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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 29, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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right now at 11: tiger woods arrested. one of the greatest golfers to ever play the sport...busted for drunk driving in florida. right now at 11:00, tiger woods arrested. one of the greatest golfers to ever play the sport arrested for drunk driving in florida. thanks for joining us on this monday, memorial day. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock. it's another devastating turn in the career of a man widely considered the most mesmerizing athlete of his generation. police have not specified what he was under the influence of. this is a look at the mug shot that you have no doubt seen in all of your social media feeds and will be flashed in headlines for day to come. a disheveled unshaven woods, a very stark contrast from the
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immaculately cultivated image that he presented to the world for years. right now we do not know many of the details surrounding the arrest except that jupiter police took him into custody about 3:00 this morning. woods was taken directly to the palm beach county jail. he was released a few hours later on his own recognizance. the arrest comes just over a month after his latest back surgery. woods recently said via his website he hasn't felt this good in years and fully expects to make a return to professional golf. but for maybe the most dazzling and electric golfer ever, his playing career was already heading in the wrong direction. the last of his 14 majors came in 2008. months after that he underwent surgery on his knee and was roiled by an extra-marital scandal that involved dozens of alleged affairs. his career and arguably his reputation have not been the same since. >> all right. now to breaking news here at home. we're just getting word that emergency crews are on scene of a two-alarm grass fire in the oakland hills. oakland fire crews say that the
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crews have been called out to the area of ascot near beacon's field canyon. firefighters are describing this as a slow moving fire. at this point we don't know if any homes or biddings are impacted, but we do know that there are homes in the area. our newsroom is monitoring this situation. we'll bring you more information as son as we get it because we do know that it has been very dry. now to video from the bay area that's being seen around the world. that video of a 10-year-old boy flying off a dublin water slide, his little body sliding across the concrete. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the wave water pushing in dublin where the park reopened. the guests are showing up, but so are investigators today. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. yes, the city of dublin tells us that the manufacturer and the state are out here inspecting the emerald plunge as you can see is on the far left side of
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that white tower. it's that green slide and 48 feet tall and it is shut down. the team of investigators including cal osha and the company that built the water slide here in dublin. it's not clear if they figured out what caused the boy to shoot off the slide during the water park's grand opening. a statement reads in part that we're thankful the 10-year-old involved in the incident walked away without any serious injury and we're working closely with the team at wave and both of the hoy-speed slides have been shut down pending a full investigation. the boy got slid off the slide in the so-called run-out in the bottom, designed to slow riders down. he landed on the concrete a few feet below the slide's edge. the city of dublin which owns and operates the water park was
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treated more scrapes and bruises. the park, as i mentioned, shut down dublin plunge and the screamer. a third slide was shut down because of a faulty flow meter unrelated to what happened and that's reopened. the city tested emerald plunge for a number weeks before saturday's owning and cal osha certified it this past friday, the day before. the water park, it did reopen just a few minutes ago this morning as was planned for this memorial day, but you can see behind me there's not many people here we suspect because of this unusually cool weather. reporting live in dublin, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. turning to your forecast this memorial day. cool temperatures for the remembrance ceremonies planned in communities all around the bay area. we'll get to some of those memorial day owe vents in just a moment. >> as bob was just saying, kind of cool for the time here. let's take a tour of the bay area with our traffic cameras.
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kari hall has been tracking are the conditions. one thing you won't see is a lot of cars on the road and you also won't see a lot of sunshine in those pictures. >> seeing a little bit of filtered sunshine in parts of the inland areas. looking at the peninsula camera, over the palo alto. you see a little bit of some sun trying to peek through in the tri-valleys. seems a little too cool to head to the water park. 53 degrees in san francisco can, and we're making it up to 60 degrees right now in the north bay where we're getting a little bit more clearing especially for the valley. as we go through the day it will be much more comfortable, even a little bit warmer for the inland area, like the south barracks up to 74 degrees today and 78 degrees in the tri-valley, east bay looking at a high today of 65. while san francisco will be at 64 degrees. we will have some warming temperatures as we go towards the end of the week. we'll talk about those trends
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and what to expect as we head into the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. in a time-honored tradition president trump this morning participated in a wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns. a solemn ritual takes place every year on memorial day paying tribute to the men and women in the u.s. armed forces who have lost their lives. after a movement silence, a bugler played "taps" as the crowd stood in complete silence. back here in the bay area, thousands are expected to turn out for memorial day events locally including a ceremony with quite the history of its own. the prosiddio commemoration now in its 149th year. nbc bay area's mark matthews joins us now and this holds a special place for bay area tributes. >> it is the oldest 149th observance of memorial day here at the san francisco presidio hosted by the presidio trust in front of every headstone, an american flag and there are, as
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you can see thousands of headstones that cover the cemetery here. each one of these flags placed by members of troupe 15. boy scout troupe 15. there are lots of dignitaries out here today. there's carl eikenbury, a former ambassador to afghanistan. i've seen nancy pelosi along with mayor ed lee. these people came out and spent the better part of a day putting an american flag in front of each one of these fallen servicemen. here's what they had to say. >> i think of, you know, all the brave and courageous people and what they did and how important they are and how we can honor them. >> we can honor the sacrifices because these men and women have paid the ultimate price dying in the line duty which is possibly the most honorable thing that anybody can do and we must come out here to honor, again, these
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men and women. >> very well said by the membership. this is a day to honor the fallen of the u.s. military, but also to pay some respects to these young men who came out here on saturday to pay their own respects in a special way. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> many more remembrances and we'll take you to the south bay and a live look at what's happening right now. this is observing hill memorial park. our pete suratos is there and he'll bring us a live report about this ceremony coming up at 11:30. >> right now we are working to learn more information about the man who barricaded himself inside of a castro valley home this morning. we brought you live breaking coverage on "today in the bay." it finally ended peacefully around 7:30 this morning. this was the scene as it all unfolded about 5:30 at home near the intersection of center
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street and veronica near 580 in cass have to valley. police say the man's girlfriend was originally inside the house as well but she was able to get out. no word on man's identity or the charges he might be facing. >> vacaville police are investigating a deadly shooting involving officers. this incident also left one officer injured. it happened early this morning on nut tree road near orange drive across the street from an outlet mall. police say officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect before then shooting and killing that gunman. there is no word on what coined of injuries the officer has, but we can confirm that the officer will survive. . >> a home intruder is reportedly in custody after deputies say that the elderly couple that intruder targeted fought back and restrained that intruder until authorities arrived. "the mercury news" reported this happened last night on a home on east side drive. deputies say the intruder came
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around the back of the home and struck the home own we are a stick. the man who lived in that home also jumped in and that struggle carried them out to the front of the home where deputies soon arrived. the intruder will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon as well as burglary and elder abuse. a tough situation to show you. some video in a house fire in sonoma. sonoma fire and rescue tell us step people were displaced as a result of those fames. that number includes people living in two other cottages on property. as for where it originated, the house was a total loss. three cars were charred as well. some neighbors had to be evacuated because avgas leak which crews were having trouble getting under control. still not clear how the fire started but nobody was hurt. >> president trump returns to the u.s. with questions about investigations of the russia allegations. what lawmakers are saying about allegations that trump's son-in-law, an advisers, wanted secret ways to communicate with
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russia. >> and the search this morning continues for a missing boater as a harbormaster tells boaters today what they should do to have a safe holiday. nbc may area responds, we've recovered over $750,000 for our viewers. if you want help call us or e-mail us at
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new developments in president trump is back in the u.s. this memorial day facing questions about his budget and new developments in the russia investigation. specifically concerning his son-in-law jared kushner. tracie potts has calls from democrats for a more in-depth investigation. >> really missed a lot of opportunities to add to the security or add to the important urgency we have in meeting russian aggression. >> reporter: the president returns to new questions about russia with multiple sources confirming his son-in-law and adviser jared kushner is under
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scrutiny by the fbi. >> he's not a target, and so i think i would just wait. sounds like he's more than glad to talk about all of these things. >> reporter: according to "the washington post" kushner tried to set up backchannel communications with russia. >> i don't see any big issue here relative to jared. >> there ought to be a review of his security clearance to find out whether he was truthful. >> reporter: trump administration is also chasing another leak, intelligence about the manchester bombing. >> i think it's darn close to treason. >> reporter: and with the fight against isis ramping up -- >> this is going to be a long fight. >> reporter: president is proposing more money for defense and less for diplomacy. >> destroying cell power does not make us safer. >> reporter: and president trump promises big benefits for all. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> you're looking at a live
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picture from santa rosa where the road is set down because of a hazardous material spill. now, this is actually -- my apologies. this is not live video but a picture that was posted a short time ago by the santa rosa police department. police say this is happening in this the area of pinder road and pine crest drive and we're told that the roads in the area are shut down. police not yet saying what led up to this incident and our team has called into police and the fire department to see what this entails so stay tuned. today is the last of three straight days of vta light rail station closures back to normal tomorrow. this is a stretch of eight stations that are closed for real construction work. buses are being used to cover those stations instead and it takes a little longer so vta recommends checking ahead if you plan to use light rail tomorrow. >> there were more problems at a refinery yesterday as black
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smoke was being sent up into the air. this is from may the 5th a few weeks ago when a power outage triggered enough flaring and smoke that people had to evacuation. no evaluations for this weekend's incident and the smoke release was part of the problem of getting the refinery's operations back to normal. >> scary moments in the bay this weekend. if you look closely at that video you can see a buoy, a kite instructor and kite surfer on a jetski had to be rescued by the u.s. coast guard near oyster point marina on saturday night. neither was wearing a life jacket but they were able to grab on to that buoy where they were eventually spotted by the coast guard and rescued. the coast guard did call off a search for a man who jumped off his boat near the antioch bridge this weekend. the 55-year-old antioch man went into the water saturday and hasn't been seen since. sunday's effort to recover his body focused on the east side of the bridge. the sacramento sheriff's office says the man jumped in off an anchored boat to try to get his
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hat and never came back up. the accident happened on the same weekend that law enforcement agencies were teaming up for a boating safety operation. >> you need to ask lots of questions at the marina where you put in. just local knowledge and that sort of stuff. you need to have spent some time before you get on the water before you determine where the sandbars are. you need to know if you break down, who do you call. >> the sheriff's department says they are also watching out for drunk boaters this weekend. >> a lot of people are clearly heading out to the water and there are some dangers involved so as memorial day weekend wraps up, the coast guard is reminding nokes to follow safety laws. perhaps most importantly all boats have to have a life jacket for each person on board the boat. kids under the age of 13 should always be wearing a life jacket while they are on a boat and you have to be at least 16 years old to operate one. always have an emergency kit with a flashlight, warm clothing, cell phone and a radio just in case.
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>> all right. called the most accurate forecast. the forecastiest forecast. >> still the most accurate. >> we are dealing with the clouds, the fog, pretty much every morning, and it's so clowe to clear out. our temperatures have been cooler, so that's the way we start out this week. we'll start to see things change over the next few days, but we are getting clearing inland and looking in the north bay at hael healdsburg. it's 63 degrees. san francisco towards twin peak, it's starting to lift a little bit. slow advice alt a little while ago and it's looking a little bit better at least at ground level. walnut creek, we're getting sunshine there looking towards mt. diablo and we'll get more clearing as we go through the day. we're starting to see the clouds rag back from the south bay and this is the view from mt. hamilton up from above looking over the south bay.
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we can see that the clouds are starting to thin out there and our temperatures are still fairly cool, but we're up to 66 degrees in fairfield. livermore is at 58 degrees and half moon bay still only at 52 degrees. it's breezy and cool. if you're planning to head out to at&t park to watch the giants game it will still be mostly cloudy at noontime and then look at 1:00. we start to see more sun coming out and temperatures will be in the low 60s throughout the afternoon, and then in the upper 50s by 5:00. most likely as you're heading away from at&t park. you'll get some sunshine. we are going to have high temperatures for the inland areas and just a little bit warmer than it was yesterday, but still very comfortable, and actually cooler than average for this time of year. in concord, we're up to 81 degrees and san francisco will be up to 64 and half moon bay will only see a high today of 58 degrees. and if you're out there enjoying this memorial day, we'll keep in mind that we still have a
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moderate amount of tree pollen, low, on the grass and mold and weed and mostly high for the pollen count for the trees. looking live at heavenly right now, you may know someone driving back from the sierra or maybe you're heading in that direction. we'll have a slight chance of thunderstorms today and some mild temperatures warming up into the mid-70s by tomorrow. we're going to have some lower 70s by the weekend in san francisco, but stay in the 60s all woke long for the inland areas. it is cool to start. some low to mid-70s for today and tomorrow and then by friday we're up to 85 degrees. the warmest day of the week will be on saturday and 87 for some of the valleys. more on that looking ahead to the weekend coming up a little bit later. >> thank you, kari. >> coming up next, tensions in asia. north korea now just not talking the talk but walking the walk over its missile development. the latest test that's testing u.s. patience >> but first happening now.
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travelers on british airways are facing a third day of delays and cancellations, those most long haul services continued after a closal i.t. failure over the weekend caused chaos for thousand of passengers. plus, a 73-year-old australian fishermen has quite the story to tell after a 9-foot 400-pound shark thrashed around the boat. the man only suffered a swollen arm. back in two minutes. north korea launched a ballistic
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missile test over the weeke we're following a developing story. north korea launched a ballistic missile test over the weekend. it is the third in a little more than three weeks. the communist regime showing off its military might. nbc's blake mccoy reports. >> with tensions already high in the region north korea launched another missile, its third test in three weeks. the latest according to u.s. officials a short range ballistic missile flying for six minutes and nearly 250 miles before crashing into the sea of japan. the japanese prime minister vowing to take action. over the weekend these new images released by north korean state media show leader kim jong juan overseeing military
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exercises. the isolated country and its nuclear ambition is seen at one of the biggest national security challenges facing the trump administration. >> so this could be a very serious crisis along the lines of the cuban missile crisis unless we do everything we can to restrain north korean behavior. >> this morning u.s. officials are working with allies to gather more information and plot their next move. this morning with japan and south korea both vowing action, the u.s. says it will back those allies and what that response will be remains to be seen. blake mccoy. nbc news, london. a fleet week demonstration that sadly turned tragic in new jersey this weekend as a navy parachutist plunged into water near liberty state park during a routine demonstration. it was supposed to be a high light of new york's fleet week. the elite u.s. navy team parachute team descending in formation near the sat out of
11:26 am
liberty but one of the s.e.a.l.'s chutes failed to open properly. >> and i ask for all of your prayers for the navy s.e.a.l. community who lost a true patriot today. an investigation has been launched to find out exactly what went wrong. >> senator kamala harris will be touring different parts of california to talk about the impact of the president's budget plan and will be at the port of los angeles on wednesday to talk about how the budget would impact transportation. goods movement and workforce development. on thursday she plans to visit the martin luther king jr. outpatient center to talk about the republican health care plan. coming up next, it's a violent month for south bay police officers. another officer-involved shooting, the fourth just this month for the san jose police department. the reason the city's police chief says that his officers have no choice but to open fire. today we remember those who gave it all to defend our
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it )s a staggering tally--- san jose police are investigating their fourth welcome back, it is a staggering tally. san jose police are investigating their fourth officer-involved shooting this month alone. >> this encounter happened early sunday morning with the man who refused to put down an ax. nbc bay area's tom jenson has more on why the police chief says his officers had no choice but to open fire. >> san jose pd got the call at about 12:35. security at the donner loft apartments said there was a disturbance on the second floor. hector gutierrez was asleep in a unit down the hall when he heard gunshots at 1:00 in the morning. >> my dog woke me up. yes, did i hear pop, pop. >> reporter: the san jose police chief eddie garcia couldn't say how many shoots were fired but the officer who shot and killed the suspect was left with no choice but to fire his gun, something he'll have to life
11:30 am
with. >> this is tragic for the suspect and the suspect's family, but what often gets lost in these cases is the impact on the officers. >> reporter: garcia says all of his officers go through crisis intervention training and says while all six shootings by his officers involve mentally ill suspects, there are hundreds more cases where the incidents end peacefully. peace is one thing and tenant nick moore, a marine veteran says he doesn't go to the apartments anymore and says police sirens outside the subsidized housing have become white noise in recent months, like sleeping in a war zone. >> unfortunately, there's gunfire all the time, so it was just like another night. >> reporter: tom jenson, nbc bay area news. today we do remember those who gave everything they had to defend our country. a few minutes ago we heard from mark matthews up in san francisco at the presidio and ceremonies there. there are more memorial day celebrations going on across the bay area and one in the south bay at the moment. >> where nbc bay area's pete
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suratos is now in san jose. piece, this is always remarkable to drive by and see. >> yeah, very big crowd here in san jose for that annual memorial day tribute. i want to show you what we're looking at right now as the ceremony is under way and organizers say they are expecting about 2,000 people to be in attendance in san jose for the memorial day tribute. this is a mainstay as far as memorial day events go in the south bay and of course it's honoring those who sacrificed their lives for us on battlefield. the program is pretty jam packed with the placing of the wreaths that will take place as well as the marine regiment and fourth marine division and it's none other than retired marine major general e. livingston, heroic efforts in the vietnam war and had a chance to speak with him before today's event along with other veterans who are happy to see folks take part in the true meaning of memorial day.
11:32 am
>> i'll tell you what. i'm excited about being back here in california. i'm excited about being here with all the veterans, and i'm exciting about knowing what america is about and having us remember america. basically through the spirit of those who have served and sacrificed. we've got a special country. >> for those of us who have fought we remember those names every day, and it's -- it's extremely important to continue to support each other through our network. >> we're really encouraged that people pause and do come out to recognize the sacrifice of veterans. >> back out here live at oak hill memorial park. you can see the big crowds in attendance for the event. i'm told the ceremony will run until roughly 12:30 p.m. and organizers tell me it's the second largest memorial for memorial day in northernicle. we're live in san jose. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> all right, pete. thank you very much. police right now in the north bay are investigating a shooting
11:33 am
that sent two people to the hospital and has revised concerns of gang activity. santa rosa police say both victims were shot just before sock last night in a gang-related attack. victims were walking on a bike path near martin luther king park when it happened. one of the victims was found on grand avenue and then they found a second victim on co lg an avenue. >> police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened just after midnight on mission street near maynard street and officers say when they arrived they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound and another man they found with a gun. that the man was arrested. the man who was shot died at the scene. neither the victim nor the suspect had been publicly identified. a developing story and domestic incident that crewly spiraled into a killing rampage in mississippi where eight people died including a sheriff's deputy. al woman was allegedly killed by a man who was involved in a dispute with his wife over their
11:34 am
kids. nbc's maya rodriguez is in mississippi with their story. >> this morning a troubling portrait emerging from a 35-year-old cory godbolt, the man accused of going on a horrific killing spree in rural mississippi, leaving eight people dead including a sheriff's deputy and two boys. >> not after what i had done. authorities say the carnage stemmed from a domestic dispute involving godbolt's wife and kids and they escaped by jumping out of a window. >> he killed my sister-in-law and niece and the deputy and moy nephew's son and his nephew. >> reporter: godbolt allegedly targeted three separate homes. three women were killed in the first house along with deputy william durr, 36 years old, a husband and a father. at the second deputies found the bodies of the two underaged boys and then a man and a woman found
11:35 am
dead at the third house. vincent mitchell witnessed the killing of his wife. >> he came to kill everybody in the house, honestbly believe that. >> reporter: moments he after he was cause he spoke with a reporter for "the clarion ledger" who recorded the interview. >> he knew what he had done and he was not afraid to talk about it. >> my intention was to havial kill me. i ran out of bullets. >> reporter: it's a good thing they showed mercy. >> suicide by cops was my intention. >> reporter: godbolt is being held on seven counts of first-degree murder and one count of capital murder. maya rodriguez, nbc news, brook haven, mississippi. >> a community in portland is coming together following the loss of three men who were stabbed after coming to the defense of two young women over the weekend. hundreds of people turned out for a vigil this weekend to remember a 53-year-old army veteran and a 23-year-old recent college graduate who were stabbed to death after
11:36 am
confronting a man who was shouting anti-muslim slurs at two young women on a light rail train. a third victim was also stabbed but survived the attack. all of them are being hailed as heros. the suspect who was arrested was well known in that community for his racist and extremist beliefs. first the conviction and now the sentencing. tomorrow closing arguments are set to continue in the penalty phase of the sierra lamar murder case. jurors convicted antolin garcia-torres with the enhancement of kidnapping making garcia-torres eligible for capital punishment. this week the jury could be delivering its verdict. last week the defense delivered their closing arguments. and jurors will continue their deliberations tomorrow in the trial of three santa clara county jail guards accused of beating a mentally ill inmate to de. 209159 death of michael tyree was an abuse of power by the three deputies. the defense in the meantime is
11:37 am
questioning much of the evidence in this case. the guards face life in prison if convicted. british police arrested a 23-year-old man today in the widening investigation into the deadly manchester concert bombing. the arrest means that 14 men are now in custody in britain for suspected roles in last week's bombing of an ariana grande concert in which 22 people were killed and 120 others were wounded. nbc's lucy cavanagh reports from manchester. >> okay. >> reporter: this weekend more raids and more arrests. a manhunt that shows no signs of slowing down as a suspected network behind the manchester bomber is rounded up. 1,000 investigators working around the clock, and it seems to be paying off. the threat level lowered from critical to severe, even as armed patrolled remain deployed through the long weekend. authorities releasing these images of the 22-year-old suicide bomber salman abedi taken from a security cam rat night of the attack.
11:38 am
they also located the apartment where they believe he built the bomb before heading to the arena to commit last monday's massacre. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: 22 lives cut short honored on sunday at the great manchester run. there was applause and cheers for the first responders, too. 40,000 people taking to the streets and running for different causes, united in their defiance. >> we saw that and we want to show them support. >> it's our first time. >> your first time. are you excited? >> pop singer ariana grande also defiant pledging to return to manchester for a benefit concert to help the victims. here hat the memorial this morning, people continuing to pour in on this long weekend to pay their respects to the 22 victims leaving messages of love and support and very much presenting a united front in the
11:39 am
face of terror. lucy kafanov, nbc news, manchester. a few seconds of alert time during an earthquake could be precious. why there is a drying up of funds that could cost people their lives. >> as we get a live look outside at palo alto we're still seeing the clouds overhead as you head out to the memorial day ceremonies. we are going to get some clearing for the afternoon and also cool temperatures below our average high temperature of 72 degrees. we are in for a warmup though, and we'll talk about that next. who are these people?
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we often talk about whether or not we're ready for the next big one. golden gate bridge engineers are reportedly thinking small when it comes to the latest phase of a long-term seismic upgrade. the independent journal say the engineers plan to build a small-scale model of the bridge to plan seismic upgrades for the center hold up in high winds. engineers want to make sure that changes don't lead to a catastrophic failure like the one we're seeing on our screen here. this is what we saw when the tack me narrows bridge collapsed in the 1940s. the president's proposed budget for the next fiscal year
11:43 am
threatens a program that could potentially save lives here in california. the budget cuts funding for an early earthquake warning system. >> that's been under way for a couple of years. "today in the bay's" pete suratos reported on the story earlier. >> reporter: back to you in the studio, and if this proposed budget by the president is finalized it would eliminate all funding for the system known as the shake alert system, all under development and it's yet to go public. the way it works is that the system relies on seismic instruments installed along the west coast to install earthquakes as it's happening so when it predicts earthquakes, it really detects them and broadcasts the alert to the public. this would allocate funds currently in use by the usgs and hazard maps as well as daily monitoring of potential earthquakes. did i speak to the earthquake signs center who says since the budget wasn't finalized we'll have to see what happens. >> it can save lives, property and something that everyone wants to have for the western
11:44 am
u.s., but it is not yet operational. emergency responders don't rely upon shake alert. >> usgs received $10 million for shake alert last fiscal year, 1 more million than the previous fiscal year. they will continue to work on the shake alert system until the president's budget is finalized. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you very much. rising temperatures are melting all of the snow in the sierra and this is a result runoff that's creating some new water falls in the tahoe area. some of the new falls are forming and rushing near highways and some on walking paths. this comes after the sierra snow pack measured 200% of average last month. the waterfalls are expected to peak between now and three weeks from now as high elevation snow melts and lakes start to defrost. officials say they need to be very careful while check out the beautiful waterfalls. >> so there's more exchange chances of hypothermia slipping
11:45 am
on rocks that haven't been wet in years because of its increased moisture flow so if you can stay out of the water. >> reporter: u.s. forest service says it's the last time there was a runoff like this, you've got to go back to 2011. >> seen some of the snow melting, but we've report that had some of the city places are there all the way until the fourth of july. >> especially the high elevation ski rereports where there's snow there. three weeks still to get there to see the waterfalls. let's get a live look outside at anderson reservoir and morgan hill. one of the other areas that was really impacted from all of the rain that we had over the winter. it's all cleared there now as we continue to dry out and then looking live at twin peaks in san francisco, we are seeing the clouds lifting up a bit. some better visibility after some early morning clouds and fog. we're also starting to see the clouds roll away from the north
11:46 am
bay and looking at tiburon, you see the upper level clouds and then the lower level clouds just above that still over san francisco, and that will continue to move out giving us a little bit more sunshine as we go through the day and where we are seeing the clearing temperatures are already warming up into the low to mid-60s and where it's still cloudy temperatures in the 50s so we are feeling some cooler air starting out this memorial day, but then look at where we're headed later today. once we get the sunshine, temperatures warm up fairly quickly making it up to 73 degrees in minute as and for the east bay up to 72 degrees and in fremont and antioch will be up to 80 degrees and 58 degrees at half moon bay. don't expect too much sunshine there and up to 67 degrees in belmont and in the ingleside area, 59 degrees and 77 today in santa rosa. if you're heading out to some of the memorial day events going on like in livermore, we have the wings of freedom tour.
11:47 am
you've got some planes you can review and highs today will reach into the mid-70s and i want to show you how the temperatures go over the next couple of hours. still cool at 1:00 and then up to 75 degrees so you can see how fast the temperatures warm up and cool back down just for sunset. in san francisco high temperatures in the upper 660s and up to 69 degrees on friday and then the weekend is looking nice with highs in the low 70s. inland areas will be much cooler than average for today and tomorrow, and then up to 78 degrees on wednesday. in time for the weekend we'll see the highs in the upper 80s, so looking ahead to that weekend forecast. as we start to make plans, yes, on this memorial day, we'll have warmer temperatures than the weekend we just had. especially for the inland areas and into the valleys. up to 85 degrees and 77 for the bay and for the coast 69 degrees. on sunday more of the same.
11:48 am
maybe even just a little bit cooler for the inland valleys, up to 87 and for the bay except a high of 82 degrees. the coast will be in the lower 70s, so we're in for some much warmer temperatures. kris and sam, i'm thinking maybe heading to the beach or some pool plans as it will be heating up. >> we'll have time to make the plans for sure. coming up, one man wants to create a cannabis campus here in the bay area. the push he's now taking on to help people grow pot. >> hey, folks, before we go to break i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application and leverage the power of us all as well as google. go to the waze app either on iphone or android and in the bottom. corn there's a magnifying glass. click on that and that's your profile. scroll down to see teammates and you'll pick ours. nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community and that's how we help each other out. we'll get back to you right after this break.
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11:50 am
recreational marijuana in california.
11:51 am
the passage of prop 64 left november localized recreational marijuana in california and that's slowly opening the door for a lot of new and different businesses. >> nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows how it's given the green light to one man's grand vision. >> there are some who call california the nation's green chum but northern california is also known for a different sort of green. tucked away in the hills of mend sceno county hundreds of farmers grow tlifgs crops of marijuana. >> michael steinmetz doesn't just talk cannabis, he grows it. he founded the marijuana brand and does more than dream. he formerly bought this wine estate in the redwood valley. >> 88-acre property. four residencies and 90,000
11:52 am
svete of industrial space. >> reporter: he's not planning on making wine but making the world's first cannabis campus. >> we like to call it the flow cannabis institute. >> this is building number four so the first third would be intake, grading and the separating of the product. >> reporter: steinmetz plans to create a one-stop center where local weed farmers can bring their crops for processing. >> this is where we have secure storage. can probably use this facility to dry and cure. the winery's office building will become an educational wing. chronic treatment, experimental medicine. we'll have spas. we'll have yoga. >> reporter: the property will have a bed and breakfast for visitors and weed farming classes and tours and steinmetz has big plans for other plans. welcome to the big dog saloons, picnic tables, wi-fi, wireless and internet and a cannabis tasting room, fully functional bar and full dancing floor and
11:53 am
full pizza oven. >> neighbors initially voiced opposition fearing increased traffic, party seekers and smells. >> it will take some getting used to. >> reporter: local marijuana farmers believe the facility will help remove some of the stigma surrounding their growing industry. >> i just really see this being a place that people from all over the world can come and learn about cannabis. >> this is not going to be a disneyland where we'll have thousands of people stoned. >> reporter: with california's voter-approved prop 67 slowly opening the door to recreational marijuana sales steinmetz hopes it is will open wide enough for his vision to take root. >> a lot of people don't know where cannabis comes from or by whom it was grown and i hope this answers some of those questions over time. >> a dream come true. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> we'll be right back.
11:54 am
11:55 am
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followed by another nbc's summer hit "america's got talent" returns tomorrow night and it will be followed by another competition show "world of chance." >> j. lo, nio and jenna tatum known for the move f-"step-up" is the serving as the host for the dance competition. dancers compete in three different catries broken down by age. in some cases a single dancer could be going head to head with an entire dance team. >> a group that came on and danced amazing and oh, my gosh, the little girl walked out and had to follow that and blew us
11:57 am
away. >> the potential payoff is huge here. $1 million if you win. catch "the world of dance" premiere here at 10:00 tomorrow night right after the season premier america's got at all end. >> got to see some bay area people out there. we see your facebook feed an all the amazing dancers right around down. >> you think they do that one dance move. i'm sure they make it look a lot easier than it is. >> let's get one last look at the forecast. it will be cool over the last several days and in san francisco we start out with the morning clouds and look at the weekend. it starts to warm up. you're ready for some highs in the low 70s and upper 80s for the inland valleys and mostly sunny skies. >> isn't that great we can look forward to that next weekend. >> i like living this way. >> i'm going to enjoy the day. >> our next newscast is at 4:30 this afternoon because of sports programming. we'll see you tomorrow.
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