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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 11, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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county. we have live team coverage for you. the deadline to be out of town just passed a few minutes ago. did everyone leave? >> reporter: we are still seeing some people trickling out of here. time is up. fire and police went from one door to the next issuing the warning of mandatory evacuation. wind swept embers have a good chance of landing right here. >> we just got it about half an hour ago. we were on alert. we weren't on mandatory. now we're on mandatory. >> reporter: calistoga residents had already been evacuated this
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morning. about a half hour ago several fire vehicles came through town in a hurry. everyone appears to be staging getting ready for the horror that may come this way. back out here live we're showing you this flag. it's right here at lincoln aver at the intersection of lincoln avenue and highway 29 blowing a bit. it wasn't blowing earlier. we are feeling there was a breeze starting to whip up here. we had come down a couple hours ago. the petrified forest road. notice about a half dozen ambulances staejing there. they came through here about a half hour ago. as the weather changes, everybody is shifting too. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, kim. that's the dynamic of what we have seen over the last couple of days. crews having to move from one place to the other.
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let's show you some of the most notable areas. people who live in the area of moon mountain road, martin road, adobe way all being told to leave their homes immediately. let's move you to napa county. the entire town of calistoga under evacuation order. a shelter is available at american canyon high school. also school buses are being used to move people around. upper and lower green valley which is also 80 near fairfield. twin sisters road still under mandatory evacuation. >> the tubbs fire has jumped containment lines above geyserville. crews are doing everything they can. we're going to keep bringing this up. this is what we're talking about last night add well. the wind is the primary problem. jeff, what do we expect moving forward overnight?
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i believe sunday we had winds in about 50 miles an hour and tonight what could we reach? >> tomorrow morning we really could see wind gusts anywhere from 20 to maybe 50 miles an hour in some of the hills. right now it's picking up at 10 miles an hour in calistoga. the big change today that prompted the evacuations is the wind is moving more out of the north. the tubbs fire, which is off to the north had crossed over 128. it's these hot spots that could blow embers into downtown calistoga and that's why you have the mandatory evacuations in place. the wind is just starting to pick up. if you're there and thinking the wind is not that bad i'm going to stay, that's not the thing to do. the wind is certainly going to be getting a lot worse. right now as we get a wider look at the wind across the north bay, it's the highest here gusting to 16 in santa rosa and no novato. all this wind is pushing from the north to the south. that's why all the bay area has
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dealt with the smoke today even on down to morgan hill and gi gilroy. humidity 5 to 15%. poor air quality for everyone. let's zone in on that wind. you can see 11:00 p.m. generally 10 to 15 miles an hour for the bay area. it's tomorrow morning, this is the time zone. you have to watch out if you're near a fire. 2:30 in the morning, 22 in france. right afternoon 7:00 in the morning we could see up to 29 in napa. 22 in san francisco and 22 in san jose. we'll talk more about what people should be looking for in they live near one of those fires. i'll have details later on. >> okay. we'll keep you posted. very smoky conditions in napa and so knnosonoma. you're looking at the live
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cameras spread out throughout the area. this is dublin. you can see the skyline covered up in smoke. it is thick. poor air quality if you have respiratory problems this will be an issue for you anywhere throughout the bay area. we're going to have more few you in about ten minutes. >> figure that san jose camera is about 100 miles away from the fire area. that's a long distance. we want to go back to our nbc bay area sky ranger. these are live pictures in santa rosa. this is above the coffee park district. everybody surrounding that area
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and shaffer elementary school. this is going to be difficult and when we see this and we're watching this with you, it's quiet and peaceful down there. that is all rubble. people's homes and lives down below in that rubble. >> that fear is that that kind of damage could replicated in other neighborhoods as well. there's a simmer fire in geyserville and it went from simmering to erupting in a full blown fire. robert handa joining us. we were on with you about an hour ago and it wasn't nearly as bad as heavy snoek as we're seeing now. >> reporter: that's right. it's developing so quickly. it's turned a rather tense situation into a frantic one. this is a town that has already undergone several evacuations since monday. as you're about to see, there is
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no getting away from it today. flames seemed to erupt and spread quickly this afternoon. a mandatory evacuation was ordered for homes around california 128 and river homes. many homeowners who didn't have to leave were leaving. >> i'm worry ied embers are goi to hop the hill. this is a tight knit community. it's going to hurt our, the economy for us. >> reporter: she had good reason to be worried. as you can see this fire is a lot tougher to fight on the ground than in the air with dry steep terrain everywhere but it's the unpredictable wind that really has everyone worried. >> seems like they are more or less merging. it's pretty scary. at this point i know what would stop. it's too much activity out
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there. >> we're going to get out of dodge and get somewhere safe. >> you're a fortunate one? >> i'm one of the lucky ones. >> reporter: well, lucky at least to this point. as cal fire officials were telling us and you have been hearing the wind is whipping up this fire and it's spreading fast. the main danger is it can change directions very quickly. robert handa, nbc bay area news. tonight we're getting a new look at the overwhelming destruction of these fires. this video actually taken a board a smart train. it's a brand new commuter train. you can see it going through the northern part of santa rosa between san miguel. that's in the coffey park neighborhood. there's a few cars. it looks like armageddon out there. remnants of people's homes. very little for people to take from the area.
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you're getting a good look at that coffey park area. >> we saw it from above and now we're seeing it from the train level. this is really a tricky time. people just trying to get home not just in santa rosa but in napa as well. we are not in the clear. nbc bay area tweeting out this photo a short while ago. you're seeing the long lines of people are waiting for an escort. you have to be escorted back into your neighborhood. that way they can ensure safety. are you with us and what are you seeing? >> reporter: sadly for most families here they return home this is what they found, a home that was barely recognizable. at this particular house all that is standing is a fireplace. if you look behind it in the back you can see a swimming pool. here, just a few feet away, a mangled pickup truck.
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people today were given just five minutes back at their homes to get medications, or look for pets. some hoped to find photos or maybe a family heirloom but they found ash and debris. >> step out of line. it's going to be a while. >> reporter: in pa more than 150 people waited in line hoping to end the uncertainty they have lived with for more than two days. one by one sheriff deputies and police escorted families back to see if their homes are standing. ora lopez returned to heartbreak. >> it's unrecognizable. it's devastating for me. it's worse than i imagined just seeing smoke still on the ground. >> reporter: she tried to look for her bed but couldn't find it in the scorched debris. this is where she kept her chickens and bunnies. they all died along with one
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sheep. seven other sheep survived. kathleen gordon learned her home is still standing and she found her three cats inside. >> just pure relief, thankfulness. i just hope somebody else can get some good news today. >> reporter: unfortunately, there was good news for very few people in this region today. here is another house. you can see the walls are still standing but everything else is gone. now for those people who returned to their homes and were not able to find their pet, many of them left water and food and now they are just hoping for the best. reporting live in napa, nbc bay area news. >> that's what people want to see. they want to have some remnant of something live from their home. lots of people want to connect with their animals. more than 200 animals are there. lots of people were there to try
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find their animals. this is for people forced to evacuate. in addition to the dogs and cats rgs people brought in llamas. the shelter is trying to work to see the they can reunite the owners. there's geese and rabbits. there's even a goat. very good news is that very few of the animals found suffered any burns. we continue to have amazing pictures and video pour in. a lot of it is from you, our viewers, that were experiencing the fires first hand. patrick sent us of a vibrant neighborhood reduced to ash. you can see the chimney left standing. photographs, half melted basketball hoop in front of a home. there is no home. brandon posted video that he scrambled to evacuate early this morning from the mountains
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between santa rosa showing us how he made it. >> we are seeing it all. coming up next we're going to have more about the evacuation in napa county. we leave you now with these live pictures from our sky ranger. many people, all the people here cannot go back to their properties so they are watching it through our coverage. back in a moment. news.
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this is a live picture from geyserville. we continue to follow our breaking news now. if you're just now tuning in the entire town of calistoga has been evacuated. mandatory evacuations and parts of middletown. the fire on the ridge, this is the tubbs fire. that's what's prompting these new evacuations. our camera right here is in geyserville. this is also being threatened. it could come flushing down the hill. about 20 miles north of santa rosa. you can get an idea between calistoga over west to geyserville and down to santa rosa. you can see it picking up as the winds pick up. >> that area under a mandatory evacuation near 128 and river road all day long. now i want to show you a live look. this is the atlas fire which is now moving down to solino
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county. it went through silverado trails and making its way through lake berry. very cloudy, smoky conditions there as well. >> among the issues as we go through this is the notification system. you're looking at police going literally door to door last night after those initial evacuation orders came out. everyone has to be out of town. the mayor of calistoga telling us they tried everything. the cell phone system, going door to door and the old fashioned land line. everything to get people out of town. let's pick it up with vicky. this is where you were last night not far from the st. francis winery. what are you seeing in the mountain ranges? >> reporter: we're going to show you that. we're right outside of a private
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pond right here off highway 12. helicopters were coming here loading up their buckets. they were dropping the water on that mountain range right there. underneath it is the oakmont community. if you look right over the ridge there, that is the new area of concern. that's where the helicopters are now. let me show you what it looked like earlier. seven helicopters and eight six wing aircraft battling a complex of fires. the atlas fire, the nun fire burning together. 20,000 people evacuated. 21 people killed in sonoma and napa county. when i asked cal fire about the area of biggest concern, they said everywhere. 170,000 acres currently and as you heard jeff saying earlier, winds are the big concern. you can see the smoke flowing sideways. it's flowing south now. let's take you in north santa
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rosa. we checked in on the neighbors on view point circle. they are taking matters into their own hands there. 40 homes spared from the fire early monday morning. all of those folks say they are going to stay. they have hooked up hoses. they're going to fight. that gives you an idea we're not out of danger zone yet. back to you. >> we're going to keep you in place. a few miles away from you this is what we're seeing. our sky rangers there. we'll show you in a moment. sky ranger near kenwood. a few miles away from the oakmont district. last night this was where we saw the flare ups. this is about five or six miles away from that spot. this seems to be an active spot these last 24 hours. the initial fire here was the nuns fire. that was among the concern that all these three fires could be
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connecting into one. that's probably not going to happen but that is a concern with the winds picking up tonight. >> let's turn things over to jeff. i was right there at the nuns fire. we were talking about the wind shifting and moving the fire back toward highway 12. >> that's the most dangerous thing is the wind shift. it's going to be extremely gusty as we head throughout tonight. we'll talk more about what people can do when they are close to those fires. if you're still not under an evacuation zone here in just a second. as we get a look now we have updated this to seven fires burning throughout the bay area. the two largest, the atlas fire at 42,349 acres and the tubbs fire at 28,000 acres. coming out of north here driving to the south, wind at 16 in santa rosa. 10 in napa. 14 in novato. it's the fact these wind will
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get gustier as we head into tomorrow morning. that's the big fear. embers could fly from the north off to the south. you're looking at red flag fire warnings for the hills of the north bay, east bay and south bay. winds in the hills could gust 20 to 40 miles an hour. humidity down to 5 to 15%. as we get a closer look at what you can do and how you can stay prepared obviously lly if aske evacuate, do so. you can see a fire out to your north out the window, that's who has to really be on high alert. the embers could blow and fast off to the south especially in the early morning hours for tomorrow. i've posted this graphic to my twitter. you can go there. keep it in mind and look that over. 11:00 p.m. tonight still 10 to 15 miles an hour. the big event when we think winds should start to ramp upstarts at 2:30 in the morning. gusts up to 24 in napa.
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22 in san francisco and 36 in livermore. really from 2:30 in the morning into 7:00 in the morning when things will be the windiest. maybe up to 29 in napa. 29 in livermore and 22 in san jose. 2:00 to 7:00 a.m. that's when we are under this major wind threat with our red flag fire warning. we should start to see winds relax and more of sea breeze coming back in. the smoke has been a huge issue all across the bay. you have the smoke plumes off to the north. they are blowing to the south. worst air quality in the north bay but unhealthy throughout the rest of the bay area. i still think we will deal with smoke issues. put your air on recirculate. limit your out door exposure and get a breathing mask if it's too hard for you to handle. temperatures stay in the 70s inland. you have some 60s at the coastline. what about the forecast for the north bay where these fires are burning. we're tracking the wind event on
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thursday morning but a second wind event could come by saturday with more 20 to 40 miles an hour wind gusts. we're tracking more of this. we'll have details coming up right after the break. campuses will be closed
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tomorrow. bad air quality is the reason. on our website we )ve posted a announcing all campuses will be closed tomorrow. our bad air quality is the primary reason. on our website we posted a full list of the school closures in all the counties impacted by these fires. police have arrested three people for possibly looting homes.
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nbc bay area )s responds team is i want the give you another live look above, i think we're supposed to be looking, but this is supposed to -- we're looking over geyserville right now. this is an area under mandatory evacuation. they've been watching this fire all day long. it was laying down for a while but now it's picked up again. mandatory evacuations for this area. we want to go back now to
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nbc bay area responds. our response team is on the ground in the wildfire zone  helping a lot of people. so many questions about insurance and what to do from now and who to connect with. what have you been answering with there? >> reporter: we've been talking to a lot of people today. we're outside the shelter. the red cross is helping people right over there. 250 people being helped. nbc bay area is trying to do our part. we are distributing free masks because there's a lot of smoke in the air. it's no good for the lungs. we have given out more than 100 of these now and we have many more. if you want one free come down here and join us. we'll hand it to you and your family. my colleague, reporter is over there. the other thing we're doing is we have a charging station. they are currently charging their phones. you can do the same outside here in san to rta rosa. we'll be right back.
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>> we'll be right back in a moment.
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night ahead.
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you're looking at a picture in geyserville. we're now going to send it over to lers holt. see you back here at 6:00. tonight, inside the inferno as the fire disaster doubles in california. >> our house is burning! no! >> thousands of families come home to find out there's no home left. nbc news exclusive, what president trump said about nuclear weapons that stunned the room before sources say the secretary of state called him a moron. hazing death charges. ten people including fraternity brothers now criminal defendants. authorities say after a game with fatal consequences. new fallout as one of harvey weinstein's accusers tells her story to nbc news. we're also hearing from ben affleck, a day after condemning weinstein, now


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