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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  September 3, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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today, after that ror right now at 4:30 -- tough talk from the white house today after that reported nuclear test in north korea. plus, frightening moments on a b.a.r.t. train. a suspect now under arrest after a violent encounter. first, the heat wave continues. another sweltering day in some places while other cities begin to cool down. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. triple-digit temperatures in many parts of the bay area right now yet again. this heat wave unrelenting for some communities. live look at san francisco. yesterday, 102 degrees there. today, almost 20 degrees cooler. finally some relief, but not for everyone. team coverage of the bay area heat wave starting with
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meteorologist rob mayeda tracking the conditions. >> speaking of san francisco, the coast and inner bay is where we're seeing significant cooling. as much as 15 to 16 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. livermore and concord only 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. there's the problem. that means you're still at 105 degrees around concord and livermore. 80s san francisco to oakland and low 90s into san jose. east bay valleys will still be under the excessive heat warning through 9:00 tonight. the inner bay, the heat advisory up through the same time frame, 9:00 tonight. these advisories, both of them, not being extended into monday. everybody begins the big cooldown starting tomorrow but you might have noticed the humidity on the increase. interesting view on the satellite radar. intense thunderstorms rolling out of southern california as we go to bed tonight, we'll have this moisture sweep over the bay area which could bring a chance of thunderstorms and showers. part of your monday forecast. a look at those changes coming
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up in about ten minutes. >> interesting stuff. thanks very much. a bit cooler in san francisco today. especially in ocean beach. still warm enough to draw a big crowd of people. yesterday nearly a dozen rescues there. and today lifeguards were out in force keeping an eye on the waters known for their dangerous surf. nbc bay area's christie smith spoke with one family who had a close call. >> reporter: it's still crowded out here at ocean speech and a father and son had a close call out here. fortunately, they are safe. i want to show you what the crowds look like at this hour. the father and son say they were boogie boarding when they were pulled out about 100 feet. help came quickly for them, but it's a reminder of how quickly a situation can turn dangerous at ocean beach. >> ended up pulling us out. >> reporter: richard said it all happened quickly. he came with his family from livermore to cool off and got in the water with his son. >> surfing the waves on the boogie board and did it a few
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times. before i knew it, it looked like i was pretty far away and i was surprised i drifted out that far. so i started worrying. >> reporter: his son hudson recalls those tense moments before help arrived. >> we're like, oh, geez, we're so far away. and then we were worrying and we were trying to get out but we couldn't and then a lifeguard helped us out. >> reporter: the response was quick from shore. a spokesperson says they are actually called ocean rescue specialists. they try to make contact with people before they get into trouble in this dangerous water. >> right away he grabbed my son from me. got him in a floating device. and then the next wave came, he gave me a good push and i ran that wave pretty much in so i could stand up and walk to shore. >> reporter: a spokesperson stresses the area is not recommended for swimming, adding stinson beach does have lifeguards. over the hot weekend, there were two dozen rescues at ocean beach. today, san francisco fire conducted their own surf
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training drill. >> ocean beach is a treacherous beach when it comes to water. people have been swept out by riptides standing in knee-deep water. >> reporter: today, help made all the difference. and back here live. our investigative unit has been digging into the safety record at ocean beach. after we started asking questions, federal officials are now taking a closer look at warning signs to determine if the language is actually strong enough. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thanks very much. watch our complete investigation on the dangers of ocean beach at click on the investigations tab and you'll find a link to all of our investigative stories. one day after about ten people had to be treat forward heat-related issues, plenty of people returned to the scottish games in pleasanton. there were misting stations to help people beat the heat. paramedics were on hand to help
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anyone affected. >> anything over 100 is dangerous for any length of time. seek those cooling centers, shade. the sun is very fatiguing, and you have to replenish your vital nutrients a lot more because you're sweating it out so much more. >> attendance is down about 75%. power outages remain a problem. pg&e says more than 2500 customers still without power. most of those outages in the east bay. this is a drop from yesterday when almost 12,000 customers did not have power. of course, it's important to remember your pets in this heat. our bay area viewer sending photos of their dogs keeping cool. this is jean. a cool cloth on its head. got to feel good. another one of our viewers, rebecca, sent us this photo. this dog determined to go for a dip, even if the tub was a
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little small. it still worked. we want to see your photos and videos. the hot weather starting to taper off, but it still will be hot for the labor day holiday. track the forecast online at we're posting updates on twitter and facebook as well. now to our other top story. tough language for the white house after reported nuclear test in north korea. we first reported the test as breaking news last night at 11:00. now a threat from president trump. nbc bay area's thom jensen is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the world on edge after that test last night. enough so that the u.n. security council is calling for an emergency meeting tomorrow. now when asked if he would attack north korea after the nation's hydrogen test caused a 6.3 magnitude tremor, president trump just said, we'll see. he also said north korea has become a rogue nation and a great threat and an embarrassment to china.
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president trump is calling on china, north korea's largest trading partner, to clamp down on north korea president kim jong-un. previous u.n. sanctions have not slowed the nuclear build-up in north korea. >> i am going to draft a sanctions package to send to the president for his strong consideration that anybody that wants to do trade or business with them would be prevented from doing trade or business with us. >> we're not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely, north korea, but as i said, we have many options to do so. >> while the type of bomb has not been independently verified, there are reports it's a hydrogen bomb that could be loaded into a missile. that as u.n. emergency meeting will take place in the morning. the u.s., south korea and japan will be involved along with other countries that have financial and defense interests in north korea. terry? >> thom, thanks very much. much more on the developments in north korea coming up on "nightly news."
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experts weigh in on how the united states and the world might respond to north korea's claims. "night "nightly news" begins after this newscast at 5:30. a man pulled a knife on a passenger. it happened on the pittsburg/bay point bound train. when the train arrived at the west oakland station, the suspect ran from police. they caught him and identified him as 23-year-old jay eddie davis of burlingame. he's already on probation. they also found the knife used in that attack. apple's ceo tim cook speaking out about the potential end of daca. cook tweeted today, 250 of my apple co-workers are d.r.e.a.m.ers. i stand with them. they deserve our respect as equals and a solution rooted in american values. president trump is expected to announce his final decision on daca on tuesday. he's threatened to end the obama-era policy that allows
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those who came here illegally as children to remain in the united states and work. there are nearly 800,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers in the program right now. still ahead -- president trump declares a national day of prayer in the wake of hurricane harvey. this weekend, people continue to bring relief to the victims, including an nfl star. ♪ coming up in our 5:00 hour, remembering a rock 'n' roll icon. tributes pouring in for the git artist of the legendary band that passed away today.
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starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. may be at a new school. students in houston will return to classes on september 11th, although it may be at a new school. more than 200 schools sustained water damage. some sore bad they'll have to be torn down. all told, at least 10,000 students will be impacted. nbc's jay gray has more on the recovery in texas.
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>> reporter: sunday in the strike zone. many turning to a higher power in the wake of harvey. >> a source of strength and renewal. >> reporter: this houston church meeting outside on a initial day of prayer because inside, it's still soaked. thousands are now starting to clear out and clean up what they can. >> one day at a time. >> you save what you can save. the rest you can get back later. >> reporter: across the region, streets are lined with the remnants of family's lives before the storm. >> and just like going through all the wreckage and garbage and everybody you're like, wow, i remember this time. i remember this blanket. it's all gone. just can't get it back. >> reporter: many here are giving back. >> the devastation is incredible. but the inspiration of the people is even more incredible. >> reporter: houston texans defensive end j.j. watt has raised more than $18 million for
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harvey relief. and today began to deliver much-needed food, water and supplies to survivors. >> this is our city. so we want to make sure that we're there for them and we show them how much we care and show them how much we care. >> reporter: the city will go through a long and difficult recovery. their focus will be haul away all of this debris and finding housing for those displaced during the storm. jay gray, nbc news, houston. if you want to help with the recovery effort, we've made it easy to give to the red cross. head to for a link to donate. it can be as simple as sending a text on your cell phone. still ahead, it's the largest fire in los angeles history. the firefighters are still scrambling to stop it. the dramatic firefight in southern california. parts of the bay area enjoying some cooling. 85 degrees in san francisco. but still 105 degrees in
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pleasanton. when cooling will arrive for the valleys, plus a chance of thundershowers could be creeping into your labor day monday forecast. we'll look at that when we come right back. walnut creek last night.
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the follow up to a fire at a retirement community in walnut creek last night. fire investigators say the fire left half a million dollars in damage but it could have been much worse. the fire started in a four-unit condominium building about 6:30 when a man was lighting his barbecue. flames quickly spread. neighbors are helping the victims any way they can. >> of course, the worst part of losing all of this is your photographs and your memories from the past. and so, you know, it's -- it hurts all of us. we're all sad for the people who are involved in this. >> two units are destroyed. two others sustained heavy damage. nobody was hurt. developing news out of los angeles where the largest fire
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in the city's history continues to burn. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency in los angeles county because of the so-called la tuna fire. it's destroyed three homes, forced hundreds to evacuate and shut down part of the 210 freeway. it remains justice 10% contained. the same containment they had 18, 24 hours ago. today's calmer, cooler weather did help. the conditions could quickly change. rob mayeda here. it was cooler. still hot by our standards today, though. >> san francisco cooler by almost 20 degrees but still 14 degrees above the average temperature. we really need 40 degrees of cooling to make everybody happy right now. we're halfway there around the bay and the coast. by tomorrow, even the valleys will begin to see a cooldown. san francisco, 81. better than 102. things cooling there. west wind. notice not much in the way of fog just yet. that's the coolant through the
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ocean air congreditioning. that will make a comeback during the day tomorrow. see pleasanton still 105 degrees. technically cooler but it doesn't really feel sensibly cooler outside. but let's look at the temperature projection as we go through tomorrow. you can see the numbers there in the 90s. so that is better. pleasanton out of 105-degree territory into the lower to mid-90s tomorrow. san jose, 93 degrees. as we have our evening plans tonight, another warm night inland staying in the 90s through 7:00. around the bay, staying in the 60s and 70s. increasing clouds moving overhead like last night. again tomorrow morning, it's going to be a muggy start with a chance of seeing a few showers. especially around the santa cruz mountains and south bay to start the day. 60s and 70s to start. a cooler finish to the day as the sea breeze begins to pick up and the extra cloud cover keeping the temperatures in the 80s and 90s.
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no heat advisories. no excessive heat warnings for your monday but air quality will still be a spare the air day and a chance of very high humidity and a chance of scattered showers at times during the day monday. temperatures around the tri-valley into the 90s for inland east bay valleys. lower 80s into oakland. peninsula temperatures, 70s and 80s. san francisco dropping out of the 80s into the mid-70s tomorrow. for the north bay, highs mostly in the 80s. let's take a closer look at what's happening. a lot of moisture moving away from southern california. thunderstorms here to our south. we're going to begin to see more clouds come in after sundown tonight. around san jose midnight, may have a stray shower or two. 2:30 to 3:00 a.m., maub another more substantial batch of showers possibly crossing south of the south bay. the best chance for finding showers during the first half of tomorrow will be in the south bay. notice by 5:00, mostly cloudy skies. coupled with increasing onshore
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breeze. will bring our temperatures down for your monday and tuesday. so as the system lifts off, we'll begin to see the humidity improving by wednesday and a trough of low pressure comes in for friday. and that's real relief showing up in the seven-day forecast. san francisco, dropping back into the 60s for most of the week. here is where the bigger change comes. after that muggy monday for you. the numbers back into the 80s inland. significant cooling. low 80s by thursday and friday. that will feel much better than the 110, 112-degree temperatures just yesterday. >> absolutely. rob, thank you. still to come -- a glimpse into what it's really like to be homeless. >> this isn't a life for anybody. nobody should go through this. >> the message one man is hoping to send by streaming his daily life live on facebook.
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homelessness is a serious issue across the bay area. the very visible reminders. are strewn alongee homelessness is a serious issue across the bay area. the very visible reminders are strewn along streets, alleys and underpasses. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. is showing a unique view of life on the streets of oakland. >> reporter: go to any bay area city, you'll see the tents, the trailers, places where life has bottomed out. >> this is the journey home. i'm your host and your tour guide. >> reporter: for the last month or so. >> we're homeless but we're on our journey. >> reporter: from the tent at the end of an east oakland street. derek suh is bringing the eyes of the world into his world. >> we're going to be talking about some issues that really affect the homeless.
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>> reporter: using a cell phone and facebook live -- the homeless man is offering a daily glimpse of life on the streets. >> we're coming at you live. i've been out here since march of 2014. >> we had a very full day yesterday. >> unless you're living like i'm living right now, you're not going to know how tough it is out here. >> reporter: before a heart condition forced him to retire, he owned a construction company, two houses and a boat. then the economy went south. >> i lost all my money. everything that i was going to be living on for the rest of my life. >> reporter: and so he landed here. >> when you first come out here, you pull back from society because you're so embarrassed. this is my washing machine. this is my kitchen sink. and here comes my friends. mr. b.a.r.t. >> cameras, action. we're coming at you live today. this is the journey home.
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>> reporter: th >> this is -- what derek is doing, the closest that you can get to live, on the streets. >> we're going to take this shelter to a homeless veteran. >> what i want people to understand, that this isn't an easy life. that this isn't a life for anybody. nobody should go through this. >> it's all about survival out here, man. straight up. you take -- some people take a little thing for granted like water. water is like gold out here. >> i've had three friends die out here in the time that i've been out here. >> reporter: he documents his frustrating search for permanent housing. >> i went down to social security. got my form. >> reporter: so he continues broadcasting. taking his message directly to the world he hopes to rejoin. >> if it can happen to me, this homelessness it can happen to you. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news.
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a couple hours left here to our excessive heat warning expiring at 9:00 tonight. the humidity levels set to rise with a chance of showers and possibly some thunderstorms for your monday. look at those changes in the forecast when we come right back. and it's still warm enough here at ocean beach to draw crowds. that's led to a number of rescues. coming up, hear from a father and son who had a close call. north korea's dictator leader boasting of his most powerful explosion ever. enough shake the earth. and the u.s. blasts back. a world on edge, coming up.
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on bay area beaches. the extreme heat creating extreme conditions at the coast. lifeguards rushing into action at bay area beaches. the news at 5:00 starts right
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now. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. the heat wave continues and many people in many communities are still trying to stay cool and stay safe. live picture of the golden gate bridge. yesterday in san francisco, 102 degrees. today, almost 20 degrees cooler. finally some relief, but that relief is not for everybody. we have coverage starting with rob mayeda tracking the conditions. >> we're seeing more blue and purple on the map, at least on this map. that means significant cooling now reaching san jose, san francisco. 21 degrees cooler than the same time yesterday. notice concord and livermore, five or six degrees cooler. problem is you're up to about 108 yesterday. still 104 concord. 103 in livermore. 80 now in san francisco. and morgan hill still close to 100 degrees. it's those areas still near 100 where you have that excessive heat warning through about 9:00 tonight. good news it will not be
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repeated tomorrow. and the heat advisory up for the inner bay and parts of the coastline. that expires at about 9:00 tonight. as those warnings come down, humidity levels starting to come up. extra muggy outside. intense thunderstorms and a microburst through downtown santa barbara in the last hour. all that activity will drift further to the north tonight. increasing clouds and an increasing chance of finding a few showers before you wake up tomorrow morning and perhaps even a chance of thunder. we'll take a closer look at this next change in our forecast coming up in 12 minutes. >> rob, thanks. even though the temperatures are a bit cooler today, big crowds flocking to san francisco's ocean beach. there were nearly a dozen rescues yesterday and today lifeguards were out in force keeping an eye on the waters known for their dangerous surf. nbc bay area's christie smith live in san francisco. just a short time ago, a father and son had a pretty close call. >> reporter: that's right. and it is a bit cooler out here today but still very


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