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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  May 21, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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a frightening scene as a sea lion snatches a girl off a pier in right now at 4:30 -- a frightening scene as a sea lion snatches a girl off a pier in canada. right now at 4:30 a frighten scene as a sea lion snatched a girl off of the pier in canada. and what the marine wildlife experts are saying about the potential of a similar incident here. it is unpredictable, and unpredictable day here in the bay area, and will the bay breakers behave? >> there is still much work to be done, and that is meaning honestly confronting the crisis of islamic extremists. >> and the speech of global a war on terrorism during president trump's first international trip. >> the news starts right now. good evening and thank you for joining us at 4:30 on this
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sunday, i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. the president wrapped up day two after muslim leaderers gathered in saudi arabia today. he called on them to combat what he called muslim extremism. >> many of the muslims near in the bay area are responding, and what do they think of what the president had to say, christie smith? >> well, we spoke to the president ofcare and s cair and that he is trying to reset the tone, but it does not change the rhetoric or the policy. >> reporter: the speech from president trump came at a summit in riyadh with majority of muslim nations. >> our goal is to share the aim of ostamping out extremism, and providing our children a hopeful future that does honor to god. >> reporter: he urged the
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leaders to do more against the terrorist groups and extremism. >> and as americans we continue to fight injustice and fight extremism. >> reporter: and this is the president of the san francisco cair chapter and knnoticed that the president had a different tone. >> he is setting a new and productive tone, and it does not outweigh the years of anti-muslim rhetoric and poli policies here in the united states, and including the muslim ban through a executive order which is in court being defended against his administration. >> reporter: he says that it is not a fight against religion, but good and evil. and the tone is different from the campaign on ttrail that bro anti-muslim. >> and mere rhetoric is not enough, and one speech in saudi arabia is not u enough to ease the relations, but we do welcome
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the president trump's attempts the do that. >> reporter: and again, she said they welcome the tone, but they have not seen the president issue a statement condemning islam phobia or muslim attacks. reporting live in the east bay, christie smith. >> thank you. and now as the president continues the of seas trip, the congress and a special counsel are moving forward with the investigation of russia's involvement in our election. the discussions topped all of the sunday morning programs as well as the controversy of president trump calling former fbi leader james comey a nut job. and now the senate committee wants to see it. and rex tillerson says that it is taking out of the context. >> and i think that what he is saying is that they would not be
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distracted by these issues at a home. >> i am speechless, because i don't know why somebody would say something like that. >> so many lies and contradiction, and the documents will hem us. >> and the house oversight committee wants comey to testify wednesday ax and this coming week, but so far, comey has agreed to testify before the senate intelligence committee, and that is going to take place after memorial day. for continuing coverage in washington, d.c., and the investigation into the russian scandal, tune in monday and our political analyst will join us in studio for a look of politics in california and around the country. >> and a developing story as the search continues for a man missing after a boating accident. sonar equipment is being used. the man and another man were fishing on a boat, and his 9-year-old boy fell overboard, and the father jumped overboard
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to help him, and he has not been seen since. >> and two gunmen who led the police on a wild chase says that the suspects were wanted for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, and just last night, the suspects led police across from the oak grove high school. the police thought that they were surrounded in a home, and a had it in a standoff, and when the police got in, the suspects were not there. >> and then what turned out to be a marijuana grow home, and it took firefighters an hour to get the flames under control. and when on the firefighters got inside, they found a marijuana grow operation. antioch operation investigating along with the fire department. and flames lit up the sky in linda vista avenue in highway 101 and you can see the flames
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shooting out of the building here, and punctuating the night there. this fire broke out in a concrete company, and you can see it in the freeway there, and this traffic video was sent in, and no cause yet of the cause of the fire. and a incident of a sea lion grabbing a girl into the harbor, and experts sayt is a reminder of how dangerous they can be. and now, we go to the coastline where this is particularly important. >> yes, i spoke to an expert at the marine animal scenter, and e said that the video shows how fast and powerful the california sea lions are. in the video, you can see the sea lion poke his head out of the water, and the little girl
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decides to go to the edge of the pier, and at this point, the sea lion grabs her by the dress and pulls her into the water, and the man jumps in to get her as she is pulled further from the ha ha bor. you see the man the girl come out of the water unscathed. i talked to the executive director of the marine animal institute, and he said that sea lions are hunterhunters, but pe are not on the menu. but still people need to realize they need their space. >> it is a startling scene. the little girl has to be frightened, but for me, it is a quick reminder of the fact that these are wild animals. >> now, when the girl and the man who jumped into the water after her finally got out, the girl's family walked her away and off of to a harbor. there's not word that she suffered any injuries and the same for the man who went in after her. jeff bowman from the animal
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marine center says that people should maintain a 100-foot distance and pier 39 here in france is one of the best spots to keep an eye on these sea lions, because pier 39 here is far enough out into the water where there is a safe distance from the animals and the crowds. reporting live in san francisco, reporting nbc news, sergio quin a t t quintana. and everybody is watching that video. and looking at a spare the air day tomorrow where there are concerns about air quality. we have our meteorologist joining us now to talk about "spare the air." what does that mean? >> it is the ground level ozone as the sun bakes the chemicals in the ozone to build to lung irritation in dublin and one of the areas that is for healthy
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and sensitive groups out towards the tri valley, and santa clara valley as well, and unhealthy for the sensitive group, and one of the reasons that we have a spare ta day. and interesting view, belvedere with 75 and the fog going back to san francisco, and here is the first sign of cooling, and down the 66 in san francisco, and big temperature change for the coast, and the inner bay as they try to make a comeback. the sea breeze is the exception to the rule as you can see the humidity here in yellow and orange and notice the marine layer of the impact around the inner bay. the hills are still yet to see some hot temperatures tomorrow. another day of 90s with the spare the airle alert, and the inner bay alert, and when the rest of the bay, you can expect cooling, and better air quality coming up in ten minutes. >> and you can track the forecast with the bay area app to get updates for your
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neighborhood. sfwlit is a treasured tradition in san francisco and always colorful to say the least. nearly 40,000 runners took part in the bay breaker run. >> and we will go to san francisco now with a look. >> we are less than 15 minutes away. >> the whole race is really a joke, isn't it? for 90% of us, so i said, heyk let's dress approapriately. >> reporter: from the original costume idea. >> i dont n't know. >> from the outrageous. >> evil, mischief, not paying parking tickets. >> reporter: the bay the breaker fashion is considered out of this world. >> i have been to the finish line a couple of times to see how they are doing. >> you are just that fast. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: the iconic race hit the streets again from the embarcadero to the ocean with runners of all ages. >> we are serious runners.
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>> we don't want to be missed out. >> and no ek jojoking here. >> yes. >> and we are serious. new this year, no backpack and a heavier police presence, but the new order did not stop the par i ti, but it did curb the nudity, but a for some runners, this is the first tile and while for others, this race had a deep e meaning. >> my girlfriend peggy prince, i hope that you are happy that i am here and she had an aneurysm that she could not be here, and because she had an aneurysm burst and i am running for her. >> reporter: and no security wardrobe misfortunes, and everybody respecting each other's styles, and there is a race on the kcompetition of who stood out the most. rick boone, nbc bay area news. and still to come a commencement protest as the vice president gave a commencement speech. and coming up, honoring a
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cal rugby player, severely hurt, and how the players at the high school that he attended made a touch i touching tribute. and the spurs rarely ever get swept, and something has to give. that is coming up tomorrow. class of notre dame today, but
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some students chose to walk out on his speech. vice president mike pence addressed the graduating class of notre dame today, but some students chose to walk out. the university asked him to be a keynote speaker after thousands asked the school not the invite president trump. several dozen graduates left as pence started to speak. >> part of my family is undocument and to be in the stadium with someone who has policies to intervene them from who they are. >>ly stand up for what u believe in. >> and some in the audience and the graduating class called the
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walk-out embarrassing. mr. pence did not comment on what happened. north korea causing concern over a missile test. white house officials told nbc news that this missile had a shorter range over the last three they tested. and the international community is condemning them. secretary of state rex tillerson called the test disturbing. and now, the golden state warriors are getting closer to the nba finals. >> and we will find out thou dubs are preparing to close out against the spurs tomorrow night. >> and out door, it 188 and we will see similar temperatures tomorrow. knnotice that downtown san jose it is nearing 90, and so when will we see the relief from the heat, and the improving air quality? we will have a look at that when we come back.
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all right. we have a live look at oracle arena where as much as we love
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watching the warriors play there, the fans are hoping not to see them there this week or the rest of the month. the dubs are looking to close out the series tomorrow night against the san antonio spurs. >> if so, they will get that break. and we go to colin who was at the warriors' practice. colin, what is the vibe with the team? >> well, clearly, the vibe is really good. they know that they have a golden opportunity ahead of them tomorrow night. we are outside of the alamo and the place where the outspoken davy crockett met their demise, and the spurs could meet theirs tomorrow, and the chance to closeout the western conference final, and complete the sweep. if you think that i am getting ahead of myself, well, i'm not. no team in nba playoff history has ever recovered from the 3-0 series deficit, and only twice in 52 playoff series has gregg popovich-coached team had never
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been swept. when kevin durant learned that, it led to this amusing part. >> didn't they get swept by utah? >> no. >> sorry, pop. i have to look up my nba history. and so we have to go take it tonight. >> and durant, one, and media, zero. the warriors could be the first team to sweep them since the suns did it, and the moral of the story is don't test k.d., because he is unstoppable. and now, completing the sweep in hostile territory. right now, we are live in san antonio outside of the alma low.
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and now, our weather foreca forecasts are the top in the nation. >> and wearing the flip-flops around the bay, and days this you see in july and august and maybe not for may, but tiburon where you can see the mist and the fog and the drizzle there which is an issue for the morning commute. and you can see the marine layer is compressed below 1,000 feet, and all of the way across the bridge deck at a cool 66 degrees in san francisco, and some of the cooler air is reaching emeryville. and no cooling above that pllay of cooler air. we go to downtown san jose, 88 degree, and it is the locations of the east bay, and trile
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valley, and we will see the worst of the air quality, because of the lack of the strong ocean conditioning or the mixing of the inland valley, and spare the day tomorrow, because tuesday, we are hopinging for a better day. and at least for the peninsula, see some cooling as the sea breeze is going to ram p up. and sol of the sea breeze is going to push across the bay bridge where we will see some patchy and cold clouds, but inland, a mild start to the morning, and highs in the south bay, aed a i know that they are looking unchanged by today's highs, and about the same temperature-wise, and the warm est spots around the santa clara valley, and try valley to concord and the unumer numbers to mid-70s and closer to san francisco and mostly 80s, but still nearly 90 degrees near
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napa before the sea breeze takes hold. and hour by hour tomorrow, and looks hot, and again, against the valleys and relief along the coast, and tuesdays, just a little bit cooler, but if you want the big time cooling, you may have to wait for wednesday or thursday. that going to drop everybody from the 60s and the 70s by thursday, and as we are approaching memorial day weekend, we will see the warmup as we are heading towards next weekend. it is not as hot as the weather enduring this weekend. you can see it play out on the inland forecast, and a couple of hot days, and the midweek is cooler and breezy, and high 70s and lower 80s for the summer kickoff next weekend. >> having a good kickoff. summer ready to get here early. so hot. thank you, rob. and now, for one of the san francisco's most popular parks -- >> and what visitors can be look forward to at los alamos park. [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic.
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they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] year. san francisco has been renovating one of the most popular parks for more than a year now. >> and on wednesday, al mow square park is celebrating the grand reoping. the park has been around since the 1950s, and people would stop there for the presidio with their horses there. it is a popular attraction because of the painted lady across the street. the pack was closed so the city could make it more water efficient. it is expect ted to save 2.5 million gallons were of water per year. >> how about that. >> reporter: president trump taking a different tone
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===terry contvo=== right now at five. there is still much more work to be done and that is honestly confronting the crisis of islamic extremists. >> during the views to muslim leaders abroad, the president make ss an important speech overseas for the first time since taking office. >> thank you for joining us at 5:00. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney and the president took a serious tone calling on the muslim leaders to combat what he called the crisis of islamic extremism. mr. trump had tough words for iran, and words to be well received by the saudi hosts. >> for decades, it has fueled the sectarian conflict and terror, and it is a government that speaks openly of mass
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murder, vowing the destruction of israel, and death to america, and ruin for many leaders and nations in this very room. >> and the nbc bay area reporter christie smith is joining with us more reaction. what is reaction of the muslim community here to the president's speech? >> well, we spoke with a board president of cair here in the bay a area, and she is saying that she is welcoming the change in the tone, but it does not address the rhetoric and the policies that have been so prevalent, and particularly in the recent months. now, president trump's speech came in the arab islamic reunion in riyadh, and his speech was in sharp contrast to the speeches that he made as a candidate at one point saying that i think that islam hates us. we spoke to a c.a.i.r. official who said that he used a more
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protective tone, but there are serious issues to be a addressed. >> we are hopeful if he can come out without the mere speech, but the actions to put policies in place to condemn islamic phobia, and to say that we are a part of the fabric of this country for many, many years. >> reporter: and she says by doing that, those actions could include addressing policies where muslim americans don't feel so profiled. reports live, christie smith, bay area news. thank you. as the president is continuing the overseas trip, the congress and special counsel are moving forward with the investigation into russia's involvement in our election. today, on the morning shows, there was a


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