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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  May 28, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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along with seven others. what we )ve learned about the gunman... and what may have right now at 4:30, a deadly shooting spree in mississippi. what we have learned about the gunman and what may have led up to the violence. and the search continues for the missing voterer in the east bay as concerns over boating safety turns this weekend. and officers are opening fire on a man they say was armed with an ax. >> the news starts right now. good evening, and thank you for joining me. i'm terry mcsweeney and peggy bunker has the night off. a chaotic scene as the police shoot and kill a man. it is the fourth officer-involved shooting this month. it happened at an apartment complex on st. john's street
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next to st. james park. thom jensen has more details. the man had a ax? >> yes, that is what we heard, and what the police chief said made it virtually impossible for the officer to do anything but shoot. it happened on the apartment up there on the second floor where you can see the door open and the blue tarp on the outside of the door. the officers came here after security called them tho scene, a i disturbance of the loud noises and other stuff going on in the apartment. chief garcia says two men were inside of the apartmentb and one of them started a fire to keep the police from coming inside, and this is after 12:30 this morn morning. he says that the officers forced their way in before the fire got out of control, and one man surrendered, but another had the ax he said, and he tossed it to the ground initially, and one taser was fired and hit that man, but chief say ths that he didn't affect them, and then he says that the guy picked up an ax and came at the officers. >> it is not until he began to
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threaten the officers with the ax and began to advance on the officers that the officer was given any other choice but to discharge the firearm in defense of his life, and the defense of others' lives in the immediate area. >> the name of the man has not been released until the family is notified, but chief garcia says that the man has a history of violence and weapons and drug charges and committed to the mental health institution in the past. he says that the santa clara d.a.'s office and the homicide unit and the internal affairs will be investigating this and it is going to be monitored by the independent police monitor. san jose police officers do go through a crisis intervention training, and that is mandatory that they do that and all officers have to go through it, but this a case like this, the chief says that there is just really nothing that the officer can do even if the person has a mental illness and if somebody is coming at you with an ax, you have to do something to protect
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everybody in the area. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. thank you, thom. another problem of the refinery. it was a momentarily release that sent black smoke up into the air. the city is working with the health agency to investigate. ellier, it released so much smoke that people had to be evacuated. off ramps were close and the traffic divert and there was a e emergency shelters, but today, there were no evacuations, and that is part of the refinery's operations of normalization after the incident earlier in the month. and today, searchers are back in the antioch looking for a man who jumped into the water and has not been seen since. yesterday marks the boating season on the delta, and with many more boaters out, safety is the issue. christie smith has more from
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antioch. >> well, terry, we saw many more law enforcement agencies work on what they are calling a recovery agency. and the coast guard also flew by, and now that the boaters are out there, and the focus has turned to enforcement and safety. in the antioch bridge, the marine detail is conducting a research and recovery mission. a sheriff's spokesman says that the man jumped overboard without wearing a life jacket and has not been seen. this is the harbor mas the ter near the bridge. he stresses the importance of the life jackets and following the boating rules for all. >> you have to have a life jacket on board for everybody on board and the right size. and the throwable device, and all of those things are part of the carriage device for the vessel. >> reporter: the sheriff department is taking place in the delta blitz to promote
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boating safety and enforcement, and boaters outside of the area are aware. >> under 13, they must wear. >> reporter: john heaney was headed out with his family. >> you have to make sure it is snug around the torso. >> reporter: across the country, the coast guard put out their warnings, too. >> driving a boat intoxicated is just as dangerous as a vehicle and just as illegal. >> reporter: and they said that you should have extra clothing, cell phone, and vh radio and charting. it is breezy out here, but still boats on the water and the harbor masters told us it builds from here, and for him, the busy time that is actually the fourth of july weekend. reporting live in antioch, christie a area
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news. thank you. and at this hour, we are looking at the coast guard who is trying to rescue a parachutist who was performing with the leapfrogs when something caused his gear to mismungs, and they are asking for prayers and saying that the navy s.e.a.l. is a true patriot. and investigators are saying that there was a house fire, but nobody was home and the fire is under investigation. and in san francisco, one man is dead and one man behind bars after a shooting on mission street near maynard street. officers say when they arrived they found a man suffering from the gunshot wound, and another man armed with a gun. the victim died at the scene, and the police arrested the armed man and not clear what led up to the shooting. the identities of the victim and
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the suspect have not been released. in mississippi a violent spree left three men dead, and with this report we find out that it all began as a domestic dispute. >> reporter: in mississippi, an argument of an estranged man and his wife over their three children ended in gun fire. >> not after what i done, i don't deserve to live. >> reporter: police say that a sheriff was called to a domestic dispute in lincoln county south of jackson, and when the deputy arrived he was shot and killed by a male subject who then killed three women at the home and drove to two more homes and killed fourer more people before he was apprehended. the authorities identified the assailant as willie henry godbolt and he talked to authorities after the arrest. >> i was having a conversation with my stepdad di and her, my wife, about talking my children
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home, and somebody called the officers. >> reporter: moments later, he revealed the motive. >> suicide by cop was my motive. >> he knew what he had done and he was not afraid to talk about it. >> reporter: in all, eight people killed, and including a sheriff's deputy who served eight years as deputy. godbolt was taken to a nearby hospital before he was transport and asked what's next? dan schenamen, nbc news. police conducted another raid in manchester after they announced on twitter they had arrested another person in connection with the suicide bombing. and now, 14 people have been arrested which attack left 22 people dead and hundreds injured
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as people prepared for a manchester run. >> we join together to stand against those who try to destroy our way of life. >> that run started with a moment of silence, and many runners were wearing yellow ribbons as a tribute. it is the first public event since the bombing at an ariana grandy concert. >> in heathrow after a systems failure of a flight, all flight s were canceled, and after a power supply problem affected operations worldwide. and also in another airport were also hit. and the b.a.r.t. trains are going to have no service between lake merritt and fruitvale.
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still ahead, germany's leaders with strong comments that thinly referenced president trump's leadership, but what she says that the european countries have to do now. and coming up on the newscast, more fallout from the wa water park and what happened at the multi million complex after a boy flies out of a slide. >> and the picture perfect sunday here. the temperatures are climbing into the upper 70s a we are heading into tomorrow afternoon, we will be tracking more wind and a big time warmup in the seven hf -day forecast when we back.
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no longer "completely depend" on the u.s. following the election of dond german chancellor angela merkel says that europe can no longer depend on the u.s. follow ing the election of donald trump. this is merkel at a campaigning event after president trump refused to commit to the 2017 paris climate deal. he said he would make a decision
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this week. and also, the spotlight on the son-in-law who is being investigated for possible collusion between the trump and russian campaign. jennifer johnson with the latest. >> reporter: president trump back home at the white house as the russian investigation hits close to the home. the washington post is reporting that son-in-law jared kushner proposed to the russian ambassador to the u.s., a secret backdoor communication from the kremlin to the trump u.s. transition team to avoid surveillance. and that is news no the national security? >> i will the tell you that my dashboard warning light was clearly on and that is the case with all of us on the intelligence community. >> but the homeland security k secretary disagrees. >> any communication with a country like russia is a good thing. >> reporter: and trump says that they are fabricated lies. but the top democrat wants answers from kushner.
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>> there needs to be a review whether he was truthful and candid and if not, no way to maintain that kind of a clearance. >> reporter: a report says that he used the diplomatic study to make it more difficult to m monitor. but he is saying that he is cooperating. >> jared said that he is willing to answer any and all questions. >> reporter: and the white house is being investigated with any possible collusion under fbi review. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. and still ahead, a very festive sunday in san francisco, and we will show you the colorful sights of the pop u you lar carnivale para-- poplar carnivale parade. and looking back to san jose, and we will be talking about wind and a big warmup ahead in the seven da fo-day forecast wh come back ahead. filled the streets of san
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francisco )s mission district bright colors and fesstive music filled the streets of san
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francisco's mission district today. the 39th annual carnivale parade combined traditions from puerto rico and brazil and many more countries, and our sister station telemundo had a float in the event filled with anchors and reporters and ki can safely say they were having a great time. you mentioned it is some people who were not dressed for the chilly weather. >> no. >> but they were in the party spirit. >> yes. >> and little chilly there. >> and keep it moving. >> it is still kind of chilly around san francisco right now with the temperatures today in the low 60s near downtown san francisco, and in the short t m term, we will see more of the sea breeze, and the cooler temperatures to start the week. but then, things will turn in the opposite direction towards thursday and friday. right now, san francisco is 61 degree, and you can see the w
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warriors' flag pointing to where the wind is coming from right off of the ocean. and concord is one tof the few spots that reached 80 degrees. and less of the ocean influence there in concord, but dublin out to the tri valley right through 580 the good west wind going, and earlier in dublin and san jose, low to mid-70s and right now, 69 degrees. we will see a similar day hour by hour for the midterm temperatures in san jose. interesting weather out there. we have the winds coming in off of the ocean with the wind speeds 15 to 25 miles per hour, and on top of that, the ocean temperatures are low to mid-50s off shore, and that is the ocean air conditioninging wo inworkin livermore, and krou see that the temperature is 73 in squaw creek, and intense thundershowers at times today, but tomorrow, we will see a chance of the afternoon thundershowers tomorrow, and
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watch out for the radar picking up the showers west of lake a tahoe and yosemite, and that is how the holiday weekend is going to finish this year. closer to home, as it heads to tomorrow morning, we will see the low clouds sweeping inland and see some drizzle and midst early, and see the east bay valley, and the santa clara valley similar to what we have today and the highs today mid-70s around san jose and the mid-70s to the tri valley, and still the temperatures climbing to close to 80 degree, and the peninsula coast is still chilly. the coolest days of the week and monday and tuesday looking at downtown san francisco and again, near the low 60s in the high, and the north bay highs in the 70s and nice finish here for memorial day monday. and hour by hour, we will see the cloudy skies to start, and then tuesday, the windest day of the week, and notice the temperatures coming down, and
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increasing the clouds, and two on tuesday, and we don't believe there is a chance for rain, and the system for tuesday cranks up the wind, and slight chance of showers off to the north, and watch the high pressure building off to the west, and large clockwise air flow around that, and north winds at times setting up thursday and friday to climb temperatures to 20 to o30 degrees as we start to inland valleys next week. the seven-day trend is windy and cool in san francisco, and we should see the numbers approaching the 70s and for the valleys that is low 70s and breezy at time, and tuesday and wednesday is looking good, and friday and saturday, upper 80s and also a remind er that it is the first weekend of june, and the temperatures are starting to shape up that way, and heading towards next weekend. >> thanking you, rob. and still ahead, one call to the area that a police officer never
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occurred. >> the unusual item stolen from the family, and why one an officer worked so hard to get it back. a story that will make you bay area proud.
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did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the semi-annual sale going on now.
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sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. it's the lowest price ever on our temperature balancing i8 bed, save $700 plus 36 month financing. ends monday. go to for a store near you. an antioch family is grateful for a police officer, who responded to a burglary at their home. and it )s not just because they were victims an antioch family is grate fofl the police off isser who responded to the burglary at the home. it is not because they are just victims of the crime, but it is because something special was stolen from their 12-year-old daughter. garvin thomas telling us how one officer went above and beyond in tonight's bay area proud >> reporter: the smile on charlotte luther's face should be familiar to anyone who has ever watched a kid enjoy the freedom of riding on two wheels. the only different about charlotte's smile?
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she requires three wheels to make it happen. charlotte's journey has been, you see, a little bit of an uphill one. diagnosed with bipolar disorder and on the autism spectrum, shet battled a brain tumor last year, and it means that she never got the hang of a traditional bicycle, but this adaptive t tricycle was perfect. >> it is perfect for her, because she can go on neighborhood bike rides with her friends. >> reporter: it was all great, until it was gone. early one morning a few weeks ago, the family dog parking alerted them to trouble. someone had scaled the wall and taken charlotte's trike. >> i was heart broken, because that bike was so special. >> reporter: the police officer dan bashner got the kacall. as soon as he learned how the family had to fund raise to get the $4,000 to buy the tricycle.
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>> it tears aft your heart. >> well, it was not a typical call anymore. >> i thought that if we didn't find it within a day or so, and somebody found out what that thing was worth, it would be gone. and so his n after his next shi drove around and finally got a tip that took him a mile away. >> and one male gave me a description that was similar to her bike. er >> reporter: and the bike was soon returned, but dan didn't realize at the time that is the only good deed he had done and perhaps not even the most important. >> well, it is pretty special. >> episodes due in the past for charlotte's disorder had ended up with charlotte being called, and she did not feel comfortable in their sense. >> i thank you for helping to return my bike. >> reporter: but she says that has now changed thanks to an
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officer who went the extra mile so she could once again do the same. >> and no matt ter how small the case may be to you, it may be big to someone else. >> reporter: in antioch, garvin thomas, nbc bay a area news. >> another officer-involved shooting in san jose, and the fourth one this month. coming up, why the police chief says that what happened here is unavoidab unavoidable. a third slide at a brand-new a water park in dublin is now closed down. i will have a live report with the details of the state inspect inspector's trying to figure out how a 10-year-old flew off one of those slides.
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right now, it is 5:00, and another police shooting in san jose. details of the violent encounter downtown. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us.
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i'm terry mcsweeney and peggy bunker has the night off. mistake action after a man with a deadly weapon refuses to calm down. it was a chaotic scene that happened just after midnight at jost. john's street near st. jas park. and thom jensen has more on the report. he had a ax? >> yes, he had an, and that is what made it impossible according to the chief to not shoot? what happened in that apartment. you can see where the door is closing rite theght there on th second floor. and the police were called after security called them of a disturbance of loud noises. the police chief said that two men were in the apartment when they arrive and one man started a fire to keep the officers from coming inside. he said that officers forced their way in, and one man surrendered, but another had the
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axe and he tossed it to the ground, but then he says that he had no effect after being shot, and he picked up the ax again and started to charge to officers. >> it is tragic for the suspect and the suspect's family, but what is often lost in these cases is the impact on the officers. >> reporter: the name of the man has not been releesased until t family is notified, but the police chief says that he has a history of violence, weapons and drug charges and committed to mental institutions in the past. he says that the santa clara d.a.'s office and his homicide unit and the internal affairs will be investigating the incident and also monitored by t the independent police auditor, and the san jose police officers do have to go through crisis intervention training according to the chief, and it is mandatory for all officers to go through that, and he is saying that in an incident like


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