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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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investigators released new information including what is the official timeline of events. this is what we have learned. it started at exactly 10:05 when the first shots fired. seven minutes later the first officers arrived on the scene. at 10:15, the last shot heard from the gunman. two minutes later officers reached the 32nd floor. they searched rooms for victims and cleared the floor. at 11:20, officers entered the room to find paddock dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> within the past 60 minutes president trump landed at joint base. he spent time touring a hospital. >> we have a team of report erts to bring you the latest. >> reporter: good evening. so difficult as we get all this new information about the investigation.
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we're also thinking about the families of the victims among the bay area victims michelle vo from san jose. her family planning a memorial tomorrow tonight back in the bay area. all the families here starting to think about funeral arrangements. with that said there's the new information about the gunman, some compelling insight into his mind and life. the sheriff telling us that he spent decades accumulating weapons and living a secret life. here are some other tidbits now from the news briefing. the fbi reiterating no indication of any terrorism involved in what happened here in las vegas. there were thousands of unspent rounds inside of his hotel room up there on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. none of the surveillance cameras were recording. there were three cameras he installed inside and outside of that room. we have a new injury update as well. 489 people injured. more than 300 people discharged
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from the hospital. the sheriff very aware of president trump's visit here to vegas. there was a separation of personnel associated with first responders of the harvest festival event. took the opportunity to meet with mr. trump and he had the opportunity to congratulate them for their heroic acts. >> reporter: everything did go according to plan. the president was here for about four hours. following him around town and listening to his comments he was scripted, measured and very respectful. let's show you the scene a few hours ago. this is his motorcade now. about 40 vehicles strong. the president and first lady trump inside one of those limos
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and a lot of people watching them as they arrive there at the umc, the medical center. inside the hospital some compelling video. meeting with the medical team and survivors. we have new information here. he specifically met with eight families and chatted with about 100 doctors, nurses and members of the emt. >> the bravery, some were very, very badly wounded. they were badly wounded because they refused to leave. they wanted to help others because they saw people going down all over. it's an incredible thing to see. this tremendous bravery. >> reporter: soon after that the president went over to police and sheriff headquarters here in las vegas. he shook hands with a lot of first responders who have worked tirelessly in these last several days. a nice moment for this community here in las vegas with this presidential visit. we should add president trump has now just arrived back at the
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white house in washington, d.c. also here with me is nbc bay area cheryl hur d. she joins me a few blocks away. >> reporter: we had a long conversation and they looked at this building and they were amazed how far the bullets traveled. meanwhile some people have been waiting for days to pick up their cars. they got the opportunity today. he came to pick up his car. he was struck by gunfire in the leg and arm. >> he's scared. very scared. traumati traumatized. he's alive. we're happy and thanking god he's here with us still.
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>> reporter: first responders feeling the same way. kyle robinson and shandra bridges were working the music festival. he pulled the young girl from the rapid fire of bullets. >> i can't tell you where she was shot at. she had blood on her and her eyes were open. we carried her out and sat her by the church. >> no sleep at all. constantly like jumping out of my sleep. if i doze off, i jump up. >> reporter: while those who were there are dealing with the arve ma aftermath, those not there are paying their respects by honoring those who were hurt. >> they are asking the same questions we all are. why did this man have so much hate and take our loved ones from us? >> clearly, we already had our holiday booked here. we didn't want to change our plans when we heard the news. we want to support the american people. >> reporter: you may or hay nma be able to see this but people
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are constantly walking by taking pictures of the shattered window. there are vigils throughout the city. people will be there day and night. back to you. >> reporter: we are right here on the las vegas strip. you can see people walking by. traffic is back open but about a minute or two ago we did see an fbi truck roll through as well. it's trying to get back to business as usual. in addition to an active crime scene outside the mandalay hotel. we'll check in with the girlfriend of the gunman. back to you in the bay area. >> thanks so much. see you in a bit. a south bay family is among the heartbroken. they are talk about the light dimmed with the death of michelle vo. her mother and sister say they have so many questions about how someone could open fire on thousands of innocent people.
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incredible they say they are not angry with the shooter, just confused. michelle's big sister said her 32-year-old sibling was her confidante and compass. >> just so honest and true and genuine in anything she said and did. she just wanted people to be happy and to be good. she was so positive. such a bright light. >> michelle's mother said her daughter was giving. donating blood. she said her daughter was fearless. one traveled to europe for three month on her own. she grew up in san jose. there will be a vigil held in her honor in front of san jose city hall this friday night at 7:30. we invite you to stay with us for the latest on this developing story. we'll check back with raj throughout the newscast. updating our digital platforms 24/7. it's been a difficult few weeks here in u.s.
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hurricanes, flooding and now the shooting massacre. the need for help is great and because of it, charitable organizations are sounding the alarm. nbc bay area scott budman is live outside the red cross in san jose with what they are asking for. scott. >> reporter: organizations like the red cross need our help and it is the holiday giving season. with so much tragedy befalling our nation, local groups are saying they are worried. hurricanes leading to deadly flooding. earthquakes putting thousands out of the their homes. most recently, a mass shooting. all created a need for our donations but charitable organizations say it might lead to a problem. >> donor fatigue. >> what's that? >> literally that helplessness feeling thatt have given enough or more so that you can't give
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anymore. >> reporter: at a gathering donor fatigue came up. >> i think it potentially could be a tougher season. >> reporter: they say they are worried about raising money amid our 24 hour news cycle. >> i think we do. i think people see that right up in front and they say the impact. >> reporter: if you have donor fatigue, it's not just about the cash. >> it's not always about money even though we know money keeps the lights on. it's also, you may have a special skill set that can help that organization to where they may have to pay someone to do it. you can do it pro bono. >> reporter: ways to help even without your wallet. bay area news. a toy gun prompted a scare and lockdown in livermore today. you can see police officer carrying a nerf style toy gun that was mistaken for a rifle on campus. turns out a student brought the toy gun to campus as a prop for unrelated school event.
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they detained the student briefly but say he was not trying to cause harm so in criminal charges will be filed. a growing problem for a bay area community. the actions police officers are taking to crack down on laptop thieves. fog may be building back at the coastline but that's going to do little to cool temperatures this weekend. how much hotter we go. that's coming up at 6:20 tonight. we are the generation that had it all.
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we are the generation that had the music and the moves.
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we are the generation that had a dream. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them, and in this dangerous world we have to keep on saving them and protecting them, even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit
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good evening. just a short while ago we heard from investigators and they said there are more than 100 investigators working this case in several states. not just las vegas. that includes california and that includes in l.a. in los angeles where the fbi today questioned the girlfriend of the gunman. stephen paddock's girlfriend. i want to show you video of danley arrived at lax in a wheelchawhee wheelcha wheelchair. she got off the plane and immediately went into questioning. today she spent hours with the federal investigators. she told them she had no idea that her boyfriend was planning this type of attack or any attack. she released statement saying she's devastated by the deaths and injuries. she knew her boyfriend as a caring, quiet man. her lawyer also spoke to us
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reading some of her statements. >> while there, he wired me money which he said for me to buy a house for me and my family. i was grateful but honestly, i was worried that first the unexpected trip home and the money was way of breaking up with me. it never occurred to me in any way that he was planning violence against anyone. >> reporter: that's the lawyer talking about her recent trip. her trip to the philippines and when her boyfriend wired them $100,000. she said she's cooperating 100% with this federal investigation. coming up in a few minutes we'll take you behind me. you see the mandalay bay hotel. we'll take you inside the hotel for our first look inside the hallways and into one of rooms similar to that of the gunman.
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we'll see you in ten minutes. back to you. >> thank you. it was an asass assassin's bul. after the 1993 mass shooting at a san francisco law firm, finestein authored the ban. today senator finestein led senators who say now is the time to talk about gun control. she introduced a new bill banning the manufacturing and sell of bump stock. that was used by the killer in the las vegas bullet to fire bullets faster like an automatic weapon. the senator said she is clearly frustrated. >> i don't know what to do except to continue to fight because reason doesn't control this situation. >> she's reaching out to
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republicans and the president for support. she said her own daughter was set to attend the festival but ended up not going. one of the weapons used as we mentioned is called this bump stock and to hear a police captain explain how it's used to convert the weapon. you can go to our website, we have the layest on this investigation. >> reporter: one man says he was working on his laptop in this coffee shop when a group of older teens came in and one of them took his laptop. it was a report of an incident at a coffee shop right across the street. alameda police have been working hard to stop this but the descriptions aren't always the
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same. he said he had his laptop stolen last night. he was working on it when a group of ten people came in and one walking around him. >> i was close to the entrance. >> reporter: he believes the group was under 20 years old. he followed. someone shoved him but the thief got away. >> we knew that something was about to happen but we're not prepared for this. i've never seen such a thing. >> the total now is about 11. they say sometimes customers are preoccupied or leave an item out but police have been trying to educate the public and made one arrest. >> they have also been conducting surveillance operations. >> reporter: police posted this video from early september and
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two suspects believe to be 18 to 20 attempt to take a laptop. a short time later the same suspects appeared at another starbucks and snatched laptops. police don't recommend going after a thief. they to suggest things like tracking software. >> it's best to be can a couple of friends. >> reporter: he points out he was not alone but it was still taken. temperatures getting close to 90 degrees for the upcoming weekend. not only inland but temperatures heating up. let's take you into our micr microclimate forecast. had a high of 79. still at 79. notice the humidity is down to 20%. that's still dangerously low.
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temperatures drop to the low 60s as we head throughout the late evening hours. in terms of tomorrow morning's forecast. the big headline has been very cold mornings in the upper 30s and low 40s. i don't think it's going to get that cold. we'll see things grads y s grad warming up. tri-valley will start at a chilly 49. the coldest average we'll have is in the north bay at 46. san francisco relatively fog free and 52 degrees. the afternoon temperatures do start to warm up. as you'll see, we don't hit 90s but we're going in the mid-80s in antioch. napa 85. oakland 76. san francisco 70 and low to mid-80s from san jose into morgan hill. we're going to see temperatures warm up once we hit friday's forecast. you can see we're calling it breezy on friday. it will be a drier, offshore wind that helps temperatures to push up along with high pressure. we stay with upper 80s all the way through next monday. then eventually we'll start to
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see things gradually dropping off by next wednesday's forecast. stay with us. i'll have a look at the long range outlook and when the storm pattern may try to let a storm system get close to the bay area. >> see you then. thank you. will they break curfew? how santa clara leaders responds if cold play plays past 10:00 p.m. at levi. and breaking in the last hour
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an ambush in niger in africa - we )ve just learned 3 special operations commandos are dead.
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u. s. command in that country says us al-qaida militants are k we have learned three special operation kmond commandoes are dead. al qaeda militants are the attackers. you can see clips. the sheriff gave a timeline of sunday's massacre. getting ready to hit the stage
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soon at levi )s stadium in santa clara.. but the 49ers, the band, and the city of santa clara ... are not coldplay getting ready to hit the stage in a moment. >> the 49eres, the band not on the same note. a 10:00 p.m. curfew looms over the concert. robert has what could happen in the curfew is broken. >> reporter: we're here in neighborhood near the stadium. as you see right by the stadium. they are most affected if the music goes on into the night.
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they hope the city and stadium management can resolve the curfew issue and get in sync. ♪ coldplay will take the stage in a matter of hours. the same site where it played the super bowl halftime show. people have mixed feelings about hearing tonight's concert volume at 10:00 p.m. or later. >> i don't have small children or anything like that. i'm at the point i'm still wide awake. it doesn't really bother me personally. i can understand why it could billionbe a concern for some people. >> reporter: they turned down a request by the band to extend the curfew by an hour. 49er president pointed out they were asking for four extensions a year for concerts that generate revenue for the entire city and emphasized bands can't accommodate such an early curfew. city officials want to support residents who have complained. it will face about a $1,000 fine which isn't expected to intimidate organizers.
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what's more important the city plans community meetings to address the curfew which officials knowledge it hadn't done yet. >> it could be maybe 95% of the residents who live within a mile will say they toendon't mind if there's a few events during the summer. >> reporter: officer will be there for the duration. >> we're staying as long as they are playing. >> reporter: again, the possibility the band will play beyond the scurfew has been speculation. they won't book anymore weekday concerts or may not be able to until the curfew issue is settled. >> thanks. drivers will pay more in popular areas where parking is scarce. as much as 8:00 an hour.
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the cost could be as little as 50 cents an hour. san francisco mta says paying more should encourage a higher turnover of the most desired parking spaces. trying to get back to some sort of normalcy. we'll take you back live to raj in las vegas with an inside look at mandalay bay which is hosting the conference. they're known as killers in the sea but what's killing them? thousands of sharks wash up dead in the san francisco bay. we investigate what's attacking them and other sea life, next. emerging about the deadly las
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vegas massacre as we get new vid i right now new details emerging about the deadly las vegas massacre as we get new video inside the mandalay bay hotel which remain a kripcrypti crime scene. raj, you join us now and you got inside the hotel today? >> reporter: we did. we'll show you that video in just a few moments. it's eerie. we'll say that. we want to start with one of the new heroes that are emerging in las vegas. it's not a police officer or first responders officially. it's the sdurt guard at mandalay hotel. he was the first one to access the shooter.
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so many people around here are calling him a hero. he approached the door. the gunman shooting 200 rounds into the door remarkably he survived. he's recovering well tonight. he is someone that we want to get to know in these next few days. they are starting to board up be windows. that's the first time we're seeing them make some progress in terms of the exterior. we're talking about the inside of the hotel. this is the first look inside. it's eerie and chilling. just walking the hallways myself along with our photographer, walking into one of rooms and this was on the 22nd floor. very similar this room to stephen paddock's. you can see the window there. this is the similar set up that he had on sunday night. there's a big conference going
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on at the mandalay bay hotel. it's a crime scene. there's a major conference hosted by a heavy weight silicon valley company. their ceo telling us this statement. i know there's no easy or right answer in those circumstances. we had over 3200 people here yesterday. today we have more than 4100 people attending this event. we felt given the range of consideration, this was the best thing to do. it is difficult inside that hotel from all those people here. it's very quiet in that hotel. maybe 80% empty. not many gamblers here. she is one of the victims here. the mother of two from marin county. lives in novato. grew up in san ramon.
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so many people memorializing her as well as the other victims. >> we have grand children. sending them to school is a little scary right now. >> i look forward to how they honor the people that have perished as well as the people that have been injured. >> reporter: that is the plan moving forward. how they honor the victims and survivors. we'll send it back to you in the bay area. >> okay. thank you so much. our coverage on this developing story continues online at there you can get the latest information and see new video from inside the mandalay bay hotel suite where the gunman fired those shots. this is before someone stayed in that exact room about a year ago. something deadly is lurking in the waters off san francisco bay. it's killing thousands of sharks. scientists are not sure how to stop it from spreading to other
6:33 pm
sea life including the fish you eat. >> what's behind the shark deaths? >> reporter: the france bsan fr bay is home to a complex ecosystem. the wildlife is interconnected. even though this stretches 1600 square miles. when one suffer, others can too. here along the water front scientists believe there's a deadly threat that lies beneath. hidden in the beauty of the bay is a cool mystery that's leaving thousands of sharks disoriented or dead. in just five months an estimated 1 to 2,000 sharks died in the bay. >> i'm concerned whether this is
6:34 pm
going to spread. are we going to see this up and down the coast of california. >> the answer is we don't know. >> i think that's the scariest part. >> reporter: field work on sharks is rare. he named his research partner in san diego for a first hand look. >> right now we're heading to a hot spot. we have a leopard shark right here. tths part of the research on the movement. the team takes measurements, blood samples. the sharks eyes are covered to reduce stress. >> if we don't find out, then there's nothing we can do about it. >> reporter: sharks aren't naturally buoyant.
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unless they are actively swimming their bodies sink. sharks infected that die in deep water may never wash up on shore. >> the sharks you see are a small fraction of the sharks that are dying in the bay. >> reporter: dr. mark should know. he's the one keeping count. he's the one man science team trying to find out what's preying on california sharks. he believes he's turning the tide. his research points to a parasi parasite. it sneaks new through a shark's nose and slowly eats away at the brain. this year it's not just sharks washing ashore. 500 bat raies. hundreds of striped bass. 50 smoothhounds sharks and 100 halibut all dead. >> it's possible the parasite is spreading? >> yeah, i think that's a
6:36 pm
reasonable assumption. >> reporter: investigating the cause isn't actually his job. he's officially in charge of assessing the health of white sea bass for california's fish and wildlife. he's opinion researching shark deaths during his spare time and he does it from home. he examines shark tissue on his dining room table. >> probably have to wash this cloth before thanksgiving. >> reporter: he studies bacteria samples in his kitchen and does shark necropses on his patio. >> different types of sharks and fish are getting infected. the center of the research effort to find out why is here in your backyard? >> fish and wildlife we're spread pretty thin. >> reporter: gabe oversees the budget and accounting. he's a deputy director and the
6:37 pm
agency said he could best answer our questions. >> right now california is relying on a guy who is checking shark tissue samples in his dining room. doesn't that seem strange? >> i have no knowledge of how his day-to-day work operations work. i can't answer that. sgh you're not aware he's doing any of the science in his living room? >> i didn't know that. >> in his kitchen? in his backyard? >> no. >> not at all? >> no. >> our understanding is there isn't any funding for that specific thing? >> we'll have to get back to you on that. >> they did. it turns out the agency dedicates zero dollars to researching these shark deaths. the legislature governor could approve additional funds but unless that happens the department says it's putting resources elsewhere like other higher risk wildlife. they are some of the most
6:38 pm
abundant sharks off the california coast. that makes them canaries in a bay area coal mine. >> when they die and wash ashore it's pretty obvious. we see it. what about the other species that are getting sick and sinking to the bottom that we don't know about. some believe a fair amount of pollution washes into the bay after the rainfall. for now the state has no plans the put any money behind finding an answer. >> thank you very much. if you have a story you can give him a call or send an e-mail to the unit. still to come, did he want
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to resign? the secretary of state's response to an nbc news report.
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an exclusive nbc report-- --that he )s so at odds with president trump, he rex tillerson is denying an exclus ifr report that said he's so at odds with president trump he's considering resigning. he denied the vice president talked him out of quitting his post. tillerson said he's never considered leaving the job. he was also asked about a report in which he called the president a moron. >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that. >> secretary did not use that type of language to speak about the president of the united states. >> it was made up by nbc. they made it pup. >> nbc stands by its story saying tensions came to a head in late july around the time that president trump delivered a speech to the boy scouts, an organization tillerson once led. the gates are full-tiinally.
6:42 pm
he bought a mansion over the beach back in 2008 and then he lo locked the gate and closed the beach to the public. he kept it locked after being ordered to open. the lock came off this week. here we are in october and the temperatures are going up. >> you can see mostly clear at san francisco president stick around. i'll have details on our long range forecast and when rain tries to move close to the bay area.
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good evening. we're coming to you from the strip in las vegas. i want to point out exactly where we are and the different crime scenes involved here. you can see illuminating behind me the mandalay hotel. that's crime scene number one. then you have the las vegas
6:45 pm
strip which is wide open tonight. on this side of our vant age point is the concert venue that remains closed. she was here with her husband. she survived but her husband did not. >> my son said sonny's an international hero. he was our hero before this night. >> now the world knows. >> yes. >> reporter: a lot of people with bay area roots connected to this tragedy. heather is now a surgeon in tennessee. she was joining savannah on the
6:46 pm
today show this morning. we'll send it back to you in studio. we have plenty of links including the official go fund me page. today crews cleaned up to avoid the same kind of flooding that san jose saw back in february. this is video of the water district team clearing vegetation along the creek. picking up junk and garbage. it's the type of debris that can clog the waterway. they'll be doing this kind of clean up for the next several weeks as the rainy season approaches. also give false report ons the gauges too. they have to clean it out. >> especially if the weather is nice enough, they can do this now. >> weekend into saturday and sunday. temperatures going above average. not only warm inland but at the immediate coastline. let's take you into our forecast. a live look outside of our high
6:47 pm
definition camera in san francisco. notice this small little tail of fog here streaming in across the bay is not much that we expect for tomorrow morning but do look for some patchy areas of clouds. right now 65 degrees in downtown. temperatures dropping to the 50s as we head throughout tonight. in terms of tomorrow morning's forecast, not only a bit of fog near the immediate coastline and san francisco but temperatures not as cold as we have been used to. it's still going to be chilly but we're looking at an average here instead of mid-40s in the tri-valley we're at 49. the south bay at 50. over towards the east bay we'll start off at 51. as we head throughout day the wind will switch directions. that will help temperatures to warm up a few more degrees. down in the south bay it will become more out of north. it's a drier wind up to about 12 miles an hour. drops humidity down to 20% and
6:48 pm
you can see the daytime high now pushing up to 82 in san jose. 86 here for gilroy. the heat is on as well. not 90s at this point. we're going up to 86 in concord. 85 pleasanton and back by the bay a slight breeze off the water will put you at 76 in oakland. the peninsula, 66 in half-moon bay. over to redwood city we have 81 degrees under sunny skies. san francisco, low 70s. you have cooler 60s as you get closer to the beaches. up to the north bay, 85 in napa and 80 in mill valley. this is what brought us cold mornings and comfortable afternoons. here comes high pressure pushing
6:49 pm
in. no doubt it's not only going to be warm for the interior valleys but also at the coastline. look at san francisco. we're in this 70s. even mid-70s this upcoming weekend into next tuesday and grads y gradually we'll see things drop down. if you're headed to the beaches watch out for rough surf beginning on friday right through saturday and sunday. for the inland valleys we go up to 88 on friday. we stay with upper 80s aulgt way through monday and we'll start to see things push back down. what about our chances of rainfall? i'm scouring everything along out here to look for any signs of changes and after the warm weather we had this weekend, the next possible change might get here by october 15th. it may move close to break down this dry, warm pattern. october 15th may be some changes. as we have been mentioning we're keeping an eye on the
6:50 pm
possibility. the sharks season opener in just 30 minutes. how the team is honoring the victims of the las vegas shooting massacre. feel a little different for
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6:52 pm
sharks fans this season... for the first time in 19 years,
6:53 pm
hockey is back. it's going to feel a little different for sharks fans this season. for the first time in 19 years no patrick mar low opening night. that's because he signed with toronto in the office season. >> a street rally pregame for sharks fans. >> the sparks begin their quest for lord stanley cup against the philadelphia flyers. this opening though unlike any before because of the tragedy in las vegas. >> we're dplads hockey is back but it comes under a cloud of what happened in vegas on sunday. we are doing a lot. we're going to have a moment of silence for the victims at the vegas shooting. the sharksnated $5,000. >> sports could prove to be a great distraction in the face of a tragedy like this. the unlv football team will be paying special tribute to the victims of the mass shooting.
6:54 pm
>> we rejoin raj. he's on the las vegas strip and wraps up our coverage. >> reporter: we're talking about the unlv football team. it's a big part of this town. a driving force. the helmets will be used. the spernlized helmets will be used against the game on saturday. as we show you what's happening here there's so many groups now walking by whether they are tourists here for scheduled vacation or business conference or some community groups that are coming in. we just ran into this group here. this is team red, white and blue. they are a non-profit. they are spreading some love and some good fortune and good faith here along the las vegas strip and serving as grief counselors in many ways for so many people. you see people in tears as they talk about this tragedy. we'll see you at 11:00. >> it's going to be so long
6:55 pm
before many people who witness that massacre in las vegas can begin to think about healing. city leaders want to make sure that everyone does have place to go so they can reflect when they do find themselves ready. i want to show you trees that will be part of a new healing garden that's being built down. it will located five miles north of the shooting site. it will feature a wall of r remembrance with the victims names. the city wants to start moving toward creating something beautiful out of what is probably the most horrific thing that's happened here in the united states for us. the worst massacre that we have seen. >> it's going to take so long to heal but this is a start. >> you often go like you see during horrific things that people need a place to go and physically grieve. we'll get another check of
6:56 pm
our forecast and it's going to be very nice. >> a little bit of a cool start tomorrow morning. we're thinking mid to upper 40s for the interior valley. we're up to 84. keep your eye on this friday, saturday and sunday going to warmer upper 80s in the forecast. the wind will turn to more of a dry direction out of north. summer like heat coming back as we head throughout this upcoming weekend. got a lot happening in the bay area. fleet week will be near 70 degrees. that's noon to 4:00 p.m. take a closer look at the weather in downtown france. you can notice it's going to be a bit warmer there. watch out for some rough surf. it's dangerous. >> thank you so much. that's going to do it for us. hope to see you tonight at 11:00. have a good evening. >> bye bye.
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. now on "extra." >> i hope that you're doing okay. >> celine dion near tears. oprah's message of hope. katy perry demanding action. >> everybody feels like their heart has just been ripped out. >> the stars rallying to help america heal from the vegas massacre. luke bryan revealing his phone call with jason aldean right after the attack. >> he said what i have seen i will never unsee. >> then the gunman's girlfriend back in the u.s. what did she know? her sisters break their silence. plus. >> we are there as a victim of the shooting reunites with the doctor helping him walk again. >> gabri


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