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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we want to be accurate in the reporting. what we are seeing now the flames ignited 60 minutes ago, 15 miles southeast of santa rosa. >> we want to show you a map of all the fires in the north bay. more than 60,000 acres burned in sonoma and napa counties. and nearly 40 hours later new mandatory evacuations under way right now in the neighborhoods of bennett valley and oakmont in seats santa rosa. solano county, there are mandate evacuations in the hills above fairfield. and take a low back at the video sky ranger just captured about 15 minutes ago. you can see a propane tank or gas line on fire igniting the flame. fortunately it went out within a few minutes. sky ranger also got this image in the past hour. unfortunately another home being dwoud by the flames, racing up the hillside outside of glen
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ellen. >> keep in mind it's zero% containment with all the fires. no one in the clear. all the homes and areas damaged, flames might be coming back in the surrounding areas. we have a team of reporters throughout the fire zones in the three local counties. let's begin with jessica aguirre in sonoma county. jessica. >> reporter: raj and janelle i'm in the paradise ridge winery, in sonoma county above fountaingrove in santa rosa louisiana area heavily damaged. you can see the winery is completely des mated. out of danger here now. but the focus is on that area in glen he will opinion i want to take you out to sky ranger, show you the live pictures of what's happening there. it's smoke forever wherever the eye can see. you can see a house on fire right now. this is an area the little tiny enclaf of glen ellen that yesterday was heavily damaged and not spared today. back with more fire, more flames
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where more heavy smoke in the little tiny ruler area. we have a lot of important and significant wineries in the area that were spared yesterday although homes were not. now we see again the area is in imminent danger again. we are also wanting to talk about the evacuations going on in some of the other areas. the fire and the fire storms not done with sonoma, napa appear solano county yet. evacuations currently under way. where they are happening, people in two neighborhoods near santa rosa have been ordered to leave. the the first self near shy low regional park, the area you were talking about bennett valley area. both of these locations are to the east of 101. and then there is another little area which is really seeing a lot of damage in terms of the evacuations people having to leave. this is the oakmont neighborhood near bennett valley road. flaps are are spreading in the green valley area of solano
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county, near 680/80 interchange. the fire also in the twin sisters area of green valley. vicky nguyen joins us from there. and us what the status of the evacuations at this point? >> reporter: jessica, they are fully under way as of an hour ago. lights and sirens emergency crews coming through on bull horns. we are on sonoma mountain road which is under a mandatory evacuation along with bennett ridge road and enterprise road. let me show you which. the winds are picking up. and changing direction. and just -- just a few moments ago that started flaring up on the hillside. you see the flame going upward process. i'll take to you the left you'll see annandale state park over here on fire. right before that ridge behind it is the community of oakmont,
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2500 homes there under a mandatory evacuation. we were out there earlier today around 10:00 or 11:00. caught up with a couple people there getting things out of the homes. and then by this afternoon 2:00, lights and sirens, more deputies and police officers going through the neighborhood making sure people were out. helping elderly -- helping an elderly women we saw who is garage door wasn't working. propping it open getting her out. shut going. where definitely not in the clear yet here in santa rosa. a lot of mutual aid we are seeing of law enforcement and first responders come from all over the bay area, more than 100 different folks that don't normally work in sonoma county. they talked to us about how emotional it is as well because there are firefighters who lived and worked in this community who are tonight also without their homes. >> reporter: all right well okay vicky you stay there.
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we'll continue to monitor. the situation there. here in sonoma county in santa rosa up here on the hill it has started to cool off in just the last few minutes. we have seen a little bit of the wind picking up. i'm at the paradise ridge winely destroyed yesterday by the fire. coming up we will take knew the vineyards show you the crop that's left on the vines. how sonoma county and the ridge valley is dealing as a whole with the loss and the impact the fires have on what is the wine community here in sonoma valley pl raj and janelle. >> thank you so much janelle. the fire having an impact round. the view from sky ranger you can see the flames racing near the home. we already the fire, another hot spot flare-up devouring another home in the past 30 minutes. a lot of homes in harm's way let's get a check of the forecast with jeff ranieri. you have a red flag warning
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around the corner to tell us about. >> we do. we don't want anyone to let the guard down. we are not done with the off again off again winds with the five fires in the north bay. right now a change in the wind coming primarily out of the west. a little bit of a southerly motion, pushing everything to the north and east. the good news, tell 10-mile-per-hour and below. but we have so many fires burning, even a 10-mile-per-hour swind is blowing embers and starting new fires as we heard with jessica and vicky's reports. in terms of what we're dealing with as we look ahead the red flag fire warning in effect for wednesday and thursday. the hills of the north bay, east bay and also the eastern hills here of san jose. check this out. dry northeast winds could hit 20 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts. humidity 5 to 15% and the hills will be under the largest threats wednesday and thursday. i'm pinpointing some of the gusty winds on thursday at
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6:00 a.m. throughout the bay area. again a very dry wind event. you have got to watch out, especially on thursday morning all throughout the bay area. i'll have update on the air quality at 6:20. >> we'll see you shortly. >> president trump taking notice today, approving a major disaster declares for fire victims. >> politics is part of this. he sent mike pence to deliver the message. mr. pence meeting with workers in sacramento at a state emergency response center this afternoon. now this declaration allows fema to mobilize and provide additional equipment and resources. that includes debris removal, emergency protective measures and search and rescue operations. so it is a key move by the federal government. there is another big fire, the atlas fire. that started in napa county. and late yesterday moved into solano and today new mandatory evacuation orders in the hills above fairfield. >> we want to be clear. we have evacuations in sonoma county and solano.
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let's bring in jodi hernandez. and jodi this is off 80 near fairedfield. you are local there and the upper green valley area. is that correct? >> reporter: raj, right we are in upper green valley. we are actually standing rate at the base of twin sisters road where we know that fire is actively burning. now we just got some video into our newsroom. we are going to roll that video where you could see a wall of flames currently heading over the ridge from napa county into green valley. this is exactly what folks here we're hoping firefighters could prevent. >> no one wants to see this. >> people in green valley are on edge as the atlas fire crests over the ridge and in into solano county. fire crews have been working all day to attack the fire from the air. hoping to keep it from moving
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from napa county and into green valley. but despite the intense aerial attack, the flames are spreading into new territory. >> that's a freitening prospect. you know we -- none of us want to hear that but that's the way it's going to be maybe. >> engines are positioned at homes hoping to keep them safe and solano huss the operations center fully staffed tonight ready to respond to whatever comes next. >> unfortunately fires are unpredictable. the wind can change. you get a hot ember that blows to anaire you thought was safe and it's not anymore. >> tonight a new sense of urgency as the danger intensifies. . at the top of twin sisters road fire crews have been trying to protect the multimillion dollar home known as the glass house. last checked it was surrounded by fire. and we are back here live not only is fire burning up on the
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ridge. it's actually burning down this road here. we are told about a quarter mile down the road the fire has jumped. both sides of the road. in gordon valley, wooden valley area down there. we are told that the fire is now burning at the county line. so it's actually burning both in napa and solano county. we have seen a lot of emergency personnel zooming by with lights and sirens on. fire trucks, sheriff's officers, trying to get people out. trying to attack the fair, hopefully weal be able to get down there soon and look at it for ourselves. but definitely a very, very tense situation here as things heat up. reporting live in green valhalla. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi hernandez near solano county where multiple counties all in the same boat. this really exploded reignited about 90 minutes ago.
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let's go back to the nbc chopper if we have it up what we are seeing flames there in the glen ellen area back to it in a moment. we also want to talk about what we have seen in the last 24 hours. here is our chopper. with all the technical issues here in the fires zone it's difficult and problematic for our chopper pilots as well to stay in communication with us. so we are again now in sonoma county. about an hour ago we started seeing the flames come towards the lower level away from the hillside and into the lower levels into glen he will zbloon town already rafaged by wildfires are back on alert because flames are headed back their way. we are keeping an eye on the situation as the flare-ups continue. we'll also tell you more stories about the people who stayed in their homes, ignored evacuation orders and fought the fires. one man did it without water. how he saved his home with just
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a shovel. also the barricades are down in some neighborhoods. and people are coming back come back in and go through the rubble and the debris. we'll take you back to the santa rosa neighborhoods as well. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we have smoke we've been tracking throughout the bay area today. i'll have the air quality report. plus details on the new wind event on the way in the red flag wire warning coming up throughout this hour. with nbc bay area skyranger...
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ad lib toss to jess i want to get back to our breaking news, our nbc bay area sky ranger again over sonoma county. selmer we are not in the clear. down below you see the flames there, all the smoke. and yes several structures, businesses and those are homes. again, this is in or near the town of glen ellen. we want to go over some of the numbers. just a few hours ago we were updated ppt numbers might be increases as we see more flames near towns. 240 reported cases of missing persons. so far 57 people found safely. the death toll has risen today, now at 15 people who are died nine of them in sonoma county. again that's where we were looking at our helicopter in sonoma county. you can see the intense flames janelle below. >> racing up the hillside pb no rest for the weiery. firefighters have a major battle going on. our own jessica acquire on the
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ground live in sonoma county at paradise ridge winery one of the many businesses affected by this wildfires. >> reporter: janelle, really here in sonoma county so many people are connected to the wine business. you are either working for a winery or have a winery or connected to it. we are in the vineyards actually of the paradise ridge winery. so much of what this valley is about is about this. the vines. you can see here renae bich who owns this property took us through here. these are his vin yards they just completed the harvest .leaves are blanched. but this is important. these are the vines. these are okay. the winery unfortunately is not. des imeighted they've been on the property since 1978 when his parents bought it in 1991. they built the winery, have been making wine since. they have the event center.
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they have the wine production room. all of that is gone. okay. so now they have to start over again. but renae says he and his family are committed to staying in santa rosa and rebuilding the business that's been in the family for 40 years. >> the plan is to keep doing what we've been doing, you know, make win wine, sell wine and entertain people here in our estate. >> how do you come back from a loss like this, though? >> i guess that's the upbate and the positive side of things. i mean, you got to keep moving forward. and you know, we have a clean slate to build something even better and something that we can even be more proud of. >> reporter: renae says he is so concerned about the families working for him, the employees, friends who lost homes. he says they are rebuild this they have the strength and the for the attitude to do it. in the interim they don't have a
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tasting room they're taking a shed and make that in the tasting room they did the 2017 vintage but didn't lose the vines and that's to them the most important. up and down sonoma county what we have seen is very little damage in most of the wineries, which is hugely important to this industry. that depends on -- produces multimillions of dollars worth of wine and brings in millions of 10:30ists to the region. if they have the people and they have the wine, they can go forward. raj and janelle. >> okay, thank you so much, jessica. we want to show you more pictures from nbc bay area sky ranger right now. because the flames are near the town of glen ellen. and they're racing towards homes at this hour. meantime, the people in glen ellen -- they're back on alert as they're seeing flare-ups nearby. but some have actually -- they never left, stayed there risked lives to was that the flames yesterday. >> what's remarkable we have a
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mutual friend whose home was destroyed in glen ellen. he and his family wanted to come back. not sure if he did. but this is what he would be coming back to, more flames. one of the reporters marianne favro was in glen ellen -- is in glen ellen today. we have more from her on the ground level. >> reporter: this is a tale of two neighborhoods vastly different outcomes. if you look over here you can see where ricardo's house is. he returned today. look he found that beth of his cars are absolutely destroyed. this is where he lived with his wife and three daughters. it's a 3-bedroom home. nothing is left. if you look over here this was the swimming pool his kids loved to play in. he was so distraught. he had been evacuated. he lost -- again he today he came home to find this. on the other side of the coin his neighbor a few feet away, mike, he stayed.
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fought the fire, without water. and he was able to save his home. wearing the same clothes he had on during his intense fire fight mike showed us us how he battled a raging inferno and won saving his house. >> i fought the entire back so my house didn't burn down. i didn't evacuate. some people said dumb or crazy but i have my house so i'm happy. >> even more remarkable mark who has wild land firefightering training persons fought it with no water. he dug a shafl around the home and frantically tossed burning debris away from it all as he endures intense heat. his neighbor's home a few feet away are gone. today ricardo returned to find his 3-bedroom house destroyed. the flames also scorched his two cars. the only item he could salvage
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from the debris is in stuffed animal. he plans to give it to his 3 young daughters but says he is dreading telling them what happened to the only home they have ever known. >> marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> we wish ricardo and his family the very best. so many stories like that especially in glen ellen and santa rosa. back to the sky ranger above glen ellen in or near it here. and we are seeing just part two of this. no one is in the clear. the flames are now coming back again. this is about 15, 20 miles southeast of santa rosa. a small town but notable town in terms of the residents there and some of the wineries in the area. a lot of flare-ups and hot spots. jeff ranieri is also telling bus the air quality for the bay area. >> we are seeing a lot of new area burn because when the fires got started late sunday and early monday, the wind was
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blowing a completely different direction coming out of the north and also the east. now today we have seen the wind switch, more of a west southwesterly direction. so with that wind change, new areas again are now under the gun. and we are seeing the evacuations. the chopper video you just saw is come from this area near oakmont bennett valley and glen ellen process. three different hot spots firefighters are attacking. that's why the evacuations are in place. winds not that gusty, only 5 to 10-mile-per-hour you you got to heed the warnings because of the wind direction. again coming from the west. it's pushing a lot of flames into previously unburned locations. we have full coverage of course when it comes to air quality it was the worst in marchen napa sonoma. and we had haze filtering toward the south bay. we have air quality alert in place especially for the north bay. dangerous levels of smoke continuing all the way through
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this we can. to the east bay peninsula and south bay stay at unhealthy levels as well. what can you do if you're being overcome by the smoke? limit outdoor exposure keep the ac on recirculate. watch out for symptoms like nausea and coughing. you may need to head to the emergency room if it's repeated. we are tracking the red flag fire warning for wednesday and thursday, winds, 20 to 40-mile-per-hour. more after the break. on our twitter feed, governor
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brown officially declared a state of emergency for solano county. he )s already declared it for napa and sonoma counties. this will cut the red tape... and get help quicker to these disaster areas. and on our website a lot of information. we )ve got alist of evacuation centers ... and how you can help. at nbc bay area dot com. more news in 2 minutes. another live look from our
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skyranger... ad lib i want to get back to live coverage in sonoma county. you are look at the town of glen ellen. parts of glen ellen. this is near or in glen ellen. we have seen this now about 90 minutes. structures and trees on fire. sadly it looks blow another structure son fire there. we heard from the sonoma county sheriff a short while ago. he was talking about just this response in the last couple of days. he said it's impacted his own
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department, sheriff rob saying 20 of his employees in the sheriffs department are helping with the fire fight yet their own homes have been burned. some of them destroyed. as we head into the evening hours now it's about sunset and that curfew kicks in the santa rosa area. it's still zero% containment. >> we want to remind you of the mandatory evacuations going on in sonoma county, bennett value, oakmont also shy low regional park in sonoma county. well be back in a moment. we are the generation that had it all.
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we are the generation that had the music and the moves. we are the generation that had a dream. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them, and in this dangerous world we have to keep
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on saving them and protecting them, even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit
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these wildfires, not letting up. you can see flames still raging on in sonoma and napa counties, also in sollen county the fires continue to spread on ridges and hillsides. firefighters have been on the front lines for nearly 48 hours and they're going to have to stay on the fronts front lines days and week to come. >> if you are joining us here at 6:30 i want to give you a recap. update you on the pivot alan important numbers. in or near the town of glen ellen in sonoma county. the death toll has ris ton 15 people. nine victims in sonoma county. two in napa county 3 in mendocino county and one in lake county. gun it's zero% containment. the sheriff told us late today there is still a lot of danger and seeing why for you. he said there are still downed trees and power lines anything
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could reignite the flames. what we are seeing the flames up from the hillsides down to the lower levels and that's alarming almost living through the nightmare again after what we saw sunday night. >> people still running from homes at this hour. meantime there are some people returning back to their homes. we have new video destruction as far as the eye can see look at the new video caught from a camera on the mast of the live truck process this is the coffey park in santa rosa. today the shock is wearing off as home owners come back to properties to grieve and begin the long process of recovery. >> mark mathews joins from us that area coffey park in santa rosa. mark you remember consoling so many people. what's happening there today? >> reporter: raj, as you say the shock is wearing off. what has happened, the headline here is that they have pulled the barricade and taken away the guards which could sometimes be sticklers in the neighborhood keeping people out.
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now people coming back in. some to sift through belongings. some others just to have a look. charles stood over the remains of his prized amc hornet this morning a life spent in the automobile business. it was a hard choice to leave it behind. >> yeah, it hurt. this is going to be the part i figured hurt the most coming back. >> he says he bought old betsy brand new dropped in a new engine last month. he and his son and neighbor battled the flames as long as they could. >> the two trees there caught on fire. and they jumped over on my roof. and me and my son and the neighbor said, time to boogie. >> walking by his house was meyer ray, she had walked a mile from her own place on sweet gum court, a small street where one side is completely gone. and her house and two of her neighbors are still standing.
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>> our house is good. i don't know how it happened. it's just -- i have mixed feelings it was a miracle that our house survived. and it's just heart breaking. our neighbors lived in the neighborhood for like 45 years. and raised their families there. and their house is completely burned to the ground. >> she said she had to walk in this morning dodging road blocks and guards to retrieve medicine for her 11-year-old. >> they're not letting us drive in. sometimes they will and sometimes they won't. it's just mixed messages what we can and can't do. we don't know when we can get back in to live in the house. we need essentials. we left basically with nothing. >> reporter: and tonight the residents of could havety park beginning the long road of recovery. in santa rosa, mark smaugts nbc bay area. >> our thoughts and prayers with them thank you, mark. we want to return to another area that's being evacuated. the danger still lurking.
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just around the corner. there are several evacuations in the santa rosa area. we are talking about bennett valley in oakmont. we want to go to vicky nguyen covering this area. and you're on top of the neighborhoods right now. >> reporter: that's right. we are right in bennett valley on sonoma mountain road also under evacuation along with bennett ridge road and enterprise road. you can see my hair blowing. the wind issicing up. i'm glad i hear jeff saying it's not gusting. but look at the smoke plumes over oakmont over that ridge. then we will pan over. that was to the west. we will head northwest and show you pockets of fire. annandale state park there. you can see the smoke is not rising straight up. it's flowing to the north and the east. that's the big concern for the neighborhood right over that ridge which is also under evacuation. firefighters along highway 12
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spraying down structure near the vineyard this morning. by 2:00 another mandatory evacuation of nearby oakmont 2,500 homes. police went through the mostly vacate nakds to warnpeople to get out. joe lean cartwright managed a pack of few moment os but she knows the road to rebblding for friends and family will be long. >> just glad people we know are safe. and there is going to be -- i have two cousins lost homes. i have probably 10 or 15 friends that lost homes. it's going to be an interesting time to recover. >> reporter: okay. and we are getting questions all over twitter about what bennett vafl looks like. i'm giving you the best view i can right now. it does not appear to be in any sort of active fire zone. it's still under a mandatory evacuation. so please do not come back. keep the roads clear. that's what the first responders have been telling us.
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since yesterday. there are a few hot spots here and there. but you can see the area blackened already. but as far as we can see from our vantage point here, the fires are burning over there in that direction over the ridge and in annandale state park process. the mandatory evacuation is underway in bennett value but no active flames we can see. we'll send it back to you janelle and raj. >> vicky reporting from us. we saw vicky in the 5:00 hour and there were threats coming not only to the bennett valley but oakmont but what you see here are the google images and smoke. in oakmont and bennett value there are more than 2,000 homes. they have been evacuated we see people not in the area and so far flames not there. let's check in with jeff ranieri. he is tracking all these hot spots and the wildfires across the north bay. what are you seeing now jeff. >> where we saw vicky pointing
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out the different hot spots you have bennett valley here. oakmont here down to the south glen ellen. what the firefighters are trying to do is prevent people from being trapped if the flames spread between glen ellen and oakmont. that's why there are evacuations in place in oakmont also near glen ellen due to the hot spots that are also near bennett valley. please follow the evacuation orders as they are issued. now in terms of what we are checking out with the wind it has picketed up a little bit today. but it's still sustained lower than 10-mile-per-hour on average here from napa right on over is to towards santa rosa. now, firefighters are using a brand-new strategy today. they are attacking the fires on the southern lines of those fires. they are trying to hold off the flames with a wind switch ahead. wednesday and thursday. we will see the dryer normal wind develop where they could gust 20 to 40-mile-per-hour. they are opening by attacking
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the fires on the southern lines when it switches out of the north a lot of the fires will hopefully start to slowly burn themselves out. we'll have to wait and see on the strategy. but it's the best bet right now to get help. coming up in 10 minutes i'll have details on the red flag fire warning and the 7-day forecast. >> we'll see you shortly. wove been talking about the wine industry. some of the damaged wineries we know paradise rambling chateau st. jeans. signorello in napa. it's being impacted. not all of them but a good chunk. >> nbc bay area kim has been in wine country. not over yet kim we heard you see flames there right now. >> yes we wanted to point you up to the hills. we are on the schaeffer family property along silverado trail. there are flames just started in the hills. i don't know if you can see there is a home fairly nearby. now mr. schaeffer did come up
6:39 pm
here just about 20 minutes ago. there were no flames. we have seen hot spots. but this is a first time we have seen flames today. actually, the attitude had shifted right along here from trenkas from napa up to yountville. we saw the threat of the flames -- we thought that was over. they were telling me the wine makers saying they instead were turning the issue to this issue of power. still no electricity. and the wineries need that right now because 90% of the crop has been picked here in the napa valley. they are trying to do what they can to salvage this year's harvest. hazy smoke-filled daylight reveals entire vin yards damage or destroyed. four wineries in the napa valley are reporting significant damage or total losses. as vintners felt the first look at the devastation, the focus switched from the outside in.
6:40 pm
>> our maintenance guys are struggling to get generate he is connected to the grid here in the winery. just to get the cooling system up and running. to try to control the temperature. >> a second day without power could prove catastrophic to wineries many of this year's vintage in the fermentation process temperature is key. at stags leap a quick fix is protecting the 80% of the vintage. for now other wineries are using dry ice and co2 to keep the cell ars cool. >> we have to figure out how to deal with the vintage process. i had wines in tanks oud. they are probably cooked. i imagine the wine might not be salable. >> reporter: now coming back out here live again we are trying to show you the flames that have just popped up. hopefully, because communication has been so poor the fire
6:41 pm
personnel can see the flames have popped up. again we are on the schaeffer family property. we are in about 20 acres along silverado road. it's near signorello estate which covered the complete loss of its tasting room. as i mentioned, cell phone service spotty, silverado trail still closed. the air quality very bad. hard to catch my breath. a lot going on here. we did all day -- it was very still about ten minutes ago wind picked up. so obviously as jeff has been saying the conditions out here are changing. it is still very fluid. that's the latest from here back to you in the studio. >> okay, kim very good information for us. kim from the schaeffer vind yard there along the silverado trail near other wineries. our coverage is going to continue online. you hear on the tv side. but we've been life streaming the coverage and new information on the twitter feed and facebook page and we are providing a full list of schools and evacuation centers
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around our multiple counties impacted by this. now besides the vineyards and wineries, the fire is also hitting other well-known landmarks in the north bay. we will go over which ones were damaged and which were spared. multiple fires in napa and sonoma county.
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known buildings and landmarks in the north bay ..and findingout if they sruvived the fires. we are getting a good look today at well-known building and landmarks in the north bay and find out if they survived the fire. >> we compiled a list with the help of social media and crews on the ground. let's bring in scott budman. scott one of the questions i had is the silverado resort the old school classic mansion thankfully not damaged. >> it's one of the places janelle and raj we have been asked about a lot. some of the well-known spots in the fire zone we were asked largely because people evacuated quick and didn't have time to check. among the places we found and can show you, not so news for cardinal foumen high school back in 1964 named after cardinal
6:45 pm
john henry neumann. a lot of viewers went to high school there, played sports as you can see. it has been terribly damaged by fire. we want to move to the dairy. this is along highway 12. it's historic. founded back in 1932. it used to be part of the very familiar dairy company clover store nett farms. >> it's been an iconic landmark for those of us born and raised here. the house across the street a burned to the gowned it's been here as long as i can remember as has this property. >> that area to the refridge the rater. i want to show you sonoma wine country 250 rooms that on 13 acres now destroyed. lots of people went north to stay there when visiting santa rosa. but fire crews say they had to abandon it early. it completely burned down to the ground and it is no more. but i'm happy to tell you that some of the well-known landmarks
6:46 pm
survived the fire. going on charlie brown. this is the charles schultz museum, a museum and research center dedicated to the work of the late great peanuts the creator we were asked about that i've been there myself. happy to say they say it will reopen soon. the french laundry restaurant wants to you know it's closed tonight because of the power outage but will reopen tomorrow. janelle and raj. >> a lot of notable businesses. >> yeah, a lot. let's get a check of the forecast and jeff you are following the conditions outside. >> we are not done with fire danger. i'll have details on the new red flag fire warning i wanted to let you no he we have fog rolling in. not all of the fwraness in the sky is smoke. we'll have details on all of the bay area weather coming up in a few minutes.
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welcome back to our continuing coverage of the north bay fires. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we want to let you know we're not done with the fire danger just yet.
6:49 pm
a brand-new red flag fire warning has been issued for wednesday and thursday. for the hills of north and east by. also including the eastern hills of the south bay. winds could gust 20 to 40-mile-per-hour out of a very dry northeastly direction and also the humidity, 5 to 15% as this wind events gets going. it's just looking more and more apparent like this is going to be happening in terms of those gusty winds. obviously the last thing we need with five fires burning throughout the bare from the partrick air the 1,000 acres to the atlas at 25,000 to the tubbs fire at 27,000 acres. where do we go from here in terms of conditions tonight? humidity is going to continue to help firefighters on the lines anywhere from 50 to 70% process. adding moisture into the atmosphere which is good news and check out temperatures, dropping into the 50s as we head throughout this evening. now let's shift the focus to the
6:50 pm
wind. and we have a future cast here we can show you how things play out wednesday. we'll start off the morning winds 5 to 15-mile-per-hour, variable coming from many directions. by the evening hours it begins to pick up a little bit more. 5 to about 26-mile-per-hour. a little bit more gusty up into the north bay. but the time zone i'm focuseding in on is very early thursday morning right into about the morning commute. this is when we could see winds ramp back up again out of the north very dry, low humidity, maybe gusts up to 24 in napa, 26 in san francisco. 29 in livermore. and 24 in san jose. fire danger throughout the bay area but of course marin napa and sonoma county under extreme threat as more embers could blow around, especially heading into thursday morning. then we should start to see the winds try to calm down a little bit more as we head into thursday. so in terms of tomorrow's forecast we'll told it back into the rest of the bay area lots of
6:51 pm
70s for the interior values no big issues cooler 60s petition immediate coastline. into the extended forecast for the north bay, gusty on wednesday and thursday with the red flag fire warning. notice winds stay on and off, breezy to windy here even right into the upcoming weekend. so while touchstone are cool firefighters are have what looks to be insurmountable tavg ahead to try and hold onto the canement of the fires with this wind coming our way the next few days. we will be back with more news and updates after this break. we're the generation that had it all.
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they played two exhibtion games we're going to get to sports for lab. the warriors are back from the weeklong trip to china appear they played the timber wonderfuls. >> the focus quickly turned from basketball and they are talking about we are talk about the north day bay they returned sunday night about the same time to a the fire start ptd klay thompson like somes of us clearly affected by what's happening. keep in mind klay was evacuated during the recent fire in the oakland hills about two weeks ago. >> i want to say one thing to all the families affected by
6:55 pm
this fire. and these fires. they're terrible. life and respect are what's important. and i know there is been some deaths. and it's just really tragic. and us players will do something about it when things calm down. >> well from the warriors to football legend ronnie lot, he was also impacted. lofrt telling me he was at the resort in santa rosa when i saw flames all around. he was there hosting a charity event. here a photo, along with barry bonds, lot said they were all evacuated and drove home with his wife and at 2:30 in the morning to his home in the south bay. >> scarey moments for them. and imaging continue to power in from the north bay wildfires. the powerful heart breaking and some hopeful as we see strangers and neighbors coming to the aid
6:56 pm
of fire victims. this is a mobile home park in santa rosa, savage by flames. all on our website at we are posting updates on evacuation centers and how you can help if you want to donate, your time or money. >> and here is the plan this evening. we invite to you stay with us. we are continuing the fire coverage commercial free until 7:30 tonight. we are expecting key updates from napa county. they're holding a news conference soon. terry mcsweeney is on-site. we will bring you the developments. we invite you to stay with us we'll be back shortly after a short break. >> yeah, cal fire has given an update earlier today as well as sonoma account where 240 people reported missing. 50 of the people found. they're working oh try and locate the others. it's been hard because of the communication issues and cell phone towers down. >> we have more crews in glen ellen where the flames continue at this hour. take a break now see you at 7:00. >> see you soon.
6:57 pm
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follow our breaking news. there areor breaking into the regularly scheduled programming to following the breaking news. there are more evacuations as we speak and more homes on fire. thanks for kinning to stay with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and janelle wang. this fire fight sfar from over. sky ranger earlier today. about an hour ago. you can see the flame continue so devour the hillsides, this


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