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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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danger is over at least for now here. but that's not the case a few blocks from here. just a short distance from here. nbc vicky nguyen. what is the scope of the evacuations there, vicky in. >> reporter: jess kwa we are right here in bennett valley an just came over the mountain. we were on oak mont showing you over here they announced a mandatory evacuation. we have offer sonoma minute road. there are fires burning to the east. as we pan over here you can see what is already scorched as part of this vind yar. we can see grapes on the vine wilted. down there that area of a black earth you can see all the brush is burned. there are many, many pockets still smolderring. but up there and in state park that's the concern the smoke coming over the ridge blowing
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down to oak mont as you were tossing this to me there were emergency vehicles coming up and down sonoma mountain road, code 3. they are telling people to get out. traffic on sonoma mountain road heading out to bennett valley road expect there to be some people. there is a steady flow of people. this area is sparsely populated. not like coffey park that we've been reporting on since yesterday. these are much, much bigger plots of land. as you can see beautiful vineyards here skrechg for acres right across the way smoke billowing up. the wind is definitely picking up that's the biggest concern. the area bennett valley under evacuation. bennett ridge road, enterprise road and sonoma mountain road. guys. >>reporter: okay, vicky weal take that back. we are see the flare ups and new
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evacuations. the hope is to contain it and keep it from spreading. i'm here in paradise ridge waynery in santa rosa right above fountaingrove the neighborhood we showed you yesterday. this is what's left of the waynery right now. a tank room completely gutted. there are barrel storage. their crush pad all of it gone. on the other side is the tasting room and event center. this winery exists no more but the bich family were out here a short time, had this land in the family since 1978. they've been making wine since 1991 i toek to renae bich a short time ago and he said yes it's bad but in the end he says they will rebuild and move forward because they are indicative of the spirit of santa rosa. and he says it's incumbent on him and the family to bring employees back and keep the
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winery moving forward and to make sure they are an emblem of what santa rosa is about that they can survive this. it's bad, he says, but they're ready to start over again. we have seen him through the vineyards. the vines are safe thp. they have lost the 2017 vintage but have enough wine to keep moving forward. and hopefully that's the case for many of the other wineries here throughout sonoma county. coming up in just a little bit. we're looking at the scope of the wineries what it means to the industry of wine making for northern california raj and janelle. >> that's a life line what we're going through. jessica keeping you in place. well get to the sky ranger. once again what we thought was going to stay out of the towns and in the hills. but it's back down to the ground level. we're zooming in and parts of glen ellen seeing more flames. while we look from sky ranger we'll also tell you the death toll has risen unfortunately. 15 people right now have died. that could go up as the days go
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forward. president trump also approving disaster declarations because of the wildfire. again the sky ranger over glen ellen, about 15 miles away from vicky in the observing mont about 20 miles away from santa rosa prr. and certainly not in the clear, still zero% containment. >> a couple hundred people reported missing in the wildfires. but there was good news today. the sonoma county sheriffs department says they located about 50 of them. and they were just not able to get in touch with loved ones because of the poor communication and the cell phone towers down. but they are working on loeking the remainder- remaining 150 people still reported missing in sonoma county alone. >> what makes it so tricky there are multiple fires converging almost a confluence of three fires in and around santa rosa. let's bring in jeff rathnieri.
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weep he will keep the helicopter shot up. what are you seeing in terms of temperature, humidity and wind. >> you can see right here, the wind is not extremely gusty through the afternoon. just so many hots spots as they get control of one area another zone flairs pup we have generally seen the winds coming more from the west today. and that has now turned the fire in a new direction and that's why we have these new evacuations that have been prompted. where vicky nguyen has been reporting. i want to a overall perspective how many fires we are dealing with. it's five core fires in marin and nap eu a and sonoma accounting the sears park many pap patrick fire 1,000. atlas 25,000 acres. to the east of napa and also yountville. the nuns fire 5,000 acres.
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more of eldridge that's pushing here close to santa rosa which is the tubz fire. so a lot happening. a lot of moving parts. winds right now 5 to 10-mile-per-hour .big switch in wind today is coming more out of the west. pushing the smoke and flames to the north and also the east. we saw vicky nguyen reporting out in oakmont now in bennett valley. that's the problem all the different hot spots popping up. with the wind out of the west process pushing the flare ups towards oakmont and north of glen ellen. a lot of moving parts. i think the bottom line is we are looking at winds 10-mile-per-hour and below through tonight. the next big change before i let you go on this update is a new red flag fire warning on wednesday and thursday. i'll detail the more gusty winds building back into the forecast coming up. >> okay, jeff, thank you. let's go to the other big
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wildfire in wine country the atlas fire in napa county moved to solano this is a new video of plume of smoke in fairfield off 80. jodi hernandez has been on the front la lines live in fairfield mandatory evacuations there as well, jodi? >> reporter: that's right, i'll tell you things have really flared up within the last couple of hours. we are standing at the base of tin sisters road and we are told that there is active fire up at the top of this road as we speak. this is where firefighters have been working hard to try to keep the fire from spreading. >> no one wants to see this. >> people in green valley are on edge as the atlas fire crests over the ridge and into solano county. >> it's a frightening prospect. yeah and we know none of us want to hear that but maybe that's
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the way it's going to be. >> fire crews have been working all day to attack the fire from the air. hoping to keep it from moving from napa county and into green valley. but despite the intense aerial attack the flames are spreading into new territory. engines are positioned at homes hoping to keep them safe and solano county has the emergency operations center fully staffed tonight ready to respond to whatever comes next. >> unfortunately fires are unpredictable. the wind can change. you get a who hot ember blowing to an area you thought was seven and it's not anymore. >> reporter: we are back live where you can see the wind is picking up. ashes are falling down. i have in in my eye. and the sense of urgency has ramped up. again there is active fire we are told on this road, twin cities road. we were at the top earlier today. at the very top there is a
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multimillion dollar home known as the glass house. it has glass and concrete. it's a beautiful home. firefighters have been situated there trying to protect the home and i just got off the phone with the home owner who lives in houston. he has been monstering the house from his surveillance cameras he says about 45 minutes ago he saw active fire all around the house. and then suddenly he lost the connection that's not good news here. folks again very much on edge in solano county reporting live in green valley, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay jodi, thank you. let's go back to sky ranger over sonoma county where we see multiple flair ups right now. prompting new evacuations for bennett valley and the oakmont neighborhood. our reporter marianne favro is in glen he will opinion the town of 800 already devastated by flames back on alert. we've vaks information scrolling
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across the bottom of the screen. >> just to be clear we are talking about solano and sonoma county. that's where the chopper is right now. it's confusing for seem people with all the fires. also assessing the damage but at this hour we are seeing more flames. nbc bay area damian trujillo joins from us the evacuation zone tonight. i'm happening where you are. seems like you are three or four miles away from the current fires. what are you seeing around you? >> reporter: well i did see a plume of smoke earlier in the hills. but that has since dissipated. this is the hidden valley area of santa rosa. and there is nothing left here. this is the burnett family home it seems like a flas where the neighbors used to gather. now it's gone. the family was back to assess the damage and they were greetwood hugs from other victim who also lost everything here. the burnetts were able to take a photo album and family pets. they came back for the safe and
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they are understandably speechless just like many other of the neighbors. the fire ripped true on sunday night and devoured everything in its path. light poles are strewn across the road. transformers lying on the sidewalk. another light pole burning from bottom to top. this is where families were going to spend thanksgiving in just a month 1/2. and now there are more questions than answers for the burnt ets it's where the children were going to return home from college for the holidays. >> we just sent our youngstown off to college. and we were looking forward to the empty nest. i just didn't think it would be this empty. >> i drive by here every day. and it's like i always look at this house. and now it's just completely gone. and i can't believe it. >> the coy fish are survived the fire and swimming in the pond
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but around them the neighborhood is gone. the there is nothing for the victims to come back to at this point. just utter devastation here in the hidden valley community reporting live in santa rosa. damian true owe nbc bay area news. >> it's heart breaking to see the devastation. thank you for the update. we continue to follow this breaking news. a new round of evacuations underway right now in sonoma and solano. sky ranger over a bunch of new flairups happening now along the fire line and another flair up near glen ellen process. fire in the north bay back on the move. we'll keep you posted.
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i want to get back to the breaking news. what you are looking at nbc sky rather than over sonoma county. i want to be very clear. this is sonoma county. what you are seeing parts of glen ellen, the small town but notable town of glen ellen. you can see the flairups and significant flairups. these are major earlier about 24 hours ago parts of glen ellen were burned. several homes now the flames are back. keep in mind it's zero% containment. as you can see various hot spots in glen ellen. this is about 20 miles southeast of santa rosa. and this is one of the three fires that are kind of surrounding this area. we have a crew on the ground in glen ellen. marianne favro from her her
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vantage point she can't see flames but our best view is up high from sky ranger. >> we want to let you know about the mandatory evacuations, new evacuations just ordered squb just came into the newsroom. talking about east of bennett valley, east of bennett valley golf course. near the shy low regional park. month bello road, bennett ridge road sonoma mountain road. and we have a list of other evacuations, school closures evacuations centers available. that's running on the bottom of the screen we are scrolling that continuously also on the website, >> from the helicopter here we want to go back towards santa rosa bring in jessica aguirre once again. talking about the wine stre. insomnia eu a and napa county. jessica. >> reporter: raj and janelle, as you well know this you're looking at behind me the wine industry really is the heart of in region. you have millions of tourists
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coming here. it generates tens of millions of dollars in revenue for the area. it employs almost everyone in this area. and to see this kind of damage -- we're at the paradise ridge winery. to see this kind of damage is devastating. now we went up and down sonoma county -- went up highway 12, which is close to the public. but able to drive up to be able to look at wineries chateau frts jean, all of these to see how unscared most are. this is actually the worst one. it's pretty remarkable. we spoke to the president of the wine maker association who says it could have been so much worse. >> luckily for the most part around sonoma county our vineyards are in good shape. we haven't heard of a lot of fire damage. the vines are resilient to fire. they're a living plant. you see most of the trees still here because they're living. that's what is the case with the vin yards as well.
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we are also fortunate if there is a silver lining in a smoky sky today it's that 90% of the grapes are already harvested. >> that was carissa cruz, the president of the win maker association. believe it or not she lost her home she lives in fountain grof lost her house. but she says they do feel they're going around the wineries, checking what they're going to see is luckily they had taken the crops off only maybe some of the cashier nay about 10% of those were on the vine. they feel that they're in good shape. now most of the wineries are going around assessing the vines to see -- they say they probably have some smoke taint and maybe parched grapes on what's left. but all in all they feel with the exception obviously of paradise ridge wintry that sonoma faired really well considering the devastation and the damage to people's homes and all those structures and especially considering the lives lost. raj and janelle. >> jessica you wri up a good
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point. there were plenty of wineries unattached or hardly touched. and they are moving forward with business. let's go to the other end. talking from sonoma over to napa county on the silverado trail. many returning to properties first time today. acres of grapevines damaged or stride. even if not damaged or destroyed it's all about the lack of power now. >> we are maintenance guys, struggling to get generating connected to the grid here on the winery just to get the cooling system up and running to try to control the temperature. >> you heard it they're bringing in generators there to keep everything temperature controlled. we will give a quick list now of the wineries damaged in ♪a appear pair dislij, chateau st. engine y-signorello. stags leap and fray vind yards in mendocino county. >> nbc bay area sky ranger following the latest flaups.
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you can see the smoke on the hilledside generated by the wiefrmds. we thought firefighters had the upper hand but its seems some of the winds are shifting causing the fires moving back into neighborhoods already damaged. jeff ranieri is keeping an eye on the flairups on the fires burning right now. there is another red flag warning around the corner. >> there is. we are looking at overall today changing winds. in terms of the direction there are so many fires wurng as you can see as sky ranger zooms around. when you get the wind direction change it sends the flames and embers the other direction. even though the wind is not that gusty. that's why it's so imperative to follow the evacuation orders. generally a lot of the smoke is lifting straight up into the atmosphere. not eem extremely gusty today but the wind direction change is pushing the fire in a completely new direction. as we get a look right now again
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we are tracking five fires here. across the north bay. sears point fire 2000 acre attention partrick fire 1,000 acres. atlas fire be 25,000 acres. then the nuns fire and the tubbs fire basically converging together in some fashion making matters worse. we heard a lot of reports this afternoon. what i want to do is break it down with the two most new immediate evacuations in place. the first one is up here into the north bay. and again it's because of the wind change, coming more out of the west today, 8 to 12-mile-per-hour. so what that has done is it has now pushed flames again in a new direction. so where vick y nguyen has been reporting there are three flu flare ups. in bennett valley. also near oakmont and north of glen ellen process. this is an area of big concern
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right now with the flarups. the second zone we monitored is where jodi hernandez has been reporting, in green valley. on twin cities road. andway we see here is part of the atlas fire on the peek over here. it looks like some of that smoke and fire might make it into green valley with, again, the wind coming from the west. it could push it here into green valley. so be aware of some of the evacuations that are in place at the current moment. what is cal doing what are the firefighters doing now to strategyize with this fire. ? we learned new information that they are attacking the fires on the south lines of the fires specifically on every fire. that's because they want to get ahead of flames and a wind switch. looks like by wednesday and thursday winds will switch, turning more out of the nofrgt 20 to 40-mile-per-hour. and that could help the fire to burn itself out.
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again attacking the southern lines. with the wind switch more out of the north we are looking at possibly the fire helping to burn itself out. we have a brand new red flag fire warning in effect are east bay, south bay and north bay hills as winds go 20 to 40-mile-per-hour. parts of wednesday and also on thursday. i think the worst of it right now would be on thursday at 5:30 in the morning. that's when we could be under extreme fire danger again. thursday 5:30 in the morning, you guys. okay that's into the good news thank you, jeff. we want to go back to sky ranger where unfortunately we are watching the flames devour another home as we speak. the fire far from over. multiple fires burning in the north bay. we continue the coverage after this break. solano community
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college is an open shelter for people. livestock and happening now on the twitter feed, the solano community college is open shelter for people evacuating livestock and pets are welcome to the fair grounds, in vallejo. you can find more evacuation information on the website. all schools in the fairfield unified school district will be closed tomorrow. again, all of the information is on our website.
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i want to get back to the breaking news through the smoke. you can see there down below you will be able to see a lot of flames. there are more structures on fire. this is in sonoma county in or around the town of glen ellen. we want to be accurate in the reporting. and it looks like a pretty sizable home, about 15, 16 miles east of santa rosa in or around the town of glen ellen. >> more fire coverage when we come back. stay with us.
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nbc bay area sky ranger over sonoma county where we are spotting new flare-ups, underneath you'll the smoke we watched a fire gobble up another home in sonoma county. here are the latest numbers. more than 1,500 structures, including businesses and homes destroyed by the massive flames. 15 fatalities now. nine in the sonoma pmt three in mendocino county and one in lake county. we will keep the nbc sky ranger up live over the scene.
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you can watch on the website. for now we will is send it over to lester holt on nbc nightly news." see you back here at 6:00 for further coverage. tonight, out of control. entire neighborhoods gone as the toll of dead and missing soars in california. >> the destruction and devastation just makes me so upset. i pray these people will be okay. sg firefighters racing to save more homes. bombshell new allegationsgainst harvey weinstein. angelina jolie accuse him of sexual misconduct in hotel rooms. this has audio emerges of weinstein during a police sting. trump's iq challenge after his own secretary of state calls him a moron. the president boasts


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