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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 11, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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responders as the fire first erupted. >> our house is gone, guys! oh, my god! our house is gone! it's gone! >> it's heart breaking story from so many people who literally lost everything. this morning, new evacuations are ordered as the fires still are so far from being contained. we have live team coverage of the escalating fire fight as we get ready for more strong winds to move into the area. "today in the bay" continues right now. you saw there, the people waiting for evacuations, people in wheelchairs, people that need desperate help. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we have full coverage of the wildfires ripping through. overnight, new evacuation orders. in sonoma county, people in the
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area of moon mountain road, mission way, london way, martin road, cavedale road and adobe way are told to leave their homes immediately. in napa county, calistoga. people on grant street must leave their homes and people south of grant street have been given voluntary evacuation orders. >> we are getting new information on the devastation as well. including this, moments ago, authorities tell us they have been working 300 missing person reports. of those, 110 people have been located. 11 deaths are concerned in sonoma county out of the 17 fire related deaths across northern california. also, at least 60,000 acres have burned in sonoma, napa and solano counties. 2,000 homes and businesses are gone. another red flag warning is set for later today.
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firefighters worry the fires will spread even more. we have continued team coverage this morning to prepare for additional windy conditions as new evacuations are ordered. we want to begin with "today in the bay's" bob redell. he is live at one of the areas under investigation in sonoma county. bob? >> reporter: good morning, laura. you are talking the windy conditions. right now, it is cold and the wind is dead. we are talking with a sonoma county firefighter out here on the western edge of the nuns fire. if the winds whip up this morning, there is concern. you can see the red glow, a few hundred yards from our position, maybe 500 yards. you are looking at the western end of the nuns fire. you have firefighters posted down here in case that fire does come down the hill and starts threatening one of the
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structures here. because the fire is up there right now, they have a mandatory evacuation in effect. these are new mandatory evacuations in effect for people near glen ellen. we are talking moon mountain road, mission way, london way, martin road, cavedale road, adobe way and as the fire is heading in a southerly direction, they are asking people on highway 12 and ma drone road, they are asking you to be ready to go, be ready to get out of there, in case this is a mandatory evacwaxuation as well. the nuns fire, this is the last update from last night is 1% contained. it's 5,000 acres. we are expecting an update around 7:00 this morning. that would be in just an hour from now, but from what we are gathering from the firefighters that are out here right now, the big concern are those winds. if those winds start whipping up, you are going to see more flairing up.
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that's the big problem here. unfortunately, there's a lot of dry vegetation to burn. i want to share information. this is dashcam video from the deputy's vehicle taken sunday night. this is sunday night when the fires started in sonoma county. as it has deputy is driving down the road, you can see they are surrounded by fire on either side and embers and lots of wind. it gives you a sense of how dangerous this was and is. how quicklyet it happened and wt these first responders are doing trying to get people to evacuate and let them know what is going on in their neighborhood. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob, for that update. >> we want to go to scott alonzo, a spokesperson from solano county on the phone right now. it's devastating. now, we are seeing more evacuations taking place.
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any new numbers? >> caller: yeah, good morning. we have new mandatory evacwaxs come in late last night and earlier this morning in geyserville. >> looks like we lost him there. that is where new mandatory evacuations that bob was talking about as well. >> caller: right. >> go ahead, continue. >> caller: we have 11 confirmed deaths related to the fire. the missing persons reports are increasing. we have 300 and we expect that to keep increasing. please call our hot line at 707-565-3856. we have operators standing by to take those reports. we have already located 110 individuals that were located and found safe. we still want folks to call. we are happy to take that information down for our sherrif's deputies to investigate. around the entire county, we have 36 shelters open and able to take individuals needing
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assistance. >> that's an increase in shelters as well. >> caller: yes. >> 110 individuals found safe. it's alarming to hear 300, an increasing number of people missing. the ones found safe, is this a case of people in from the shelters and locating where they are and uniting them and connecting them with family? >> caller: absolutely. communication is a challenge. we have 73 cell phone towers from california to the oregon border out of commission. we have power out in many parts of sonoma county. 50,000, 260 people without power. significant challenges with communication. folks are concerned about their loved ones and unable to reach them. as you know, the fires are continuing to spread. when things got started on sunday night and monday morning, people were asleep. they didn't have time to notify anybody they needed to evacuate. they weren't able to reach anyone. part of the process is working
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with the shelters to identify people missing. >> thank you for joining us. >> caller: thank you for having me. >> we have team coverage of the evacuation orders. pete suratos is live in calistoga this morning where another neighborhood was given mandatory evacuation orders. pete, what are you seeing there right now? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. we are here at lincoln avenue and foothill boulevard in calistoga. as you mentioned, there's a mandatory evacuation north of gro grant street. chp blocking off this area as they are getting people out of the area. folks at the gas station on the corner, that are gassing up, trying to get out of this area. this is a very serious situation. i want to show you video we got down the street on grant street as police went door-to-door telling people they need to be
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evacuated. [ knocking on door ] >> reporter: that was oakland police actually helping out in this area in calistoga, notifying people there was a mandatory evacuation in place if you are north of grant street. this is because of the tubbs fire. if you remember wh it originated, it was here in calistoga. now, folks have been preparing for this, expecting this mandatory evacuation to happen sooner than later. we spoke to a man at the gas station. >> what is running through your mind at that point? >> next step, kind of put the plan into, you know, action. so, we'll go ahead and drive down and rally with family at the family winery and take a move there and go further south toward the bay area, sacramento, more family. >> when it comes to material
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things, no big issue. making sure everyone, friends and family have what they need. getting out. it's what counts for me. >> reporter: on your television screen right now, here is the important information for folks evacuating the area. we are told you should exit using silverado trail south to zippingdale rain left on sr-29 south or use sr-29 south to get out of here. a shelter has been set up at napa valley college. let's take you back out here live. you see the cars driving through this gas station and in some cases, those pumps no longer have gas. that is an issue for folks leaving the area. it is mandatory evacuation north of grant street. it's voluntary if you are in other areas. we are live in calistoga, pete suratos, for "today in the bay." >> voluntary, but most likely
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they need to prepare. i's not just napa and sonoma county where people are being evacuated. look at this map. this is showing the other areas, the evacuation orders in solano county. people living in upper and lower green valley area, this is an area off 80 near fairfield. you know, when you are driving up the road to tahoe, close to fairfield. twin sisters roads as well, under mandatory evacuation order this morning. as the threat of the fire grows, so do all the people affected by it. marcus? >> if you are one of the people who have been evacuated, there are a lot of evacuation centers for you. in napa and solano counties, four evacuation centers available. calistoga fairgrounds, crosswalk community church and the community college in fairfield. we have a complete list of the evacuation orders on our website, that's we want to tell you that all
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schools in santa rosa will be closed this week. no word about next week. we have seen the severe damage to cardinal newman high school. meanwhile, all schools in napa valley unified, solano county and fairfield will be closed. for a complete list of the schools impacted, go to our home page at we want to bring in meteorologist, kari hall. the red flag warning will go into effect tonight. bad news for the firefighters because the winds could pick up. >> it is going to change the direction of which way the wildfires are spreading. now, if you are to the south of an area where a wild fire is burning or you smell that smoke, it is going to get worse. we have so many we are tracking this morning. at this point, over 70,000 acres, 70,000 acres have burned with very little containment here. our winds are going to start to pick up. we are going to have that wind
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forecast starting at 7:30 tonight. sustained winds from the north at 25 to possibly 30 miles an hour with higher gusts. the peak ones will be shortly before sunrise tomorrow morning. a lot of things to watch here as this situation could quickly change over the next 24 hours. as we head over to mike, an update on the morning commute. >> yeah, kari, the fire shifts, the closures shift. glen ellen, avoid the area. it's no easy drive. highway 29 closed north of grant street. that's what pete was talking about, the evacwuations there. highway 29 will get you out of the area. these are the areas, the major closures we talked about. 121 down here as well. as the smoke shifts and the fire shifts over here, you can see the local closures and more traveling between napa and
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fairfield. another note, for local traffic, traffic boulevard just south of that freeway. so, we are looking at a delay. it doesn't sound like it's fire related. bart and muni recovery. back to you. >> thanks for that, mike. s coming up on "today in the bay," complete coverage of the wildfires burning. dramatic drone video showing the damage and devastation left behind in the fire. >> reporter: in the south bay, a chaotic scene inside a san jose strip mall. several people are hurt. suspects are on the run. i saw a police officer leaving this restaurant that could yield clues. ♪
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you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. right now at 6:16, we are getting ready for the next red flag warning in effect. how this could effect not only the north bay wildfires, but the rest of the area, coming up in five minutes. the north bay issues. we have this on the san mateo bridge. let's not forget about the rest of your commute. six vehicles involved. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. we are tracking breaking news out of the south bay where police are investigating an overnight shooting at a strip mall.
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"today in the bay's" kris sanchez at the scene with what police are saying about the investigation. kris? >> reporter: they are saying much. they were here about five hours inside this vietnamese business advertised online as a sports bar. officers bringing people out, in full body armor, had them at gunpoint. at that time, they couldn't tell whether the victims were involved in the assault. that turned out not to be the case. there were four victims shot, perhaps one of them stabbed. they will recover fully. at this point, police are not giving a description of the suspect or the get away car. if that changes, we will pass that on to you. the scene is clear. no impact on traffic. as one of the officers was leaving, he had a black box that looked to be a dvr or hard drive. perhaps there's surveillance video that may show who the
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suspects might be. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. back to the wildfire coverage. we are looking at new drone video capturing the widespread fire in santa rosa. at least 17 people are dead in the wake of a fast-moving fire. more than 20,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. >> both sonoma and napa valley have been hit hard. jay gray joins us live at the silverado country club in napa county. good morning, jay. >> reporter: good morning, laura. good morning, marcus. yeah, that work will continue for quite some time. they are nowhere near containment here. there's the concern that you guys were talking about, that the wind is going to pick up later today. take a look at what the flames did to this home. gutted. it's left to a little more than rubble and ash here. this is the scene playing out across so many neighborhoods in this area.
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swallowed by the flames here. you talk about the evacuations, 20,000. that's the number that is growing. more people moved out overnight. federal disaster declaration. good news. that means they will get firemanagement assistance grant, money to put more boots on the ground to help with the fight that is ongoing. we do expect that while it is calm right now and that's giving them a chance to make progress, the wind is going to pick up later and continue through thursday morning. knowing that, firefighters are braced for the impact here. they expect to see that fan the flames and spread this fire. 17 fires right now across the state. manpower, equipment already stretched to its limit and more on the way. this is going to be a tough go for a lot of people, for a long time. marcus, laura? >> to not even know how it
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started, just yet. it will be interesting. thank you, jay. >> we talked about the winds are going to increase. that was a big factor when it first started on sunday. >> it looks like with the next wave of strong winds, it's not going to be as strong as it was sunday night. still, any increase in winds when you have active wildfires is going to be a major concern. with the winds picking up later tonight, out of the north, that is going to shift some of the directions we have seen the wildfire spreading. the winds coming in at 20-40 miles an hour. if you can see the flames to the north of you, you must stay alert and be ready evacuate, if you are not already under a mandatory evacuation. the embers may move south, spreading the wildfires south and the worst winds early tomorrow morning. this not only affects the north bay, but the whole bay area because our air quality has been going downhill. it's going to be very unhealthy
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to be out there today. that will continue to spread the smoke into the rest of the bay area. as we start out this morning, taking a live look outside, it is already smokey out there as people get out and about. limit your outdoor exposure. wear a breathing mask, if possible and if you feel symptoms like nausea. coughing, we are advising you to seek medical attention. it is cool. it keeps that smoke settled in the valley and we have high humidity. santa rosa, 41 degrees. san jose, 53 degrees. the high temperatures today, in the upper 70s for napa. 76 degrees today. 76 in livermore. san jose, today, a high of 74 degrees. we'll have the winds picking up this evening into early tomorrow morning. it calms down on friday, then picks up again for the weekend with lower humidity. not only a chance of a high fire danger today, but over the next several days.
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san francisco, a lot of smoke here. temperatures mid-60s. inland areas will be warming up over the next several days. mike has breaking news in the traffic center. >> i do. it wasn't related to fire. this is a problem for folks traveling the san mateo bridge. look at this. traffic basically stopped at the toll plaza. around the incline, one lane open. chp issued a sig-alert. we are talking at least a half hour to clear this from the roadway. that's the jam for 92. the dumbarton bridge is the alternate. south of the bay bridge moves smoothly. avoid the san mateo bridge westbound. now, to the north where the fires continue to move. the evacuation for calistoga and closure of highway 29 is new this morning. the smoke and fire between napa and fairfield. we track the area. transit lines, recovery for bart, muni. my concern is capital corridor
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around the i-80 area. we have delays. they are not fire related. back to you. >> that's good. thank you, mike. 6:23. coming up on "today in the bay," technology changing the way the story of the california fires will be told. progress firefighters are making
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on the fires burning in
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we continue to follow the progress firefighters are making on the fires burning in the north bay this morning. 60,000 acres have burned in sonoma, napa and solano counties. >> crews have been gathering pictures and videos of all that's going on. you are seeing those shocking images here on the news. of course, many people are gathering their own images. >> scott mcgrew joins us with their own record of the disaster. >> images they will show their children and grandchildren as they tell them about the fire storm of 2017. many captured as they were fleeing their homes themselves. this is from andrea, as flames consumed the hill. prayers for everyone that was not able to evacuate. nick shows the devastation of his neighborhood as he drives along. house after house are gone. firefighters showing their own video. these pictures taken from inside an alameda fire engine as they
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pulled up to the scene earlier this week to help. stacy from santa rosa is the wife of a firefighter, posting these pictures of a hopeless fight in santa rosa. firefighters head there to save homes. some of the firefighters slept against the cinder block wall for warmth. of course the ultimate in irony, station 5 in santa rosa, the fire station burned down as firefighters were elsewhere trying to save other people's homes. so, all of their belongings are gone. >> oh, my gosh, it's heart breaking. i know our job is to inform, but you want to do so much more to help people. >> coming up, we are going to talk about how much all this damage could cost. we don't know because the fires are still burning. >> but the estimate. >> some estimate. >> thank you, scott. coming up next on "today in the bay," coverage of the devastating fires in the north bay. new evacuation orders issued in
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napa and sonoma counties. >> reporter: as the fire intensifies. officials are warning you to wear face masks. that story coming up. you are watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30, inside the fire storm. dramatic new video released this
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morning showing what firefighters experienced the night the deadly wildfires broke out in the north bay. ferocious flames and strong winds, the perfect fuel for catastrophe. today, a new sense of urgency before the winds start up again. >> a challenge for firefighters. >> firefighters and the community on high alert this morning as evacuations expand. the battle far from being over. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. a new evacuation order has been issued this morning in sonoma county. here is a map of the areas impacted. people who live on moon mountain road, mission way, london way, martin road, cavedale road and adobe way are told to leave their homes right away. >> in napa county, calistoga is under mandatory evacuation
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orders. south of grant street is voluntary evacuation orders, but they should prepare. >> here is where things are standing. the death toll stands at 17 in the fires burning across northern california. 11 are in sonoma county. sonoma county officials tell us, there have been 300 missing person reports. 110 of those people reported missing have been found so far. more than 2,000 homes and businesses are destroyed. there are concerns now, as another red flag warning will go into effect tonight. >> we have team coverage of the north bay wildfires this morning. we want to start out with "today in the bay's" bob redell along the fire lines in sonoma county as we are waiting for day to break. >> reporter: hopefully, the winds will not pick up. good morning to you, laura and marcus. outside glen ellen, sandwiched between highway 12 and the ridge behind us, which is the western edge of the nun's fire. according to cal fire, this fire
6:33 am
is at roughly 5,000 acres, 1% contained. as you look toward the north, you can see the orange glow. as you pan right, you are going to look toward the south. you are going to see more orange glow, more orange glow. this fire is long, very expensive and according to the firefighters we have been speaking to, it's been heading in a southerly direction toward more homes. cavedale is the ridge up there. the road up there, there are homes there. there's a sonoma fire truck out there. the firefighters have been on the line since 10:00 sunday night are here to protect any structure that is could be threatened, that are threatened by the fire coming down this hill. that's the big question, mark, is this fire coming down this hill? that's why the firefighters are here, if it does. >> if it starts getting close, we are going to put out protection lines and try to steer the fire around it for the
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moment. >> reporter: what kind of behavior are you observing? >> right now, it's slowly backing down the hill a little bit. if the wind picks up, you know, it is going to get intense. >> reporter: i want to reiterate the evacuations that were mandatory declared at the nun's fire. moon mountain road, mission way, london way, martin, adobe way. if you live on highway 12 they want you to be ready to go, have a bag packed and ready. if the fire gets too close, they are going to ask you to leave. back out here live, again, the western edge of the nun's fire where you are seeing flair up in different spots along the ridge here. to the right side of the screen is the southerly direction where the fire is headed. that is the area of highway 12. that is why there is so much
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concern for that area. if you live there, be packed and ready go. that evacuation has not been issued and hopefully won't need to be. live in sonoma county, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> good advice. everyone has to be ready. a good illustration. we have team coverage of those evacuation orders for you. >> pete suratos is live in calistoga where another neighborhood was given mandatory evacuation orders. what can you explain about where you are right now? >> reporter: that's right, marcus and laura. good morning to you. the mandatory evacuation is for folks in calistoga, the first mandatory evacuation as it relates to the tubbs fire, if you are north of grant street. we are at lincoln avenue. at this gas station, this place where we are standing, you are seeing number of people that are gassing up as they head out of town. either they were told to mandatory evacuate or they are going so voluntarily.
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i'm going to show you video of oakland police going door-to-door in the neighborhood telling folks to get out of the area. [ knocking on door ] >> reporter: you can feel the urgency when we were there, police informing people about the evacuation on grant street. the tubbs fire originated here in calistoga just west of where we are standing over on highway 128 in bennet lane. as i mentioned, there are plenty of people trying to get out of town right now. they are coming to this gas station where we are standing. in the past half hour, we spoke to a man who describes the feeling of not knowing what he is going to come back to after this evacuation. >> it's really scary, really scary. it's very dangerous. they are unpredictable is the thing. you never know what they are going to do.
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even if your information is coming in spotty, that's all you have to go on. it's really, you are very unprepared, no matter what. >> reporter: the information you are looking at right now are for folks who, as far as evacuating the area, these are the directions given to us. exit calistoga via silverado road south, then west on sr-29 south or leave the city using sr-29 south. there is a shelter set up at napa valley college for those who don't have a place to stay and want shelter. they can go to that location. let's go back out here live. folks that have been evacwaltua through the mandatory order or voluntarily. the mandatory evacuation is north of grant street. it is voluntary for remaining areas. as we are standing here, people say they are doing it
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voluntarily because they don't know what is going to happen next. live in calistoga, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. there were evacuation orders in solano county, upper and lower green valley are being evacuated off interstate 80 in fairfield. twin sisters road is also evacuated. >> meteorologist kari hall is tracking the conditions. the winds are expected to pick up tonight, which is not a good thing as they try to battle the fire. >> considering we do not have containment on the wildfires, the four main fires we are watching. you saw pete suratos out there north of calistoga. the tubbs fire, we have nun fire that we are continuing to monitor and the atlas fire spreading into solano county. all of this morning over 65,000 acres and this could spread as the new red flag warning will be in effect starting at 5:00 this evening. more on the wind speeds in a few
6:39 am
minutes. marcus and laura? >> all right. take a look at this picture. this is from inside the home depot store in napa. check out the long line of people trying to get supplies. the most critical item on the list, face masks. it's not just north bay. many people in parts of the bay area are dealing with unhealthy air. "today in the bay's" anser hassan is live in santa rosa this morning. anser, face masks are a big demand for a lot of people in a lot of places right now. >> reporter: that's right, marcus. as this fire intensifies, so does the smoke and haze in the air. a lot of people here in the north bay have been wearing these face masks. as you mentioned, the problem is big demand, but they are running short. health officials are warning, as the winds push the smoke toward areas like san francisco and the east bay, it could create dangerous breathing conditions that way.
6:40 am
they are adviseing people with respiratory problems to use the masks. if you have a face mask, use it. the thick smoke can have a big impact on health especially the children and elderly. any surgical mask you see don't protect your lungs from smoke. it's best to use a mask that looks like one like this. it has a particulate respirator. the valves help protect you from bacteria and other viruses. they help reduce build-up inside the respirator. you can find them at home depot, lowe's and other home improvement stores. it is expected to get worse and shift to the san francisco area. we have seen the effects the fires are having. health officials are warning
6:41 am
everyone to wear these masks. it will help with your breathing. as you mentioned, we are here at the finley community center. later, chris chmura will be here with face masks, phone charging stations and snacks and he will answer any insurance questions you have. later in the day, he will be at napa valley community college. if you are in need of a face mask, this would be a great opportunity to pick one up and have some of your insurance questions answered. live in santa rosa, anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> good. we want to help as many people as we can. a lot of people are wondering how they can help victims of the fire. we have a link on our website with ideas. visit the link is right under the top story box. as we have seen throughout the week, the air quality has been bad with the smoke moving into the bay area.
6:42 am
through the day, the wind pushes that smoke elsewhere into the south bay as well as the east bay and the peninsula. dangerous air quality here because of all the things that are burning in those wildfires and that will be a major concern, not only for today, but the next couple of days. you should limit your outdoor exposure, turn the air on recirculate and wear a breathing mask. if you have symptoms, time to visit your doctor. we'll talk more about this and when that smoke will be moving into the bay area. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike has an update on the north bay. >> keep the cars out of the area if you are not in the area for emergency purposes. limited bus service for sonoma county and the vine bus service for napa. smart trains are running south of santa rosa. be careful there. it's because of closures.
6:43 am
north of grant street closed. the smoke shifting as the fire shifts between napa and fairfield. be careful, we are watching for that effect as well. south of there, the main traffic flow because of the commute. we had this sig-alert for the san mateo bridge. we'll show you the live look. they have cleared all lanes quickly. westbound still jammed heading to foster city. use dumbarton bridge instead. coming up on "today in the bay," continuing coverage of the wildfires, including the power outages. the steps utility crews are taking to get people back on the grid and help them connect with loved ones. in the meantime, can we begin to estimate what all of this is going to cost? we'll try when "today in the bay" continues.
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right now at 6:46, we continue to monitor the weather conditions in the north bay, near those wildfires. sonoma county will have a cool start and temperatures rising into the 70s. cooler this afternoon because of a front moving in that's going to shift the winds that not only affect the fire, but the health of everyone in the bay area. i'll talk more about that and what you can do to prepare that's coming up in five minutes. >> we continue to track this big jam across the san mateo bridge. this six-car crash has been cleared. we are looking at recovery and what the options are in the north bay fire zone.
6:47 am
6:46 now. continuing to the wildfire coverage, a new look at the scope of the devastation in the north bay. this is a time lapse look at the neighborhoods in santa rosa. many of those streets, simply nothing left. last night there was a meeting in santa rosa where victims gave the firefighters a spontaneous standing ovation for their efforts. sonoma county is operating close to 40 evacuation centers. overnight, we look at which ones are open for evacuees. currently, 11 centers are at full capacity. seven centers in santa rosa and five in sonoma. go to our home page there's a
6:48 am
link to them. the latest power outage situation in the north bay. we got an update from pg&e. officials say 53,000 customers are without power. that's down from 72,000 yesterday afternoon. right now, nearly 800 power workers are out in neighborhoods working onlines to try to restore that power. >> it is still too early to figure out how much all of this damage will cost. some of those initial guesses are startling. >> they are. scott mcgrew, we are talking billions of dollars here. >> yeah, billions upon billions. we cannot estimate damages because the damage isn't over. the fires continue to burn. this morning, we are hearing of new evacuations. the real estate group, core logic looked at the overall value of what burned so far, they estimate $5 billion in damages, based on what it is going to cause to rebuild the
6:49 am
homes that have been leveled or in danger of burning. 11% of the homes are at high or extreme risk of damage. by cam paomparison, the 5 bill$ estimate is a starting point. when you factor in all the home that is might be at risk, the numbers skyrocket, more like 65 billion. that puts it around the cost of hurricane sandy. again, this is a worst case number. the worst disaster, hurricane katrina was $160 billion. all those estimates based on rebuilding. there are so many unknowns about that. we already have a shortage of construction crews in the area. presumably, many will return to help rebuild. the effect of budget on cities and counties and towns, the cost
6:50 am
of all those resources, the firefighters with no tourism dollars coming in for quite some time. now, a reminder, if your house burned down, suffered 10% damage, you don't have to pay property tax. i have a link to that on twitter with more instructions. >> a lot of good information there for people. thank you, scott. >> we want to look at what's going on with the weather. the winds are expected to build up and continue which causes a problem as we continue to battle the fire. >> battling the fire and spreading the smoke. a lot of issues as we go into the next 24 hours. smoke will be moving to the south. also, the fires changing direction. so, if you are in one of those areas where wildfire is burning to the north of you, if you are going to be there within the next 24 hours, be very alert and prepared to move, these embers may move south and change things quickly. the worst wind is late tonight and early tomorrow morning as
6:51 am
the red flag warnings go into effect. the temperatures are chilly, starting out in the upper 30s and 40s. 47 in napa and 50 in oakland. 53 degrees to start in san jose with high temperatures in the afternoon. cooler today because we have the cold front moving through. that will change those winds, picking up later this evening. san jose, expect a high of 74 degrees. san francisco, today, up to 66 degrees. here is a look at that wind speed forecast. this is so important as we go into the 8:00 hour. sustained winds coming in at 22 miles per hour. then, as we go into late tonight, sustained winds continue at 25 to 30 miles per hour, with higher gusts. the potential of gusts up to 50 miles per hour will exist into at least the first part of tomorrow. so, that is going to make all the difference and could cause more wildfires to spread. in the north bay, over the next
6:52 am
several days, we have the window of the gusty winds between tonight and tomorrow calm down on friday, and picks up for the weekend as temperatures warm up. for san francisco, expect cooler temperatures and a lot of smoke. for the weekend, maybe a little more of the clearing, but our high temperatures in the low 70s. inland area for the east bay and south bay, the high temperatures going from cool to warming up by sunday. heading over to mike, closures shift through the north bay, too. >> as the fire shifts and the smoke moves, we have the closure shifting as well. highway 12, through glen ellen is looking better. be careful, lots of local road closures. i put all the orange squares up there, which i typically hide because of the cluster. wanted to show how much closure there is. the newest closure, highway 29 north of grant street. pete is talking about that north of grant street.
6:53 am
we are looking at the shift on i-80. no major closures, just smoke coming from green valley. here, a new crash for the main commute getting to the maze. west 580 jammed up. an earlier crash reported at the curve and a split heading toward the bay bridge. all lanes have cleared. chp just drove through the area. we should see recovery, but the build is on. east shore freeway 50 minutes from highway 4 to the toll plaza. now, feeling the flat sections, the high-rise much better. the six-car crash cleared from the westbound direction. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up next, a look at the top stories on today until the bay, including coverage of the north bay fires. the new evacuation orders in napa and sonoma counties. lawmakers unveiling a hurricane and wildfire relief bill. it would provide billions of dollars in relief funding and
6:54 am
give puerto rico access to a loan. major league soccer is the only choice for american soccer this year. they missed world cup competition for the first time since 1986. they lost to trinidad last night in the qualifying match. before you head out the door,
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the top stories on today 6:56. welcome back. before you head out the door,
6:57 am
here are the top stories here on "today in the bay." >> we have a live look in san jose bay. this was the scene where police are investigating a shooting that left four people injured outside of a restaurant. it happened a little before midnight. police tactical units responded in full gear. police were seen moving around people at gunpoint. they didn't know who had been involved in the altercation. all four injured people are expected to survive. a live look in sonoma county where firefighters are making a stand against the nun's wildfire. this is new video posted overnight from alameda county firefighters showing how chaotic things were sunday night when the fire storm started. sonoma county authorities, this morning, widened the mandatory evacuations to include the area around moon mountain road east of highway 12. here is a look at napa county
6:58 am
now. it has been a very busy night for people who live in calistoga. authorities issued a mandatory evacuation overnight. the order came around 3:15 a.m. pete suratos has been speaking with evacuees following police officers as they went door-to-door, trying to warn people. he has been giving us details on the best evacuation routes, take state road 29 to get out of calistoga. >> a live look to an evacuation center in santa rosa. people are worried about the fires burning around thinker homes. another concern is the breathing conditions. people living near the fires need to be wearing proper face masks as air quality gets worse. the tough thing is trying to find those masks. >> still with nbc bay area for coverage for the north bay area wildfires. at 9:00 a.m., we are expecting two news conferences from officials in sonoma and napa
6:59 am
county. we will stream them on coverage of the destructive wildfires here in the bay area and all across the state continue next on the "today" show. that's at 7:00 a.m. after "today in the bay." >> a quick check of the weather with kari. >> the winds are going to partly cloudy up as we go into this evening. red flag warning at 5:00 p.m. that's when the wildfire danger will increase. winds from the north pushing the fires to the south and pushing the smoke into the bay area. here is a look at the forecast where we'll have several days of breezy winds. >> mike, you are tracking the traffic as thinlgs move around. >> we have closures that shift. a cluttered map. the local road closures. highway 29 closed north of grant street. the fire is shifting to napa and fairfield. i-80 remains open. highway 92 recovers. >> a busy morning. that's what's happening at
7:00 am
"today in the bay." >> make sure you join us for the news at 11:00 for more updates on what's going on with the wildfires in the north bay. make it a good day. good morning. breaking overnight, death and destruction. those raging wildfires in california now claiming at least 17 lives. entire neighborhoods reduced to ashes. vineyards . s >> things are under way, dramatic new video takes you inside one of the largest infernos. nbc news exclusive, trump's nuclear dwreem, new details emerge about that tense meeting at the pentagon where the secretary of state called president trump a moron. did the president's controversial requests to increase our nation's nuclear arsenal set rex tillerson off? the first shots.


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