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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 4, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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degrees with some low 70s on the way. and for the inland areas and the valleys, 82 this afternoon. then some upper 80s for the weekend. so, that's the summer we were talking about. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike is still tracking slowing through walnut creek. >> i am. the cool temperatures are huddling together. let's hit the roadways. nothing going on. south bay, even the east bay, southbound 680 has been a tough drive. now you see the slowing starting back at south 242. what's going on here, there is paving work going on for the majority of lanes. just one lane there. scheduled to clear at 5:00, right on the button now. i'll let you know about any delays or the update that chp gives. we are tracking that. getting over toward the bay bridge, that's the clearest, 13 you will see all morning from highway 4 to be clear. back to you.
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>> now, developing news out of las vegas this morning. a live look at the mandalay bay hotel, days after the shooting rampage took the lives of 58 people. right now, president trump is leaving washington, d.c., to head to las vegas this morning. this is a live look at air force one as it prepared for take off. as the president prepares to head to las vegas, we are still learning the chilling new details about the investigation into this massacre. >> in fact, this morning, the death toll remains at 59. that includes the gunman, stephen paddock. more than 500 others are recovering. right now, investigators continue to sift through evidence to find answers to this sense l senseless violence. footage from body cameras show the forces on the ground as bullets reign down. we get a look inside the shooter's mandalay bay suite. >> jay gray has been in las vegas since the attack. jay, a lot of people have their
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eyes on this. where does the investigation stand now? >> reporter: marcus, laura, good morning to you. those closest to the situation tell us the pace of this investigation, it's really a tense fight over the last 24 hours. new information, new leads. unfortunately, no real clear indication of a motive behind the massacre here. >> get down! get down! >> reporter: haunting new video this morning. >> get back! >> reporter: body cameras worn by las vegas police capture search for the gunman as hundreds of shots rain down at the country music festival. we are getting a first look through an open door in stephen paddock's room. a high power sniper weapon and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in the alleged gunman's suite. investigators uncovering
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multiple video cameras there. >> there were two cameras located in the hallway so the suspect could watch as law enforcement or security approach the room. there was another camera placed inside the hotel room door peephole to see down the hallway. >> reporter: the fbi is reviewing images from those cameras. agents also want to know why a week before the massacre, paddock transferred $100,000 to a bank account in the philippines. his girlfriend was there this week, visiting relatives. >> the investigation with her is ongoing. she's a person of interest. >> reporter: she was met by federal agents when she landed in los angeles last night. >> they get information about paddock and his life before the attack. >> he was a sick man, a demented man. we are looking into him very, very seriously. >> president trump travels to las vegas for the first time since the killing spree.
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back to the investigation, paddock transferred the money to the philippines, he rented rooms in a high-rise condominium overlooking a bigger music festival here. investigators want to know if that was some type of practice run before he actually carried out the attack. that's the latest live here in las vegas. laura, marcus, back to you. >> fightening to think about that. here in the bay area, grieving continues days after the attack. among the 58 people killed are four people with strong bay area ties. this morning, friends and family are struggling to cope with what happened. that includes the navato community where people gathered to remember stacee etcheber who was killed in the rampage. >> heavenly father, our gracious god, we come before you as people who cry out in pain and
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grief and in sorrow. >> the hundreds came out for the candlelight vigil to make sure etcheber's husband and kids know they are not alone. her 10 and 12-year-old kids have a lot of questions about what happened. >> why did he shoot mom? we don't have an answer. >> her husband is a san francisco police officer. he told her to run to safety as he helped a gunshot victim. >> we are learning more about two other victims of the attack. a couple who grew up in the bay area. bo taylor graduated from fremont high in the early 80 s. bo's niece who lives in the south bay described him as the nicest guy in the world. bo lives with his girlfriend, 57-year-old denise cohen, she was also killed. she went to high school in san ramon. they say she was a ray of light.
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>> i know she -- she was in a happy place. it's what she loved. she was dancing and singing and i think that's what she's doing right now in heaven. >> the couple was in vegas to celebrate bo's birthday. >> a fourth bay victim grew up in san jose, 32-year-old michelle vo graduated from independence high school in 2003. co-workers described her as hard working and vivacious. our coverage continues online at we are posting the latest information and video as soon as it comes in. new this morning, hate to say it, but they need to prepare for the next terror attack. that's what they were going overnight, first responders. they came together at san francisco international airport. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live with what they are doing that could save our lives in the future, especially after all this happened in the past week.
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bob? >> reporter: good morning to you marcus and laura. fso conducts the full scale emergency exercises once a year. the one that just wrapped up a few hours ago at terminal one at the airport was actually a simulation of a terrorist attack involving an active shooter, a coincidence given what happened in las vegas. their planned the scenario well in advance to the shooting that took place in january. the ft. lauderdale airport that left five people dead. the airport tried to make the exercise seem as real as possible. they deployed smoke, played sounds of gunfire and explosions. 60 people volunteered to be passengers, some in make up to simulate injuries. the goal was to test the staff and other agencies to provide aid. to test the first responders to the point of failure. >> at the end of tonight's exercise, we are going to do a hot wash, a debriefing, talk
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about what worked well and what didn't work well. we use exercises like this to continuely improve and inhans procedures. >> reporter: the airport points out the government only requires these drills once every three years. fso says they choose to practice annually because it only makes them better. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right. trying to get prepared there. thank you, bob. 5:08 right now. happening today, tonight is the place cold play will play past the 10:00 p.m. curfew as they try to find harmony between the sound of late night music and the neighbor's desire to go to bed. kris sanchez is there with the tug of war that's going on there. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. this debate of whether or not to extend the curfew an our went
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past the curfew. in the end, the city held firm. what is it mean for me if i have a cold play ticket? they will take the stage as planned tonight. they are expected to just blow past that curfew and the stadium is expected to allow it. in a letter to the interim city manager, the vice president of stadium operations says shuting down the show could create a public safety threat. if the show goes late, there is a fine. it's $1,000 fine. it is chump change compared to what the stadium claims it costs the stadium if they cannot book weeknight concerts. levi stadium leaders claim ed sheeran pulled out because of the curfew costing the city up to $800,000 for that stadium alone. what does it mean for you if you are a resident of santa clara? the council voted unanimously to get input from the neighbors and how they feel now that there is
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a price tag on the 10:00 curfew. that is in the planning stages, coming down the road. the show will go on tonight. it could be just for tonight, weeknight, then the weekend shows will go on later. in santa clara, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." right now, it's 5:10. we are waking up to another cool morning. as we take a live look outside in downtown san jose right now, as you are getting up and getting ready, getting the kids ready, it's going to be another morning to wear something warm to walk to school or a lot of people may be walking, biking or even wearing those healy's as laura said. walking home from school, reaching into the mid-70s. as we go through the forecast, a warm up on the way. i'll talk about that in four minutes. tracking a report now in san francisco. >> we are. i have healy's, i don't wear them a lot. i sprained a muscle last time.
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the south bay and peninsula, they are looking great. a smooth flow of traffic. we take you up to san francisco. this is where we got a report, southbound 101, there was a disabled vehicle and chp updated saying they are hearing people are out of the vehicle. a concern there. chp is going to help if they need help there. we have the slowing that shows 680 paving work going on there through walnut creek. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up, laptop snatch. surveillance footage shows thieves as an east bay starbucks. the search under way to catch the robbers. we should learn more today about how the russians influenced facebook and the election when "today in the bay" continues.
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it's 5:14 now. a chilly start again this morning. let's take a live look outside fremont. as you get ready to head out the door, cranking up the heater inside the car. as we go toward the 9:00 hour, still going to be in the 50s. look at this afternoon, reaching 78 degrees, another nice one and warmer weather in the forecast. i'll have a look at that in five minutes. these travel times look awesome heading toward the bay bridge. this is a nice, easy drive, so far. i'll show you the changes we are expecting for 680. >> all right. we'll check back with you later. thanks so much.
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it's 5:14. police are asking for help in identifying a man accused of exposing himself to kids. it happened close to a school. the students told police, they were walking near el roble elementary school and a man in a car exposed himself. the students kept walking. the man and students did not interaction. the search is on for whoever stole laptops from an alameda starbucks. police released surveillance video of the thiefs. that crime happened last month. there has been an increase in laptop thefts across the area. the senate intelligence committee may tell us more about how russians tricked facebook users. >> this happened during and after the election. >> even after. that's new information this morning. after the election, russians or maybe the russian government was using provocative facebook ads
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to divide our country and pictures that would make americans angry at each other. the senate intelligence committee has been looking into this. we don't expect a full report, but will get a progress report today. what we would like to see is the ads themselves. there's nothing stopping facebook from releasing them publicly on their own. facebook turned over thousands of ads to the investigators. the head of the intelligence committee are going to hold a press conference later today about this. the executives of equifax will be on the hill over their testimony over the hack. yesterday, we learned the company didn't encrypt the customer's data. it's possible they were state actors as well, like the country, perhaps russia. it was russians connected to the security services, former kgb, accused of taking part in the
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yahoo! act. yahoo! now connected to verizon says every account was hacked. originally, they said it was only 1 billion hacks. >> wall street coming off big wins. a real shock. we learned former intel ceo passed away. he died in his sleep at 66. usf graduate, involved in children's charities. his brother steve is a popular priest. >> no idea how? >> no. >> 66 is young. >> yeah. well respected silicon valley exec. we are sorry to hear that. >> of course. >> hopefully it -- >> condolences to his family as they grieve. it's ak 17 right now. it is a big day for russia's space agency. 60 years ago today, the former soviet union launched the first satellite into space.
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russia hanholding commemorative events all week. they gave the soviet union the lead in the space race. it inspired america to be the first in america to send a man to the moon. that finally happened nearly 12 years later. >> jumps so high -- >> to the moon? >> like the satellite. his name is spud. >> cool. history. mike inouye. good morning to you. >> it's a nice cool morning. we are starting out with clear skies. it's pretty much like it was yesterday. we had those temperatures in the north bay dropping into the 30s. no freezing temperatures, but, yeah, it's chilly. we take a live look outside in san francisco. right now, all clear. we will see those clear skies warming things up as we go into this afternoon. here is a look at the current temperatures. in santa rosa, 43 degrees and 48
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degrees in livermore. morgan hill, 47. san jose, walking out the door to 51 degrees. as we look at the high temperatures today, in east san jose, warmer than yesterday, but still really pleasant. up to 81 degrees, then as we move over toward the east bay, 83 in danville and hayward, 76 degrees. breezy wind. won't be as windy as yesterday, either. we are going to start to feel the winds calming down, even for the evening. palo alto, a high of 79 degrees. san francisco, the marine reaching 65 degrees and 75 today in mill valley. we are going to have the widest range in our temperatures in the north bay. so, getting the kids out the door and to school this morning, it is going to be cold again. 46 degrees at 7:00. then, as they head out for recess, it's going to be chilly, but then walking home, look at how nice it's going to be. so comfortable with those
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temperatures in the low 70s. looking at the day planner for oakland, a chilly start this morning. 53 degrees. by 4:00, at 71 degrees. in the tri-valley, more of the same, with a wide range in temperatures from the morning to the afternoon. then, we are going to have some more of that warmer weather in the forecast for the inland areas. san francisco, only sees minor changes as we go through the week. low 70s for the weekend. the inland valleys go into the upper 80s, starting on friday. more on that. mike is tracking the changes now in walnut creek. >> i am. we are going to see the maps. i had a little issue with the waze on the ipad. the waze team still nbc bay area wazers. we don't have a need for reroute through the south bay or peninsula. easy flow of traffic out the altamont pass. we are talking changes. road work and disabled vehicles cleared up from south 680. here, speeds starting to recover
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now as you come down out of walnut creek. the roadwork clearing in lanes. got the update three minutes ago. the lanes were being cleared. that's good. 680 and 242, the jam started. two reports of incidents. ime going to track that and chp will give us an update on lane information. there was extra slowing through the area. slow in the tri-valley. the bay bridge, itself, getting ready for the metering lights to be turned on. we should see these turn on any second with the back up here. back to you. >> thanks, mike. balancing free speech and public safety. the debates happening in our capital. don't forget to join us conversation on social media. we tweet headlines and other stories throughout the show. we want to hear from you as well.
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follow us at to find our handles. you are watching "today in the bay." we'll be right back. %$4ll picking up the debate on how to
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balance freedom of 5:24. state lawmakers are picking up the debate on how to balance freedom of speech with public safety. senators launched the first in a series of hearings. uc berkeley has rising tensions
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with several protests. there's evidence of an increasing number of hate groups across the state. berkeley's police chief was among those who spoke. a second hearing takes place in two weeks. >> a follow up now, it looks like a planned marijuana dispensary in san francisco's sunset district won't be happening after all. according to the chronicle, supervisors last night voted to withdraw permits. oakland mayor is one of the backers. neighbors, months ago, organized an effort to stop that project. sonoma county is moving around money generated by a hotel tax. supervisors will cut $1 million from the tourism marketing branch. that's one-third of the overall budget. the money will go, instead, to emergency services, boosting staff and response to the growth in tourism. revenues generated from the
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hotel tax typically amount to more than $8 million each year. new this morning, home buyers are taking your mortgages, according to new research by inside mortgage finance. we are taking a closer look at the numbers. the number of adjustable rate mortgages jumped from the first quarter to the second. this year, buyers are struggling with affordability as home prices heat up. adjustable rate mortgages or arms offer lower interest rates that are riskier than the 30-year fixed rate mortgage. coming up, a heart pounding look inside the las vegas shooting massacre. [ gunfire ] >> go back! go back! >> hard to hear, but body camera footage of the country music festival and where the investigation stands this morning. >> reporter: two big events in san francisco this weekend are
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expected to draw large crowds in the area. i'll explain how the city is repairing when it comes to the city in light of the las vegas mass shooting.
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a very good wednesday morning to you. half way through that workweek. what a lovely live look outside. this is from the pleasanton area. nice, clear start to the day. folks already out and about starting their day. thanks for beginning yours with us. good morning to you, i'm laura
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garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we want to look at what's going on with the weather, kari. it was a cool one. i'm sure when i leave work it is a different story. >> yeah. starts cool and warms up for the afternoon. before you head out, dig in the back of the closet for a warm sweater or jacket. then high temperatures in oakland up to 72 degrees. 79 degrees in san jose and livermore, up to 80 degrees. it's going to be very nice. san francisco, still breezy and highs in the upper 60s. a little bit warmer for the rest of the week into the weekend. inland valleys are going to have a more dramatic shift in temperatures and rising into the upper 80s by the weekend. we'll talk about the weekend forecast in seven minutes. mike gets us out on the roadways with an update in san francisco. >> we have a new crash. the speed sensors are looking great. sbds 280 is a concern. i see slowing beginning where a
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crash may be blocking the slow lane. we see slowing here. this is unrelated, i believe. we'll double check that as well. the bay ridge and 680, the crews are in the middle of clearing for south 680. the bay bridge toll plaza, the other spot you see. the metering lights turned on right on schedule. 5:31 now. now to the latest developments out of las vegas and a live look at mandalay bay where investigators sift through evidence days after the gunman, stephen paddock shot down on innocent concert goers, killing dozens. this morning, we get a close look inside that investigation. >> here is where everything stands at this hour. late last night, the shooter's girlfriend returned to the u.s. this is exclusive video from nbc news of marilou dailey arriving from the philippines. she was greeted by fbi agents and taken away for questioning.
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dailey's sister says he sent her out of the country days before the shooting. >> body camera footage is detailing the images from sunday night. it's haunting video, capturing the intense search as hundreds of shots reigned down on fans of route 91 country music festival. >> we are getting our first look inside the shooter's room. in the entryway, a high-powered rifle. hundreds of rounds of ammunition were found inside the gunman's suite. the fbi now reviewing that video. >> we have team coverage this morning to get you up to speed. "today in the bay's", pete suratos will have more on the security concerns here at home. >> first, let's go to jay gray live in las vegas with what's happening with the investigation. good morning, jay. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. good morning, laura. let's start with the body cam video from police. as you described, haunting video showing them to establish where
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the shooter is, hearing the shots continue to ring out, just in multiple succession there. and trying to get people out of the line of fire. frantic, it's part of the chaos that was going on as they moved into position to try to stop the shooting from happening. stop it once it had already started. we know inside this hotel room, there were 23 weapons, including 12 that were equipped with the bump stocks, a device that will shift a semiautomatic weapon into one that fires continuously, making it an automatic web. investigators want to know which weapon, if not all, were used during the attack. we also know, as you mentioned, video cameras inside and outside of the hotel room, basically being used by the gunman as surveilness video to know when he was being approached by officers from the outside z.
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they were apparently working because we know he shot through that door entering the security guard as he first approached the suite in mandalay bay. >> jay gray live, thank you. new this morning, the sisters of marilou danley spoke out. >> the television network interviewed those sisters. their names were with held. [ speaking foreign language ] the sisters say they also believe .. if danley had remained with the gunman .. she would have been able to stop him from committing the mass >> the sisters say danley remained with the gunman, she would have been able to stop him from committing the massacre. now, among the 58 people killed
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are four people with strong ties here in the bay area. >> this morning, family and friends remembering michelle vo, seen on the far left. she was from san jose and graduated from independence high school in 2003. she was hard working. next to her, 50-year-old stacee etcheber a caring wife to a san francisco police officer and devoted mother of two. she was described as strong and spunky. lastly, friends and family remembering cohen and bo who grew up in the area. denise, a ray of life and family described bo as the nicest guy in the world who made everyone laugh. we are going to have more on their stories, live, in the next half hour. you can also read more about the victims going to 5:35. new morning, the aftermath of the tragedy in las vegas. security is a major concern in
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the bay area. in san francisco, they are preparing for two outdoor event this is week. >> between the bluegrass festival a festival in golden gate park and fleet week. pete suratos is live in san francisco with how the city is preparing to handle all this. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. you can expect an increase in security for both events in san francisco. they are expected to draw large crowds between them. close to 2 million people coming to the city. i did get a chance to speak directly with officials with fleet week. i spoke to the coast guard officials. they will be working hand in hand with law enforcement agencies. they were already planning on increasing active patrols on land and sea before the las vegas mass shooting, but you can expect more focus there as well. the annual fre concert taking
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place this weekend at golden gate park, you will see an increase in security presence. nbc bay area reporter got a chance to speak with san francisco mayor, ed lee about the security changes for both of them, following the events in las vegas. >> absolutely. i think, already, our entertainment venues, like the bluegrass and the concerts are adding and beefing up security. they are working closer with the police department about any holes, any gaps. we have tall building that is are public spaces for people to use and visit. hotels as well. they do surround large, open spaces. yes, we have to pay a lot of attention to that. >> reporter: now, those popular fleet week events will happen toward the end of the week with the blue angels air show. that will be the bigger crowd. the bluegrass festival will kick off friday and last through sunday at golden gate park.
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they have a plan in place of the scenario similar to las vegas to take place at either of those events. live in san francisco, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. we are going to stay on top of the latest developments out of las vegas as the investigation continues throughout the morning. cheryl hurd has been in las vegas since we learned of the shooting. she'll bring a live report coming up at 6:30. until then, we will tweet updates all morning long. you can follow us at nbc bay area. san francisco police chief and city leaders are expected to announce new steps in cracking down on car break-ins. we are expecting to hear about the creation of crime units to focus on car break-ins, bike thefts and other property crimes. that's at 11:00 at city hall. sift through the latest records and reporting, auto burglaries were up from january to july of this year.
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in the mission district, seeing a 182% increase. in the first half of the year, 18,000 car break-ins were reported. last year, nearly 14,000 reported. right now, we want to look at what's going on with traffic. >> all right, guys. looking here, an easy drive around the bay. traditional start as you travel northbound on 101. this is not a surprise. we know about that. same thing for the peninsula. over here, south 280, a crash with a tow truck on scene and should clear up anytime soon. this is in the clearing stages, this has been going on for 20 minutes now, south 680 through walnut creek, the drive off 242 and highway 40. see how it's building? they are not clear yet. the build out of antioch and bay point. the bay bridge toll plaza has the standard back ups and no surprises here. good news, i guess.
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>> you know what else is coming up? the weekend. right around the corner. half way there. >> and we have a lot of things going on this weekend around the bay area. a lot of it is concentrated in san francisco. so, we are going to be focusing in on that forecast. the coast will be at 70 degrees, 79 degrees by the bay. upper 80s if you want to escape the crowds, head through the valleys. we are going to have the most comfortable weather for the coast and for the bay. it's going to start to feel more like summer as we go into the weekend. you may be kicking off your weekend at the bluegrass festival in golden gate park. there, it's going to reach into the mid-70s. with all that sunshine, may feel warmer. so, be prepared for all kinds of weather as it warms up and cools down from noon until 7:00. then, we also have the air show happening. you can get a good vantage point anywhere from the area of san francisco over to oakland and we
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are going to see those highs reaching into the low 70s. if you are going down to santa cruz for the weekend, the warmest day is on friday. still, a really nice weekend ahead. let me know what you are doing and we'll talk about it right here. i'll have another weekend update coming up at 6:38. thanks so much, kari. 5:41. coming up, preparing for another wet winter. the step water leaders are taking to prevent coyote creek from flooding, once again. >> reporter: the president, at this moment is on his way to las vegas after that enormous tragedy. we'll bring you the latest when "today in the bay" continues.
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all clear morning across the bay area. at 5:44, we take a live look outside san jose. grab a jacket before you head out. let's look at campbell for the temperature trend today. still in the 50s at 9:00 this morning. upper 70s, that's exactly where we are headed this afternoon. we are in for warmer summer-like weather for the weekend. i'll have a look at that coming up at about 5:49. we are looking at fremont picking up the volume for 880. that's one part of the east bay. farther north, walnut creek, a big problem through concord. i'll explain it. >> sounds good. thank you. the south bay getting ready for the next rainy season by cleaning out coyote creek.
5:45 am
who could forget when it flooded earlier this year, flooding hundreds of homes. they will remove vegetation along the creek in san jose. this will go on for several weeks. 40,000 people were evacuated during the february flooding. last month, more than 100 people were still living in temporary apartments of shelters. two of california's top lawmakers were encouraging so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers to submit daca renewal applications. >> submitting them by thursday will prevent them from deportation. senators dianne feinstein and tamela harris asked them to extend the deadline. but the request was denied. the president left it up to congress to come up with new legislation to protect d.r.e.a.m.ers. the president is on his way to las vegas this morning to see the scene of that terrible shooting. >> scott mcgrew joins us now.
5:46 am
>> good morning. we will presume he will speak about the tragedy, laurie, but we are not sure where or when. this is after the worst mass shooting in american history. it will be, we expect, a somber moment for the president. this is video just into the news room, moments ago, of the president leaving washington with the first lady. they are in the air right now, headed for las vegas. this trip comes as the president is facing anger about his visit to another tragedy, puerto rico, where he told them they broke the budget with their hurricane, they suffered a, quote, not suffered a real catastrophe like katrina and passed out paper towels and flashlights. 90% of puerto rico is still without power. this morning, the president says the accounts of what he did in puerto rico are fake. wow, so many fake news stories today.
5:47 am
no matter what i do or say, they will not speak the truth t. fake media is out of control. the senate intelligence committee will talk about the facebook role into the campaign. we'll talk about that in 30 minutes. really big is tax reform. republicans are pushing back to end deductions on state and local taxes. that's huge for us in california. right now, you don't have to pay federal tax on money you pay in california tax. california is a high tax state. that is a big deduction. if that deduction is taken away, a lot of people in the bay area may pay more, not less in taxes under the plan. we'll watch it. we examine the president's tweets and executive orders on "today in the bay." contact me directly, i'm on twitter @scottmcgrew. >> thank you very much. time is 5:47. do you know what today is? it is international walk or roll to school day. by roll, we mean a bike, to
5:48 am
school. >> it has many bay area schools and communities getting involved. in san jose, they will walk to robert sanders elementary school this morning. city officials will walk kids to school throughout san francisco. check with your school to see what they have planned. slow down on the roadways as well. keep your eyes open. >> one event i was emceeing and the mayor comes out and he's got a boot on because he injured his ankle jogging. kids, be careful around the mayor as well. watch where you step. >> he is a tall guy. >> reminds me of when i was waiting for the bus in the morning, a cold day. >> it's a cold morning. it's going to warm up. now, this, of course, is in relative terms. we are really spoiled here. >> yes, we are. >> the low 40s as you get ready to head out. as we go into this afternoon, it's going to feel very nice. at least we have that working
5:49 am
for us. it's 51 degrees right now as we take a live look in the south bay, looking in san jose, the left side of your screen. tri-valley, live in pleasantton, 48 degrees. i want to show you the 40s i was talking about in the north bay. 43 degrees. then we are going to see those highs rebound into the upper 70s and low 80s by this afternoon. 83 degrees in antioch. one of the warmer spots. half-moon bay, 69. 79 today in san jose. as you are starting out this morning and you are getting ready, standing in front of the closet, it's definitely a jacket to start day. then maybe something like light, long sleeves. when you take the jacket off, you'll still be comfortable. a nice, breezy day. let's go to the school day forecast. we talked about the kids walking to school, you may spend more time getting there, instead of driving. it's going to be 52 degrees, with a mostly clear start. as we go into the afternoon,
5:50 am
highs reaching into the mid-60s as you walk home. then, you may want to take the kids to the fleet week ship tour happening at pier 30 to pier 32. that is happening until 2:00 this afternoon. it's going to be in the upper 60s thin. or maybe you are going hiking in the north bay. it is going to be a very cold morning, but then look at the warming temperatures. this is pretty much the same trend we had yesterday. a nice afternoon with breezy winds. let's check out the seven day forecast. not much of a change for san francisco. slightly warmer for the weekend. inland areas, low 80s today and upper 80s on friday. mike, the biggest jam is happening in concord? >> that's right and walnut creek and pleasant hill. we are looking toward the south bay peninsula, no surprises, an easy build for the tri-valley and east bay. they are standard. concord, out of pittsburgh, all
5:51 am
jamming up through construction zone. paving work is going on. it's still not cleared from the area past monument and the walnut creek interchange. that is what's holding the traffic up here. as far as z i know, it's just the paving work that continues to be in the roadway. chp reports they are in the process of clearing the vehicles. nothing is a problem as far as getting the equipment out of the area. a build up for the upper east freeway. as we look at waze, we are going time-out the area. coming down 680 and walnut creek, stay on the freeway. it's 1:20 off the carquinez bridge. a small jog over, major city steets you can save yourself almost an hour there. that's what waze will do for you. join our team there, nbc bay area waze zers. that will help you save time wherever you are going. you can plan ahead. back to you. >> thanks.
5:52 am
coming up on "today in the bay," we investigate. >> reporter: chillers in the sea. what's killing them? thousands of sharks wash up dead in the san francisco bay. we investigate what's attacking them and other sea life, next. happening now, the san jose sharks are live and well. they are getting ready for the first game of the new season. the team is taking on philadelphia flyers tonight. the puck drops at 7:30. the last preseason game was in las vegas hours before the shooting massacre. three chemists, including one from the united states was awarded the nobel prize. all three contributed to freezing electrons and improving pharmaceutical developments. the american chemist who won is based in new york. we'll be back with more news in two minutes.
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other sea life are washing up dead in the san francisco bay. 5:55 and thousands of sharks and other sea life washing up dead in the san francisco bay. scientists are blaming something in the water. >> what lies beneath. we are along the bay with that story. >> reporter: good morning. the san francisco bay is home to a complex ecosystem. when one species suffers, others can, too.
5:56 am
this area stretched 1600 square miles, the wildlife is interconnected. that's concerning since 2000 sharks washed up dead in the bay just over five months. marine biologist is california's one-man science team trying to find out why. his research points to a parasite that sneaks in through the shark's nose and slowly eats away the brain. studying sharks isn't officially his job. he's been researching in his spare time and does it from home. to find out why the department of fish and wildlife isn't making more resources available, we spoke with the deputy director, gabe dtiffany. california is relying on a guy that is checking shark tissue samples in his dining room. doesn't that seem strange to you? >> i have no knowledge of how his day-to-day operations work.
5:57 am
i can't answer that. >> reporter: you are not aware he is doing the science in his living room? >> i didn't know that. >> reporter: in his kitchen? in his backyard. >> no. >> reporter: not at all? we discovered they are not dedicating any money toward researching the shark deaths. the legislature or governor could approve additional funding, but until that happens, they are prioritizing their research to other, high risk wildlife. >> that's an interesting one to watch. give us a call, 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to an issue we are looking at. supervisors overwhelmingly voted to make bike chop shops illegal. bikes are being dismantled.
5:58 am
homeless say it targets the vulnerable. we spoke with the homeless people and here is what they say about the bike's chop shops. >> taking money. >> pretty much working or steal bikes. >> a supervisor who voted against the ordinance says it doesn't address the problem of stolen bikes because it doesn't call for fines. happening today, get to know your local police officers. today is national coffee with a cop day. bay area police departments are taking part in this, including san francisco, santa rosa, martinez, berkeley, fremont and santa clara. most events start today. this morning, at 8:00. check with your local police department for more on that. >> if you get pulled over, hey, can i buy you a cup of coffee.
5:59 am
the celebration has been going on for 39 weeks and, of course, it continues today. earth dayevents start add 10:00. the big bash is october 14th. in 1978, san francisco businessman, warren simmons redeveloped here, what used to be a cargo pier. the sea lions started coming after the lomo prieta earthquake. >> you have to see it. it's amazing. there you go, you can't miss them. 6:00. dramatic police video surfacing showing the las vegas mass shooting as it unfolds. new information on the investigation as the gunman's girlfriend is now back in the u.s. fans heading to the cold play concert at levi stadium. what we can expect at the
6:00 am
performance. preparing for an emergency, here in the bay area. what local law enforcement are doing to make sure they are ready for an attack on the airport. a very good wednesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. as we start this wednesday, hump day, half way through the work. i love fall. this weather is perfect for me. >> it is perfect. we like the cooler temperatures, but then a little of a mix is not bad, too. we are trying to make everybody happy. we have fall to start out the week and summer by the weekend. let's get a look at that seven day forecast. san francisco, you get a little warmer, but those morning temperatures will start to warm up. that's where you will feel the difference. inland going from the low 80s today to upper 80s on friday, into the weekend and then it cools back down and head back to fall next week. we'll talk about that coming up. mike is tracking a truck fire


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