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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 21, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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protective tone, but there are serious issues to be a addressed. >> we are hopeful if he can come out without the mere speech, but the actions to put policies in place to condemn islamic phobia, and to say that we are a part of the fabric of this country for many, many years. >> reporter: and she says by doing that, those actions could include addressing policies where muslim americans don't feel so profiled. reports live, christie smith, bay area news. thank you. as the president is continuing the overseas trip, the congress and special counsel are moving forward with the investigation into russia's involvement in our election. today, on the morning shows, there was a controversy over to
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the president calling fbi director a nut job in front of russian leaders. and now, the executive committee wants to see those notes. and secretary of state rex tillerson is saying that it is taken out of context. he is saying that i will not be distracted by a all of the issues at home. >> i am speechless, because i don't know why somebody would say something like that. >> there are oso many lies and contradiction, and think they documents will help us. >> the house oversight committee wants comey to testify this week, but so far he is only to speak before the senate intelligence committee to take place after memorial day. and on the "nbc nightly news" there will be reaction of leaders around the world from president trump's speech at 5:30. and crews are trying to find
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sonar to find a man missing since last night. a man was fishing with his 9-year-old boy, and another man, and the father jumped in to help the boy who fell overboard, but he has not been seen since. and now, two men who led san jose police on a wild chase are wanted for assault with a develop, and they ended on blossom road across from oak grove high school. the police had the home surrounded into the span of this morning, but when the officers got into the home this afternoon, the suspects were not inside. >> and new at 5:00, an emotional day as a high school rugby team returns with a championship game, and one that is dedicated to a alum.
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and this is very special. >> yes, it is. rob bert taylor was partially paralyzed from chest down after game may 6th. here is also a graduate of the jesuit high school where he was one of the top players. this morning the team flew home to sacramento, and greeted by fans at the airport. the jesuit team beat gonzaga to capture the first place. and it is a victory they dedicated to robert saying that robert's enthusiasm helped them even with the flu. >> i am wearing my wristband here, and he is in my older brother's class, and great guy. this win is for him. >> the jesuit coach said that he texted and talked to taylor who was watching from the bay area,
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and the players signed a ball for him. 23-year-old family says that he has a long road to recovery, but they are blown away about how positive he is after that stent. a go fund me page has popped up, and has over $1 million. thank you. firefighters put out a blaze on antioch on bugle way, the home was a marijuana growing house. the police are now inv investigating. and flames lit up the sky on linda vista avenue, and highway 101 and shooting out from the building with multiple explosions, and the fire broke out after being seen for miles away, and as she was cruising by, you can see from the car
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window there, the cause of the fire is being investigated. >> and to incredible video, this is a sea lion yanking a 9-year-old girl into the water. >> and the experts say it is a reminder of how dangerous sea lions can be. we go to sergio quintana, and he is at a place famous for the sea lions at pier 39. >> there is a crowd of people watching the sea lion, and because it is sunny, the sea lions are out ogetting sun of their own. this marine expert tells us that they look nice, but the video is showing how powerful the california sea lions are. >> reporter: in the video, the sea lion poked his head out, and the little girl walks over to the edge of the pier, and then the sea lion jumps up and grabs her dress to pull her into the wa er. the finally yox ku see the man
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who jumped in after her to come out unscathed. i talk ted to the executive director at the marine wildlife center, and she says this is one reason that the public should stay at least 100 feet away from the sea lions. the california sea lions don't normally go after people and eat fish, but they can be emboldened by people who feed them. >> these animals are hunters and sometimes as is the case here attracted to worse harbors where is ooeither fishing communitiesr fish markets, and unfortunately fed by the public. >> now, when the girl and the man who jumped into the water after her funlly got out, the girl's family walked her away, and off of the harbor. though not any word for the injuries she suffered. and dr. jeff bowen says that people should maintain at least
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100 feet away from the sea lion, and he says that pier 39 is one of the safest places, because they are safely kept away from the water at a distance and the people are watching from the pier. reporting live from san francisco, bay area news. >> thank you, sergio. a lot of fans behind you. a look outside of the tower cam and looking at san jose. it is not long ago that the hills were really green. but the green is gone, and so is the clean air. we have a spare the air day tomorrow. and rob mayeda is here with the air quality concern for everybody. >> yes, we are watching that around san jose, and santa clara, and to the east bay where concord is not feeling that sea breeze. it is 93 degrees with the sunshine, and 85 in san jose, so 90 90s, and 80s, and we have 60s with misty skies at a time as
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the winds are turning strongly on shore, the inner bay is watching the temperatures drop. the sea breeze is going to be coming back with the exception of the rule that the inner eastland areas are going to be expecting another high into the 90s. and so with it picking up the temperatures along the bay, they are going to have al earth willing air quality. so when is this cooling going to reach the inland valley? we will look at that forecast in about 20 minutes. >> thanking you, rob. you can track the forecast with the free nbc area tab and get updates for your neighborhood. love it or hate it, thousands of people filled the streets of san francisco this morning for the annual bay to breakers run. it was crowded. >> there is peggy. >> i had to squeeze that into the flexible schedule. organizers say that over 40,000 people registered to run, but some people don't bother to
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register, but they show up at the finish line in costume. the ultimate goal is to have fun. >> we are serious runners, and we don't want to be missed. >> and racing is a joke anyway, so i said, dress appropriately. >> and he did. the iconic 12k race is a san francisco tradition since 1912. this year, booze was banned along with the backpacks, and the police say no incidents. >> it is amazing 40,000 people like the that. >> everyone behaving. >> a live look at the oracle arena where the warrior are going to be behaving, but hopefully not soon. and the nope wants to see them play there, because that means they lost to san antonio. and in june, everybody is thinking about the cavs, but we will have to see about that. >> and colin is joining us from san antonio, and he was at the warriors' practice this morning, and so what is the vibe?
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>> well, feel good about the chances, and the spurs are on their heels, and you have a feeling that the skies here in san antonio are glooming, for bo boding, and the alamo is behind me. kawhi leonard is list hed doubtful for game four. the spurs' best player, but head coach gregg popovich said that it is unlikely that he will play. hard to imagine the spurs prolonging the series without him. they can't keep pace. the warriors still won by over a dozen points. >> we hope to play better, and do it tomorrow. it was not a pretty game by any stretch of the imagination. and you know, k.d. did what he did in the third which is huge for u and javale with a huge nefrt the first half. we have timely runs that are a
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all allowing momentum, but there are things that we have to clean up, and put together a solid 48 minute effort to close tout series tomorrow. >> and if they do, it is a third straight series sweep for the warriors and i'm not a math genius, but it is 12 win, and zero losses for the warriors. i think they will close it out tomorrow with another win. >> i like that prediction. >> i do, too. and still ahead, a legendary musician takes his own life. we are learning more details about the funeral plans of grunge rocker chris cornell. and the final moments under the big top for the barnum a private funeral for celebrated
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grunge rocker chris cornell is set for friday, in los angeles. >> a private funeral for celebrated grunge rocker chris cornell is set friday in los angeles. the body is flown to california today. legendary musician is due to be interred at the hollywood forever cemetery. while the service is private, the family attorney says that public memorials will be considered. he is best known for the lead singer for soundgarden. >> and the ringling bros. circus will take a final bow tonight.
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ann mall rights activists brought down the circus due to allegations of treatment of animals. >> and a touchdown in indiana. >> and we are seeing some signs is of cools around the bay a area. while we are still dealing with the 90s, the fog is letting you know that the ocean air is trying to make a comeback. we will look at the week's forecast in a when we come back. take a look at this.
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that )s the aftermath of a tornado that tore through madison indiana. it ripped off the top of a gas station canopy and the roof of take a look at this.
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the aftermath of a tornado that tore through madison, indiana, and ripped through the canopy of a bowling alley. another tornado came through indianapolis, but no serious injuries reported there either. and now, the nbc bay area microclimate certified as the best in the bay by microcast weather. >> and if you like the 60s and 70s and the 80s and the 90s, there is a place to be today. right now, we will show you the extremes of what we are seeing in san francisco across from the golden gate bridge. low clouds and skies are dropping into the 6f0s. in tie burrron, you can see the golden gate off in the distance and 70 into san francisco, and the fog and you can't see the mid span of the bridge deck to cause issues for the travel late night, and early morning tomorrow as the fog is set up 66 and cooling in san francisco.
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but not so much cool around dublin and in pleasanton, and in the mid-90s, and so with the cooler marine layer, and san francisco is seeing the cooling now down to 85 degreesb and the east bay valleys, and the santa clara valley tomorrow is going to have the high wind, and really a lot to prevent the mixing of the lower levels of the atmosphere, and that is going to allow the levels of the ozone to heat up. and the worst air quality tomorrow, and spare the air tomorrow, and maybe the wind will pick up enough for the air quality across the inland valleys. and the fog in san francisco making acomeback as the sea breeze is making a comeback, and knnotice the yellow, and orange color coated and the humidity layer is less, and it is sweeping across the bay, and the hilltop locations of the inland valleys ark yound are not seeing
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the ocean, and that why you would see a inland temperatures tomorrow. and it is the mist and the drizzle possible as we start the day, and after the mid-highs in the upper 80s and the low 90s in the south bay valley, and up towards the tri valley, and the hot around livermore, and pleasanton, and antioch. and visiblile cooler around the inner bay tomorrow, and mostly 70s from the peninsula to oakland and san francisco. upper 60s to lower 70s and more comfortable as we start the work week mainly in up thor 80s and chances for low 90s out there for the afternoon, and the inland spots, and cooling around the inner bay and coast, and tuesday, not as many 90s out there as we are beginning to see the sea breeze pick up in strength, and the trough of low pressure is weakening, and it is bringing us the summer-like temperature, and coolest day of the week, and likely to be 60s and 70s making a comeback. and for the holiday weekend
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approaching memorial day, we will take you out to the next ten days or so, and the high pressure is going to make a repeat appearance, but not as strong as the weekend. so 80s with a comeback, and maybe showers for may 30th, but going way out there in terms of the forecast, and the showers, and good news, does not look like it is going to impact the weekend. and the warmest day of the next seven tomorrow, and valleys and air quality issues and heat for another day, and tuesday, we will see the drop in temperatures, and wednesday and thursday, they are coming down with the temperatures almost 20 degree, and thursday, rebounding into the comfortable range saturday and sunday. >> you can see the rain blindsiding. >> good. little ways out. >> and still to come, giving the cancer patients a way to relax, and take their mind off of treatment. >> so my lowest point, i promised god, if you give me a second chance, i'd make a difference.
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>> how one patient was inspired by a cameraman for the san francisco giants. the story that is going to make you bay area proud. benzer )s work.
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he )s not a player or coach ... he )s part of if you have ever watched a giants' game on tv, you have seen david benzer's work. he is not a coach, but he is part tof the broadcast crew. >> he has h a story that stretches from the field into the cancer wing of local hospitals. garvin thomas has this evening's bay area proud. >> you remember when the giants won the series in 2010 and everybody called it torture, well, david benzer did, too, and then he soon learned what realtor chur is, a -- realtor c
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real torture is, and so he vowed to make a difference. >> wow, bases loaded. >> reporter: he is still sitting one row behind david benzo, and he has for close to 40 years. >> it has been my passion, and pride and in my heart to do this, yes. >> nice play. >> reporter: he has been a cameraman for the giants' broadcast for more than half of his life, behind the lenses in the visitor's dugout, his home away from home. >> and being a cameraman out in the elements, and feeling that emotion and you are just one step away from the white line. >> good luck today. >> and david's cool job with the cool friends that he made along the way meant everything to him, defined who he was really. so you can imagine how great it felt in 2010 to celebrate the first world series with the team. it didn't feel great for long
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though. feeling ill, david went to the doctor, and the very next day. >> you have stage four cancer, throat, ymph nodes, and i said, don't we see a test? and he said, no, i see it eve everywhe everywhere. >> reporter: and what followed was months of chemotherapy and radiation. >> they take you right to death and bring you back. at my lowest point i promised god, if you give me a second chance, i'd make a difference. and i have. >> reporter: from that promise has come out this, the strike out fear foundation. >> rebuild hospital waiting rooms. >> reporter: and you can see that in david's experience, the fear that came with cancer diagnosis was just as bad as the
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du seize itself. >> because the fear affects the cancer, and she works together with it, and fueled by it. >> reporter: and the foundation money goes to transforming hospital waiting rooms into more comfortable, and hopefully less fearful places. the work has since touched the lives of close to 50,000 cancer patients. david is thankful to no longer be one of them, and able to keep doing his job. he is still love ing ting the p that lets him see everything on the field, but it is just no longer everything to him. the strikeout fear foundation not only helps remodel waiting rooms, but provides help for families to understand the best way to get through the ordeal. gavin thomas, nbc news. >> very powerful story. >> powerful. and ahead nostalgia at the box office for baby boomers.
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=terry/cu= marvel )s guardians of the galay was knocked off the number 1 spot after three weaks on top. prekwels and quels and sequ dominated the box office this weekend. >> the sci-fi horror "alien covenant" edged out "guardians of the galaxy ii" which took in $35 million. >> and i would be at this one, "everything, everything." i don't like the scary movies. it took in $12 million and those are estimates and final numbers will come out monday. >> and for the west coast bay, 90s, but you have to wait for midweek for the sea breeze to kick in. >> thank you, rob.
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>> we will see you later tonight at 6:00. "nbc nightly news" is next. >> see you back here tonight at 6:00. on this sunday night, between good and evil, president trump in saudi arabia attempts to change his tone and reframe the fight against terrorism, calling on muslim leaders to combat what he now calls a crisis of islamic extremism. border battle, a texas town at the center of the immigration debate suing the state over a new law that bans so-called sanctuary cities. fight of his life. a boxer takes to the ring, not just to win the match but a much bigger prize, the right to remain in the united states with his family. and final act. after almost a century and a half, the greatest show on earth folds its tent. a sad day for some, while others say it is about time. "nightly news" begins now. ♪


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