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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 24, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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extreme weather today for 30 million americans just as a new report reveals climate change is making severe weather events even worse and it's costing tax payers $350 billion. >> is the administration playing with your 401(k) retirement money? president trump weighs in. >> alarming new statistics involving the number one cause of death for fire fighters, and it's not running into burning buildings. >> meet medal of honor recipient army captain gary rose who managed to save dozens of lives all while wounded himself. >> and is this a new halloween tradition in the making? "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. 30 million people are under a threat today as a major storm
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system rolls into the northeast. coming up from the carolinas. it cut a wide swath of destruction damaging buildings even knocking out big rigs. the winds were so powerful they toppled over a plane and flipped vehicles while tearing apart a north carolina airport. elsewhere in the state a massive tree fell crushing a house below. fortunately nobody was inside at the time. the owner has two small children. let's turn now to nbc meteorologist bill karins and, bill, where are these dangerous storms headed? >> unfortunately over densely populated areas. wind damage will be the concern with isolated tornadoes. we're currently watching what is left of the strong storms yesterday. now moving through eastern nickell robey-coleman north carolina, a line of showers and d.c. heading to portions of maryland and delaware. the storms will regenerate. they get stronger along the cold front and this slight risk goes north of albany to glenz falls to the hudson valley south wards including new york city, including philadelphia, atlantic city and salisbury, maryland. that is why we have so many millions of people at risk
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because we are including new york city, philadelphia and all the big cities here up the had had hudson valley. the biggest threat will be damaging winds but an isolated tornado or two is possible. major airport delays also. >> all right, bill, thank you. now we go to washington where there's been a steady stream of outrage coming from conservative republicans on capitol hill regarding your retirement savings. specifically on a plan that would limit the amount you can contribute to your 401(k). it is the leading way to save in this country. with lawmakers looking for that limit as a key way to help pay for those much promised tax cuts. well, the president may have thrown a wrench into that plan. for more on this we go to nbc's peter alexander at the white house. peter, tell us more. >> reporter: president trump publicly knocking down this idea that he would change, make any changes frankly, to one of americans' favorite ways to save money, that 401(k) retirement plan. this comes after reports republicans were weighing
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whether to slash the amount workers can set aside for their 401(k) each year from 18,000 to as low as $2,400. that idea sparking a backlash. the president on twitter promising no change to your 401(k), adding, this has always been a great and popular middle class tax break that works and it stays. now republicans are scrambling or other ways to pay for sweeping tax cuts without ballooning the deficit. they insist their plan would unleash economic growth. ivanka trump even hitting the road on behalf of her father to make a pitch. president trump's already giving house republicans a blunt warning on this. basically saying, pass tax cuts or lose at the ballot box next year. >> all right, peter alexander for us. peter, thank you. >> now to an update the promise made to the grieving father of a fallen soldier of north carolina. we learned chris ball drij, the father of dylan bald ridge killed in afghanistan in june received a $25,000 check from the president months after mr. trump vowed to do so during a condolence call.
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the check first reported by wtvd in raleigh is dated october 18th. that is the very same date the washington post published an article first revealing the president's promise with this headline. and now another grieving family member, the widow of fallen one of four soldiers killed in niger is demanding more information surrounding her husband's death. >> i don't know how he got killed, where he got killed, or anything. i don't know that part. they never told me and that's what i've been trying to find out since day one, since october 4th. i don't know nothing. they won't show me a finger, a hand. i know my husband's body from head to toe and they won't let me see anything. >> this morning members of congress are asking similar questions regarding the deadly niger ambush. as we learn the attack may have been planned by terrorists all along. let's go to nbc's tracie potts from capitol hill. even more layers to the story.
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>> reporter: not good news forepeopfor people wondering what happened to these four berets. people were briefed on the investigation, familiar with the investigation have been told that one of the emerging theories is that this may have been a set-up that terrorists may have been tipped off, that these green berets were headed to speak to leaders in a village that was sympathetic to isis. also that it took an hour during the ambush before they called for back up, and this new information is raising more questions about what actually happened to those soldiers. >> the questions include, did the mission of u.s. forces change during the operation? did our forces have adequate intelligence, equipment and training? was there a pre-mission assessment of the threat in the area accurate? did u.s. -- how did u.s. forces become separated during the
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engagement, specifically sergeant johnson, and why did it take time to find and recover johnson? >> reporter: many questions being asked about david johnson's widow. she has not an able to see him yet. meantime lawmakers here on capitol hill, some of them expected to get a classified briefing on this on thursday. frances? >> all right, tracee, thank you. >> now to an alarming look at what is the number one killer of fire fighters in this country. surprisingly it is not running into burning buildings but cancer that can come from fighting today's modern fires. they are talking about keeping a registry among fire fighters as they order safety changes. here is nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: at the nation's oldest fire department, the alarm sounds in times a day. but what's killing boston fire fighters is all too often a danger they can't see. glenn preston, undergoi
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chemotherapy and transplant. just 41, married with four kids and battling blood cancer. >> they're doing the best they can. but it's back. it's in the lining of my heart and tumors in the lining of my heart now. >> reporter: unfortunately he's one of many, chicago, san francisco, houston, l.a. and seattle fire departments are all tracking elevated cancer rates. unique to new york, 163 ground zero fire fighters and emts have since died. but in boston where it's illegal or fire fighters to smoke, three new cancer cases are reported each month. twice the rate of city residents. >> surely this is an epidemic in the fire service. this is something that is going to consume us. >> reporter: researchers say today's fires sin thet iks plastics and chemicals can cover fire fighters in a toxic soot. >> i have kidney cancer. >> i have brain cancer. >> there is no cure for it. >> reporter: 190 fire fighters who died of job related cancer
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just since 1990, far more than the number who have died actually fighting fires. now departments across the country are ordering changes. keeping fire fighters on air bottles longer, masks must stay on until crews are outside and washed down. and protective turnout gear machine washed. >> think about your wife, your husband, your boyfriend, your girlfriend before you take that mask off your face. >> reporter: the soot covered face of an american fire fighter no longer a badge of honor. >> it's trying to kill me. we're gunning to let that happen right now. >> bill: >> reporter: tom costello, nbc news, boston. >> man packing various vegetable products with listeria. the germ was found on one of its products during random sampling. the recall affects products throughout the u.s. and canada with best used by dates october 11 through october 20th. sold at trader joe's and signature farms. a full list of recalled products is available on the food and
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drug administration's website. no injuries tied to the recall have been reported. >> let's go back to bill karins for another check of the forecast. bill? >> local heavy downpours, we have been dry. heading into a small drought in the areas of the northeast. if you quit this much rain in a short period of time you can get areas of localized flooding so one to 3 inches is possible from new york city especially through new england, this will be starting today. then slowly through tomorrow and even through the overnight hours, tonight, too. the other forecast concerns florida with showers and thunderstorms one, two, three hs over the same areas. southeast enjoying after yesterday. we have the world series game coming up. we haven't talked about that forecast. >> this guy forgot about t.
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>> astros/dodgers. thank you, bill. this team made quite an entrance at their home coming game. they entered carrying an american flag to god bless the usa. the team lined up on the field for the national anthem and even had a fly-over of two f-18 planes from a local military base. the video gained almost 5 million views since being posted friday night after the game. >> one state senator is signed up on multiple online dating sites and there is a major twist in the sergeant bergdahl desertion case. we'll explain just ahead. (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine.
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lactaid. the milk that doesn't mess with you. you know win control? be this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro. leading the news this morning apparently there is a senator making the online dating rounds. well, at least his image is anyway after someone took it upon themselves to sign up nebraska senator ben sass on various dating webb sites. for the record, the nebraska republican is married and after receiving multiple e-mails confirming his new dating accounts, he took to twitter
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posting, to whoever spent your sunday signing me up for dating webb sites, thanks but no thanks. i checked with my wife and we're still good. >> sense of humor there. the p.o.w. bergdahl's case is delayed after reviewing trump's tweets calling him a dirty traitor and suggesting he should be put on a firing squad. the president tried to distance himself from the case saying he had no quote, but adding, quote, i think people have heard my comments in the past. bergdahl's lawyers say that it makes it impossible for their client to get a fair sentencing unless jail time is off the table. they are now asking for the case to be dismissed. the judge will make a decision on wednesday. >> a las vegas-bound jetblue flight was forced to make ann emergency landing after take off from boston monday afternoon. federal aviation administration officials report jetblue flight struck birds soon after it took off from boston logan international airport. the crew declared an emergency
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and planned to head back to boston but was diverted to jfk international airport in new york city due to weather. the plane landed safely monday evening and passengers were directed to another aircraft. jetblue has not indicated whether the plane was damaged by that bird strike. >> the nation's largest police force welcomed hundreds of new officers monday. 434 nypd officers took the oath at a graduation ceremony at madison square garden. among them the daughter of an officer who died in the september 11 attacks. a thibetan refugee who was inspired by the dali lama. 32 previously served in the military. the mayor congratulated them saying they represented 434 reasons to be hopeful about the city's future. >> congrats and good luck to all. just ahead, get a glimpse of what president trump's border wall could look like, plus why is this man smashing so many pumpkins? you'll find out soon on "early today."
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mr. president, thank you once again for sitting down with me. >> thank you. >> now, i always like to ask this ahead of time, but would you mind if i edited this footage to make you look insane? >> bing-bing-bing-bing? >> i'll take that as a yes. sir, do you consider yourself as a smart man? >> i was always a good student. >> all right. let's test that. what's the capital of have the? >> china -- >> are you using your brain right now? >> i have to say since i've been
4:18 am
elected, that's really stopped, it's really slowed down. >> the magic of editing for some laughs right there. >> convincing fake news there. >> critical deadline now is fast approaching this week for one of president trump's signature campaign promises. the wall he proposes to build along the border with mexico. >> well, the fight over funding continues. this morning we have an early look at what that crossover sthal wall could look like if built. nbc's jacob soberof has more from the border. >> reporter: just east of san diego between the two existing border fences, mock ups of president trump's proposed border walls are taking shape. >> these are pretty tall. >> they are. 18 to 30 feet tall. >> reporter: the full wall isn't funded, only these samples built by contractors. >> there are a total of eight prototypes, four of which are constructed out of concrete and four constructed out of alternate material. >> reporter: the president said he'll come to see the final project scheduled to be finished on thursday. what happens now, does the president come out here and literally say, i like that one? >> we're going to test it for breachability, for the subject
4:19 am
trainian aspect, can we dig under it, cut through it, can we scale over it. >> reporter: what happened? people are crossing. almost on que, a group of asylum seekers jumped over the fence to agents on horseback. >> girl there with the pink back pack. >> reporter: can you explain to mow what is going on? >> this is reality everyday enforcement. >> reporter: people just a stone's throw away will ultimately decide if trump's wall works. we made our way to the mexican side of the border and this is the primary fence. the thing president trump doesn't think is big enough to keep people out of the united states. and this is the spot where earlier we saw the folks jump over the wall and into the u.s. it's a high wall. you think people are still going to try to cross? [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: is this new big wall going to stop mexicans from coming to the u.s.? [ speaking foreign language ]
4:20 am
>> reporter: life goes on in the shadow of the prototypes, but still missing, money for the wall itself. >> thanks to jacob to that report. >> just ahead we'll fill you in on a possible pumpkin smashing record. but we'll have the new addition to the family of big shot musician. we'll be right back. nking emoji. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks. hmm... the award-winning geico app. download it today. that cough doesn't sound so good. well i think you sound great. move over. easy booger man. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night.
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4:23 am
with a body double? it didn't help trump was saying -- he said this while standing with her. >> we will be doing that. my wife, melania, who happens to be right here. [ laughter ] >> why would you say that? she happens to really be really here. so, it's not a hollow graph, it's a real person. >> just clarifying there. >> right. she did look like she was inkick knit ow -- incognito, the glasses, the trench coat. this guy right here attempted to set the record for most pumpkins crushed in one minute. he demolished 31 of them. he doubled his previous best. that's not bad. a lot of core work there. and then he tried to be his mark for most caramel coated popcorn in the mouth. he caught 47 of them and he said he had to beat 40. officials have to certify these results before they can become officials.
4:24 am
those numbers seem a little low. 47? >> he's busy. this guy is a pro. he has a hundred other guinness. >> i think i want to challenge him for the popcorn. >> you might get training for that. the piano man, they welcomed their daughter after only confirming the pregnancy last week. that is the first time we heard she's pregnant. the baby is here. the 68-year-old and his wife are parents to due children. he has a daughter with his ex-wife christy brinkley. she gave birth according to a statement on the singer's website. mom and baby are doing well. >> what we'd give for the energy of that man. sells off the garden and now he's going to be a new dad. congratulations to him. you are watching "early today." i love you, couch. you give us comfort. and we give you bare feet, backsweat, and gordo's...
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the country's highest military honor was awarded monday to retired army captain gary michael rose for his extraordinary acts during the vietnam war. after many years of secrecy surrounding a top secret mission which saw rose risk his life to save his brother in arms, nbc's lester holt has more. >> mike rose was just 22 years old, a special forces medic and part of a secret mission deep in the jungle in laos that came under intense attack. at one point rose desperately trying to save his injured team with anything he could >> i was down to shirt sleeves and bandanas. >> over four days, rose would bravely treat 60 to 70 men, crawling through enemy fire to reach the wounded, even
4:27 am
shielding them with his own body after he himself had been struck by shrapnel. >> that's the thought process that soldiers go through. do something, just don't sit there. and in the case of the medic, the guy is down, you've got to do something to help him. >> ten men from his unit all these years later gathered together at the white house. >> mike rescued those in distress without any thought for his own safety. i will tell you, the people with him could not believe what they were witnessing. >> rose receiving america's highest military honor. >> your devotion to your country inspires us all. [ applause ] >> even now he doesn't see himself as a hero. >> i'm just an ordinary guy that somehow was able to pull myself up and do what somebody once said, an extraordinary thing for
4:28 am
four days. >> well, after all those years getting the recognition he deserves there. >> he may not see himself as a hero, but we sure do. >> that was lester holt reporting. >> game one of the world series is set for tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time and it could be one of the hottest on record. temperatures at dodger stadium forecasted to be up to 100 degrees at first pitch. a sweltering heat wave settles across southern california and nbc meteorologist bill karins joins us now. it's going to be a hot one. >> you think of some world series, it is cold. this will be the opposite of that. the official forecast is for current 96 degrees. the old record is 94. so, we should break the record for first pitch. the good thing is that by the middle of the game as the sun sets, the temperature will be going down into the mid 80s so it will be a little more bearable there at dodger stadium. the other forecast concerns today as we were mentioning, watch out for gusty thunderstorms heading through the northeast today. significant airport delays possible in philadelphia and new york. >> all right, bill, thank you. and thank you for starting your day with us. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. be sure to follow us on
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the only one made with vitamins and minerals, plus an ingredient proven to boost your natural defenses. airborne. it is tuesday, october 24th, as we get started with our day, right here on "today in the bay." looking right now, at the golden gate bridge. good morning and thaupg for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. catch the cool of the morning, because it's going to be hot today. >> yes. that's going to be the big story today, what we are all talking about. the heat today, summer returning and we are going to have some very hot temperatures and, looking at where we are starting this morning, san francisco at 67 degrees. it's 68 in napa. we have lower 60s in san jose. this is the chance to cool


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