue skies to east bay tracking the full weekend forecast i'll let you know how gusty winds get coming up in ten minutes.
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tonight -- after admitting he spent tens of thousands of lafayette. the top cop in contra costa county is facing a firestorm tonight after admitting he spent tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds for his personal
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use. an emergency meeting was held this morning to discuss the claims against district attorney mark pederson. nbc are bay area jodi hernandez is live with more. >> reporter: we've been talking about to a lot of people today. i'll tell you it all seems to be snowballing. tonight the district attorney here is keeping silent. as the criticism mounts. >> this situation is not acceptable. we do not agree with mr. pederson's actions. and they do not represent the values that we have as criminal prosecutors. >> prosecutors with contra costa d. a. association board gave the green light this morning for a no confidence vote against the county's top cop. in district attorney mark peterson. >> we are unanimous in our recommendation to our association members to vote no confidence in mr. peterson. >> the move comes just one day after the county's civil grand jury filed an accusation with the court. calling for peterson's removal
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from office. peterson admitted to the fair political pr practices commission last year that he used more than $66,000 in campaign funds from 2011 through 2015 for personal items. such as meals, clothing and movie tickets. >> the actions constitute williams or willful misconduct. >> mr. peterson. >> peterson refused to talk to us today avoiding the cameras. but plents of folks are sounding off including a south bay prosecutor who has announced he is running for peterson's position next year. >> i think it's unconscionable that someone swoern to uphold the law willfully violated the law. >> now, the d. a. association hopes to hold the no confidence vote in ten days. meanwhile we understand it will be up to a superior court judge to decide how to proceed on that grand jury call for the d. a.'s firing.
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reporting live in martinez jodi hernandez nbc bay area news. a young doctor working on his residency at ucsf is now working on hills his legal case today he was charged forup loading and trading child porn eve wrooef been following the story last 24 hours frm he and his romt were arrested yesterday lock hart is a psychiatrist at ucsf he is on the right side of the screen. investigators searched the san francisco apartment and found several devices belonging to both men which contain more than 60 oh pictures. dr. long hart is accused of using the hospital wi-fi to upload images the university says lock latter is on paid leave pending the investigation. a science experiment triggered the evacuation of easter bay hiesz high school. i-94 got a call after a science experiment huss a different reaction than anticipated. the teach evacuated the classroom once fiefrpts arrived
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they evacuated the entire building. firefighters say 15 people had to be checked out but no serious injuries classes resumed afterwards. >> hi, georgia san francisco waus wanted to say thank you. >> we already have nancy pelosi as congress woman now you give us john you a salve. >> san francisco is the back drop for a new politic willing ad a nasty fight for congress in georgia. so what's with the bay area connection? we've seen plenty of political attack ads but maybe not like this one this ad baktsd by democrats hopes to portray the candidate as a san francisco liberal this was in georgia in nbc kristi smt smith what's going on with the long distance political fight kristi. >> i tell you we spoke with mayor ed lee about if this. he says he hasn't seen it but he bleaches in this political climate that people in different parts of the country should really focus on their own local needs. we also showed it to a number of
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tourists who said they thought it missed the mark. >> hey georgia, san francisco just wanted to say thank you. >> the political commercial featureses what appeared to be representations of hippies hipts sisters and others in san francisco praising john you a salve a democrat running for congress in georgia. it's meant to payment him as umbreit liability out of touch. >> i have not seen it. >> san francisco mayor had this to say. >> i'm sure if it's his opponents it will probably portray us in a negative light. i say this. i think -- i think people of georgia and in particular this particular race they need to register what their needs are. >> he is one of us. >> we're really excited that he likes higher taxes. >> pelosi and awesome will weaken the military. isis, they're overrated. >>. the candidate who received politicking donations from california is running against republican karen handle in a special election. >> they want to paint the
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opponent as unacceptableably different. >> jason mcdaniel is a political professor at san francisco state. >> one of the purposes of the ad might be to really make people away you need to donate money to don't and so they're trying to playbook sure that the stakes are clear. >> he believes to the casual observer the commercial mentioned the name so often that it may help opheim we also showed the ad to tourists. >> no, that didn't seem like san francisco at all. >> but i thought it was weird from someone from georgia talking about san francisco. >> now mcdaniel did say that he thinks the ad is effective in this sense. that it is getting quite a bit of attention. and he also thinks in the future we may see more political ads like this. reporting live in san francisco, kristi smith nbc bay area news. >> thank you kristi. a coast guard cut patrolling the pacific ocean launched a small boat while they discovered sea turtles trapped in garbage
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and fishing line they quickly freed three adult turtles and one baby and they hauled the debris onboard the ship to it wouldn't trap anymore. turtles were all ridly sea turreting not endangered but classified as vulnerable. i saw the pictures upcross it was so sad. >> pick up the trash. >> pick up the trash. >> jeff ranieri here friday. we made it tell us about this mother's day weekend. >> i think we're going to be in the clear here for most of the bay area. the only problem on tracking right now is increasing wind the next 48 hours. >> and here is what we're dealing with a dome of chilly air unseasonably cold air for may sitting across a lot of the west. associated with that is an upper level area of low pressure. it's going to sit in the same exact spot over the next four
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days. hoping to trickle in the chillier air also kick up the wind. focusing on wind that's the biggest thing the weekend. it's already been breezy today. i think even through tonight it will stay gusty, 26 in spris. 31 in half moon bay. also 26 in san jose and 24 here. through tomorrow morning it tries to relax a little bit. but we're still looking at a breezy start through saturday and again continues all the way into sunday. as we get a look at the morning if you can get over the wind we got a nice start coming. throughout the morning hours. 50 expected in the south bay. mostly sunny peninsula and colder start in the tri valley with 47. san francisco start wg 50 and mostly clear. looks great in the north bay and 47. take to you the microclimate forecast on saturday let's not waist more time south bay temperatures below average see here across cupertino 66. san jose also at 67. if you're looking for something
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to do across the south bay, waver got an event for you that you're probably going to have a hard time saying no it. it's called pints for pups. you go out to the santa clair county fair ground, beer, wine, food, art, all of the benefits go to help the silicon valley pet projects. temps in the 60s plenty of sunshine. the microclimate forecast in east bay, low 70s from antioch to walnut creek. 6 in plesanton and 66 in oejd. for the be peninsula 6 in pooflt and a cooler 63 in san mateo. san francisco 62 in the mission and 57 in the marina. across the north bay mildest temperature in napa 70 degree. extended forecast for mother's day, wind continuing. 0 to 15-mile-per-hour. great day for moms. possibly areas of showers on tuesday. trace amounts to about .15.
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and warm you were by friday. takes to you interior valley forecast. and notice still the possibility of some scatters rainfall next tuesday. then we're way way back up by friday to 84 degree. >> did pretty good could have been a lot hot sfleer looks nice quite the turn around. >> we'll take it thanks invest. up next elon musk and his new big idea. could it solve traffic problems. we're showing it to you. stay with us. former first lady michelle obama
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has some blunt criticism for the trump administration - after it deed happening now former first lady michelle obama has blunt criticism for the trump dprgs after a delayed federal rules for making school lunches
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healthier. you can read more on that story on the facebook page. and on our twitter feed an. marriage proposal only he took photos of the wrong couple. back in a moment. a new look today at elon musk )s
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plan to bypass l-a traffic. ==vo== musk shared this footage today a new lack today at elon musk's plan to by pass l.a. traffic he shared this footage today of the underground tunnel.
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the boring company is digger a smaller version in the parking lot. he hopes to build tumbles moving cars on electric skates at 125-mile-per-hour. l.a. city leaders have not revealed whether a they've given the prjt the grown light. some changes for anyone taking b.a.r.t. in or out of oakland. the station also be closed for track work riders can expect delays between 20 and 40 minutes. good news no closure on sunday. you have the warriors to thank for that. b.a.r.t. was originally going to keep that closure in place on sunday. but they cancelled that. that's because of gim one of the conference finals against san antonio. well it's a long road trip. sacramento to china. governor brown is packing his bags. he will travel to china next month as part of a week long mission to promote clean energy. the governor will attend international energy conference swell tour areas of the country that pledged to limit global
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warming china is now outpacing the u.s. in transitioning to killeener energy ours. successful bay area women will be profiled in our next installment of emmy waird winning duplicatory sears bay area refrmgss stanford basketball coach made history this season winning 1 thousandant ngt career game only 13 division one basketball coach to research the nielts. >> it's important to have high goals. and to believe in yourself. and to continue to work be persistent be determined. you know not stubborn in a way that you know if something isn't going to happen then change your course a little bit. >> she is a legend not just a good basketball coach but a peena player. the coach is a among several high profile game changes theresa we profile p. bay area refrlgss aires tomorrow tonight, 10:00 right after saturday night life. >> well melissa mccarthy speaking of signal naem and taking on the i mean perfection nation of sean spicer new york
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==take vo== the move by defense attorneys in the sierra lamar murder trial to coax . ton at 6:00 trying to sway the jury the move by defense attorneys in the sierra lamar murder trial to cokes jurors away from the death penalty that story and more ton at 6:00. finally at 5:00. whip clash a lot of people doing a double take on 59th street. is that white house press secretary sean spicer exhibiting signs of podium rage? well, no it's not just in case you don't know this is actress melissa mccarthy who portrays sean spicer in a very popular skit on "saturday night live." she is hosting "snl" tomorrow we imagine this is part of the skit as she goes to new york. >> it will it be entertaining tonight. >> as a reminder urt 8:30 here on bay area live rebroadcast at 11:30. >> my gosh. >> she is spicy for sure. >> going to bed. >>. >> as ray reminder lester holt
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joins us next on nightly news". >> good night folks, bye. breaking news tonight, a massive cyber attack around the world hitting companies and universities in over 70 countries. hospitals held for ransom, emergency rooms closed. tonight the u.s. on alert. threatening comey, president trump says he better hope there are no tapes of their conversations. the white house refusing to deny that president trump has secret recording devices. plus, more of the terview the president'a revealing comments on the comey case. banned on board, bracing for an expansion of electronics not allowed on trips from the u.s. to europe. laptops and e-readers would need to be checked in fears of hidden explosives. and may flowers, a kaleidoscope of


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