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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 20, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we )re tracking hurricane maria as it hits puerto rico. the category 4 storm is slamming double disaster. we are talking hurricane irma as it hits puerto rico. the category 4 storm now! ing the island with 140-mile-per-hour winds. some of them stronger. and in mexico intense search is under way after the rubble 7.1 earthquake devastated that nation. good morning. thanks for joining us for this mid-day newscast. i'm marcus marquez. >> look at the scene. this is a scene playing across mexico. they are saying they found a child alive under a school during the quake. as we speak, the efforts to
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continue to get her out of the wreckage continues. pulled them from the school, all of them were. death toll 225. we do want to show you new drone video as well to show you the destruction. hard to see. but nbc news tweeted this footage. shows rescue operations under way in mexico city how fied twit devastation is. this interrupted an interview they were conducting in mexico city. cruel twist was the deadly earthquake in 1985. here's that moment.
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>> and now back to the search on the ground. entire country of mexico is under a state of disaster. nbc steve paterson is under way right now in mexico city. >> reporter: right now this is a race against time with crews and operations around mexico city. basically look foring for peopl that could be alive in rubble. that's the scene behind me in this beautiful neighborhood in mexico city. i want to show you, you can see rescue crews are digging through the rubble. this was a circumstance-story employment agency. people were in this building at
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the height of the business day right before lunchtime before that earthquake hit and that building came down trapping several people inside. several unaccounted for. several dead. but obviously some people who have to be alive in there trapped in there. we know they have to be because we've been talking to people on the ground sharing us stories and tell us about family members trapped inside. and every once in a while a crew member will find somebody and hold his hands newspaper the air to signify that. and their name will be added to a big list which is right outside of here. and that list thankfully is growing. so far they have recovered about 30 people alive with about two dozen more to go who are unaccounted for. this is, however, is one scene of many throughout this city alone. in fact, there is a school, which is about a few miles away south here still in mexico city, an elementary school which completely crumbled. killed at least 21 elementary
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schoolers with 21 more unaccounted for. there is massive operation under way here. and in several places around this community. it is work that will be done today, tonight, and day and night and day and night, so on, until they find as many people as possible. for now, i'm steve paterson, nbc news mexico city. nbc will report live from the earthquake zone later today. now onto hurricane category 4 storm with 155-mile-per-hour winds. now, the mayor of san juan tells msnbc the island could be without electricity four to six months. then they a united states noed san juan is 100 percent without power. the mayor said half of the city is flooded. and maria could bring up to
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25 inches of rain to puerto rico. 16 inches to come to the virgin island. both islands could also see several tornadoes. we have new video at this history from a person in san juan. showing video as the winds ripped through. here's a look of the hurricane from our satellite. that storm moving to the dominican republic. they say that could be the most damaging in almost a century. and flooding could be devastating. he's in the san juan with this report. >> reporter: the situation here in san juan is dire. the winds have been intensifying. and the worst to yet to come. we are taking shelter concrete structure and blocking the winds. but as you can see behind me
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utter chaos in the chapital. they have been warning people for days that they need to evacuate or die. well the time for that has passed, no where to turn at this point. we have seen parts of buildings being blown off, des brie throughout the street, and power is out to a large chunk of san juan already. this in a region that was grazed by hurricane irma but knocked out power to 75% of the island. now authorities here expect that maria could knock out power to some parts of this region for four to six months. authorities are warning this will be catastrophic. again, we expect to get hit by these winds and rains for the next several hours. no telling how much damage it will cause. but our big concern as well is the storm surge.
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back to you. strength of that wind now. now this video coming out of puerto rico showing the strength of that storm. take a look at this. wow. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the storm. what's the latest? >> hard to believe wind gusts up to 160-mile-per-hour. we see the rain there because of the mountainous terrain, enhances that rainfall, and we see that in the bay area, get a lot more rain over the santa cruz mountains. now this is emerging back over the water. has come back down to category 3, but now that it's back over some very warm atlantic water will go to category 4 just north of the dominican republic, moving over to turks and caicos. now this is is something we'll monitor for the east coast but
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for now it looks like it will stay out over open water with by tropical jose farther to the north. and we'll have an update coming up later. >> and meteorologist has been tweeting updates. our twitter feed is also a great resource, you can find our handle at nbc bay area. and construction worker is hospitalized after getting electric shock on the job. fire officials say that happened before 10:00 this morning as the crew member was drilling and hit a power line near 280. that victim was underground at the time. now officials does say he does not have life threatening injuries. back here in the bay area racist graffiti was found at a middle school hateful words on a truck. just a few hours ago students and parents got together to say that hate speech has no place in their community.
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nbc bay area is live andit cany middle school. what are they saying? >> reporter: these are signs they held up welcome back to campus. their main message is all students should feel safe on campus. >> sheriffs are here and everybody is here to protect the kids. so, yeah. >> reporter: and students safety is what what they are most concerned about as stud ententse to class. >> this community has spoken and said we will not stand for hate. >> reporter: the superintendent for the school district says it stems from the incident from monday night t a school truck at middle school was found vandalized. they are investigating it as a hate crime. >> i think castro valley in 2017, we don't tolerate this. >> reporter: after learning of the incident he decided to do something. he created these signs and passed them out to families as
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they dropped off their kids. he doesn't have any students they school but he wants all students to feel safe and welcome on campus. >> i feel it's a slippery slope when you talk about hate speech and i have a right to say it. no you don't have a right. whoever is being targeted by it they need to know they are defended. >> reporter: parents like this say community as diverse forecast throw valley to stand together sends a strong message. >> i think as long as the community stands vigilant and doesn't accept it, i think there is hope. >> reporter: now through the van dallism still don't have any sus sfekts in custody. they are hoping surveillance video may help them in their investigation. reporting live in castro valley nbc bay area news. new at 11:00 they are suing the trump administration over border walls. projects down by san diego. california attorney general says the plan is illegal. >> the department of homeland security would wave 37 federal
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statutes as well as regulation that is are related to those statutes. and it would also violate numerous state and local laws here in our great state of california. >> reporter: congress has not yet funded the wall, which was one of president trump key campaign promises. well, a flu warning that you really are going to want to hear about coming at 11:00 health experts say this year could be worse than ever. plus iphone 8 comes out friday. should you up date. stick around we'll tell you in business and tech. as we check out radar, some spotty showers well to the north of us, but also have across parts of the bay area, along with cooler temperatures. and after all of this clears, even cooler air moving in. we'll talk about what's ahead coming up next. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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=runs 4= =cont vo= ad-lib numbers ==kris//vidbox== wal-mart isn )t planning any
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large-scale hiring for the and the opening bell there on wall street as you can see right now the dow down, less than a point, though, actually. steady after feds said stimulus production for next month. walmart isn't planning hiring. instead extra hours to the current workers just like they did last year. largers u.s. private employer will add temporary workers at distribution centers but hasn't said how many. happening today another planning hearing on google campus. which is expectsed to be five times the size of valley fair mall cob built near san jose station. during the meeting they can check out the development vision for affordable housing and access to jobs. the meeting starts at 6:00 at the washington youth center on
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first street in san jose. well the iphone 8 hits stores but you might be asking yourself is it worth the up date. >> they are revealing the reviews. >> yeah, good morning today they are saying the day would show off their reviews. and bottom line is most of them say they are waiting for the iphone 10. so 8 is out friday. as to 10 you'll have to wait until november. writing about the iphone 8 "new york times" says improvements are miner but if you have a ld 0er model the 8 will feel like a solid upgrade. jeffrey over "the wall street journal" says it reminds me of the transformer movie, you know it's new but you can't figure out how it's different. >> and 11 new feature that texts people when you are driving to
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let them know you can't answer. and it's pushing augmented reality really hard. there is one that allows you to thomas the tank games, train sets in augmented reality. that's my desk with a train set. and i took it out, sorry if i distracted you, but it's my job to play it. >> we were wondering what you were doing. new at 11:00 you may want to get the flu vaccine sooner than other. experts say a bad flu season in the southern hemisphere is not a good sign. australia has seen double compared to 2016. most of them children between the ages of five and nine and elderly. that's why doctors are urging americans to get vaccinated now before flu season begins. remember, it takes one to two weeks after receiving the flu shot to have full protection. >
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. >> i just got mine yesterday. and investigation into what led to the death of an oakland man after his apartment caught fire. this was breaking news early today. this is near harrison and pear, not far from 580. fire started just before 4:00 in the morning and people were yelling fire trying to warn people. the victims identity has not been released but neighbors describe him as elderly man, possibly in late 60s. we spoke with a neighbor who lived across the hall, she opened the door she saw the guy engulfed in flame and she grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to help. >> i tried to go and spray it, but it was too hot for me to get close, so i got my dogs and mom out of the house. >> at least one other person was
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treated for motion inhalation, they said it was limited to one unit, but the cause is still unknown. in san francisco three people are in the hospital after early morning house fire. this happened at a home on bureau street right next to mccollar enpark in the district. firefighters who find the hopefully engulfed. one of those victims is in extremely critical condition but no cause to the fire. happening today u.s. coast guard heads to alameda to face charges in death of 3-year-old daughter. >> a story brought to you last month. petty officer is up for counts for failing to take care of daughter. died in alameda in 2011 while in the care of his girlfriend who is now wife. said the death was homicide. but for six years alameda never
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filed charges, only after the coast guard and our investigative unit started asking questions, then they filed a felony child abuse charge. arrested last week. accidental death down the stairs. >> we'll have all the details from the pretrial hearing tonight in our 6:00 newscast. she has been doing extensive reporting on this story. you can watch the story es and click on the investigative unit tab. and if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call that number 888-996 tips or send us an email that is today san francisco areas will break down what contributed to heat related death during labor day weekend heat wave. as they first uncovered city and ambulance crews were ill equipped to handle the calls during the triple digit heat.
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they received twice number they usually do and reenforcements were called in from other nearby cities. >> certainly not feeling that effect today here in the bay area. >> no, it is nice and cool. and kari warming up a little bit. >> it will, yes, over the next several days we'll have hotter temperatures moving in. but we are enjoying a break from all of that right now as the cold front dips in. and that's the reason wyatt times you've seen a little bit of some light rain moving through right now in san jose as we take a live look getting some clearing. and a look at the temperature trend for santa clara where our temperatures will be in the low 70s today. where should we be? 81 degrees. we won't get there this afternoon. and still see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day with some breezy winds. looking at all our high temperatures for this afternoon, 74 in morgan hill. for the east bay livermore 76
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degrees. and fremont high of 73 degrees. we are looking at mostly upper 60s san mateo up to 79 degrees. and in san francisco embarcadero 64 degrees with north bay. sonoma expect high of 74 degrees. seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. chance of rain then after that dries up. we've had light rain, little too light to be detected on the radar. but also had these lou clouds moving in, so some of those low clouds go under the radar. going into this afternoon could see rain moving through, but much of it clears out by about three or four:00 this afternoon. and some dryer air pushes in later tonight to help bring in some cooler temperatures as we will have this settling in for tomorrow. definitely going to be cooler. also windy. and because of those gusty winds we have a beach hazard in febt.
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if you have going boating or surfing not the best time because we will have dangerous rip currents and long periods in between the swales 16 to 18 seconds and could reach as high as 10 feet between today and tomorrow. as you get ready to head out there for tomorrow, still breezy and highs reaching only into low 60s. and friday is the first day of fall. officially begins at 1:02 in the afternoon. then after that it starts to warm up. looking at mid to upper 70s and yes the warmer temperatures will return. we are back to feeling some summer like weather by tuesday of next week. going to be up to 90 degrees and compare to today's high temperature of 76 degrees. so still a lot of changes on the way. you want to make sure you keep checking in every day as our forecast will be heating up throughout the weekend. i'll have another look at the forecast and up date on maria and jose coming up later. >> thank you very much kari. it is a big week for football
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here on nbc bay area to the music. well, not yet. 49ers host l.a. rams this thursday. coverage starts at 5 in the evening. head to washington. both games you can watch here on nbc bay area. >> make sure you stay after the game on saturday for latest series bay area revolutions, take a look at how the veterans have bay area, special 10:00 p.m. on sunday. >> coming up next a driver has a high speed chase. we'll show it how it has the man ending the day in handcuffs. but first now a republican senator from louisiana is making last dish effort to repeal and replace obamacare. it would undo central pilars of the law and send blocks to states to make their own decision. and peter till may be
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joining the trump tra administration. he's up for a job. that's quietly advising the trump administration for months. more news ahead. is sweeping through the state. marcus the warningns f >> highly contagious virus is sweeping through the states. >> warning signs for your family as the out break moves closer to bay area. a a midnight fire sent a mother
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and daughter to the hospital and kilth . a midnight fire sent a mother and her daughter to the hospital and killed the family dog. the first san jose firefighters on scene say the smoke was coming from the at particular and at least one window when
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they arrived. they used a chainsaw to get to the flames as the two women watched from outside the home where they were sleeping when the fire started. >> they woke up to the sound of fire and crackling and there was heavy showing in the apartment at the time they woke up and actually escaped through a bedroom window. >> the neighbor in the other duplex was also out of the home but just for the fire fight but to give you idea how fast life can change. burned only about 15 minutes long enough for two of those smokes to suffer smoke inhalation and slight burns. after they were released from the hospital the red cross will assist them in getting back on their feet. we can't tell you at this point whether smoke detectors were working in the home. but i did post om information about changing out lance armstrongs on my twitter feed. >> i want you to take a look at this chase in late last night in the central valley.
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the officers say a san joaquin officer tried to make a stop, which appeared to be honda suv, that driver was not having it. he led police and eventually officers with chp on that chase that went on 580, then north on 680 back down 80 into san francisco. now once in the city, officers deployed strips, popped the tires on suv forcing the driver to come to a stop. this was on southbound 101 by the ups building. the good news no one was hurt during this arrest. and all that time and distance all those cars. >> yes. >> we. we are tracking breaking news hurricane maria battling winds. we showed you as the latest as the island nation deals with the devastation.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. hurricane maria continues
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to slam the carribean. the storm is still tearing back to breaking news as hurricane maria continues to slam the caribbean. the storm is still tearing through puerto rico causing flooding, rain, damaging winds, and storm surges. and maria fury is far from over. >> last count the storm has killed at least nine across the caribbean. let's take a look at what's next. maria mi pass dominican on thursday, then turks and caicos on friday. warnings have been for those. it's still too early if it will threaten the u.s. mainland next week. >> and we'll stay on top of it for instant coverage head to accused of sex crimes for group home for boys is scheduled to appear in court. authorities in june arrested this man of rohnert park.
11:32 am
prosecutors say he assaulted ats least two juveniles at the boy center where he was a counselor. he is expected to enter a plea today. it comes one day after a civil suit was filed accusing a female worker there of having sex with an under age boy. renewed pledge in oakland to support so-called dreamers. oakland city council members last night passed a resolution backing president obama daca program. they have support for the young people of children of undocumented immigrants protected by daca. it also calls on congress to defend it. >> first major speech at the united nations president trump said the u.s. would totally destroy north korea if forced to do so. nbc janet reports from beyington international reaction that is ongoing. >> reporter: in this part of the world they are trying to figure
11:33 am
out if it's a threat, this vo to totally destroy north korea has been downplayed. half ignored in china. in japan well received, but remember the last two north korean missile tests have flown over that territory as well he speaks to the u.n. today. in china it was a pretick tennis ball response calling for an adherence to the resolutions and also turning to negotiations. there is a sense that perhaps the message was just as much as it was for kim jong-un. that all leaders in particular oil in order to stop the regime. was not also in the audience of the united nations. but perhaps the most intriguing response will be the one that comes from north korea itself. did president trump provide the perfect sound bite for ha audience? there is an answer that perhaps it won't be perceived as threat but as justification for
11:34 am
pursuing nuclear weapons as a necessary defense against america, that the speech was exactly what they wanted to hear, and that will feed the regime victim complex. rhetoric is not unusual in this part of the world, though typically it's coming from north korea. and so far from now the reaction from pooiyongyang has been sile. back to you. it says controls are weeding out users to advocate violence. twitter says removed twets. u.s. has been pressuring them to fight against online by violent groups. another orange country is reporting hepatitis out break. they declared aout break
11:35 am
yesterday. they have also increased cases. those have been among homeless people and drugs. the best protection is hepatitis vaccine. too many drivers like to put the pedal close to the metal when cutting through one town in the east bay. starting today they'll be seeing more red. he has been working with story this week. in hayward today. >> reporter: the city of hayward has received a number of complaints from pedestrians saying it's too dangerous to cross some of the streets, namely a street, foothill boulevard, and mission boulevard, especially here at the intersection of mission and b where we are standing. i checked with the city this week to find out more about this impact. the traffic lights are timed such that drivers can catch most, if not all the green, and blast through the 25-mile-per-hour speed limit. four lanes of traffic. and it could be quite daunting
11:36 am
for one walking on the sidewalk. so starting today the city of hayward is timing the stop lights so they have less room to speed up. there are 20 traffic signals inquest. here's why it matters. these are all located along the so-called downtown loop in high ward. they are tweaking the signals between a street between mission and foothill and on both mission and foothill. they are hoping these measures aimed at calming traffic will also discourage commuters from using the downtown as a shortcut around 880 on their way to and from work. >> we've heard from those commuters who pass through already, and they are like, hey, what are you doing, i like speeding through hayward and going as fast as i can and not stopping. we are not trying to accommodate those individuals. we are trying to accommodate hayward residents and those expressing concern over the speeds and not being able to
11:37 am
come downtown and feel comfortable shopping and walking. >> it's ta problem. i don't normally cross there because it is. i try to stay on this side of mission when i'm parking. but every once in a while, yeah, people don't pay attention and go really fast, especially here. >> people don't care. >> reporter: about? >> about people walking by. most of the time they put their eye on the phone instead of the driver. and especially this is a lot of people downtown and they drive crazy. >> reporter: the city is retiming the lights as part of a pilot program, they will tweak as necessary and re-evaluate. the city is also looking at long-term solutions, that involves converting lanes to bike, those are long-term solutions five or ten years down the road. the city is looking for your feedback. they have put up a survey online. you can find that link in our website at reporting here in hayward bob redell.
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nbc bay area. well, they are being summoned to answer questions about the structure. >> subpoena for him to testify comes set back for homeowners. here's reporter telling you about it. >> reporter: >> the engineer on the project has a lot of questions to answer. >> reporter: city super aaron is talking about desimone engineers. they voted the call routed to accounts for the 58 story tours having sunk some 17 inches and for the building after they learned about the sinking problem back in 2009. >> hopefully will have answers. >> reporter: he has boasted about the concrete design has
11:39 am
not commented publicly to date. he had no comment. and meanwhile the developer just suffered a set back. the judge dismissed almost all of the homeowners allegations as simply too vague. but said they could amend their claims to be more specific. homeowners association lawyer daniel downplayed the judge's ruling. the court has asked for clarification on certain claims, and the homeowners association will provide the requested questions promptly. but a lawyer who is monitoring the case says the ruling could be a far more difficult legal hurdle. >> given what's in the order, i have my doubts. but other attorneys may have a different take of it. and i wouldn't want to be conclusive on it one way or another at this point. i do know the order threw out the bulk of the complaints. >> reporter: they said be
11:40 am
called. >> he was certifying so should be called in. >> reporter: nbc bay area. >> he says it should be called in as early as next month. if you have tip give us a call at 1888-996 tips or send to another cool day and already looking towards the weekend. kari is here. >> really nice as we look at a live look outside. we have seen some clouds moving by and light sprinkles. that will be the case with cooler air. we'll get rid of that and head to the weekend with more comfortable weather. more on that next. a woman's free check up ends up costing her more than $200. i'm chris chmura nbc bay area responds next. nbc bay area responds-- to a
11:41 am
11:42 am
11:43 am
south bay woman who needed our help challenging a medical bill. ==marcus/2shot== soe l. nbc bay area south bay woman who needed our help challenging a mel bill. >> so she called chris chmura. he joins us now with the story. norma costello in mountain view. she expected him to cover the costs but later told she had to pay $220 for her free check up. why? well the insurance company said norma conversation with the
11:44 am
doctor strayed. >> you discussed other things after the physical. no, i didn't. so you have to pay it. >> reporter: norma called us because she got no where challenging the bill. she's not alone nbc bay area found the state has seen a 60 percent spike in speem complaining about medical over the past 3 years. coming up tonight at 6:00 what happens to her debt after we started asking questions. plus i'll take you to the phone bank where you can file a medical grievance and they are required to respond. ee respond to every call we receive. so call us 888-996 tips. or visit sla i'll see you tonight at 6:00. that's my favorite time of the year, fall, i love it, cooler the better for me. so i'm in heaven right here. >> then you don't want to see
11:45 am
the rest of my forecast. because it's cool but doesn't stay that way. so take it in and enjoy it because there will be changes down the line. consider yourself warned. as we take a look outside right now tiburon, you can see beautiful weather, seen some low advisability there, while the sun is coming out in san jose. still mostly cloudy as we take a look outside in dublin. light rain moving through windshield wipers on makes the car look dirty, then before you know it the rain is done. we are now feeling the temperatures in 60s heading into mid 70s today. morgan hill expect the high temperature of 74 degrees. and seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. you'll see the warmer air i was talking about. walnut creek will see high of 74 degrees. and 69 in oakland. and for the peninsula redwood city 71 degrees. outer sunset today at 63 degrees
11:46 am
for the high. and also 63 in point rays. mill valley high of 72 degrees. so the rain being detected by the radar still to the north. but we have seen light showers moving across the bay area. we'll have the chance through two to three:00 hour being published up. mostly cloudy skies some seeing sun and breezy mix in the front as cold front. won't be in until later tonight where we start to see the skies clearing and stays breezy and reenforces cool area we are feeling. so as we take a look outside in san francisco it is now 67 degrees. for the afternoon we'll stay in the upper 60s. and mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. as sun sets later tonight, we'll drop back into the upper 50s and with those winds at times up to
11:47 am
20-mile-per-hour it will feel cooler. and as we take a look at what's happening with tropical storm jose, a lot of clouds into new england, and rain bands making way up into cape cod. right now wind speeds of 70-mile-per-hour as the storm moves toward the northeast. just going to sit there for the next several days, even into the weekend. this is going to sit off the atlantic coast. well, now it also will help steer hurricane maria weiaway f our coastline as it continues trek. at about 12-mile-per-hour it's a category 3. now that the eye has emerged back over water, it is pektsed to restrengthen to a category 4, and then move off towards the north as we go into the next several days. once again, what was hurricane jose, strg having influence on
11:48 am
of hurricane maria. after we start fall, ill nomar cuss you are looking forward to pumpkin spice, enjoy that, because next week iced coffee as we head back up. yeah, i'll leave that to kari. >> yeah, that's good. well, what would you do if you only had one year to live? introducing you to facebook engineer and violinist who was faced with that question in today's bay area prep. coming after after nbc bay area. the statement is so true for the
11:49 am
11:50 am
man we )re ab this next story i know personally. music is life.
11:51 am
it really feeds the soul. and that's so true for a man you are about to meet. there is so much more to his story. joins us with today's bay area news. >> reporter: in community theaters across the country, fiduciary letter fiddler has been a staple for a lot of years. but this is destined to be one of a kind. you see, this is violinist eric sun first performance with him. it will also be his last. >> i've been diagnosed with blast toma which is the brain cancer. >> reporter: that diagnosis came a year ago with prognosis to match. eric an engineering manager at facebook took a long hard look at how he wanted to spend that
11:52 am
time. >> my wife karen and i started thinking about what are the things i want to leave behind. what are the things that i want to be remembered for. >> reporter: bringing people together. building community was the answer. and music was to be there means. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: eric had played violin since a young boy but pushed that down the list of priorities. so he set about hours upon hours rest renting his talent. and when karen learned of the performance she had an idea. for eric to perform a particularly difficult solo, the v violin credenza. conductor only had to be asked once. >> when i said i'll help you make it there. i'll help you learn this part. >> reporter: others inner eric
11:53 am
shoes may have chosen more pursuits. but it was a gift that he didn't want to gift but give. >> how i bring people together, how i show my appreciation for everything that people have done for me. ♪ >> reporter: so for eight minutes in the middle of each performance eric steps to the center of the stage. ♪ >> reporter: he, the audience and the cast, are then bonded by the beauty of music and the virgilty of life. a shared experience that teaches all of us to do what brings you joy. because none of us know when our song will end.
11:54 am
>> that was nice. like he said, he's given back instead of taking for himself. which would be okay too. >> that's true. >> we'll be right back. nbc news is gearing up for a big
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11:56 am
premiere next week -- megyn kelly )s new show begins monday morning. well, nbc news is gearing up for big premier next week megyn kelly. >> newest member of our nbc family will be on ellen this
11:57 am
afternoon. you can catch it right here at nbc at 4:00 before our 5:00 newscast. be sure to tune in 9:00 monday morning for the premier of megyn new show called megyn kelly today. and looking very cool over the next several days. enjoy it. we talk about fall beginning on friday. officially 1:02 in the afternoon. then as we head into the next several days warming up. we are not done with the summer heat. next tuesday we could be hitting 90 degrees in the valley. >> i was just getting excited. >> well, you know, air conditioning back on. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is coming up tonight at 5:00. >> you can get the latest information on have a great day.
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♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ get a little help from my friends ♪ ♪ yeah i get buy with a little help from my friends ♪ ♪ i get by with a little help from my friends ♪ >> yeah, come on! ♪ do you need anybody >> you're special, incredible, fun y talented. i think you're going to win. >> i'm going to call it, that's our winner, 12-year-old darci lynn with her puppets, oscar and petunia. could she take home the prize? >> leading


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