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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 18, 2017 5:00pm-5:32pm PDT

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i am raj mathai. >> and i am jessica aguirre. an east bay family learned that their loved one is the only american killed in that barcelona attack. emotions remain high in spain. this is a memorial in barcelona for the victims. 14 people now dead after a van ran into the crowd. that includes jared tucker. jo jodi hernandez spoke to the family. >> reporter: very tragic. jared grew up in this walnut creek neighborhood. friends have been coming by all day. tucker who runs a swimming pool repair company and his wife is a teacher. they were in europe to celebrate
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their anniversary. they were supposed to return today but instead their family is gearing up for a funeral. >> reporter: they can't believe their dream vacation ended in such a violent way. they were in barcelona celebrating their one year anniversary. where a van sped up and killing the man and 13 others. >> what are your chances where one person in the united states being in barcelona. and it would be jared. >> reporter: the two had been enjoying drinks at an outdoor cafe. she decided to shop for
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souvenirs while her husband went to the bathroom. and within seconds after that, there was screaming and yelling. >> reporter: she searched for her husband for 24 hours before being called by the consulate with a request to identify him. >> we just got a text saying she had gone to the morgue and identified the body. >> reporter: they say jared was having the time of his life until yesterday. >> the only consolation is that he was in a real happy frame of mind at the time this happened. >> reporter: now in addition to his wife, tucker leaves behind three teenage daughters who are going to need a lot of support. a fund raising effort is being organized. reporting live in walnut creek.
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>> hard to comprehend. thank you. let's talk about the investigation. the search is on for three more people. so far police have four men in custody. police are not saying if any of the men were the actual drivers in the attacks in barcelona or in cambrils. the attacker shot immediately. one of the five killed confirmed as a key suspect. police are not sure if he was the driver of the van who escaped after the attack. at this hour, the nimitz freeway is at a near stand still. a procession for a fireman who was killed. this started in san jose and
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ended at the chappeel of the chimes. they are transporting the body of 30-year-old jake walter the off duty firefighter killed last night in japan town. we want to check in with ian cull, what do we know? >> reporter: the procession to take 30-year-old jake wualter just passed by us 45 minutes. his friends say he was a great guy and four months starting living his dream as an oakland firefighters. >> reporter: gathering to take 30-year-old jake walter home. >> the result of this tragedy
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has left a somber cloud. those family members of those injured and now deceased. >> reporter: last night he was shot and another colleague was shot. >> it was shocking. we were loading gear out and saw two people down on the ground. and emergency vehicles showed up. >> reporter: san jose police swarmed the area. their efforts led to an arrest. a 27-year-old man was arrested. with questions still swirling about what kind of confrontation
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led up to the shooting, walter's colleagues are grieving. and we will take another live look at sky ranger of that procession. as for that other wounded firefighters, he is stable but still recovering. and the suspect faces attempted murder charges and a murder charge. reporting live in san jose ian cull. >> we want to show you more now from our sky ranger. some powerful images along this route. you can see there firefighters on the overpasses saluting the procession as it goes down below. the first street overpass along eig 880. please in a stand off. police put the school shellen
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berger elementary on lock down. it started when police got reports of gun shots on scott street. they found a man who had said had been hit by a truck. the police found the alleged driver but he ran away. we will continue to track that stand off. okay another white house shakeup just a couple of hours ago, carl icon announced he is stepping down. he had the president's blessing. this follows another big move. steve bannon will no longer serve. seven months later, none of those men surrounding the president and the vice president
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are part of the trump administration. >> reporter: well it is interesting when you look at the number of people who have left the white house just in the past month alone. today the white house put out a statement that it was mutually agreed that it would be ban non's last day in the white house. that makes him the fourth person to leave the white house in just the past month. >> reporter: steve bannon is out. >> we never had a doubt and donald trump never had a doubt that he was going to win. >> reporter: before the white house banon made his name at bright bart.
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>> i went through 17 senators, governors and i won all the primaries. mr. ban non came on. >> reporter: a lightning rod of controversy before he came on the team. this week the writing was on the wall. bannon provoked outreached this week. saying the president's controversial comments were good for the white house because they distract distracted democrats. >> what we have heard suggests that he is reinforcing this.
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>> reporter: latest former members of the trump white house. it did not seem to take long for steve ban non to move on. in an interview that he gave to the "weekly standard," steve bannon says now i am free and my hands are back on my weapon. another development no more demonstrations in richmond virginia. after that deadly unite the right rally in charlottesville. thousands are expected at white national events across the country. the largest to be taken place in boston which is warning that new violence will be tolerated. durham, north carolina there is a march in opposition.
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the mayor in charlottesville is calling for a swift removal of the statues. we are going to show you the creative ways that people are trying to discourage participation coming up in five minutes. >> what happened in charlottesville is bleeding over to the bay area. an east bay synagogue was targeted by vandals. it happened wednesday night and the vandal was caught on surveillance camera. now police are not investigating this as a hate crime because there was no racist graffiti associated with it. a san lee andro dr. is accused of assaulting a patient. she said she went to that clinic
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for a physical and was sexual assault five times during the examination. how lydia navarro was treated after reporting him at the clinic's front desk. >> they took her to another room and instead of protecting her, left her alone in that room. and when the doctor came into the room after lydia reported him, she thought he was going to come in and kill her. >> the doctor came to apology to her. this isn't a first time of a patient accusing dr. halfi of sexual assault. organizers are hoping a campaign of adopt a nazi will do the trick.
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the unique san jose college students will get all in the name of research. >> and could low clouds out here near the coast or thihigh cloud block the view. we will have a look at the forecast when we come right back. and are you looking for love, how about giving an animal a little love. that is coming up. who can resist that face? we )re now 8 days from a
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rally.that expected to attract hundreds of alt right protesters. to we are now eight days away from a rally expected to attract hundreds of alt-right protesters to san francisco crissy field and now the rale sly generating some unique experience. >> reporter: a san francisco man has come up with a rather curious way to protest this rally. his idea involves dogs. >> the idea is to get them there the night before and leave them a present. >> reporter: through social
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media. >> i had the idea of these people marching around in a field full of poop. and i thought that would be a form of civil disobedience. >> reporter: he didn't know it would generate the interest it has. >> i meant it would be a joke. >> i think someone is going to step on a pile of dog poop and say i am convinced i don't need to be here. >> reporter: bay area politicia politicians expressed deep concerns. meantime some dog owners are lining up. >> i hope the whole thing is canceled and it is not needed. >> reporter: the event organizer told me by phone he does not
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consider himself right-wing and says the speakers will be a diverse group. the organizer of the counterprotest, he says if it does go through, dog owners would be back to clean the mess the next day. where are you going to be next monday around 10:00 a.m.? perhaps looking in the sky. the first complete solar eclipse since 1979 is right around the corner. at san jose state this morning the meteorology department. partly to help scientists know what to expect the next time the full eclipse comes around. >> i feel like the data that we
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collect now will be super useful because it could be used long after the eclipse occurs. >> the san jose state team leaves tomorrow morning up to oregon. they expect to analyze their data for several months. and the next complete solar eclipse in the united states is in october of 223. tomorrow we want to help give hundreds of pets a brand new home. garvin thomas is live in pleasanton and you are at my shelter which is by my home and i hear they have the jessica aguirre up for adoption here. >>. >> reporter: you stole my thunder because i wanted you to meet her right here. how cute is she. >> she's adorable. >> reporter: a retriever lap mix and i have great news.
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she is already spoken for. somebody is going to pick her up tomorrow. here at the valley humane society she is a number of dogs and cats they have named. this is markus washington. the new anchor of today in the bay. just across the hall is sam brock. we hear that he is a real lady killer. we want to talk about clear the shelters. and it is more than 60 locations around the bay area. so there is a shelter near you. again we are at valley humane society in pleasanton and you can adopt any day of the year why come saturday. >> tomorrow we are waiving all of our fees. normally $150 for a dog. $100 for a cat. so a great opportunity. >> reporter: thank you very
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much. one of 60 locations. 40 animals here. they hope to adopt all of them out tomorrow. we are going to head over to the cat section. and we will see you then. >> so much fun. thank you. i loved meeting me. >> our anchors never looked so good. >> i know. go to and you can find a participating shelter and did you see sam was sleeping? >> we are looking good out there. and in terms of tomorrow, we have this thing going all day across the bay area. >> and the weather picture perfect. some comfortable temperatures. but eyes turning to the monday forecast to see what the clouds would be up to. that will be coming up in two minutes. sunshine in healdsburg, same time tonight we will have the giants game.
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62 degrees currently. pretty comfortable out at the ballpark. 78. a typical pattern here. so for evening plans, light jacket weather. still have 70s tonight. waking up to the upper 50s. now high temperatures around tomorrow. mid to upper 80s still possible. 70s again for oakland and hayward. and peninsula temperatures in the mid-70s. san francisco fairly cool. we will see 70s to low 80s around the north bay. high pressure which strengthen a
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little bit today back off the coast and then attention turns to the system here in southern california. what about the clouds closer to the bay area? as things look right now along the coast in san francisco, you may be stuck with low clouds as we approach 10:00 in the morning on monday. patchy low clouds on the coast. check out these high clouds coming in. you don't want that around solar eclipse time. it appears to be monday night into tuesday morning when the band and high level clouds come in. stay tune for any changes of the cloud cover. san francisco probably not to see the solar eclipse. in land spots partly cloudy skies. a lot of sunshine all around the
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area around. is enough being done to warn people of the danger at a san francisco beach? protest the return of a
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professor. the professor was rens >> happening now, students at san jose university planning to protest the return of the professor. you can follow that on twitter and watch robert handa's story. researchers may have found cure for the peanut allergy.
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and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california.
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ocean beach took four lives well it is beautiful inviting, but sometimes deadly. the waters right in our own backyard in san francisco ocean beach took four lives last year. >> tourists and locals may not know how treacherous it can be. >> reporter: there is plenty of summer left and if you plan to head out to ocean beach you should know the danger.
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powerful rip tides can pull you out to sea. currents coming from the bay can carry people away. we spoke with a champion open water swimmers who considers the beach to be one of the most dangerous in america. >> it looks inviting, but this is not a swim can beach. >> reporter: do you think that visitors to this beach are getting the message that this is a no swimming beach? >> of course not krp . >> reporter: we questioned the agency for safety. back to you. >> thank you and of course coming into august and september some great beach weather. >> back in a moment this is our puppy cam
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. okay. this is our best live camera that we do every year around this time. this is our live puppy cam in pleasanton at the valley humane society. that is either levi or wrangler. all available for adoption all day tomorrow.
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>> you can get triplets. >> thanks for joining us here. see you at 6:00. tonight, steve bannon out. president trump's controversial chief strategist now the latest high-profile departure for the administration. inside the white house intrigue. terror manhunt. the urgent police search to take down a suspected terror cell linked to the back-to-back attacks in spain. and new tonight, the american killed in the violence. stabbing rampage. a knife-wielding attacker strikes another european city. was it also terror? police chase crash. the dash cam video. a cop car slams into another vehicle at over a hundred miles an hour. eclipse excitement. bumper-to-bumper traffic as the great getaway begins to see monday's total eclipse. we'll tell you where the weather might ruin the view. and a league of their own. kids throwing out the


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