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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 9, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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tonight. >> mike: up to the 17 yard line, which is friendly. hardman pulled down. that's a big tackle by nick coleman. the 13 yard line, all georgia needs is a field goal to take the lead inside of five minutes left. >> doug: just keep going back to your power backs. >> mike: first start on the road in south bend for jake fromm, the freshman from warner robbins, georgia. outside the 13. gives to michel. could not shake free from andrew trumbetti. >> doug: the extra defender walked up on the edge, the freshman he likes to check and coach has to pull him back once in a while.
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he checked from one run to another. >> mike: michel from the sideline. chubb came in for a moment. he comes out now and deandre swift comes in. they used him on the edge. he's lined up in the backfield. he can make plays out here. >> doug: watch him slipping out in the pass. >> mike: third and five. fromm adjusts the play. freshman's looking. he surveys, throws, end zone, incomplete! no flag comes in. ize -- isaac, the intended receiver. >> mike: there was a kicking competition out here, rodrigo
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for irish, september 21 of 20-19. this game has lived up to the billing. georgia by 1, 20-19. good time for blankenship to get no return. and the irish will take over at the 5. do -- 25. they tried to protect the lead. what now for the notre dame offense? >> doug: you don't completely abandon the run but you come out throwing. the game has been good to them. slants and hitches. first down would have been the slot play. not here now because georgia's thinking pass. i think wimbush will have to take off their way one time or two times out of the pocket. and the pass rush is the factor in this drive for georgia.
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>> mike: so first big pressure, late-game drive for wimbush, a game that's had three lead changes. irish want to do it one more time. wimbush feels the heat. out of the pocket. benches it. >> doug: he was wide open but did not have the time to set his field and get up field. the pressure is the problem. >> mike: st. brown was there. >> yes. >> mike: too tall, blanket coverage from aaron davis. it's third done wiwn. >> doug: the key is man-to-man coverage.
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it been tight on the outside. i think you're going to have to get a crossing route, whether it's a pit play, screen, though third and long will be more zone. now you're looking middle of the field windows, a deep-in route, a curl. >> mike: georgia rushing four. wimbush has a pocket. fires. couldn't bring it down. a freshman, good physical player. >> doug: it was a good -- he gains ground. if he had just flattened out a little more, it would have been a much easier catch. >> mike: strong job by lecounte. >> doug: by gaining ground, i
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mean he drifted up the field. >> mike: great call. you could see it on the route, on the replay. newsome, 50 on the nose. fair caught by godwin. two time-outs left. got to keep them in the game or chubb and michel can close it out for the dogs. he grill. nah, flat top. iceberg lettuce. nah. arugula. jalapeño. no way. avocado, dude. medium rare. gotta be well done. brioche. sesame seed. american cheese. cheddar. can i have a turkey burger? what? turkeys are for thanksgiving, man. sfx: pop i like my burger with a coke. i'll agree to that. strictly with a coke. only with a coke. a coke and a burger, c'mon. alright. that's where you get the flavor. ♪ with 33 individual vertebrae and 640 muscles in the human body
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real meal for five bucks. real meal for five bucks. real meal for five bucks. real meal for five bucks. real meal for five bucks. finger lickin', finger lickin', finger lickin'... gooooood!! the head athletic trainer for georgia looking at sony michel, his left ankle twisted. kathryn tappen telling us they've been taping it over the shoe. now they have him on the table
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doing a physical exam. nick chubb, only has 12 carries on the night. so a lot in the tank still with 3:08 to go. notre dame two time-outs. georgia at its own 25. fake to chubb. around the end comes hardman. got one block. does have seven yards. trumbetti the tackle. notre dame going to keep the time-outs for now. irish player injured on the play. >> doug: nice job of checking on the line of scrimmage by fromm. i don't know if it was a true check to that play. >> mike: nick cat kiwatkins, th injured player for notre dame. >> doug: defensive line will shift it down after the check. here we go, check, check, here
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we go, kick it down. now one less man on contain on the left side. i think he lucked into it, though. >> mike: watkins in on the tackle was entangled with isaac nauta. he comes up mostly under his own power. goes to the sideline. sean crawford, usually the nick nic nickel comes in. >> doug: try to keep notre dame at home, can't just sell out on the run. >> mike: the clock reset because of the injury. 42nd play clock in college ball and the reset for the injury. georgia is going to take advantage of that here. they're going to get about a minute worth of time off the clock running one play with that injury. good poise there, good job by their sideline of clock
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management. second and three. nick chubb. stopped. look for a notre dame time-out here. a lot of chips on the table for third and a yard and a half. >> referee: it will be a 30-second time-out. >> mike: broon kian kelly's teau don't get the stop here -- >> doug: it's a must. >> mike: you're about done with one time-out left. >> doug: 40, 40, 40. >> mike: in terms of clock management and the play clock, unless they do something stupid, most of the chips are on the table for this play. because he's an alum, kirby fans, he knows all about the fans. he said they are starving here.
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great respect for mark richt and the program, won ten games. you have to win not just volume of the games but the right games. this is a bucket list game. i want to go north of the mason-dixon line for the first time in a half century. it would be a big one for kirby smart. his team a favorite this year in the sec east. >> doug: defensively sell out. if they trick you, they trick you. >> mike: payne looks to be stopped shy of the 35 yard line. it going to be fourth down. so they go with payne, the fullback and jay hayes and jerry tillery inside with the stop. >> doug: boy, jay hayes just throws his man to the side and comes in and makes the tackle. >> referee: time-out notre dame. a 30-send -- 30-second time-out.
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>> mike: their defense comes up with the play they needed to make. going to get the ball, get it down to field goal range and get yoon to. >> the. >> it's been the pressure on the quarterback that has caused the issues for the notre dame offense. >> mike: cameron nizialek has done a good job tonight. six punt returns for touchdowns in high school. nizialek set to boot it away. he's averaged 43 yards per kick
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tonight. notre dame sets up the return. terrific kick. deep hang time to the sign, 47 yards, all net, outstanding job by the young man who went to columbia, got an economics degree, and is a grad student at georgia. did his job well tonight. >> doug: got to have a positive play on first down. come out, maybe a screen, maybe a quick rhythm pass. something to jump start this offense to keep -- the problem is the pass rush. screens and quick rhythm help you. >> mike: how important is getting that first, first drive? >> doug: it puts the defense on their heels, gives you confidence and gets you rolling. the first play call is so important. >> mike: it sets the tone for the rest of the drive, doesn't it? >> doug: absolutely.
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>> mike: 1:57 to go, irish down by 1. wimbush eludes it, keeps it alive. throw is incomplete. pursued by bellamy. >> doug: did have initial protection but there was nothing downfield. again, you want -- that's on a coach to find you that first starter play. like i said, maybe it was a screen, maybe it's a little dump to a back. but he's getting two deep safeties so he's getting just a four-man rush. >> mike: georgia running around a little bit defensively here in the secondary. it's caught by finke at the 46 yard line. >> doug: the same end around was dropped on third down. >> mike: gain of 17 for the
8:18 pm
irish. clock restarts. wimbush hit. lost the ball! who's got it? still free! georgia looks like they've got it on the bottom of the pile! bell bellamy with the hit. georgia ball. ball game! >> doug: just a speed rush by bellamy. he has the best get off of any of their linemen. a little club move around the corner, speed around the edge. the ball is loose and on the ground and that's the ball game. >> mike: cart are on ter on thef the pile. mcglinchey had a tough night with those two guys, the speed
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rush. for kirby smart, huge victory, big one. defensive guys get to put those on and celebrate the big plays and bellamy earned with that one. a couple of knees to take and this one will be done. georgia will head home to play stanford and a run of sec games against mississippi state, coming to athens in a couple of weeks. in the conference, they don't have a crossover game against 'ba 'bama, no cross i don't evover t lsu. every week is tough in the sec but this is a big opportunity for georgia to build momentum as the season goes on. before notre dame without those
8:20 pm
big conference games, they've got to take care of business in these big matchups. by no means does it ruin the season. i think the irish know they can play with anybody. if you think georgia is going to be a good team in the sec, they'll be in the next five weeks only home once against ohio. to boston college next week, then to spartan state, miami of ohio here, usc will come in, stanford and miami toward the end of schedule. it was tight, it was close. georgia made the plays on defense at the end. and the trip up north for georgia will mean a very happy return. win one for jake fromm in his first opportunity as a starting quarterback. all these georgia fans have made a weekend out of it. some are heading back to chicago
8:21 pm
tomorrow to go watch the falcons. kirby smart is standing by with kh kathryn. >> kathryn: coach, what can you say about your team tonight? >> chopping wood. coach tucker, he had them playing hard. they love him and they played r relentless. we got do clean things up. we got a great team but you talk about sloppy. penalties, penalties, you can't do that. >> what did you say to fromm? >> just a great kid, a winner. we brought 40,000-some fans down here and these guys are awesome. >> kathryn: thank you, coach. appreciate it. >> mike: they'll get eason back
8:22 pm
but they got a couple of good ones. they're going to go sing "glory glory" as they enjoy a special night on this trip. what did you do in the first start of your college career? i won at notre dame stadium. i'm jake fromm. you'll hear what brian kelly has to say on his press conference. on the west coast, local news is next. we'll see you from arlington for the giants and cowboys. notre dame is back home in a couple of weeks. miami of ohio on the 30th. for doug flutie and kathryn tappen and our crew in the truck, i'm mike tirico.
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hurricane irma already impacting south florida as it prepares to make land fall. an urgent plea tonight for people to get out. >> we're hoping and praying that everything is okay. >> not everyone is listening to those warnings. a san jose couple now in the middle of irma's path staying put. they show us how they're prepared. >> and on the ground in florida with a firsthand look at the sever weather now rolling in. >> i'm terry mcsweeny with a special edition of nbc news. irma's furry just now beginning to impact florida and time is
8:25 pm
running out for people to escape. hurricane force winds now whipping trees and leading to dangerous surf at the coast. tonight an urgent last minute plea for more than six million people in the evacuation zone to get out. the storm expected to intensify as it hits florida. it shifted west. many people who thought they might be safe are suddenly taking action. the evacuation centers are filling up as tens of thousands of people seek shelter. you see them right there. long lines of people waiting to get in. it is a desperate situation. >> are they going to let us inside? we need to get the word out, hey, you guys are going to come in. we need to know. >> more than 75,000 people already without power. that number expected to dramatically increase.
8:26 pm
we have live coverage for you tonight. let's start in fort lauderdale. a dangerous situation out there and it is only the beginning. >> reporter: terry, i'm actually located along ocean boulevard, and this is typically a street known for its night life. a lot of people out here. but over the past couple of hours we have been at this exact location, we have seen a lot of dangers, a period where the winds come down and periods of heavy downpours and strong gusty winds. i have to get a bit of a stance going because we get those gusty winds that start to come in. another thing we have seen, these patrol cars right here, right before you get on the bridge, they haven't moved at all either. one of the officers told us they planned to be staying put until those sustained winds hit about 40 miles an hour. so as of lately, we have not seen them move.
8:27 pm
earlier we did hear them move their speaker system. they spotted somebody out here and they said, folks, come inside, there is a curfew. they have been patrolling making sure nobody gets on the bridge. but we have seen major changes in a bit of this weather pattern. right now we are starting to see the wind pick up again. if you noticed within the past couple of seconds i have been talking, we get periods of these winds and that's exactly what's been happening. so far the biggest impact has been the strong gusty winds. >> a vquick question for you. i see you posted on twitting stuff from the hurricane irma, but also you posted pictures of a tornado warning down there earlier. >> reporter: yeah. terry, we were actually along a street called sunrise, and in that moment we were actually literally doing a live pick for
8:28 pm
the nbc affiliate and in my ear the producer literally told me to wrap and take cover because we had gotten word about a confirmed touchdown of a tornado a few blocks away from where we were doing our live coverage. we did power down, wrapped up our coverage and took cover in a city hall parking structure. while we were in the city hall parking structure, we actually ran into a kind gentleman who was taking his dog out who let us into his apartment building where we were able to take shelter at least until all of the tornado warnings cleared. we got the confirmation and it looks like there wasn't any major damage. we also saw a few of the fallen leaves and what looked like a knocked down stop sign. >> thanks very much. stay safe from all the dangers down there. here is another look at the hurricane as it's churning. if this thing hits tampa bay and
8:29 pm
it has shifted to the west coast of florida, it could be a disaster the likes of which we haven't seen since hurricane katrina. >> the storm surge really the big threat. miami fort lauderdale is in the outer bands. so tornado watches and warnings at times across south florida. close to the storm center winds of 120 miles an hour. we do think there is a window of opportunity for the storm to strengthen briefly before it approaches key west tomorrow morning with winds up to 125 miles an hour. here's the problem. we could see a rise in sea level of 10 to 15 feet there near fort myers into tampa where those harbors and inlands and bays funnel that inland. that could be a big-time problem in addition to the winds. key west you can see this weather model, showing you the eye of the storm, moving up on
8:30 pm
the west side of the coast. hurricane force wind gusts reaching out towards miami, west palm beach and orlando on the east side of florida. this is going to take place throughout the day tomorrow. the entire state of florida being impacted and becoming a tropical storm. >> we have some incredible new video of hurricane irma to show you right now. this was shot by hurricane hunters obviously flying above a truly impressive site. you can clearly see the enormous size of the hurricane and what looks like the eyement despite the urgent warnings from the governor to evacuate, some people have decided to stay put and ride out hurricane irma, including a san jose couple. they retired near fort myers, an area expected to get hit hard by irma. we talked with the couple about why they decided to stay there.
8:31 pm
>> jim miller told me their house is held up in three different hurricanes, including hurricane charlie so he felt he and his wife would be okay during irma. >> with hurricane topping gusts topping 125 miles an hour, most people in cape coral florida have already evacuated. >> trying to decide if we're going to leave or not. we checked the highways. the highways were jammed. no gas. >> he and his wife linda decided to stay at home with their four cats and wait out the hurricane. they covered all the windows with aluminum siding. jim stepped out briefly tonight and showed us what it looked like as high winds swayed palm trees in his front yard. >> the eye will come a little bit just west of us. >> the millers say they still
8:32 pm
have power but expect the electricity to die out soon. they are prepared to camp out for a few days. during hurricane charlie, they hunkered down with a bottle of wine and a mattress over them in their bathtub. they are prepared to do the same with irma. >> and we certainly wish them well. jim told me he did hear the governor pleading for everyone to leave now. but he just felt that he would be safe. he's expecting his home will get hit hardest tomorrow. we will keep checking in on the millers again and let you know how they're doing. >> thanks very much. i hope they're doing well. evacuating people hard enough, but for animals a very different story. the miami zoo says the panic from such a move could prove deadly for some animals and they's bracing the best way they can by moving animals into
8:33 pm
fortified buildings. and during hurricane andrew in the '90s, the zoo was not as prepared. some animals ended up in bathrooms during the 1992 storm. getting out of florida has been a very difficult journey. one man arrived in the bay area to stay with his sister. we told you his story at 11:00. he's nervously watching the hurricane from the east bay. sergio joins us where the man arrived late last night. >> reporter: as we have been keeping tabs on how things are going for people getting out of florida there have been 24 flights between sso and florida canceled today. the last 48 hours have been a chaotic deal for a lot of people trying to get out of florida. he is relieved to be able to watch the storm coverage from the comfort of his sister's
8:34 pm
home. we talked with him last night when he was in chicago. he says he and his wife desided to go there after the flight was turned around on the miami national airport tarmac on thursday. this is video he shot on board the plane that night as they were asked to get back into the terminal. now that he's here, he's keeping tabs on friends on social media who are still in florida. >> i'm following some friends that decide to stay in miami at home in areas that the evacuation was not mandatory. so, you know, they are showing some videos and it's a windy time there. >> reporter: in fact, this is one of the videos that was shot by a family member that's over there. it shows a whole lot of the rain that is coming down in sheets and a lot of wipd as it is picking up as well. the option to get out of most of the state of florida by air is now over. a lot of the airports, all of
8:35 pm
them in south florida and central florida have now closed so it's not going to be easy to get out of there except for some of the northern airports still open. reporting live at sso. >> thank you, sergio. irma has already proven deadly. more than 20 people have been killed in the caribbean. today in cuba, a lot of people stepped outside to see what's left. hurricane irma was a category five when it hit cuba. some places got more than a foot of rain as it made land fall. it since moved north of course but the islands is still being pounded bybahamas, a sense of relief, the hurricane passed just to the south avoiding a direct hit. hundreds of inmates and correction officers are being evacuated from the florida keys. they are headed to a facility in palm beach county on the east
8:36 pm
coast. the decision was made yesterday based on the changing path of hurricane irma. the sheriff says while the jail near key west is built to withstand a category five storm, it is not worth the risk. tonight, even before major damage is done, nbc's business correspondent has that story. >> tonight, hurricane irma lashing florida and the u.s. economy. early estimates point to tens of billions of dollars in damage as the storm rips across the state where tourism is big business. 112 million people come here every year. millions now forced to ditch their plans and consider alternatives for weeks or months putting 1.4 million tourism jobs in jeopardy. airports cloesed. cruise ships canceled. even the state's iconic theme parks like disney and urine ver
8:37 pm
sal studios are shut down for days. beyond tourism, small businesses are facing irma's path. boarded up windows lining the main drag in forty lauder dale. at the elbow room, an iconic bar, sparks flew as employees boarded up. >> how much can this impact your economic life? >> it's huge. if we have to be closed for a few months, that would be horrible. >> florida's agriculture industry is massive. experts say irma could wreak havok. >> florida is an important part of the u.s. economy and to the extent that you see shortages in agriculture, that will have an implication for the rest of the economy in the united states. >> but the destruction could come with a boom. at construction companies race
8:38 pm
in after the waves to rebuild what irma will likely level. >> well, the miami dolphins evading the storm and heading to california. the team will be practicing in southern california ahead of their game against the chargers next sunday. the dolphins were supposed to open their season tomorrow at home. but irma forced that game to be pushed back until later in the season. >> more hurricane coverage ahead. she will be in florida all weekend providing updates. and updating her facebook page and twitter feed. this is a tweet she sent a few hours ago. there was another one showing that tornado she talked about during her live report in this forecast. her handle is @nbc. it's at 1:00 in the morning.
8:39 pm
nbc news will provide eight hours of continuing coverage followed by today in the bay, which airs at 9:00 a.m. >> and we're closely watching the developments there with hurricane irma. closer the home get ready for the return of big time heat tomorrow and increasing chance of thunder by the weekend. also ahead, prepared for the worst. the event in the bay area today, making sure people here are ready in the event of a major disaster. still to come hundreds of people marching in the east bay with a clear message for president trump. also hanging out in the south bay. city leaders repelling over the edge of a building today. but all for a good cause.
8:40 pm
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♪ i wanna destroy you ♪ nasa has been watching hurricanes irma and jose from space. this is what the storms look like from the space station yesterday.
8:42 pm
massive. it's predicted to be right in the path of hurricane irma. now video tonight. firefighters arriving in orlando and awaiting hours. they are sent in to help assist people after the hurricane hits. in the week of several recent natural disasters, first responders say there is no better time to get prepared. people turned out for an emergency preparedness fair today. they were taught how to make personal safety kits. organizers say this is spornt because even first responders need time to prepare for their efforts. >> we need people to help us by learning how to help themselves even for a short period of time until he could get in there and start the rescue efforts. >> there was also an earthquake simulator on sight. look at this. the impact of an 8.0 magnitude
8:43 pm
quake. hopefully that's the only time they get the feeling what that would be like. >> marching for daca. hundreds took to the streets demanding the trump administration keep daca in place. >> i won't apologize for breaking the law when i was brought here. >> marlene shared her story with the crowd at a daca rally in oakland. she attended merit college and is a so-called dreamer protected by daca, which prevents the deportation of undocumented immigrants as children. >> i had to go to community college, but my plans for that is i'm going to transfer and i'm going to -- i want to toeceach. >> the trump administration announced it would phase out daca, but congress still has time to act. >> we are showing for the folks that have been targeted.
8:44 pm
>> she is just 16 years old. she posted the event on social media. >> being a first generation american student and a daughter of immigrants i felt it was necessary to make the voices of the unheard be heard. >> carrying signs, the group marches down broadway. >> after a march, the corrode returned right here to 14th and broadway where they first started. >> i think that daca made -- may help me and the rest of us come out of the shadows. >> in oakland, christy smith, nbc bay area news. tomorrow is opening weekend in the nfl and there will be plenty demonstrations supporting colin kaepernick. the standing for kaepernick protest. organizers say the quarterback's peaceful protest have caused him to be someoned by the nfl. one of the protests is happening right here in levy stadium before the 49ers kick off
8:45 pm
against the panthers. >> it takes guts to repel off a 16 story building but 90 bay area leaders and tech executives did that to raise money to fight homelessness. they hosted the repel-a-thon in san jose. can't get my eyes off that video. mike dillon took the plunge as well as sam acardo who says the cause was well worth facing his fear. >> we're actually having former members getting hired now by ground work and cal tran and other employers and finding their path to self-sufficiency through work. >> some decided to dress up for the occasion, as you can see. the event raised close to $300,000. it will go to support those struggling with homelessness in eight cities across the bay
8:46 pm
area. >> i remember when i was living in florida and the threat of hurricanes and how they can change with a few hours to go and this is shifting a bit to the west. >> with every podle update that comes in in the past, so the areas that will be seeing the worst of the storm now certainly seems to be key west, fort myers and now tampa. category three now. pulling away from cuba at winds of 120 miles an hour. now by tomorrow morning around 5:00 a.m. our time we will likely see this storm impacting key west with winds up to 125 miles an hour. so the gap between cuba and florida there is a period where we may see more strengthening of the storm. and this is really a worst case scenario. the storm center putting tampa in the northeast quadrant for that hurricane. that will maximize the storm surge. some models bring that storm surge up to higher than ten feet. at the center here on the west side of florida, this area of
8:47 pm
green shows wind gusts of 74 to 95 miles an hour. look at how that extends out to miami and west palm beach. that storm continues to slowly weaken passing tampa. but again the size of the storm still bringing that hurricane force wind gusts to the east side of florida and rain totals between sunday and monday will likely exceed 8 to 12 inches of rain for most of florida. so storm surge, heavy rain. closer to home right now, 60s and 70s out side. you might have noticed our temperatures today are run ago little warmer. even the fog machine is still on in san francisco, high pressure above compressing down those low clouds. 63 degrees currently. during the day tomorrow, san francisco making a return to the 80s. sunday sees a warm-up. by tomorrow, highs approaching
8:48 pm
the upper 90s around the tri-valley if not close to 100 degrees for sunday afternoon. 72 in san jose. will be approaching close to the mid-90s tomorrow as we see high pressure strength. the hottest day coming in for tomorrow with 50s and 60s to start the day. making another return to summer like levels. as you can see mostly upper 90s. south of downtown, numbers close to 100. peninsula temperatures 80s to low 90s. san francisco mid-to upper 80s. and what we'll be watching here over the next 24 really to 72 hours is some of the moisture to the south being pulled up. clouds coming in late tomorrow and by monday and tuesday there is a chance we could see some scattered showers.
8:49 pm
humidity is going to go up. but at least temperatures are going to come down. for the first half of the week you can see how hot things are. cooling big time for the middle part of the week. monday through wednesday a chance of showers. high humidity, too. that will be nice after tomorrow's heat. >> it sure will. thank you very much, and we'll be right back. people love my breakfast burritos.
8:50 pm
and my french fries. wait! what if i put them together?! a burrito stuffed with scrambled eggs, creamy guacamole, bacon and crispy french fries.
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i'll call it the california breakfast burrito! boom. someone got that, right? scrambled eggs. guacamole. bacon. french fries. you'll call it the california breakfast burrito. boom. good work everyone. another winner. introducing my new california breakfast burrito. only at jack in the box. firefighters putting their lives on the line is a part of the job. but one firefighter isn't being remembered only for his bravely. he's retiring and leaving behind a lasting leg sufficient here's nbc bay area's joe rosatto jr. >> every firefighter will measure his or her career by the number of lives saved, fires put out. >> it was like it chose me, i guess. >> and he had plenty of those
8:52 pm
stories. >> more than a few, considering he became a firefighter when he was just 17 years old. >> with a note from my mom giving me permission to be a volunteer firefighter. saved the house. lost the barn there. this was the big mission hardware fire on the plaza. >> he spent most of his career with the sonoma fire department. >> out of 58 years i have been alive, 40 of them have been here. cpr ended up saving her life. >> but in a career spanning four decades, there is another accomplishment that sticks out farther than the rest. in what was once the fire department's storeroom, he built a museum to honor sew knn sonome fighting history. >> it's also one of the only fire engines that has ever
8:53 pm
pumped wine on a fire. that's a big accomplishment for me, was to get this museum, to carry on that tradition and the memories of the past 100 years. >> these memories have come to the forefront because after more than 40 years on a fire engine, he's hanging up his hat. >> a long of young firefighters now and it is a challenge to keep up with him. >> they are saluting him, crediting him with mentoring dozens of firefighters in departments across the regions. >> i think he is pretty much responsible for maybe thousands of peoples lives being saved. >> among those who followed him into the life saving business, his own son. >> his passion was -- created something, a historical thing. >> but even entering retirement, a radio call stops him
8:54 pm
mid-sentence, and a siren still gets the blood pumping. >> you don't see me sitting in a chair in front of the tv. >> so he's continuing on as a volunteer one door closing, the opening of another. >> i got married on this engine. we'll be back in a moment with another live report from nbc bay area on the ground in florida. - grocery outlet
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boooyah has three "o's". ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ announcer: this week, assorted flavors of power bars are just four for a dollar. right now let's have one more check in in forty lauder dale. a dangerous situation out there, seems worse than when we last talked to you. >> it definitely has, terry. one thing, the photographer and i have actually noticed that the rain instead of coming and going has actually been steady. i got an alert on my phone saying a tornado watch is in
8:57 pm
effect for this area and it is going to remain in effect until 12:00 p.m. tomorrow. so that means that folks should head for cover as soon as we're done with this broadcast, we are going to head over into our hotel. that's actually where we're staying. i did manage to crack my phone. i want to let our viewers know back home, as long as i've got a working device of some sort, internet connection, i will keep you guys updated. we see the patrol cars out here. they have not moved from this location. we have seen them steady. so as of right now, we did get that tornado watch in effect for broward county and we're right along the boulevard right before you get on to the bridge. so we're actually going to go ahead and begin to head over to our hotel to play it safe. >> good idea. play it safe. we are on it.
8:58 pm
thank you very much to you again. in about two hours with another live report we certainly hope. now she's in fort lauderdale. that's a ways away from where the storm is heading. >> it is a large storm. outer bands, tropical force winds there. the main event for south florida, mid-morning our time tomorrow transitioning toward tampa bay by tomorrow evening. >> thanks so much. join us at 11:00. - grocery outlet
8:59 pm
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hi, everybody. welcome to the debut episode of nissan 49ers game plan. where we get you ready for game day. i'm dave feltman. most of the eyes will be on the red and gold to see if their off season of transition will lead to success on the field of play. the new man in charge is first time head coach kyle shanahan. but he's been around the nfl


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