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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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county torching cars at random. jody hernandez joins where a news conference just wrapped up. what do we know? >> reporter: folks here are feeling a huge sense of relief tonight. investigators say a pittsburgh man faces 26 criminal charges. they have linked him to 11 arson car fires they believe he may be responsible for a whole lot more. >> reporter: firefighter investigators say charges have been filed against the man they say is responsible for a series of car fires that had folks in the east bay on edge. they say they have evidence 36-year-old james bishop iii set
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fires. >> the fires as they occurred adjacent to structures as they are inhabited by sleeping occupants is of grave concern to everybody in public safety. >> reporter: investigators say surveillance video of the toyota rav 4 captured near several of the scenes helped lead them to the suspect. th >> i think everybody is probably breathing a sigh of relief. i mean it definitely hit close to home. >> reporter: jennifer lived across the street from that car fire. she's glad the alleged firebug has been identified. tonight bishop who we have learned is a published writer faces 26 criminal counts and investigators say he may be connected to as many as 30 other fires as well. >> we're very relieved to have the suspect in custody. >> reporter: now we do not yet know a motive but we can tell you just four months ago bishop
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published a go fund me page in which he described struggling financially for the past ten years. he said all he had left was his dream and his art, which is writing. now he is facing 26 criminal counts. he's expected to be arraigned in court sometime tomorrow. his roommate is accused of child porn. today that roommate pled not guilty. prosecutors asked the judge to double his bail based on the sheer volume seized by police. investigators found more than 1500 images and 230 videos. many depicting children being sexually assaulted. martin, whose is a former porn star was already free before his court appearance today after posting 115,000 bucks in bail. the judge said it would remain the same.
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martin's roommate, dr. billy lockhart has entered a not guilty plea. major development that impact the sierra lamar murder trial. a judge overturned in another case after determining the lead detective gave false testimony. the same detective was a key witness in the lamar trial. we have new developments. >> reporter: there's no doubt that defense attorneys for garcia are going to try to use this new information to discredit the detective testimony during the sierra la -- lamar testimony. they brought up this new development in court. what happened during the murder trial last year could have a significant impact on the sierra lamar trial. last year a jury convicted the two suspects of the murder of
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christina harris perkins in san jose. last week the judge in that case overturned the verdict because the judge determined sheriff detectives gave false statistical. sergeant leon testified in the sierra lamar trial. >> i think it will be the center piece of a motion for a new trial or on appeal. >> reporter: defense attorneys for convicted murder torrez asked for more information about the overturned case but declined to comment on the details. >> do you have any comment about the system of sergeant leon? >> not right now. thank you. >> the fact that the officer's testimony was the basis for overturning another murder conviction is highly relevant. 000 the question will be what did he testify to in the sierra lamar case and would the defense have tried this case differently had they known of the credibility issue. >> reporter: careful testimony from two of sierra's friends and
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her sister danielle. the jury must decide if he should die for his crimes. both her mother and father are expected to testify tomorrow. two people found dead inside a home. this morning a man and woman in their mid-70s were found shot to death. deputies stayed at the home throughout the day searching for more evidence. names of the couple have not been released. hand washing a number one priority at a san jose school after the norovirus outbreak continues to break. this amp another school was added to the list. robert. >> reporter: that's right. norovirus is a stomach bug that isn't life threatening but makes you feel really bad. as many students found out today
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there's a hands on way to fight back. >> you can see an arch on your fingernail like this. >> reporter: today's lesson, stopping norovirus. it was a good choice to help nurses demonstrate who students how easy it was to spread. she's one of about 30 students who have stayed home sick with norovirus symptoms. she never heard of the virus or the outbreak until she heard back to class. >> i thought i might have it also. >> are you still worried right now? >> no. >> how come? >> i feel better. >> turn on the water first. >> reporter: the school district nurses are going around to their 11 affected schools reassuring students and making them aware of what they theed to do to keep themselves and friends from getting sick. >> it's fairly contagious. it spreads when you touch any kind of germ and get it into your mouth or eye there's that way. it's all contact. really hand washing is great way to prevent it. >> reporter: the public health
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department says it's not sure if the recent outbreak started at any one place since conditions that start and spraed are similar at all schools. >> i'm kind of scared i might get it because a lot of people in my class have been getting it. i'm kind of scared when i don't know how it's going to feel. i don't want to miss school because i like school. >> i'm going to wash my hands and be careful with what i touch. >> reporter: public officials say that may not sound dramatic but it's the most effective strategy. another one the district says work crews are back out at schools this evening sanitizing classrooms and playground facilities. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. one of the biggest rock stars on the planet is in santa clara tonight. bono is about to teenage center stage. our sky ranger overhead at levi stadium a short while ago. a lot of people calling this the concert of the year.
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about 50,000 people heading to santa clara as we speak to see u2. there also means the potential traffic mess right now and after the concert. nbc bay area michelle roberts joins us. this is a hot ticket and a hot debate when it comes to the traffic. what's the big sticking point? >> reporter: seems like there's some gray area when the concert goes past 10:00, which is past the normal hours. i think a lot of people who are attending tonight are hoping it does go past 10:00. the parking lot is filling up. people are pouring in and the traffic around me is not good. ♪ rock icon u2 will take the stage tonight. >> we are just excited to see it. >> reporter: maybe exciting for the thousands of screaming fans in the stands. >> i plan to go home early today. >> reporter: many locals know from experience how frustrating event rush hour can be. >> a lot of times it's jamm eme
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up. >> reporter: with 50,000 people expected to flood the area will take coordination and time. >> we kind of have too skrcramb a bit to make sure there wouldn't be a public safety issue. >> reporter: bta spokesperson says there will be late service available when the concert ends around 11:00. that's an hour after the city's mandated event curfew. that could mean fines and a bill for the coast to keep the trains running late. >> taxpayers need to be reimbursed for special service that's going only to one venue. >> reporter: they're now asking the 49ers management team to foot the estimated $65,000 bill for late service. the 49ers say the stadium authorities should pay. the stadium authority argues because the 49ers scheduled the event past curfew, the team should pay. santa clara mayor wasn't available to comment but had this to say last night. >> we have laws for a reason and when our managers are
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deliberately sligdeliberate ly violating them, we can't allow that to happen. >> reporter: officials say they are working on a policy change to avoid some of this confusion for future concerts. reporting live, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. thank you. his presence alone has been major morale boost for the team. he's expected to travel to san antonio for the warriors. he will not coach. mike brown will still have those duties. kerr will be present. he'll be with the team during practice, half-time and during coach's meetings. he's recovering from complications from back surgery. up next, google is challenging siri. what was unveiled today at the annual developers conference in mountain view. the system is down. that's what customers at the dmv say they heard for hours today
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before finally being served. coming up what the agency is sharing about what happened. much hotter weather ahead. clouds are already beginning to clear here across the bay area. i'll break down hotter 90s in the forecast. that's in ten minutes.
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as field offices across the state struggled with computer glitches. more than the usual
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frustration at the dmv today. a field office struggled with computer glitches. we understand the system there is finally back up and running. >> reporter: that's right. it was a huge sigh of relief from customers coming out of this san francisco dmv office late there afternoon. that's because they're transactions were being processed. they say for a few hours today that wasn't the case. >> we have no estimated time but if you're going to wait, we want you to wait in the line as normal. >> reporter: the long line moved but only to just inside the office where crowds waited and waited. >> the system down. it was just supposed to wait. >> bus leaves in 15 minutes. >> reporter: in a statement the dmv said a number of field au s
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offices are experiencing connectivity issues. they were working to fix it and fienlds a cause. >> they came out to give us clipboards and forms. >> reporter: by late afternoon in san francisco customers were being served again. transactions processed as the dmv checked in with each office. >> reporter: they still don't know what caused all this but they are working with the california department of technology to try to figure it out. >> thank you. what happens to the bart's emergency lighting system? those two power outages in san francisco last month exposed major problem. lighting and equipment failed for bart including escalators
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and ticket machines. bart is supposed to have emergency lights to help guide any evacuation. they didn't work at 14 stations. they also found a quarter of the batteries in their backup systems weren't holding a charge. bart is now created temporary fix until they can find a more permanent solution. >> obviously something went wrong opinion not only at one station but multiple stations so a major problem. a follow up now on a stoirp we brought you last week on a photo that went viral. the outrage continues to grow tonight after a sheriff's deputy is seen arrest add fruit vendor. it prompted thousands of posts on the sheriff's facebook page. the office was explaining what happened but that didn't satisfy
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many. some made accusations of racial profiling as they rallied outside the headquarters in oakland. >> we're seeing pattern of criminalization in this county. that's why we're here today. >> the sheriff office says the fruit vendor was arrested for a pro probation violation. the sheriff also received lots of support on his facebook page. google kicking off its annual developers conference today. it can tell you information about what you're pointing at, your phone's camera. it's also coming out for iphone. it's a favorite fish but
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salmon may not be swimming in california waterways much longer. according to a new report much of it say salmon population could be extinct. california trout and steelheads are at risk too. the reason growing temperatures. >> climate change going forward will be an additional challenge that we'll have to compensate for because the rivers are just getting warmer. how much of that is avoidable, i'm not sure but the salmon are cold water fishery that is going to be very tricky to protect going forward. >> experts say there is hope with state lawmakers invest in water infrastructure projects that could change the water flow system. our chief meteorologist is here. i'm prepping my barbecue for there weekend. already mentally preparing.
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>> i'll bring some extras too. >> make your plans and make them now. while it's going to be hot ahead, not everyone will be in the 90s. a live look outside from our high definition camera. you can see nothing but blue sky after some 70s today. we're dropping down to 69 degrees. we'll see 50s shortly. we'll see plenty of sunshine. temperatures will go about 10 degreeses hotter. it will put us above average. it will be a really nice thursday for us.
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as we head into the upcoming weekend it will be hot. we'll go up to 92 on saturday. 93 on sunday. if you're thinking about the weekend and looking for something to do, we have two things for you. the first one is the santa rosa rose parade. it's the 123rd annual one. this saturday downtown from 10:00 to 4:00. great weather for that. you can hit that again on saturday. on sunday maybe your be bay to breakers will have 60s for the race. we'll have a longer look at this tengs extended fa eed forecast. that's coming up. shutting down the meetings. dozens of students make sure they hear their voice and the hidden money controversy. the walnut creek city council
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voted to ban growing and selling marijuana. city leaders want more happening now on our website, the walnut city council voted to ban and growing marijuana in city limits. they want more time to plan out problem regulations. on our facebook page, barry bonds will soon be on the team's wall of fame. they will unveil the barry bonds plaque on july 8th.
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by students and u-c workers today...
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they )re angry over a recent audit thatla greedy and shame were among the words shouted by students and uc workers today. they are angry over a recent audit that claimed the uc system kept a secret slush fund. the protest in spanish and english shut down today's board of regents meeting in san francisco. the audit cited the president's office for setting aside $175 million and despite that the uc president requested a tuition hike. >> it's really unfair that we have to pay tuition and such high tuition when they are swimming in money. >> these funds are what we call carry forward funds. these are multi-year programs. it's not as if there's a pot of money under somebody's desk. it's not a secret. >> uc's president said the audit auditor's report is inaccurate. she said she's implementing all 33 of the auditors
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recommendations for improving transparency. some of the nation's highest traffic fines are handed out here in california. while they are meant to keep drivers safe, these heavy traffic fines can cripple low income drivers. today protesters called for the city to lower the traffic fines for poor and working class drivers. in some cases substituted payments with community or volunteer service. >> a hundred dollars the a lot different to a homeless person than someone like steph curry. >> he adds that small fines can quickly balloon and it can impact your credit rating preventing someone from getting housing or a job. an update to a story we brought to you last week. a republican superpac in georgia
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had been running this attack had with san francisco as the backdrop. the ad leads heavily on stereotypes to portray a democratic candidate as too liberal. the ad shows images of the san francisco cable car which is trademark. the group sent a check and a letter requesting permission to use this image but the ad was already running on georgia tv when it arrived. considering sending a letter ordering the image to be removed. the injury was kind of like a punch to your heart. >> firefighters risk their lives to keep us safe often hiding the emotional pain caused by their jobs. up next, we reveal the results of our six month investigation. that shows the stress is taking more of a toll than you might realize. also late developing news in washington, d.c., the special prosecutor well known name especially here in the bay area. the justice department appointed to oversee the fbi investigation
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of russian meddling into the last election.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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stiory... a major move by the justice department -- that caught right now at 6:30, we're following a developing story. a major move by the justice department. a new investigator will examine ties between russia and the trump campaign. robert muller has deep connections in the bay area. >> president trump is
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reiterating there was no collusion. nbc blaine alexander is at the white house with more. >> reporter: tonight nbc news is confirming the justice department has named former fbi director robert muller as special counsel to step in and handle the russia investigation. he's a long time former fbi director. he's the second longest serving in history. he was succeeded by now former director james comey who was fired last week by president trump. there was made by deputy attorney general rod rosenstien. this comes after weeks of pressure mounting pressure from lawmakers. we understand the white house counsel's office was briefed on this but after the order was signed. >> the white house did not know this special investigator
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announcement was coming. staff gathered in the oval office with the president after the announcement and then he issued a response. an official statement from the president reads as i have stated many times a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know, there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity. i look forward to this matter concludesing quickly. the president added i will never stop fighting for the people and issues that matter most to the future of our country. several local lawmakers released statements as well. that includes nancy pelosi. it says a special prosecutor is the first step but it cannot be the last. she went on the say that because direct mor will still be under trump-appoint trump-appointed leadership, kit not take the place of outside investigati investigation. a special counsel was appointed because of your voices and a free press. keep speaking up. more details. he started his career in san
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francisco working as a litigator from 1973 to '76. he served in the u.s. attorney's office where he became the chief of the criminal division. george bush appointed mueller in 2001 and president obama asked him to stay on until 2013. our coverage of the special investigation continues. we're interviewing a former co-worker of mueller. we're tracking the latest on our website. a wild scene in washington, d.c. a brawl outside the home of the turkish ambassador there. the video captured on social media show some of the people who were hurt. here are some of the clips of video. one of them had a bloody face. it's not clear who started the brawl but did involve the body guards of the turkish president. two people were hurt. eight others suffered minor injuries and two were arrested. the turmoil in washington, d.c. is taking a toll on wall
6:33 pm
street. the dow closed down over 370 points. the lowest level since last september. it's a sign of jittery investors wondering if president trump can make good on lowering taxes. all this chaos of the james comey firing. >> investigators are coming to the realization they're not going to get what they thought they might have gotten a few momt months ago after the election. >> the s&p reported their worst day since september. the nasdaq reported its worst since last june. san jose's largest private employer is cutting 1100 jobs. cisco says it's restructuring and shifting its focus. it plans to invest millions of dollars into software and subscription services. it has led to several quarters of declining revenue and thousands of layoff. last year cisco cut more than
6:34 pm
5,000 jobs. uc berkeley has a new dean to lead its law school. erwin is part of the uc family. he's dean at the uc irvine law school. the search for a new dean began last year. firefighters struggling in silence. >> we take a closer look at the services to help the firefighters. >> as part of our six-month investigation we surveyed hundreds of firefighters. most days they don't think there's enough recognition about the importance of mental health. many are struggling to con front the tragedies they have witnessed on the job. the conversation about
6:35 pm
post-traumatic stress is important now in the wake of oakland's ghost ship fire. as the smoke clears and the shift changes, the harder work was still to come. >> it was a challenging assignment that first morning. >> reporter: they recovered 9 of the 36 bodies from the charred rubble. >> it was very sad. see them in the last moments of their life and zip them up in a body bag. >> reporter: he completed the assignment and headed back to station 13 just down the street where he ran more calls into the
6:36 pm
night. >> a young girl dead, passed away in her sleep. worst part of our job of delivering bad news i had to do today. >> reporter: he says that call triggered something inside that told him he wasn't okay. the breaking point is different for every firefighter. most are exposed to ongoing trauma over 30-year careers. our investigation found that stress is taking a toll more than the public might realize. with help from the california professional firefighters and the international association of firefighters, we developed a confidential online survey. we wanted to reach the rank and file in departments serving 25 large california cities most in the bay area. we didn't hear from everyone but received more than 700 responses. 77% say the stressful experiences caused unresolved
6:37 pm
emotional issues, mostly unwanted memories. 14% said they had thoughts of suicide but the results suggest stigma creates a barrier to seeking help. >> i want hadders out. go, go, go. whip it through. he shares that what generations before him were too proud to do. he contacted a counselor. >> i try not to be embarrassed but it's an educational thing to learn. >> reporter: he made the call to oakland's employee assistance program. most cities have a network of therapist who is assist struggling workers. half the firefighters who use the program did not find the services helpful. >> if firefighters can't depend on the services available to them, what are they supposed to do? >> that's fantastic question. that's the core driving question as to why we wanted to bring
6:38 pm
this issue out of the shadows. >> reporter: he's the president of the california fire chief association. >> having looked at the results of your survey, i thought it was remarkable because it told me what i believe. we have to address it. >> reporter: labor and plgt are coming together to make mental health a priority. >> not making sense anymore. >> reporter: and the unions are training firefighters to support their peers. they say that will make basicer difference than the department debrief that only happened after major incidents. >> people are talking about it. >> reporter: captain chris foley is leading it in oakland. to find out what has been established we sent questionnaires to fire department administrators . we heard back from 20, most in the bay area. half don't have guidelines about how to help struggling firefighters. more than a third don't cover behavioral health in their fire academy. >> are you in a position to lean on some of these fire chiefs
6:39 pm
that might be a little more hesitant to put these programs in place and to invest. >> i'm in a position i can have conversations with them about the importance of this issue. every one of them have had the same response and that is it's a good thing we're talking about this. >> reporter: he's still on the job at station 13. >> these are all the letters that came to this station. >> reporter: and still grappling with the task he was called onto perform at the ghost ship warehouse. >> it touched me. i know it touched a lot of my firefighters to see people reach out that we never met. >> reporter: he's processing his pain and making great strides thanks to a place he never thought he'd be, therapy. >> once you do it, you can't really back up. >> you're in this now? >> i'm in this. i'm knee deep in this now. >> the industry is now developing best practices on how to approach mental health. at the state level, they
6:40 pm
sponsored legislation to create peer support teams. if you would like to see the results we posted them in full on our website. just head to back to you. >> if you have a tip for our unit give us a call at 88-996-tips. you can send us an e-mail. our chief meteorologist is here. we are midweek but everyone is mentally preparing for the big warm up that's happening right now. >> it will be a good timing for a lot you have as we look heard towards that weekend forecast. it's ten degrees hotter. we'll talk about a additional warm up. that's in about five minutes. also what's it like to respond to a fire? we're going to take you behind the scenes with the local department. stay with us.
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department" tweeted out this here is a require look behind the scenes inside a fire truck racing to a call. crews responding to a house fire in san lorenzo today. flames were darting out of carport and able to stop it before it spread to the house. it may soon be more expensive to ride caltrain. the agency is considering hiking the monthly parking rate to
6:45 pm
82.50. the go pass for employers may increase to 285 bucks. cal train tried head off a budget shortfall. you might have heard about the laptop ban. as of right floi itnow it's not happening. this comes as new reports claim that isis found way to use laptops as bombs. information that trump shared with russia last week. sticking with the scheduled travel theme. not all airlines handle delays and cancellations the same way. choose wisely if you're planning to fly across the atlantic. >> reporter: cancellation or baggage mix up, you could
6:46 pm
reaccommodate or cash compensation. u.s. airlines aren't required to provide. send us your consumer questions. thanks. if you're planning a memorial day get away you'll have lots of company. estimated 39 million people are planning to travel towards a three day weekend according to aaa. that's a million more travelers than last year. that despite gas prices that are expected to be their highest since 2015. mid range hotel rates are pricier than last year. >> we see that consumer spending is up. unemployment rate is down. we don't need to go
6:47 pm
anywhere. >> i know. >> i do have hard time planning a vacation because it's so beautiful. >> exactly. there's so much to see in the bay area. >> get in a car, drive an hour this way, that way, the other way. >> totally different conditions and quite a bit of weather contrast as always. we do have some hotter weather coming our way this weekend. let's get a look. a live look in san francisco right now. dramatically different conditions in this time yesterday than we did have light showers under mostly sunny skies and a cool 60 degrees. temperatures dropping into the 50s as we head throughout the rest of tonight and notice the sky conditions clear weather all the way into tomorrow morning. super hot air associated with it. i'm going to have the big impact
6:48 pm
on our seven-day forecast. the cool air we've been dealing with for the early part of the week is long gone. let's bring you into that forecast for tomorrow morning. we're going to start off really fantastic. i think the only thing you're going to need are the sunglasses. that sun will be kind of blinding especially as you're crossed in the bay on any of our bridges. make sure, again, you have the shades with you. 52 in the south bay. 51 in the tri-valley. fog free for san francisco and low 50s. as we take you through the micro climate forecast on thursday. a noticeable warm up. five to about ten degrees in the south bay. this will bring us to 83 in gilroy and 81 in san jose. it continues to remain breezy. throughout contra costa, up to 86 in concord. perfect across the east bay.
6:49 pm
peninsula also fantastic. 79 in palo alto. san francisco is warm. 70 in the mission. you head to the outer sunset it will be 64. for the north bay we'll go as warm as 84 in napa and as cool as 63 in point reyes. nice day tomorrow. it warms up but hotter with the air of high pressure. this will really strengthen once we hit this weekend with close to some dangerous heat. forecasting the hottest temperatures on sunday. you can see it would likely bring us up to 95 in concord by sunday's forecast. 92 in livermore but not hot everywhere. san francisco with 74. on that extended forecast sf might just be the place to be for these low and mid-70s this weekend. it will cool off by next tuesday and wednesday. for the inland valleys, we go up to 93 on sunday's forecast.
6:50 pm
then we'll drop back down to the 80s by next tuesday and wednesday. the best part about this seven-day forecast is there's no 100. it's just hint of 90s. we're back down to the 80s. this is good for you. >> he prepares it very nicely. >> thank you. up next, the middle of the warriors playoff run, kevin d durant calls time out. [ whistles ] internet speeds 20x faster. at&t fiber sounds amazing. wait a sec, i'm not done yet. less than 12% of at&t homes actually qualify. huh... hold on. everyone else gets our other, slower internet speeds. but no one reads this stuff anyway. except for the old guy with the binoculars.
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huh... we got ourselves a reader. don't be fooled by at&t. xfinity delivers the fastest speeds to the most homes. today... but superstar kevin
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durant found a way to keep himself on the cot. no practice for the warriors today but kevin durant found way to keep himself on the court. >> he created a magical day for more than 200 kids. can you imagine k.d. showing up. >> on the pull up. >> kevin durant's jumper the first score last night and the onslaught was on. now it's onto san antonio for game 3 on saturday. >> reporter: from his hometown near washington, d.c. to seattle to chie fna.
6:55 pm
the warrior star completed all over the world to his foundation. the unveiling of four refurbished courts. >> i've been here for less than a year now. it means the world to me. i call this home. i want to invest in the community like they invest in me. bob m >> reporter: bob myers was in attendance. this is what he would want to do. >> some guys do it. they don't really love it, so to speak. i loves it. he doesn't do it to get credit. he doesn't do it to get patted on the back. he does it because he was a kid growing up and wanted to play basketball. >> i'll do this every chance i could. >> a lot of spliemiles for thos kids. imagine flying on an
6:56 pm
airplane with counterfeit parts. you probably have and didn't know it. we continue our series on bogus airplane parts and how they are still being used in commercial planes. we track down the people accused of selling them. that's tonight. before we go here at 6:00, one last check of the forecast. >> it's going to be warming up as advertised tomorrow. 85 degrees. we hit 91. 93 on sunday. then eventually back to some more 80s next tuesday and wednesday. two events we talked about earlier but just in case you're looking for something to do the 123rd annual rose parade in santa rosa. upper 80s and sunshine. maybe it's not that but the bay to breakers on sunday, 60s to start that race and clear all the way to the finish. the quick off of the summer. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have great evening.
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jennifer lawrence, the girl gone wild, in a strip club. >> what j. law is saying about this crazy new video now on "extra". ♪ extra, extra jennifer lawrence pole dancing, arms around a mystery man. her naughty night in austria caught on camera. >> we have the oscar winner's first words today. they're exactly why we love her. and jennifer's best friend amy schumer's surprise breakup. days before they split from her boyfriend in one year. >> from breakups to hookups, we reveal taylor swift's secret new man. brad pitt turns the virgin into a fan girl.


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