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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 15, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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institutions still undermining racial equality in the united states. this an official capacity cap against the nfl, it is without question owners have been reluctant perhaps with the backlash seen from signing colin kaepernick. but as far as proving collusion, might be hard on the colin kaepernick team and kaepernick himself. >> you look at this guy, should he be playing in the league? absolutely. he should be in the league. you saw rodgers going down, mariota going down, different quarterbacks going down. there's a place for him in the national football league, but right now there's so much unrest teams are scared to touch colin kaepernick. is he going to win this? no. should he file this? i don't know that i would do it. here is a young man that wants to play football and he feels like rue doll of, left out of all of the reindeer games. >> it will be interesting to track that as the legal process plays out. got to take our first break on xfinity sports sunday. if you are into the gambling
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thing which i'm not, but if you are i hope you picked the underdogs. parity is back in the nfl. we break it down next. >> plus, oh, another big-time injury. aaron rodgers goes down. what does it mean for a team? all of these injuries continue to add up in the nfl. >> i'm terry mcsweeney following breaking news in the nbc bay area studios. a sense of relief for many in the north bay as some evacuation orders are lifted. we are there as people return home for the first time. firefighters making progress on the fires. live report from the fire lines up next on "nbc bay area news." jack: why am i sitting here at >> announcer: kpks kpks sports sunday is brought to you by jack in the box. he industry to try t. jack: fast food's first ever ribeye burger. jack: made with 100% ribeye beef, grilled onions, a red wine glaze and creamy havarti cheese. jack: ahh, here comes the competition now. jack: and of course, since they work for my competitors, i've obscured their identities
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jack: except for this guy. jack: he is so screwed. jack: try my new havarti & grilled onion and all-american ribeye burgers.
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our nissan rogue play of the day. steelers against the undefeated chiefs. roth li roethlisberger to antonio brown. oh, he's got it and gone for the
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touchdown. >> how about that? you have to be lucky and good. no question, antonio brown keeps his eyes on the price and that is the ball. the ball is your friend, my friend. >> remind you to take on the unexpected with nissan's available intelligence safety shield technology, innovation that excites. if you're excited about the underdogs you were really excited this week in the nfl because, boy, oh boy, look at that. miami was a 13.5 point underdog. they got the win over the falcons. barrels beat the ravens despite being 5.5 underdog. eight underdog wins total. today you talk about parity in the nfl and i think we have often used that term with the nfl but we saw it again once here today. >> no question you did. you saw the underdogs come the play football today. there were a lot of matchup weise were wanting to see happen. you saw san diego come into oakland, a place where raiders lose three straight. had a chance to win that game. chargers found a way to pull it out. you saw arizona, adrian
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peterson, people said he was done. guy goes over 120 yards. you like to see an old guy do that. miami dolphins, everybody is looking at jay cutler. the guy was a bomb. >> he had been. >> there he goes. beats atlanta falcons. pittsburg steelers, they always matchup great against kansas city. alex smith, mvp of the league. you saw big ben talking about retiring last week, talking about he doesn't have it. it was big-time underdogs yesterday. >> we will talk about it next on "xfinity sports sunday" because there have been huge ones in the nfl, and maybe the biggest of all happened today with the green bay packers against the minnesota vikings. we will discuss. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. xfinity sports sunday. seems like we've been talking about it all year in the nfl,
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injuries. another huge one day, aaron rodgers hit by the vikings linebacker anthony barb. broken collar bone, likely done for the season. barr out of ucla. a former teammate of his ous of ucla, bret hundley, the new quarterback of the packers. the list goes on and on about the big-time stars hurt for the year. odell beckham out for the year, julien edelman, andrew luck hasn't seen the field yet. david johnson, perhaps the best running back in the nfl. how do teams do this? how do you replace those guys? you never replace them but how do you move on without a guy like aaron rodgers? >> it is next man up, that's how it has to be. when you think of guys like that, guys of that magnitude get injured, you have to have a team with a great deal of resolve. you can't do too much. i remember playing in san diego, the great drew brees goes down, in come phillips rivers.
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teams said let's rally around this guy. you saw what happened with the st. louis ram. a guy goes down, a guy comes on the scene that was bagging groceries. now he's a hall of famer. it happens. sometimes tough things happen to great people, bull you got to be able to endure. so a lot of athletes are getting injured but you will see guys step up big time. >> that's the name of the game and it is opportunity for a lot of the guys. now we get the see what bret hundley can do as starting quarterback for the packers. >> he's coached well. jim moore jr. was his head coach at ucla, a guy under his wings for a few years. he knows a thing or two about quarterback. it will be interesting. >> the have parity, the underdogs are winning, you have injuries but our guy neal never injured. >> never injured. >> well-done. another xfinity sports sunday. hopefully when we're talking next week we are talking after a couple of wins from the local games. >> did you great. got through it. put you in the game, coach. put you in the game. >> i got pumped up.
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overall things are feeling optimistic. >> it's been a week since the fires broke out. for the first time, a true sense of hope. firefighters say they're making major progress. >> as as the fires slow down, people are now going home. some communities that were virtual ghost towns now showing signs of life.
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the news at 9:00 starts right now. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm vickie nguyen. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. evacuations lifted at the announcement many communities have been waiting for. right now you can see detailed information about evacuations lifted scrolling across the bottom of your screen. here is the latest update. evacuations no longer in ee expect for calistoga and parts of napa county including the gordon valley area. the advisory for city of napa lifted. some people being allowed into their homes in santa rosa, a city very hard hit by these fires. people in solano county fighting a sense of relief tonight. people are back home because fire crews say they've made major progress on the fires. gusty winds no longer a threat. the improving conditions are helping fire crews but the fight is far from over despite the good news. a new fire in the oakmont area between santa rosa and kenwood
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proving difficult for firefighters. >> let's begin with sam brock live in santa rosa where people are returning home for the first time. sam, i grew up tlchlt we were there monday. entire neighborhoods are gone and others untouched. such a roller coaster of emotions for those residents on both sides i'm sure. >> reporter: it is incredibly emotional. you know, vicky, it is such a mind-boggling aspect of all of this. you will walk into neighborhoods as you know and see entire blocks leveled, then look down the street and there are homes sitting there untouched. that is a little bit of what we got today in terms of talking to people returning to their homes. some of them came back to find their homes intact, others were sifting through rubble. no matter what they actually saw though, mentally preparing themselves for what they were about to see and then the emotional process of preparing yourself for that and then reacting, two different things. >> i was expecting something. you can see where it's -- even this far away all of the imperfects that were flying.
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>> reporter: in shondra collins yard in the neighborhood in santa rosa, signs of embers that managed to stay out of her house and away from irreplaceable items she couldn't find the night she evacuated. >> i couldn't find the photo albums of my grandparents that haven't been with us for a long time and that's what i was worried about. >> reporter: those precious moments are preserved but the local school teacher learned a lesson about gratitude for being alive. >> when we left the fire was over the hill. when we started throwing everything in the car it was literally five to ten minutes. there was no fire on this side of the hill. the fire was coming down the hill snool a te. >> reporter: a text alert brought her the news she could return. >> they're all gone. they look like the house across the strut. >> reporter: dan's girlfriend valerie is one of 10 to 30 homeowners on this stretch about to walk down the dark road and
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see their home in shambles for the first time. dan received a preview earlier this week. >> you become accustomed to the way the neighborhood is with the homes and landscaping and what have you, and then you come in and it is all literally gone. it looks like a moon scape and you can't accept the reality of it. >> reporter: valerie lived in the santa rosa neighborhood for about 25 years. she lived right down the street here off of carriage lane. she raised a family here. she lost a husband here. before he died he used to pray around an oak tree in the yard of their house, and i just saw valerie a few minutes ago and we talked about it. she said amazingly that oak tree is still standing in her yard as are all of the chairs that were surrounding it. just a miraculous aspect to all of this. reporting live from santa rosa this evening i'm sam brock. back to you. >> great job, sam. thank you so much. it is not just santa rosa. a sense of relief in calistoga,
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a community that looked like a ghost town as thousands were forced to evacuate. tonight many are back in the homes. nbc bay area continues our coverage from napa , bigabig bigad shaban. >> reporter: today marked a homecoming, but for many in calistoga it is hard to feel things are normal. ash continues to rain down and smoke clouds the horizon and there's a lot of worry about communities to the north and south still in the middle of a dangerous fire fight. for those in wine country, it was a long road home. >> and i can't wait to get there. >> reporter: michelle montana and her neighbors lined highway 29 as they wanted to return to the town of calistoga, the resort community of more than 5,000 was forced to evacuate wednesday as the fires roared across napa county. >> it was scary. 4:00 in the morning, getting a knock on the door, it was very
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terrifying, and they're telling you that you have to leave and trying to get my kids up is very hard. >> reporter: the city was largely spared. this afternoon bumper-to-bumper traffic marked the homecoming. >> so happy to go home, man. >> reporter: i know. >> no better feeling, right? take care. >> reporter: officer matthew overby was first to greet the crowd. >> hey, guys, hey. oh, we're friendly. >> reporter: and their pets. >> they're happy to go home. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> welcome back. >> reporter: for hours he ushered the town back in. >> checking to make sure you're a resident here in calistoga, sir. >> reporter: the avina family was among the first to return. >> we really didn't know what was going to happen. >> reporter: their neighborhood is now littered with ash but still standing. it is the first time back since fleeing the fire. >> when you are looking at the sky, what do you see? >> it is all dark. it is very heavy. we can see a lot of smoke over in that direction. >> reporter: 15-year-old tony avina says he was terrified as his family rushed to leave napa county with a few bags, their
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dog and prayers. >> fire was everywhere. >> reporter: you weren't sure what you would come back to? >> right. it is something that i tried to not think about, but it did come up in my mind a lot and it was scary. >> reporter: and here in calistoga many of those fears have been put out today. many of the -- there was a major grocery store here, terry, and the hardware store, they were back open today. it still could be a food more days before most of the businesses reopen their doors. >> all right, bigad, thanks a lot. moving in the right direction there. as people return to their homes, people need to be aware of potential health hazards. officials are warning do not allow children to play in the ash. if you get ash on your skin, wash it off as soon as you can. gently sweep surfaces, try not to get any ash up in the air where you can breathe it. wear protective masks if you are anywhere around ash. >> important advice. it has been nearly one week since the deadly fires broke out, and here is a look at how
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things stand right now. the tubbs fire, the one that caused the most destruction in santa rosa. firefighters have made tremendous progress in the past few days. it is 60% contained. the atlas fire, that was the largest fire, more than 51,000 acres burned in napa and solano countys. major progress on that fire as well, 65% contained. the pocket fire burning north of geyserville is 30% contained. the nuns fire 40% contained, and nearby a new fire is burning, the oakmont fire. it is burning east of highway 12 in sonoma county, only 15% contained tonight. let's go to nbc bay area's tom jensen. he has been reporting nearly non-stop on these fires since the start. he is watching the oak mond fire and joins us live near highway 12. the winds and terrain there still challenging firefighters. >> reporter: it really is, and this is their number one concern, even though they've been making great strides on
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those large fires. this one is burning north of one of those large fires, the nun fires. it is burning into the highest peak and into the hood mountain recreation area and to the north according to fire officials. flames fanned by breezes burn quickly through a blanket of plant material, as crews work along the mountain road heading into the heart of the fire trying to knock down hot spots on the growing oakmont fire, doing what they can to stop it from moving towards homes and vin yards east of santa rosa. >> we still have fuels and topography creating a big fire. >> reporter: the result, a massive smoke plume, a telling sign of how the fire fight is going in the difficult environment. >> we have good resources on them. we have a lot of aircraft on them, but they're bucking us back. you would never know it is the middle of october in sonoma county and we have fire behavior
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like this. >> reporter: in all of the destruction though and despite that massive smoke plume, an active fire so close to a city, santa rosa's mayor is feeling a bit easier about the future. >> today finally is a day where at least we here in the city of santa rosa feel like we can take a breath. >> reporter: hoping he will continue to be able to breathe more easily and that the winds won't once again push the flames towards santa rosa. and they are probably make abc lot of headway. we have seen a ton of equipment go up there like this front end loader and bull dozers tonight, and the big thing is no winds and the cool temperatures. we've seen the fires up on the ridge line there really die down tonight. we're live near santa rosa, thom jensen, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you very much, thom. talking about weather conditions affecting the fire, the red flag warning has expired. once again, there's concern about air quality for the greater bay area.
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it has been bad lately as you know. a spare-the-air in effect tomorrow. check in with meteorologist rob tracking the conditions. >> for the better part of the weekend it was strong off-shore winds, and early today that sent a lot of smoke west across sonoma county away from the central bay, for areas south of san francisco. as you can see, the smoke moving to the north of marin county this afternoon. but during the day tomorrow once again we will see winds starting to ease off, which is good news for firefighters. but as we start to lose that strong off-shore wind component chances are as you wake up tomorrow morning you will see more smoke creeping into the inland east bay and parts of the santa clara valley tomorrow. worst air quality will be ongoing in the north bay, but tomorrow another spare-the-air day, we will have one more for tuesday before big changes come our way in the form of cooling temperatures. sea breeze making a come back, and good news for the fires still burning in sonoma county, napa county, points north ward, a good bet of seeing rain making a come back as we head through
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the week. aiming in on the bay area, how much rain we're expecting and how long we could see a change in the weather pattern coming up in our full forecast in 10 minutes. >> thank a lot. rob is tweeting the latest updates on air quality. he showed us a satellite look at the fire. it is blowing due west now. a few days ago it was blowing over the bay area like a river of smoke. you can follow him on twitter where he is constantly posting updates. you can also track the forecast with our free nbc bay area app. well, a fire in nevada this afternoon rattled a lot of nerves given the situation north of the city. the fire broke out in an open area near kara mel court and 7th street. resident were put on alert they may need to evacuate. you can see how close it came. the fire was contained. the fire hit close to home for a woman whose brother is missing in the north bay fires. >> yes, i have my medication packed and my son's inhaler pack
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just in case. we are taking it seriously, like much more serious since the santa rosa fire. >> that fire did not cause any damage to structures. the cause is under investigation. well, tonight we are learning the names of four more fire victims of the north bay fires. all four were killed in fires in so nona county. 79-year-old sharon robinson was from santa rosa, 71-year-old daniel southard also from santa rosa. 72-year-old lee roger from glen ellen, and 82-year-old carmen mcreynolds from santa rosa. 22 people have died in sonoma county and six in napa county well, despite saying numerous times that kielser permanente hospital will reopen soon, officials say it is not the case. this is the unforgetable video taken shortly after the fires broke out when kaiser nurses and doctors evacuated critically ill patients as flames roared in the
9:25 pm
background. an evacuated area around kaiser is open but the hospital is not ready to resume normal operations just yet. >> we're hopeful that many different people and many different agencies to work with the hospital, that's very complicated -- that was my fault. i didn't realize how complicated it was to get a hospital back up and running. but we're close. >> the other main hospital in the area, sutter santa rosa regional, also remains closed. officials say it will be a while before it is ready to reopen some people who lost their homes in the fires turned out in big numbers today in santa rosa. it was an assistance center. they're trying to get their lives back on track, and the lines at the center on mendocino avenue were lock this weekend. a lot of people lost their driver's license, birth certificate, any proof of home insurance, lost it all in the fire. looking for any kind of help that they can find. >> my insurance company wouldn't forward us any money until they -- we had proof of what our house looks like, but we can't
9:26 pm
get up there to prove it. >> wow. catch-22. the center will be open every day from 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 p.m. well, evacuation orders have been lift owed in parts of napa and the community there is rallying together, some people gathering at a winery. nbc bay area's cone an nolan no the story. hi, conan. >> reporter: keep in mind so much has been taken from the people who live in napa valley, this was an effort to take something back such as the life they had prior to last week. the evacuation order has been lifted. the only ominous orange light left is the image 72-year-old john zimmerman captured before he and his wife were forced to flee. that his home was spared he gives credit to the child he left behind to protect it. >> we lost our daughter several years ago on this road in a car accident. >> reporter: he and others still worry about the days ahead, but admits the signs of gratitude
9:27 pm
there are also signs of life as it was before. at the napa coffee roasting company all drinks were on the house to give those without power a chance to plug in. >> have a place where people can reach out to each other and feel better. >> reporter: and have a free cup of coffee. >> and a free cup of coffee. >> reporter: the major worry is of the state of the industry on which the region depends. many wineries remain closed. tiny st. claire brown the exception. their outside tasting patio closed due to the poor quality. neighbors came to check in on each other. >> yeah, i was surprised at that. you know, how many people just really wanted to be together. people would come in by themselves. >> reporter: at sign of life, news competitors will be opening again soon. >> starting monday i think a lot of them will be opening again in our area. >> and we don't know what the impact will be for quite sometime, but, you know, it is really about people in the end. >> reporter: now, of course most of the wineries and the vin yards were able to dodge the
9:28 pm
onslaught, but we are told because of the amount of smoke that some of the ancient vineyards received that it could damage the product coming out of here. they shall see. some of the locals tell us that product is now infused with two other ingredients, fortitude, perseverance, as well as hope for the difficult days ahead. in napa , i'm cone an nolan, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you very much. we have seen lots of aircraft attacking these fires all week long. since monday, this is statewide now. aircrafts have dropped more than 2 million gallons of retardant. many of the tankers flying into the wine country we have seen are from mcclelland air field in sacramento. wednesday and thursday were the big days, the heaviest work load. though wrs the tere the two day the most favorable conditions for fighting the fire from the air. >> and they needed it. as firefighters worked to put out the wildfire, pg&e crews are working to restore power in the area. the company announced about
9:29 pm
22,000 are still without power. 18,000 of those are in sonoma county while another 4,000 outages are in napa county. the remaining few customers without power are in solano and mendocino countys. >> some sonoma county school districts plan to reopen tomorrow. some. the rest will remain closed for at least another day. some will be closed all week. it various, but some of beginning to reopen. we listed the school districts resuming classes tomorrow on our ticker at the bottom of our screen. for a full list of school districts and estimated reopening dates go to our website, it is right there. >> san francisco state university is getting back to normal as well tomorrow. that school should down last week because of bad air quality in the city. a school spokesman says conditions are now clearing up and they should improve as the  week goes on. it also says they have more disposable respirators available for anyone on campus who needs one. still ahead, many homeowners victimized again. >> police in the north bay are
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releasing new details tonight about a struggling trend in the fire zone. >> plus, not just the north bay, a dangerous situation in the south bay. this is from the south bay. tense situations in the foothills. we will be right back. a dangerous situation in the
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south bay today... as flames burned two homes in the sa a dangerous situation in the south bay today as flames burned two homes in the san jose foothills. resident and firefighters, especially high alert. after what happened in the north bay you can understand why. nbc bay area sergio quintana in the area with the latest. sergio. >> reporter: hey, terry. the fire departments here actually were very concerned about this fire. that's one of the reasons they sent out so many fire engines, more than a dozen. right now this neighborhood is actually still without power. take a look up there. pg&e crews are still working on restoring electricity in this neighborhood. neighbors say this fire started with a bang.
9:33 pm
>> heard an explosion, some sort of explosion. so came out, looked around, saw the house is on fire. >> we were having power outages, so i came out to see what was going on, and then i heard a big boom and looked over and saw a large column of smoke from the building. >> reporter: fire investigators say it is not yet clear if a power line snapped causing the fire, but firefighters arrived to find flames that ripped through the dry grass and reached one of the two homes that burned. the resident of that house did manage to get out safely but some of her pets didn't. >> a lot of birds, a lot of dogs. we were able to guest most of them out of the structure. a few right now are still unaccounted for. >> reporter: unfortunately, two homes are severely damaged by the fire but crews were able to get a handle on the flames before they spread further. neighbors say everyone is on edge. >> with all of the sensitivity to fires right now, we're like -- i ran back in and told my wife to start packing stuff up, get the dogs, get ready to leave. >> reporter: because of this fire and watching the north bay fires, he and his wife decided to start organizing a list of
9:34 pm
items to take if they ever do need to leave for any kind of emergency. now, there was no need for any evacuations besides the two homes that were damaged in this fire. by the way, fire crews are still working with the owner of one of those homes, the person who had all of the peltz, ts to see wha going to happen with them. reporting live in san jose, i'm sergio quintana, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you. in mend owe seen owe county firefighters continue to make progress with the redwood fire. about 35,000 acres have berned so far. it is north of ukiah, at least eight people, including a 14-year-old boy, were killed the first night of the fire exactly a week ago. as many as 250 homes were destroyed. >> this brush fire broke out in monterey county earlier today. >> it started this afternoon in seaside and burned 31 acres. fire crews have it 50%
9:35 pm
contained. the fire is not threatening homes or buildings. >> returning to our coverage in the north bay now. we have learned 13 people have been arrested for looting in sonoma county alone. our cameras were there as police arrested an alleged looter in the leveled coffey park neighborhood of santa rosa. this is from yesterday. officers laid out several piece also of the evidence including cellphones, jewelry, even a bb gun. police officers say i can't believe someone would try to take advantage during these difficult times for the homeowners. >> between the period of october 9thth and about 10:00 yesterday morning we had received 150 calls for service that were alleged to be or somehow related to looting. >> well, the bulls that we show you a moment ago, those were hillsborough police officers in action there, and department also from all over the bay area assisting north bay law enforcement agencies. well, it is a poplar landmark for the napa valley, the welcome sign boasting about the region's world famous wine. today people were trading in pictures of that sign for
9:36 pm
pictures of the fire fight going on behind it. overhead and in the background, stark evidence the napa valley is in crisis. planes are dropping water on the flames below and the smoke continues to billow into the sky. instead of stopping to marvel at the beauty of the vines, people stopped to watch the fire fight that is still far from over well, just about a week into this tragedy we continue to hear heart-warming accounts of neighbors helping neighbors. >> that is the case at a church in roanoke park. nbc bay area's ross pleiter has their story. >> reporter: breakfast, lunch and dinner. the food prep goes on here nearly around the clock, even though some evacuees can go back to their homes they still can't cook. >> no electric, no water and damage possibility. >> reporter: since monday members of the iglesia congregation have been finding food and shelter for those who
9:37 pm
can't find a hotel. >> some sleep in the sanctuary for several nights and days, and some of them, the members, took them to their houses to take showers. >> reporter: one of the member volunteers is xavier. >> we don't have a place to live. >> reporter: his coffey park home burned to the ground, and yet he has been at the church every day. >> we are a community here, and even though we lost everything we didn't lose our friends and our -- that's the thing that we have in our heart to help others that are in a worse situation than we are. >> reporter: donations are coming in from the greater roanoke park community. church set up a tent where evacuees can find clothing for their families, and organizers know they may have to provide support for days to come. >> we are doing it for the people in our community. >> reporter: nbc bay areas news. >> feeding everybody a big job in the wake of the information r forest fires. so far the red cross served more
9:38 pm
than 20,000 meals in northern kra krachlt they are making fooled for evacuees at the fair ground shelter and sending meals to firefighters and veterans as well. none of this would be possible without the help of nearly 500 volunteers. >> in the worst times it brings out the best in people, and that's what we're seeing here. just an out pouring of heart-warming support from the community. i just talked to five people on my way over to you who are asking what they can do to help and we truly appreciate that. >> the red cross says if you want to help they request money that will let them get the exact food supplies that they need. well, meteorologist rob meita is here with a check on the forecast and maybe good news as cooling temperatures come in and moisture. >> yes, less of the gusty off-shore winds and the weather programs helping things by providing rain. typically this time of year we can see the worst fire conditions and by the end of the
9:39 pm
month we begin to see the start of the rainy season. to give you an idea of what we typically get in october, a lot falls in the last ten days of the month. north bay for the month typically gets about an inch of rain. starting later this week we may begin to see some of the rain totals coming back to the bay area. right now, 71 degrees. still a pretty warm evening after 85 for a high today in san jose. dublin right now 59 degrees, on our way to upper 40s later tonight. san francisco reached 80 today, will likely get there again tomorrow, currently 68 degrees. so the wind future cast taking us to 7:00 tomorrow morning. winds are off-shore but not to the 20, 30 or 40-mile-per-hour gusts like we saw on saturday morning. we will see some dry conditions. less wind overall though so it could have an impact positive smoke, especially in the north bay as we move forward into tomorrow morning. you may wake up to the little extra smoke creeping back into the strait around contra costa county and down into the central bay and programs into the santa
9:40 pm
clara valleys and into the afternoon. less gusty off-shore winds which is good news for firefighters, but air quality at least for two more days looks to be a spare-the-air levels around the bay area, especially the north bay. monk temperatures 40s and 50s, we'll see high temperatures tomorrow at their warmest of the next seven days. check out thinks temperatures around san jose, upper 80s south of downtown, maybe close to 90 in morgan hill. notice the humidity here, still very dry. 13% in the east bay, except not dealing with strong, gusty winds but certainly dry and warm for monday. peninsula temperatures in the 80s. san francisco again climbing close to 80 degrees, dry there too. so big changes coming up once we pass monday as we lose high pressure, replace it with an early season fall storm. we'll begin to see cooling changes right there thursday. at this point right now looks like the thursday evening commute into friday morning finally seeing rain, higher
9:41 pm
humidity levels and temperatureses about 20 degrees cooler for a couple of days. good news. rainfall totals right now as things stand, some of the hilltops here in the north bay maybe up storts mount st. helena along the fire lines, the area in blue, higher hills programs as much as a half inch of rain or more. most of the bay area probably seeing a tenth of an inch of rain or less, but, again, the highest totals could be on the hills, and into mendocino county and the north bay, they could see a substantial amount of rain thursday into friday. a bit like summer to start the week, and watching very closely those days, thursday and friday, as we see a big drop in temperatures and the weather for a change actually helping firefighters as we head through the second half of the week. >> such good news. >> it is. >> thanks a lot. we will be right back. edition of nbc bay area.
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a lot of people... back in their homes tonight... as evacuation right now on this special edition of nbc bay area, a lot of people back in their homes tonight as evacuation orders are lifted in parts of the north bay. ♪
9:44 pm
welcome back, everyone. this is the announcement a lot of communities have been waiting for. right now you can see detailed information about the evacuation that have been lifted scrolling across the bottom of the screen. start our team coverage with nbc bay area sam brock in santa rosa where it's been an emotional night for a lot of people who were waiting to come home and now they can. sam. >> reporter: terry, exactly waiting to come home, if their home is still there. in the event it is not, they've been coming here and seeing what's left because a lot of people really i think knew coming into tonight whether or not their home was destroyed or not. what they did not know was what level of damage it had sustained, what sort of personal and sentimental items were there at the house. if you look bemihind me right now -- >> we're having trouble with the microphone. we will get it fixed and get back to sam. as people return to their homes they need to be aware of potential health hazards. officials warn don't allow
9:45 pm
children to play in the ash. there's so much of it up there as you have seen, if you get ash on your skin wash it off as fast as you can. jenltly sweep surfaces. try not to get the ash airborne, and wear protective masks if you are around ash. a lot of people in the community of calistoga now back in their homes tonight after evacuations were lifted there. nbc bay areas begad shaban continues our coverage live from calistoga. bigad. >> reporter: terry, despite the massive homecoming many in calistoga say it is hard to feel things are back to normal because of the ash ka of that continues to fall in the community, smoke still clouds the horizon and neighboring communities to the north and south are still in the middle of a dangerous fire fight. those returning are coming home to a new normal. now, neighborhoods actually lined highway 29 today patiently waiting bumper-to-bumper, hoping to get back into calistoga. what they saw were lines as they were greeted, and actually a
9:46 pm
depp which with the california highway patrol checking ids. what one of the first families to come back, the avina family, tells us that they were actually terrified as they left, as they were forced to evacuate, not knowing what they would expect when they came home. >> and it was scary. it was scary to even believe that there were fires everywhere. >> reporter: you weren't sure what you would come back to? >> right, yeah. it is something that i tried to not think about, but it did come up in my mind a lot and it was scary. >> reporter: here in calistoga fortunately those fears have largely been put out. today we saw a major grocery store and hardware store back open for the residents here, but, vicky and terry, it may be several more days before the vast majority of businesses are able to open their doors. >> bigad, thank you. it is nice to see signs of life where you are. exactly a week ago we told you
9:47 pm
how the fires were breaking out. the tubbs fire, the one that caused the most destruction in santa rosa, firefighters have made tremendous progress in the past few days. that fire is now 60% contained. the atlas fire, that was the largest fire, more than 51,000 acres burned. that was in napa and solano countys, a lot of progress there, 65% contained. the pocket fire burning north of geyserville is 30% contained. the nunns fire is now 40% contained but nearby is a new fire, the oakmont fire burning ooebs east of highway 12 in sonoma county. let's go to nbc bay area thom jensen, he has been reporting nearly non-stop from the start. thom, you are there live near highway 12. how are winds right now? >> reporter: it looks a lot better tonight, vicky. behind us, you can't see the globe behind this heavy piece of
9:48 pm
equipment, this front end loader out here for firefighters was burning into the timber. on the highest peak in the area, the hood mountain area in the hood mountain recreation area was burning into it. it continues to burn at a more moderate speed according to fire officials tonight. the fire is the number one concern out here according to the incident commander. the terrain is steep and covered with extremely dry timber, brush and deep, dry grasses and other plant material. firefighters on the ground have been putting out hot spots as they pop up and protecting homes along a narrow road that winds into the recreation area up there. and even though they have been making a lot of headway, fire officials say the conditions are troubling and the fire is constantly fighting back. >> they're bucking us. we have good resources on them. we have a lot of aircraft on them, but they're backing us back. you would never know it is the middle of october in sonoma county and we have fire behavior like this.
9:49 pm
>> reporter: now, this is the same location where we were last night where cal fire used controlled burns, those backfires to burn out some of the fuels, keeping the flames from pushing back toward santa rosa and into two nearby wineries. we checked on those wineries today -- north and both of them look good right now. they have really been focusing on those assets, the wineries and then also this youth detention center, which it really burned up right up against last night, but making a lot of headway again tonight as the cooler temperature set in. again, we don't have those winds. live near santa rosa, thom jensen, "nbc bay area news." >> thom, great news. thank you very much let's talk more about the weather conditions right now. the red flag warning has expired, but now there's concern about air quality for the greater bay area. a spare-the-air day in effect for tomorrow. we've had a bunch of those. let's check with meteorologist tracking the condition. >> we're starting to see the impact of the decrease of the
9:50 pm
off-shore winds as thom jensen mention. look at the temperatures cooling across the north bay fire lines, into the mid 40s tonight. cooler temperatures and increasing humidity levels overnight will slow down the rate of the fires that are burning there in the north bay. so short-term some good news. air quality thanks to off-shore breezes throughout the weekend has been relatively moderate, but as we look at the future cast here for smoke pollution via this high-resolution model, you can can see how the highest smoke pollution will be around the north bay. always the off-shore breeds back off it is good news for the firefighters but notice how some of the smoke tries to creep back into the bay. the worst air quality certain north of the golden gate but it now includes parts of the east bay and into the santa clara valley for tomorrow. likely to see one more spare-the-air day on tuesday before we see big changes which will bring not only better air quality but rain to help out on the fire lines for two days starting as early as thursday and carrying through friday. back to you.
9:51 pm
>> rob, thank you very much. rob is tweeting the latest updates on air quality. you can follow him on twitter where he's constantly posting updates. wouldn't it be nice, maybe about thursday i think he was say ironinsaying, look at your phone and rain approaching your location. i remember getting those all last wednesday. the nbc bay area app is free. >> we are looking forward to that forecast. up next, a major controversy involving a former 49er. >> mindi bach has more in sports. >> the 49ers were on the road, the raiders at home this nfl sunday, but both games come down to the final seconds. plus, we have a league update regarding colin kaepernick and that vara bowman. all of that and more next in sports. we want to leave you with a last
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
update on the crisis in the north bay. hi, everyone. i'm mindi bach with your nissan sports update. derek carr returned the lead the raiders and at just the right time. the silver and black are on a
9:54 pm
three-game skid and faced gun-slinger philip rivers and the chargers. the question that still lingers, is carr his full self after missing a game with a back injury. regardless, things are always so much calmer when number four is on the feemd. we go to the first quarter, no score and the raiders driving. carr finds his good friend michael crabtree all alone, 23 yards for the score. crabtree finds that end zone just perfectly. look how he works around the pylon. raiders up 10-7 in the third quarter. they're driving, but this time carr a little off. can't hit marshawn lynch. the ball is picked off off the tip. two interceptions on the afternoon for carr. raiders trailing by four in the forth. and patterson takes the hand-off and he is gone. 47 yards into the end zone. railede raiders retake the lead, but this is an unfortunate snap by condo on the extra point, delveccio pushes it wide so the
9:55 pm
raiders lead is only two at this point and that's critical because they could not contain melvin gordon. we know that name. as he picks up a crucial first down, so the raiders never get the ball back. it comes to this last second field goal by novak and the raiders lose 17-16 the final. 49ers at washington. brian hoyer started four of 11 the first 44 yards and kyle shanahan had seen enough. in comes rookie c.j. beathard. in the fourth quarter he hits robinson 46 yards for the score. the 49ers only trail by two. final drive for san francisco. they need to just get in field goal range. beathard, his throw is knock away, but look at this. a mysterious pass interference call on pierre garcon. nobody understands it. that penalty takes the 49ers out of field goal range. garcon not happy.
9:56 pm
nobody is happy. on a wing and a prayer, beathard puts it up on fourth and 20, it is intercepted. the 49ers, best 0-6 team in nfl history, five of their losses determined by three points or fewer. washington takes this one. the bleacher report was the first to report that former san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick is filing a grievance against nfl owners for collusion. he is seeking an arbitration hearing on the claim that he's been deprived employment in the nfl in retaliation for his advocacy of racial and social equality. in the nfl networth reports the raiders are interested in navorro bowman and the feeling is mutual. he is expect to visit the silver and black monday, but also expect to meet with the cowboys. he led the 49ers in tackles this season. when the team unexpectedly released him friday morning, he did not agree with reduced playing time and the parties
9:57 pm
parted way. the warriors' season opening is tuesday. they host the houston rock ekts and it will be quite an event. we will bring it all to you on nbc sports bay area. it starts with happy hour live from oracle at 5:00. that's follow by a warriors' edition of "sportsnet central." after the game, another "sportsnet central" followed by the warriors outsiders. so the game is at 7:30 and will be on tnt. but, terry and vicky, nbc sports bay area is the place to be. we look forward to seeing you then. >> mindi, thank so much. >> we want to leave you with a last update on the crisis in the north bay, better but not over. evacuations were lifted for several communities today including calistoga, parts of napa county. the advisory evacuation for the city of napa also lifted. >> in santa rosa more people allowed back into their homes, or what is left of their homes. this is all possible, of course, because firefighters are making steady gains on the fires and the wind is dying down. there's still a long way to go. meteorologist rob mayeta joins
9:58 pm
us with a final look at the forecast and finally some cooperation and some progress. >> less windy. the week begins with warm temperature also but a turning point wednesday as we see cooler temperatures and what we needed all along, rain to make a come back. looks like thursday and friday, big drop in temperatures and possibly rain on the fire lines thursday into friday morning. >> i would love the see the firefighters reaction when it starts raining on thursday. they will be very happy. you will probably here the whoopees from here. >> we will see you again soon at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us. tonight's sports desk is brought to you by nissan. innovation that excites.
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