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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 7, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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breaking news right now at 11: we )re just learning there )s bn a major break in the case of a man wanted for several unprovoked and violent attacks breaking news right now at 11:00, we are just learning there has been a major break in the case of a man wanted for several unprovoked and violent attacks on bart trains. this midday police say he's under arrest. good morning and thank you very much for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. it's a story we've been following all morning long. it broke just a few minutes ago, that news of the arrest. pete suratos is live at the bart station with what we know about this guy, pete, and what charges he faces. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris and sam. this is all new breaking news, as you mentioned, moving very fast. i did speak to a bart official
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who can confirm an arrest has been made when it comes to a suspect following two incidents that happened last weekend. these are surveillance images of the man that was arrested in connection with these two incidents. now, according to bart police, they're saying on saturday at the embarcadero station in san francisco that that man, that suspect you're looking at, punched a man in the face twice, and this was an unprovoked attack. the victim does not know the suspect. there was another incident on thursday in between the bayfair station and san leandro station while they were in transit. they're saying the same man hit the victim on the train with a metal object. we're learning those were bolt cutters he hit the victim with. both the victims have non-life-threatening injuries, and both of those attacks were unprovoked but this happened within the last 15 minutes. i was able to confirm with ba
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bart officials that an arrest has been made. we'll get more information on what type of charges this man will be facing but we'll bring that media briefing to you live at 11:0 a.m. send it back to you in the studio. we posted photos on our twitter page as soon as we got them in this morning so you could help crack the case. follow us on twitter and friend us on facebook to get the latest alerts and updates on all the biggest stories all day long. kris, it is a murder case making national headlines. two suspects accused of killing a man in chicago. they turned themselves in this weekend right here in the bay area. nbc area's bob riddell live in d dublin this morning where one of the suspects appeared. bob, tell us about this legal process. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. we just talked to windham latham. he is one of the suspects in chicago. it's he bebeen scheduled for 9:
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now rescheduled for 2:00 p.m. he is expected to be arraigned on charges that he killed quentin cornell duranlo. he was stabbed inside chicago's downtown apartment. latham, who was a student in downtown chicago university and another man are part of a manhunt that criss-crossed across the country. the other suspect, andrew warren, who is a payroll worker at the university of oxford in england, he surrendered to san francisco place. law enforcement believes latham was in a personal relationship with his victim, but they have not released a motive. it's not clear what warren's relationship is with either of the men. he came to the bay area to be with family and friends, some of
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whom are right here inside the courthouse, and since his arrest, many have written letters expressing their support for him. >> and they all describe him as a kind, intelligent and gentle soul and a loyal and trusted friend. what he is accused of is totally contrary to the way he has lived his entire life. that being said, this today is the first step in a long process. at this time, it is critical to remind everyone, the press and the public alike, that all criminal cases are tried in courtrooms and not the press. >> reporter: in an odd twist, on the day of the murder, police say that one of the suspects made a $1,000 cash donation in the victim's name. latham, who is an expert on bubonic plagues apparently sent a video to family and friends apologizing for the crime, saying it was the biggest mistake of his life.
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bob riddell, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, oakland police say seven people were injured at a shooting yesterday near the stonehurst recreation avenue. it happened on 14th street and 106th avenue. all are expected to survive and no one is under arrest at this point. let's go to a different gear right now. the monday forecast on this monday. it is summertime not too much longer, but certainly for the time being. you might need a sweater, though. it's going to be a cool weekend. >> i like that. we'll take a look outside and see why. golden gate bridge on your left and san mateo bridge on your right. the little bit of haze, kari, is that what's keeping us cool? >> yeah, all of it starting to cool down as we look outside right now. clouds in san jose. bright and sunny and our temperature is feeling wonderful. we'll still warm up to 80s for
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parts of the south bay. morgan hill will be up to 89 degrees and up to 82 in san jose. for the east bay, some upper 80s extending down to concord and pleasanton. san mateo at 72 degrees, san francisco reaching into the mid-60s for the mission district. for the north bay, we're looking at some lower 80s here. we could be as low as 84 degrees in santa rosa. napa today up to 82 degrees. overall we'll have a much more comfortable feel to the air. this weather continues from the weekend, and then it starts theheat up as we go into the next couple days for some spots in just a little bit. we'll talk about all that far coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> thank you, kari. the kate steinle murder case is starting today. pretrial hearings started just this morning. sanchez is accused of killing steinle along a san francisco pier in 2015. that shooting sparked controversy and political debate
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over san francisco's status as a sanctuary city. on friday judge samuel feng was selected for the trial. he has worked in the san francisco super couior court fo almost a decade. a motorcyclist is recovering after a crash olt bay bridge in the middle of the morning commute. we brought you traffic updates earlier on "today in the bay." this is what the area looked like at 6:00 this morning while sky ranger was overhead. three lanes were blocked initially. they were reopened at 7:00 and the motorcyclist we're told suffered minor injuries. school is back in session at the san bernardino elementary school where a gunman killed his estranged wife and child almost three monthsal. there are enhanced security measures. in april, that gunman, cedric anderson, shot and killed his former wife and an eight-year-old student before killing himself. parents say getting onto campus
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is a little more tough. >> there's definitely a nervousness there. when i went before to visit, they wouldn't allow me to go. now they take i.d. information and all that before you even get on campus. >> school improvements were funded by a $70,000 grant from the u.s. department of education. all right, kris, we're talking about the fact we're still in the middle of summer. hey, president trump is on a working vacation this summer but he's spotted on the golf course. how he explains it and the latest rumors of who might be running for president in 2020. plus, pizza just the way you want it. a new option when ordering deliveries from papa john's. what looks like even more trouble from wells fargo. if you're a customer, i'll walk you through it, coming up in business and tech. and a live look outside right now from a beautiful backdrop there for at&t park. blue skies this morning. all quiet right now.
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that will not be the case tonight as the world champion, defending champ, chicago cubs, are in town. of course, they played the giants in the playoffs last year. giants could be looking for some revenge. you can catch that action right here on nbc bay area. game coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. >
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. a look from the new york stock exchange this morning, and it was a record-setting week for the markets last week, picking up right where they left off as the dow jones has actually hit a new intra-day, up 22,110. more trouble this morning for san francisco-based wells fargo. >> the embattled bank may have more questionable bank accounts on top of the 2 million the bank has already found. >> yeah, good morning.
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when you combine credit cards and traditional bank accounts, that's cannotly righexactly rig. wells fargo already under pressure for those accounts that customers didn't even know they had. the bank won in a regulatory filing on friday. there could be more than the 2 million already found. and thin en on top of that, youy recall last week wells fargo said it had been overcharging car loan customers to the point where some of those customers couldn't pay and this their cars repossessed by the same bank that was overcharging them. wells fargo said friday it would pay a fine when the government alleged it overcharged veterans for mortgages. wells fargo is the world's large largest v. a. lender. all this pressure is on tim stone, the ceo after the first ceo resigned. there is pressure from some
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investors to maybe start finding an outsider. back to you. >> thank you, scott. new at 11:00, t-mobile is hoping to lure baby boomers with a new wireless plan. this morning t-mobile announced the t-mobile 1 unlimited 55-plus plan. the first line is $50, the second line is $10, but to qualify for the low rates, you have to enroll in auto pay. customers can get their hands on this plan starting wednesday. good news for people with gluten allergies intolerances. papa john's is offering crusts from ancient greens. they're made with quinoa and other ingredients. they have been tried in phoenix and houston. president trump has been given the first full week of his
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working vacation while the white house is undergoing some repairs. but it's vice president mike pence right now that people are talking about in a new report that he is looking at the 2020 presidential run. >> reporter: settling in for his summer getaway in new jersey, president trump leaving the white house in his wake, the oval office empty. the president insists he's working, tweeting, this is not a vacation, meetings and calls. still, mr. trump in golf attire. greeting guests at his golf club. and playing wedding crasher in chief. even away from washington, the president and his aides can't escape questions about the russia investigations, including whether the president was try to fire special counsel robert mueller, now working with multiple grand juries. >> he's not even discussed firing bob mueller. >> reporter: the deputy attorney general currently overseeing his
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team, rod rosenstein, would have to sign off before the investigation could expand beyond russian election interference. rosenstein wouldn't say if he had. >> bob mueller understands and i understand the specific scope of this investigation, so no, it's not a fishing expedition. >> reporter: the senate, before breaking for summer recess, blocked president trump from making any appointments while lawmakers are away, and also shielding a bipartisan bill to shield presidential influence. >> is some of this directed at president trump? >> there is no question that it is. >> reporter: despite the russian cloud and the president's disapproval ratings, vice president mike pence is denouncing a "new york times" article saying, he is but a handful of republicans positioning themselves for 2020 presidential bids. in case mr. trump isn't on the ballot. the vp blasting the report as
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offensive, categorically false. pledging his support for president trump's reelection. >> it's the greatest privilege of my life to serve as vice president to a president who is fighting every day to make america great again. >> reporter: kellyanne conway calling any discussion of a pence shadow campaign complete fiction. >> it is absolutely true that the vice president is getting ready for 2020 for reelection as vice president. >> as secretary of state rex tillerson met with philipine president robert deteri earlier. tillerson was expected to bring up human rights issues. detere ordered a bloody war on human rights last year. they said that led to the killing of hundreds of people. duterte remained defiant and even made inappropriate comments
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about former president barack obama as criticism of him grew. kris, too close of a call. a firefighter said a mom and her two-year-old child narrowly escaped being killed after a large tree limb fell during a company picnic. these are pictures of the two-year-old girl and her mom at the stanford hospital getting treatment. the mom sent us those pictures after the little girl underwent surgery. atherton menlo college is where it happened. look at the size of that tree. a limb snapped. moments before there were more than 20 people seated underneath that tree, but many had actually gotten up for an activity. >> we had one witness say that there was about two seconds from the time they heard cracking to the time that the limb hit the ground. so there wasn't a lot of time to react for a couple of people, and, you know, luckily their injuries aren't too serious. >> very fortunate.
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the company picnic was being held for san francisco bay's riverbed technologies, and again, everyone is recovering this morning. >> that looks like half the size of the tree itself. it looks like it's almost split in half. >> it looks the size of the house, just the limb there. >> luckily that little girl is okay. kari, we need a sweater, you're saying, depending on where we are. >> in the morning. in the afternoon it warms up nicely. feeling those temperatures in the south bay reaching into the low 80s and right now it's only 64 degrees. looking live at the sunset, the marine layer back at a layer of about 2,000 feet. we could see those clouds all day long there. looking live at the anderson reservoir near morgan hill, bright and sunny. we did have a few clouds earlier today. all of that has since rolled out. looking ahead in concord, 53 in oakland and palo alto is now at
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58 degrees. these temperatures basically now from 24 hours ago is exactly where we were yesterday, and in some spots a little cooler. looking at those afternoon highs just where we were yesterday. reaching into the low 80s for tri-valley, upper 80s for morgan hill. while san francisco will see the highs in the upper 60s, we're looking also at the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. it shows in san franciscoç we keep those temperatures in the 60s while other areas away from the coastline will start to heat up. looking at the temperature trend the rest of the day in willow glen as we take a live look outside in san jose. it will be in the low 80s by early afternoon. by 3:00, we should be hitting our high temperature. as you make your plans for the afternoon and evening, it will feel very nice. by the time those winds start to pick up by 4:00 or 5:00, our temperatures start to cool off,
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most people around 66 degrees from spending the day outside. looking at napa and sonoma valleys, highs there also reaching into the low 80s. mostly sunny throughout the evening and mostly clear skies will be 63 degrees right at sunset, so cooler there. if you have an air plan, wanting to pack the car as we take a look from our heavy. >> we're going to have to watch for thunderstorms, especially in the middle of the week. san francisco, no big chapnges. we're looking at upper 60s for the next few days. clouds and drizzle will continue in the next few days. the valleys will be in the 80s today. just a touch warmer for tomorrow. the rest of the week we'll have temperatures in the low 90s. it will start to heat up as we head to thursday and the weekend.
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sam and laura? >> and kris, too. >> i was gone for a long time. i was gone for a week. i understand. >> out of sight, never out of mind or heart. a british model was sold as a sex slave. we'll hear about her escape, coming up. a pakistan blast and a busy market there in the country's capitol. there are injuries, and it is not clear who is claiming that attack. a temporary bridge on aptos is having a ribbon cutting right now. that road has been washed away by many storms, even cutting access off to a local school. we'll be back in two minutes. a strange story of a
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international kidnapping and sex trafficking. a british model says she was lured to milan and kidnapped by men who threatened to auction her online. new at 11:00, a strange story of internet kidnapping and sex trafficking. she was lured to milan and
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kidnapped by men who tried to auction her on line. >> she has her story and the reason, she says, she was ultimately released. >> reporter: she was lured to a fake photo shoot in milan, attacked, drugged, bound and gagged and then thrown in the trunk of a car where she was driven to an italian village near the french border. her capcaptors, two men, held h for $100,000 ransom. the 21-year-old model who was kidnapped was released just six days later after the kidnappers discovered she had a two-year-old child. according to ailing, her abductors were part of a gang that called themselves black death. their own rules restricted them from kidnapping a mother. at the same time she advertised her on line saying they could deliver her anywhere in the european union for a price.
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>> i feared for my life second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. i'm continually grateful for the authorities for what they have done to secure my safe release. >> frightening and bizarre story. back to you. >> it is definitely bizarre. coming up, breaking news. a man who police say attacked unsuspecting bart riders is caught. also, kris, we are waiting right now for a news conference with bart as we have learned this morning there has been an arrest in multiple attacks in the last week. we're going to check right back in after this break. hey, folks, before we go to break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. leverage the power of us all as well as the power of google. let's go to your waze app on your iphone or android. down in the corner there will be an hour glass. click on that and click on your
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name at the top. that's your profile. scroll down to see teams and pick ours, nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community, that's how we help each other out. we'll be back after this break. a man wanted for several
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unprovoked and violent attacks breaking news that we have learned just within the last half hour or so. a man wanted for several unprovoked and violent attacks on bart trains this midday, we've learned, is under arrest. >> we're looking for a news conference coming up in the next couple minutes or so. you can see the crews getting settled in to hear how it is this person came into custody. we started disseminating those photos of that man as soon as bart police released them to us this morning in the hopes that we could help you crack the case. we don't know if that's the reason why police were able to track down this suspect, but we
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do know that there were plenty of people who claimed that they saw him. >> right, and the stories are w horrifying just in terms of how violent and graphic it was. two incidents that this man was tied to, one at the base station in san leandro, one at the embarcadero station in san francisco. in both cases there was brutality and violence involved. apparently according to police this man used a bolt cutter and hit one woman on one train, then he punched one man and turned around and punched him again and fled. two violent acts that police say he has been tied to and now we're awaiting more news about his arrest. >> we did post those photos on our twitter page as soon as we got them this morning. if you follow us on twitter or friend us on facebook, you'll always get the latest alerts and updates on all the big news stories any time of day. happening today, sonoma county correspond nor oner is e
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perform an autopsy on a man who shot an officer. he was armed with a knife and had killed a couple of people. police tried to taser the suspect, but thegy said that didn't work. a policeman eventually killed that man. a positive identity has not been released. an alert airline passenger tipped off bay area authorities, and now that person is expected to appear in court for a bail hearing. authorities arrested 56-year-old michael keller last week in san jose after his southwest plane landed at monetta airport. investigators say a woman on board his flight from tacoma noticed disturbing text messages on his phone about molesting children. the fellow he was arresttexting was arrested in tacoma along
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with two victims. firefighters have yet to release the information on what might have caused an apartment fire in berkeley, but we do know that one person suffered burns and was transported to the hospital. the fire started just before 7:00 near the corner of addison and sacramento streets. we want to take you back to that bart news conference this morning and the news of an arrest in several unprovoked attacks. we see jim allison there who is one of the spokespersons for bart and we know that's the policeman there as well. let's listen in. >> while they set up here, kris, let's just give them a moment. >> it seemed imminent. >> they essentially turned this around very quickly. it was 6:00 this morning when bart released those photos, the ones we showed you a couple minutes ago, of the man they say
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was associated with those attacks. less than five hours later, an arrest in the case. now we'll find out some of the circumstances surrounding how they got their guy. but it comes at a time when the agency is dealing with a crisis in general regarding safety and certainly the perceived safety of bart riders and calls up the san francisco chronicle coming out with a really interesting story in the last couple of days, that out of the 46 bart stations, all but two of them saw an increase in phone calls to bart police. so there is widespread concern right now about general safety at bart. amidst all that, the reports and violent incidents, the latest one involving this man. two incidents, police say, in the last week, once on thursday and over the weekend on saturday at the embarcadero station. police say in one case he pur l punched one man, and in the other, used a bolt cutter. the steps they're taking to move
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forward in keeping people safe. >> let me introduce police chief ed alvarez. >> good morning. at approximately 8:39 a.m. today, we received two transfer calls, one from the oakland police department and one from the oakland fire department telling us that one of their oakland fire investigators had saw our wanted suspect in the area of ninth and broadway in the city of oakland. as our officers were responding to the area, the same oakland fire investigator saw one of our patrol sergeants in the area and flagged him down. at that point, he directed him again to the area of ninth and broadway and gave him a description of the suspect we were looking for. subsequently, several other bart officers also responded to the area and were able to detain and arrest the wanted suspect at
11:35 am
ninth and broadway. we'd like to thank the alameda county probation department who contacted us earlier this morning to give us information on the possible suspect. our media partners for the distribution of the photographs. the oakland police for assisting us in the area search. our officers for locating and arresting the suspect. and lastly, the oakland fire inspector who called in and gave us a description and location of the suspect. ready for questions? [ inaudible question ] >> he's currently in the process of being booked into the county jail, and once that's done, we will release his name? >> can you tell us something about him, where he's from? >> he has a known address out of the city of berkeley. >> approximately how old is he? >> he's about 30 years old. [ inaudible question ] >> correct, he has a criminal history and he has been arrested in alameda county.
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>> is he the man in the picture? >> yes, ma'am. >> tell us a little bit about how it happened you caught him after putting a picture out in a few hours. >> it was a great collaborative effort. just people watching the news and getting a description and the photo, within two hours we had somebody in the city of oakland locate him and call it in to police. >> the first time the release didn't mention a location of the first crime. i think it was august 1st or 3rd. >> that one involved a train in the san angelo bart station. >> was he just walking down the street or what? >> he was in duty in his fire truck. he saw him in the area and that's when he called it in to the dispatch center. brbl >> you had his image as early as
11:37 am
friday. the incident happened thursday. if you had released his image on friday, maybe he would have been caught sooner. why didn't you release his image on friday? >> because once we learned it was the same person in the second incident, we realized it was a public safety issue and we wanted to get that information out as quickly as possible, which was this morning. >> why wouldn't you release it in the mob robbery, for instance, as well as this? why not release all of them? >> it's just a procedure. dealing with juveniles is a little different protocol. but we are collecting the video, putting it into evidence, and once the cases get closed, we can release video, but certain investigations, we do not release the video. >> no, he did not. >> has he made any admissions. >> our justice department is
11:38 am
currently contacting witnesses and our victims. [ inaudible question ] >> that we don't know. that could be possible it's part of our investigation. >> when he was arrested, did he fight back? >> not at all. once the officers converged on him, he gave up and was placed on arrest. [ inaudible question ] >> that could have been possible, but at that point we didn't know it was the same person. so when we put the two and two together, that's when we decided to put the video -- i'm sorry, the photos out this morning. >> was he wearing the same shirt? >> no. >> you're listening to deputy police chief alvarez of the bart police department explaining how it is that person on the screen in several provoked attacks seemed to be atticus today this
11:39 am
morning. it seems after those photos, he was arrested at ninth and broadway in oakland, and apparently had that and we're expected to find out who this person is later this afternoon. >> we posted these twitter pages as soon as we got them. that's where you can find the updates, or on your facebook friend if you will friend us. now let's talk about more weather of assemblies. >> as we take a live look outside at. we'll talk about what's ahead as
11:40 am
we go through this work week, coming up next. a man's tv goes highwire. nbc bay area responds, next. nbc bay area responds--
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11:42 am
to a sunnyvale man whose new t-v stopped working...and he says the company blamed him. ==kris/2shot==
11:43 am
but he insists it wa nbc bay area responds to a sunnyvale man whose new tv stopped working and he said the company blamed him. >> he said it was not his fault so he turned to our response team for help. chris gamora is here with his story. >> michael owen said his $450 vizio tv started glitching four months after he bought it. he said there was a blue line appearing across the screen so he contacted vizio. the company told him to take a picture of the blue line on the screen, so he did. vizio then told him the problem was his because he damaged the tv and, therefore, his warranty was void. well, michael insists he did nothing to the tv, so he reached out to us for help. we contacted vizio and it replaced michael's $459 tv. it didn't say why it first denied michael's claim, but in a statement it said it takes pride in offering its customers award-winning u.s.-based customer support and worked with
11:44 am
the customer to address their concern. if you have a consumer complaint, call us. 1-888-996-tips. we're on line at we'll see how widespread the damage is after a powerful ef-2 tornado slammed that area early sunday morning. it hit a shopping mall and destroyed several buildings there. >> residents say the tornado hit without warning. a look at the cleanup scene. >> reporter: a rare august tornado tearing through the heart of this normally bustling shopping area. many businesses destroyed. this roof shattered after a tree fell onto the home. leaving thousands in the dark. the twister touched down just after 1:00 in the morning when most people were home. the roof of this tgi friday's
11:45 am
crashed with patrons and employees inside. a family of six sitting right below, trapped beneath the rubble. >> i ran to where i heard the screaming and yelling. >> reporter: the tornado formed so quickly and unexpectedly, it touched down before warning sirens had a chance to go off. tulsa now facing the damage that had been done. >> it's a miracle that we can stand here right now and talk about this happened, it's over with, and now we're moving toward recovery. >> reporter: officials are still assessing the damage and are urging people to stay away if possible. this is the fifth tornado to hit tulsa in the month of nbc news, tulsa, oklahoma. >> that's hard to see when we're having such nice weather here. you can go outside and basically do whatever you want, kari.
11:46 am
>> and where we are with technology, it is absolutely not foolproof. >> absolutely not, especially with tornadoes. luckily we don't see many of those in california and we don't have to deal well any of the rough area. beautiful sunshine and it's all clear after a morning of some clouds looking live in san jose. it also has cleared out after seeing some of those clouds that usually keep our temperatures a little bit cooler. this pretty much is what we had yesterday. we're only heading up to 82 degrees for a high noticed milpedas. now this 7-day forecast is coming up for the bottom of the screen. south bay shows our temperatures will be warming up a few degrees. we'll be up to 87 in walnut creek. also in sean francisco, 79
11:47 am
degrees. i want to show you a live view. now that the skies have cleared, we still have a lot of people in at&t park working, getting the field ready for that game tonight. at first pitch, it will be very cool. only 62 degrees. and more clouds and sky moving in. we should see some drizzle before we drive into tonight. if it's the beach day, we'll only see those thighs breefldly. >> bit we'll be there at 66 degrees in time to see the sunset. napa valley sunny for much of
11:48 am
the work week. we'll see shows clouds moving in but most of those temperatures reaching into the upper 80s. this will be the trend. some warming temperatures as we go through the week. staying in 60s all week long. some lower to mid-80s for the up. it does get a little bit hotter. at least we won't have this much longer. coming up, children's private information for sale. disney accused of tracking children through their apps. it's a lawsuit a california mom is pressing against the company. hey, folks, before we go to break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. leverage the power of us all as
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well as google. the there you will click our name at the top. nbc bay area wazers. we'll be right back. disney to court.
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she claims the entertainment giant is making money.. by tracking children )s online activity. ==sam//2 shot== and it a california mother is taking disney to court. she's claiming the entertainment giant and making money by tracking children's activity on line. >> the scariest part, it's all happening on apps your child could be playing with right now. here's more. >> reporter: this morning disney is under fire, accused of unlawfully tracking children through on-line apps like its princess palace pets game.
11:52 am
amanda rushing, a mother in san francisco, claims in a lawsuit that disney used dozens of apps to collect personal information about kids without parental consent. according to court documents, the entertainment giant then sells the data to advertisers, violating the suit claims, a federal law protecting children's on-line privacy known as copa. >> it's a particular problem with children and apps because in general we've decided that children under 13 shouldn't be subject to this kind of data collection, for the most part because they're innocent. >> reporter: the suit claims disney uses certain kinds of identifiers, such as the children's internet habits, information which could be used to create a valuable profile for advertisers. >> virtually all apps do this kind of data collection. if they're not charging you for them, they have to make money somewhere, and they all make money by collecting data and
11:53 am
selling it. >> disney wrote, disney has a robust coppa program and the complaint is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of coppa prich arka principles and forward to defending ourselves in court. parents say kids should have a password so they can release the data for themselves. read the policy for setting data. and if you're not satisfied, look for the way to opt out of those policies. something children may not want in this digital age. happening today, the giants will remember an historic home run. it is the one hit by barry bonds to tie that or rather to set the all-time homer. >> pretty incredible. 10 years to the day that barry bonds hit number 756 to pass
11:54 am
hank aaron for the most hits in baseball. bonds only tacked on a few more from there and ended up with 762 which is still a record to this day. some, though, considered his record tarnished by all theç steroid allegations. barry bonds is now back with the giants as an adviser, and according to the chronicle, he's going to be at at&t park tonight, but the team says the celebration will be low key. you can catch that game right here on nbc bay area. game coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. >> we will be right back. last week we told you nasa is
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hiring a "planetary protection officer" - in charge of all things alien. check out this letter - it )s from 4th grader jack davis and a self- proclaimed "guardian of the last week we told you that nasa is looking to hire a planetary protection officer for all things alien. this is a letter from jack davis and his self-proclaimed "garden of the galaxy." he said, i think i deserve the job because my sister says i'm an alien. >> they wrote back to jack saying study hard, do well in school. we hope to see you here at nasa one of these days. what a neat idea as a way to get kids interested in science, to do something like this knowing they will all want to be the chief -- what is it -- protection officer? >> not me. aliens freak me out. >> he is an alien, right? >> yes, he is. i hope you have a great afternoon. >> nothing foreign here.
11:58 am
we'll see you at the news at 5:00. this busy mom spends her days driving all over town. so why is she smiling? because she shopped during the safeway anniversary sale and filled up her trunk with grocery savings, plus earned 4 times the gas reward points. now that's something to smile about. right now, get pepsi 12-pack 12-ounce cans, buy 2 get 2 free, and lay's chips, 9.5 -10 ounces, 2 for $5 with your club card.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. oh, no, please. i love you. you've given me -- you've given me so much. you gave me the greatest star in the galaxy in my little boy. i love him, and i love you. we have bonded to make this molecule that is more important to me than air. or water. and without it none of this means anything to me. >> how do we begin this monday, chris pratt gushing on his wife, anna farris, three months ago at his hollywood walk of fame star ceremony. nobo s


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