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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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fire on the san mateo bridge shut down the entire bridge in both directions this morning. let's start with mike inouye. things are back open now? >> they are. about 3:30. very, very concerned. the bridge is a critical connector. you can see how much traffic is flowing, yes, in both directions. both sides are open. there's a fire on the westbound side. that is the commute direction. the map is on the foster city side. that is an issue as folks are coming off the bridge. only one lane now, only the right lane is blocked. there's no smoke. the fire is out. traffic is flowing smoothly over from the hayward side. if you want to avoid the activity, if you are worried about what's going on as far as the build for the commute, the dumbarton bridge to the south, the 237 connector westbound or the bay bridge, all of those east to west connectors are open. the commute is early on. right now, we have bob redell out there. bob, you are on the san mateo
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bridge. what do you have for us? >> reporter: good morning, mike. the fortunate side of the story is this happened so early in the morning. it happened around 3:30 this morning. this is new video into the news room. you can see the burned out big rig on the westbound side of the san mateo bridge, just off the san mateo bridge, east of the foster city boulevard. it was a big rig hauling products before 3:30 this morning. it caught fire. the driver is out, able to get out okay. this was a solo vehicle accident. other were involved. chp had to shut down the entire bridge at 3:30, 3:35 this morning. the other sides opened at 4:20. the one and two lanes are
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reopened. the slow lane, the three lane and the shoulder still remain closed. as i mentioned, you can see behind me the traffic is going very smoothly on the toll plaza side in haywards as we are just getting into the morning commute. in hayward, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> nthanks, bob. our top story, las vegas waking up to a new reality. the city is ripped apart with a deadly shooting. this morning, people are trying to cope with what happened. >> we really did, we thought somebody was, you know, trying to mess with people. >> it's not just the city, the entire nation this morning after the deadliest mass shooting in modern history. a live look at mandalay bay hotel this morning. >> here is where things stand this morning. the number is horrific. 59 people are dead and more than 500 others are hurt.
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right now, the fbi continues to comb through the las vegas hotel room where stephen paddock shot down concert goers. 42 guns were confiscated from his hotel suite and home in nevada. he was the lone shooter in the attack. >> we are getting a better picture of the victims of this tragedy. each one of them, a different story. overnight, people gathered near the site of the attack and across the country. jay gray was there and the massacre started to unfold along the vegas strip and joins us with reaction from the survivors and the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: overnight, mourning and memorials for the victims in las vegas. so many pausing to remember the 59 lost and more than 500 injured, gathering near the sight of the attack. others in nashville and across the country, including new york, where the empire state building
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and one world trade went dark. as it has investigation continues, we are learning more about the shooter, 64-year-old stephen paddock and the arsenal he had in his hotel suite and his home in vegas. >> 19 firearms at his home in mesquite. >> reporter: in that hotel room a dozen rifles with scopes and tripods. we are also hearing more now from those caught in the massacre. >> panic. pure panic. >> reporter: thomas was hit in the leg. >> i went down and saw blood everywhere. everything was kind of numb. >> reporter: numb. like this city and the nation right now in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. jay gray, nbc news, las vegas. >> the stories of heroics of
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survival continue to flood into the news room a day after the attacks. many families have ties to the bay area, including heather. her husband shielded her from bullets, yet she died in the process. the nation is remembering those who lost their lives. >> cheryl hurd is in las vegas with the overnight vigil from the victims. >> reporter: victims are recovering at this las vegas hospital, while some family members sit by the bedside, there was a vigil honoring those who lived and died in sunday night's shooting. 200 people showed up on the steps of city hall last night. many of them coming together as a community. ♪ >> reporter: they sang in honor of the victims of last night's massacre on the steps of city hall. ♪ >> a random act of violence is a ran dam act of violence.
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>> some way or another, you know somebody that was at that concert, a family member, a friend or co-worker. >> reporter: many of the victims have local ties to the bay area like sonny and his wife heather. they were celebrating their wedding anniversary at the music festival when shots rang out. he saved his wife's life by shielding her from the bullets. he died in the process. >> i'm all right. people i was with are all right. >> reporter: so many stories of heroism. he pulled a woman to safety after he dislocated his knee when bullets started flying. >> pure chaos and didn't stop. i'm going to assume it's an act of terrorism. >> reporter: i talked to many community members. they say more vigils are planned. in las vegas, cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." >> cheryl hurd and raj mathai
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are in las vegas gathering the latest from the massacre. raj will bring the latest at 6:30. until then, we will post on our website, president trump is heading to puerto rico today. he is visiting the disaster zone after hurricane maria slammed into the island. it's been ten days since the storm hit. tracie potts reports, the u.s. e effort to get food and water to the hurricane victims is slow going. >> reporter: today, president trump gets a firsthand look at puerto rico, after hurricane maria. >> amazing what's been done in a very short period of time. >> reporter: he's praising uz aid. >> i am mad as hell. we are dying here. >> reporter: mayor cruz and others claim food and water aren't getting around the island fast enough. >> where is the navy? where is the army?
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we need them right now. >> reporter: 90% of puerto rico out of power and spotty cell phone service, the president and first lady fly in to get an update and they will meet with victims. >> everyone is desperate. everyone wants water. everyone wants something to eat. >> reporter: critics comparing the response to texas and florida put the trump administration on defense. >> clearly the situation here in puerto rico, after the devastating hurricane is not satisfactory. together, we are getting there. >> reporter: the white house, softening its tone toward san juan's mayor. >> we hope she will join with us. >> reporter: president trump heads into the eye of his own political storm. >> president trump isn't the only one heading to puerto rico today. so are a group of bay area nurses. 20 of them flying out of sfo this morning.
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50 nurses from across the country are heading to the island to supervise medical aid which is still badly needed. developing in mexico, authorities raised the death toll in last month's earthquake. 363 people are confirmed dead. the 7.1 magnitude quake struck outside mexico city. there are active recovery units under way. the vast majority of people that died were buildings that survived a 1985 quake that killed thousands in mexico city. it's 5:09. as you get ready to head out the door, cool weather, mostly clear skies. as we take a look at our high temperatures in san francisco over the next several days, low 70s and mid-70s by the end of the week. this weekend looks so nice. we have a lot of events going on around the bay area. now, look at these temperatures for the inland areas. low 80s today. the weekend will be looking for
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air-conditioning. it will be heating up. we'll continue to talk more about that. i'm have a breakdown of today's temperature trend. fremont coming up in four minutes. mike is tracking a new crash in san jose. >> i am. i may have enough tracking what's going on with the san mateo bridge. hang on to that. northbound 87 at capital expressway, word of a crash. a few cars on the shoulder. one of the cars that initiated the crash swerved to avoid someone walking across highway 87. i'm going to track it to see if anything else is going on. no juries. thank goodness the pedestrian was not hit. the san mateo bridge is open. there was an earlier truck fire. no problems getting to the bridge itself or the bay bridge. back to you. >> hope it stays clear. thank you, mike. tragedy of las vegas and
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outpouring of emotions. 24 hours after the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. modern history. where that investigation stands this morning and how you can donate to the victims. give your boring old breakfast a wake up call. jack's two dollar breakfast pockets get a grilled pocket filled with your choice of ham or sausage, freshly cracked eggs and two melty cheeses. but if you snooze, you'll lose out on this deal. jack's $2 breakfast pockets. new from jack in the box.
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for just two bucks, get a forgrilled pocketh. filled with your choice of ham, or sausage, freshly cracked eggs, and two melted cheeses. jack's breakfast pockets, each for just two bucks. only from jack in the box. it's 5:13. taking the dog out before you head to work? it's another cool morning. as we take a live look outside in fremont, already busy on the roadways. you better get moving.
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temperatures in the mid-50s by 9:00 and rising to the upper 70s today. a day very much like yesterday, with some very nice temperatures. it will be heating up this week. we'll talk more about that coming up at 5:19. kari, here are the tri-valley times. out of the altamont pass, slowing chltd it's tuesday, so we expect slowing of traffic. concord, there's an issue going on there with a truck and truck fire. we'll update the san mateo bridge as well. >> thank you. ak 14 right now. continuing coverage out of las vegas this morning. this is a live look at mandalay bay. still a crime scene as the investigation into the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history continues. you might be thinking, how can i help? one way is by donating blood. people across the country lined up for hours to do just that on monday. mandalay bay resorts is asking for help from certified trauma counselors as well. there's a gofundme page for the
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las vegas victims. >> here is a moment from "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. >> in the sake of tragedies and act of terror, good still exists in this world. we are here to entertain you tonight. that's what we are going to do. ladies and gentlemen, with a little help from adam sandler, miley cyrus. ♪ >> also, overnight, jimmy kimmel who is from las vegas started his show with an emotional talk. it is the top trending video this morning. business and tech news. former ceo of equifax will face
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grilling on capitol hill this morning. >> we turn to landon dowdy. anything dealing with equifax is a top story in the finance world. >> marcus, you are exactly right. that is something we will be watching today. a quick check ott the markets. wall street could test new heights today. the dow and s&p 500 are close to record levels. it could be driven by economic data showing economic growth at the highest level. september auto sales, they could get a bump from people replacing cars. the dow jumping 152 points to 22,557, nasdaq rise zing 20 to 6516. equifax story, the former ceo will face lawmakers on capitol hill today over the credit bureau's massive data breach. the company says an independent review boosted the number of affected consumers to more than
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145 million. richard smith will tell congress the u.s. government alerted them about security issues, but the company did nothing. the ceo of wells fargo is on capitol hill. tim sloan will tell lawmakers the company remains deeply sorry for practices. employees opened 3 million accounts without customer's permission between 2009 and last year trying to make sales targets. back to you. >> they have to make some kind of change. thank you very much. file this one under only in australia. that's where a koala sought refuge from traffic. take a look there. he refused to come down. i'm staying here. animal rescue workers used a lift to rescue the bear to a
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nearby bed for a check-up, of course, where we believe it is now happily munching on eucalyptus leaves. >> that's what they love. they get up there and fall asleep. >> maybe that's why he was there. >> i woke up one time -- no, i dnlt. >> it happens. >> i think tuesday is sometimes harder than monday. >> we are a little closer to the weekend and that's the goal, right? the weather is nice, so that makes it easier to get out of bed. it is going to be gorgeous out there. i enjoyed yesterday evening at the park. maybe you will do the same later today. mostly clear and then as we go into this afternoon, warming up with all that sunshine. look at how cool it is now in some spots, cooler than it was yesterday at this time. you are grabbing a sweater,
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something nice and warm to keep your arms warm. it is 48 degrees in the tri-valley. the peninsula, 49 degrees and 55 in the east bay while in the north bay, check this out, 43 degrees. it is really cool there. okay. as we go into this afternoon, not going to be that cool. the high temperatures in gilroy up to 82 degrees. for the east bay, danville, 83 degrees while 73 today in oakland. for the peninsula, in redwood city, 78 degrees. san francisco, windy and the temperatures rising up to 67 degrees. north bay, some lower 80s there. santa rosa, 81 degrees. as we break down the school day and the temperature trend for san francisco, it will still be dark at 7:00. sunrise is shortly after 7:00 now. then, all that sun looking at high temperatures today in the mid-60s. if you are heading up the hiking trails in the south bay, lots of
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sunshine, breezy winds today. the highs in the low 70s. that looks nice. we'll have low 70s for san francisco for the next several days. not much of a change there. you will definitely feel a difference in the temperatures from today in the inland valleys to the weekend. upper 80s. we'll talk about events going on, too, for this weekend that's coming up in about 15 minutes. head over to mike and the san mateo bridge. >> i can hang out 15 minutes. over here, we are looking at the south bay, still watching this incident at capital expressway. three vehicles on the shoulder and a person running across the freeway. chp still not out there. we'll track that. we are tracking the san mateo bridge. we got word they did what i hoped they would do, move the trailer from the firy big rig. that is over now for the foster city side where there's more space on the shoulder. all lanes are officially clear. still that distraction.
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westbound 92, that commute direction across the san mateo bridge. it's open again, all lanes. southbound 680, slowing out of walnut creek. south 242 gets the build. a pickup truck is a concern. there may be locked brakes and may take longer to clear that as the build happens. we'll check waze. this blue route here takes 47 minutes. watch, waze marks you out ten minutes of benefit through here. locals know about that. that's a waze option for you as well. be a member of this team, nbc bay area wazers. back to you. >> thanks. 5:21. coming up a possible solution to the housing crisis. the fix a mayor is pushing to get people into homes. on your facebook page, you can look and listen to the life
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and legacy of tom petty. you are watching "today in the bay."
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chase. plan to overhaul santa clara county )s bail system f 5:24. happening today, supervisors will consider a plan to overhaul santa clara county's bell system for people accused of nonviolent
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crimes. they will vote on reforms including a new release option for low risk people. it could include a bail program. if approved, the first of its kind in the state. 5:25. san francisco has taken the first step in removing a statue that is offensive to some. it is located between the main library and asian art museum. critics say it depicts a native american fallen in defeat that glorified genocide and racism. there's been a push to have it removed. the arts commission voted unanimously to start the process. it needs approval from the historic preservation commission. add 25,000 homes in san jose and more affordable housing. he unveiled the 15-point housing plan in front of a recently
5:26 am
finished plan. he's calling for those new homes to be at least under construction or finished by the year 2022. google is reported backing off from what some call an ultimatum for housing in mountainview. they report this morning, this week, they sent an apology to the councilmembers after the company threatened to stop plans for 10,000 new housing units if it did not get approval for more office space at a pro posed google campus. coming up, it is the deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history and we are slowly learning more about the gunman. what may have led him to opening fire? we have crews from las vegas getting the latest. >> reporter: the search continues for the wife of a san francisco police officer gone missing amist the chaos of the
5:27 am
las vegas mass shooting. i'll have an update on the search and the challenges that family is facing heading into today.
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home... not just something you can see or touch. a feeling. it's the place where you feel safe
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to have those little moments that mean everything. at adt, we believe that feeling should always be there. whether it's at your house, or your business, we help keep you safe. so you can have those moments that make you feel at home. ♪you are loved wherever you are. questions this morning more than 24 hours later and still a lot of unanswered questions this morning surrounding the massacre in las vegas. at least 59 people are dead and more than 500 others hurt. the fbi continues to comb through evidence to try to make sense out of this tragedy.
5:30 am
so many of us do. a live look at las vegas as authorities continue to look for answers. the nation is grieving. we'll show you the outpouring of emotions seen throughout the country this morning. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marcus washington. certainly, the hearts and minds of so many people on las vegas. right now, we want to switch gears and take a look at what's going on with the weather here. kari, good morning. >> good morning. it starts out nice and cool. a pleasant day ahead. look at how cool it is now in the north bay, much cooler than yesterday morning at this time. we are only at 43 degrees in santa rosa and napa. as we go into this afternoon, the high temperatures reaching to the low 80s may even be a few degrees cooler than yesterday. another nice start out to the day and we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up in seven minutes. mike is looking out for the drivers through concord.
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>> that's right. you have to allow a little extra time, kari. we are looking to most of the south bay and peninsula looking great. the trivalley, no concern for the speed sensors. south 242 through concord and into walnut hill. we have reports the pickup is stuck in the middle of the roadway. try to use the shoulder to get through the back up there. that is one issue. heading toward the bay bridge, things are calmer. the bay bridge itself, the metering lights are on right on schedule for tuesday. we'll have an update on the earlier truck fire on the san mateo bridge. now, to the top story that continues to develop out of las vegas. we have live look at the mandalay bay hotel about a day and a half after the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. the latest numbers on the tragedy, the death toll stans at 59. police say 527 people are hurt. authorities say the suspects had 23 guns in his hotel room and
5:32 am
police found 19 more weapons and thousands of bullets in his nevada home. there was no word on a motive. people lined up for hours monday to donate blood to help victims and, of course, each person hurt and killed has a story. we are starting to learn more about them overnight. people gathered for memorials near the site and across the country. >> jay gray is live in las vegas more than 24 hours after the attack with the reaction and the story we are hearing from these survivors. heartfelt stories, jay. >> reporter: yeah. amazing here. you know, in the worst of tragedy, we always find a bright spot in heroes. that's certainly been the case here for a lot of people. laura, marcus, good morning. the area of the strip where the attack took place is locked down this morning, a day and a half after the shooting here as the investigation continues. you talked about the memorials
5:33 am
that took place overnight here. they will continue, i am sure, today. you get the sense that there is a shift happening here, that many are going from shock to the grief and pain of who and what they have lost here. investigators try to piece together anything they can to help them understand how and why this happened. that's going to be a tough task, according to those who were working on this case because the suspect here, stephen paddock, really fits no profile they have ever seen before. he was not in line, no digital footprint, no writings in his hotel room or house where they continue to investigate that would indicate there was something that drove this attack. his family says he's been very happy. he's retired and spent a lot of time here in las vegas gambling and going to shows that he traveled occasionally. he didn't really have any kind
5:34 am
of political or religious sense that would have driven this. it's frustrating for investigators. frustrating for a lot of people who are looking for answers as to why this was carried out. marcus, laura? >> thank you, jay gray. this morning, we are taking a closer look at the time line of this horrific tragedy. >> the first 911 call came in about 10:08 at night. about the same time that this video, now seen around the world was taken. 22,000 concert goers seen hiding or running for their lives. once authorities arrived on the scene, police had a hard time figuring out where the shots were coming from. they quickly discovered they were coming from the elevated floor of the mandalay bay. they worked their way through the hotel until they reached the 32nd floor. they picked up officers blowing the door off the gunman's door. >> breach, breach, breach. >> once s.w.a.t. made it into the room, the gunman, stephen
5:35 am
paddock was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. that happened an hour after the first 911 call. they found 23 firearms in his home. >> police surrounded his home east of las vegas and discovered another 19 firearms. right now, the fbi, atf and homeland security agents try to sift through evidence to get answers in this horrific tragedy. thousands of miles east of there, paddock's brother in orlando is suffering from the same disbelief of the rest of the country. he shared his thoughts on the man he thought he knew. >> like an asteroid fell out of the sky. there was nothing to say he would do this kind of thing. >> he had no criminal record, enjoyed gambling and was a licensed pilot. his brother says he kept in touch with his family and provided a new walker for his elderly mother.
5:36 am
>> as the search for answers continues, the search for missing loved ones is ongoing. san francisco police department and a tight knit community are desperate for answers. a police officer's wife is missing. her husband saw her running as he was trooiing to help the wounded. >> pete suratos has the latest on trying to find her. people are hoping to find answers here. >> reporter: that's right, marcus. a lot of folks looking for answers when it comes to this case. at this hour, no word on stacy has been located. one of the biggest obstacles for family members including her brother-in-law is families aren't allowed into hospitals of triage centers to locate family members. she was last seen at the route 91 harvest festival in vegas with her family friend, her husband hid a group behind
5:37 am
scaffolding. her husband noticed a woman hit by gunshot. he began to treat that woman. he told his wife and group of friends to go to safety. family members say she didn't have a phone or id with her. neighbors of her are hoping for the best. >> maybe she's one of those and she's in the hospital and she hasn't been able to make the connection yet. >> all our thoughts are with that family right now to make sure she comes home safely and the children get to see their mom again. >> reporter: a few san francisco police officers, as well as the president of the police officers association are heading to vegas to help out their colleague search for his wife. we'll provide you with updates as they come in. live from san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, pete. >> cheryl hurd and raj mathai
5:38 am
live in las vegas. raj will bring a live report at 6:30. we'll continue to post updates on 5:38 now. music fans around the world this morning remembering rock icon, tom petty. ♪ i'm free, free falling >> such a distinct voice there. the song "free falling" one of nearly 30 hit singles petty and his band the heartbreakers turned out over four decades. he recorded several solo albums and just finished a 40th anniversary tour. the singer/song writer died after suffering cardiac arrest. after media reports started surfacing earlier in the day, we found out tom petty died. he was 66 years old. >> that "free falling" video.
5:39 am
my gosh, that was a big memory for tom petty. there you go. over here, looking at free flowing traffic westbound 92, that's good news. the earlier truck fire, activity on the side. let me show you what it is. west 92, we have the exit which is open, but we have the activity off to the shoulder. it's wider there, so they were able to clear everything from the lane. waiting for the tow truck to clear that big rig with the fire on the back of that truck there. it's a distraction, but not really any slowing westbound. south bay and tri-valley moving well. i want to point out, travel times over toward the dublin interchange is fine. a build out of the altamont. we are watching for a disabled vehicle west of 580 at 680. you can see traffic moving smoothly. i'll continue to track that. top of the screen, i think i can kind of see the weekend.
5:40 am
>> still back there. get a good glimpse of it. >> look, then wish. >> there are so many events going on this weekend. i'm going to try to help you sort out. >> there you go. >> it's only tuesday, but you may be on your way to work and like, agh, i can't wait for saturday, i can sleep in. after you sleep in, we'll have great weather looking at the fleet week activities going on around san francisco. the coast will be at 70 degrees and for the inland areas, expect a high temperature in the upper 80s. it's about to heat up. also, more of the same on sunday, with some 70s near the coast. 80 degrees by the bay and 89 degrees inland. we have the hardly strictly bluegrass festival happening this weekend. friday, live music going on, golden gate park and the high temperatures reach the mid-70s. it's going to be perfect. for the air show, all weekend long, we start with temperatures
5:41 am
in the mid-60s, then make it up to about 70 degrees with a lot of sunshine. you want to get away from all the crowd? maybe you will head to napa valley. it's going to be warm there with high temperatures in the upper 80s. let me know what you are doing this weekend. fleet week and i'll send you the forecast. i'll have a look at today's forecast in about three minutes. >> wow. tweet us and we just say hi. 5:41. coming up, learning more about the gunman who opened fire in a crowd of people in las vegas. the tragedy with the intense debate. the bill being discussed right now.
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5:43 am
5:44 am
it's 5:44. a clear start this morning. let's take a live look outside in san jose. it starts out all clear and cool. the neighborhood of campbell will have temperatures in the mid-50s this morning. a nice, cool start and a very nice afternoon. we are still cooler than where we should be for early october, but we'll talk about hotter than normal temperatures on the way. that's coming up in about five minutes. >> i'm showing you the traffic build in san jose where the south bay slowing started here. 101 north of 180. i have my eyes on 680 through concord. 5:44 now. the las vegas shooting is art starting the gun control debate
5:45 am
in this country. this followed the same pattern as every mass shooting. every lawmaker is offering thoughts and prayers. some calling for action on gun legislation. the white house says this is not the time for politics. the nra agrees. >> you can sit here and call for ban this and ban that when you don't even know what was used. >> the bill lifting restrictions on gun silencers was supposed to get a vote on the house floor today. it has been pushed back. they say it should never get a vote. >> once you put that silencer on them, people don't know to run. they don't know to hide. >> minority leader, nancy pelosi is calling on paul ryan to examine the gun laws and recommend changes. >> we expect an update on the shooting involving the san francisco police department. they are holding a town hall tonight. the shooting happened last month
5:46 am
as officers responded to domestic violence. they say the suspect was holding his wife and two young children hostage inside an apartment. the suspect fired so officers entered the apartment and shot and killed him. the town hall is set for 6:00 p.m. at post 384. >> 5:46. the search continues for the suspects who brutally beat a uc berkeley student over the weekend. police are release thg surveillance video of the suspects they are looking for. all three men allegedly beat the student early sunday morning in a dorm room. the attack was so bad, that student lost consciousness, was taken to the hospital and has since been released. 5:46. jury selection continues in the kate steinle case. yesterday, 750 jurors started filling out questionnaires. they will start their line of
5:47 am
questioning next week. the man is accused of shooting and killing steinle is an undocumented immigrant deported five times before, released from jail prior to that shooting. >> more than four decades, san francisco's parking permit program has not changed much. today, transportation leaders will consider new limits. they are looking to overhaul the entire program. the new limits could be added to the number of permits issued to one household. the costs are also under review. right now, the annual parking fee is $128. happening today, free flu shots at certain santa clara libraries before flu season begins. the library on main street is the first to offer shots from 1:00 until 3:30 p.m. libraries in camp pell, cupertino and gilroy will follow in the coming weeks. the library and health department are partnering. we talked with the health
5:48 am
department who said they try to get people vaccinated. it's hard to predict how bad the flu season might be. >> the risk of not getting the vaccine is greater than not getting vaccinated. it protects you against a disease that can cause not only fevers, body aches and discomfort, but severe complications like pneumonia and death. >> go to to find a flu shot clinic near you. if you are not near one, santa clara county library. >> fleet week continues in san francisco. >> several things are happening, including ship tours, open to the public. there's veterans resource fair. fleet week runs through monday. >> all right. let's hope those skies are clear so we can see a really good show. >> last year i got there and the fog was rolling across the bridge. you love to see those blue angels flying. the fog cleared out just in time.
5:49 am
it was perfect. this time, i don't think we'll have to deal with the fog. >> oh, good! >> we'll talk about that goating up and out the door this morning. it is really cool. in the north bay, a lot cooler than yesterday. looking at what you are feeling as you open the doors, you might want to close it. 43 degrees in napa and santa rosa. we have low to mid-50s for much of the rest of the bay area. i want to show you how cool it is this morning compared to last morning. napa, 20 degrees cooler now than it was 24 hours ago. then our high temperatures later today are going to rebound nicely into the low 80s. for oakland, expect a high of 73 degrees. 80 in palo alto today and san jose will see the high temperature reaching the upper 70s. we have the high fire danger. the winds have calmed down. that's the reason why we don't have as cool temperatures in the north bay. we do still have a high fire danger as we go into this
5:50 am
afternoon. so, be careful out there. no outdoor burning. getting dressed this morning, you need the jacket. later on today, it will feel good with short sleeves and pants on. with this comfortable weather throughout the day and the wide range in temperatures, you need a lot of layers. getting the kids ready in santa rosa, the widest range in temperatures from 46 degrees as you walk to school to 77 degrees by the time the kids get out of school. we talked ant those ship tours for fleet week today from 10:00 to 2:00 at pier 30-32. temperatures in the upper 50s, rising to the upper 60s today. 70 degrees for the mission district today and mid-70s by the afternoon for the end of the week. inland, low 80s with upper 80s this weekend. we'll talk about more events coming up. mike is calling out san jose and concord. >> yeah, in a good way. calling them out to give them
5:51 am
notice, san jose, because we showed you the earlier slowing. northbound 101 and 87 show that. 87 for the last two or three weeks showing an early build. san jose is in session as well. that may be one of the issues there. watch as class sessions fill out the schedule as well. concord is the other area we called out. southbound 688, the earlier crash approaching walnut creek. southbound 242 is an issue there and may leave one lane blocked. we don't see exaggerated slowing. we'll track that as well. a smooth drive for the upper east shore. we time things out on waze and show you how much time you save if you come down the east shore freeway. highway 37 or over here, ten minutes longer. you don't want to do that. join nbc bay area wazers.
5:52 am
that's our team and we can keep that conversation on traffic going all day. you know you want to. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:51. coming up, after the mass shooting in las vegas, many parents are wondering how to talk to their kids about the tragedy it could help kids understand what is happening in our world. first happening, just in, australia stopped the search for mh370 saying the plane is almost inconceivable. it disappeared three years ago carrying 137 people. snapchat released the surprise early. changing the computer's date and time would trick the clock into thinking the countdown was over. the pages appeared, revealing they plan to launch an augmented reality with artist jeff coons. more news in two minutes. vegas raises a lot oes
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:55 on your tuesday morning. the deadly mass shooting in las vegas is raising questions for kids and grown ups. many parents may be wondering how to talk to their kids about a tragedy like this and feeling safe at public events. experts say it is important for
5:56 am
parents to try to explain what happened in order to help ease their children's fears and anxieties about safety. child psychologists say to encourage kids to talk about how they are feeling and get some of that emotion off their chest. talk honestly about your own feelings as well. let them know, they are not the only one who is are upset. validate your child's feelings and don't minimize their concern. seek help if you need to if you are worried about the way your child is reacting. as many as 2000 leopard sharks have washed up dead in the bay area in the past few months. whatever is killing them appears to be spreading to other species. >> that's concerning. we look for answers tonight at 11:00 and have a preview right now. >> reporter: guys, good morning.
5:57 am
these sharks date back five decades in california. this year is different. more species are washing up dead and no one seems to know why. scientists tell us the deaths are largely isolated here in the bay, for now. >> i'm concerned whether this is going to spread. we start seeing it up and down the coast of california. >> reporter: the answer right now is we don't know. >> that's the scariest part. >> reporter: we join researchers off the coast to get a look at the sharks and the tiny creature suspects of killing those sharks and other species, including fish that often wind up on your dinner table. california has one scientist looking into the deaths. much of his work is done out of his dining room. w we'll tell you why and why the state isn't putting any money behind what is kill sog many sharks. that's tonight at 11:00. >> we look forward to that.
5:58 am
in less than a week, the new express lanes will open in contra costa county. the lanes start in dublin on the northbound side. expect lanes to run from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 at night starting next monday. the toll price will change, based on the traffic conditions. the lanes will be free for car poolers, but you are going to need that fast track flex to make sure you don't get charged. 5:58. atm fees hit another record high. according to a survey released this morning from, atm fees hit the record high for the 11th year in a row. the average total cost for out of network atm withdrawal is almost $5. it's up more than 2.5% last year, 55% over the last decade. overdraft fees are at a new high, averaging $33. this is us is back with an
5:59 am
all new episode tonight. the entire pearson family visits kevin on the set in los angeles for a taping. meantime, jack confronted demons in the wake of the fight with rebecca. a lot of people will be watching closely after last week's season premier revealed a secret in jack's death. you can catch "this is us" at 9::00 and another "this is us" is a new episode of "law and order." then, stay tuned for nbc bay area news at 11:00. >> good lineup there. 6:00 and we are following breaking news. we have just learned two people with local connections are among the victims of the shooting attack in las vegas. we'll have live reports on the updates we just got into our news room. out pouring of support for the victims of the deadly las
6:00 am
vegas mass shooting as loved ones still search for answers. the vigils held for those who lost their loved ones and what we are learning about the victims. also ahead, new information on the gunman, the raids on multiple homes and the search for a possible motive. "today in the bay" continues right now. a lot of new news coming into the news room this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marcus washington. still, a lot of people thinking about what's going on in las vegas. >> trying to figure it out. we are following breaking news. in the last few minutes, we learned sadly, two women in the bay area are among the 59 killed in the massacre. let's get to pete suratos in san francisco with information just coming in. pete? >> reporter: that's right, marcus and laura. the story we brought you in the past half hour, of the wife of a whn francisco police officer,


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