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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 27, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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first at 11-- breaking news from both sides of the bay: nbc bay area sky ranger over the scene where at least two buses have crashed in san francisco -- leaving several people hurt. ==kris//take vo and in emeryville: i-80 in the east bay still shut down after the scene where two buses have crashed in san francisco leaving several people. and i-80 still shut down after a shooting. applies chase ending with the standoff with officers eventually opening fire on that driver. thanks for joining us. >> i'm chris sanchez. >> and i'm marcus washington. we've been bringing you these stories. here's the pictures on police shooting on i-80. our sky ranger is live up over that backup. and you can see the folks sitting there since 9:00 this morning are still sitting there.
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before we bring in our reporter on the ground, we want to bring you sound from the moments the officers opened fire on that suspect. >> and that was video given to us from a viewer while he was stuck in traffic. he was just yards away from the action. so was nbc bay area jodi hernandez who heard the shots as we were talking to her during our live breaking coverage. jody joins us on the phone right now. tell us and our viewers that you are okay. >> reporter: i'm absolutely okay. scary moments here but fortunately everyone is okay. we were on our way to the court when traffic came to a stand still, got out of the van, and walked up to the police line where they had stopped traffic
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and i witnessed the s.w.a.t. team and all of a sudden shots range out. looked like tier tear gas and s. and they confirmed that the driver did shoot at the officer because it was an exchange of gunfire. he also confirmed that this all started in fairfield this morning with a failure to yield situation. fairfield police began chasing the driver. and richmond police got involved and contacted chp. they tell me they set up a spike strip on the freeway. and when the driver hit the spike strip he lost a wheel, hit a concrete barrier, then came to a stop there in emeryville. and that's where he refused to
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get out of the car and where the standoff took place. now folks have been out here, as we have, for a few hours now, watching all of this unfold. traffic remains -- or freeway remains closed both ways. they are allowing cars to turn around westbound and go back opposite direction on the freeway to get off of the freeway. folks have been here for hours. people are sleeping. people have their computers out. but the good news they are making an attempt at least getting the westbound traffic off the freeway. so i'm told this investigation is going to last a very long time. actually, they wouldn't give me any estimated time, but said it would be quite lengthy. there are a lot of police officers out here. a lot of investigators. and certainly a lot of questions that need to be answered. >> okay.
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mike inouye has been watching this. and you haven't been able to move either, right? how are these folks going to work their way around it. >> reporter: they haven't been allowed to establish normal traffic flows through the area. but what jody was talking about, that's right up here, that's where the suv was, that's where the shooting was, and the investigation continues. so folks traveling this way, going to the top of the screen, they are going to the bay bridge, and the berkeley curve. folks recognize the shell station on this side. and that is the off ramp. notice if you look over here they are facing the wrong way, going westbound toward the bay bridge. but over the halfway they are letting cars exit off powell. and this has been going on for half hour, so quite a bit of traffic backup.
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and doesn't include the folks from powell all the way into the berkeley hour and including out of richmond now and off the golden gate field area. now the tropp of the trees that's folks coming off the berkeley curve, and they are jammed up here because they are not allowed eastbound. completely closed. if you are traveling through the area, you can use mlk, san pablo, major seats, but flooded with traffic on normal basis and even worse today. so maybe use barth if you can because they are moving smoothly. >> this is what mike was talking about, flowing. but we do know the suspect was shot and taken away from the scene and the investigation is going to take a very long time. you can see more of the traffic moving on the eastbound side. so moving folks through that area and out into the other parts of this surface streets where perhaps they might be able
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to get where they are going. >> yeah, certainly movement we haven't seen in the last few hours. now we want to take you to the other breaking news. this is in san francisco, two buses crashing in the soma district and there are injuries. >> we'll go to that scene as well. fremont street, police say it hit a light pole. that is compromised so checking the structural integrity. at least four people hurt. nbc bay area sam is on the scene. sam, the good news here is no pedestrians were hurt and no children were hurt. >> reporter: yeah, i'm not sure about children, chris. no pedestrians hurt to our knowledge. although there were four people transported to the hospital. not clear how many of those came from the bus or on the ground. but ile say, this was a close call. look at this behind me, this was the bus you were describing a moment ago hitting on the sidewalk after it hit a light pole. there is a whole sequence of
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events that led up to this. but when you say lucky no major injuries, there was a guy who was walking along the sidewalk in front of the solair building, rental building on fremont, he jumped out of the way when he saw the bus coming and into the planters where the police officers are standing, and watch the bus cruise over his head. when i arrived on the scene 10:00 this morning, police were interviewing about two dozen people on the bus when this was happening. they described the moments of watching the crash progress essentially some passengers told me the driver of this bus, from their observation, looked like she was going to pass out, trying to indicate to fremont people, and she wanted to get off the bus, before she could make it she ended up hitting mother transit bus, which is sitting at folsom and fremont, and bus went down the street, hit another poll.
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this was an interview we did with the person on this bus after this happened. >> construction workers nearby and one of the passengers went back to the bus to see if they could help the driver come to a stop. >> reporter: and there was construction workers nearby? >> yeah, they were terrific, helped everybody out immediately. >> reporter: i just talked to the construction workers a few minutes ago. they told me they saw the driver of this bus pinned when they got to the scene here and another person pinned, tried to get them out, police immediately assisting as well. nurse on scene to help the man that jumped into the planter so a lot of people jumping in. a couple of details. one, a box behind me, see a camera here and box down the street as well. what officers are doing are using those tools to try to recreate in 3d the scene here as they process it and get more information that way.
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additionally, there was a mu any bus had a camera on it, they'll be using that in their investigation as well. this will be going on for hours today. so bottom line if you are trying to get around soma or on and off the bridge, because exits are up the street as well, going on all day. we'll have another up date for you as soon as we hear from san francisco police, we are expecting that in the next hour. reporting live. back to you in the studio. >> thank you so much for that up date. we want to look at mike inouye lou that is impacting it as well. >> reporter: sky way in san francisco. so that will have the activity. you'll see activity tied up. avoid that through the area again on the san francisco. we'll zoom in towards the area. folsom and fremont where they continue to have the investigation. and after the crash, fremont
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exit, that is the reason there is activity there. now, getting back out toward the east bay we continue to follow this issue as well. as chris and marcus showed you a few minutes ago, we had traffic reinstated for eastbound 80, getting away from the bay bridge, i don't know if it's to get out of the backup, i think it was to get people backed out of the maze. i'll give you updates. th and this is shot from jodi hernandez, toll plaza, and this section is still closed at powell. back to you. >> yeah, they said it was earer to see that. fire remains high. here in the bay area we are in a red flag warning situation as fire fight nerves the bay area keep an eye on the oakland hills where fire ripped through brush, threatening homes around this time yesterday. nbc bay area bob redell is here
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with the information he got. how close did the fire come? >> reporter: these homes here in the oakland here. good morning to you, chris. we did speak to the fire chief a couple of moments ago and they said they are looking into the construction might have caused yesterday 22-acre wild fire in the oakland hills. you can take a look at this video and see the lay of the land. you are looking at a construction site on sky view drive. and just across the street is it a retaining wall. they believe the fire erupted on the retaining wall, and looking na a construction worker working on the site or the road might have accidentally sparked the fire. investigators will be interviewing workers and the foreman sometime today. a spokesperson is not aware of any such investigation. this was the scene a couple
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of moments ago drone checking for hot spots. even though no fire activity overnight, the deputy chief tells us this fire is 80 percent contained. they hope to have full containment by tonight. when the fire started a little bit afternoon yesterday, the incident commander saw the flames while en route and immediately calling cal-fire, instead of doing assessment at the scene, they made a quick decision and rapid response 120 menon the ground and fire retardant drops from the air kept it contained. a lesson learned from the fire that killed 2 two people. >> we don't wait anymore. we used to assess, but we ask for everything right away right now. we can always turn them back. all the people in the homes were evacuated were left back in early last night. deputy chief is optimistic no
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flare ups today. looking for lower temps. another good sign. the winds whipped up between 6 and 8 this morning at the top of the hill but yet no fire activity. reporting live here in the hills of oakland bob redell nbc bay area. >> thanks. live look in san jose expected to be in the 90s. let's turn to forecaster vianey arana. it is a still red flag warning. >> yeah, bob is right, what they are looking for is decrease in temperatures when it comes to fire danger. as mentioned the winds have died down. especially when it comes to easily spreading that fire when dealing with dry brush. low humidity and dry temperatures. now we are looking next couple of hours humidity to increase, that's why the red flag warning is expected to expire as of this afternoon but still tracking 90s
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for today but cooling temperatures on the way in about 15 minutes. thank you vianey. we are keeping track of the two stories. i-80 is no longer shut down after the police shooting. all lanes eastbound on 80 have reopened. now, meantime that situation in san francisco still developing, a bus crash, leaving at least four people hurt. buck is on the ground there. he says there is a lot of video that officers will be going through. we'll be back in just a few minutes. another live look at the backup
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from the ground. ad-lib. another live look at the backup from the ground there. we can see this is i-80 westbound direction. the traffic still stopped here. though a lot of the police cars have moved out of the area. to the left side of your screen, you can see that the traffic is starting to move, that is in th eastbound direction. the chp just opened eastbound
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lanes, so going away from the bay bridge folks are able to get through that area. it will be a very long time before the westbound lanes reopen of the bay shore freeway. we'll keep you up to date throughout the newscast. and happening now tropical storm maria is still taking aim at north carolina. this is live look from our satellite. there are storm surges and warnings in place right now. relief efforts continue in puerto rico after aftermath of hurricane maria. now they join us from travis air force base with the latest. >> reporter: now, the workload has been 24-7 when you consider the number of hurricanes we have seen around the country. and now today they'll be hoping out the folks in puerto rico after the aftermath of hurricane maria. now this morning you had the largest aircraft c 5 galaxy on
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the runway. that puerto rico. we'll shoal you some of that video as it's landing. as far as what it will be doing, it's going to fly to north carolina to pick up a generator, then from there stay overnight, then arrive in san juan, puerto rico on thursday. now the purpose of the generator is to power air traffic control in san juan. that's going to allow the airport to reopen to more flights. that's good news for the folks there in puerto rico. now, i can say that the base itself has been busy due to the relief efforts around the country. as i mentioned with the latest hurricanes, hurricane harvey in texas, and hurricane irma in florida. now travis can hold around two greyhound buses of cargo, making it vital for fema and rescue teams to different sites that need help. now i talked to a sports person with travis air force bay who explained their role in these relief efforts.
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>> basically what you have at travis air force bay, even though on the west coast, we can get any where in the world within about 12 hours. >> reporter: so, once again, the aircraft that landed at travis, will depart about 12:30 later today then to north carolina to pick up the generator before arriving at puerto rico on thursday. pete nbc bay area news. we've learned that a billboard near the bay bridge that calls for president trump to be impeached will stay up. alfred media that owns it says the billboard will stay up until sunday per the contract. now the courage campaign purchased the ad space but said yesterday the billboard was taken down because of complaints. it's unclear whether that was false. we do have emailing into the billboard company this morning asking for clarification. >> and coming up vianey is
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coming up with temperatures. we'll be talk with her in just a moment. we'll be right back. thousands of )bay area ) studes will get free smartphones! the challenge .. schools say kids need to overcome. marcus also saving homes in the south bay. the first step one group is taking - to help people clean up before rain strikes again. laura/gfx join us tomorrow starting at 430 am. am. and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines
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could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california.
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that was a little bit of peace, not so quiet. good news for firefighters who are watching the hot spots in oakland hills the red flag warning has just expired. >> it has been canceled which means the humidity is going up and tracking a cooling trend. despite the cooling trend, still expect to climb into the hotter temperatures. south bay 82 t peninsula 79. tri valley 76. and in san francisco already at 77 degrees. we are talking about san francisco is expected to climb into the 80s. and over the next two days, we have high pressure sitting in the area but into tonight and tomorrow we are watching high pressure take the exit and that's going to make way for an on shore flow as we head into the weekend. but look at the fire danger, so we have northeast early winds which have died down, which will be great, because all of the dry bush area in the hills of all
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the threat continues to diminish as humidity goes up and of course the winds die down. come bin n combination that makes for perfect fire damage, hot temperatures, low humidity. throughout the afternoon hot temperatures biggest threat. because we'll climb into the 90s, predicted high in san jose 93. east san jose 94. walnut creek 93. oakland 90. today is possibly hottest day of the week so far because by tonight the temperatures will start feeling seasonal. about 10 or 15 degrees cooler along the coast. north bay 93 for san jose. 93 in santa rosa. now the high pressure making exit is now going to trek east. and right behind that is a jet stream. and this jet stream is going to cool us off bringing back into cloud cover for the weekend in
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san francisco. so i know we have been enjoying a lot of clear skies, but we can expect to see return of clouds as we head into the weekend. now let's talk about seven-day outlook. here are the changes on the way. we had the clear dry conditions. as i mentioned red flag warning has expired but still sfa alert if you live near a hillside because the temperatures will be fairly hot. as we head into thursday and friday, that's when we have a clang in the weather pattern. then saturday and sunday we see return of nice marine layer that will cool us off. 92 degrees tomorrow. and as we head into friday that's when we'll start seeing a noticeable difference for inland areas dropping down 15 degrees in some spots. saturday 81. sunday 82. so definitely have a lovely weekend to look forward to but we have to get through hot temperatures. as always, please watch out for each other. if you know your neighbor don't have air conditioning, look for cooling and we have all the
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information on our website >> thanks. the company says about 300 jobs cisco will be cut, that is less than 1% of the total workforce, which numbers more than 70,000 worldwide, but 300 a lot for our neck of the woods. >> delta airlines willal lowell passengers to text for free in light. they announced this morning first u.s. carrier to offer free mobile messaging. starts this sunday and people will be able to use i message, what's app and messenger. part of the million dollar investment in improving the customer experience. >> silicon valley show down, way moore, google self driving company, is accusing uber of taking documents to start a self driving truck company which uber then later acquired. uber denies having access to
11:27 am
those files. contra costa drivers will be zooming by on express lanes on 680. today on the bay has been making calls. and we confirm those lanes are opening october 9. they were expected to be open already but glitches in technology forced delay. they give the solo drivers choice to pay a toll with fast track trans ponder with trips. the prices change with the level of traffic. and we are staying with the top two breaking news stories. i-80 eastbound no longer shut down on the east shore freeway. this is after the police shooting. plus. >> we kind of realized system is rigged. the people behind the mask going against hate speech. up next, we investigate antifa.
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back to breaking news from both sides of the bay: nbc bay area sky ranger over the scene where at least two buses and back to breaking news from both sides of the bay. nbc bay area sky ranger over the scene where at least two buses have crashed in san francisco, this is leaving several people hurt. and i-80 in the east bay still shut down in one direction after a standoff and shooting impacting thousands of drivers. a police chief ended with standoff who fired at them. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm marcus washington. and we have been keeping you stories live on air for past three hours. here are the pictures of police shooting on i-80. our sky ranger still live over that backup. the vehicle you see at the bottom of the screen, that is the suspect vehicle, and you see
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a patrol car right next to it. if we are able to look back, we can see there are still other patrol cars there blocking the traffic. we do know that eastbound 80, those lanes are now open for traffic again. so some relief in the eastbound direction. although the investigation will keep the westbound lanes shut down for a while. >> before we bring in our reporter on the ground, nbc bay area jodi hernandez, we want to bring you brand new sound and video from the moments that those officers opened fire on that suspect. video given to us by a viewer while he was stuck in the backup in that traffic, he was just yards away from the action. >> nbc bay area jodi hernandez also heard the shots that was there live doing the coverage. tell us what you were able to find out. >> reporter: i was able to talk to the richmond police, public
11:32 am
information officer, and confirms that this all did start in fairfield this morning, some failure to lead stop that led to a police chase. at some point richmond police got involved. you can see the scene behind me and everybody out here. the chase went down west bound interstate 80. chp was ready fwor it when they got to university avenue, set out a spike strip. when the suv went over it lost a wheel, i'm told, crashed into a concrete barrier, then ended up right here in emeryville in the middle of the freeway. this is where the standoff occurred. i was taking video when the shots went off. we could see smoke come up, looked like maybe tear gas. the richmond public information officer confirmed the driver did fire at the officers. he said there was an exchange of
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gunfire. and then shortly after, medics ran in, and it appeared that they took the driver away, looked like a body, ambulance never came out here. but they did secure this area. now just a short time ago they were able to reopen, if we want to pan over to the eastbound lanes of traffic, they were able to reopen eastbound. and also clear out all of the cars that were here. just a short time ago this was a parking lot where we are standing. we are standing on interstate 80. i'm not sure if we can flip around. i'll ask rich if we can do that. flip around and show you the westbound lanes. it shopped right here at powell exit. all of these cars are now being allowed to get off of the freeway, very slow process, and then make their way, i guess, into the city or wherever they are going. but i can imagine that this traffic is backed up for miles. so all of the folks who were closest to the scene have been able to get off the freeway,
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turned them around, got them off. now they are working on the backup on westbound interstate 80. chp says they do not know when they are going to be able to open this up, when they'll be able to wrap up their investigation. they have a lot of work to do out here. reporting live from emeryville, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay. it is good to see you and know she's okay. >> absolutely. rewant to go to mike inouye trying to get you away from that traffic and stay clear of that investigation. mike? >> reporter: that's right. jody has been giving you a great view. she happened to be at the scene and thank goodness she's safe. this is the emeryville camera, all the way on surface streets, that's powell, that's where folks were able to clear the backup. and one vehicle stopping traffic. now the cars coming toward us, eastbound 80 that has reopened. i'm going to move the camera aroundment these folks were let
11:35 am
lose getting away from the maze and heading up in toward the berkeley area. and then we still have this issue going on. that's the crash that happened just before 7:00 in the morning on the right side overturned rig has been blocking lanes for hours. so two of your right lanes are blocked. we hear from chp they hope to have these lanes opened by noon, but look at that we still have all this activity, clean up. big rig itself has been up righted but still have two lanes blocked just before you get to university. critical point. so that's why traffic is still jammed up getting out of the maze and heading up into berkeley. let's look at the maps. talking about that slow drive. here's chopper shot with extensive backup from university and richmond all the way past to powell where folks were forced off the small city streets. that's the problem, can't get off. not enough flow fort traffic to be relaefd. also looking at mlk, san pablo, sacramento, all these streets, west 24 is jammed up folks getting off on telegraph.
11:36 am
flooding this area. just a mess right now. and will continue to be until they can reopen all the freeway and chance to recover. we don't know when that westbound direction will be reopened heading toward bay bridge. but right now it is a big mess. that section tenth of the backup right there because of that activity in berkeley. and remember that bart is a good option for you. no delays for that portion of the line. back to you. >> all right. thanks, mike. and another live look at the ground. this is the backup that we are seeing after that shut down on i-80. we have been sending updates online through bay area app, so download the app and get the latest news on smart phone. i can tell you we were getting them as we were covering the breaking news. and sometimes we can get them before we make it on air so you are always up to date. download the app >> that's right. down to the other breaking news, two buses crashing in the soma district. we know at least five people are injured. here's the look from the scene on fremont.
11:37 am
they say a bus hit a light poll they don't know why. at least five people have been hurt. buck is on the scene. he confirmed that the five people transported are the driver of the bus, two passengers in the bus, two people in another car. we can tell you no passengers, or rather no pedestrians were injured nor any children. >> we have seen a lot of protests, moving on to another story of the day, many times we see a group of people who wear black to cover their faces. >> yes. also known as the group known as violent against others and protesters. and antifa is the shortened name for it. goes behind the mask. >> reporter: you are about to meet some of the people called antifa. they tell us what they want and why they think they need violence to get it.
11:38 am
>> from berkeley to charlottesville, a growing political movement making its presence and tactics clear. >> stand for white supremacy. >> antifa, short for ante fascist has been synonymous with street fights. mass army against hate speech anchor rutted american dreams. >> you have to realize it's against us and we have to do something about it. >> daniel is 19 years old sophomore in college majoring in political science, in dorm room he writes political papers. he's convinced that american people have been duped by false promises. >> they tell us throughout our
11:39 am
lives america is the greatest country, and follow the dream of working hard and things will be okay. future has not even materialized. >> he agreed to reveal his face and say why he's active with antifa. >> what is the goal they want to accomplish? >> better society where everyone has a future. >> but if it takes violence to build that future, daniel says antifa is ready. >> if someone cannot be racially, you have no other choice but to use a show of force against them. >> reporter: fascism is usually with adam hitler, and italy, dictators that focused on national strengths and master race and used force to put down opponents. it's unclear how many people are part of antifa, because it's not organized with a leader or members. demonstrators use social media to mobilize. last month he said antifa should
11:40 am
be treated as a gang the mayor said. we asked him but he wouldn't say. i caught up with him at city hall. do you have a few moments? >> i don't. >> reporter: why do you think antifa is considered a gang? >> i can't comment ton that issue. >> reporter: are you backing off that statement now? >> no one gets to use violence, i'm sorry, that's unsapable. he believes they are fringe groups with fewer than 10,000 followers. what's wrong with their hate speech and demonstration sns. >> i would love them to go out and protest against hate speech. it is a bad thing. but insofar as they use violence, they are thugs. >> reporter: what else is antifa doing besides what we see during protests? daniel and his friend victor
11:41 am
invited us to follow them early morning as they bagged lunches for homeless in oakland. >> i focus on community service and actually am on the streets. >> reporter: but the battle on the streets is what most people see as antifa. bonnie says she's been harassed for being transgender. says she demonstrates to take a stand against hate speech now before it becomes accepted ideology later. >> if you give in they will kill you. so we want to shut that down before they kill you. >> who elected the desighers who is fascist or not? so they can decide it and march around and yell and scream. >> it's not just violence, it's also building communities and solidarity with each other. because when you build communities, there is no need for any one who hate you. >> reporter: daniel vo vows to
11:42 am
keep fighting with his pen and with his body. free speech has been canceled. antifa activists say tas long as people are out to spread hate speech, they'll be out to protest. >> if you have a tip for our investigator unit give us a call that number 888-996-tips or send us an email at coming up vianey is tracking bay area warm up. we lost the red flags bull not the heat. >> not the heat. ile have an update on predicted highs. plus cooling trend on the way. when is that expected. all of that right after the break. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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ck traffic maps folks, we have breaking news. now in the traffic center another issue. this is eastbound 24 away from the maze and toward the walnut creek interchange, sig alert, major crash blocking frthree of your right lanes toward walnut creek. the problem it's backed up. or get over to highway 4 to avoid all of that issue over there because of the police activity on the east shore freeway. so that is another problem for the east bay. and we still have westbound 80 closed at powell. city streets in emeryville are jammed off. our reporters told us they have police activity there. diverting traffic or controlling traffic i should say through the intersection on local city streets. so it is a mess there.
11:46 am
just plan on if you have to travel through the area, we will continue to follow this issue. back to you. thank you very much. we do want to track the warm conditions. we know it was extreme fire danger there vianey, but maybe a little less. >> a little less. that's because we have seen the winds died down. and once humidity goes up brings down the fire danger. but we are still expecting temperatures to heat up in 80s and 90s. south bay 82 degrees very warm on the peninsula. nice and sunny skies. 76 degrees tri valley. and san francisco warming up 77 degrees at this 11:45 hour. we are expecting to hit 80 degrees in san francisco. let's take a tour of the bay area and expected highs. east san jose high of 94. cupertino and east bay will once again see the warmer
11:47 am
temperatures. and remember the red flag warning has been canceled but doesn't mean you should be on high alert. if you live in the hills keep an eye out for changing situations especially for the high temperatures. antioch experting high of 84. peninsula upper high. great day to head to the beach because seeing nice clear skies. i know it's wednesday, if you have a chance to check it out, 87 heidi greece pektsed in san francisco. santa rosa moving into higher degrees. we'll have hotter spots for today. nap that 94. concord 95. san jose 93. oakland 90 degree mark. as i mention in san francisco 87. for tomorrow we'll start seeing decrease in temperatures anywhere from 15 to 10 degrees cooler across the coast. that is because that hot high pressure over tonight and tomorrow will track out east. and right behind that we'll get
11:48 am
the nice jet stream that's going to cool us off dropping us back down to seasonable temperatures which will be great because it will be just in time for the weekend which means outdoor activities we'll be more comfortable. now the breezy conditions have significantly died down because of the fire danger. but when we get into friday see the return of the marine layer and see the cooling down pattern for the 70s into the coastline, and high of 94 today, fast forward through friday and saturday, if you notice 10-plus degree drop as we head into saturday and sunday. and long-range models return of showers into next week. but right now enjoy the temperatures. on twitter and facebook you can see all the cooling temperatures. if you don't have the website
11:49 am
it's back to you. >> thank you. we are tracking several fires across southern california here in the golden state. in southern california --
11:50 am
11:51 am
firefighters are making headway in tackling a wildfire that )s now burneab in southern california, firefighters are making head way intact link a wild fire that's now burned about 2,000 acres, canyon fire has been burning since monday near anaheim. we just checked the numbers. fire is 20% contained but thousands of homes are under threat. firefighters are letting some evacuees, however, return to see what they can take. knew this midday firefighters are making progress on brush fire burning close to slo. cal-fire tweeted this a few minutes ago. you can see the smoke billowing overhead. here you can see the fire burning in the air. you can see the flames there if you look closely. if you are familiar with this
11:52 am
area, that fire is burning on a hillside just behind the cal poly p. it's 60% contained as of this morning. new at 11:00 major concerns about a mediterranean fruit fly in solano county. they are issued a quarantine med flies were found. they have been known to target and destroy 200 different types of fruits and vegetables so infestation can be devastating to california industry. if you think your fruits are infested with the med fly, call the hotline, number is on the screen, it's 1800-491-1899. we will also post that on our website so you can find it. >> back to our two breaking stories after the break. before we go to break, i want to show you how to join the
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welcome back. and here's a live picture from that police shooting on i-80. lanes are starting to move.
11:56 am
our nbc bay area sky ranger is live over the backup. all started with the chase. and then a shooting. right there you can see. we can tell you those eastbound lanes are open to traffic. westbound lanes are actually diverting them to close by off ramp so people can get through. of course that investigation will continue throughout that area. we do know that police officers shot a person involved in this chase from earlier today. this all happened right there, as you see, on i-80, as the investigation continues there this morning. now to our other breaking news. this one in san francisco. and that bus is still sitting where it crashed. two buses, in fact. soma district. and there are injuries. at least five people were injured. this is the scene on fremont street and folsom street. police say a transit bus hit a light poll there, so the light poll also compromised, being checked for stability. five people were hurt. all of them went to the
11:57 am
hospital. one of them was driver of the bus. we don't know what the reason was for that initial crash. we do know that it careened ont a sidewalk, and at least one person had to jump out of the way into the plants nearby for safety. sam brock has been covering that story. and we'll have an update. still a threat out there warning one. >> yeah, the winds have died down. temperatures hot. but still 80s and 90s in today's forecast. bigger impact as we head into the weekend. talking about a cool down, 15 to 10 degrees along the coastline, so that will be a good change for us. and thursday expected to hit 80s and 90s in the inland area. thanks. we'll have an update on i-80 shooting where the passenger was shot. >> you can get the latest details by getting our app. who are these people?
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we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ [ screaming ] >> oh, my gosh, just rewatching it again, it brings up so much emotion. they waited until the last possible moment to reveal clues about jack's death. that final scene on "this is us" has fans on social media losing it all over


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