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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11: what happened to jeanette ru our investigators had a lot of questions, which concerned them. >> right now at 11:00, what happened to jeanette harem. tonight the mystery surrounding the deaear-d woman who disappeared shortly after giving birth. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for being with us on this friday. i'm raj matthai. >> tonight a plea for hem from investigators. new at 11:00, she simply walked out of the hospital and disappeared. now four and a half years later authorities say they have found her body and they need help to
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figure out how she died. chuck coppola joins us live from santa cruz with more on this mystery. >> reporter: investigators here in santa cruz county hope someone saw jenny harem between 2012 and 2015. those are the years they say she vanished until hikers found her remains. jenny harem had a history of disappearing for weeks at a time after graduating from santa cruz high. on november 22nd, 2012, at suggestser maternity center she gave birth to a boy then walked out of the hospital. it was the last day sheriff's investigators say her parents and superintendant saw her alive. >> 29-year-olds don't generally just pass away. >> reporter: early last year, a couple hiking found skeletal remains that matched jenny's dna. >> the circumstances gave the investigators a lot of
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questions, which concerned them. >> reporter: but the investigation has stalled. before they are dispapers she was a stup attica brio college, she had intermittent contact with her parents sleeping on her friends' couches. they are keeping details as to where and how she died secret until someone came forward. >> we're hoping someone will say we saw ms. harem in and around this area and we might be able to match that up with information we know which will tell us whether or not the information is credible. >> her son is now 4, raised by his father who seth r investigators say has been cooperative. there is an added measure of pain to this story, both of harem's parents died not knowing what happened to their daughter. chuck coppola, nbc bay area. catch me if you can, an arsonist is torching cars in the east bay almost on a it inially basis. cars on fire, as you can see
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here, right in the driveways, and streets, and quiet communities. the question now, will it continue tonight and into the weekend? here's the running total. a total of seven cars have been targeted so far in walnut creek, lafayette, martinez, and brentwood. thom jensen is in walnut creek for us this evening near the scene of that latest car fire. >> reporter: this is just like a lot of the other ones if not all of them. the owner here saying there is nothing salvageable on this car. he is just the latest in that spring of victims that you talked about who are waking up in the middle of the night and finder their cars engulfed in flame. they strike in the wee hours of the modern. the latest two cars found burning in the streets of lafayette and walnut creek between 2:00 and 3:00 this morning. >> when i got to the window, i couldn't even see to the other side of the street there was so much smoke. >> reporter: david lundberg's 2005 acura destroyed.
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like the other six victims this week, it appears to be a random act. >> i don't think he was out to get me personally. i don't know anybody that is. >> reporter: not a personal motive, and he certain has no connection to the other victim. investigators are still trying to determine why someone is doing this. >> when you don't really know what the sloet motivation is until you can talk to them. >> reporter: it's not just the seven fires this week. the contra costa county fire marshal says they could be linked to dozens of fires in the areas since 2016. >> there are a number of things that connection them that are for lack of a better term kind of like a signature. >> reporter: the fire marshal isn't saying what ties all of the arsons together but says they are definitely linked and the arsonist will most likely keep it up until they are caught. >> it takes mack you feel a bit insecure. i have always felt this is a very safe neighborhood. but i guesset can happen anywhere.
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>> a got of the neighbors feeling fear. one of the neighbors came out right after the car started on fire and he could see fire across all of the glass, on the moon roof, the windshield, the rest of the glass. saying it looked like somebody poured gas or an accelerant all over the car before the fire started. that sls something the fire marshal is not talking about. developing at this hour, the first wave of interviews to replace ousted fbi director james comey begin tomorrow. on the short list, acting fbi director andrew mccain. senator john foreignen, alex fisher, and michael garcia. the candidates will meet with top officials in the afternoon. fbi directors are appointed for a ten-year term although they can, as comey was, be removed by the president. to get the job, though, they must first be confirmed by the senate. it is now saturday morning
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in europe. and many countries are still scrambling. this worldwide cyber attack is still causing mayhem at this hour in europe and here in the united states. antivirus experts say a crippling mall wear affected 70,000 computers. targets, hospitals in england, fedex, and spin's largest telecom company. the hackers blocked access to the computers in exchange for a ransom. the most worrisome fact of the attack, its global reach. >> it's not just i download it on my computer, and it's vulnerable. but now it's prt of a network and it finds other computers that are vulnerable, so it spreads. >> this type of e-mail spreads through e-mail phishing programs. alameda county shirreffs are
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urn mooing after one of theirs was killed on 580 when his car was rear-ended by a commuter bus. ian cull is live at the santa rita jail in dublin where that deputy was working a shift just a short time before the crash. >> reporter: that's right. he was working the everynight. the father of four was trying to get overtime to help support his family. when he left early this morning, soon after he left to go see his family in the central valley his life came to a sudden end. tonight at the santa rita jail, flags at half staff honoring sroeuy khin killed driving home from work. >> tragedy. >> reporter: investigators say he was heading east on 580 when a commuter bus carrying tesla workers smashed into the back of his vw bug. it appears khin slowed down or
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stopped immediately before the crash. >> sun and the weather and road conditions we will take into consideration. >> reporter: chp officers at the scene draped an american flag over his body and saluted him before coroners escorted his body to their office. >> i would like to give thanks to the highway patrol for treating our officer at the scene with dignity and respect. >> reporter: we are deeply saddened by reports that there was a fatality as a result of the sent. we will len any support that we can to authorities investigating the incident was in the statement tesla released. >> unfortunately, in addition to all they have to deal with at working they have to deal with the loss of one of our brothers. >> khin would have turned 51 tomorrow. the sheriff's office is seth up a memorial fund to help support
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his family. ian cull nbc bay area nye news. the man convicted of murdering sierra lamar must now quen the jury his life is worth sparing. earlier this week, antolin garcia torres was convicted. now the sentencing face begins. his father is in jail for raping a 7-year-old relative. the sentencing phase begins on tuesday. a follow-up to claims that the contra costa da ss campaign funds on himself. during an emergency meeting this morning fellow prosecutors at with the coco county's da association board gave a vote of in confidence. the vote came against mark peterson. yesterday a grand jury found he used campaign funds to pay for dinners, movies and a host host of other personal things. he said he borrowed the money and planned to pay it back.
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grand jurorers want peterson ousted. govern or brown is on an international mission to promote one of his signature issues. the governor will travel to china next month as part of a week long mission to promote green energy. once there, he will intend the international energy conference and tour areas of china that pledged to limit global warming. china is now outpacing the united states in transitioning to cleaner energy sources. when you are buying a house, you pay a home inspector to give you an unbiased opinion. but is anyone checking their credentials? >> i'm chris gomorrah, nbc bay area responds next. i'm meteorologist jeff ran erie. clear and 53 in fran. increasing winds for the weekend. also a new change to the mother's day forecast and what could be moving closer to the bay area. i'll tell you what that is in about ten minutes. take look. a scare at the ballpark torn.
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not a player. but the umpire goes down. we'll show you exactly what happened and how the giants medical staff rushed in to help. buying a home -- is not only
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expensive...but it can be tricky. the purchase of your lifetime, and you better be careful. buying a home is not only expensive, but it can be tricky. we discovered a gap that could be misleading when it comes to your home inspection. >> tonight nbc bay area responds to a livermore couple's costly experience with an inspector. chris kimura took their case to the state capital. >> reporter: we discovered so many home inspectors are failing consumers as well as a basic test. yet they get a pass from state regulators thanks to a surprising lack of standards and oversight. >> four bedrooms, two and a half baths. yeah, 2300 square feet. >> reporter: lindsey and her husband's home is their dream house. >> we were very excited. first house. we had just gotten married. >> reporter: but that homeowner
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honey moon faded with the first rain. >> so this one was pushed out at the top. and then rain was coming in and leaking all on the window and on the frame. >> reporter: the glass panes in three upstairs windows were loose. >> the glass was pushing completely out. you could put your hand outside. >> reporter: lindsey was surprised to find an offers flaw because before they bought the home she hired a home inspector. lindsey asked the inspector to pay for repairs and refund his fee. refused. lindsey can post a negative review on line or take him to small claims court because can't ask the state to step in. because home inspectors around licensed in california. >> which is the only unregulated part of the home buying experience. >> reporter: there is new legislation proposed to license home inspectors. just like most others it takes to buy a house.
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these individuals are all licensed. if there is a dispute you can challenge their license. if they are required to hold a cash bond you can seek reimburse men for violations. none of that applies to home inspectors. >> there is no professionalism and no sense of basic standards. >> reporter: we combed through yelp and found home inspectors four and a quart out of five stars. one who had a one star experience said there are enough bad home inspectors to set state standards. lindsey ultimately paid $2500 to replace the leaky windows. she then asked us to hold the inspector accountable. he declined our request for interview. by text, he said he had no idea whether the windows were loose. touching the glass is not standard operating procedure. he told me lindsey should have
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double-checked his work with a walk through of the house to double-check the condition of the proper. lindsey disagrees. the way she sees it she paid him to deliver a comprehensive report and he is not bumming. he is keeping his fee. >> at a minimum i would have liked to have gotten my money back for the inspection he didn't do properly. >> reporter: former general contractor dave pace. >> we start outside. >> reporter: has inspected bay area homes for 20 years. >> floors and plugs and toilets and sinks and back to the front door. >> reporter: he expressed sympathy for lindsey however pace's group doesn't want the state to rush into regulation. >> we are not opposed to licensing. we are just opposed to bad licensing. and any licensing that lowers the bar, we would not be in favor of. >> reporter: but anyone in california can currently call themselves a home inspector. so isn't the bar already pretty low? pace concedes it is.
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>> i'm familiar with inspectors that were literally working at a grocery store on a friday, and on monday they are out inspecting houses. >> reporter: pace also told us 50% of applicants fail his group's competent at the present timesy program. the congressman is aiming for action next year. listen see believes state oversight is overdue. >> require some sort of standard for all of these home inspectors to follow. >> reporter: lindsey regrets she took her realitior's recommendation for a home inspector. remember, someone endorsement is replace men for asking tough questions yourself about their vecredentis and what happens if something goes wrong. some carry insurance for errors and omissions that might cover you for their mistake. nbc bay area responds to every call and e-mail that we receive.
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>> it's not easy buying a house. >> that was eye opening to find out all that information but meticulous you have to be. let's bring in jeff ranieri, we are talking mother's day and graduation parties. >> we are going to see increasing wind and monitoring showers across the valley on sunday. i'll explain more on that in just a second. as we get a look right now across the bay area for tomorrow morning temperatures starng mostly clear skies. 47 for the trivalley. 51 in the peninsula and for the south bay,ill so begin wit upper 40s in the north bay. san francisco, fog free and 50. for the east bay, low 50s. again it's the wind i think that's going to be the biggest factor in the forecast on saturday. it will be anywhere from 15 to
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26 miles per hour for the morning average. more on the breezy side. once we hit the each hours tomorrow -- any plans at night, and you definitely will see these winds pick up to 20 in san francisco, 26 in half moon bay, and 22 in redwood city. i don't think we will have any damage. it's going to go to be annoying. as we look at the micro climate forecast for tomorrow. across the south bay temperatures continuing to remain below average. 66 in cupertino. also 67 in san jose. if you are down in the south bay looking for something to do. this might be the event four. pipt tour pub. all the benefits go to the silicon valley pet project. there is going to be beer, wine, food, and art. sunny skies and temperatures in the siktd. you may want to check that out to. back into the micro climate forecast, across the east bay we may have low 70s from antioch over the walnut creek. towards oakland, 66.
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for the peninsula, 65 in belmont, cooler in belmont at 63. san francisco, 52 at the mission, 59 at the embarcadero. mild as 70 in napa. this cooler than average weather, and also some of the wind we are dealing with we could be saying in place for the next four days. it's all about this area of low pressure that's going to sit in just about the same spot into next tuesday's forecast continuing to drive in this cooler air. you will see the results on the extended forecast. you can see by sunday we'll still be breezy. but i am going to be chac tracking showers off towards they in the central valley. looks like the better chance of rain would be next tuesday. trace amounts to 1500th of an inch. warm up next friday to 69. inland valleys, also watching the showers in the central valley on sunday. i'm putting that on there because we will have the doppler
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radar up. we will let you know if anything changes on that. right now looks dry. and next friday 84 degrees. i think this mother's day weekend we have done pretty good. i know you would like it five to seven degrees warmer. >> i'm happy. very satisfied. >> happy mother's day a little early. up next a glimpse into the future, a sneak peek at elon musk's latest big idea and how it could solve traffic problems. derek jeeter is my guest. do not change the channel it is a good one tonight. happening now an investigation happening in san jose after a deadly crash. a person was hit and killed by a car near valley medical center. we are tweeting updates as we get them in. back in a moment. of buying or receiving nearly
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half a million dollars ) worth make up hall. a san leandro man and woman are accused of buying or receiving nearly half a million dollars of make up stolen in berkeley. this is what officers found when they searched the woman's storage unit. they believe they were stolen from walgreens and cvs pharmacilier this year. the noum burger in livermore is back open tonight. it turns out the food may not be to blame for making nine people sick. they nine people, college softball players reported flu-like manslaughter symptoms on wednesday. they said they got sick. in-n-out closed to investigate. now the coach of that softball
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team says some of the players were sick before eating at that in-n-out. after a thorough cleaning the store reopened. a milestone for bart but comes with a warning about the tracks and the number of trains that bart has to run on them. safety teams have been going door to door in san jose to spread a message to people who are set to near the station set to open next year. don't touch the tracks. bart says it ordered '0225 new trains to run on the tracks. they need to be up and running so there is enough trains to service the new station. elon musk has a new plan. today we got to look at imt he wants to bypass traffic in l.a. musk shared this footage today of the progress. the company is digging a tunnel in the spacex parking lot. musk hopes to build a series of tunnels beneath l.a. that would
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move cars through an electric -- officials haven't said whether or not they have given musk the green light. >> no. no. >> get rid of all that traffic. when we come back, we'll update you on the giants game and what happened to the umpire. stay with us.
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some scary moments at the ballpark tonight. the game stopped, and touchdown park went sigh help. >> the home plate umpire got hit. giants in the red. watch carefully. a foul paul right into the ump -- not a foul ball. just a pitch. right into the ump's face mask. more than 90 miles per hour. the trainer rushedion to the field. evaluated the ump. after a few minutes the game stopped, they evaluated him, after a few minutes he was given the all clear. about five minutes ago he left the game. this happened in the fifth inning. he left the game in the 14th inning. that's right. giants and reds this. game rate now tied up 2-2 in the 14th inning. okay. the a's now tonight in texas. cover your eyes it got ugly. casilla in the bottom of the ninth he gives up the game
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winning home run. gallo with a walk off three-run homer. heart breaker for the athletics. rangers beat the a's 5-2. it's going to be mother's day with the warriors playoffs get tougher. they host game one of the conference finals. what's the match up you can't wait to see? >> leonard and durant. leonard is dealing with a bum ankle. we don't know how much it will affect him, but it cost him in game six against the rockets. i look at kevin durant, and this is his time to shine. i mean, he came here for this reason. leonard is the best one on one on ball defender in the league. it is going to be a great matchup. if kevin can dominate, the warriors are in great shape. game one, sunday at 1:3.
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=vo= more than a few people did a double-take on 59th street in comedy in full gear. "saturday night live" taking the street for its newest insta installment. people did a double take on the streets of new york. that's melissa mccarthy in sean spice spicer costume in a motorized podium yelling as peop podium. >> it's going to be funny. >> have a great weekend. thank you for joining us. >> happy mother's day. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- derek jeter, katherine langford,


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