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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 7, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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relationship with a student. o right now at 5:00 with a south bay teacher arrested for having a relationship with a student. the two schools he worked at and the lengths he went to trying to keep his victim quiet. new detail us in the deadly las vegas shooting. investigators reveal what was on a note left in the hotel room as one victim's family makes a demand to police. oh yes. a massive turnout for fleet week. security remains a big concern for some. nearly a week since the deadly violence in las vegas. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening everyone, thank you for joining us. i'm going to take you out for a look at fleet week security in just a moment. first a developing story. a search for a hit-and-run driver who left bicyclist
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injured, one in critical condition. marin county chp says that happened near petaluma on the point ridge boulevard nears hick's valley road. one cyclist in critical condition, the four men were riding in a charity cycling event when they were knocked down. >> it is a benefit for the marin county bicycle coalition. there's a single most important priority in our work, it's safety. it's why an event like this is heart breaking. >> chp says the driver was in a blue four-door dodge truck with black rims. now to the other top story, hundreds of thousands of people out enjoying fleet week activities with many still thinking about the megashooting which targeted a large music festival. police making sure everyone stays safe. nbc bay area's christie smith live in san francisco, it's not just fleet week, the hardly strictly blues grass festival going on too. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, there is a lot going on in san francisco this weekend, but you
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couldn't ask for better weather for the air show and the blue angels. overall for fleet week, all the events combined about 1.5 million people expected to come into san francisco. and as you said, this weekend, that's not the only event going on. as you can imagine, it's all keeping police busy. the blue angels put on quite a show in san francisco. >> impressive display. team work. >> what do you think about it? >> i think it's awesome. >> reporter: tech sergeant cam is with the u.s. air force fielding questions during the air show. >> it's been fantastic. many amazing people. >> reporter: last year on saturday, they broke attendance records and this year could be bigger. after attacks like what occurred in las vegas, they do typically work with federal and local law enforcement on new information and best practices. this weekend, there are crowds
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in different parts of the city. >> so this weekend a a nondiscretionary week off, all days ruf cancelled. you're going to see a lot of officers in the city here, along the em bark dare row as well as in the richmond district for hardly strictly bluegrass. >> reporter: and that festival brought people out early for a good time, one man said he did use caution. >> that's kind of the reason my kids are going home today. i was just a little kind of weird about that. that definitely crossed my mind, but i also believe that you have to live your life. >> reporter: many just enjoying what the city has to offer. >> blue and jealous, hardly strictly bluegrass, sunshine, what could be better? >> reporter: now today san francisco police were also out and gave us the reminder while the air show was under way out here. in this area that note drone flying was allowed for safety
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reasons. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith nbc bay area news. >> very good reminder. thank you very much. our coverage continues at find a complete schedule of events right there. we have it all posted for you online. now to a disturbing investigation in the south bay. police say a music teach her a year's long relationship with a student. then threatened the student to keep her quiet. nbc bay area's reporter is live with the details. >> reporter: 34-year-old samuel knight was a music teacher here at dartmouth middle school. this is where he met the 13-year-old victim. he alleged tried to blackmail. tonight he's accused of several crimes, including lewd acts with a minor under 14, oral copulation, possession of child pornography and extortion. police say that last charge is because he allegedly threatened to post nude pictures of the 13-year-old victim who was his
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student. he used his position of authority to have a three year sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl. also the assistant band director at brandam high school in san jose. i just spoke with a band parent from brandam high school and she said that the students were notified about mr. knight's arrest this morning during practice. and afterward, they decided to cancel practice because the students were so upset. he lived in gilroy, reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> mary-ann, thanks very much. three way shooting in the east bay leaves the targeted family shaken. the suspect's still at large. happened last night about kl in oakland as a family of four was driving on highway 24 near 580. investigators say the gunman riding in a gray sedan pulled up alongside the car and opened fire. no one inside was hit, family pulled off the freeway to get
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help at a gas station, there's been no arrests so far. happening now, we're just hours away from hurricane nate making land fall in the gulf coast. this is a look at the category one storm right now, expected to strengthen to category two perhaps. fake outer bands are already whipping states like mississippi and louisiana. those places will likely see heavy rain and storm surges. 13 million people along the gulf coast are in the storm's path, twice that many feeling it's impact. jay gray has more from mobile, alabama. >> 11:00 tonight for a potential land fall. >> reporter: nate now rushing across the warm waters of the gulf, building momentum, intensifying as it barrels toward the coast. 28 million or more from florida through louisiana expected to feel the effects of the storm. >> no one should take the storm lightly. this is proven to be deadly. >> it's going to hit you hard and fast. and if you're in the way, you're not going to be able to get out of it zplr the system is being blamed for more than 20 deaths as it ripped through central
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america as a tropical storm. by the time it makes land fall along the gulf coast, forecasters say it could be a category hurricane. those in the strike zone have been preparing for the last day or so, stocking up on supplies, filling their cars and generators with gas. >> i've got my food, i've got my supplies, aye got a little generator. >> reporter: move no shelters or higher ground, but the time to leave is over now as nate begins to move in. jay gray, nbc news, mobile. >> let's get more on the storm. you've got the news in the past few minutes, it's made land fall. >> yeah, in the past 15 minutes, hurricane nate has made land fall right here at mouth of the mississippi river as a category 1 with winds of 82 miles an hour. it's still moving forward at 20 miles per hour. that's going to bring-like conditions winds, and of course that storm surge not just for that mississippi area, but
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alabama has also been feeling that wrath already. we're seeing low lying areas. the good thing about this hurricane compared to that like harvey is that it is fast-moving which means it's not expected to sit over the area. all of the a. rainfall that it is going to bring down, it's going to move fairly quickly through. although the low lying areas have a possibility of seeing the storm surge of anywhere between seven to possibly 11 feet aboveground level. all the way from louisiana to parts of the coastline, along florida. if we take a look at trat jekt ri. as of right now into the overnight hours, it's right near new orleans bringing it through alabama about 1:00 p.m. tomorrow on sunday. and then it takes a right there all the way through the east coast through monday heading into tuesday. as of right now, it looks like trat jekt ri of nate is still on path to the projected area. now we're talking about the flooding rains, this is going to be the biggest threat aside from the winds is the storm surge in the a. rainfall. possibly up to seven inches for
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the highlighted areas, but the nice way to chance of ten inches or more from the low lying areas, isolated means specific to certain areas and as of right now, it looks like we're still expecting to see the impact of this storm through tonight and into tomorrow. the biggest threat is going to be as it pushes right through where it made land fall just about 15 minutes ago. keep a close eye on this as it makes it's way through tonight and tomorrow. all the folks in the low lying areas, hopefully that got out. that storm surge is going to be the biggest threat for life impact as of right now. i'll be bringing you the latest updates of course online, you can find all of that information on our website as well at nbc bay area, kerry, back to you. >> thank you very much. we've seen where nate is and we it's going. it's proven deadly. the storm killed at least 25 people in central america, also left a town of nicaragua with severe flooding. thousands were forced to evacuate their homes. costa rica's declared a state of
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emergency. it could bring two or more inches of rain. coverage from puerto rico now as the u.s. territory continues it's recovery from hurricane maria. only about 10% of the island has power right now. a lot of people still struggling to get the basics, we're talking about food, water, and cell service. help may be on the way still. google's parent company is answering the call for help. it announced yesterday it's going to be sending balloons to help bring cell service back to puerto rico. coming up, continuing coverage of las vegas as police try to find a motive for the deadly shooting rampage last week weekend. we've learned new information about a note left behind in the gunman's room. president trump still wants to repeal obamacare. the new message he had for democrats and their response. i hope you've enjoyed this waum weather across san francisco because come tomorrow, we are expecting a pick up in
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the land, red flag warnings in the area. ville all the details coming up after the break. deadly las vegas shooting
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massacre and police continue working around the clock to it's been nearly a week since the deadly las vegas shooting massacre and police continue to try to figure out how all the new information fits together. this is the past couple of hours. police revealed what was written on a cryptic note left in the gunman's room. the note included bullet tro
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jekt ri calculations to give him better precision of the open fire on that crowd. family of one of the victims is petitioning the court to freeze paddock's assets and appoint someone to see them. he was a multimillionaire freezing assets would stop the girlfriend or family members to using the money. instead victims could pursue lawsuits against his estate. mike pence and his wife visited the shooting site and offered condolences. >> i stand here on behalf of my family and every family in america to say we're with you. today, we are all vegas strong. >> investigators have yet to determine a motive behind that attack that left 58 people dead and nearly 500 injured. here in the bay area, people continue to remember local victims in that attack. more than 200 people showed up outside san jose city hall last
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night to honor michelle vo. family and friends say her funeral will likely be next week. you can hear emotional reaction from family and friends at last night's vigil by logging on to nbc bay continuing coverage now of the debate over health care in this country, president trump sent out a new tweet today saying he has reached -- he has reached out to democrats to work on a new health care bill. now in that message, the president says he calls new york senator chuck schumer, but a spokesman said he only wanted to make another run at appealing obamacare and schumer says that is off the table, but democrats are open to talking about improving the existing health care system. still ahead, amazon may make a major move into a new market. the timeline on a decision that could change the way you buy medicine. and i'm tracking your conditions as we head into sunday. we're talking about red flag warnings and wind advisories. how this could impact your weekend plans. all the details coming up just after the break.
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stay with us. one person is dead after an
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early morning crash. it happened around 6am near san quti in marin county, a man is dead after an early morning crash. happened about 6:00 this morning near san quinnton prison. a man drifted off the boulevard near main street and he smashed right into a big rig. which was parked on the side of the road and police say the driver of the big rig didn't even notice. >> it would be like crashing into a concrete wall at that point. the driver of the truck was asleep at the time and did not
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feel the collision. >> cause of that crash remains under investigation. another car crash to tell you about. this one in london load it fears of a terror attack. the crash left nearly a dozen people hurt outside the natural history museum. one man has been arrested, but police say this was just an accident, not terror-related. witnesses say there was confusion at first. >> we got a really tourist-heavy area and people are blinding walking around, and every now and then going to get to safety, and there's panic there. there's so many people around. you're not seeing panic at all. >> in all, 11 people hurt in the crash. now the developing story where hurricane nate has just made land fall as a category one storm. people in the bay area already helping out. we have video here, sent to us from the petaluma animal services, nearly ten dogs arrived in hayward today.
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so animal services in louisiana can make room for more dogs certain to come in need of shelter during the storm. wow, they know it's coming, they get the dogs out public try to help out the animals down there. you had it about 15 minutes ago. it just made land. >> as we were standarding the newscast is right at the mouth of the mississippi river. winds of about 85 plus miles per hour. the biggest threat right now going to the next couple of hours is going to be that storm surge and the amount of rain in those low-lying areas. we're talking about the possibility of seven to 11 feet aboveground level for areas along louisiana, alabama will be at -- alabama and louisiana have been seeing the rain since it's approach. now right now it's currently moving at about 20 miles per hour north. so this is actually quickly moving compared to hurricane har have where it kind of sat over
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texas and it really poured and kept that rain going. the good thing about this hurricane that's moving so quickly, it not going to give it a chance for it to continuously rain over one specific area. as this continues to push through the amount of rainfall will kind of carry on over, but that's not going to mean that this isn't going to be a major threat over the next couple of hours and as we head into sunday, as of right now, that timeline is showing it passing through alabama at about 1:00 p.m. on sunday and then pushing on through as we head to monday, towards the east coast as we head into tuesday. let's talk about that big threat of the flooding rain. estimated rain totals right now have it anywhere between six or seven inches and this is actually right near the track of that hurricane. and we are expecting this to kind of stay lingering at least through tuesday. we have to keep a close eye on this. now of course we have the possibility of seeing over ten inches of rain in certain isolated areas. so this is definitely going to be something that we will monitor, but again it has made
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land fall right at the bottom of the mississippi river as a category one. we're going to keep a close eye on that. now right now, bringing it back to home, we are seeing those warm temperatures along the peninsula, 79 degrees, 83 degrees for the tri-valley, and the san francisco, i hope you enjoyed your day, it was nice and clear at 67 degrees right now, but yes, we still have a chance of seeing more of that warm-up as we head into tomorrow. let's talk about the next couple of hours. we're talking about temperatures in the 60s and san francisco also expected to drop down into the 50s. if notice, chillier, cooler temperatures all across the bay area. now tomorrow's forecast, here's a quick check of the high. san jose high of 82, san francisco, 74, and half-moon bay. we're talking about 68 degrees. as we head into tomorrow, this is going to be the biggest change and the biggest impact. we're talking about dry winds from the north, northeast at 20 plus miles per hour.
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they're expected to get gustier tomorrow night into sunday. if you look there at 10:00 p.m., 34-plus miles per hour. in a napa, 40 mus miles per hour. yes, there is a red flag warning that will be in place at least through tuesday. so we've got keep that in mind here as well. >> thanks for the heads up. next at 5:00, a new app that leading to a serious warning for parents. we'll have the details in two minutes. a bit faster - on monday. the new express lanes - literally years in the making. and some peninsula students- call their r-v - )home. ) the solution one superintendent has for this growing problem. that )s monday - on )today in e
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is considering selling prescription drugs. new at 5:00 with online retailer amazon considering selling prescription drugs. at least that's the word from cnbc. amazon is in the final stages of deciding whether to enter the multibillion dollar online drug market. sources tell cnbc the company will make a decision before thanksgiving. they haven't decided yet. amazon already sells medical supplies. new warning for parents, there's a new app that might make cyber bullying easier. we have the details. >> reporter: messages, posts, and likes, kids have a lot of ways to stay connected. one of the newest social media apps is called saraha. it targets adults, but it's gaining popularity with teens. made as a way to get honest feedback from your co-workers and friends, the app allows users to send anonymous messages. >> that leaves room for lots and lots of problems because
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anonymity is a license to be mean. >> reporter: cyber bullying can occur on any site. according to a recent study, 70% of kids ages 12 to 17 say they've seen it happen. >> when we see this cruelty online, we have to step up and step in. and start saying hey, this isn't right. >> reporter: this authors is i bystanders can make a big difference. instead of ignoring social media bullying, there's option to muting or blocking users. some students are even countering with a trend of cyber encouragement. >> we had had to start ensuing that kindness with our own bistro. >> reporter: students creating pages to spread positive comments about their peers. >> you're going to just hold it, okay. >> reporter: parents also play role in monitoring their child's online activity, especially when it comes to apps like saraha. >> they're not allowed to use it period.
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>> reporter: just one opinion speaking out against anonymous ones. nbc news. still ahead, surprising sight for one north bay community. an escaped alligator. the reason families don't have to worry. wait until you hear it's name. loose in petaluma was not an
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escaped exotic pet. turns out an alligator on the loose in petaluma was not an escaped pet. his name, darth gator. belongs to a woman who runs a local rescue. it was trying to get into their pond. animal services says the gator is back with it's owner. >> what would you do if you found that in your pond? >> i've always liked reptiles -- i wouldn't pick it up. i'd talk to it, see if it wanted to come home. up to him.
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nightly news is next, we're back at 6:00. bracing for impact as another hurricane, nate, bears down on the coast. officials warn people to get out of low lying airs and listen to warnings. the heightened security at one major music festival. >> deadly police shooting. newly released video of the killing of a black man in salt lake city. was it justified? the kindness of strangers. how they helped thousands with a medical lifeline. heat wave harvest. we go to california wine country where they're trying to make the best of it after a record heat. "nightly news" begins now.


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