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tv   Today  NBC  October 9, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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praying there is enough of a buffer. once the strike teams come in with water, we'll have a better chance. it's intense. >> reporter: frustrating. no one is giving you information. >> right. you don't want to be the one to interrupt the flow of what happened. you have to be patient and grateful. >> reporter: how are you doing? >> we are good. you know, we are here. we are together. we have our dog. we have food. water. no, we are as good as we can be. there are people that are worse off than we are. we are concerned for their health and safety. >> reporter: i wish you the best of luck. >> thank you. >> reporter: thank you for speaking with us. take care. agoss gain, crosswalk community, downtown napa. it is at capacity. they are asking you go to napa valley college. go to the gymnasium there. reporting live in napa, bob
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redell, "today in the bay." >> one of many open today. it's nice to hear people being so open to tell their stories. it's bad. they don't know if they have a home to go back to. >> their homes, memories, going up in flames. some people don't know. >> exactly. >> so, those evacuation centers we told you about, there's four of them, now five that had to expand. the thing is, the red cross, they are being stretched thin as well. now, they need volunteers to help. they have exhausted their pool so far. they need to help the fire evacuees at elsie allen high school and cook middle school. if you can safely make it to either location, call 707-543-4542 and you will be given an assignment. we are going to hear the call for volunteers in the coming days. we are going into the "today" show hour. we are going to stay here with
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your local news this morning to continue to give you more information about these fire that is are burning out of control at this point. >> taking a toll on firefighters as well. we heard from cal fire about all of this. they said the fire really caught a lot of people off guard. >> we received multiple phone calls from people who stated they were trapped, the fire was surrounding them. we have done our best to go ahead and effect evacuations for as many of those as we can. but, i'll be honest with you, we don't have full accounting for everybody right now. it's too early to say if everybody was able to take shelter effectively or not. we hope for the best. we'll have to find out more as the morning breaks. >> all right. new information from cal fire this morning as well. zero percent containment. now, as morning is breaking, you see all the smoke. this is from san francisco, the shot behind us here. the smoke is coming into the bay
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area shows how thick it is out there. be careful. anyone with respiratory issues should stay in. don't go out and exercise today. watch young children and the elderly. >> a lot of people are following this on air and online. social media is flooded with images and videos of fires. scott mcgrew, you have been following this online. >> i have. i want to remind you, you can watch us online at we are streaming this very newscast so you can carry it with you on your phone as you move into the car, as you do your evacuations. we are watching lots of folks coordinating online, offering rides. we are seeing lots of images. i can show some of them to you now. video from one person as they evacuated. you can see the sky just lit up with the morning fire this morning. our helicopter just lifting off to get you a better picture from the air as well. let's go to the next one as we
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watch a different social media and a skyline full of fire as it moves down into napa. finally, we have this picture from a young women. this was texted to her from her husband. what you are seeing is the front hood of a squad car as he is out there working, helping people evacuate. he texted that to her and she put it online. we certainly wish all of our public safety officials the very best of luck and be ever so careful out there. as far as getting information, we have been talking about a text message system. you text the number 888777. you text just one thing, your zip code. so, whatever your zip code is, that five digit number, text that to 888777 and you will be sent text messages with emergency updates coming from the emergency responders
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themselves. this is an excellent way to stay up on what's happening if you cannot get an internet connection or having trouble connecting. text messaging is one of the things that always works during a disaster. again, 888777. marcus, laura? >> thank you very much, scott. so interesting in this day and age of social media, people sharing things. this is a look from an airplane. this is someone flying overhead. you can see through the window there, the fire down below. that was from babbles showing the massive flames from that airplane overhead. another video, courtesy of karen on facebook. you can see the flames here spreading in that atlas peak area. that glow in the air that we have seen over so many sites as we take our live reporters on the scene. >> so many people watching this and in shock of what is going on and what we see before our eyes as the fire continues to burn. another thing we saw, the embers that quickly spread
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because of the wind. a wind add vidsry in the area. kari, you have been tracking this all morning. >> the wind started to pick up yesterday evening because of cooler temperatures moving in. the wind really increasing from the northeast at 50 miles an hour with some of the higher gusts. right now, sustained winds, we have pretty strong wind speeds in the north bay. these are sustained winds. we have gusts up to 50 miles an hour. we could continue to see some of the higher wind gusts as we go through the 8:00 to 9:00 hour. we have several more hours left of these gusty winds for the north bay and that will help fan the flames and spread some of those embers away from the fires that we are seeing sfarking upright now. there could be several more as we try to get containment on this. conditions are not favorable for the firefighters to get out there. people need to continue to evacuate. everyone on the satellite imagery, you can see the smoke that drifts from these
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wildfires, farther to the south, across napa county and also into sonoma county this morning. as we get a look at the temperatures and how they will pan out as we go through the day. we'll be in the low 60s as we go into the next hour and temperatures quickly rising, but still low humidity and today we are heading into the low 80s in the north bay. still, some very extreme fire danger today. this kind of shows mapped out where we will have the most extreme possibility of seeing more wildfires developing because of dry conditions and the gusty winds along with the low humidity. right now, as we look at sonoma county forecast for today. it's going to be in the upper 50s by the 8:00 hour. then, quickly warming temperatures throughout the day into the low 80s by 2:00 this afternoon. now, for all the bay area, we will have very poor air quality that smoke moving from the north bay all the way down to the
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soult bay, we are all smelling it now. it's time to close the window, not the time to get out for a run. you can get out there and see the hazy sunrise this morning. it's being trapped near the surface. we don't have the opportunity for this to kind of move away from us. it's going to be kind of trapped down into the valley throughout the day. if you have repeated coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, nausea or lightheadedness, it is time to try to make an appointment to see your doctor today. a live look outside in san francisco, very poor air quality, low visibility and you can see the smoke as the sunrises. a lot of spots not seeing the sunrise at all because it's really cloudy out there. even down toward the san mateo bridge this morning, you can see the smoke moving by and a very orange sunrise because of all the particulate matter that was coming out of the wildfires and even in san jose, we are smelling that smoke as of now. temperatures in the upper 50s,
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before very warm for this time of morning. napa, 66 degrees with the high temperatures today, reaching into the upper 70s for parts of the south bay. once again, it's going to be very warm and dry for the north bay with temperatures reaching into low 80s and the wipd winds will start to calm down by late morning, early afternoon and breezy conditions throughout the rest of the day. san francisco, high temperature starting to cool off through the week and the morning temperatures are going to be much colder, even for the inland valleys. we are going to have improved conditions, but still really windy out there this morning. the winds calming down by about noon today. marcus and laura? >> thank you very much, kari. >> a lot of people have been worried about this with the commute this morning. it is affecting the commute and public transportation. we want to go to mike inouye who has been tracking all of this. >> that's right, marcus and laura. it is going to impact more than just the smart train, which currently has had no trains
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bhooufing through the area. no bus service through santa rosa. they are trying to limit vehicle traffic through the area. we have closures and evacuations. we want to make sure santa rosa is clear. the closure there is critical between vallejo and navato. that is a problem connecting i-80 and 101. this morning, that connecter is closed because of a fire near sears point, sonoma raceway. highway 12, 121, through napa and glen ellen, periodic closures from time to time. we talked about the fire off the freeway with the kizaiser hospil involved there. there's a big concern there. it's the same area where the evacuations cross the smart train tracks. they are not running the smart trains right now. the sun is coming up, there may be a change as far as visibility. over here, highway 128 through
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calistoga, a lot of smoke earlier this morning. the closure off highway 29, avoid this entire area unless you are evacuating your home. stay off those roadways. so many local closures. prepare for the traffic. heading to the carquinez bridge and highway 101 traveling into this area, which is more smoothly moving. the upper east shore and the bay bridge, nothing unexpected for monday. the rest of the commute holds up steady. the smoke is visible from the bay and will be an issue as far as an air vent and recirculate. watch for emergency vehicles from around the bay, heading to the north bay and make way for them as we move forward to the shoulder. back to you. >> they are going to need a lot of help. the area crews are headed that way as well. thank you very much. one of the big problems near 101, that is where kaiser
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hospital, behind it is a mobile home park. this is what you are looking at right now. that is the sight of that mobile home park. thom jensen was out there live on the scene. you literally saw the glow and the growth of this fire. thom was covering the evacuation of the kaiser hospital there of all the patients. as this fire grew larger and just engulfed that entire area there, the firefighters trying to do what they could to save some of those units. we saw only a few that possibly were saved. >> we are hearing there were 160 units there in that mobile park home. a lot of people there, being evacuated and for good reason there, as you can see there. those tenants, we are told, needed to be 55 year's or older. that's the make up of the people living in that mobile home park that has been destroyed by that fire. there were some injuries, no word on how many.
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luckily, the hospital is not too far away. hopefully they were able to help. even though they were evacuating at the hospital, hopefully they were able to help them. >> right in front of this, look at the fire truck. they were trying to go to the area to cool it down, present it from spreading. in front of the mobile home park area on bicentennial way is the kaiser hospital. that's where we saw this -- i have never seen anything like it in my 30 years of doing journalism of how they had to evacuate a hospital, helping the patients on walkers, masks, oxygen, people in wheelchairs. literally people, patients that were being brought out in their hospital beds, still attached to ivs. crews of doctors and nurses around them. they had to transport the people to another area. they went to veterans memorial center. it was an evacuation center.
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it is literally a makeshift hospital as they had to evacuate more than 100 people from the kaiser hospital in santa rosa today. this is one of several buses that appeared on the scene to whisk people away to safety. not only that, we saw ambulances, a few of them, even the personal vehicle of some of the nurses and doctors that work there. they were shuttling these people out, putting them in their own car to take them to safety. >> the thing is, while this was going on, all this going on to make sure they get to safety, there was the spark of small fires in the parking lot of the hospital. they had to work with that. that is where those buses were going to exit to go to a shelter, but they had to go to another exit. also, through this, that has been causing a tough job for the firefighters. they have been working through this, working through those winds, the embers that continue to spread. we talked to someone with cal fire about that wind.
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>> it's heart breaking to see that video of people taken out. there's the sick and the elderly and those that need help. the winds are playing a major factor in this fire fight. we talked to cal fire earlier this morning. this is what they said. >> right now, we are experiencing very high winds. the fire is still moving at a very rapid rate of spread. we are still affecting evacuations for people in front of the fire. we are still starting to survey damage. we are just now beginning to start getting some other fire engines in from outside the area. so, we are going to start getting, hoping to get some control on the fire. it's going to take a while yet. >> there's multiple fires. we have been showing video from sonoma county. this is napa county, a house burning near silverado trail. it's near redwood road. it's amazing to see. we are talking multiple spot
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fires. many throughout two huge counties. so large, we are talking about this with our producer. they are saying the size of the fires are almost the size of cupertino and sunniville combined. >> this is where that tubbs fire is. we are watching that home burn there. this is a situation that a lot of -- this is napa, where this home is burning. this is a situation we are seeing in a lot of areas. you know, the earliest report of the fire started at 10:00. that was atlas creek road. from there, it continued to spread. here we are, 7:16 in the morning, the fire continues to burn, zero containment. problems for firefighters, police officers, volunteers being stretched. everyone working together to try to make sure they can get everyone into safety. now -- >> this is video from san mateo, san bruno this morning where local crews from throughout the
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bay area are mobilizing. they are going up to volunteer their efforts in napa and sonoma valley to bring as much aid as they can. there's zero percent containment right now. they are having a tough fight. there's four or five evacuation centers, some of which are filled with capacity, already. it's going to be a tough, long week. the air quality, already throughout the bay area, we have seen it go from bad to worse throughout the bay area this morning. kind of enveloping all parts of the bay area. this is going to be a very, very tough fire fight ahead. >> this was the atlas fire. this is the one burning in napa along silverado trail t.pga, yesterday, opened the safeway open. here is a twitter page. a photo of that fire near atlas
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peak road. a tweet indicating he had evacuated the silverado hotel. so far, firefighters have not given an update on that hotel. >> yeah, so far, we know the silverado resort and spa is very popular and has been evacuated. all the roads in that area are shut down. it will be interesting to see the cause of not just this fire, but so many fires burning there. right now, investigators, while they will get into that, they are trying to fight the fires. >> we want to bring in meteorologist kari hall who is tracking the wind warning we have had in the area. kari, when you see something like this and so many fires sparking up, it's not a surprise we are seeing more because of how strong the winds are. >> this is the worst case scenario. friday, the national weather service issued the high fire danger warnings on friday. we knew that sunday was going to
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be really windy because of an area of low pressure passing just to the north of us and bringing in cooler temperatures after a spike in those temperatures throughout the weekend. right now, those wind speeds coming in from the northeast. sustained winds, 15-20 miles an hour. the wind is improving. yesterday, we had wind gusts over 55 miles an hour in parts of the north bay. we still have high wind gusts, even as we go through the rest of the morning. the winds will be up to 30 miles an hour in the north bay while the rest of the bay area starts to feel the winds calming down. we may have several hours of gusty wind, especially with more of the wildfires that create hot conditions, then you have the winds blowing away from that and some of the embers, creating more wildfires throughout the morning. we can see here on satellite imagery, the smoke and where we have the poorest visibility. we can see a couple swaths here
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of rain in the area if you are driving through parts of the north bay from the silverado trail. all those vineyards there, off 29, and also 128, that's where we have the wildfire burning at this point and blowing the smoke farther to the south. that is going to be the concern for the next several hours. smoke drifting from north to south, over the springs area, over downtown napa and then down to the cutting wharf area and also into the bay. so, that smoke, as well as the low humidity, it is going to really be a problem here. a lot of dry conditions. the relative humidity at this point, at times, at this point in the morning, usually at 60% or 70% on a normal morning. it is so dry, we only have the relative humidity in napa at 15%. also, the temperatures that are starting out cool are going to warm up today.
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this is looking at the temperature trend for santa rosa today. the wunlds gusting from the north at 15-30 miles an hour. we will start to see the winds calming down ornd noon. the temperatures will start to go up and we are looking at low 80s for the firefighters. if we are out there, you are seeing the smoke drifting through the air, we have very poor air quality today. air quality advisory is in place. if you have repeated coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, gnaw sa, heightededness, speak immediate medical attention. what we are seeing now, all the smoke drifting from san francisco to emeryville and parts of the peninsula, low visibility in some spots with the smoke and into san jose where it looks cloudy out there. that's actually the smoke moving by. temperatures in the upper 50s today.
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once again in the north bay, low 80s. the rest of the bay area, for the inland valleys, start to feel the temperatures coming down today into the mid-70s. we'll continue to monitor the wind speeds and that forecast as we go throughout the rest of the day. laura and marcus? >> thank you very much, kari. >> we want to head to mike inouye who is tracking the roads and public transportation. before we get to that, we want to send it to thom jensen, live in santa rosa, another structure fire there, thom? >> wow. >> thom, you are live there. this is laura. looks like there's a huge structure on fire behind you. >> reporter: there is. there's a k-mart north of us. we can't get in there. this is a furniture store. the showroom, all of the stock, that's where the owner stores his furniture for sale about $300,000 worth of furniture.
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the owner is here with us right now. andy, this is really got to be devastating for you. you have all your furniture in there. they are trying to save the showroom, hitting it with water. you have all that furniture and tenants in there, too, a gun store. >> yes, gun store, edible life and export guy, exporting things. >> reporter: you have a tire shop, too? >> it's not my building. >> reporter: the fire is behind it? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: these explosions we have been hearing, ammunition blowing up, tires blowing up. >> since 2:00 a.m. at the beginning was not that much, then it starts going up and going up. >> reporter: i can tell this is really heart breaking for you to see this happen. you have been doing business here 22 years in santa rosa. obviously, having all your stock here is just got to be devastating as you look forward
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right now. >> that's right. >> reporter: you have insurance, but how will you cope with this as you move forward? >> just insurance should be cover it. >> reporter: in the meantime, you will lose your monthly income. >> yes. >> reporter: one thing about the firefighters and the work they are doing, they seem like they are trying to save your showroom. >> they are trying the best they can. at the beginning, if they started strongly, they could have stopped it. they didn't have enough manpower. >> reporter: with fires burning everywhere. >> that's right. >> reporter: thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. andy, the owner of furniture 2000. everything he had in storage, about $300,000 worth of furniture in the building and the other businesses in there, a gun store, herbal life store and sporting goods store. a tire shop, not connected to
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his building, but on the other side of it also burning. those, apparently were the explosions we were hearing on this side of the fire, earlier. on the flip side of that, just over there, that's where the mobile home park is burning. that's a senior park, 55 and older. 160 mobile homes in there. i counted, i couldn't see more than a half dozen or so homes still standing. the rest of them flattened by fire. potentially, more than 150 homes just right here on the other side of it destroyed along with these businesses and up the road, north of here, we understand that k-mart is engulfed in flames right now. laura, marcus. >> that's what i wanted to ask you, thom, because you are there on the ground. these are all connected. they are very close. it most likely started and spread or individual, new fires? >> reporter: these are all structure fires that have broken
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off that main 20,000 acre fire that, as it's pushed south, here, they started some of the structures on fire. this is that finger of the 20,000 acre fire that was burning right around the hospital, you know, as they evacuated kaiser hospital. we were showing how the flames were kicking up all around it. the one point, to the north entrance or excuse me, the west entrance of the hospital there. flames kicking up as they were trying to get people evacuated out of there. they had to turn the bus around and go out the other direction. this has been the way this fire has been going, not only for hospital personnel, for owners of stores like this. the firefighters, especially on the ground and all the emergency crews having to hop from here to there and try to stay on top of this. fires are just kicking up everywhere. you have structures starting on fire all around where this is
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moving in and on the other side of the fire, we hear of structures on fire, thousands of people e vk waited. not only the mobile home park, but up on the hill, larger structures. we also saw on fire and many of them, most of them, burned all the way to the ground. then, just min uts ago, before we left the kaiser hospital property, for safety reasons, they asked all of us to leave. we could see the fire topping out in the trees and continuing to move closer and closer to the hospital. laura and marcus? >> it's heart breaking. we had you live on air with us since we have been on air since 4:00 this morning. this is one of multiple scenes that thom has been to. it shows the finger of the fire and how it just grows and is enveloping so many buildings, so many structures, homes, and a hospital very close to it. >> it continues every so often, we see another structure that continues to burn. it makes you fearful that
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another one could happen soon. >> right. >> we know the firefighters are working to do their best, to try to contain as much as they can of this. >> it gives you an idea of what they are up aganls. that was sonoma county. this is in kenwood. this is off sonoma highway 12, near warm springs road this morning. look at the size of the fire ball there. very close to numerous vineyards that are there, well known ones, kenwood, itself, this is just one of many fires we have been telling you all morning. 10-15 fires burning in napa and sonoma county. look at the smoke. that is why we are smelling the smoke in the bay. look at the fire line there. it's very rugged terrain that we are talking about in this area. agricultural land, the vineyards are up there, homes, remote areas. animals, some larger animals,
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they have evacuation centers for them as well as the animal shelters for small, household pets. this is such a tough fight for the firefighters. >> right. again, we are going on hours now. the first report of the fire started at 10:00 last night. here we are, one minute to 7:30 and the fire continues to burn. this is what you are dealing with. this is a view from sky ranger of how bad the fire is and it continues to spread. of course, you can imagine the fire continues to spread. this is something that will keep firefighters busy throughout the morning. >> the coming days. >> this is not something that is just affecting the rural areas, it is affecting homes. the fires have destroyed many places that people call home. >> we are talking acres and acres. as nbc bay area sky ranger pulls out, it shows you how large.
7:30 am
this is just one fire. thinking of where they are going to send their resources, they have to spread them out. we are going to hear from other resources throughout california coming up to fight the northern california fires. right now, zero percent containment. the main concern was evacuated people. look at the overlay they put out for you. it gives you a rough idea when driving. this is napa, some of the roadways there and what you are seeing there. >> because of how fast the fire is, they wanted to get people out immediately. forced evacuations for thousands of people in that area. many people have gone to shelters. again, as we sit here and watch this, how massive this fire is, the thickness of the smoke that can be smelled. you can smell it to the south bay in many areas. just to show how wide it is. how hard it is for firefighters to contain that. that's why they say their top priority, at this point, is make
7:31 am
sure everyone is safe. get people out of those areas, out of the path of the fire you are watching burn right now as it continues. as we get in closer to that, you can see how strong those flames are. >> this givers ewe good idea of the terrain they are dealing with. a lot of brush, a lot of trees. it's been dry as well. what is not helping, we checked in with meteorologist kari hall, the winds. we are hoping to see those die down. embers flying throughout the area. we have seen ash, now, throughout the area in the bay area. this is creeping and crawling and growing so quickly. >> what we want to do is, as we give you this sky ranger view of this, we want to look at just how it's burning. you can see how the wind is moving in one direction. the strong winlds we were talkig about. meteorologist kari hall has been
7:32 am
tracking this with the wind advisory. you can see how strong this fire is and just how it could easily spread with the strong winds we have been seeing throughout the night. >> yes, that makings it spread a lot more quickly when the winds are gusting. the winds, at times, were up to 50 miles an hour throughout yesterday evening as this area of low pressure passed just to the north of us. still, wind advisories in effect. the wind conditions are slowly improving throughout the morning. we are seeing the embers moving from north to south, making more wildfires to the south of where the original fires developed. we are looking at sustained winds at 15-20 miles an hour and some really low humidity at this point. we will have the gusts through at least 9:00 at 30 miles an hour as we take a live look from overhead. we are seeing some of the smoke and flame that is are continuing to move through parts of napa and sonoma counties. and, also the high winds that
7:33 am
are fanning those flames, airuating the flames, it makes it spread more quickly and unfortunately, these are the worst conditions we can have for a wildfire to develop in some of those high fire danger warnings were issued from the national weather service on friday. knowing that the wind speeds on sunday were going to be really strong and all it took was a little spark and you could have something like this going on. the good news, throughout late morning, early afternoon, the wind speeds will start to subside as the low pressure system moves away from the bay area and our conditions will be improving. even on satellite imagery, you can tell how large the lowest visibility and the thickest plumes of smoke are over the north bay and where the initial flames started rk, jest to the t of calistoga. here is the silverado road. the petrified forest road,
7:34 am
another tourist attraction. we are dealing with the wildfire bringing flames and smoke down to oakmont drive on highway 12. bennet valley road seeing very high amounts of smoke and low visibility at that area as well. then we talked about the atlas fire, just south of lake berryessa and the smoke we are seeing here toward oak knoll, napa, highway 12 and spreads far farther to the south. the relative humidity, right now, only 13% to 15%. usually, at this time of the morning, it's at least 60% to
7:35 am
70%. very dry, very windy. once again, the good news is that our winds will start to calm down. temperatures will be going up. that will be the challenge for those firefighters as we go through the rest of the day. laura and marcus? >> all right. we'll continue to watch. we want to go live to nbc bay area sky ranger overhead. look at the smoke. this is over sonoma county this morning. this is the reason why. this is the one that we have been showing you off sonoma highway, highway 12 basically near warm springs road. this gives you an overlay. i love this look and say okay, where am i. it gives you the streets and the roadways and gives you the visibility look of the tough terrain the firefighters are against. there's brush and vineyards out there. >> it continues to fuel the fire. >> kari just talked about the winds in that area. now, when you walk out the door, no doubt where you are in the bay area, you are going to smell
7:36 am
smoke this morning. the fires starting at 10:00 last night. don't know why. zero containment thus far. >> as you saw the camera pan, 180 degrees and you still see the smoke and the fire. this is within this view from sky ranger, no escape from the flames and thick clouds of smoke coming from that fire that has been burning and zero containment at this time as firefighters try to get people to safety. again, looking at this, you have to get in awe of this. looking at this right now, it looks like a cloudy day or something. no, this is caused by hundreds of acres burning in sonoma county right now, in sonoma county and sky ranger is over that, giving a perspective of what this is and what we can see from the fire as it continues to burn. >> this is sonoma county. multiple fires burning.
7:37 am
evacuations taking place throughout the region there. four, five, evacuation centers already set up. two hospitals have been evacuated. i want to check in with mike inouye because there roads have been shut in their area. you say power lines are down now? >> more people are calling in. the evacuations are critical through the area. we have flooded roadways and closures because of the smoke and fire. the chopper shot was in this area. lakeville highway up here. down here, at the bottom of the screen is where the closure is off highway 37. the entire stretch is closed because of smoke and fire. trees down and power lines, signals out specifically in ruthersburg. it would be the case in many spots around the fire. sky ranger shows how widespread those fires are. calistoga has a closure for 128.
7:38 am
closures on highway 101 through santa rosa. between springs and bicentennial where thom jensen is out there with other fires in the area. the fingers of fire through the area. south of here, the full closure of highway 37. along 101, the smart train is not running this morning and golden gate transit said no buses are going in or out. they don't know what roads are going to be open and they want to reduce the traffic for emergency vehicles to do their job as well. i have friends with kids at sonoma state. they had nonmandatory evacuations but they have been advised as far as it has dorms go. we are looking to the traffic flowing over into the area and reduced traffic flow as well across the carquinez bridge. because of all the smoke you saw, we are going to smell it down here. i heard of ash falling.
7:39 am
san mateo, you will see the effects of the smoke traveling north along 880, 180. it is a huge issue. the closures, a big issue here. highway 38, highway 12 a section of 101, north of petaluma and heavier volume to the santa rosa area. be careful. back to you. >> avoid that area, if you can. atlas fire was one of the biggest, one of the first that we took tabs on. we are getting word into the news room, it has grown to 5,000 acres this morning. >> started out as 200 acres as we were reporting. this is where it all started, 10:00 p.m. when it started in atlas. quickly spread to 5,000 acres. this is a live shot, sonoma county, kenwood where the fire continues to burn. we are getting overview look of
7:40 am
what's going on here. you can see the aftermath of that fire. many of those areas still burning, as you can see the glow from up above, from sky ranger as z it zooms on to the area. as we make what we are looking at, it could be homes. i can't make that out, yet. again, where the fire has really hit a lot of structures, homes, businesses, threatening hospitals that have been evacuated. we know that kaiser medical center evacuated all of its patients as well as the staff there. they were pulling people out. they continue to push them to safety. we have people on medical beds, as you saw there earlier. as we look here from sky ranger, we see the thick smoke and you can see the -- >> you can. you can see the homes below. >> the hot spots of fire burning. it continues to burn. >> this is tough for people as well. so many people have evacuated. at least four to five shelters
7:41 am
that are up and under way for people. they wanted them to get out of that area. but, not knowing what you are going to go back to because, no doubt, some of the structures were lost next to some that are perfectly fine, which you oftentimes see in fires of this size. the wind shifts a bit, but it's going to be a tough one. it's almost hard to make out through the smoke in the area there. >> many of the homes we are looking at now are people going to shelters or evacuation centers we have been talking about. many of them didn't know what their homes were. bob was talking to people. they don't know what is going to happen, i don't know the state of my home. >> one thing we know is firefighters are going to need a lot of help. the bay area, many different agencies coming to the rescue. want to check in with kris sanchez live in san bruno as more crews are mobilizing to fight the wildfires.
7:42 am
kris, looks like they took off. >> reporter: there is the part of mutual aid to help fight that wildfire, then there's also the other, critical evacuation help that the folks in santa rosa need right now. we were here and nearly two dozen officers streamed out of this parking lot with lights and sirens on, headed to santa rosa. the officer commanding that said they will keep the lights and sirens on as they make their way to the city. they are going to help with the evacuations that are under way right now. at the same time, the difficulty of so many highways and local roadways that are closed to folks and to traffic. we counted about seven bay area agencies here, san mateo county, san mateo police, hillsborough, fremont, east palo alto, south san francisco, all of them getting briefed this morning and hitting the road to help with
7:43 am
those evacuations. we know they will be there for a while. no one could talk on camera because it is a very urgent operation. in san bruno, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> one that will continue in this entire week. thank you, kris. i want to take you live, once again, now that daylight is up, we have sky ranger overhead. these pictures live from kenwood in sonoma county where the fire is just engulfing this area there. this is a wide shot, kind of showing you the smoke. we have seen a lot of very, very hot spots there. >> absolutely. the homes continue to burn. the rough terrain continues to burn. the fires are sparking at 10-15 areas throughout the area. we continue to follow that. we want to pass along the schools in santa rosa and napa valley have been closed for the day because of the fire there. you see all of that. this is live. the schools have been closed today. here are some of the fire that
7:44 am
is are burning right now. we want to get it to you. the atlas fire, this fire was 200 acres but has grown to 5,000 acres. that fire started, the first call was about 10:00 last night and spread to 10,000. santa rosa is an area after that fire jumped highway 101. as we have been telling you all morning, kaiser hospital was evacuated. another fire we want to tell you about, outside of calistoga, the fire near highway 128 and tubbs lane, that fire, as we have been reporting, 50,000 acres. this is just how many acres we are dealing with. so many things are happening throughout the morning. >> look at the map. it shows different areas. >> they are not close. i saw a map from hopper avenue,
7:45 am
maybe two hours of a drive, a commute. we are not taking a small area. we are talking a huge area here that is burning. >> very much so. a very tough fight for the firefighters this morning. we'll continue to take these overhead looks. this is video into the news room. it shows the winds that were whipping up into the area, burning embers, blowing them across the roadway there. it almost looks like popcorn. you know, fire fights. that's the thing, the high winds we have seen, 40-50 miles per hour helped to fan the flames. the fuel that is dealing with the dry brush, some of the trees and whatnot there. you can see the wind kind of whipping the trees as well. the combination of wind and fire, definitely not a good thing. >> a lot of people were talking about this on social media. the images of what they have been able to see. we want to bring in scott mcgrew. he's been following this online for us and what's been happening
7:46 am
online. >> good morning. we are seeing people waking up, tuning into nbc bay area. watch it on your phone as well, as you evacuate. if you are far from the fire, you are still smelling the smoke. look at the pictures people are posting. i mean, you see from san francisco on the far right, that's the tower. in the left, san francisco as well. then the winds are in the middle as people wake up and say, what am i smelling? you are smelling that napa fire that has burned and sent so much smoke into the air. there are a lot of fire agencies and 911 systems saying, we know. we know you can smell smoke. if you are not seeing a fire, please do not call us. if you are smelling the fire from way up north if you are in those locations. we are also watching social media try to dispel rumors. we got something from the city of santa rosa saying the community center is safe, not
7:47 am
being evacuated. on twitter, some saying finley community center has been overrun, in some way. that is just simply not the case. now, both mike and -- well, we have all been talking about how the power has been affected, cell phone towers have been affected. a reminder, a text based emergency system that will not be as badly affected as twitter and some social media if the cell phone towers go down, text messaging is depending. text your zip code to 888777 if you are in the fire zone and you will get emergency updates on your telephone. as long as your internet is working you can watch nbsz bay area as we live stream this information. laura and marcus? >> thank you very much. amazing to see the images coming
7:48 am
in. these are new images this is from napa county. look at the glow, the size of the fire. this is someone driving along one of the roadways, most likely as they were being evacuated. it shows how hot and fast and everything this fire was burning there this morning. >> just watching that is -- loss of words. >> no kidding. >> also, we want to go to thom jensen. he has been watching the fire. he was at the hospital when they evacuated, a mobile home fire and now a furniture store fire. that's where you are now, thom. >> reporter: that's right. we are to the west of where the mobile home park, where 150 homes burned. we are seeing this furniture store is now destroyed by fire. actually, a gun, ammunition shop on this corner closest to us, we have been hearing ammunition blow up in there ever since we have been here and even when we
7:49 am
were at the hospital, which was also evacuated, more than 100 patients, just going off all the time. then a tire store behind it on fire. tires have been blowing up. a soccer store destroyed by fire. we talked to the owner a bit ago. he said there was probably $300,000 worth of furniture stock he had in there that was destroyed. he has insurance but doesn't know how he is going to recoop in the meantime. it's been incredibly dark out here, even as the sun came up. starting to get a little lighter now. but the black smoke up here kept it very dark in the area. almost like it's presunrise for the most pamplt there are more fires, like a war zone here. we saw them running into power lines. firefighters trying to keep
7:50 am
people back off their hoses and out of the power lines. then there's more businesses over here. we do not know what all of them are. we have seen more businesses over here on fire, as well as some yards of maybe recycling yards also on fire. that furniture store i was talking about, the delivery truck for the owner of the store, destroyed, sitting here on the corner of the parking lot here. this is something like i don't think many of us have ever seen before. this fire all around us. not just the forest fire, the wildfire that is burning, that one finger of that 20,000 acre fire that zero percent contained pushed in here and has burned potentially more than 150 homes, at least several businesses. we do not know how many people were injured or what the extent of their injuries are. some people were injured.
7:51 am
we don't know, out here on the scene, about any fatalities. we know there are a lot of worries, a lot of people not able to get hold of loved ones who maybe were not contacted. the fire started so late. some in remote areas, not knowing about it in their homes, asleep, potentially. a lot of concern about the potential loss of life, hopefully no one lost their life in this. >> right. >> reporter: we know there are injuries and they evacuated two hospitals. of course, those folks already delicate with their issues in the hospital, now dealing with this. laura and marcus? >> thom, i want to ask you because you were across the way, fwreeway 101. i want to get a better understanding of where you are. is that hopper avenue? i am having viewers ask, specifically. they have loved ones there. >> reporter: we are on -- yeah, we are on range avenue and, what
7:52 am
is that? piner? range avenue and piner is the corner here. just to the east of us, where you see the red sunrise over here, if you look that way, toward that direction, i believe that is what redwood highway, over here, which would be going past the k-mart store, which we also understand is at least on fire. we don't know if it is engulfed. at least there was fire reaching that k-mart store to the north of us. >> okay. that gives us a better understanding. we sent you to multiple sites, which is amazing to think. listen to that. can you hear that? the popping. he mentioned the ammunition store. >> reporter: that's the ammunition. >> that's frightening to firefighters too. listen to that. >> there it is.
7:53 am
wow, the sound of gun ammunition going off as the store goes up in flames this morning. >> that's ammunition. >> that's the thing, some of these warehouses with stores as well. there's a sporting goods store, there's a tire store there as well. that's going to lead to a lot of thick, black smoke. our crew remains there on the scene. thank you for that. i anticipated that when you said there was a gun store there, having just covered different fires like that, you knew it was a matter of time. it shows the dangers of what the firefighters are going against. >> we want to go to the napa
7:54 am
county supervisor. she's keeping us aware of what's going on with the evacuations and what people need to do. what is the situation where you are? >> caller: right now, we are still in evacuation mode. we continue to make sure that our residents are safe, they are getting out of the way of the fire. we have now, we have been able to confirm that we have three major fire that is are a threat to safety and that's what we are focusing our efforts on. collectively, the fires are 2017 napa fire complex, but they are three fires, the atlas -- >> as those evacuations continue, i know we have heard of reports of some injuries. have you gotten word on that?
7:55 am
>> caller: not confirmed as of yet. we are aware some people have requested medical, but we don't have the confirmation of the extent of what those injuries are. we are fully staffed up. we have ambulance on site at these evacuations. we have medical care on site at the evacuation centers. certainly, the hospital is available as well. >> do you have any idea how many people were potentially evacuated? >> caller: at this time, we are not able to count. we know we have a large number of communities and homes within those communities that have been evacuated. as daylight breaks right now, we are still focusing on evacuation. we simply aren't ready to turn around to assessing numbers at this time. cal fire will be sending out an
7:56 am
assessment team, but that is not right now in the works. >> have you evacuated more areas since we last talked to you? >> caller: you are going to need to remind me. i think one additional one we have is the wooden valley road. it is going to -- those people were asking them to evacuate to salano community college. we have updated the closures. it is extending to yonkville. >> you mentioned you had emergency personnel at the evacuation centers as well, should anyone need help. did you have reports of people evacuating, but they were injured or suffering from some kind of, you know, smoke inhilation or something? >> caller: at this time, we don't have them. we have sporadic reports, but
7:57 am
not confirmed. >> okay. okay. we are trying to find out the whereabouts of the people and how they are doing. >> caller: certainly. our focus is to tend to our residents that have medical needs and make sure everybody is safe. we'll get to the tallies as soon as we can have a moment to turn our efforts. right now, we remain in evacuation mode. help your neighbors out. help each other out. >> now, you mentioned this, are you keeping track of who is going into each shelter, just in case someone may be calling and a family member left a phone at home. is there a way to see if their family member made it to a shelter? >> caller: we are keeping track of those who came into the evacuation centers. we have a general information line. it is 707-253-4501. certainly, if someone is
7:58 am
concerned about a family member, if they have gotten out or need help, we ask people to call and we can send the appropriate help out. we are tracking and putting a system in place to have verification. there is a mark yourself safe function operating on facebook that is being readily used as well. >> okay. that's good to know. belia ramos, you have been up all night checking in with us. you must be exhausted thank you for joining us. >> caller: thank you very much. >> we want to go to sky ranger right now. this looks like a house fire. this is in kenwood in sonoma county. we have been showing you the massive fire there and the thick clouds of smoke. you can see in the distance there, that speck of fire. that is where we see the chopper
7:59 am
zoomed in now. you can get a closer look at what's going on. many homes have burned this morning because of the fire there. again, this is in kenwood, this is sonoma county, a large area that has been affected. 10-15 fires burning throughout the area in napa and sonoma counties. many people have tried to function, trying to get to safety as many fire officials said and emergency responders said, the main goal, get people to safety. >> they have evacuated thousands already. as we see the fires burning in as nbc bay area sky ranger zooms into it, you see many structures and homes. you are praying everyone got out all right. we have seen so many scenes throughout. one that does remain in common is all that thick smoke, now billowing into parts of the bay area as well. the winds are playing a factor. let's bring in meteorologist, kari hall to talk about that. we have been talking how they
8:00 am
are expected to die down, kari. >> yeah, that's going to be the thing to help out firefighters.
8:01 am
8:02 am
8:03 am
anchors toss to mike.
8:04 am
test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
8:05 am
. on the roads as well as the transportation mike. >> laura you mentioned a
8:06 am
distraction. over here your view of the roadway is already but above the roadway you see all of the haze. the smoke is playing a factor in the bay area. south of the golden bridge as your traveling north you're going to see all the smoke in the north, it will definitely be a distraction. it may impede visibility. as we take a look at the map we'll show you what we're talking about. the dramatic sky ranges, that's around the area, south of glen ellen on the map. we do have disclosure for highway 12 and portions through that area, the smoke obviously is why we need to close all roadways. oakville, glen ellen, sonoma, highway 12 coming along. intermittent closures and of course evacuations. stay off the areas and road ways unless you are evacuating. looking for highway 101 this is
8:07 am
where the fire was on both 101. tom was in the area talking about the -- with the ammunition you heard that popping in the background. you heard this this was over in the kizer area. this is during the closure 101 by northwest spring and bicentennial. south of there, pant louima saw a lot of traffic heading down to nevada. a critical connection that is closed this morning because of more fire over here, racetrack, smoem may race way. north of there there's more of the fire and spoke coming down being blown down from the napa and soma fire. over here we're showing traffic flow, there may be a little more traffic flowing across that richmond bridge but light over all keeping track of traffic
8:08 am
moving very well on the east shore and down the golden gate bridge. heading up into the -- it's be a distraction. for the folks traveling out of the south bay heading north they're going to see all the smoke and activity in the north bay. so it will be a distraction, but just focus on the roadway because we don't want any other issues other than the fire. of course we'll cover the issues for you here and online. back to you. >> thank you very much mike. take you back to nbc bay area sky ranger as well. that cloud smoke envessel lopping the entire area of napa county and leading down into the bay area where you can smell it when you walk out the door. their battling multiple fires in napa and show may counties.
8:09 am
we mentioned it started 10:00 last night, they don't know how. >> t not just one area or one pocket it's spread throughout that area there. that brush fire definitely is something that a lot of people have just been in awe. like i said 10 to 15 fires burning throughout the area. we want to take you what to the what we saw or heard earlier -- >> that's right. >> with the ammunition. >> up in santa rosa we've been telling you the hospital there was completely evacuated, they had to take the people to the veteran's memorial center, it's a makeshift hospital now. i bring that now because behind the kizer hospital 101 there behind it was a mobile home park which look like that has been devastated. >> about 160 units. >> but that itself have grown into an industrial area which is pioneer road. >> pioneer road and range.
8:10 am
>> it was a warehouse hirfire, y had another company and they had that gun store. take a listen to this. you is have the loud boom and explosions there, it looks like the building at this point is probably completely lost. >> some of the other buildings in that area we saw were burned because of a fire there. we know a k-mart not too far from there, you know the k-mart in sh in snow may are not too far from there. >> pie mere and range road. >> we know there was a fire there at the k-mart. >> yeah. it's just amazing to see.
8:11 am
sonoma, santa rosa, napa all the different areas. >> still happening this morning. >> exactly all over night. unexplained how the fires started ticht thousands of people have been evacuated. a church in napa valley completely filled. they had to open up an additional center at the county college there to take some of the people there. they have napa county fairground vac wees people pouring in there. they also had personnel at the centers should anybody need help. let's check in with tom jensen once again. he was there and you still remain there. this was at this ammunition and gunfire store there. anymore loud pop that was kind of frightening to hear? >> reporter: there was, there were a few more of the loud pops, nothing rapid and loud like you guys were talking about in that video that you showed and everybody heard a second
8:12 am
ago. my photo journalist, henry gherkins and i when that happened we round behind the building bauds there were rounds going off. we didn't see anybody fly by but they were going off as you heard in pretty quick succession. this wall has already started now to fall down. most of that building is storage for the furniture store next door which firefighters have been hitting with water for more than an hour, easily more than an hour now trying to save the show room. but the rest of all of that furniture store, the storage, that gunshot, a soccer store, an her ball life story, they're destroyed. i'm being told the tire blue up but the tires behind it the tire store still standing. we do have more businesses burning down here to the north of us, the k-mart is north of us. you can see the black smoke out
8:13 am
that way. we just had numerous fire vehicles, wildfire vehicles come through here and head that way. one of the issues that they've had is power lines dropped here. we've seen some people drive into those power lines and get tangled up in them and firefighters have to free them and let them go. also people have been driving over their fire hoses making it more difficult for all the firefighters out here. just to the east of us, that's where that mobile home park was burning, also flattened by fire. more than 160 homes in the mobile home park over there. i'd say at least 150 are burned. we could only see six or so homes still standing. that's a center living, 55 and older mobile home park. we're hoping everybody got out of there. right next door to that was the kizer hospital where they
8:14 am
evacuated more than 100 patients and all the medical personnel. i'm sorry, they have been moved to kizer san roe fell and some of them to a better memorial center here in santa rosa, a makeshift hospital or an emergency center occurring right there to take care of all those patients. you can see the wall on the furniture storage unit here. we've seen parts of it fall, looks like the rest of it is about to collapse. firefighters have moved away from that and stopped hitting that with water on this side on the east side of it, they're still hitting it with a little bit of water trying to save it from skipping over to that tire store which is behind it. this is like a war zone out hire. to the north, south, east and west there's fire every where. most of the smoke started blowing a short time ago shifted
8:15 am
from the north and started blowing straight west. now it's blowing to the south and west a little bit. all of this is keeping the firefighters hopping. we're seeing blowing embers blow but us sometimes. you can only imagine smoke is towering up there and blowing these embers. how far some of that can reach. there goes that wall. obviously a completely loss on that building. back to the embers, we've heard of wild fires, those things blowing for a couple of miles and starting fires. that's one of the things they're contending with. not only this thing of the fires zero% contained and the rest of it but also the little spot fires. you got seven big fires if california burning. recourses have said they're trying to get as many people as
8:16 am
they can here in santa rosa. we don't know if there's any fatalities here yet. we hope not. we foe there's injuries but not the extent or how many. we do know thousands of people have been evacuated. some of those evacuation centers already filling up, trying to get more evacuation centers online. if people want to know where those are they can check in on the website at santa rosa fire department. there's a lot of that information, as well as fire maps and evacuation, what areas are being evacuated in sonoma county. -- >> we've been sending out -- >> reporter: resources -- >> actually we've been sending out that information as well. tom, you mentioned something, you remember at the kizer hospital earlier which was evacuated about three miles away from where you are now, and three miles i guess northeast
8:17 am
from there. we have nbc bay sky area over head. it show it is portable of these flames flewing through the area because of the winds in that area and how potentially fire is leaping. >> absolutely. . >> reporter: i think we may be a little closer than that. looks like it's closer than a half mile from kizer, west of kizer where we are right now. here at the area of range avenue and kizer road. we are fairly close to the hospital. >> exactly. so just beyond the hospital -- thank you very much too many. northeast from that area, this is what you'll find. nbc bay area sky ranger. this is the fire burning in that area. it is in the rincon ridge drive in santa rosa there. this looks like this was kind of a subdevelopment of homes in that area. it shows the potential for some of these embers and flames
8:18 am
leaping because of the winds in that area. >> seems like no area or structure is save when those embers come into that area. we saw just moments ago from sky ranger there, a huge structure looks like it may have been a home that was engulfed if flames, much of it destroyed by the fire that is happening. as we get this large scope of just the fires that continues to burn there, the thick clouds of smoke as we've seen all morning in many of these areas as daylight broke. we were able to get a closer look at all of the damage caused by this fire. the first call went out at 10:00 last night. this was over in the grove where they got this, 10:00 p.m. on sunday and that has spread to 12,000 acres. this is something that a lot of people who live in these areas, their homes. >> right the napa area. i wanted to go back to santa
8:19 am
rosa where we're joined by phone spokesperson captain amy head. i don't know allow you approach there with so many different fires ahead of you, amy? >> right. it's about 20,000 acres so it grew substantially in a short period of time. as we all have seen winds and fires, if you're familiar with theary that started over in the kalisto ga area, its made it all the way over to the city of santa rosa. we have a long way ahead of us. we're concentrated on getting resources in here. there's multiple fires burning throughout the state. >> talk to me about that. a lot of people say that the may point were getting people to safety. as you look at this how do you narrow down where do you start? that seems like the confusing part as many people look at how bad the fire is.
8:20 am
how do you far down and say okay this is where we want to start and get ahold of the fire? >> currently our number one priority is evacuating people. we've been evacuating people all night long in many different communities surrounding the santa rosa area. that was our number one priorities, the rescuers, first responders and civilians and making sure we get out. on top of that we start to mobilize or equipment in getting ahead of the fire as quickly as possible. we're contending with mother nature and these winds. that has been a major challenge and it will to be throughout the day. >> all right. >> all right. we know you've got a tough fight ahead of you. do you imagine to pull resources from throughout the state? i know there's other fires burning too. >> absolutely. we've got recourses throughout
8:21 am
the state, engines coming up from all over the state as well as to these other fires. our dispatch centers, and community service hours are prioritizing who to send where. that's been happening continuously throughout the entire night. >> is there a chance that you'd look outside of the state for back up assistance and how soon -- >> we do. i'm not sure if we've gone outside of the state yet or any of orr partners that we work with but that's definitely a possibility. we're working closely here on this fire with the city of santa rosa we're in unified command with them as well as all the local government fire agencies throughout the county. i can pretty much guarantee every single agency in sonoma county is here right now with more headed in. >> it's interesting to note, you've got from rugged terrain to city warehouse buildings. everything that you're trained
8:22 am
for basically you could potentially be covering in this. >> right. yeah, i heard you guys talking about how the fires are jumping. so there's a lot of embers that fly out ahead of this fire. so it could take a single ember to go way out ahead of the main fire to catch another home on fire, a business or what ever type to structure. that's what we've been trying to stay ahead of, it's been a challenge. >> all right. hopefully the winds will cooperate and die down and you'll get the resources you need. captain amy head. thanks for joining us. >> now we want to take you just a look at what's going on where these fires are, the map of these fires. santa rosa as well as the napa valley schools have been closed because of these fires. you see atlas road, that fire,
8:23 am
napa, santa rosa. kally toga. these are the areas that are burning at this hour. firefighters continue to move people out from these areas and to safety because the fires are quickly growing. the road fires started at 6:00 when we got on air this morning. >> and those embers how quickly they can travel to different areas. we've had reporter tom generjenn multiple scenes. it's varied from a park, to hospital to varies areas. these pictures i believe are coming from napa. we're trying to get the exact whereabouts of the street there. we've seen residential areas, more kind of tree-like area.
8:24 am
a lot of brush and thick, because it's a rural area. but just kind of gives an illustration and overview of everything they're dealing against, let alone the smoke. >> right. and the good news, no ftaltz fa taltz. she have been injuries but no word of fay taltz. many people have been evacuated quickly because they wanted to make sure people were safe. right now you can see a live view from sky ranger of an area still burning there. it's amazing whether you look at this. >> one of many, it is amazing. nbc sky ranger has been flying around different areas to give us advantage point. you see brush on the left and homes that are to the right. and they are up a lot here, they
8:25 am
feed to pull resources throughout the state in order to tackle the fire. when you cover a particular fire they talk about the perimeter they need to set up. they judge the wind in the area and judge the direction where the fire is going, but so many different fires you have to do that with each individual one that takes resources. >> we see 10 to 15 fires burning so imagine the manpower to get ahold of all of those fire. as the wind continues to blow, the wind advisories that are blowing throughout the area they have to monster that. the embers have traveled and sparked fire -- >> oh no we've seen it. >> businesses home. hospital, kizer medical center was evacuated. santa rosa was evacuated this morning. so all of that to get people to safety and out of danger's way. we don't know how quickly this
8:26 am
fire with spread. we saw this even in kizer the fire sparked in the parking lot and they had to put those out because that was in the evacuation path. >> so, taking a look at the overhead from nbc bay area sky ranger as it pulls out, you saw the direction of the fire and the winds pushing those flames. we've been checking in with meteorologist terry haul all morning. the winds were 20, 30, 40 miles per hour earlier? >> yeah, i got a compiled list of all the wind speeds they measured. this was unreal. mount die yab blow was at 75 miles per hour. in hieldburg 51 miles per hour. santa rosa 48. a peek wind gust, 48 miles per
8:27 am
hour. 46 napa. glen ellen 46 miles per hour and oakland a wind speed of 46 miles per hour there as well. but 75 wow. we're starting to see the winds calm down a bit. still gust through the delta now coming in from the northeast at about 22-mile-an-hour with higher gusts. as we go through the next two or three hours we'll see the winds calming down. so, the good nethere is that ou will subside. we have several hours left of gusty winds that could peek at about 30-mile-an-hour as far as our temperatures. we're beginning to be in the upper 60s throughout the next hour and rising through the day. that may be the chance for firefighters try to get some containment on this. at least we're not talking about extreme heat but temperatures in
8:28 am
the low 80s that are going to cause stress with the flames nearby. relatively humidity still very low. this will also drop going throughout the day, gets dryer as the day goes on. we have a mountainous terrain here. a lot of wooded area. we're all smelling the smoke really bad, poor air quality in san francisco. people are asking what should i do with my pets, i'm going to work, should i turn on my air-conditioning. close the windows and if you can turn on the air-conditioning turn it on and make sure there's no smoke coming into your home. a live look at emmys vil. another live look at san rafael i've been watching the energy vehicles headed north.
8:29 am
even though the south bay, we can smell the smoke here in the study at san jose and you can see the hazing conditions over head. if you have any health problems, breathing sensitivity it's best to limit your time outdoors, try not to go outside. if possible close up your window and doors and make sure the air conditioner is recirculating the air inside your house not bringing the outside air in. if you have wheezing, coughing, shortness of breathe, you may want to seek medical attention because that could cause problems throughout the day. we are going to be cooler as we were yesterday. napa high today of 77 degrees. 81 in santa rosa, san francisco low 70s. oakland 74 degrees and south by the way mid-70s there and next several days will be cooler. dry and brooeds winds throughout
8:30 am
the days tomorrow. san francisco will see the high temperatures in the upper 60s, a cool down for the morning hours through the week. the next two to three hours still will gusty winds, marcus and laura, then it starts to recede around noon. >> let's hope that it does because the forecast will be so essential to some of these firefighters of what they have to do. evacuations were some over the main concerns at the beginning. thousands of people evacuated their in shelter. we're talking napa and sonoma county and the fires that still remain. >> exactly. this is still causing a lot of problems for people computing this morning. mike, you've been tracking news with transportation. >> exactly. if you don't have to go out don't. if you have to move around -- we're hearing about sflignals
8:31 am
being out. tom jensen shows us of power lines down. the heavy winds over night we're going to have that list, tree branchs and power lines down complicating issues. no trains will be running at the very cloth very least because the highway 101 closure is aligned with the tracks. no buses running through santa rosa this morning and sonoma county buses will not be running either. kalisto have here, the napa fire and also -- and we have also the points where there's fire along highway 37. the fire at highway 37 caused -- traffic has been held low because of all the activity.
8:32 am
and folks in the north bay who are doing what they've been asked to do, that's either the clear the area or remain in the area to allow travel throughout these areas. you'll see this on twitter as well, a lot of emergency vehicles heading up to the north bay to assist. whether you see the flashing lights and see the sirens, if you're on a surface street pull over and if you're on a freeway give them a lane because they got to get where they're going, back to you. >> this is the tubs fire near call moe that -- just to give do you a rough idea of the general area of tubs lane. one of many fires burning up near kalisto ga right now. >> a lot of people are talking about this, sending pictures and
8:33 am
posting them on social media. we want to turn to scott mcgrew. >> i was just watching one tweet that said somebody was on 280 and couldn't believe the number of fire trucks headed north to help out. as we talk about social media you're going to get a lot of evacuation physician and other critical information on your phone. remind of course nbc bay is streaming this newscast and you can take that on your phone as well. however, we've talked with mike and kari about some of the power going out in the north bay and some of the cell towers play be affected. text messaging tend to be the last thing to go. text 88877 with your zip code only in the affected area and you'll get communication from organizers right on your phone.
8:34 am
again, that's text message, does not depend on the fancy internet connection, text message should work. it works in spanish as well. you'll get a reply you can say yes, orcy and you'll get the language you need. we do have pictures in san francisco. these are not of the fire but this is on san francisco on the right. we are hearing reports from 911 operators and other emergency operators getting a lot of calls of people not realizing what's going on. please, don't call 911 to report smoke, certainly report fire but do not report smoke. it's all over the bay area, guys it's even behind you in the picture windows there as well. smoke every where, 911 don't do that. >> this is a view from san francisco this morning just kind of illustrates all the smoke --
8:35 am
we started smelling it in the studio like an hour-and-a-half ago. try to shut your doors and windows as well. keep the elderly in, check on your pets and check on each other. this is going to be a unified front that they have here. we're seeing that in santa rosa, kalisto ga, napa. kr a fire you foe they're going to vac weet people from the neighborhoods. this is a video earlier this morning, they are helping patients at kizer hospital up in santa reside. they had to put the people in transit buss to pick them all. we saw some of the personnel which is amazing, they were pulling up their own personal cars and putting patients in to take them to safety. >> that was to get everyone to safety as the fires were quickly approaching nearby.
8:36 am
and from here at the hospital, just beyond those are mobile parks. as you can see right there, tom jensen there showing us earlier this morning the magnitude of this fire. this is just south of that hospital there, kizer medical center and it continue to burn. we were told 150 units there, this is where people 55 years and older that lived here in that mobile home park as it was destroyed this morning by that fire as it continued to burn there. as tom says probably maybe a dozen homes that weren't affected by that. 160 units in that mobile home park. looks like a majority of them destroyed by the fire. >> it was amazing to see, we had tom jensen our reporter at the scene of the hospital. behind that hospital was the mobile home park. not too far from there embers
8:37 am
likely flying. we saw businesses destroyed as well. there was warehouse tires in the area, a furniture business, there was a wall that collapsed in the furniture busy in santa rosa earlier today. >> up there, blowing these embers, how far those could reach, there goes that wall. a wall on the storage area just collapsed. obviously a complete loss on that building. >> that was at pioneer road and range three miles away from the mobile home park and the hospital. illustrated how quickly these fires have spread and really what firefighters are up against. >> as we walked you through all of the fires we have been seeing throughout the morning you can imagine the need for help is desperate right now. so you're asked to call for help, the city of santa rosa is looking for volunteers this morning. they say the local red cross has exhausted its pool.
8:38 am
volunteers are needed. this is at eliacib allen high school and cook middle school. any adults that can safely get to those two schools can go there for help. you can call this number 707-543-4542. and there they can give you your assignment to help -- >> that's right. they only want volunteers at this point if you are able to help out. the need is going to be great and growing no doubt in the coming week or weeks ahead when you have so many people evacuated and not know g if they have a home to return to. all right, the good news some of the fires in the warehouses and whatnot were overnight, most likely not populated there. we want to check in with kris sanchez. she's live in san bruno talking to officials now who are
8:39 am
prepared to l prepared head to these firefighters. >> reporter: they took off in the last hour or so. you heard scott mcgrew seeing trains of fire engines headed up to santa rosa. these are police officers who are headed up there as well. they're there to help with evacuations. making sure the roads are closed and folks don't pass through there. this is about eight different agencies, mostly from san matteo county, county sheriff's department, san matteo police, hillsborough, east palo alto, as well as other agencies headed up there. they're going just like this, lights and sirens from san bruno all way up to freeway until they reach santa rosa. the commanding officer says this is an emergency. they're trying to get there as quickly as possible so they can
8:40 am
help facilitate some of those evacuations and get people to safety where they need to be. it's compounded by difficulty the fact that some of the folks surrounded by shelters, as you mentioned shelters are full. we have a lot of traffic around that area. kris sanchez reporting. >> thank you kris. this is in santa rosa this morning, look at the smoke. look at how wide that area is, it's a huge loss of land there that is on fire burning, 10 to 15 fires burning in sonoma county this morning. >> take a look here, we have a video of one over the fires from that area. this is a home that was on fire earlier this morning. you can see it right there, that home engulfed in flames, this is a situation we have seen on many
8:41 am
homes throughout the morning as the fire has spread throughout the areas. you can see right now this is near -- >> i think this is near rincon ridge driver in santa rosa because we were talking a look at it earlier, about three miles probably northeast of the kizer hospital was, but it is a residential area and it is so sad to see. it shows how the embers can leap with the winds and spread the fire to so many different locations. >> right. there is not the only home affected. we've seen many homes from the area that has been affected. then also you see the rugged terrain areas that are still on fire. we're talking huge areas of that. when you watch it it's out of amazement to see how quickly this fire has spread and wide range. >> and we have that advantage point with nbc sky range chopper over head to see these areas.
8:42 am
cr kris mentioned a while ago that the patrol vehicles are having their lights with sirens going, when you see the pictures you understand that i have got a fight lady of them. >> they really do. what's happened here as closed a lot of schools. santa rosa as well as napa valley schools have been closed. you can see on the map how widespread these fires are. we usually see them in one area. you have that fire in napa, you see one down in cedar's point, you see santa rosa and call stone ya. the tubs fire they're calling it, 20,000 acres. hospitals have been evacuated, kizer medical center, as well as santa rosa hospital, both evacuated, we saw this morning
8:43 am
the footage of that, they were taking these patients out of the hospital. people were putting some of the staffer there at the hop, putting patients in their own cars to get them to safety. >> i've never seen anything like it. to have a hospital evacuated they had to move out people intensive care in their hospital bed, attached to iv's, you have crews and doctors and nurses pulling them out. >> and you know hospitals plan for this all time, they have their emergency of drills and i'm sure they are apart of that to get this all together and get people to safety. this is in napa, another house fire we have been tracking this one throughout the night and this in the distance there. >> near the silverado trail. >> exactly. like i said this morning, we watch there and it's so sad to see this, we have to remember too these are people's homes. this is where they go home, many
8:44 am
were sleep last night when, okay you have to evacuate and get out. this is the reason why because those homes could go up in flames and we've seen that throughout the morning. >> it has been heart breaking. people who have been forced into evacuations centers, they don't know if they'll have a home to go to. in the coming days we'll be hearing that. there are four evacuation centers, wale there are five. one of evacuation centers in napa, the cross walk church. it has been full. the slaun know community college opened their gymnasium for people to come in. they do need volunteers to come in. the red cross, stretched then in itself. a lot of volunteers fft have gone to some of the hurricane, earthquake relieves, all the different things we're seeing and in our own backyard we have
8:45 am
fires. if you are able to volunteer i'll tweet out the numbers and they'll assign you to an area too. no doubt in the coming days this will be a story we'll continue to follow right here on nbc bay area. >> reporter: we received multiple phone calls from people who stated they were trapped, they could not get out, that fire was surrounding them. we've done our best to go ahead and effect evacuations for as many of those as we can, but i'll be honest with you, we don't have a full accounting for everybody right now. it's a little too early to say if everybody was able to take shelter effectively owner. we hope the best but we'll fine out more as the morning breaks. >> they do take account of people when they are headed to the shelters. if you do want to check on a loved one. so many people were concerned about their loved one.
8:46 am
these are the pictures we were talking about patients taken away from kizer hospital in santa rosa, literally wheeled out of the hospital in their bed, iv still attached. nurses and doctors surround them as they were led to a waiting balance. this also, some of the people they were bridging in their own individual cars, nurses and doctors to take some of the patients away. they had to transport them to another kizer hospital. i believe some wen to the veterans memorial center where that has now been established as a makeshift hospital as they had to completely evacuate kizer santa rosa for about 1 h00 peop there. >> they may have taken some to kizer in san rafael. the threat of embers coming and sparking something near or on the premises of the hospital, and that did lap. the strong winds are near the hospital entrances that they are
8:47 am
trying to evacuate, they got that under control. but the winds is something certainly some of the issue -- >> from the smoke. look at that. you already have people who play be suffering from illnesses. they may have been treated with the smoke inhalation. so we're trying to check on the condition of the people taken from the hospital. you see the fire burning behind them there, it was a very frieng situation. heart ache really. either never seen anything like this before. i was here with the oakland fire, we saw that envessel lope the hills with so much smoke. the thing about these fires their fighting in sonoma county they're all spread out. >> they're spreading possibly because of the embers. we want to bring in kari, she's tracking the win advisory. >> the fire weather warning went
8:48 am
up on friday for sunday. we flew the wind would be strong but seeing it play out it really makes it unreal the way we've seen the winds pick up. here's a live look outside in san rafael this morning. ener emergency vehicles traveling north. i want to show you the wind speeds of the national service this morning. hawk eye near the river rauk cast know had a wind speed of 79 miles per hour. we had the hurricane force winds this morning, heelds burg 51 miles per hour. santa rosa, 48. we had winds this morning that picked up really yesterday evening and that's what helped fan the flames and cause there wildfire to spread these embers and create more wildfires. now as we look at the sustained winds, we have wind speeds at
8:49 am
about 10 to 20 miles per hour. it is breezy. we play have gusts about 30 as we go through the 10:00 or 11:00 hour. it's still going to be windy in spots. the wind speeds are starting to calm down and that will be the trend throughout the rest of the day. we will star to see much more favorable conditions for tease firefighters. everyone out there trying to get containism on fires spreading from north to south because that's the direction of the wind speeds. right now temperatures are at 66 miles per hour. if we look at the temperature trend for the rest of the day it's going to quickly warm up. once we do get the sun shine it's going to make it into the low 80s. one thing that may help keep the temperatures down a bit may be the smoke that will keep the temperatures more steady but still really dry here. the relative humidity at about 14 to 17% usually in this time
8:50 am
of the morning it's about 60 to 70%. we have pa which i fog, we're not seeing that right now. san francisco, poor air equal drifting across the by the way as we take a look outside at emoryville. that's going to cause a lot of people for not only people with breathing problem, when you breathe in the smoke it burns so it's going to be spreading down to the south bay because of the win speed going from the north bay down to the south bay. if you have repeated coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, nausea, anything that doesn't feel right, call and make an appointment to see your doctor. here's a look of a picture from cat louima, sun rising this morning, very smokey there as the sun came up. low visibility there. this came from john blair, a smoke in -- you can see hazy
8:51 am
can'ts, poor care quality and dangerous conditions out there. if you've been out and about facebook and tweet @kari hall weather. let's look at the bay area, if you can limit yourself outside do so, maybe go to a gym, the temperatures will not go good for you. warm and dry in the north bay, once again the good news that our winds will start to subside shortly afternoon and then we'll have much more quiet weather conditions over the next few days. san francisco reaching into the upper 60s. we'll most likely have smoke drifting around the bay area for several days and still breezy tomorrow as well. temperatures starting to cool off into the low 70s for the inland valley. marcus and laura. >> let's hope they get the
8:52 am
relief they need. live look at sky area. we wen on air early this morning to give you the latest information, in fact we've been on air since 4:00 this morning, trying to give you the very up to date latest information. pictures that we've seen some of the homes going up in flames. >> there is something we've seen throughout the morning. we've seen this with homes and businesses and crews fight this fire. we want to continue following this right now. right now take it over to michael inin-and-out. >> let's not forget today is columbus day holiday. i think that's why we've seen a lighter flow of traffic around the bay. basically there's no traffic you should have through the areas.
8:53 am
over here highway 37 which is closed. napa sonoma fires as well as up here that is affecting 128 and the fire over here in santa rosa. we're talking about the hopper fire as well. we're looking at the closure for highway 101. we're also talking golden gate transit and sonoma county transit. none of them are driving they're buses through areas because of all the energy vehicle -- emergency vehicles necessary. the highway is not move at all between never. i did take into account the fact that it is columbus day holiday for some so it may have been that option for lighter flow of traffic. the richard and san rafael bridge has maintained but the entire area has been affected by the fire and switch of flow. the emergency vehicles coming
8:54 am
into the area and the smoke that continues to be blowing down into the area. and even ash, some folks in daily city were reporting ash as well this morning. visibility for drives as far as i know is moving well. it's the fact you have to watch for the traffic control. in the northbou bay affected bye fires, do be careful because we have areas affected by down wires as well. you can't really see the lines because of the smoke in the air. >> and that is dangerous you never want to drive over a live line. all right, nbc sky ranger up above. normally we'd like to see a beautiful sky at this point but look at all this smoke. this is so hard, it's going to go into the coming days as well. live pictures over ahead at nbc bay area sky ranger has given us
8:55 am
advantage points of fires that are burning. we've seen through subdivisions as well, through a mobile home park it is tragic to see. you see the site up against some of these firefighters. >> a lot of people have been trying to get to safety. that's number one for a lot of people and first responders to get everyone out of the harm's way of this fire because it is moving quickly and jumping from one location to the other. we've seen it destroy homes as well as businesses. tom jensen he was in many places this morning. he was at the hospital this morning. >> in santa rosa. >> just beyond there a mobile home park caution fire. >> 160 units there. >> 160 units, majority destroyed by that fire. not too far from there there was another area, furniture store, tire store. >> like an industrial-type area that you see there. the other side of 101 in santa rosa. in fact tom jensen was reporting
8:56 am
there earlier this morning when ammunition started igniting there in santa rosa. listen. >> reporter: that's ammunition. >> yeah it was quite frightening for tom to hear something like that but for firefighters as well. they were trying to tackle this fire but at one point it burned itself out. the good news if you can try to fine any silver lining in everything is that it happened over night and early morning hours, none of those businesses were most likely opened at that time. we didn't have injuries reported there. we're hoping for that throughout all these fires going throughout napa and sonoma county. >> rights. we take a live look from sky ranger you can see the scope of this. you can see sparks of the fire
8:57 am
that continues to burn there, zero containment tip. 20,000 acres in one area. 5,000 acres in another area over in napa. so, this is what we're dealing with this morning, this is what first responders have to tackle at some point. they want to make -- themmed to make sure everyone got to safety because the fire was moving how it was jumping from one area to the other in many of those homes and businesses in danger of that fire. we've seen many of those homes go up in flames in pretty much many neighborhoods. >> i'm getting tweets from viewers who said they were evacuated but now they're wondering about their own homes. they see sky ranger over head and they're asking do you know about the tough fires on this street on this point. we don't know about the damage that has been contained to some of these businesses but we're keeping tabs on it.
8:58 am
we're hoping everyone's out and their safe. that's the best concern. >> i want to tell everyone the schools in napa valley has been closed this morning because of the fires. take a look at your screen you can see how widespread the fires are. the atlas peek road areas, that's where we got the first report 10:00 on sunday night. you can see fires in the napa area, santa rosa, tubs lane. the fires in that tubs lane area that is where the 20,000 acre fire is burning right now. the atlas peek road area that is where they have 5,000 acres burning at this hour. all these areas are just really battling and fearful even, i'm sure that these could spread more. >> they're going to have command posts set up to see how they're going to disperse their fire fighter efforts and see what
8:59 am
they're going to be doing. it's zero containment at this point. it'll be fascinating to see how they'll fight these numerous fires as they have been breaking out. new video coming into the newsroom that we're taking a look at. it looks like an overhead shot this morning. we're told these are pictures coming to us from east santa rosa, looks like a residential area amidst the smoke. fire balls. >> right, you see one there and one just a mile or so from that one. and this is what we're seeing as it continues to spread. again, you just don't know. >> well it's 9:00 right now, we're hoping the winds are going to die down. we've been checking with meteorologist kari hall whose been telling us they should die down. over flying, 30, 40, 50 miles per hour winds, the winds were causing those gusts and of course the gusts a bad
9:00 am
combination, the embers start flying to another area as well. >> that's where we haveg%i+eno g


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