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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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terrain with temperatures topping 90 degrees. >> major concerns is the rapid rate of saw. the steep terrain is also a concern. i estimate a 60% grade. >> air support raised in with choppers dropping water and air tankers releasing retarden. the all-out blitz paid op. by 3 this afternoon firefighters gained the upper hand, eliminating the immediate threat to homes. the fire scorched 22 acres. we just got an update from the fire chief. he tells us it's now 60% contained. investigators are now looking into the cause of this fire. most people here have been able to return to their homes. but there are about 20 to 30 homes where they still remain evacuated. and that is along campus drive. reporting live in oakland marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne thank you. among the hundreds of people
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impacted by the fire a member of our own nbc bay area news team our morning reporter pete suratos arrived at his home in the development there in the oakland hills when he saw the smoke above his home. he kwivg post-ed this video on the twitter feed and then followed orders evacuating. >> we had to get our staff, back our stuff. i'm hoping to be on tomorrow morning for "today in the bay" that they get in thing situated. roupt right now they're telling us to gutr out. >> that was him during the midday newscasts. we're glad pete is okay and all the other people living in the area. who pete and his neighbors by the way have now been allowed back into their homes. >> i want to give you another look at how close the fire came to homes. firefighters say they burned to within 150 feet of those homes. as raj mentioned, you saw it live on the air at 11:00. one air drap after another as fierts fought to keep the homes safe. there were some tense moments for the evacuees who could just hope for the best.
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nbc bay area jodi hernandez continues coverage joining us from be oakland with more. jodi. >> reporter: some residents are still not being allowed to return to their homes. we're standing on campus drive at -- and this is as far as some people are allowed to go. you can see the police with the road block. folks have been camped out here. there is a long line of people waiting to get in. i'll tell you, it has been an anxious day for people who live in this neighborhood. a traumatic afternoon for people living along campus drive in the oakland hills. asxd a four-alarm fire forced 5 homes to be evacuated. leaving residents in an absolute panic. >> i'm just really shook up right now. i'm hoping our house is okay. we can't get to it right now. so we'll see what happens. upscale neighborhood, parking in
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driveways to protect the multimillion dollar homes. muz among those evacuate sflood i went over when he came out and talked to to him told i i was trying to get you out he said sorry i was asleep. >> he evacuated. >> clay thompson evacuated as well. >> firefighters later contained the çóñiblaze. reunited with pets and grateful to the firefighters process. >> they were doing everything they can to help us in this kind of heat we're appreciative and thankful. >> reporter: and we are back here live where you can see folks are lind up just waiting to get back into this neighborhood. it's been a scarey day for folks out here. i talked to many who were here when the fire started. they say it took off quickly before they were evacuated ppt oakland police officer up there just told me that they were hoping to reopen the neighbor
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within the hour. >> jodi hernandez. >> that's very good news. it's been a long afternoon for so many people there. all of this of course is a sobering reminder of what happened 26 years ago. one of the worst disasters in bay area history, the 1991 oakland hills fire. and if you remember it started a small grass fire near the tumble and then flared into one of the deadliest in state history. killed 25 people and destroyed 4,000 homes and apartments. the fire uncovered inkpatabilities with fire communication and equipment. and that led to changing lawsc and protocols not just local by across the country. here is another look at how close the brush fire came to homes. you see it there. flames and moek this video was shot a few hours ago posted by marcel. he sent us video of the first fire crew racing to the scene. as we mentioned a few of the homes are under evacuation orders still. you can send us et photos and videos at ic to nbc bay
5:05 pm >> the this comes at the beginning of a warm fall weather streak. let's bring in jeff ranieri to break down the fire danger. and jeff we're talking about 90s most of the rest of the week. >> and that's contributing to the fire danger continuing. really the primary driver of the fire being able to spread so fast today was the very dry wind coming out of the northeast 5 to 10 miles an hour. that helped to suck out any moisture in the atmosphere making it superdry and helping these conditions to become so combustible out here across the bay. currently along the fire lines it's still a very warm 90 degrees. humidity down to 16%. the lower the number gets to zero, the faster a fire spreads and can be park. winds out northeast mat 10 miles an hour. we will drop to the 70s eventually by seven, eight, 9:00 and 10:00 tonight that's
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certainly helping the firefighters. if in terms of area to watch most immediately campus drive, kjell her ave, mountain boulevard, coach drive, those are areas close enough to the hot spots where we need to keep an eye. we'll talk more about the red flag fire warning for the rest of the bay area. >> we'll see you shortly. other headlines this evening workweek berkeley was center of another protest. tensions running high as both sides shouting to be heard. just one of the people you saw there were arrested, the leader of the group called by any means necessary. nbc bay area sam brock joins with us the very latest. sam. >> reporter: raj, good evening, berkeley police having to break out significant resources again here on campus. all of in unfolding today behind me, sproul plaza. it's snaked out from there down telegraph avenue.
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police moving in unity and conviction and that happened repeat lid the patriot prayer protest started with in powwow a prelude of things to come. organizer joey gibson said the confrontations run counter to his goal of respectful conversation. >> he wants to have a dialogue we have people over here that. >> you know for whatever reason they refused to letxdxdt(4hñ us. rerefuse. >> dialogue did not rule this day. >> now on the march enswarmed by police. patriot prayer protesters were shouted down by groups bellos chants of inclusion and antifacism. >> no kkk no facist awe. >> perhaps no snap shot better summarized the this. the by any means necessary a woman already charged with
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assault staring down kyle k45678. moments later she found herself in handcuffs for charges of battery and resisting arrest. as the flair ups considered so do the fierce language. >> i don't understand why people can think they're better than other people because of the color of their skin if they're guy or whatever like all of that doesn't make sense. >> the problem is the violent marksist streechlt i got hit in the head 6 o 7 stitches bunched in the mouth. >> battle that event that happened last april ended up leading to dozens of arrests as you remember today three arrests so far in and counting reporting live in from berkeley this evening. sam brock back to you in the studio. >> well sam has been in the thick of the protest throughout the afternoon tweeting out the videos. among them patriot prayer members you see chanting usa in
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front of the cameras. you can see the extra content on the twitter feed our handle is dwaut nbc bay area. >> president trump still on offense against nfl players and why he is now bringing up san jose pat tillman who was killed serving in iraq. >> we got up to 80s in san francisco today. right now it's dropping down to 76 appear still holding a warm 91 in walnut creek. i'll tell you what's up with the warm fall weather and when rainfall gets close to the bay area. that's at 5:20 tonight. crash.
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here )s the viw well for a while there was delays on northbound 101 in mill valley after a crash. this is the view from the nbc bay area sky ranger. a truck car evened off the highway and collided with five other cars. happened near a parking lot near the in and out burger. the driver of the truck suffered a medical emergency. the driver and pregnant woman in one of the other cars taken to the hospital. but at this point it's unclear the extent of their injuries. president trump tweeted four times today about pro football players kneeling during the national anthem. and athletes are weighing in on the issue. the debate began on the nation's football fields and now extends to the floor of congress where at least two representatives
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kneeled today in players solidarity. president trump tweeted the nfl should ban kneeling during the national anthem and called it a insult to wounded military members. >> they were fighting for our country fighting for our flag. they were fighting for our national anthem. and for people to disrespect that by kneeling during the playing of our national anthem i think is disgraceful. >> many people are weighing in, a south carolina bar owner says he won't show nfl football on tv until all players stand for the ang em. the oakland unified school district performed the anthem on one knee as well. >> there are so many local angles to the story. the widow the bay area pat tillman is calling oh out president trump. he says the former nfl player and army ranger should not be used a politically advicive employ. >> you see twufrp retweeting this picture and saying stand
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for anthem and by the way the nfl. >> she goes on to say it's my home that his memory reminds people we must come cover. his office along with every man and woman's service should never be politicized in a way that divides us. we are too great a country for that. pat tillman grew up in san jose killed by friendly fire in afgtants in 2004. well the turmoil and the desperation continues in puerto rico. it's been a week since maria and there is still not enough of anything, not water, gasoline, electricity. one family painted the word help on their roof. today a chap chopper with a medical team reached them crew members say they tweeted three people at the house. with spain's prime minister pushed back against criticism that his administration isn't doing enough for the island of puerto rico. >> i think we've done a good job we are continuing we are we are unloading hourly basis water
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food splice. >> puerto rico's airport situation, extremely tense. no air-conditioning, electricity is intermittent and no cell phone service. but there is plenty of frustration as travelers did he skrend on the airport with no way to make reservations out of the island. they just line up, hoping against hope to try to get a flit out. >> a lot of people need help if you want to help the victims not only in puerto rico but also mexico after the earthquake we have key information to pass along. scott budman joins from us tropicena foods withçót(xdxd5a details. >> reporter: well, here raj a lot of people have been coming in making donations also financial help. let me show you what's g going on. this is the trokiccena foodsjf story road people bringing water diapers food, splice for victims of the mexico quake. also helping you if you want to make financial donations tony of the recent tragedies in puerto rico in miami, mexico, texas, come on down, story road they will walk you through the
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process. there is also a phone number to call. we have put that on the website,, and that's going to happen until 7:00 tonight. right here on story road. reporting live in san jose. okay thank you. okay good teachers don't stick to just a sec just teaching the textbook they use any resource they can get their hands on. >> one san francisco teacher using herself and her story to impart an important message to students. nbc bay area garvin thomas joins with us bay area proud ñi2>)t(ác ramw3 is a 6th grade science and math teacher who pulled off a remarkable piece of make shift engineering. perhaps the only thing more special to her than what shefá ñ the lesson she wants other students to get from it. >> what i need you to do when you get your test put your name on the top. >> a few years ago when ali graham got a job as a sixth grade math and science teacher
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at this school in frist she was thrilled. she did however have one reservation about teaching middle school. >> i'm like oh shoot, like, what if it's middle school over again? >> what ali means is that these years are tough for kids who are different and ali has been different for most of her 25 years. >> i was really young. i was 18 months old and i got a decease. and so it cut off the circulation to my feet. >> two below the knee amputations were needed to safe her life. they didn't however slower down. in fact ali says she never felt different as a kid until you guessed it middle school. >> i had like a hard time because i was bullied a lot. as she reached adulthood she ha has become more comfortable with her story and two prosthetic feet. still she never wants to call too much to them.
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she wants to be known not as the teacher with prosthetics but just simple a good teacher >> please welcome ali graham. made this summer was so out of character. >> a big deal for me to do that. >> you take newspaper rods. >> as part of a science teacher camp at the exploratorium tlfrs a kbegs to build something from packing material. >> pretty sturd judge. >> what ali built. >> we have a whole leg. >> was a working prosthetic leg. >> we're going to test it now. >> which she demonstrated to a surprise you had audience. >> she won the competition. >> that was a big hurdle to get through emotionally then being able to just do it and have people react in a post-way and not like a oh that's weird. kind of way. was like reinforcing and so i feel like i've grown even more. >> pretty durable.
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>> ali things this was a transformative movement for her never focusing on what she is missing but what it can add. >> it helps educate kids, teach them about empathy and caring about another person who is different interest you. >> as you can imagine there is a lot of fascination with the students when he they first give she gives enemy a day to ask any question they want about the prosthetics and then they move on. of course you can imagine two ob three where four six months the school year she is just a good science teacher >> very good. >> and transformative for the students to see her bravery. wonderful. >> thanks, garvin. >> it's a rare sight at yosemite national park in year. sews might fall still flowing this is time laps from idea that's unusual in september usually yosemite falls stops flowing a couple weeks in the summer and into the fall. >> we have interesting weather
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around here. the hot weather talking about the fire danger as we talked about in the elbowed hills as well. >> we have cooler weather on the way. that's the good news eventually the possibility of some rainfall building in the extended forecast. let's take to you the microclimate weather. we want to get anyone living near the fire today in the oakland hills the latest. it's still a very warm 90 degrees humidity dangerously low at 16%. wind out of the northeast at 10. the dry wind that's lowering the humidity. good news for firefighters as temperatures drop to the 70s by 8:00 and 9:00 tonight. we're not done with the fire danger just yet. we will have the red flag fire warning for the east bay north bay and south bay. the number one concern is across contra costa and alameda counties. the wind gusts dry out of the northeast at 10 to 20-mile-per-hour. if you see anything suspicious please report it. we know a lot of fires are usually set by arson.
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so, again, do not hesitate. as we head into tomorrow morning's forecast you'll see temperatures start off with some comfortable levels. weal get recovery it's not too hot to begin. south bay the 66 degree. north bay begins at 58 and a few clouds in san francisco at 60. temperatures remain warm heading throughout tomorrow. widespread 90s for the south bay. again keep your eye on the humidity and the wind as we head throughout the microclimate. low humidity appear fire danger with us throughout a lot of the bay. 93 in morgan mill. looking at 93 in tount san jose. hottest across conard at 95. livermore 92. warm for oakland standards at 89. the coastline all looking at more unusually warm weather over to half moon bay 78 degrees in september. that's certainlily out of whack. 90 in redwood at the. san francisco, 87 in the mission. we no he a lot of folks don't have ac in san francisco.
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so please take the proper measures to stay cool remember to hydrate. up to the north bay 93 in napa. the thing producing the heat is the area of high pressure hanging out the next two :em but then changes. by friday, the cooling jet stream, the conveyor belt of storm activity getting close. drop temperatures down 10 to 15 degrees by friday. no rainfall just yet on friday. but you'll see other changes on the extended. we are down to 69 in san francisco. by that cooling day on friday and then some low 70s into early next week. for the inland valleys we drop to 83 on friday and then we'll see some upper 70s and low 80s into next week. into next tuesday i'm watching closely the possibility of maybe a midweek storm next week. i'll have full details on that comic up tonight at 6:00 p.m. we'll look at how much rainfall we might get. >> hard to think of rain when it's 90 degrees. >> back in a moment.
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for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. was stabbed in the leg at sfo the officer is in good condition. the attacker was promptly happening now on the website. a san francisco police officer stabbed in the leg at sfo. the officer is in good condition. the attacker was promptly arrested. waiting on more details from sf pd. twitter might be expanding meaning more characters from 140 to 280. back in a moment with more news. the tab stands at $1.4m. that )s
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what uc berkeley has spent since fru wave been covering this story for months. the tab stands at $1.4 million. that's what uc berkeley spent since february on security for conservative speaker speakers like milo yiannopoulos. a big concern for law enforcement is the black masked protesters known as antifa. this group vows to use any means necessary to stop what they see as hate speech who exactly are they in tonight we unmask antifa. here is senior investigative reporter vicki win. >> antifa is short for the anti-facist. the government has called their activities domestic terrorism but talk to people in the movement they'll tell you they
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believe violence is needed to silence hate speech. bon any who asked us not to use her last name says she has been harassed for being transgender she supports antifa because she is worried about what she sees the rice of facist valueless vast that emphasize racial sprr and not to use force to silence the opponents. >> any will it will till you we want to shut that down before we get killed. >> tonight at 11:00 we'll introduce to you activists in the antifa movement. take you into the world and explain what they want to change in america. we investigate tonight at 11:00. >> we'll see you then vicki. up next ellen with special guests from the bay area. they're big. we'll show you next.
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special guests... the san jose state football team okay right before our newscasts, ellen had some special guests. the san jose state football team. and it's dancing coach. . >> you can't touch that. and his team recorded a dancing that you can't touch this today. ellen surprised the team with a $25,000 check. one condition the coach had to
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dance. coach carter knows the song well. he used to be a backup dancer for mc hammer >> he was on tour with hammer. thanks for joining us. tonight, island emergency, millions rapidly running low on food and water in sweltering heat. growing fears of mass exodus from puerto rico as president trump defends his administration's response. flatline, gop's last effort to repeal obamacare is now dead and eyes turn to alabama, and an insurgent candidate. ceo of equifax is out as many struggle to freeze credit. basketball bribery scandal rocked biggest universities in america.


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