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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 3, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the tragedy in las vegas hitting hard here at home. we are learning more about two women from the bay area killed in las vegas hitting hard at home. we are learning about two women from the bay area killed in the attack. good morning. and thanks for joining us on our mid days newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we learned about the two deaths and we'll learn more about them in a moment. we'll take a look at the mandalay hotel room. still a lot of questions about the gunman who shot out the window. get right to the latest. 59 people died, including at least two from the bay area, more than 500 people are hurt. at least 45 still in critical condition. police say the gunman, stephen
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pad ok paddock used what was a bump stock on his rifle which makes him shoot faster. nothing in his background as to why he would do the deadlyist in mass history. and she was a mother in the bay area, wife of san francisco and this morning we are hearing from the people in the law enforcement community expressing their condolences. pete joins us live from san francisco. and, pete, we first learned of this report in your report. and now the reality so many were hoping would not come true. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, marcus. some heartbreaking news when it comments to the woman from the north bay, and we are talking about stacee etcheber, novato
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resident and wife of san francisco police officer. she was lost in the chaos a mid the las vegas shooting. news is confirmed by her brother-in-law al. i want to read the facebook. he says, quote, it's with a heavy heart and deep sore row that they gave us information that stacee etcheber has passed away. please pay for our family during this difficult time. she leaves behind two adoring beautiful children and amazing husband. thank you to everyone for the support in the past few days. we will dearly miss you. now, stacey was at the route 91 music festival in las vegas with her husband and friends. now, husband as mentioned was a san francisco police officer but was off duty during the time of the event, and hid the people behind as the deadly shooting unfold ld in las vegas. it was at this time that a woman
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near them had been hit by a gunshot, and at that time he began to treat that woman and told his wife and group of friends to run for safety. that would be last time he saw his wife. and the family members here say that she did not have a phone who id at the time when she was running for safety. now his colleagues in the law enforcement community released these statements this morning. first one i'm going to read is from the police officers association. and says, quote with heavy hearts we've heard that stacee etcheber has passed away. she was a wonderful caring wife, mother lan daughter. she will be terribly missed. our deep condolences go out to the etcheber family and thoughts and prayers with all those who lost a loved one during the attack. and i want to give you a portion from the san francisco police department and says with heavy hearts the san francisco police department mourns the passing of stacee etcheber. she was taken in a sense less act of violence as her husband
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police officer in san francisco rushed to aid shooting victims in las vegas on sunday. now stacee was a popular hair stylist in marin and leaves behind her husband and two children. truly assad ending to this north bay family. and prayers and condolences go out to the family during this rough time. bay area news. tough time for so many. well, a woman from san jose is also among them killed. they have just learned that michelle vo one of the victims, 2003 graduate of san jose independence high school. she had been living in los angeles. nbc bay area is continuing gathering details about her life and sadly her death. the city of las vegas and the entire country for that matter still trying to make sense of the shooter. deadliest shooting incident in modern u.s. history. now, leaves many searching for
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answers as to why this happened while others are fighting for their lives. jay, in las vegas, you've been there since the beginning of all this. >> reporter: yeah, march kurus, to talk again. we are at the southern end of the strip. where the attack took place. and as you talk about the rest of the nation mourns the 59 losses here. investigators are still desperately trying to priest together any information that may help them understand how and why this all happened. >> city in grieve. silence and still reeling from unspeakable pain. 59 dead. and more than 500 injured in the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> this has been a resilient community who will not be defined by this sick, disgusting human being. i'll never mention his name. >> reporter: his name is stephen paddock, 64 years old, wealthy real estate owner with no criminal history who left behind
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more questions than answers. overnight agents searched his hotel room for clues. they say he checked in three days before bringing in gunfire with him. gunfire came out of the 32nd floor and like tom was struck by the bullets. >> helped my wife over the wall and another lady and then i got shot. >> reporter: stranger helped him and today they were reunited. >> tight end it down. stopped the bleeding. >> reporter: from the horror here, hundreds of acts of kindness, strangers saving strangers when the worst of humanity had just taken place. reporting before leaving for puerto rico president trump called paddock a sick demented man and says the gun control
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debate does have a place in washington. >> and we'll be talking about gun laws as time goes by. >> reporter: the president is scheduled to travel to las vegas tonight and meet with families and first responders. now, back to the investigation, we are told that federal agents have been uncovered two pieces of key evidence inside the hotel suite where it was carried out. a laptop computer and videocamera, something they hope can help them understand why this took place. that's the latest live here in las vegas. i'm jay gray nbc area news. thank you. we are staying on top of this developing story. nbc bay area raj is on the ground meeting with more survivors in las vegas. he'll continue to be there and anchor live from las vegas this evening. right now we want to turn to your micro climate forecast. it's heating up in the bay area,
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calendar says october but we see temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s. >> look at san jose. going to be one of the hot spots, marcus. kari hall has a look at the warm-up we have are having. >> yeah, we will have the cool temperatures. we are also having a cool morning that's warming p nicely. right now it's 62 degrees in the peninsula. and south bay is at 60 degrees. we are now in the mitt 70s. think about this morning in the north bay wherein some sports we were in upper 30s. and look how facets warming up there. it's now 76 degrees while 61 in san francisco high reaching 70 today. going into the low 80s in the north bay. and for the south bay up to 78 degrees in san jose. east bay looking at some low to mid-80s there. up to 84 degrees in concord by this afternoon. so looking at nice little warm-up today, but this is
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nothing compared to what's ahead. we'll talk about that weekend forecast in a few minutes. president trump is in puerto rico right now. he's meeting with locals who are struggling to recover from hurricane maria. just a few hours ago he held a news conference to talk about the number of deaths in puerto rico compared to hurricane katrina. >> versus literally thousands of people. you can can be proud efveryone around this table and watching can be proud of what's taken place in puerto rico. and much of the power grid still down there. not really cell reception in most of the area of san juan, which has made people trying to connect with family members in other part of the island extremely difficult. we'll have more on the president's visit to puerto rico in a half hour. and president trump isn't the only one heading to puerto rico, so are a group of bay area nurses, 20 of them are flying out of sfo later this afternoon.
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our camera crew met up with the team at the airport just a few hours ago. about 50 nurses from across the country heading to the island to help provide medical aid which is still needed. happening today supervisors considering a plan to overhaul the bail system, those accused of nonviolent crime. supervisors will vote on reforms as well as low risk defendants. also include a new community base program to help post bail for low income defendants. all new at 11:00 we talked to one of the supervisors who will vote yes on the changes. >> our first goal is to make sure that our community is safe. our second goal is to make sure that the process we use is fair. and our third is to make sure it's cost effective. and we believe that the reforms we are bringing forward do all three. supervisor cindy chavez there. if that program is approved first of its kind in the state. new this morning the ceo of
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wells fargo is apologizing for the san francisco company past behavior. he testified before congress this morning. he told lay makers he is deeply sorry that the company created phoney accounts in people's names often charging them fee. the bank has to pay hundreds of millions of fines in a class action settlement. the former ceo of ex-fax also went before congress this morning. richard smith told lawmakers that he takes full responsibility that impacts over 145 million people. he blamed the breach on human and technical errors. this is the first of four capitol hill stops this week. as they investigate what happened and how it might have been presented. smith abruptly retired last week. well, it's a big time for people right here in the bay area. this week fleet week. and it continues in san francisco. >> yeah, always a lot of fun. several things happening today including ship tours open to the public. also a veterans resource fair.
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big event always the blue angels. they take to the air on saturday. fleet week runs through monday. we have full coverage of fleet week along with the list of events. you can find it on >> fun event there. well, flu season is starting to ramp up. do you have a flu shot yet? the place you can get it and for free. and plus form tear arnold schwarzenegger has a pro upon ept jerry managering, the push to prevent redistricting. this is the new comfort food.
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it could be a very busy the opening bell on wall street. the dow, s&p and nasdaq up for five day winning streak with stocks at record high. >> i hope you make a lot of money. because christmas is coming. a new report from price
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waterhouse is giving fewer people confidence to spend money. the average money is pektsed to spend $1,200 during the holiday season. that's up 6% from last year. nearly 90% of people plan to buy items in stores this year, interesting, instead of online. well, you might want to put those gifts on your credit card. because atm fees has hit another record high. according to a sur ray released this morning from bank they have hit record highs for the 11 year in a row. the average total comst is almot $5. i've been there before. that's up more than 2.5% from last year, and 50% over the decade. and new high is fees averaging more than $33. >> that's why it's important to check the statements. have you taken a check at your water bill lately? san jose is charged with overcharging customers and city. city rate payer as well.
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councilman says the public commission tells him that the over charges are happening. investigating and staff is supposed to propose possible recommendations at the council meeting later this year. he said he's heard from constituents upset over the water bill. >> what's been consistent is they talked about how they reduce their water usage during the drought, yet they saw significant increases. and i understand there is some correlation between the two. but some of the numbers they were talking about really were surprising. >> we reached out to the san jose water company and to the utilities commission, which regulates it, we haven't heard back. but as we mentioned, water rates are going up in the bay area. raised rates almost 4% in july. while santa clara went up almost 10% in may. east bay smud customers will see 20% in the next two years and that was approved in july. something free happening
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today. free flu shots at santa clara before flu season begins. library will be from 1 to 3:30 today. library is in campbell, kuper p gilroy, will follow in the weeks. they say they are trying to get people vaccinated because it's hard to predict how high flu season will be. >> the risk of getting a vaccine is greater. it protects you against disease that can cause not only body aches but also can have severe complications like pneumonia and death. >> and you can go to vaccine to find one near you. new at 11:00, before you serve lunch here's something you need to see. a chokings hazard has caused them to replace bowels for
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children. take a look, recall is plates and bowels sold separately and even together in the meal sets. various printed designs, including cars, construction scenes, princesses, you name t you know the kids plates, clear plastic layer over the design can peel or bubble from the surface. they have found detached plastic in mouth and reports of children choking. you can contact play tex for a full refund. happening now the u.s. supreme court is hearing a case on gerrymandering. one of the biggest advocates in favor of the eliminating gerrymandering is former governor arnold schwarzenegger. he spoke at a rally outside the supreme court this morning. gerrymandering is when party leaders draw districts to get
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victory, both do it. some are considering whether it's constitutional. and as many as 2,000 leopard sharks have wash ed up dead over the past couple of months. they look for answers tonight at 11:00 and has a preview for us right now. >> guys, good morning. these guys of unexplained shark deaths go back five decades in california. but this year is different, more species are washing up dead here and no one seems to know why. si scientists tell us they believe it's largely related to the bay for now. >> i think we'll start to see this spread up and down california. >> we don't know. >> i think that's the scariest part. >> reporter: we'll take a look at the tiny creature suspected of killing those sharks and
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other species including fish that often wind up on your dinner table. california does have won scientist looking into the deaths, but much his work is done out of his dining room. we'll tell you why. and we'll explain why the state says this isn't putting any money behind finding out why killing so many shocks. that's tonight at 11:00. and if you have a story, call this number, 1888-996-tips or send an email to the unit hat >> so cool start to our morning but curious the rest of the day will hold. >> warm up fast. that's what we are seeing happening right now. all around the bay area it is amazing how cold it was this morning. in north bay dipping down into the upper 30s. then as we take a live look outside in san francisco golden gate bridge and a lot of people walking across the bridge and enjoying all of this sunshine. not much abreast as of now. looking live from mount hamilton over the south bay see the
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sunshine. and look at the reservoir morgan hill is such a beautiful day. you may still need some long sleeves. look at how cool it is forbe much of the bay area. right now only in the low 60s. but check out the north bay in 76 in santa rosa and napa struggling to warm-up. and temperatures have been running 10 to 15 degrees cooler than where we were 24 hours ago but definitely big cool down we are feeling as the winds are lightning up getting cool air into the bay area. high temperatures warming up nicely into the low 80s for napa, while oakland will be up to 72 degrees, palo alto looking at a high of 80 degrees today. still a lot more work to be done, but we will see the highs in livermore today up to 80 degrees. we do have the high fire damage for north bay, red flag warning in effect for all of the hills in the north bay. these areas will also have some
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low humidity today. you have to be burning with anything today especially those higher wind gusts kicking up for this afternoon. looking live in down stotown sa jose, once again temperatures warming up from 60s to 70s this afternoon and then cooler this afternoon so great evening to go to the park. we also have the fleet week tours continuing today and continues until 2:00 this afternoon. and if you want to walk around the piers mostly sunny skies. if you want to be in napa valley up to 80 degrees today and see the temperatures dipping into the upper 60s. our temperatures will be in the mid-70s by the end of the week in san francisco. and inland areas looking for warm-up by the weekend.
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it's going to feel like summer with highs in the upper 80s for both saturday and sunday. are you ready for that laura? >> no you mentioned the dogs and they halls want one more time, not one last time. thank you. >> well, coming up a fight over statue, some want the pioneer statue in san francisco taken down. but first happening now uber new ceo is talking about a morning meeting with london transport commissioner. discussed not to renew the operating license. uber ceo says the talks was constructive and hopes to have further discussions. also right now the trump administration has ordered 15 did you mates from cuba embassy. last week the state department pulled many american diplomats out of havana. follows a mysterious sonic attack against americans in cuba. we'll be back in two minutes this morning. showdown."
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coldplay comes to rock the south bay. the )public safety threat ) ... stadium officials say the band poses. and - google )s teasing a major announcement. our )business and tech reporter )s ) analysis - on what it might mean for you. join us tomorrow - 4:30
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taken the first step in the removal of a stu welcome back. san francisco leaders have taken the first step in the removal of a statue considered offensive to native americans. the pioneer monument is 800 ton sculpture located between the main library and asian art museum in civic center. it says they depict a pioneer that glorifies racism. ongoing push to have it removed. yesterday arts commission voted to start that process.
11:27 am
happening today los gatos will finally get the ball rolling on long a waited development project that's north 40. over the summer approved the first phase of that project called for construction of hundreds of homes on 20 acres of land. this is located where highway 85 meets highway 17. town council will hold a study session on the plan tonight. add 25,000 in san jose and build more affordable housing. rica rica ricard unveiled his plan and 25,000 new homes and calling for those new homes to be at least under construction or finished by the year 2022. goiogle is reportedly backig off to ultimateum to allow houses.
11:28 am
google sent apology this week after they were going to stop plans if they did not get approval for more office space at the proposed google campus. most of the housing would be built on land that google owns. coming up the man behind the deadliest mass shooting in history remains a history. few clues left behind and what people are saying about that gunman. our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training
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is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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stories that everyone is talking about, really hard to grasp, the aftermath of that mass shooting right now. 59 people are dead. more than 500 left injured. now, we are learning more about the las vegas gunman. >> here's a live look at las vegas. see mandalay bay in the distance. police will hold a news conference there at 1:00. we hope to get some new snfr information as they are trying to dig into the background of the gunman. but first nicely news lester holt has more on that suspect.
11:31 am
>> reporter: to neighbors in mesquite, nevada, stephen paddock showed no warning signs he was a killer. >> my wife and i were in tears. we were in shock. we couldn't believe this. >> reporter: but behind closed doors paddock home was a massive arsenal. they say they saw thousands of rounds of ammunition. >> in orlando paddock younger brother says these are hard to reconcile with the man he knew. >> something happened in his head that the steve i knew two weeks ago no longer is the guy who did that. >> reporter: describing his brother as multi millionaire. also made this admission. >> no one is going to say he's a normal guy. okay. this was a single guy who gambled many more hours.
11:32 am
>> reporter: multiple senior enforcement and senior executive tell officials over the past several weeks he gambled significant amounts of money, they say it topped $10,000 a day for multiple days. but unclear whether paddock won or lost on the days in question. paddock has a documented past in vegas. nbc news obtained this video of him back in 2011 slipping and falling at a high stakes gambling area at the cosmopolitan hotel and casino, sued alleging negligence, blaming it on a slippery fall. went to arbitration and the arbitration sided with the hotel. >> this is not a guy that i would have looked at and said he's gone going to commit a crime. >> reporter: he shared a pension for dpgambling with his father o was placed on 10 most wanted warning the father was a
11:33 am
diagnosed psychopathic. now the spotlight is on younger paddock and what motive may have been. >> we are hunting down and tracing down every clue that we can get in his background. less tell holt reporting there. gun store owners say he legally purchased several months in nevada. many people here at home are feeling helpless. but there are some things that you can do, make a donation online. clark county set up a go fund me online. this helps those killed. victims fund has raced more than $3 million already. oakland raiders moving to las vegas donated $50,000. southern red cross also accepting donations online. mandalay bay shot out this
11:34 am
tweet volunteers to help those with the tragedy. and in las vegas nearby henderson, this is what it looked like outside of the blood centers. hundred peds of people waiting in line several hours to donate blood to help the victims hurt during the shooting. some people showed up at 2:00 a.m. just a few hours after the 10:00 p.m. shooting. those donations should be available for the hospitals within 24 to 36 hours las veg. las vegas is also talking about the gun debate. every lawmaker is offering thoughts and prayers. some are calling for action on gun legislation. white house says this is not the time for politics. the nra agrees. >> can't sit here and call for ban this, ban that, when you don't even know what was used. an event lifting restrictions on gun silencers was supposed to get a vet on the house floor today.
11:35 am
it has been pushed back and supporters of gun reform say it should never get a vote. >> once you put that silencer on, then people don't know who run. they don't know to hide. house minority nancy pelosi is calling on house speaker paul ryan to create a special committee to examine the nation's gun laws and recommend changes. late night talk host is saying this. >> we need to remember good still exists in this world. we are here to entertain you tonight and that's what we'll do. ladies and gentlemen, with a little help from adam sandler and miley cyrus. ♪ little help from freedom. also overnight jim mi kimmel from las vegas started his show with emotional message.
11:36 am
he pleaded with lawmakers to ban automatic weapons. his monologue is the top on youtube this morning. staying on top of this story, anchor imagine is on the ground working that story. actually talking to some of the survivors. he'll continue to be there and anchor live this evening from las vegas. meanwhile, back here at home danville is investigating a possible threat for tomorrow targeting two high schools. a jogger saw it on the foot bridge. now painted over now but police tell us that it referenced danville two high schools, monta vista and san ramon valley. police say that the threats do not appear to be credible. the danville police chief says officers will be out enforce tomorrow and today just in case. well, president trump today is coming face-to-face with puerto ricans struggling to recover from hurricane maria.
11:37 am
his trip comes a mid criticisms that the response has been sluggish. he just landed. and now we have this reporting from san juan. >> reporter: commander in chief will get up date of aftermath of hurricane maria from the governor of puerto rico. heel see that many of the businesses are slowly starting to come back to life. those lines for gas and food, they have dwindled, but people still continue to stand in line for ice, and food in their homes. because that's much of the power grid is still down. and not really that much cell reception in most of the areas outside san juan. people here trying to connect with family members on other parts of the island extremely difficult. people here tell me the president took a little too long, in their view, to come here on the ground. that he took too long to a point that 3-star general, jeffrey buchanan that was appointed on
11:38 am
day 8 in the aftermath of the storm. people are hoping when the commander visit and once he gets the briefing from the governor in puerto rico, they will get the aid they need. and they especially tell me they want more people on the ground here to restore the power grid. that is what has really slowed the recovery down here in puerto rico. back to you guys. and developing in mexico, authorities have raised the death toll in last month's massive earthquake, 363 people are confirmed deed. 7.1 magnitude quake struck outside mexico city. still a few active recovery efforts under way. the vast majority of people who died were in buildings who were built before and survived a 1985 kwoek who killed thousands in mexico city. this morning the search continues for suspect to beet a berkeley student over the weebd. police are releasing this surveillance video of the suspect. take a look.
11:39 am
they say all three men beat the student early sunday morning in the dorm room. the attack so bad the student lost consciousness and taken to the hospital but has since been released. jury selection continues in the steinly murder case in san francisco. yesterday 750 potential jurors started filling out questionnaires. attorneys are expectsed to begin their line of questioning within two weeks. 54-year-old jose is accused of shooting and killing steinly. he's an undocumentsed immigrant who had been deported five times before. he was released from jail prior to the shooting. happening today, we expect an update on deadly officer involved shooting involving the san francisco police department. hodding a town hall tonight. officers responded to report of domestic violence in nob hill neighborhood. he was holding them hostage. suspect fired at officers and
11:40 am
officers entered the apartment and shot and killed him. the town hall is set for 6:00 p.m. on powell street. more than four decades san francisco parking permit program has not changed much. today transportation leaders will continue new limits. it is looking to overhaul the entire program. new limits can be added to the number of permits issued to what house hold cost sz are under review. the and you'll parking fee is $128. and less than a week the new express ways will open up in contra costa county. express lanes will run from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. starting next monday and the toll price will change based on the traffic conditions. lanes will still be free for car-poolers, but you'll need that fast track flex to make sure you don't get charged. if you weren't done with summer, no need to worry, warming up in the bay area. kari how hot are we talking
11:41 am
about here? >> it's going to be pretty warm. as we look outside in palo alto things are busy, sunny is shining, and cool start, but we'll be warming up as we go through the rest of the day and mid to upper 70s. still pretty breezy. we'll talk about what's ahead with the warmer air. that's coming up next. plus responding to emergencies, we talked to a doctor who has been there for columbine massacre.
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but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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in san francisco tonight, the head of emergency well, the shooting in las vegas certainly overwhelmed local hospitals. in san francisco the head of emergency medicine talks about what the bay area needs to do to prepare for mass casualty event here. nbc mark mathews met with him during a drill with treating earthquake victims. >> he was called out to meet the victims at columbine. 13 years later he was on duty when james holmes opened fire. >> i had a chance to see some of these events unfold and had opportunity to learn lessons how we can be better prepared. >> reporter: i met him at emergency hospital with fleet week demonstrations and trauma center. told me that what is needed is rethink the way we respond to
11:45 am
disasters, sending ambulances to the scene to transport hundreds of victims to hospitals does not work if it ends up overwhelming the emergency rooms. >> and we need to think a little differently about what we do in ha disaster situation. and we simply transplant the disaster. >> reporter: for starters he would like to see alternative sites throughout the bay area where people could be sent to handle cases closer to the scene. >> and save the hospitals for truly the most critical patients and get them all to the hospital but not all at once. >> reporter: he says facilities like the field hospital cob put up in a church or gym or any large space with running water. >> we could probably identify 50 centers in san francisco alone that we could mobilize in a matter of hours. >> reporter: he says he and his colleagues have been working with the department of emergency management and the department of public health, and there is a good foundation, and also a lot of work that needs to be done. in san francisco, mark mathews,
11:46 am
nbc bay area news. >> said earlier if you like the summer temperatures, maybe not so hot, but definitely a little warmer than we would expect. >> it's going to be warmer this weekend. and let me tell you i didn't take care of our little pool and turned green so now draining it. and now i'm thinking it man it would be good to have it. >> you need it. >> yeah, thinking of that kind of weather it's comfortable, thinking of ways to cool off, and you may be heading to the pool over the next several days, but aren't thing about that right now because it's cool outside. here's a live look outside? san jose it's beautiful and sunny but you may need long sleeves. and north bay taking a look outside mendocino coast where cold this morning, some of the spots down into the 30s. tweak peeks seeing the sunshine but still a little on the cool side. in pleasanton looking live there in the tri valley 61 degrees which is much cooler than average. but then we are starting to see
11:47 am
some of those spots warming up low 70s in santa rosa as well as fairfield. bay area struggling with low 60s there. 24 hour temperature change, compare that to yesterday where now it's about 10 to 15 degrees cooler in some spots. this morning it was so cold that napa it was 23 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. so we are starting to see the gap closing just a bit. but we are all feeling a little bit more of that cooler air, we can leave the hair conditioner off, open the windows, and let some fresh air in. also, enough of a breeze coming in from the north bay. and high hem tours heading into the upper 70s today. so the next couple of hours we'll see those temperatures going up several more degrees with all of that sunshine. pleasanton expect a high of 81 degrees. and oakland we'll see a high today of 73 degrees. for the peninsula, some upper 70s. for redwood city, san mateo 74
11:48 am
degrees and daily city 68. mission district will see a high today of 72 degrees. and look for a high of 67. 85 in novato today. in santa rosa expect a high of 81 degrees. we still do have winds coming in from the northwest and we'll start to see that blowing offshore and still picking up at 15 to 20-mile-per-hour. and we do have the high danger for the hills especially. looking live in san jose, i want to take you through willow glen. as the sun sets temperatures dropping off into the mid-60s. if you are going to be along the coastline in a spot like half moon bay, mid-60s through the rest of the afternoon. and then at sunset of course happening earlier and earlier, and it's going to be in the mid-60s there and in a spot like the tri valley some upper 70s. so all feeling some comfortable air and even a little lower than where we should be for this time
11:49 am
of year. getting excited for the weekend, fleet week air show happening from friday to sunday noon to 4:00. and each day temperatures in mid-70s reaching into the low sevenths, rather, for the middle of the afternoon. we'll be talking more about that and have a quick look at the seven-day forecast coming up later. >> sounds good. >> coming up, bay area fans are missing a legend. ♪ i'm free, free falling. ♪ rocker tom petty dyes at the a dies at age of 66. a look back at him.
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who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there.
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starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. songwriter died monday after an so sad to report rock icon tom petty has died.
11:52 am
musician and songwriter died monday after a parent cardiac arrest. >> real be remembered for creating rock songs for the past couple of decades. nbc kate snow looks back at the 66 years of amazing career. ♪ i'm free, free falling >> reporter: he was an american legend. tom petty had just finished a 40th anniversary tour with the heartbreakers last week, a band that soared to the charts in the 70s. in the 2007 documentary running down a dream, he talks about how music took ahold of his life. >> when i was 13, the beetles came, and in those few months when they hit the ed sullivan show, it all became clear. this is what i'm going to do. >> reporter: he would become one of the best selling artists
11:53 am
ever. ♪ i'm learning to fly >> reporter: in the mid-80s he played with bib dylan that led to a worldwide tour. >> it was a gift from god, when we were thrown in there together, some kind of electricity came from the combination. >> reporter: then came the traveling group along with others and bob dylan. dylan told rolling stones it's shocking, crushing news. he was a great performer, full of the light, and i'll never forget him. kate snow, nbc news new york. yeah, a lot of great songs there. >> a lot of hits. >> at least that continues, that's nice. we'll be right back. vegas.
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police there willd before we leave you today, a live look once again from las vegas this morning. mandalay bay where the investigation continues this morning. atf agents, fbi, all trying to get more information as to what really triggered the motive behind the massive killing there that killed 59 people and injured so many others. there will be a news conference at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. nbc bay area will bring that to you live when it happens and hopefully we'll learn more about there suspect when the investigation continues. a couple local women that died,
11:57 am
stay sigh etcheber from novato and michelle vo. so we'll continue to follow that. our evening anchor raj is there and he'll report live from the las vegas site there tonight at 5 to 6:00. look at the weather. >> yeah, looking at highs for 70 degrees. very comfortable over the next several days. and as we look in the inland area mostly 70s. and warming up going to feel like summer this weekend, starting on friday upper 80s. and that will continue into the rest of the weekend. so if you are missing summer a little bit, you'll have a little bit of it. >> 80 is not bad at all. >> no, we can't complain. >> pretty soon we'll want it. >> we hope you join us tomorrow morning. on from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> our next newscast is 5:00 and you can get the latest information hat
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♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ troubled water i will lay me down ♪ >> keith urban's beautiful version of simon and garfunkel's classic "bridge over troubled water ". >> goose bumps. he was a star in nashville as the country community came together to pay tribute to the las vegas victims. >> i just feel flat and sick. i'm thinking back of everything. not


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