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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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not much property damage in the last 24 hours but that could change in the next 24. let's start with sky ranger over geyserville about 20 or 30 minutes, advisory evacuations. essentially voluntary evacuations there in geyserville for now. here are the latest numbers. 29 people confirmed dead. the highest number of fatalities in sonoma county o county with 15. in all 3500 homes of businesses destroyed, making this the most destructive fire and fires in california history. 300 square miles of burned. more than the size of san jose, san francisco and oakland combined. here are the three biggest fires. the tubbs fire, the atlas fire and the nuns withins fire that merge the tubbs fire devastatesed parts of santa rosa is 10% contained. the atlas fire in napa and solano is 3% contained and the
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now merged nuns near glen ellen and sonoma county now at 3% containment. heading towards the evening we are listening in to the sheriff of sonoma county, rob giordano with the updates listen in. peter halvor 80 years old. valerie lynn evans, 75 years old from santa rosa. carmen caldenty. 75 years old as she was here vacationing in santa rosa with her family. michael john dorenbach from calistoga. appear veronica liz meth mccombs, 67 years old from santa rosa. our hearts and thoughts go with friends and family. currently we have 1,100 missing persons reports. 745 of them roughly have been located safe. so we are whittling that list
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down. again communication issues. we are getting through. we still have 400 outstanding. we are going to continue to do what i mentioned this morning, target severance. we are working the missing person's list. go to specific houses, looking for people as part of the recovery search. as the area cools and is safer to go in we will do broader severance. i want to reiterate the importance of calling 7075653856. to, one report people missing. but, two, please report them not missing when you find them because we are using resources to find them. keep us informed with how it's working out. the names i read will be posted on facebook in 15 minutes, the information i gave you. that's what i have for this evening and happy to answer questions. [ inaudible question ].
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>> i'm not sure if they were willie they were found in this morning or last couple of days but this is the list we identified of the 17. >> plaintiffs is is it it too early to talk about cause of death, whether it relates to the fire or -- >> i actually don't know. they may know some of these. i don't know. >> what are the commonalities between the deaths if any. >> the lungts person is 57 years old. the bulk in the 70s and 80s. there is that commonality. other questions? >> santa rosa, lashingfield, really the santa rosa lashingfield area. >> this is the sonoma county sheriff giving us an update.
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and unfortunately he is told us there are 15 fatalities and he just released the identities of the victims. there are still about 400 people outstanding in terms of the missing persons report. and they are actively trying to track down those people. originally there was about 1,100. but 750 have been located. and that was due to communication issues, cell phone towers down. so that's the good news they've been found. they hope the rest are communication issues too. 400 people outstanding. >> sheriff giordano told us they would post the full list of the victim names on the facebook page of the county. as soon as we get it we will post it on facebook and twitter feeds as well process. we have a team of reporters fanned across the bay area counties start wg thom jensen joining us here the sonoma square and thom what do you have at this hour?
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>> reporter: raj, we are seeing this fire still moving toward us. which means it is moving towards sonoma. as you know there were evacuation -- hundreds of people evacuated in the extreme northeast corner of the city proper itself. then up this rod la vallep valley road. many people up here evacuated. firefighters trying to hit it with water and bulldozers and hand crews all day long trying to slow it down before it gets into town. but like i said they have gone door to door telling people to get out today. and some people have stuck around just saying, that they're going to stay and they're soaking their homes to try to save them. >> this is my parents home. this is all they have. so i just thought that's what i would do for them. >> how long have you been giving it a good soak? >> since yesterday. i just every two hours i'd be out here soaking it down. >> this is just like armagadden.
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you think it's not going to be. but then you're like, no i'm going to be proactive and put the treasures and stuff and get my pictures and leave. >> up in the hills there are homes, right where you see the fires burning where you see the smoke. some of enemy have been destroyed. we don't know if that happened overnight or sunday into monday. but we did drive up here. we saw a lot of moems o homes destroyed. they're trying to save what they can. but this is a difficult fight. the spot fires keep popping up. we see the flames crowning out in the timber all day long. they've just been hitting with water and the folks down in sonoma and along the road really hoping that this work pays off. we are live near sonoma thom jensen nbc bay area news. >> thank you thom. not just where thom is there is lots of communities evacuated. mandatory evacuations in place for parts of geyserville, including the vineyard club
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area, the entire town of cal stog an and pant parts of santa rosa. the city of sonoma remains under advisory evacuation people living in the eastern of sonoma valley around lovele road have been told to get out. despite overwhelming devastation many are thankful even though they lost everything. >> jenny at watters and her husband, some of the images coming out of sunday night and early monday morning, hours before jenny had given birth to a little by jackson, her husband matt tried to race back to the home but was turned away because of the flames. he knew their house was lost. >> we're dealing with the fact that the enabled is burning down. and you know we open up the wend i'm trying to see the neighborhood from the hospital room. and as that's happening we can see the fires getting close and see the mobile home park go up in the flames from the window. and it's right here right
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outside the window. >> imagine from your hospital room seeing that. thankfully everyone was evacuated safely. once they were finally able to return home all that was left was their wedding rings. now now with their newby owner baby boy jacksonen. what a scarey moment for them and we're talking about the scarey moments for them ahead. and we have wind gusts are terrible let's check in with jeff. the winds overnight didn't hit 50 plus-mile-per-hour they were generally 15 to 20-mile-per-hour that helped the fires to spread. i don't want people to just rest on the fact this they were okay last night and the fires didn't spread to their house, because we still have a brand-new wind event on the horizon for this weekend. that's why in geyserville there are some evacuation advisories in place. you have downtown geyserville here. i want to show you this map so people can understand why they're evacuated and toward the east you can see the hot spot
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activity that firefighters are watching. winds from the north pushing to the south. still breezy at 9-mile-per-hour. and that could push some of the embers in geyserville. and look at this. healdsburg is just off to the south. geyserville and healdsburg certainly could get some damage from the pocket fire as we head through the next couple days. that's why the advisory evacuations are going into effect. winds right now 6 to 7-mile-per-hour. but, again, what we are keying in on is winds picking up over the weekend, primarily once we hit saturday at 5:00 a.m. 20 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts. i'll have a longer look at this in ten minutes. okay jeff. masks are very necessary. and should be marked with n 95 or n 100. respiratory masks. nbc bay area responds is handening them out the finley pef we will be there until 8:00
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tonight and economic in with chris chumara a little bit later in this newscasts. one of the biggest concerns moving forward the emergency notification system in sonoma county was it handled properly? allowing everyone to know this. would it have helped or hurt the evacuation process? senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen is checking that out joining us live in santa rosa to find out what she has learned. vicky. >> reporter: hey, janelle and raj, christopher helgren is the emergency manager for sonoma county he and his second in the command were out of the area when he got the notification about the fast moving flames creating destruction like this all over santa rosa. did not know the magnitude of the fires that were burning. no, no. >> emergency coordinator christopher agreed to a bereave interview to discuss the decision not to activate a mass cell phone alert that would have gone to every resident in sonoma
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county. we did the best with the information we had at the time. i mean part of this is not just pushing a button making it happen. part of it is knowing what's happening on the ground where it's going. isn't that your job. but i don't have -- how am i finding out in the middle of the night we have law enforcement trying to get people out of the way immediately right now. instead around 12:30 a.m. monday, he and his staff decided to use the soco alert system to send a roberto call to 170,000 rand lines and 15,000 residents signed up for the voluntary system. but from coffey park to fountaingrove people across santa rosa dent know they were in danger until smoke and flames were at the doorstep. >> we never got any call or alert. >> we woke them zblup our daughter woke us up. >> he says sending out the alert to a 500,000 residents could have caused a traffic jam. >> do you think more people would have gotten out sooner had you sent out the mass alert?
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>> more of the affected people. >> um-hum. >> i can't answer that. i think that in this situation that we could have -- if we would have done that we would have potentially ruined not the access for those people to get out of their area. >> you think by sending out the mass alert you would have blocked people from. >> from getting the out. it's very -- it's quite possible. >> could you have sent out an alert that said if there is fire in your area evacuate now if there is no fire in your area please stay off theñr roads? could you have sent out a mass alert that said that in. >> that wasn't -- he with weren't -- that's not the way we utilize the system. that's not the way that traditionally those systems are used. >> would you have done anything differently. >> at this point i feel like -- i feel like i have explained myself.
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>> reporter: well heelgren is telling gnaws system is not to be used in evacuation for the chaos and confusion. we just got an email from fema telling us that other agencies including lake county and marin county both uetzed their same mass cell phone alert system to warn people to evacuate are from certain areas in the counties. we will continue dig in and getting to the bottom perhaps it's something that will be a learning lesson in the future. in the meantime the emergency manager says he is urging people in sonoma county to sign up for the soco alert system at soko that's the system they tried to use monday. guys. >> vicky thank you so much for that information irchlts still to come not just sonoma and napa counties hundreds of homes threatened in solano. we'll take to you the front lines of the atlas fire when we come back. fight.
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you )re looking at the only 7-47 supertanker in the world helping tp take a look at a major force helping in the fire fight. you are look at the only 747 supertank ner the worship. helping to put on the the atlas fire in napa county. the aircraft can fly 600 miles an hour and drop 20,000 gallons of fire retardant over an area a mile long. >> indicates out dire our situation is. nbc bay area jodi hernandez jones us along the front lines of the solano county fire not
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far from fairfield. jodi. >> reporter: that's right we are in green valley on mason road where the fire jumped the ridge this morning. earlier this afternoon this entire hillside here was on fire. you can see it's still smolderring and the fire crew is out here keeping an eye on things. the situation in solano remains serious. cal fire says 400 houses here in solano remain threatened. the fire fight in solano county hasn't slowed down. fire crews are still trying to hold back the atlas fire's reach in green valley. they are hitting it hard from the air and from the ground. cal fire says the number of crews has tripled since yesterday. our engines are focused road and structures we hike up into the mountains and try and find a more direct path most of the
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time. >> the combination of additional people on the ground as well as more favorable weather conditions is really going to help us start to get the upper hand. >> reporter: but there are still plenty of hot spots. >> when we thought we were out last night but the it jumped the trees that's when it came in on us. >> the mason rambling has been in frank's family since 1862. he and his sons have been working around the clock along with firefighters to help save it. and we are back here live where you are looking at this ridge at this hillside that was on fire just a short time ago. fire crews are out here still keeping an eye on things. we have seen a little bit of flicker of red. we have heard trees coming down. the cal fire says right now they have no estimation on when they'll be allowing folks back into the mandatory evacuation area. and this is really which. still a very serious situation.
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reporting live in green valley, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. also. plan ahead. many of the weekend events have been cancelled. but right now as we look at the columns yuj, the raiders will be playing sunday afternoon against the chargers, despite the poor air quality. the nfl says the league is constantly monitoring the air quality. plenty of college of football as we weapon pl the pac 12 commissioner saying he is in active discussion was stanford about saturday night's game on the farm against oregon as well as tomorrow night in berkeley between cal and washington state. so far all of these college and pro games will go on as keded. >> what about the schools in the east bay. they continue to morin the situation let's go to nbc bay area christie smith live in ellis certificate o with more. >> in west contra costa schools have seen a lot of smoke and doesn't seem to be going away. they have a number of schools like this where the rooms open
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up directly outside. and they don't want students exposed to it. west contra costa schools were closed under hazy schools and again tomorrow. >> it's abundance of caution but also practical for practical reasons, you know once you are at a point where you have ash falling from the sky. >> reporter: he says reaction has been mixed some families wondering if students might face similar poor air quality at home due to the wildfires. >> some of the schools you have to go outside to use the restroom and reach the cafeteria. keeping them in one classroom at many schools isn't possible. whereas at home hopefully all that is self-contained and parents can keep a closer eye on children. >> we see in oakland blue skies. yesterday downtown you didn't see blue skies. >> reporter: oakland unified says they considered cancelling classes but opted to stay open and being inside but absences, excused. >> we want to continue teaching, right.
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we no he some kids being at home maybe the conditions facing at home aren't better. >> reporter: downtown masks were easy to spot. >> i don't want to breathe all the smoke and you know it's bad for your health. >> did we get the n.-95. >> as market supply's hard weir working hard to keep up with demand. 95% of calls coming from people looking for the masks. one man bought two boxes for his family and girlfriend. >> she said it's bad and her throat is starting to hurt. >> reporter: for oakland and west contra tooft o costa sports are cancelled. a number of school closures planned for tomorrow. we have a full list on our website at reporting live in. the air quality is so bad we can feel it in throats and with
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respiratory issues it's worse, jeff. >> we are get ago break in the forecasts to improve the air quality with 7 fires burning throughout the bay. we had the normal wind move in the past 24 hours, from the north pushing to the south. that's why there was no part of the bay area that was left untouched by the smoky and hazy skies. the biggest offender in terms of the worst smoke was the atlas fire. you can see the smoke plume on the satellite loop traveling down to san francisco and the peninsula. really vigorously. making it hard to breathe. as we heard in christie's story. it's staying dangerous in the north bay the next three days and unhealthy for the east by to the south bay. on again off again intermittent periods of smoke and periods of blue sky. the best which to help with smoke and is limit outdoor exposure. put the aaron recirculate. it's the button in the car you probably never use, has some or the of arrow on it.
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look at it. it helps quite a bit. also the breathing mask. in terms of the forecast, the next thing we are watching is the wind event on saturday. 20 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts, 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. eventually improved air quality by tuesday, wednesday and thursday as a storm approaches. potentially rainfall heading to next thursday and friday. we're looking at how much rainfall we could get plus details on the two areas that have had new evacuations today. coming up after the break. not just the bay area..
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but north of us... a fire in mendocino county. near 101nd happening now, just north of the major fires in wine country there is also a wildfires at mendocino county, near 101 and highway 20. containment is only at 5% right now. so far 250 homes have been destroyed. 8,000 people there still evacuated. and 8 people died in that fire. back in a moment. the sonoma county sheriff --
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giving us new informaon if you're just now tuning in i want to give you an update on the fires in the north bay. a short while ago you might have seen it on nbc bay area. we heard the sonoma county sheriff giving us new information. the sheriff says 17 people now died in sonoma county alone. 10 of those victims have been identified. we posted the list of the ten victims on the twitter feed. 400 people still unaccounted for? sonoma county. the sheriff is encouraging people to call their emergency
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hot line if you find them because they're trying to track them down and make sure they're okay. another 70 reported missing have been found. good news. we will have more news after the break. and the moves. we're the generation that had the style. well, sometimes. we're the generation that walked where no one had walked before, like no one had walked before, and, boy, did we know how to fly. we're the generation that had a dream and broke down walls. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them. and in this dangerous world, we have to keep on saving them, protecting them, caring for them even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll remember the children who desperately
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need our help, and we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit
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night. fire crews ... all across the north bay ... grinding for th right now at 6:30, we continue onch despite continuing into the night fire crews across the north bay fighting the fifth consecutive night trying to get more containment on the
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destructive wildfires. right now one fire is marching dangerously close to the town of geyserville. >> you can see the sun setting and a long night ahead. damian trujillo is in geyserville for us. at 5:00 we saw the flames in the zants are distance. are they getting any closer to where you are. >> reporter: they are more visible. geyserville is now a town on edge. that's the reason why. the flames are more visible than they have been all day. these residents here have seen what happened to neighbors across the north bay. and they are bracing. that's because they themselves are watching flames march towards them. the air drops have been relentless above geyserville. firefighters say the priority is life and safety and after that the goal is to spare this historic town. >> yeah last twos like it's crazy. you know, like, the smoggy fire, people scared, you know.
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and mostly geyserville almost empty. people already leave. and it's pretty quiet. >> in man says he will close his store and evacuate if if the mandatory order is given. right now the town is under a mix of mandatory and advisory evacuation orders. that means some residents can come and go but advised to be ready to move out at a moment's notice. the small community called the vineyard club are gone after a mandatory evacuation order. . this transplant from hawaii says it's worse than volcanoes. >> i'm from rhode island, the big island where we have lava, hurricanes civil defense lighting up phones all the time. this is worse. i'll take the lava over this any day. >> reporter: and here is a live picture of the flames up in the hills, they are worrying people in geyserville. there are a lot of hand crews.
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some state prisoners helping with the fight. a lot of bulldozers. we have seen helicoptering flying up and down trying to douse the flames. but the smoke isn't going down and neither are the flames. right now again downtowns geyserville remains under advisory evacuation pl. but the hillside, everything under mandatory evacuation and you can see why. live in geyserville. damian truly o. >> we'll check back throughout the evening. this is the tricky part of the night when the sun is setting and winds may pick up. s in the outskirts of calistoga. the flames so strong in some areas even the firefighters had to retreat. robert handa has been near the fire in calistoga. you saw the flames first hand today? >> reporter: that's right. in fact we are still in that area. along highway 29 in calistoga in
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terms of the fire fight cal fire crews have drawn a hard line in the ash. at times the fire seemed surreal. thick smoke and fast spreading flames engufld the area around calistoga, the fire that already caused damage the past two days seemed to escalate bolstered by swirling winds. home owners in the path have been evacuated. >> it's wooded, and steep. lots of big ravines, really no manned power could get up there on so we're relying on them to stop the fires before it gets to that point. >> cal fire says it has to. >> as we move further south there are less opportunities of existing roads and infrastructure that we can get resources in and attack the fire. that's why we are making a big stand on this right now. >> reporter: as the wind picked up the fire fighting around calistoga became fierce and at
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times futile. and cal fire began moving fire crews and us off the mountain. >> we have to shift the objectives and reengage and pull back and reengage depend gd where the wind is and where the spot fires occur. >> reporter: residents who stayed have been warned. >> he said we are leaving you caution tape in case you leave we want to you hang it on the driveway so we know not to look for corpses. >> at one point an engine caught fire. >> they had to stay there while the engine was disabled. that added an additional level of urgency to making sure the mission was successful. and it was. >> reporter: now cal ka fire says it made good progress in keeping the fire west and north of 29 away from calistoga and middle town at at least for now process live in calistoga. >> okay thank you robert. remember chris the mayor of calistoga wasn't happy about the people remaining to stay in
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calistoga defying the mandatory evacuation. >> they could put fire crews at risk by being there. they have to concentrate on them when they should be protecting property. >> yes. let's check with jeff now. we have new evacuations the fires area expanding. >> they are getting too close to some city limits in some cases. i wanted to give you a map perspective on the top three locations we are traging for some of the newest evacuations. we heard about geyserville from damian. and you can see downtown geyserville is here. we see the hot spots and flames they are attacking to the north and east. winds borrowing out of the north pushing south at about 8-mile-per-hour. so that still could below embers near the downtown area and that's why firefighters want people to heed some of the evacuations and also listen to that evacuation advisory. now the second location are the mandatory evacuations remaining in place in calistoga. there is downtown and all the
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hot spot activity to the north over 128. we are going to see another wind event by this saturday. and that still could blow flames and embers right into downtown and that's why you are evacuated there. jodi hernandez has been reporting in green valley. and sosoon as well today. and they have a lot of hot spot activity near twin sisters court and twin is it sisters road and joyce lane. a north wind pushing south to below smoke flames and embers into sosoon and green valley. we are tracking several things ahead. the key thing i'm watching for you is the gusty wind into sunday morning, 15 to 40-mile-per-hour. new you want in 20 minutes. still to come stories of vafl. live to napa to show you how the community is uniting amid all the tragedy. also the sheriff releasing names of the victims they identified 10 of the 17 people who died in sonoma county back
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in a moment. wildfires broke out -- the
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flames are still burning strong. four days now since the deadly wildfires broke out. the flames still burning strong. a big concern once again is the wind, which fueled the massive inferno sunday night. here what we learned today. the most tragic update, the death toll 31. 17 of the people killed in sonoma county. the names of 10 of them just released in the past 30 minutes. the three main wildfires all in wine country are about 10% contained right now or less. mandatory evacuations are still in effect for the entire town of calistoga, parts of santa rosa and east of sonoma off love
6:40 pm
will. l road. parts of geyserville also under mandatory evacuations. we cannot get through this as a community without support. we are seeing heart warming gesture from so many. >> nbc bay area reporter spent her day in the sonoma collecting stories of survival and amid the tragedy. >> the only thing may be more prevalent than the fire is the story of neighbors helping neighbors. this man has had to evacuate out of his home in santa rosa and waynery in calistoga. while unnerving he says there is no comparison to what happened to friends on outlet peek sunday night. >> families tried to get union down and the. and apparently what saved the family that the old guy who will lived there for decades and decades had quietly maintain add fire road down.
6:41 pm
>> fortunately they were able to escape like kay. she had to evacuate dry creek road with three horses. no options she dropped enemy a a neighbor's care. all the kids are coming in and watching the horses and helping out. and everybody -- everybody is helping one another. >> the fires may have devastated this region. but they've also fueled an outpouring of unit. >> it's beautiful to see people working together like the in shape gym i go to anyone who needs a shower or shelter can go there. people are coming together. and it's nice to see in this community. >> reporter: there is an incredible story about a winery owner on silvered an ooh trail. we were told on sunday night when the flames from the atlas fire came down that man actually jumped on a tractor cut into the flames to try and save his winery. i saw a picture of it. it was incredible. he was successful in doing so and saving his winery. we did try to talk with him
6:42 pm
today but he declined. reporting live in yountville, kim yonenaka, nbc bay area. people risking lives to save the property. nice to hear all the people helping each other especially in the critical hours. >> a check of the forecast now you are keeping a close eye on things and the fire still so active. >> i wish i could say we are done with winds but we are not. seven fires burning throughout the north day, largest the atlas fire where kim was reporting. pushing in solano county over 40,000 acres. i'm tracking a new wind event this weekend and also when rain could return. some stores are hiking the prices of masks right now. but nbc bay area is providing them free to people in the wildfires zone. consumer investigator chris chumara. nbc bay area responds i'll tell you where to get the masks tonight or tomorrow. next.
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if you are just now tuning in we have updates now about the fires across the north bay. the death toll sadly has risen to 31. the sonoma county sheriff just a short while ago releasing many of the names that have been identified of the victims we have posted that on the website. the good news here, the fires are not encroaching into the populated areas. however, this is a good night as we head into tonight. yes, so far the thousands of homes and businesses lost the wildfires now the next step is trying to rebuild. >> our consumer reporter chris chumara joins us now appear he has been in sonoma the last several days what are people asking you insurance and also you're handing out the masks which are are all but mandatory up there. >> reporter: they really are all around the bay area right. first about the insurance questions. the reasons we are here i finley community center because it's become a regional had upper back this is the a shelter for red
6:46 pm
cross and insurance companies with are flocking so evacuees can file claims in person and rep i hadly once we tasch dsh as we walked around to people once they filed claim they have questions we answer them and sometimes we direct people around. the primary focus has been the masks. these are the n 95 masks he helpful in gettingright of tick rid of par particulate matter. we have given out more than 1,200 masks. over there we have a recharging station, helping people charge electronics. our partner in telemundo is here. and we are here until 8:00 and over in napa valley tomorrow. napa valley college tomorrow. this has been a hit. you know and it's kind of just -- it's so heart warming at the same time it's just heart breaking. because people are so thankful to find these. we have heard story base stores
6:47 pm
hiking the prices to $11 apiece and other stores don't have them. as a matter of fact earlier today the local air quality district heard about our distribution center and delivered 3 boxes for us to distribute. another 240 of the masks free to people in the fire zone. slifrm because even the air quality district knew that the supplies of these are really in a dire situation. here is what the air district quality had to say. >> i know that people are driving down as far south as oakland and hayward. the air district has gotten quite a few from a distance out. we are continuing out over the next few days to drib them to the centers all around the evacuation centers. >> reporter: yeah and we were doing that too. we made our way up from san jose today. and we made several stops beginning over in napa county and then we went over to sonoma county. and again we will do this tomorrow as well. over to napa county college and
6:48 pm
we'll be distributing the masks. if you'd like one tonight you can visit us here at finley community center in santa rosa. we will be here until 8:00. but tomorrow over at napa valley college. we know they're vital and shouldn't have to pay $11 apiece for these when they're only, $1 or $2. this is the kind of need we saw and we wanted to respond. we are so happy we have the resources to provide this to people who desperately need these right now back to you. >> you guys are doing a great job. just a small way we can help to help in the effort to recover. thank you, chris. stay with us we will keep you updated throughout the day and night on air and online. o to the website, there you can find the latest on all the fires how you can help some of the fire viems. a bi product in all this the sprkt sunsets we have been seeing but of course because of all the smoke. let's bring in jeff with the latest. we are looking at improved
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air quality eventually as we head into next week with rain coming our way. more on that. but seven fires continue to burn across the bay area, the largest, the atlas and the tubbs fire. both of those have had new a evacuations in place today. not only in green and sosoon valley but also up near geyserville. they're also closely monitoring things. i want to reset the table for what's next. because we are not done with gusty winds yet. heading through friday it's not nearly as windy. but we have the new wind event for saturday. when winds could hit 15 to 40-mile-per-hour. and push more embers to the south. then we mention the potential of rainfall i'm tracking in the extended forecast. let's take to you the wind. not bad tonight. only 5 to 7-mile-per-hour. tomorrow still not a big deal here throughout friday's forecast. it's again on saturday morning
6:50 pm
we could see winds 20 to 40-mile-per-hour from santa rosa to napa, maybe to norinda and livermore also gusts above 30-mile-per-hour, the dry northeastly winds keeping the humidity low. i think we will stay with that situation for gusty winds possibly into 10:00 on saturday. 5 to 10:00 a.m. tuesday thap. that's the next wind event where firefighters are already thinking about how they're going to strategize on the fire lines. then heading through the afternoon on saturday we will gradually see the wind beginning to slacken on up. now the other thing that of course has been the big problem we heard from chris chumara who passing out the masks is the air quality. i still think we will be under the danger envelope the next three days the north bay and east bay bay through the south bay unhealthy. we will see periods of blue sky on and off but the it's the par particulate matter even in the blue sky and sunshine that's going to be the most unhealthy. you have to wind chill out.
6:51 pm
if you're coughing you can feel it. you need to limit outdoor exposure. temperatures 80 in antioch. up in the fire zones upper 70s to low 80s that's not the hurting firefighters too much. that's in the scheme of things helping them out. the wind event through saturday forecast gusts 20 to 40 for the morning hours. improved air quality hitting tuesday, wednesday and thursday next we can as wet o get a storm system to the north. unclear temperatures. by thursday i think we could possibly see some showers move in. it's not a whole lot. but by the early morning hours trace amounts about 0.03. we may see a quarter to half inch of rainfall in napa over to santa rosa. we could see a lot of changes. but this is what everybody is pushing ahead towards. that potential of some rainfall. and i know we will have more up coming up in the 7:00 hour more
6:52 pm
updates then. up next the sharks are ready to drop the puck in the south bay and help fire victims. we will explain next. 3 re we are the generation that had it all.
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we are the generation that had the music and the moves. we are the generation that had a dream. we came together to feed the world's children. we came together to protect them, and in this dangerous world we have to keep on saving them and protecting them, even when we're gone. if we remember unicef in our will, we'll be the generation who left a better world for children. visit
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♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not take someone that you see all the time. someone like, i dunno, me? i mean i always spell your name right and put a little unicorn in your foam. no pressure but i really need to get out of here. they've been playing the same playlist for three months and i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat scones for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know. i'm a quick packer. ♪ well derrick kari is back in the raiders lineup but will they be playing in three major
6:55 pm
football games in the bay area next three days. the raiders hoefting chargers on sunday afternoon. stanford hosting oerken oh saturday night and cal hosting washington state tomorrow night. the nfl and pac 12 telling us they are monitoring the air quality in the bay area. but as of right now the games go on as planned. the fire also on the minds of san jose sharks. on the ice tonight. >> the shark holding buffalo. the fans can help donate to fire victims in a couple of ways among them the team's 50/50 raffle. the sharks proceeds from the raffle to want and saturday night will benefit the local red cross. >> they can donate money directly entering the shark tank. now back to the breaking news coverage. the north bay wieflds major ones burning across wine country up into mendocino county. as you can see the flames approaching very close to some towns, including the town of geyserville. they're actually mandatory
6:56 pm
evacuations just outside the town of geyserville. but advisory evacuations in the town itself. residents should be prepared to leave. also the town of calistoga under mandatory evacuations as well. >> as we shift attention toward the weekend and maybe peeking into next week we bring in jeff ranieri, perhaps you were mentioning- did this sounds like welcome news rain in the forecast. >> it looks like it by next thursday and friday we could see maybe a quarter to half inch in fire zones look it's really preliminary looking this far out. but i really think we likely would get some rainfall at this point. the exact total is dropping a little bit. and a quick look at the seven-day forecast before we get to the rain chance i want everybody to focus in on saturday. 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon we could see more wind gusts, 20 to 40-mile-per-hour coming out of the north and the east. i know firefighters are looking at saturday closely. figuring out how they're
6:57 pm
strategizing for that. >> that's our goal to make sure everyone is prepared knows what's coming ahead. >> we continue fire coverage at 7:00. join us then.
6:58 pm
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the news starts right now. thanks for joining us for this special 7pm edition of nbc knew which were running out of options. last week has been a total nightmare. i haven't had hardly any sleep. >> they tell you to go you go. it's insane. never seen anything like it. >> give until it hurts because there are a lot of people hurting right now. anybody can save my house they're my heroes. >> these are our friends and neighbors so we're out here to stop it where it is. nbc bay area news starts right now. thanks for joining us for special edition at 7:00 janelle wang. >> raj mathai wp once again we are extending the 6:00 coverage into the 7:00 hour. we want to give you updates from the fire lineups. a lot happening not just in terms of the numbers but also w


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