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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 1, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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now. firefighters, pg&e crews, schools, sports team. even people trying to avoid the heat by heading to the beach. they couldn't get away from the hot temperatures. ocean beach hits very high temps as well. tonight we have team coverage. >> in san francisco as we did talk, we have now updated the official high in san francisco to 106 degrees. that now makes it the hottest temperature ever experienced in downtown san francisco. last time it was close to this was 103 degrees back in june 2000. not only did we have the hot air moving in with the heat wave, but the smoke and haze pushing it across san francisco and adds a layer throughout downtown sf.
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and the heat bounces off of the smoke particles which increases the temperatures. plenty of other records set across the bay area. 1 110 in santa rosa. most of these records were way back in the 1950s. so tedecades here. put it into perspective here, las vegas had 103 for the high. and the desert hot air sitting over the desert. concord was 114. tracking more on this heat and how the trend is going to play out on your saturday forecast. full details coming up in 15 minutes.
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>> hotter than las vegas. take a look at how hot it is. jodi hernandez tweeting out this photo. she continues our coverage from livermore. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: it has been scorching here in livermore. we witnessed a heat emergency right here in downtown livermore. it is taking a dangerous toll on many. paramedics in livermore say they are responding to call after call of heat exhaustion. >> hard time breathing and being overheated. >> reporter: nothing to mess around with? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: allergy symptoms across the bay area. making it extremely tough on
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many to breathe. mike nichols believes it. >> it feels like it is expanding. >> reporter: allergist say conditions this severe put everyone in danger. urging people to stay inside. >> you can all have lung issues, worsening allergy symptoms and bad for our lungs. >> reporter: playgrounds stay empty all day moving recess inside. >> safety is our utmost priority. >> reporter: children didn't seem to mind the change. with the temperatures rising, even the little ones recognize the dangerous. >> it is not safe to be out there when it is hot. >> reporter: back here live. normally on a friday night,
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these outdoor tables and caves the chairs would be full. not expected to cool down as you know any time soon and folks urged to take precautions through the weekend. reporting live in livermore, i am jodi hernandez nbc bay area news. thank you for that. think twice before cranking the air-conditioning. a flex alert has been issued. urging people to save energy. right now, there are a number of power outages across the bay area. most outages are in the east bay. scorching temperatures and high fire dangers, crews taking extra
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steps. making extra room for emergency vehicles. christie smith live right now. firefighters are saying this is a first. >> reporter: it has been so hot here in the berkeley hills, we haven't seen many team out and about at all. this idea came out in discussions over time. these narrow streets, requests for people to park off the street. under the scorching hot sun in the berkeley hills, tammy euker moved her car off the street and onto the driveway. >> park on the driveway or in the garage to make it easier for the fire department. >> reporter: she still recalls the devastating fire storm from
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1991. >> we don't want to have a repeat. >> only during the red flag times. >> reporter: acting fire chief says they looked at practices across the state and said they could request residents to leave more room on the streets. >> for our apparatus to be able to fit through while others are trying to get out. if cars are at pinch points t could slow down the response, the evacuation and people could get trapped. >> reporter: he said there were challenges during the reseent grizzly fires. the alameda fire department is prepared with resources they might need in these conditions.
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>> water, gatorade, pop up tents. medical equipment to make sure people's heart rate and blood pressure is down. >> reporter: parking is just a request. but it is being enforced. and crews are going around to make sure fire hydrants are not blocked. >> thank you. while this record setting heat, bart announced it is slowing down trains today as a precaution. the heat could cause problems in the track expandicausing them td and move. by the way, our coverage of this intense heat isn't over yet. in our second half hour, we are going to take you to the coast
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which experienced 90s today and when you can expect relief there. >> now for the fallout of hurricane harvey. nearly 800,000 people forced to evacuate. 32,000 people jammed into 250 shelters across texas and louisiana. an nbc bay area exclusive. take you over the skies in houston. cameras rode along. the superintendenunits helping evacuations, rescues and recovery. >> reporter: this is what they have been flying throughout the rescue mission. today the unit evacuated one woman from a shopping center parking lot and flew her to a
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hospital in houston. water stretches as far as the eye can see and some places the water is murky and full of contaminants. you can see the rooftop of some home and some are submerged. flying over many other natural disasters, they patrol the northern no-fly zones in iraq. total devastation in many areas. for our crew, after a week of boots on the ground witnessing the impact from the sky gave us a new understanding of how wide spread the devastation really is. >> damian trujillo has been in texas all week long. and tweeting out updates throughout the day. including this one.
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follow us on twitter. our handle is @nbcbayarea. dave cortesi is asking to provide -- >> go to our website for a link to donate. it could be as simple as sending a text on your cell phone. new at 6:00 a suspect under arrest tonight for a series of attacks on asian women. police went to interview him they found he was already jailed for three similar assaults. surveillance video outraged many
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people in the community. this one is unprovoked. and the victim was asian. police added hate crimes. there may be more women who have not yet come forward. a tense holiday weekend as the white house announced president trump is postponing his decision on daca on tuesday. >> this president is a president that loves people and we are working on the best decision possible and will be announced tuesday. >> daca is a program that allows -- a third in california. >> on the campus of uc berkeley, students and advocates are rallies to defend daca. and to come out in mass numbers
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to defeat the president's attack on daca >> we are unsure what is going to happen. but we hope people start mobilizing and taking action. and protesting and rallying. >> the president's decision comes tuesday and we will be following it closely. our sister telemundo 48 organized a phone bank. taking calls both in english and spanish right now. the number on your screen, one-800-548-4884. all calls are anonymous. coming up, smoke coming out of the russian consulate.
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still a dangerous 110 in walnut creek. a very hot for san francisco standards. we are tracking more similar temperatures for saturday. i will have the full forecast coming up at 6:20 tonight.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. consulate in san francisco. if you look closely, you can
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pretty much see it, smoke coming out of the chimney at the russian consulate in san francisco. raises the question what are they burning the day before they were ordered to close. sam brock is live in san francisco. the smoke even caught the attention of city officials. >> reporter: as you mentioned, it was the spare the air day today and it was a record temperature today here in san francisco of 106 degrees. so we don't think it was wood burning on a day that hot. what were they burning. air inspectors were out. the russiançó employees at the consulate taking the stuff out as we speak and putting it into this van. they are going to be closing soon. according to the order, they
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will be closing by tomorrow. here is what we know about the smoke. coming out of the chimney today and the fire department arrived, they were turned away. to see it from the sky or right from the streets of your neighborhood, one thing is for certain, it rendered onlookers speechless. >> it is a quiet neighborhood, so bizarre to the tenth degree. >> i find it suspicious. >> reporter: what do you think they are burning? >> i don't want to go there. >> reporter: on twitter one observed a last minute document dump seemed to be the prevailing theater. >> doing something unusual in there for the hottest day of the year in san francisco. and all of a sudden they need
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heat? give me a break. >> reporter: air inspectors cam. and for now keeping an eye on things. employees bundled their belonging into a van. and the order from the u.s. government says the consulate has to accomplish the closure by september 2nd which is tomorrow. you are watching the moving process going on. the russian foreign ministry has accused the u.s., specifically the fbi of coming out tomorrow and scoping out the place. they also say they are looking at the pardon mes of the people living inside of the building and we will be following up on that. reporting live from san francisco, i am sam brock. >> thank you, sam.
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a san francisco woman accuse of a hate crime. she pushed an 80-year-old woman. this is at 3 and pallu avenue in the bay district. she said she assaulted the woman because of her ethnicity. she is expected to be okay. a mountain lion seen in the front yard of a san jose home. take a look. here is the big cat sighting just after yesterday's sighting of a mountain and her cub near downtown palo alto. scott budman, you spoke to a homeowner. >> reporter: they are used to seeing deer around these parts but not mountain lions.
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typically it is deer seen on the motion detecting camera but this is no deer. >> my stomach got sick. >> reporter: the large mountain lion visited this neighborhood earlier this morning. >> i was freaked out i think. >> reporter: walking the same path the deer did before. the sighting coming one day after a mountain lion came to this palo alto area. since marlow's neighborhood is home to lots of animals. >> i have a koi pond. and i have five chickens. >> reporter: she spent part of her friday talking to neighbors telling them about the unusual visitor. >> i see raccoons and possum and cats and deer. but the first time i have seen a
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mountain lion. >> reporter: now marlow has pets herself. she says she will also be ka contacting the department of fitch and wildlife. squad budman nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. je >> really helped to push these temperatures up a little hotter. those air molecules get excited and it creates more friction. and therefore temperatures get hotter. that is why san francisco is able to reach up to an all time record high of 106 degrees. palo alto at 109. concord 114. we still have the haze. it is not budging. walnut creek checking in at
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109 degrees. humidity down to 11%. and you can see through tonight, we're still in the 80s at eight clock this evening. so the dangerous heat sticks with us. if you don't have ac, call a friend, find someone with air-conditioning. tomorrow it is insult to injury. just doesn't get better. interior valleys 114 in concord. 113 in antioch. san francisco 97. oakland 99. santa rosa at 108. common sense. temperatures start to increase, remember the water, take frequent breaks if you are outside a lot. cool towel on the back of your neck helps to lower your body temperatures. hot car danger. can turn deadly. in terms of the extended
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forecast, san francisco gets cooler here by tuesday. eventually some 60s next week. i will have a much longer look of the extended forecast inland. we will go through it at 6:48 tonight. >> olympians in the bay area. events that brought them all together in our own backyard. happening now on our website:
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==reveal== tesla is under fire from the u-s labor board. the federal agency is filing a complaint against the palo alto based electric car company. happening now, tesla is under
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file. the board decided safety complaints from workers have merit. and on our twitter feed, firefighters in san jose battling a structure fire in san jose. burning near oak ridge mall. ice.
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specificially, figure skating. we certainly have been talking about the heat today and with good reason. but now to talk about the ice. particularly figure skating. >> less than six months before the winter games. nbc bay area garvin thomas shows us why. >> reporter: the reason for the event is to support a good cause. but for the host of the event it is also a chance to skate with
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old friends and future olympians. kristi yamaguchi. this happens to be the 20 first anniversary of her winning the gold. the foundation promotes child literacy. it will be a chance to see karen chen of fremont. the young woman hoping to file j yamaguchi's golden footsteps. >> it is captivating. >> as san jose poll lina edmunds will be performing on sunday. >> bay area's finest. and i love kristi yamaguchi.
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she does so much for the community. >> we are just starting a long heat wave. what to expect this weekend. businesses in santa cruz is gearing up for a busy weekend. what you need to know before you head to the beach this weekend. a heat wave so intense -- not
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even the coast is safe from the right now at 6:30, record breaking heat across the bay area. not even the coast is safe from
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the sweltering temperatures. we are under a micro climate alert across the bay area. >> san francisco hottest temp ever recorded in the city. 106. many people got this alert on their phone warned of the heat advisory and linked to info about cooling centers. we start with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, talk about those records. >> all stacking up across the bay area. take a look at some of the records that you know have not seen temperatures this hot in decades. and you can see santa rosa hit 110 today. old record was in 1955 an rafael. and oakland airport hit 101 and
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that old record was back in 1952. now in terms of the heat. still under the heat advisory through monday. drink the water, take frequent breaks. the pets. do not leave anyone in a parked car. it can turn deadly and fast. we were hotter than parts of the desert south west. not a trophy we want to win here. phoenix 110 today. but the hotter air that is normally here moved more to the west and that is why concord, one of our hottest got up to 114 degrees. i wish i had better news for you. but on saturday, 6:00 a.m., 79 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., 91 degrees. 107 by 1:00 p.m. and back to 110 by 3:00 p.m.
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thunderstorms get close, that is coming up at 6:48 tonight. >> see you soon. >> a lot of repercussions of the heat wave. pg&e trying to fix power outages. the agency says because it was so hot yesterday, these back-to-back hot days, people kept their ac on last night. so the transformers never got a chance to cool off. the hotter heat putting more pressure on. number of power outages in the bay area. in the east bay, more than 3,000 customers without power. and more than 1,000 customers without power in the south bay. a lot of people heading for the beach boardwalk.
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>> reporter: at the boardwalk -- >> we gt our shades and water. >> reporter: temperatures soared up to 110 degrees. >> i expected, at least, 20-degree difference. >> the beach is the place to be. >> reporter: boardwalk person says the labor day holiday is always one of the busiest days of the year. >> if you are not on 17 by 9:00, it is going to be a parking lot. >> reporter: highway 17 in los gatos will be closed this weekend. but some local business owners say the summer traffic experiment has made matters worse. >> by the time they have seen the signs that the road is blocked it is already congested. >> reporter: a meeting scheduled
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next week to discuss plans for next summer. reporting in senator cruanta cr michelle roberts. >> the rain from harvey has moved out of texas now, but the water is a constant reminder of what that was about. today the mayor of houston warned that flood levels could climb for the next two weeks. jay gray is at one of the biggest shelters tonight in houston. jay? >> reporter: yeah, we are in the convention center in the downtown areas. this has become home for thousands because harvey took away their homes. rescue and recovery teams continues. in some water, more water is on
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the way. >> water will continue to be released from the reservoir for the next ten to 15 days. i am asking for people in these areas to leave their homes. >> reporter: in many houston neighborhoods, boats are still the only way in and out. some survivors getting their first look at what is left after the storm. >> everything is broken and swimming around. all my furniture and all my antiques that i have collected. there is nothing there. >> reporter: many of those with nothing left continue to show up at more than 200 shelters across the strike zone. >> the shelter mission is the biggest battle we have right now. we have rolled a tremendous of assets. >> reporter: a lifeline for tens of thousands left homeless by harvey and a look right now at one of the missions here, people
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sorting through the clothes that were volunteered. putting them in size order and gender order so they can get these clothes immediately to people who need them. the governor of texas announcing more than 42,000 are in shelters like this one. fearing the numbers are going to climb. back to you. jay, thank you so much. san jose firefighters on the ground right now. task force three. crews are helping out. tweeted these photos today. this is from today in houston. as you can see, it is still going on and going on strong. took them while flying above the devastation. if you want to help, we made it easy to do so. easy to give to the red cross. head to for a link to donate. simple as sending a text on your cell phone. we are teaming up with our
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sister station, telemundo and set up a phone bank for questions about daca. reps are answering questions right now about daca and what happens if the president decides to take it away. the number is on the screen. 1-800-548-4884. the phone banks will be open until 7:00 tonight. >> olympians -- we will be right back. on nbc bay area.
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within the past few minutes, we )ve learned a judge is pushig to significantly increase a fine against pg&e. ==== within the past few minutes we learned a judge is pushing to significantly increase a fine against pg&e. investigator reporter is digging
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into this. previously pg&e had agreed to a $1 million fine. a judge says that is way too low. the fine needs to be raised to $12 million on top of the more than $70 million in rate cuts for customers. a push to extend closing hours to california bars and nightclubs has been put on hold. the so-called last call bill would extend bars and club hours from two:in the morning to 4:00 a.m. >> all we are saying is the state should not be dictating to local communities what time their bars and nightclubs close. and let's let their communities make their own decisions and they can have their own debates locally. >> lawmakers are organizing a
6:42 pm
task force to discover the impact. >> you can see smokey air. >> very still air. a little bit of a dry wind moving in. the smoke and the haze helps to cause temperatures go in hotter. you can see in livermore after a high of 109 still at 106. 80s by midnight. and a quick check in san francisco. 96 after the all time record of 106. eventually trying to get to 70s by 10:00 and 11:00 tonight. wishful thinking but gradually going down. >> i am chris chmura. nbc bay area responds. next. single day.
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==janelle/2shot== saving them more than a million nbc bay area responds to dozens of viewers every single day. >> consumer investigator chris chmura. >> we get quite a few complaints of news paper service. either they can't get their paper or have a hard time cancelling. one woman got $100 back. we get lots of complaints about wireless companies. well this week we helped a man recover $650. he says he was promised a promotional discount but it never panned out until we stepped in. when you are signing up for a new wireless plan and the salesperson is making lots of
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promises get them in writing or don't sign. share your complaint at or call us at 888-996-tips. homelessness is a nagging issue. >> showing us how one man is giving us an inside glimpse of life on the streets in oakland. >> reporter: go to any bay area city and you will see the tents, the trailers, the places where life has bottomed out. >> this is the journey home. i am your host and your tour guide. >> reporter: for the last month or so -- >> we are homeless and on our journey. and our topic today is on depression. >> reporter: he is bringing the eyes of the world into his world. using a cell phone and facebook
6:47 pm
live, the homeless man is offering a daily glimpse of life on the streets. >> coming at you live. >> i have been out here sense march of 2014. unless you are living like i am living right now, you are not going to know how tough it is out here. >> reporter: before a heart condition forced him to retire, he owned a construction company, two houses and a boat and then the economy went south. >> i lost all my money. >> reporter: and so he landed here. >> when you first come out here, you pull back from society because you are embarrassed. this is my washing machine. had is my kitchen sink and here comes my friend, mr. bart. camera. action. we are coming at you live today. this is the journey home. this is the closest that you can
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get to living on the streets. >> we are actually going to take this shelter to a homeless veteran. what i want people to understand is this isn't an easy life. this isn't a life for anybody. nobody should go through this. >> it is all about survival out here, man, straight up. and some people take little things for granted like water. water is like gold out here. >> i have had three friends die out here in the time that i have been out here. >> reporter: he documented his frustrating search for permanent housing. so he continues broadcasting taking his message directly to the word he hopes to rejoin. >> if this happens to me, it could happen to you. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> really eye opening.
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>> jeff ranieri here with the top story of the day. >> hot temperatures continuing as we head through the weekend. eventually cooler conditions in here and thunderstorms near bby. in case you missed it, hottest conditions, concord 114. gilroy 110. in terms of right now, we still have the haze and the smoke outside. you can see it here from our camera in the south bay. 103 in downtown san jose. eventually we could drop down to the 80s by 9:00 and 10:00 tonight. still extremely warm. this kind of heat can turn deadly and catch up on you fast. if you are already feeling thirsty, you are likely already dehydrated. all of these areas in red could
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experience temperatures between 95 and 110 degrees. it is going to be mild to start. get a slight bit of relief. 80 in the south bay. peninsula 77. and north bay, 77 and a mild 74 san francisco. going to stay hot. no way going to see a huge drop in temperatures. 105 in cupertino. 106 in downtown. 110 in gilroy. hottest will be concord again at 114. doneville 114. 112 in livermore. very hot for oakland,
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99 degrees. fires can get started extremely fast. again, the lower that number gets down towards zero. daly city, 96. i know a lot of you don't have ac, shopping mall, eating out. doing anything you can to keep cool. 97 degrees across the mission. north bay, 110 in novato. besides the heat, air quality suffering with the smoke coming in from northern california. extended forecast interesting here, we have isolated thunderstorms sunday, monday, and tuesday. for the inland valleys, down to 96 by tuesday forecast and 86 by thursday. now, we are not looking at major
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thunderstorms looking in, but the forecast brings a few close. all it takes is a few lightning strikes to be good new the so
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everyone is getting ready for game two of the four game weekend set. even though game two is upon us, everyone is still talking about game one. the news from game one it looked like crawford hit a home run. on the review, it became a double. how did you guys see this play go down. >> i saw it as a home run. they called it a home run after he did it. and they reviewed it and overturned it. i thought they missed the call. they had a terrible reason for why they gave it a double. but the tin is not the field of play. it is a home run. and the guys in new york didn't know the rules and unfortunately took a home run away from
6:56 pm
crawford. that was one play that they made mistake. they did admit the mistake but it doesn't help brandon crawford. >> okay. let's get one last check of our forecast, we broke records today. we could do that tomorrow. >> it looks like that. for the interior valleys, 112 on saturday. 104 on sunday. as you are going to be able to see, the cloud cover on sunday dramatically increases from the south. most of the thunderstorms remain away from us. but monitor for any more activity. there you have it. very hot this weekend. stay inside. stay cool. find someone with ac. >> yeah. that's for sure. enjoy the three-day weekend if you are lucky enough to have one. not me. >> hope to see you back here at
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11:00. coñ(
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. the princess diana tragedy, 20 years later. >> the emotional interviews after her death, next on extra. >> it's the iconic moment the world will never forget >> i will never let it break me. >> two decades after their darkest day, william and harry remember diana. what happened behind the wall and the nagging pain harry will never let go. >> i think it's the hardest to come to terms with. >> pita and mac, getting busy after baby. the season 25 of


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