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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i hope you're coming off great weekend. >> monday can be a fun day. >> monday fun day. >> it's not that fun, though, trying to stay cool in the hot weather. we're under a micro climate weather alert as we track extreme heat for the inland valleys and we could be in the triple digits just like yesterday. high temperatures in the north bay and the county over 100 degrees. san jose 96. all these areas shaded in orange that continues until 9:00 this evening. all of this coming up in a few minutes. the north bay sig alert. >> track that for i-80. the rest of the bay the standard bill, a crash in fremont is developing with slowing.
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westbound 80, all lanes have cleared but eastbound 80 there's one lane blocked. that ridge is at the center divide and that's why the spectator slowing coming in from out of vacaville. the benicia bridge is moving well. what caused more spectator slowing. even more flooding after already being beaten by hurricane harvey. as much as 50 inches of rain before the storm moves out. showing the intense flooding in the nation's fourth largest city. >> just shows you how wide it is as well. a look at one area, the flooding. a car submerged there also in houston.
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5,000 on the ground in houston. here is where the situation stands this hour. officials released water to protect the downtown area for more devastating flooding. thousands of people have to go to rising ground. rescuers were not able to keep up with the constant calls. harvey made landfall late friday as a category 4 hurricane. downgraded to a storm but it is still lingering and dropping heavy rain. officials estimate the storm has affected about a quarter of the texas population, about 6.8 million people. >> "today in the bay" and sarah dallof is live in texas city this morning and south of houston with the overwhelming number of calls people have
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made. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. the national weather service describes this storm and its effects as never before scene saying some areas may see 60 plus inches of rain before it's all over. this morning on the run from the remnants of hurricane harvey. thousands of houston residents forced from their homes by record floodwaters. >> i walked out and i was just like screaming. >> reporter: as helicopters plucked people from their rooftops, officials put out a call for help. >> the bottom line it will continue on. we need the whole community not only the federal government forces but this is a whole community effort from all levels of government and it's going to require the citizens getting involved. >> reporter: and texans
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responded, strangers helping strangers to safety. the problems are not just in houston. this photo taken of residents at a nursing home. later rescued by helicopter. houston's mayor defended his decision not to order an evacuation ahead of the storm. >> but i want to thank those thousands and thousands -- in fact, millions of houstonians who heeded the advice and did not get on the road. >> reporter: first responders and ordinary citizens for their response in the fate of catastrophe. and the rain is falling hard this morning in the community of dickinson. scenes like this across the suburbs and in central houston. about 30,000 people will be placed in temporary shelters. the organization will be on the ground for years and damage so far are estimated in the billions. back to you. >> amazing to see the
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devastation there. thank you very much. we do have continuing team coverage. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the storm as it lingers over the texas area. you mentioned that last week that it was just going to sit there. >> yeah, unfortunately, and what's happening is the center of tropical storm harvey is now emerging over the gulf of mexico. that's new within the last few minutes. you're seeing all of the bright reds moving into southwestern louisiana right now and a lot of tornado watches in effect as that catastrophic flooding continues. wind speed at 40 miles an hour. this will start to move back inland right over houston within the next several hours as we go into this evening and that flooding will continue. as we bring it back home a live look outside this morning.
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excessive heat warnings in livermore as temperatures there expected to top out at 108 degrees. we'll monitor all of this coming up in the forecast. >> all right, kari. and as kari mentioned we have some severe weather here in the bay area as well with an excessive heat warning. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez to explain why firefighters really worried about today's extreme heat, kris. >> reporter: we just saw the temperature dip on that gauge back there to 59 degrees. that's normal when the sun is coming up for the heat goes away. we know the gauge will be 50 degrees higher during the hottest part of the day. things are so dry. alameda county battled south of livermore. they did it by air and on the ground. it is steep and rugged terrain.
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the progress of the fire was only stalled and not stopped. the fire is creeping into the regional park. you might want to steer clear of there during the heat of the day. triple digit heat during lunch time hour. firefighters could get a handle on it. the good news here is these are the only two wildfires burning here in the bay area. now as kari mentioned temperatures will start to come down tomorrow but once that grass is dry and the brush is dry, it is dry and is continuing to be a fire danger. i posted safety tips on facebook because often we think wild land fires are a problem for people who choose to live near open
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space but any one of us who drives could spark a wildfire. i did post some tips on my facebook page and twitter feed. in livermore, chris czyz, "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. i'm sure you'll be shedding that jacket later. >> keep track of the heat even when we're not on air. download our nbc bay area app. at 6:08 this morning happening today, a hearing on judge aaron persky's recall, santa clara judge who sentenced former swimmer brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman. he has filed a lawsuit to stop the recall effort against him claiming the county does not have jurisdiction but rather the secretary of state does. his lawsuit has temporarily stopped the campaign from collecting signatures. today in the east bay the piedmont city council is scheduled to vote to remove the city's mayor jeff wheeler but mr. wheeler acted first by
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resigning over the weekend. this comes as a controversial conversation on facebook with a piedmont resident. wheeler wrote transgender people are mentally ll. liberals are un-american. black lives matter moving encourages cop killing. >> i would absolutely defend his right to free speech, but sometimes free speech has consequences. >> wheeler will remain on the city council until his term is over in november. >> san francisco police are questioning a man in connection with a homicide in the excelsior neighborhood. it happened yesterday afternoon. when officers arrived they found the victim who later died at the hospital. investigators say the man in did i knew each other but it's not clear what happened. more details now, we looked into our archives overnight and found this is the sixth homicide this year in that area covered by san francisco's ingleside police precinct. we looked into crime stats posted by the new government
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database specifically the number of assaults investigated into that precinct since the start of the year. 62 reported. and at 6:10, our micro climate weather alert. a live look at our camera over downtown san jose which is expected to hit in the upper 90s today. kari hall joins us now. it will be even hotter in the tri-valley. >> be and we're keeping an eye on some of those hot spots like concord. as we look at the temperature trend today at 10:00 we'll already be in the lower 80s so that's when you most likely will start to turn on the air conditioning and look at how hot it will be as we go through the day reaching up to 105 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon. as we take a look at all of our micro climates and what to expect today with the temperatures up to 108 in livermore. napa, 101 degrees. and even in spots like palo alto up to 92. san jose, 96, and 76 today in
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san francisco. we will break down those temperatures and what to expect in about four minutes. mike has breaking news in the traffic center. three big items. the first one behind me, the bay bridge. this is between the toll plaza here. you see the green light. here are the metering lights. you see the flashing lights. two middle lanes are blocked in that critical section jamming up folks trying to get on to the bay bridge itself. they still have to wait through the backup. the map will show you the backups start to go build down off the east shore freeway in the last five minutes starting to slow at university all the way around the berkeley curve and westbound 580. this is rippling back already. that's one issue. in the north bay we're tracking that sig alert in solano county. one lane blocked at cherry glenn and over here fremont we learned this is a sig alert as well southbound. your commute at mission boulevard, two right lanes blocked. traffic jamming out of sunol and down to fremont.
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that is an option. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks for the latest there, mike. 6:11. up next continuing coverage of the devastation left behind from hurricane harvey. the simple steps you can take right here at home to help the victims of the historic storm. plus, a fresh start for uber. who the company chose as its new ceo. get 40% off on coit residential cleaning services
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good monday morning. 6:15 with the micro climate weather alert as we track some really hot temperatures again today as the sun rises. temperatures will reach into the upper 90s. we'll hit that high temperature at 2:00 this afternoon. excessive heat warnings coming up in five minutes. >> and looking over here, the problem for the tri-valley. a sig alert called. two right lanes are blocked. and there may be another crash in theup. we'll show you how the east bay and the north bay picking up as well. thank you very much, kari and mike. we continue to monitor the situation in texas this morning. millions of people are feeling the effects of tropical storm harvey. this is a live look from houston this morning. many cars submerged and the rain keeps falling.
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the storm made landfall as a category 4 hurricane. it is still dumping huge amounts of rain across texas causing devastating flooding particularly in that houston area. look at the people just trying to get help at least two people reported dead but that death toll sadly is expected to rise. americans are being asked to donate blood the aftermath of hurricane harvey. they say anyone who is eligible should donate blood especially people with type o positive blood. blood drives have been canceled so other agencies are trying to meet emergency blood needs. >> veteran police officer facing charld porn charges is in court this morning in martinez today. they found child pornography on the officer's home computer. he has been suspended from the san francisco police department. and uber has a new ceo this morning. the company chose expedia
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executive dara khosrowshahi as the new ceo. the uber board managed to keep his candidacy a secret. there were rumors hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman would be chosen for the job. uber has been without a ceo for the past two months. more business and tech news this morning. wall street could start the week in the red. the markets are coming off a positive week but still lower the entire month. a lot of economic data including reports on housing, consumer, manufacturing and auto sales. it will all be topped off by the monthly jobs report on friday. gasoline prices on the future market hit a two-year high. mass flooding from tropical storm harvey is forcing refineries to shut down. about 15% of u.s. refining capacity is estimated to be offline although crude production is less effective. refineries are fortified against the weather but the inch workers
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to get back to those facilities is going to have the biggest impact. >> moody's estimates harvey will result in $5 billion in lost economic output and up to $10 billion in property damage similar to hurricane matthew last year. in comparison hurricane katrina caused $140 billion in losses in 2005. half of property damage could be recovered by insurance. arrests should be covered by state and federal aid. apple is making it easier to help victims of hurricane harvey. people can donate to the red cross. >> happening today prices will go down at whole foods nationwide. >> the grocery chains close today. amazon says all shoppers can expect lower prices like fruit, vegetables, eggs and peanut
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butter. people are joking online that whole foods may finally shed the nickname whole paycheck. 6:18 right now. a whole lot of kids to feed in my house. packing those lunches early this morning. if you get a chance get outdoors right now. early morning hikes, the coolest part of the day before the sun rises. we have that he can sexcessive warning. the camera in dublin is expect to hit triple digits there. >> right now, kari, a lot of people are wondering. >> trying to get things done early, drink lots of water. if you have to work outside today, take lots of breaks and make sure you're paying attention to your body as we have to deal with a lot of the heat in the tri-valley starting out at 67 degrees with some clear skies. also in parts of the north bay
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it is mostly clear. temperature at 55 degrees. we do still have the fog and drizzle in san francisco rolling across parts of the city. as we zoom in to the south bay and a look at high temperatures for this afternoon in morgan hill up to 102 degrees. the seven-day forecast is now up at the bottom of the screen. you see that won't have much relief from this heat as we go into the next several days. in livermore a high of 108 degrees. up to 90 degrees there and also looking at some upper 80s for parts of the pen ins will and even up to 92 degrees in palo alto. the embarcadero will be up to 75 degrees and a lot of triple digits in the north bay and sonoma up to 103 degrees. we do have all of the he can ex heat warnings. that's where those highs could get as high as 112 degrees and then for the valleys we have
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heat advisories for those shaded this red with a high of 103 degrees. a spare the air alert day for the east bay. the south bay will be unhealthy to be outside and for the kids heading to school this morning packing the lunch. make sure they're wearing something that will keep them cool and drink plenty of water. it will be in the 80s and 90s, the air conditioner will be on. and sonoma wine country will be hot already at noon in the 90s hitting over the triple digits and in half moon bay today that will be a spot that stays cool in the upper 60s by this afternoon. we do have that problem, chp the sig alert, two right lanes at mission north.
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that's a problem for the tri-valley. that's still a distraction and then over to the bridge. look at that, good news, i'm a liar now. waze will show you the big problem, though, that rippled to the backup here. this green route takes you 1:35. you see that on the map. the alternate route saves you a half hour even though it's ten miles longer. use waze for this type of situation. make sure you're a member of nbc bay area wazers. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:22 right now. coming up next, imagine traveling from the bay area to l.a. in just 30 minutes. >> i'm in. >> the new design that could help make the hyper loop a
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reality. >> reporter: one international trip triggered hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra cell phone charges. should it have? i'm chris chmura. nbc area responds next. to a san jose woman who says a
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welcome back, everyone. good monday morning to you. 6:25 right now. nbc bay area responds to a san jose woman who says her phone bill dampened an overseas trip. >> consumer investigator chris
6:26 am
chmura is here with the story. >> christine took a trip to morocco. she set up a pay as you go international cell phone plan which meant she paid a flat rate whenever she sent a text, placed a call or used data. she says she rarely used her phone and only used internet while connected to wi-fi at the hotel. on day four of her trip she received a text from verizon saying she had accrued $500 in data charges. christine called verizon and learned her phone, an iphone, was set to wi-fi assist, which switches to cellular data when the wi-fi signal is weak. christine was upset because she didn't know about wi-fi assist and thought verizon should have told her to turn it off. she asked verizon to forgive the $500 bill but it said no. init offered a $100 credit. christine didn't think that $100 credit was good enough so she reached out to us for help.
6:27 am
we contacted verizon and it removed the charges. verizon said they're grateful for the opportunity to assist miss carlyle and will work to earn her loyalty going forward. if you want to see if you have wi-fi assist turned on, go to the settings, then click cellular and scroll all the way to the bottom. if you have a consumer complaint, call us 888-996-tips or online at thanks so much, chris. 27 right now. new this morning students from germany are the winners of the second hyper loop pod competiti competition. they tested designs in southern california. the contest is the brainchild of elon musk who wants to get pods going at 700 mills an hour meaning a 30-minute trip from l.a. to san francisco. the winning pod travels 201 miles per hour in a 26-foot
6:28 am
vacuum tube. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," houston metro area home to nearly 6 million people is under water this morning as tropical storm harvey is still producing a lot of rain. ==pete/live== pete tease oncam. =open >> reporter: thousands of people head to berkeley to protest against those on the alt-right. however, a small group of them didn't want to do so peacefully. i'll have the new details on injuries and arrests as well as what the mayor of berkeley is saying about it this morning.
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triple digits today. right now at 6:30 we are in a micro climate weather alert with inland areas hitting triple digits today. a live look outside from our san francisco camera this morning. one spot where it even looks cool. you might want to go to beat that heat. that cloud cover there. good morning to you. thanks for us. i hope you had a great week. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marcus washington. today people want to know it's going to be hot, how do i protect myself. for a better look at where you live or are working today to meteorologist kari hall. you can see that fog rolling across san francisco. the marine layer less than 1,000 feet. it will be clearing out fairly quickly as temperatures there up to 76 degrees.
6:32 am
we will see widespread triple digit temperatures and will be in the 70s throughout much of the week along the coastline and in san francisco. up to 105 degrees today. i'll talk about the weekend forecast and what to expect in about seven minutes. mike is tracking yet another crash for the east shore freeway. [ no audio ] we're having a problem hearing you there. you're talking about a motorcycle crash. tell me, westbound 80? at ashby avenue. you can see the backup it's causing there. we can show you on the maps as well the big problem going on there. there you see westbound 80 going to emeryville. it is a pretty big thoroughfare where they're having a lot of backups in the area as well.
6:33 am
anything else to report, mike? another crash to report in the fremont area that just cleared out from southbound 680. that, my friends, is what we call teamwork. all right. thank you very much. the nation's fourth largest city being pummeled by tropical storm harvey. within the past few hours they expect 30,000 people to be housed in emergency shelters. more than 1,000 water rescues and new overnight crews released from reservoirs to prevent more devastating flding in the downtown area. both are shut down this morning impacting flights now across the country and here in the bay area as much as 50 inches of rain could fall in houston by the end of the week.
6:34 am
>> president trump is set to visit the flood zone. he held a conference call with his cabinet on sunday. it could take years. >> this event is not over. >> officials are taking heat for not issuing mandatory evacuations ahead of harvey. much more coverage of the tropical storm. we're working with nbc news and "today" show correspondents to bring you live reports throughout the morning. 6:4. we're learning more about the massive protests that took over the streets of berkeley. nbc bay area sky ranger over the scene as thousands of counterprotesters came out against people who wanted to
6:35 am
demonstrate and share their views. "today in the bay's" pete suratos was at the epicenter where all this happened with new details about the arrests and injuries. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. those arrests were made and some of the signs hanging up around the city of berkeley including the sign you see here since we got daylight says bay area stands against hate and white supremacy. thousands of protesters came here yesterday to oppose as the alt-right but the strategy could not have been more different. >> we are unstoppable. >> reporter: now those are some of the protesters who marched peacefully with large banners
6:36 am
and signs like the ones i just showed you defying hate groups coming to the city of berkeley. there was a group of people wearing bandannas and black hoodies and they antagonize add small group of trump supporters, another rally was canceled in san francisco over the weekend. here is what one of the peaceful protesters had to say about the importance as well as a rally supporter who did not want to be identified saying this group is being treated unfairly. >> we're a very diverse group. we want to send a united message against hate. >> these cities claim to be tolerant and accepting, they should be accepting of everybody's opinion. >> reporter: i want to a partial part of a statement from berkeley mayor addressing yesterday's protests. first addressing theful protesters saying, quote, they gave impassioned speeches. they played music and showed berkeley and the bay area will
6:37 am
always stand for tolerance, diversity and injustice. however, the violence of a small group of protesters engaged in and against police including throwing smoke bombs is unacceptable. a number of arrests have been made, if you have any videos or pictures that can help catch some of the people who caused trouble berkeley police are asking you turn it over. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, pete. at 6:37, on saturday thousands took to the streets in anti-hate rallies. in alamo square, the castro mission, people marched and protested against permitted rally in crissy field which was canceled by the organizers. other than a few scuffles today was considered mostly peaceful. you can see our digital team's perspective. they were on the ground
6:38 am
documenting the rallies and protests including one woman's story who told nbc bay area police arrested her without warning. >> a nonprofit group has discovered the body of a bay area man. he went out kayaking and never. a special sonar device located it 250 feet underwater. one of at least three drownings in lake tahoe. the waters are said to be more dangerous due to high snow run-off. at that time deputies reported approximately 20 water rescues. 6:38 right now. the city of san jose has agreed to settle a lawsuit by a man
6:39 am
shot by batons. that happened in august of 2015. the victim says three officers struck him when he was pulled over for a violation. he says his arm was injured in the process. the officers eventually cited that driver for dui but dropped the charge. the settlement calls for a $700,000 payout which the city council must now approve. 6:39. san mateo leaders are asking for the public's help. the city is currently looking into downtown holding a second downtown community workshop that will take place at 6:00 p.m. >> the rail transit system gets its first real test today. smart trains started their regularly scheduled runs between santa rosa and san rafael.
6:40 am
all right, guys. still following this major crash westbound 80 at ashby. a motorcycle down blocking the left two lanes. the good news only a busted arm, maybe not even broken, just a hurt, injured arm for the motorcycle driver. this is blocking the two left lanes. the backup after the earlier crash at the bay bridge. the commute volume kicking in right now. 680, the crash at mission, has cleared. there's another crash on the shoulder making more of a distraction here as well as over there. the earlier crash there took a while to clear from the shoulder. we're showing the rest of the bay just starting to show that build as it does later compared to the east bay and the slow drive south 680. a tough drive coming down through fremont.
6:41 am
>> everybody wants to get moving on a monday. >> already looking to the weekend. >> we had such a hot weekend. i spent most of mine trying to find cooler weather. we'll be doing the same thing in the valleys up to 98 degrees. the bay at 86 and the coast 72. looks like a beach weekend once again and on sunday slightly cooler along the coast. we'll also feel a few degrees drop in those temperatures for the bay and inland areas as well. if you're going to napa valley look at these temperatures in the triple digits still on friday and in the 90s throughout saturday and sunday. most of the weekend very and sunny. a live look outside in squaw valley as the sun rises and temperatures there over the weekend will be reaching into the mid-90s. a high of 87 degrees, the 80s for saturday will be at 87 and sunday 86 degrees.
6:42 am
now what's ahead for today. our temperature trend for san jose coming up in three minutes. >> pretty warm everywhere. we continue to monitor tropical storm harvey. how first responders from the bay area are heading to the lone star state to help the victims of the devastating storms. plus, preventing pollution in the bay area. keeping our air clean. >> and a look at the stock market. you can see the dow up 20 points. a lot of people were worried will the price go up with hurricane harvey affecting things. the refineries are doing well. worried about the workers getting to those refineries.
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6:45 with a clear start and mild temperatures this morning. at 10:00 we're already in the upper 70s and it doesn't stop there. still heating up. another day to take it easy and try to stay cool. we'll talk about more high heat. more on that coming up in five minutes. >> tracking westbound 80 with
6:46 am
two, maybe three lanes blocked as crews arrive. the travel times, look at this on your grid. we have an hour right now to the bay bridge and building because of that restrict flow. at 6:46 right now take a look at live images coming into our fuse room right now as people are dealing with the devastating flooding in texas. people trying to find their animals that disappeared, many rescued from the floodwaters. people walking around with animals in hand with crates. rain continues to fall in that area. we're trying to help out here as well. more are on their way. a team from the pen la packed up boats, gear and food and head to texas. a team will get right to work once they arrive.
6:47 am
>> i anticipate putting them in the worst locations because that's where you want them. wherever the deepest water is where people may be in attic, that's the best spot for these guys. steph curry tweeting out his support by the people in houston writing, quote, prayers up for houston. many fam and friends living there. don't really know what to say in times like these but hope we can help somehow. hurricane harvey has changed plans. we have a live look at the airport for you. the airline is coming back. a quick announcement at the ticket counter in terminal "b." >> the u.s. navy says the bodies
6:48 am
of all ten missing sailors from "the uss john s. mccain." this latest crash was the second involving a navy ship. the commander was relieved of duties. it is still being investigated as to what led up to this crash. at 6:48 homeowners in one sonoma county city may have to pay extra. the story in the heart of wine country, a councilwoman has proposed a 1% tax on homes. owners would have to pay more. the goal is to reduce the number of homes that sit empty because people only use them as vacation or weekend properties. voters will cast the final say in this.
6:49 am
the housing crisis. overnight we sorted through the numbers from real estate experts. it is down by 11.5% in the last year. less than one-third of households qualify for a mortgage on a medium priced home. they say a shortage of homes for sale remains a top concern. after complaints from residents about cars idling. we decided to see how harmful idling is. ten seconds of idling uses more fuel than turning the car on and off. an hour of idling equals to a gallon of gas.
6:50 am
a hot day ahead of us with excessive heat warnings. you're looking live now at cameras in jose, fremont and palo alto where people are expected to feel the heat. some in the bay areas are hitting triple digits. >> we're going to do that again today. >> we were just as hot yesterday and it's still going to be hot today. we are trying to find air conditioning and find places like this. you can take a short drive and enjoy the fog in cooler air. that's what we're seeing. the marine layer less than 1,000 feet. as the sun rises over dublin we are already at 67 degrees this morning and mostly clear skies. a look those high temperatures today. in the south county up to 103 degrees in gilroy. san jose 96 degrees. you can see that at the bottom of the screen as well.
6:51 am
it will be a hot week. really not much relief here. we're just trying to settle in with hot weather up to 108 degrees in livermore and oakland expect a high of 86 degrees. for the peninsula, 68 in half moon bay and 92 in palo alto. outer sunset, 68 and 76 degrees in the mission district. north bay looking at those widespread triple digits there as well. as you're getting started and ready for the day a great beach day if you can make it to the beach or somewhere cooler. all of these areas shaded in orange and that mostly includes elevations above 1,000 feet. and then a heat advisory for the valleys including all areas inland and parts of the inner bay.
6:52 am
car-pool, public transportation, no wood burning today. unhealthy air quality for those with breathing problems. if you're heading out, about to walk the kids to school or the bus stop, clear and warm to start. temperatures in the 80s and 90s. san francisco in the 70s throughout the week and inland areas, the peak of the heat today still will be a hot week ahead. restricted addressing a motorcycle crash westbound 80 at ashby. you see folks getting off there. if you're familiar with the area. now westbound 80. a big backup in richmond.
6:53 am
the berkeley curve will keep it moving better. that's not a great option for you now. it takes you across the golden gate bridge. a sig alert away from the bay area and to fairfield. that's why westbound is distracted. solano county is further out. a slower drive through fremont and hayward. moving well. the waze system and we're seeing traffic flowing even though it's moving well. here are three options for you make sure you check it on your phone as well because waze is on your phone.
6:54 am
make sure you choose our team as the one to join. nbc bay area wazers. >> sounds like a deal, thank you, mike. a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay" including the excessive heat warning. you heard kari talk about it. the reason firefighters are concerned about the hot weather. but first, happening now, breaking news. the transgender military ban. on friday signed a directive banning transgender military recruits. however, the defense secretary will determine whether those already in the armed forces can continue to serve. plus, nintendo is ramping up production on its switch console. it has been hard to find in stores. they hope to ship more than 10 million for the busy holiday season.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap to friends at more banks than ever before.
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you got next? chase. make more of what's yours. chase. here are the top stories on today in welcome back on this eamond morning. >> expecting another dangerous hot day ahead. an excessive heat warning is in effect. a live look in livermore. we'll surpass 100 degrees today. fire crews say they will be on alert and we have new video this morning showing crews fighting a wildfire in livermore on sunday. kari has another check of your forecast.
6:58 am
a hearing will be held today on judge aaron persky's recall. he is the judge criticized for sentencing swimmer brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. many felt the sentence was too lenient. a live look in berkeley is quiet after protesters got out of hand. at times it became violent. police say seven people were injured. officers made 13 arrests and they have not yet closed the book on arrests. >> the governor of texas will survey the damage of hurricane harvey today. greg abbott will be briefed on what is now tropical storm harvey. president trump is expected to
6:59 am
visit tomorrow. coverage continues next on the "today" show with crews across texas showing the impact of this storm. >> it's what's blocking harvey from really moving in the south. the heat will be here throughout the week as we look at the seven-day forecast. we'll reach the peak the heat up to 105 degrees. still looking at a lot of 90s throughout the next several days. we called it as a big deal, chp has said sig alert is hazy. good news no major injuries, an arm injury but a major backup on interstate 80 out of richmond and through the berkeley curve. >> what a monday. we're back in half an hour.
7:00 am
>> and join us at 11:00. it's a great day. get out and enjoy this monday. >> keep cool. ♪ good morning. unprecedented disaster. houston, the nation's fourth-largest city, under water in the wake of hurricane harvey. thousands already rescued. >> all i could grab is my wallet and my phone. that's all i knew to grab. >> thousands more stranded. rescue crews stretched to the limit. another two feet of rain on the way. >> we have to remind ourselves this event is not over. >> with waters rising, new evacuations issued overnight, but why weren't they ordered before the storm? houston's mayor defending that decision. >> you give an order to evacuate, you are creating a nightmare. >> lester holt is live in houston, and we have correspondents fanned out across the region today, monday, august


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