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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 4, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hoping to help heal. presdent trump arrives in las vegas with the first lady . the pair meeting with first responders and victims at the site of the worst mass shooting i heal. president trump arrives in las vegas with first lady and meeting with first responders in the site of u.s. worst shooting in u.s. history. 59 killed including the gunman. thanks so much for joining us i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we are waiting for a special report on president's visit to las vegas. we'll bring that to you live when it appears. now, here's the latest, we are getting a new look inside of the gunman's room in mandalay bay. you can see here large weapons around the room.
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official death toll 58 plus the gunman. right now speaking with the gunman's girlfriend mary lou dunnly arrived at los angeles last night. sent her out of the country just days before that shooting. and as we mentioned at the top of the show, president trump is now in las vegas. he's hoping to console the victims of the deadliest shooting in recent u.s. history. nbc jay gray has been in las vegas since sunday night. we'll join had him now. jay? >> reporter: hey, there, laura, marcus, as the president is here at the hospital, level one trauma center in this area. and the place saw some of the most severely wounded after the attack. federal agents are continuing to search for evidence in what is active crime scene behind me. and we are learning a lot more about their investigation. >> the president and first lady on the ground in las vegas now.
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they will visit the survivors and first responders as we learn more about the ongoing investigation here. >> hey, you guys, get down. >> reporter: this video from police bodycam ras shows the frantic search to find the go unman and rush to move people out of the gunshots reigning down from the 32nd floor. first images from his hotel room were chilling. just inside the blown outdoor high powered guns. photos show chairs filled with guns, spent am mow, and a salt rifle scattered on the floor alongside his body. officers say he turned gun on himself. also recovered multiple cameras. >> two cameras in the hallway so the suspect could watch as security approached his room. and there was another camera placed inside the hotel room
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door peep hole so he could see down the hall way. >> reporter: also met mary lou danley who returned from the philippines overnight. >> investigation is ongoing. person of interest. >> reporter: interest, and information growing as investigators continue to search for motive in the killing spree. yeah, and those investigators who are talking to dunnly right now believe she's the closest anyone has been to paddock and could be the one link as to why this all happened here. that's the latest live in las vegas. laura, marcus, back to you. all right. so many people searching for answers. our team is on the ground talking to victims about their stories. nbc bay area raj will anchor from las vegas later this afternoon. and be sure to download our nbc bay area app for updates. democrats believe the time
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is now to talk about gun control with both house and senate democrats pushing for gun legislation, including local ties. nbc bay area pete is in san francisco with details what they are calling for, because this topic is on the mind of so many people right now. pete? >> reporter: that's right, marcus, on the mind of many people. and really it's become a partisan issue in washington d.c. and this morning hearing from democrats calling for more gun control in the wake of what we saw in las vegas. now, just this morning a few hours ago, washington d.c. we heard from both senator diane feinstein and congressman mike thompson. show you video of congressman thompson talking in washington d.c. pushing for two bills, first on background checks buying a gun kmshlly. and other bill is for house speaker paul ryan to have a
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committee on gun prevention. and when comes to senator feinstein calling for all out ban on bump stocks. we've heard a lot about that. it can semi automatic to emulate fully automatic rifle. now a dozen of those bump stops were found in the stephen paddock's room. now, here's thompson and feinstein speaking about their legislation pro poe als. >> everything that we've brought forward doesn't cut the must tar tarred with the republican majority. they won't give us a hearing or vote. well, if you don't like what we are bringing forward, you bring something forward. >> i know what guns can do. this is taking it into war. ladies and gentlemen, this can't go on in this country. we have to step up. >> reporter: now, i want to point out in the recent report
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by "the washington post" the paper says thompson received donations from nra in the past in the amount of $4,000. now, as far as republicans working with democrats on this gun control legislation, republicans have made it clear they don't plan on taking any action in light of what took place in las vegas with senate mitch mcconnell calling any talks about it premature. live in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. thanks, pete. it concerns to be a major concern for safety for concerts. no major events in san francisco this week. fleet week this weekend and security is number one. coast guard says it's working closely with law enforcement. even before the las vegas shooting, san francisco said they were already planning to increase active patrol, both on land and in the water. the freed bluegrass festival also in golden gate park, they
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will notice increased security measures. they talked to ed lee about security in the wake of las vegas shooting. >> oh, absolutely. i think already our venues, like harley bluegrass, and the concerts are beefing up security. working even closer with the police department about any holes, any gaps. we have tall buildings that are public spaces for people to visit. hotels as well. and they do surround large open spaces. so yes we have to pay a lot of attention to that. >> some of the biggest events of fleet week are still ahead, including the air show which starts on friday. for a full list of all the events just head to well, the weather should cooperate for all the events across the bay area. tracking a warm-up for the weekend that is coming at a perfect time. >> and speaking about it, let's take a look at the city, downtown, the traffic camera right now, beautiful site set up
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for a beautiful day in our area. meteorologist kari hall. a weekend nice? >> yeah, cooler weather around the bay area. as we take a live look outside in san francisco, you can see more of that sunshine. if you are getting ready to head out on lunch break here's the forecast in san francisco, 63 degrees, then if you sfr a later lunch it will be warmer, but still nice and sunny as you get ready to head out. in san jose expect high of 79 degrees today t oakland 72 degrees. and in santa rosa expect a high up to 79. so can't beat this weather. but if you like it warmer we'll have that too. we'll talk about it in the forecast, it's coming up a little later. >> all right. thanks kari. new at 11:00 deadly crash in the east bay. first let's tell you where the crash is. it happened highway 4 in pittsburg along rail road avenue
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just before 8:00 a.m. this morning. contra county fire officials say one is dead and four others hurt, involved 6 vehicles including a motorcyclist, police say motorcyclist is the one who died. three have moderate injuries, including a child. we don't know the age of that child at this time. now, two others hurt have minor injuries. it appears that car and a motorcycle crash colliding with those other vehicles. in san francisco, first responders working to make sure they'll be ready for terrorist attack. airport staff, police, firefighters and other agencies all held a disaster drill. this is video of the drill. sfo does these exercises once a year. about 60 people volunteer to act in the simulation, complete with makeup and mimic injuries. smoke and audio recordings of
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gunfire and explosions. they say this is about learning. >> we are going to do what we call a hot watch which is a debriefing. we will talk about what worked well and what didn't. and we use ex-ses like this to continually improve and enhance our procedures. >> obviously very timely because of what happened in las vegas. but airport officials say they planned this specific scenario months ago. they modeled it after a deadly shooting at the ft. lauderdale in january. well, the show must go on, or will it? tonight coldplay will play at levy stadium. expected to pay past the curfew and they will allow it. in a letter vice president the stadium operations says shutting down the show could create public safety threat. so if it goes late that is a fine. that's a small change in comparison to what the stadium authority will cost the venue if
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they can't book week night concerts. they claim that ed sheeran pulled out of the concert because of the curfew potentially costing the city 600,000 to $800,000. so what's next? the santa clara wants a community outreach program to see what the counsel wants to do now. but that is still in the planning stages right now. coming up, preventing another disaster similar to the coyote creek flood, working now to keep the flood waters out. plus the growing worry that russian hackers are hitting silicon valley companies. ahead in business and tech. this is the new comfort food.
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and that is the opening bell at the stock exchange. you can see right now the dow up 25 points. and stocks actually hit record highs. s&p on track to post seven day
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winning streak. we are following the money on wall street. new at 11:00 wells fargo says it will give out more refunds. they opened accounts for people without knowledge and in some cases charged them for it. now, wells fargo say people that paid extension fees may get their money back. >> also, this morning volkswagen is new recall announced in july by the national highway safety administration. this july recall was fuel pumps on a specific part supplier. >> and senate intelligence committee is looking to how russians trick facebook users. >> happened during the election, and even after. scott ma grew.
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yeah, new information it was using provocative facebook ads to make americans angry at each other. the senate intelligence committee has been look inning this. we don't expects a full report by the end of the year but we should get a progress reported to. the head of the committees richard burr holding a press conference. what we would like to see is the ads themselves. and nothing stopping facebook from releasing that publicly on their own. on monday facebook did turn the ads over to investigators but indicated they won't be released pickly. the executives from ex-fax equifax, we learned they were possible state actors, like the country, perhaps even russia. you'll remember it was russians connected to the fsa, the former kgb, who were accused of taking part in the yahoo attack. on tuesday yahoo part of verizon
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admitted almost single account was hacked in 2013. now they said originally a billion. now it looks like way more than that. back to you. >> thank you, scott. a developing story out of oakland of the right now police are searching for suspects after at least three shootings left one man dead and two others hurt. there are three different crime scenes along the six mile stretch of international boulevard. the man killed was shot at a jack-in-the-box on 25th and international just before 6:00 last night and appears shooting happened inside the restaurant. they found evidence possibly shell casings. the victim's best friend says he was a hard working man with a wife and children and no run ins with the law. >> he took care of me when i was broke and everything. he's a very good guy, man, he's one of the greatest dude. and he didn't deserve to die. that guy right there didn't
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deserve to die. >> police did not say if those shootings are connected. two of top lawmakers dreamers to submit daca applications. submitting by applications by thursday will protect them from deportation. that's the planned end of daca next march. they asked them to extend the renewal in light of recent natural disaster and high application costs but that request was denied. president has left it up to congress to protect dreamers. happening now the south bay is getting ready for the next rainy season. by cleaning out the creek, you remember it flooded damaging hundreds of homes. this is removing veg ration along t vegetation. this will go on for several weeks. more than 100 people were still
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living in temporary apartments or shelters. a good time to get some of that work done because dry days ahead, at least for now. >> yeah, i don't know if you saw it on social media, he posted that he was cleaning out around his neighborhood, getting ready for the winter. so i guess it is time to start to think about that kind of stuff. >> i don't want to clean my gutters just yet. >> well, it is nice weather, you can get it done. >> look at all this sunshine out there. get a look at our three local climates. 69 degrees in the peninsula. and south bay 62 degrees in the east bay. and san francisco right now at 65 degrees. let's get a look at all these high temperatures for the rest of today. east san jose 68 degrees. and east bay looking at lower 80s from antioch to danville. for the peninsula mostly low
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70s, palo alto 70s. and embarcadero 67 degrees. north bay 79 degrees in santa rosa. so taking a look outside, neighborhood of evergreen, it's going to be in upper 70s through three to four:00 our normal high temperature is right there. then the breezy winds that makes it feel so much for comfortable. then after the sun sets temperatures dropping off quickly to lower 60s. so afternoon commute in the south bay looks pretty good, temperatures in upper 70s and down to 63 degrees at 9:00 this evening. looking out the window at fremont, a lot of cars just sitting there on the interstate. i don't know what's going on but looks busy. when you finally make it home you might want to wind down, do some relaxing on the patio. grilling forecast looks good fort evening. mid-70s in east bay. then 6:00 we are at 69 degrees.
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at 7:00 expect the temperature at 64 as you have dinner out there on the patio. and we also have the ship tours happening, fleet week kicks off, and we will see these tours going on until 2:00 this afternoon and hanging around pier 3 that area. it will be warmer going in the next several days, 70s in san francisco be on friday. 73 degrees. then also be back up to 73 degrees by early next week. and then for the inland areas we'll start a warming trend from the low 80s today to the upper 80s starting out on friday, early next week those temperatures coming back down a few degrees, but looks pretty dry, and also very nice over the next several days. marcus and laura. >> all right. sounds good. got the grilling forecast in there too. coming up, problems at the state department. growing rift between the president and his secretary of state. but first happening now senate committee has ha proved a
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bill which may clear obstacles allowing self driving cars hitting the roads. they allow them to get 80,000 self driving cars and trucks a year. >> also right now google is unveiling new phones in mountain view. a new pixel phone and in home speaker. we'll be back here in a few minutes. stick around. the push for daca recipients
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convince him to stay on the job, diti welcome back. this morning secretary of state rex tillerson said no one had to convince him to stay on the job despite news this morning. he called trump a moron. >> and they denied that and the top diplomate over north korea. after president's tweet this weekend under cut the secretary of state outreach to north korea. nbc andrea mitchell breaks it all down for us. >> reporter: this morning more signs troubled relationship between president trump and his secretary of state is reaching a boiling point. a growing course of headlines calling on rex tillerson to quit. after the president attacked his new outreach to north korea. tweeting sunday, save your energy, rex,we'll do what happens to be done. and i told rex tillerson our wonderful secretary of state that he's wasting his time
11:25 am
trying to negotiate with little rocket man. that diplomatic bomb shell from the president coming just after seven hours after coming home from beijing, telling reporters we can talk to them, we do talk to them directly through our own channels. tillerson diplomacy pleasing host in china but not boss back home. in fact, they say tillerson was already on the outs with the president for refusing to tear up the iran nuclear deal and dis agreeing with his comments about the deadly racial unrest in charlottsville. >> i think there is blame on both sides. >> the president speaks for himself. >> reporter: for his part tillerson was frustrated when he sided with saudi arabia. final blow for the secretary of state former leader of the boy
11:26 am
scouts almost came back in july when the president gave a widely pollutan political speech to the scouts. current and former officials tell us tillerson tried to quit but talked out of it by ally including defense secretary james mattis, incoming chief of staff kelly, and even vice president mike pence who had to give him ha pep talk getting on board on the president. >> and that was andrea reporting. aids say he'll stay on as long as president wants to serve. but ambassador nick. and a considered to go twitter from the school, they are sending to nbc sending them out there. and on that twibt messages saying there is an emergency
11:27 am
alert in place, remain where you are, and shelter in place until further notice. that is what we are seeing that was sent out by the school. >> that's right. we don't know exactly what the emergency may be. but we are gathering information right now from our newsroom about crews on that as well. well, coming up we are learning more details about the gunman's girlfriend. her sisters saying why she was not here during the massacre. they are known as killers in the school, but what's killing them, thousands wash up dead in the san francisco bay. we look at what's attacking them next. in the waters of the san
11:28 am
11:29 am
francisco bay. well, something deadly is lurking in the waters of the san francisco bay. >> and it is killing thousands
11:30 am
of sharks. scientists aren't sure how to stop it from spreading to other sea life including the fish you eat. so what's behind it? investigator found out more from the waterfront. >> reporter: san francisco bay is home to a complex ecosystem. wildlife is interconnected. and so even though this area stretches 1600 square miles, when one species suffers, others can too. and here along the waterfront scientists now belief there is a dead lie threat that lies beneath. hidden in the beauty of the bay is a crucial mystery leaving thousands of sharks disoriented or dead. >> we have to find out what's killing these sharks. >> reporter: is a marine biologist and leopard shark the main species washing up deds. in five months an estimated one to two,000 leopard sharks died in the bay.
11:31 am
>> i'm concerned whether this is going to spread. if we start seeing this up and down the coast of california. >> reporter: and the answer right now is we don't know. >> and i think that's the scariest part. >> reporter: field work on sharks is rare, so dr. and his research partner invited us on their boat in san diego for a first look. >> right now we are looking at leopard shark spot. >> reporter: catches and releases them as part of their movement. the team takes measurements, blood samples, attaches tracking units. the eyes are covered to reduce stress. it is funded by private donors and looks at their swimming responses. crucial to investigate what exactly is killing them. >> if we don't find out, then there is nothing we can do about
11:32 am
it. >> reporter: sharks aren't naturally buoyant, which means if they aren't swimming they sink. so they may never wash up on shore if they die. the sharks you see are a small fraction of the sharks that are dying in the bay. dr. mark should know, he's the one keeping count. he's the state's one man science team trying to find out what's preying on california sharks. similar deaths date back 50 years and are unexplained. but he believes he's turning the tide. his research now points to a para site. it sneaks in through a snark's nose and slowly eats away at the brain, often causing them to beach themselves. but this year it's not just sharks. up to 500 bat race, hundreds of striped bass, 50 smooth sharks t and about 100 halibut all dead.
11:33 am
>> so it's possible the para site is spreading? >> yeah, i think that's a reasonable assumption. >> reporter: overseeing it isn't officially his job, he's charged with overseeing white sea bass but researching shark deaths during spare time from home. and on his dining room table. >> probably have to wash this cloth before thanksgiving. >> reporter: studies bacteria in his kitchen. over 1,000 sharks are dead and different fish are getting infected and the research is here in your backyard. >> well, fish and wildlife we are spread pretty thin. >> we have a lot of constraints how our programs are funded. >> reporter: dave oversees, he's
11:34 am
deputy director and agency says he could best answer our questions. >> right now california is relying on a guy checking shark tissue samples in his dining room. doesn't that seem strange to you? >> i have no idea how his day-to-day operations work so i can't answer that. >> reporter: you are not aware he's doing science in his kitchen, backyard? >> no. >> reporter: our understanding is there isn't any funding for that specific job. >> we'll have to get back to you on that. >> reporter: they did and turns out agency has $0 for researching shark deaths. they could approve additional funds but until that happens the department says it's putting resources elsewhere, like other higher risk wildlife. leopard sharks aren't threatened or endangered and some of the
11:35 am
abundant sharks off the california cost. but andy nozel says that makes them canaries in a coal mine. >> when they diane wash a shore, it's pretty obvious we see it, but what about the other species that are dying that we don't know about. there is a lot more at stake than just leopard sharks. >> reporter: it peaked during april and may, during rainy months because fair amount of pollution washes into the bay, afterarrai aftera rainfall. right now the state is planning on putting any money to find out an answer. >> if you have a story for the investigator unit call ta number 888-996 tips or to the unit at
11:36 am well, back now to the developing story we are watching following the mass shooting in las vegas. >> within the past hour and a half president trump arrived in las vegas. this is a live picture from the university medical center where the president is actually vi visiting some of the victims. he has not spoken to reporters when he arrived in las vegas. when he does speak, we'll bring it to you live. we have pictures of him landing in las vegas earlier this morning with the first lady. here is what he did say in washington d.c. before he gt on air force one. >> well, it was a very sad thing and we'll pay our respects and see the police who have done a fantastic job in a short time. and they are learning a lot more. and that will be announced at the appropriate time. it's a very, very sad day for me, personally. thank you. and now we want to take you
11:37 am
to the investigation of the gunman. this is video of his girlfriend. she landed in lax last night. she is answering questions for investigators. we are also seeing applies bodycam ra video from sunday night. the death toll still stands at 58. that number does not include the gunman. more than 500 people are hurt. and we are also seeing images from inside the gunman's hotel suite. and here in bay area grieving continues days after the attack. among the 58 people killed are four people are strong ties to the bay area. this morning family and friends are still struggling to cope with what happened. that includes the novato community where people gathered last night to tribute to remember stacie etcheber who was killed during that rampage. >> we come before you as people who cry out in pain and in grieve and in sorrow. >> as you see there hundreds came out for candle light vigil
11:38 am
to make sure etcheber family are not alone. family members say her 10 and 12-year-old children have a lot of questions about what happened. >> why did you shoot mommy? and we didn't have an answer. >> stacie's shus a san francisco police officer told him to run to safety as he helped a gunshot victim. and also learning about a couple grew up in the bay area. bow tailor graduated in sunnyvale early 80s, correctional lieutenant, and nieces described her uncle as nicest guy in the world. he lived with girlfriend also killed. denise went to high school in san ramon. her best friend says cohen was
11:39 am
array a ray of light. >> she was dancing and singing and i think that's what she's doing right now in heaven. >> and the couple was in las vegas celebrating bow's birthday. a fourth bay area victim grow up in san jose. 32 year old michelle vo graduated from independence. coworkers described her as hard working and vivacious. our coverage continues online where we are posting the videos as it comes in. right now switching gears to weather, which is great for outdoor events, right, kari. >> yes, as we take a live look outside in san jose. let's take a look at the forecast for the rest of the afternoon, 70s, that's not bad. we'll talk about a warmer weekend coming up next.
11:40 am
and president trump has been penned by puerto ricoian officials for a slower colder reaction following hurricane maria. a look at the recovery for that island and what is next.
11:41 am
11:42 am
welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news out of livermore. these are live pictures sky ranger overhead as there is a shelter in place at last positas
11:43 am
college. >> yes, police officer are saying this is suspicious, that's why it's blocked off. we have seen from sky rangers a number of officers on campus, and walk around the area as well, as they try to figure out what's going on and keep everyone safe. we have seen there has been some twitter post, they posted some of the text messages, emergency text message telling people to stay in place. as you can see right there, please shelter in place until further notice. that is from college twitter. >> if you are anywhere near 3,000 campus drive, in livermore, it's a jc in livermore, it is on lock down right now. we'll continue to follow that this morning for you. well, the clean up and recovery effort continues right now in puerto rico. it's been one day since
11:44 am
president trump controversy visit. >> and a week since devastated. reports from san juan with the mayor's new hope. >> reporter: the mayor of san juan told me last night she went to the meeting with president trump out of respect for the presidency but she felt offended. she told me she felt like throwing up during the visit not only hearing the commander in chief talking about deaths during this humanitarian visit but also comparing the number of deaths in katrina to the number of deaths here in puerto rico after maria. the death toll here doubling hours after the president's visit according to the governor. the mayor of san juan telling me that what she saw yesterday from our commander in chief, in her opinion, does not represent what she's seen on the ground here with the first responders and troops and every day people. it is the mayor of san juana according to some people we
11:45 am
spoke to in the streets, she's come to. and today the mayor as office is organizing the supplies, food, water, they have baby diapers to be picked up by local churches and that under scores how much need exists on the island still. just to give you one more negative color of how the president's visit went down here yesterday, this is the cover of the newspaper today, trump does not promise more financial help, which is what some people were expecting here. and these volunteers were telling me they now know it is up to them to get this island back up and running. back to you. well, right now we want to take a look at what's going on with the weather with kari. this is a nice morning and nice day. >> yeah, a lot of people heading out on lunch break. it's going to be really comfortable. and a lot of sunshine around the bay area.
11:46 am
cool in some spots low to mid-60s. and here in the morgan hill 67 degrees. 67 in livermore. then as we go through the rest of the day our temperatures making it into the low 70s in oakland. upper secretaries from palo alto to san jose and 83 degrees today in antioch. in napa today look for high of 81 degrees. so look a live look outside in palo alto, also beautiful and sunny. if kids have practice in football looking at clearing skies. and mainly sunny. starts to cool down a little bit, just a couple of degrees as we led into the evening, but over all breezy and very comfortable. looking live right now in san francisco, no major issues, if you are going outs for a jog the rest of the afternoon it's going to be in ts upper 60s. and dropping back to about 65 degrees at 4:00, if that's the time you are getting ready to head out. and of course the sunsetting earlier so have to get in the outdoor activities before the sun sets now.
11:47 am
and that's shortly before 7:00. and the rest of the day in napa valley looks really good. some low 80s by 3:00. then stay mostly upper 70s through the dinner hour. and later tonight mostly clear skies. and this weekend getting ready for the air show, starts on friday continues through sunday noon to 4:00. and lots of places you can see it from the marina green area over into oakland as well. but around the marina green area, my favorite spots, and precidio is going to be in the upper 60s by 1:00, then all that sunshine will make it into the low 70s briefly. we'll have more 70s in the forecast for san francisco. tan then early next week 73 degrees on monday. so keep that kind of weather and not looking at a lot of fog as well. low 80s for inland valleys and starts to warm up tomorrow.
11:48 am
we'll feel the difference on saturday and sunday with upper 80s. and next week starts to come down as we bring the temperatures closer back to where we should be for early october. but looking pretty good in this forecast. miner changes over the next several days, and nothing extreme here as we go into the weekend, laura and marcus. >> thanks kari looks nice. well, it says it wants to breakaway from spain from catalonia. the fight over freedom.
11:49 am
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning from livermore. these are live pictures of nbc bay area sky ranger overhead. take a look livermore police are present, school is on lock down. we see officers with guns drawn. >> this is something we have been following for a bit. you can see there police officers there are combing the
11:51 am
area around the school. we have seen a large police presence throughout the campus there. we did see that the campus sent out a text alert, an emergency tenth alert telling all students to stay in place. i have been getting tweets, looks like a student that says an alarm has been blaring for 45 minutes on campus, other than that complete silence in the classrooms. that was from a tweet from what i assume is a student at the college right now. >> and looks like they have a couple, we don't know if they are students, but have them on the ground. we don't know what the call was originally. but officers from the livermore police department certainly out there in full force right now. they have the guns drawn and peering into that building right there. los positao in livermore, it is off portolo avenue, give you an area in east bay.
11:52 am
heavy police presence. we'll continue to monitor what is going there this morning. >> we'll continue to follow this. you can follow us on and of course we will have a crew out to the scene and give you the late es information as soon as it is possible. that's right. also major news coming out of europe. catalonia will depart from spain. now reporting. >> reporter: on the streets of bars lo bar barcelona, after they say some 900 people injured in what the spanish government calls an illegal referendum.
11:53 am
but the leader of the catalan government says he does plan to declare independence in the coming day after some 90% voted for succession from the spanish government. though this vote is comprised of less than 50% of the people in the region. spain's government led by prime minister rajoy could disban the parliament. saying it goes against the constitution. >> all right. we'll continue to follow that story there. but we continue to follow breaking news in las vegas as well. yeah, we want to take you to president trump at the university medical center of southern nevada right now speaking with not only patients there but as well as first responders there. you can see right now he's speaking and we want to take you there now. >> and many people, how many people came in?
11:54 am
>> we had 100 come in and we admitted 50. >> what i saw today was an incredible tribute to professionalism and what they have done is incredible. you never want to see it again. that i can tell you. you have the bravery. some were very, very badly wounded. and badly wounded because they refused to leave and want today help others because they saw people going down all over. and it's incredible thing to see this tremendous bravery, to the police department, incredible. the people themselves incredible. people leaving ambulances to have somebody else go because they thought they were hurt even more so. the professionalism of the doctors and the medical staffs at this hospital, and at other hospitals, you are saying how the coordination with others. >> community did a perfect job. >> john, say a few words. >> we couldn't be more proud of the community response. every hospital took serious
11:55 am
patients. everybody took care of them well. and we have exercised our disaster plan in las vegas and it was rolled out flawlessly. >> i have to tell you it makes you very proud to be an american when you see the job that they have done. and people that would not be around today are up there and they'll be leaving the hospital in a week or two weeks or five weeks. and in some cases even in a few days. >> a few hours. >> one in a few hours. it's amazing. and you would never believe that. so i want to congratulate everybody. it's incredible. we met quite a few people, and believe me, they are very lucky to be here. >> [ inaudible question ] >> well, i think the only message i can say is we are with you 100%. in fact i invited a lot of them over to the white house, i said if you are ever in washington come over to the white house. believe me we'll be there for them. the message i have is we have a
11:56 am
great country and we are there for you and they are there for us. [ inaudible question ] >> we won't talk about that today. [ inaudible question ] >> not yet. i can tell you it's a very sick man. he was a very demented person. we haven't seen that yet. but you will know very soon if we find something. we are looking very, very hard. i'm actually going over to the police department. likewise, doctor, the fact that they were able to locate him and get in there, they say 11 minutes, whatever it was kept him busy and he stopped firing because he knew they were coming into that door at some point. i think they did an incredible job. the professionalism has just been amazing. so i want to thank you you all. and we are now going over to the police headquarters. and, doctors, thank you very much. we appreciate it. thank you very much.
11:57 am
[ inaudible question ] >> i'm very honored by his comments. it was fake news. thank you very much. it was made up. >> there you are at the university medical where he's praising the hospital, staff, as well as bravery of the patients. we'll have more coming up at nbc bay area at 5:00. other breaking news this morning from livermore a live look from nbc bay area sky ranger looks like students and class returning back to normal at los positas college. >> reporter: the president will remain on the ground. he has a few more stops. we expect to hear from him in more detail shortly and we'll take you to that. but right now we want to take you to nbc christen welker.
11:58 am
i'll let you fill us in with the details there. >> reporter: president trump saying, lester, that he does have confidence in his secretary of state, rex tillerson, after nbc news reported this morning that over the summer the secretary pondered possibly quitting. he was talked out of it by a number of top administration officials. and we also reported that at one time he referred to the president as a moron. the secretary of state held an impromptu news conference this morning to respond to the reporting. he denied that he thought about quitting. but didn't deny that he referred to the president as moron. for this reporting we relied on 12 soienior officials, that 7 confirmed he was close to walking out the door. you heard him refer to that as fake news. as he tries to play the
11:59 am
comforter in chief. that is why he is here reaching out to victims and survivors. his neck stop will be to meet with first responders. lester. >> reporter: all right, christen welker, our white house correspondent here in las vegas. meanwhile the investigation to determine the work of stephen paddock goes on, we have a photo told fairly recent. as we go to that go to pete williams. what have they learned about the movements and have they been able to speak to the girlfriend when she returned to the united states? >> this is where the focus is today. she is in los angeles. flew in late last night. this is picture of her being wheeled through the airport. we think that was to move her quickly and perhaps to keep people from realizing who she was. but she under police escort was brought off the plane. when it landed last night.
12:00 pm
she spent the night in los angeles. and today she went to the fbi's field office in los angeles. she wanted to have a lawyer present anthough she's not under arrest, and that questioning is going on now. fbi is taking place in that investigation field office of the fbi. meanwhile, they are still working to put the time line together of his movements, le lester. >> all right. thank you. the death toll 58 people shot. shooter himself 59th death of that awful night. more than 500 people injured. many still in critical condition. again the president visiting with some of the wounded today and the medical staff praising all of them for their heroism and accomplishment. we do expect to hear from the president again very shortly. we'll come back on the air


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