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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  August 16, 2017 12:37am-1:38am PDT

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♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- adam driver. star of "marlon," actor marlon wayans. from "the presdent show," comedian anthony atamanuik. featuring the 8g band with roy mayorga. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that's great to hear. before we get to the news, donald trump gave a press conference right before we started taping, which means it's time for "breaking crazy." ♪ >> seth: president trump this afternoon gave a press conference that can only be described as clinically insane.
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[ light laughter ] you know that list of side effects at the end of a pharmaceutical ad? he apparently has all of them. [ laughter ] he said among other things that there were very fine people on both sides of the events in charlottesville. he asked if people on the left have any guilt that the white supremacists became violent and then he said this -- >> many of those people were there to protest the taking down of the statue of robert e. lee. so this week it's robert e. lee. i notice that stonewall jackson's coming down. i wonder, is it george washington next week? and is it thomas jefferson the week after? you know, you -- you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop? >> seth: where does it stop? [ light laughter ] buddy, we've been asking ourselves that question since january. [ cheers and applause ] normally when someone is talking, that level of crazy, batman crashes through the ceiling and punches him. [ laughter ]
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trump is like a bad waitress in a crappy diner who is trying to get fired so she can go to a concert. here's a picture of general john kelly, his new chief of staff, during this press conference. [ audience oohs ] look at that guy. trump is so fully out of his mind, he broke a general. [ light laughter ] that guy's been in wars. congress, isn't this enough? cut bait on the president. it's time to let this crazy bitch go to the concert! [ cheers and applause ] this has been "breaking crazy." ♪ >> seth: president trump last night, made his first visit to manhattan since his inauguration. meanwhile, hillary clinton visited three manhattans and a bud light. [ laughter ] [ slurring ] "i won the popular by three million votes." [ laughter ] the latest gallup poll found that president trump's approval
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rating with republicans has dropped three points in the last week. but he's still holding steady with angry mobs, 18-35. [ light laughter ] president trump tweeted yesterday that he was returning to work in washington to focus on military and trade. though it's a little scary that he wants to do both at the same time. [ light laughter ] in a new interview, former white house communications director anthony scaramucci said that he recently realized his signature sunglasses were made for women. not only that, but his suit is actually a child's halloween costume. [ laughter and applause ] the media coverage of this weekend's charlottesville riots focused primarily on the organizer of the white supremacist march and those who instigated violence, as it should have. but those headlines overshadowed some heroes who have emerged in the wake of these events, and we want to take a moment to recognize them in a segment
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called "give 'em a medal." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: we begin with this virginia state police officer who was photographed surrounded by white supremacists. he deserves a medal for being so committed to free speech that he's willing to protect the worst possible speech. and for facing more white walkers than jon snow, give him a medal! [ laughter and applause ] the riots this weekend were sparked by the city of charlottesville's decision to take down a confederate statue. so up next is this guy, who was seen in charlottesville a month ago, with this sign. [ light laughter ] politicians in the media keep talking in circles about this thing, but that guy boiled it down to two and half words. give him a medal. [ cheers and applause ] incidentally -- incidentally, "[ bleep ] yo' statue" is the trump's administrations official policy on immigration.
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[ laughter ] while we're talking about signs, this one was seen at protest in new york last night. that's a mime holding a sign that says "always speak out against bigotry." [ light laughter ] hey, president trump, it's not great when a mime is more outspoken about racism than you are. by the way, this is how bad things have gotten -- we're taking the side of a mime. give her a medal. [ cheers and applause ] also seen at the anti-trump protest in new york last night were these heroes. i can't believe those women had the patience to stand in a party city long enough for an employee to fill all those balloons. [ laughter ] there's enough helium in there to do a jared kushner impression for a week. [ light laughter ] also, i can't believe they found an insult to combine trump's favorite thing, gold, with his least favorite thing, reading. give 'em a medal! [ cheers and applause ] and finally, the guy who organized this weekend's white supremacy march tried to give give a statement to the press on
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sunday, but got chased away by counter protesters. take a look. [ yelling ] >> seth: no matter where you turn for the last three days, there were headlines and news footage displaying the worst impulses of humanity. and then for one brief moment -- one brief shining moment, there was this. a white supremacist who seemed to be saying, "does anyone know the way out of these flowers?" [ light laughter ] give those flower a medal. this has been "give 'em a medal." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: a man in sweden encountered a rare white moose on friday. a white moose is just like a regular moose, except it loves "frasier." [ light laughter ] that was my favorite of all the jokes. [ laughter ] a joke that was designed not to work, because we showed a picture of the white moose. so we knew that wasn't the only
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difference. we knew the difference was that moose was white. [ light laughter ] but i still, i really -- i really wanted to hammer home how much white people like "frasier." if you leave with anything today, because i know, the president, he's not good at his job, but if you leave with anything -- white people love "frasier." [ laughter ] police in florida are searching for a man who pulled an axe on a store clerk after he was asked for his i.d. police described the suspect as the guy carrying an axe. [ laughter ] airbnb is reportedly banning -- permanently banning white supremacists from making reservations on the site, because they keep cutting eye holes in their hosts' sheets. [ light laughter ] can't get 'em back after the "frasier" joke. [ laughter ] in alabama woman missing for nearly a month said she was able to survive in the woods on mushrooms. said officials, "ma'am, you were out there for 45 minutes."
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[ laughter and applause ] "yeah, yeah. 45 days. also, i can see sounds now." and finally, taco bell has announced that it will soon launch the naked egg taco, a breakfast taco that uses a fried egg as its shell. coincidentally, naked egg is also your body type, if you eat breakfast at taco bell. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight! [ cheers and applause ] he is the star of the new film, "logan lucky." one of our favorites, adam driver, is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] he is the star of nbc's new show, "marlon." marlon wayans is joining us, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] and he's a fantastic guy, he's hilarious, he's the star of comedy central, "the president show." anthony atamanuik is here! [ cheers and applause ] talk to him about what it's like to play president trump. now as we all know, as we've discussed here, violent riots
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erupted in charlottesville, virginia, this weekend. here to talk about it is one of our writers, amber ruffin. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey. >> seth: hey, how are you, amber? >> hey, i'm all right. hey, seth. hey, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] yeah, now i -- i planned on coming out here tonight to talk about charlottesville and trump's crazy press conference. i was going to tell everybody to take a stand, to not be discouraged, and to keep up the fight. and i truly believe that. but -- it's just too much right now. i have a lot on my race plate. >> seth: yeah, i'm sure it's very hard. >> it is, and i bet a lot of minorities feel the same way. >> seth: and what way is that? >> tired, but in a black way. weary. tired of people acting like racism is new. tired of people telling me to see things from both sides. tired of people asking me if i'm related to the "bachelorette" just 'cause she's black. >> seth: and you're not. >> second cousins, but that's not the point.
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[ laughter ] black people are coping with a lot right now. but -- it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. and it's important to take care of yourself. so, you know what? instead, i'm going to take you to some place new. >> seth: what? where are we going? >> to my safe space. come on! >> seth: all right. let's do it! [ cheers and applause ] a safe space? >> yep, a safe space is a place you can go to where it's safe to do whatever you want. you can just be yourself. and no ones going to say or do anything that makes you uncomfortable. it's kind of like facebook after you unfriend all the people from your hometown. [ light laughter ] welcome to my safe space. ♪ >> seth: whoa. ♪ and you're -- allowed to have this here? >> i am, since i told everyone it's yours. [ light laughter ] >> seth: and they believed you?
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>> well they said, "seth wanted a poster of maxine waters?" and i said, "why wouldn't he?" and they didn't argue. [ light laughter ] being black in america is tough, and people shouldn't be afraid to take the time they need to stay strong. >> seth: so, now that were here, are you upset about -- [ garbled speech ] wait, why can't i say it? >> 'cause this is my safe space. it won't let you say it. there's a lot of things you can't do in here. here, try to touch my hair. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] [ electricity crackling ] whoa. >> yeah. margarita? >> seth: yeah. are margaritas a black thing? >> no. margaritas are an amber thing. not all black people have the same safe space, and not everything in here is a black thing. look, here's a coaster of chris evans. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's chris pine. >> chris something, he's cute. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i mean, this is great. i wish i had a safe space. >> seth, you're white. you have a safe space, it's called america.
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this is where i can say and do things that i can't when white people are around. like this. sometimes instead of ask, i say axe! [ light laughter ] it's fun, try it. >> seth: try what? >> yelling something you wouldn't yell in front of black people. >> seth: oh, i don't know. >> come on. >> seth: okay. i think al sharpton is a bit much! [ laughter ] >> we all do. [ laughter ] seth, what do you think of my safe space? >> seth: well, this is fun. but -- it kind of just feels like chillin' out. >> it is, but for black people it has become very hard to find a place where you can just chill out. every day there's another tragedy, another hate crime. another shooting. another public mispronunciation of a black name. and you need a place where you can come to, to deal with it. >> seth: and you need that at work? >> yeah. the other day i read a headline about a little girl who got kicked out of school for having an afro. and it hit me really hard, but when i came into the office, no one had even heard the story.
12:50 am
they were seeing who could remember how to do the macarena. so, i came in here, dealt with my feelings, went back to the office and told them that it was this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this. >> seth: hey, macarena. [ light laughter ] sorry, i'm a little tipsy. >> it's your first one. >> seth: it's your first one. sorry, i just -- such a stressful weekend. with all those neo-napkins. sorry, i was trying to say neo-napkins. hey -- what's happening? >> you can't say the word you wanted to say in here. >> seth: oh, my goodness. let me try another one. white supermarkets. [ laughter ] >> you can't say that either. >> seth: okay, one more. adolf hilfiger. [ laughter ] that's great. >> safe spaces give you the energy you need to deal with the world's bull[ bleep ]. i look around at my heroes and the loves of my life -- [ laughter ] and i know that i'm not alone. and if they can do it, so can i. >> seth: wow, and you get all that from your safe space?
12:51 am
>> yup. why can't the "big bang theory" have just one black character? >> seth: when we have rappers on the show, i always worry i'm going to shake their hands wrong. [ laughter ] >> i never watched "the wire." >> seth: i've watched "the wire" five times, and it's the first thing i tell black people. [ laughter ] >> i don't like rachel dolezal, but i would let her do my hair. >> seth: i don't recognize three of the women in these posters. [ laughter ] >> all right, i'm recharged. let's bounce. ♪ bounce means leave and bounce. ♪ >> seth: so, are you ready to talk about last weekend now? >> yeah, it makes me sick. how are we supposed to cope with all this [ bleep ]? everyday it's some new -- you know what? i think i might need some more time in my safe space. okay. >> seth: we'll be right back with more "late night"! [ cheers and applause ] >> maxine! you ain't gonna believe this! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ what's going on here? um...i'm babysitting. that'll be $50 bucks.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: welcome back, everybody. please give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] and back with us tonight on drums -- from the grammy-nominated rock band stone sour, whose new album "hydrograd" hit number one in the u.s. when released this summer, roy mayorga, everybody. thank you so much for being here. [ cheers and applause ] >> how you doing? >> seth: you know our first guest tonight from his work on the hit hbo series "girls" and in such films as "this is where i leave you" and "star wars: the
12:56 am
force awakens." he stars alongside channing tatum in the new film "logan lucky" which is in theaters friday. let's take a look. >> the last time you said that word to me, i ended up getting sent down for six months. >> it was juvie. >> i was 13. >> and you were supposed to be the lookout, now, weren't you? >> being that i was your kid brother, i let you lead me into trouble with all your crazy cauliflower plans. my life of crime is over. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, adam driver, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome back. >> oh, thanks for having me. >> seth: so happy you're here. >> happy to be here. >> seth: i want to talk about the film, but i also want to congratulate you on the culmination of "girls." the fact that it came to a close. >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> seth: just a fantastic show that i love show much.
12:57 am
>> thanks. >> seth: did you -- when "girls" wrapped up, did you take anything? did you take any mementos from the set? >> sweat pants. >> seth: you took sweat pants? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] that was it. that was it. those are the only thing, sweat pants. >> seth: yeah. i guess "girls" doesn't have a lot of stuff that isn't already in people's apartments. [ laughter ] >> well, there's, like, a particular pair of sweat pants that i wore from the first season where we had to be naked a lot during shows. >> seth: uh-huh. >> so i would always wear these sweat pants. >> seth: yeah. >> and none of my sweat pants fit me, so i just took them. >> seth: wow. >> yeah. >> seth: that's -- and no one minded? >> i don't think they cared. >> seth: yeah. i guess if you've been wearing them for seven years, they were probably like, "you can you have the sweat pants." [ laughter ] yeah. >> yeah, we don't want them. >> seth: i've talked to other cast members on the show, and because the show was about characters who were so open about their sexuality, and then that was what was expressed in the show so often, that people were very comfortable to come up and talk to them about their own stuff. >> oh, yeah. >> seth: did that happen with you? >> it did, yeah. i remember being on the subway and someone -- there's a scene where -- well, i won't give away the scene. but the guy said, "i know what, you pee on her in the shower. i do that with my girlfriend all the time." [ laughter ] and his girlfriend was with her and she's like, "mijo, shut up!"
12:58 am
[ laughter ] it was at the train stop, that's how i remember. i was getting a metro card. [ bleep ] on some other guy. >> seth: but now, of course, you play something else that probably even more people have seen. i'm going to say more people have seen "star wars." >> okay. >> seth: i'm going to go -- i think a lot of people watch "girls," but i think "star wars" does a little better with people. [ laughter ] for just total number of eyeballs. but so kylo ren -- you're a very likable guy but you play a character, obviously, who is very villainous. you know, for people who haven't seen it, you kill a very lovable character in the "star wars" canon. have people approached you about that? >> yeah, yeah. [ light laughter ] i guess when you put it all together like you're doing, i'm like, "yeah, there's a lot of awkward moments." [ laughter ] mostly like children, small children will be sad about it or airline stewardesses. >> seth: uh-huh. [ laughter ] do children engage with you? do they ever -- >> i don't know why i compared those two. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> i just -- in the list of my mind it'd be construction workers -- >> seth: there you go. now you fixed it. >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> what was your question, again? >> seth: do children ever ask you about it? i mean, they must be fascinated to run into some --
12:59 am
>> i mostly hear from friends of mine, like, when my kid was watching it, they said, "why?" you know? >> seth: yeah. >> things like that. like, "why?" >> that's fair question for a kid to ask. >> yeah, why would he do that? this is -- >> seth: yeah. >> because it's patricide. >> seth: right, i guess patricide's a tough thing for a father to explain to his kids. >> yeah. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you probably just say, "well, i don't know why he did it but you should never do it." [ laughter ] >> right. but it's an easy thing to understand once you have kids. >> seth: yeah. right, exactly. so congrats on this film. steven soderbergh directed this and you tell a little bit from the clip. but this sort of a southern "ocean's 11." >> yeah. >> seth: to some degree. >> yeah. >> seth: where the heisters are a lot less intelligent. >> yes. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. whereas "ocean's 11," everyone seems to have all the means at their disposal they -- >> seth: yeah. >> have the opposite. no means at their disposal. >> seth: no. and there's also 11 of them. >> right. >> seth: so they all need to be good at one thing. >> right. >> seth: and yet, there are three of you and you're all kind of not really great at everything. >> yeah, they're amateurs at everything. [ light laughter ] >> seth: amateurs at everything. you have a very specific southern accent in the film and
1:00 am
i appreciate it because i feel like sometimes that can be an accent that people approach sort of lazily and do a southern -- but that seems very specific. did you work very hard on that? >> yeah, they had this really great guy named diego pardo who was the dialogue coach, to do a west virginia accent. and, you know, get it right from the region and it was, you know, and drilling it and -- i mean that's it. calling and ordering things in the accents do it. keeping it -- the accent on set. daniel craig, at the same time, was, like -- in between sets, everyone kind of had to stay in the zone. >> seth: and david craig plays the least david craig -- daniel craig -- daniel craig -- [ laughter ] >> david was good, too. >> seth: david craig, i thought, i thought should have been james bond. [ laughter ] he was my choice for james bond. daniel craig ended up doing great. >> dave. poor dave. [ light laughter ] >> seth: poor dave. >> yeah. >> seth: i'm so bummed. because i know dave watches the show. >> i know. >> seth: and he finally got over it. >> yeah. >> seth: and now he's like, "oh, [ bleep ] now i got to think of that." [ laughter ] but this is the least daniel craig part i think i've ever seen him play. he plays -- >> dave would agree. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: but he's an explosives expert. >> yeah. >> seth: joe bang. >> joe bang.
1:01 am
>> seth: which is really -- >> great. >> seth: you can't ask for better than that. >> no. >> seth: as far as the name goes. >> yeah. >> seth: you play an iraq war veteran. you have a prosthetic arm. >> yeah. >> seth: so you also had to then, through the course of the film, learn how to do things with one arm, as well? >> yeah. >> seth: was that easy? was it difficult? >> uh -- no. [ laughter ] yeah. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> yeah, i had to make a martini and that was difficult to make with one arm but afterwards, like, i feel like -- i feel good about it. >> seth: yeah. >> not really good about it, but i feel good that i have that skill -- >> seth: yeah. >> in my pocket. [ laughter ] >> seth: well, i think, well, i'm trying to think of when a one-armed martini comes in handy. >> it hasn't. >> seth: it hasn't yet. [ light laughter ] >> yeah, never. but you just finished the movie. i feel like give yourself more time. [ light laughter ] >> yeah. well, now i say that now, maybe it'll -- something will materialize. >> seth: yeah. but i feel like now somebody will do it just because they heard you say it. >> yeah, right. >> seth: you know? but it won't be -- >> or ask me to do it and i'll be like, "no." [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. that's my move. that's movie adam. >> that's a dave thing. [ laughter ] >> seth: so you -- tell me about -- you're involved with an organization.
1:02 am
what is it? arts in the armed forces? >> arts in the armed forces. >> seth: which is a fantastic organization. >> yeah, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so tell me what it is you guys do and sort of how you got involved with it. >> i got involved -- i was in the military, in the marine corps with 1/1 weapons company out at camp pendleton. and then i got out and went to juilliard for acting and noticed they couldn't be more opposite worlds. but in the same time, found myself being more articulate about feelings and emotions and just theater in general. i came from not a very -- well, theater wasn't -- not that -- mishawaka, indiana is not, like, you know -- not a lot of theater there. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> unlike here in new york where it's, like, basically the hub for theater. >> seth: yeah. >> of the world. >> seth: even people who aren't in theater in new york are incredibly theatrical. >> right. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> so we tried -- i wanted to bring plays basically, because i -- you know, there are all these great plays like shepherds and mamet and all of these great playwrights who somehow were articulating my experience of being in the military, even though the plays had nothing to do with the military.
1:03 am
just amazing playwrights. and i wanted to bring it to a military audience. but all of these organizations kept telling me that theater didn't fit in a military demographic. that they would rather see, you know, cheerleaders and basketball games, whatever it is. and i remember those events, all well-intended. but felt that because of our jobs, we were capable of handling something more thought-provoking. >> seth: and do you sense an appreciation from them that you are challenging them in a way that they haven't been with entertainment? >> yeah, i mean, people afterwards pretty much sound like they're plants, not plants, like plants. but like -- like we planted them in the audience to say what it is that we wanted to hear. which is, you know, "i didn't know theater was like this." "theater is so expensive, i can't afford to see it." "i didn't know --" something about seeing it live. it's like all the things that you're --, you hope people get from, you know, going to see theater, or a theatrical experience or a movie, i guess. that maybe from just by real estate, just from being in new york, you kind of become numb to the fact that theater can be -- a weapon, you know, it can -- be something that can arm
1:04 am
someone with, you know. something about watching someone live-experiencing something that maybe resonates with what you're going through. there's some power in that. and i noticed in myself being less aggressive, able to finally articulate feelings as opposed to howling at the moon or whatever i was doing before. [ light laughter ] >> seth: well, that's really great that you do that. >> thanks. >> seth: congratulations on that. congratulations the film. >> thank you very much. >> seth: always a such pleasure to see you, adam. >> thank you -- [ cheers and applause ] >> adam driver, everybody! "logan lucky" is in theaters friday. we'll be right back with marlon wayans. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is a very funny actor and comedian whose new show, "marlon" premieres tomorrow at 9:00 here on nbc. let's take a look. >> i thought you divorced him. he's here more now than when you were married. >> oh, this should be good. marriage advice from a girl whose longest relationship was all-star weekend. [ laughter ] >> see, that was the old event. i have a long-term boyfriend now.
1:09 am
and his name is god. [ laughter ] >> i hope he got some penicillin. [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show, marlon wayans, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: how are you? >> i'm good. >> seth: good. it's always nice to see you here in new york. and i knew -- >> you too. you are really tall in that chair. >> seth: i know. maybe it's too high. >> it is. like, you are towering over all of us. you're just looking down on us like god -- >> seth: this is the normal height. >> what have you been up to? i haven't seen you in a while. >> seth: i don't like this. i don't like this at all. >> then you get down and you're like, "i'll see ya later." [ light laughter ] >> seth: i am a very tall man. so, congrats on the show. >> thank you. >> seth: but before we get to that, so you -- you grew up in manhattan. live in l.a. is it weird to come back? has manhattan changed a lot since you were a kid? >> it changed a lot. because i grew up in the projects on 16th street and ninth avenue. and back in the day it was the
1:10 am
'hood. and now it's called the meatpacking district. [ laughter ] my street cred is completely gone. >> seth: yeah. >> it used to be like, "yo i'm from chelsea!" and they're like, "tsk, the meatpacking district?" [ laughter ] and it's funny 'cause, you know, my mom and dad used to always say, "y'all better buy some property." and you know, we don't listen to parents. they're parents. >> seth: yeah. >> so, you know, they're like -- my mom was like, "you should buy this property," and everything was so dilapidated and messed up. you know, she would be like, "you see that crack house over there? [ light laughter ] that's going to be new york's hottest hotel." [ laughter ] and it is. >> seth: yeah, it is. [ laughter ] >> called the soho house. >> seth: yeah. there you go. >> you know that railway station up there with all the dead bodies and the weeds that grow? that's gon' be something called the highline. [ laughter ] you know that bodega? yeah. with all the stale food? whole foods! [ laughter ] i should have listened. >> seth: you should have listened. >> i'd be a billionaire right now. >> seth: so this show is -- is based on your real life. it's about raising two kids.
1:11 am
>> yes. >> seth: with your ex-wife. so this based on not only you, but them. >> yes. >> seth: how does -- how did they feel about being portrayed on a television show? >> oh well they -- i mean, you know, they're scared to death. because they signed their life rights to me, basically. >> seth: yeah, yeah. >> and they're teenagers. i just tell them, don't do nothing stupid and it won't get in. >> seth: exactly. [ laughter ] >> because i will put your business in the street. you're gonna see like -- because they're teenagers. it's gonna be, like, "on a very special 'marlon,' shawn smokes weed. [ light laughter ] amai gets pregnant, again." [ light laughter ] it's -- it's gonna -- it's going to be all bad. >> seth: how do they feel about the actors who are playing them? >> you know, my daughter likes the girl because she's like -- she's smart like me. and my daughter is really smart. like, she's gotten all a's her whole life. she got one b and she cried. i got one b in my life and i cried tears of joy. i was like, "i got a b!" [ light laughter ] and my son, he's like, my boy is like, "i don't like the boy, dad. he don't remind me of me." "i'm like shawn, you're too cool. you get me canceled. you can't just be this --
1:12 am
[ laughter ] that's not going to work on nbc. the kid is funny." >> seth: yeah. so you had to get -- you got to get somebody who was a little more energetic than he is. >> yeah. relaxed. he's -- my son got too much cool on me. and then, his mom -- their mom is always wanting to, like, give notes on her character. she's like, "i don't know if i would do that. i was like, look, this ain't your show." [ laughter ] this show is called "marlon." when we do "angela" you can give that character notes. [ laughter ] >> seth: now you embarrass your kids on the show. is that something -- are you a father who embarrasses your kids in real life? >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] from the beginning? >> not just -- yeah, from the beginning. that's when you're supposed to start that. i love my -- i love my kids but you know i just think that it's fun to embarrass them. okay. like when they graduate, like, from school, it's a big accomplishment. and i get really happy. so my daughter goes to get her -- she graduated from like fifth grade and all the parents you know they get quiet and -- [ applause ] i got up on the chair and i said, "i know you ain't dumb! i knew it! i knew were you smart!
1:13 am
you're going to be somebody! you're going to be somebody!" [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] then when they were younger -- this is just messed up. when they were younger -- you know we had these readings at their school when parents come and they read. >> seth: yeah, of course. >> so i was like, all right. cool. i'll come in and -- and i read, i'm animated. right? so i decided, you know, one year i'm going to read "we're going on a bear hunt." and so i turn all the lights down in the room and they're in like prekindergarten at the time. so i'm like, "we're going on a bear hunt." and you know, you went through the woods. and you go through the mud. and then we get in the cave. we see some eyes. and we see some eyes and i had angela, their mom, put on this bear mask. and i said, "and we see a bear!" and she went "wah!" you have never seen children run this fast in your life. [ laughter ] my son went --
1:14 am
[ screaming ] two little kids peed themselves. i was like, "okay. well, we shouldn't do that any more." no more realistic readings. >> seth: well congratulations on the show. congratulations -- you got a movie on netflix, "naked," that's available now, to watch. right? >> yes. it's on -- "naked" right now on netflix. you ain't got to get the bootleg, people. although people will bootleg anything. you know, they got this thing called the firestick. i'm on to all y'all. >> seth: all right. >> and nbc, my show comes out wednesday night on channel -- yeah. nbc. >> seth: nbc, that's right here. >> yeah. >> seth: wherever you are. give it up for marlon wayans, everybody! 9:00 on nbc. we'll be right back with anthony atamanuik. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ the ford summer sales event is in full swing. it's gonna work, i promise you, we can figure this out. babe... little help. -hold on, mom. no, wifi. wifi. it's not a question, it's a thing. take on summer right with ford, america's best-selling brand.
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1:19 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is a comedian and actor who stars as donald trump in "the president show." new episodes air thursday nights on comedy central. let's take a look. >> mr. president! mr. president! >> you're welcome. thank you, thank you. first, let me just take a moment to insult jeff sessions.
1:20 am
[ light laughter ] jeff, you look like a melting gap kid's mannequin. okay, jeff? you get it? moving on. >> seth: please welcome to the show, anthony atamanuik, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you, man? >> i'm good. >> seth: congratulations on this show. for those who haven't watched, and you really should immediately -- >> yes. >> seth: you play president trump hosting a talk show. >> yes. yes. >> seth: and my dear friend, your dear friend, pete grosz plays vice president pence, as sort of a side kick. >> the great. yeah he's incredible as pence. >> seth: and, this is very exciting. how did it come about? obviously you had this impression. >> yeah. >> seth: and then how did you decide you wanted to do it as a talk show? >> well, i had done it at ucb, at upright citizens brigade. >> seth: and how did it happen the first time, like that you realized you had a trump impression? >> we were in ascap and someone said "mr. president" and i
1:21 am
walked out and it was two months after he announced, so i thought it would be funny. and it was probably very poor. i think i sort of -- it was like -- like, i didn't do anything great. and someone said, "you should do a show." and so i wrote it in seven days. and the core material for that ended up being sort of the touring piece i did with james adomian where he played bernie. >> seth: he did a wonderful bernie sanders, yeah . >> trump vs. bernie. and then, once he got elected after i went into hiding for three weeks and was like, i can't believe i'm now trapped in this sort of like faustian bargain with -- [ light laughter ] doing this. i thought, well, he always wanted to do tv. i think that's the reason he ran was to renegotiate "the apprentice." >> seth: i agree. >> and -- i really do. i think it was to renegotiate and i think he then got stuck in it and was like, "oh, no, i got to do this." [ laughter ] and so i said what would he do if he did fireside chats? and i thought of that scene when de niro can't -- in "casino," he can't work at the casino any more and they cut to him hosting that, like, awful talk show from the casino.
1:22 am
>> seth: yeah. >> and i said, "that's what he would do." >> seth: yeah. just an awful talk show. >> an awful talk show. >> seth: and you -- >> but it's a great talk show. >> seth: yes. it's a very -- it's a great comic talk show. you have said this about yourself that you feel a little bit like dustin hoffman in the film "tootsie" where he was an actor who couldn't get work until he sort of dressed up as a completely different character. >> yes. >> seth: is that the case for you? >> i -- yes, i actually was not being able to get -- i couldn't get a commercial. i found out someone took my role in "iceman cometh." and so i ran across the street in a hip, running-across-the-street new york move and then yelled at my agent and then got -- no. and so i -- yeah. i'm a redhead. >> seth: that is so funny. because that would be what donald trump would say, is that if you embody him, you will -- success will come. >> yes. >> seth: and that happened for you. >> it is kind of frightening when you think about it. [ laughter ] it is. there's a very sort of weird -- i mean, doing trump is like doing a drag act. like, it is. like, someone handed me photos backstage from a live piece i did. and like it is -- i like learned
1:23 am
myself how to do the makeup. it's very like -- a sad french film like, me in the -- doing the makeup and -- putting the hair on. and i thought about the fact that he actually has to do that and he can't pull the skin off. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> he's stuck inside who he is. >> seth: he's just fully stuck in this thing he's created. >> yeah. >> seth: you -- you've said this, so you sort of have three modes of your trump impression. and it is -- i mean it really is so truly the most nuanced of the trump impressions. >> thank you. >> seth: and it's really, beautiful to behold. what would you -- how would you describe the three modes? >> well, i think that there is -- there's prompter mode. and i learned a new thing of why he hates the prompter. and i realize that when he stands at the podium and he has to go prompter to prompter, he shrugs like a kid in school. he's like -- [ light laughter ] and then he reads -- watch. the next watch him, and he goes -- [ sighs ] like that. so prompter mode is like, you know, "good night, moon. good night, cat. good night, baby with a rat."
1:24 am
like it's very, like -- he doesn't have any -- he's like the brown reading group. then -- [ laughter ] then there's press conference trump, which was today. >> seth: yeah. >> which was just -- i mean -- >> seth: it was really -- it was the most press conference trump. >> well, he uses that "excuse me" like "excalibur." he's like, "excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me." [ laughter ] "excuse me." [ cheers and applause ] but, he whispers -- he whispers actually a lot in those -- like, rally trump, he'll do like -- what he said today, he's like, "but the nazis, they had a permit. they had a permit. they had a permit. the left didn't have a permit, but the nazis had a permit." [ light laughter ] and that's all, nazis need apparently. >> seth: yeah, exactly. >> now, neo-nazis are very organized, so of course they had a permit. >> seth: right. [ laughter ] i think there are probably people in municipal government that office mates say, "that's one's a real permit nazi." so it's -- it like completely
1:25 am
goes together. >> hit me while the guy is holding a torch, and he's like, "you don't know the half of it." [ laughter ] >> seth: and, do you feel like -- have you had any sense that donald trump is watching the show or has seen the show? >> i -- i don't know if he watches the show. i -- i know that he -- we're about two weeks ahead of everything. in fact in the conference today he said something that's a catch phrase on our show. where trump is like, "oh boy, oh boy, oh boy." right? and he in the presser today, i think actually went "oh, boy." and i was like -- [ laughter ] but we have a catch phrase on the show. he starts every show, he goes "i'm the president, can you believe it? let's roll." and he -- two weeks after the show premiered he was in the rose garden for the health care -- like his faux health care victory where he made all the congress come stand behind him, and he literally turned and said, "i'm the president. can you believe it?" and i was like, "either he's watching or i have symbiotically
1:26 am
melded with him like spock and the horta." [ laughter ] >> seth: you -- >> who loves the horta, guys? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so -- what was your first episode, the fire truck, right? the premiere episode? >> that was the fire truck, yeah. >> seth: so you were out on the street, you were -- >> the dump truck. >> seth: a dump truck. you were improvising. >> yes. >> seth: and fully -- none of this scripted, and just randomly a truck went by. and i highly recommend everybody find this and watch it. it is, for my money, the funniest two minutes in television this year. and you -- you basically give very -- you brought us inside of trump's psyche in this two minutes and you basically very slowly unraveled. do you -- it seems to me that you have some empathy in your performance with donald trump. >> you have to. i mean as an actor you have to have empathy for your character. and i think something people should understand and they've confused -- empathy is not sympathy. sympathy would mean i identify with him and feel something for him. empathy is almost a sort of an ancient judeo christian concept of "i am a human, you are a
1:27 am
human. we suffer from the same pain and our paths through our pain are different." that's what empathy is. so, you know, he's a sad, lonely, self-loathing, love-seeking grub. i mean, that's who our president is. >> seth: yeah. >> and i think that when you look at him that way, it's like i'd rather go into his psyche and impersonate that. anybody can stand there and go, "i'm donald trump" and do this and -- anybody can do that. it's an elvis, it's a shatner, it's a very -- >> seth: yes. look as evidenced by the fact, i do one. >> yes. that's right. >> seth: yeah. and that is the lowest -- that is really the lowest bar. >> but you know, so it's more the fact that you're going inside what's the sadness inside of him that makes him so attracted to hate. and that's often the case. i mean you see this weekend, this is about a self-loathing and a -- a hatred that's turned outward because of the crisis within the white supremacy movement's self.
1:28 am
and it's pathetic and dangerous. and his father's imposition on him to run the business and the awful relationship they had with each other, including the number of african-americans they evicted in brooklyn and queens. >> seth: without his father, what do you think he would be? if he had sort of gotten adopted from another family and got to live the life he wanted to live. what do you think? >> well, i think -- i actually he'd be like ratso rizzo in "midnight cowboy." i think he'd -- i think if trump didn't succeed, he'd live in a studio apartment filled with piles of newspapers. and, like, old garbage in the sink that he never clears out. and he would wander around times square trying to steal money out of people's wallets. [ light laughter ] >> seth: oh, that would be so much better. [ laughter ] >> it would be so much better. >> seth: but then you wouldn't have your show. and i probably wouldn't have mine. >> no, then it wouldn't work. >> seth: thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. thank you. >> seth: anthony atamanuik everybody. "the president show" airs thursday nights on comedy central. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
1:29 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to adam driver, marlon wayans, anthony atamanuik, everybody. roy mayorga, and of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: good evening, i'm carson daly. this is "last call." tonight, we got a good one. stand-up comic and writer moshe kasher is the subject of our "last call" spotlight. music's cool, too. ethan gruska is here for the


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