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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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legs while another man beat it with baseball bat. >> they had the chain strangling him. yould see he was on his mind quarters with paws up like this. >> reporter: when the men saw him they took off in the suv. >> it's sick. it's sick behavior. it's something wrong in america to treat an animal or person like that. >> i thought he was like dying like there. there's blood everywhere. his face was swollen. >> reporter: turner's neighbor came out to try to help. she drove the dog to the animal shelter but he didn't survive. >> the dog was friendly. we were driving it to the shelter, it smiled like as we were going there. >> reporter: now the animal defense fund has stepped in. >> these guys need to be locked
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up and need to get some mental help. >> reporter: the three men responsible are described as being in their 20s. they are african-american and driving a champagne or gold colored chevy gmc suv. if you know who they are, fairfield police want to hear from you. >> thank you. our other top story tonight, an nbc bay area exclusive. for the first time we're getting a glimpse at photographs taken from a fire boat in the san francisco bay at the very moment that kate was shot. >> tell us more about the meaning of the photos and what role they will play in the courtroom.
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>> reporter: for the first time the public defender's office provided niebs bay area with these photos of pier 14. video taken from the fire boat of the shooting a mile away. this is the first time you're seeing it on television though the jury did view portions of the video in court. the images are grainy but the white boat helps illuminate figures. the green arrows highlight the chair. the defense argues all those people hovering around the chairs may have put something there just 30 minutes before he arrived at 6:07. >> those pieces are vital the prove the case.
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>> sam has been following the trial since it started. he's been sitting in the courtroom every day. live tweeting major developments. you can follow along by following us on twitter. an alert third grader prevented a potentially dangerous situation at an east bay school. police say a student at twin creek elementary in san ramon brought a gun to campus yesterday. the student pulled the gun out of his backpack and showed it to a third grade classmate. the classmate told his parents and the police were quickly called in. it's unknown how the student got the gun for if it was loaded. we obtained a letter that the school sent to parents. it says take some time to remind your students that weapons of any kind are prohibited on campus. help us share the message that if you see something or know something, say something. another gun on campus. this time at a santa cruz middle
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school. the superintendent tells us a disassembled gun with no ammunition was found. a staff member spotted it after thinking p ining it was a bag o. the school was placed on lockdown. no word on who the gun belongs to. some people didn't see like much at all but for others some marked changes. that's due to fog building up. you can see right now across the california coastline. we get a closer look at our 24 hour temperature change. we're down five degrees cooler in san jose. 11 in santa cruz and down nine degrees cooler in half-moon bay. we still were above average for october. close to record setting highs. napa at 91.
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san jose, 90. san francisco, 86 and there was some of that much cooler weather with half-moon bay at 72. at 5:20, we'll have the latest on a brand new change to the forecast that could bring some of this rainfall out here in the pacific to the bay area. that would be a much welcome change. that's at 5:20 tonight. >> we'll see you shortly. download the app for up to the minute updates on our ever changing microclimates. an impromptu q and a with trump today. before flying off the dallas the president stopped to take questions on several topics including claims of a major fracture within the republican party. yesterday two senators blasted the president. mr. trump called the meeting quote a love fest and denied that he's made communication
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less civil. >> i was nice student. i did well. i'm a very intelligent person. >> he added the media is making him appear more uncivil than he really is. the affordable care act is very much in play and getting more expensive. premiums are expected to rise dramatically. the independent analysis found the premiums for obamacare will jump almost 35%. the study also says the actions of the trump administration are contributing to the price hikes by creating instability in the health care market. the consulting firm came to these conclusions after reviewing recently released government data. new evidence released in connection with last year's kidnapping of a mom. some of it appears to contradict her story.
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the mother of two disappeared reportedly while jogging nearly a year ago. you remember this story. it took 22 days and later she was fountsd on thanksgiving day. a trucker found her battered and abandoned in yolo county. today investigators released the sketches of the women she claimed abducted and abused her. the sacramento bee that male dna was also found as well as dna from a woman on her clothing. also new, the release of her husband's 911 call. >> i just drove down there because i saw her with her headphones. i found her phone and it's like hair ripped out in the headphones. i'm freaking out thinking someone grabbed her. >> investigators say he did pass a polygraph and was cleared. days before she disappeared, she
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did exchange text messages with a michigan man who she planned to meet when he came west on business. detectives sap thy they have questioned the man and have cleared him. she said she had not been sexually assaulted but her kidnappers branded her instead. investigators reveal there's a scar on her shoulder although they did not say what the mark is. it's back to school in october. many students are coming from neighborhoods that look like this, destroyed. even if their campus didn't burn down, local schools need an intense cleaning. >> reporter: there were tears and hugs as teachers shared stories of their experience during the wildfirhile they preo welcome students back. they have some students who have lost their home and some staff are in the same position.
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7th grader alexa enjoys her time at chops teen center where daily visits have nearly doubled since the fire. >> i am happy to go back to school but it's just everything, it just shocks me about the fire. it was really close to our house too. >> reporter: her family evacu e evacuated. their home did not burn. today teachers came to piner high school to be together and plan lessons. it was an emotional day as city schools prepared to reopen friday and monday. they have been closed since october 9th. >> the soot, smoke, ash went everywhere. >> reporter: superintendent says one school burn and the school farm site was severely damaged. 24 schools needed to be cleaned and they learned 77 staff lost homes. 900 students home were in the burned area but they don't know how many lost homes. >> no one has really indicated we're not going to come back in
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terms of staff. in terms of students we need to see their faces to determine are you okay and what are your needs. >> reporter: history teacher zoe miller lost her home and is renting. today she returned to school. >> i walked into my classroom today and i cried. i'm really looking forward to going back. i want to see my students, my kids. >> reporter: 13 schools will be reopening this friday. another 11 on monday. we're told that counselors will be here from the district but they are also bringing counselors in from outside the district to help. >> that's a good idea. thank you. a toxic sweep. that's what crews called what they're doing in north bay neighborhood levelled by the wildfires. people who lost their homes showed up and submitted what's called the right of entry form which allows the u.s. corps of
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engineers to start removing the debris. the most common question is who's going to pay for that clean up. >> our understanding is that residents will only be billed that portion of their insurance for debris removal. if their insurance reimburses them that portion, that's the portion that they would be billed for. >> if people don't have insurance, they won't pay anything for it. the state and federal agencies in charge will foot the bill. so far the county has received between 300 and 400 applications. some big name local musicians are raising money. a benefit concert at at&t park on november 9th. the lineup includes oakland rapper g easy and dave matthews. tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. police unraveling a crime ring. the role of recent homicide played and helping investigators
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uncover it. would you be on board for this? park fees nearly doubling at many national parks. we'll show you what's behind the potential price hike. a warm 87 in san jose right now. i'll tell you when temperatures will drop some ten degrees and when rain makes it back into the mix. my forecast at 5:20 tonight. police want to find them...
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these two men, shown on surveillance video along with three others in custoy, robbed they terrorized a neighborhood and police want to find them. these two men shown on surveillance video along with three others in custody. all the robberies at brothels at high end departments and neighborhoods. it's a story that was broken this afternoon. >> reporter: police say this all happened between september 27th and september 28th. they say the worst of those crimes happened right here in san jose. three suspects are behind bars. two more are still on the loose. take a good look at this youtube video provided by san jose police. they say these two men are wanted for a string of crimes across the bay area including an armed robbery and murder at this high end apartment complex in a tech heavy neighborhood. san jose police say on september 28th, the suspects broke into an
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apartment, tied up to people, shot a man execution style then left without taking anything. >> i am surprised quite honestly because i lived close to this area but not in those apartments. i've never heard anything like this, at least in this degree. >> reporter: the los angeles county sheriff's department arrested these three men in the case. police are still looking for two others. police say between them, the five suspects are responsible for a string of similar crimes across the bay area. >> our homicide detectives learned that the individuals involved in the homicide here in san jose were also involved in three other incidents here in the bay area. one in freemont, south san francisco. >> reporter: police say they targeted the locations because they are working brothels. >> they know there's a lot of cash on hand. >> reporter: people who live here can't believe it. >> i would be shocked. i would probably consider moving
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out if that's the case. >> reporter: police believe there may be more victims out there. anyone with information in this case is urged to contact police. reporting live, laura malpert, nbc bay area news. another reported sexual assault on the stanford campus. the university department of public safety says it happened on the east side of campus early monday morning. officers say the victim knew the suspect but aren't releasing the details of the attack. at this point it's unclear if stanford police have taken any action against the alleged attacker. sky ranger over head when a bomb threat in city hall forced people to evacuate. police say a man walked into city hall lobby and told him he had a bomb. the man was detained and it appeared to have been just a hoax. the national park service is considering more than doubling the entry fee for yosemite, the grand canyon and other popular national parks. this is about money and
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politics. our business tech reporter scott budman joins us in campbell with the latest. scott. >> reporter: we talked to a lot of bay area campers about this. most of us heard that if it cost an extra $40 or so to go and pitch a tent in a place like yellow stone or yosemite, they are okay with it. some told us if it cost that much more to camp they might find another way to save money. >> i like going hiking and i like sort of exploring. >> reporter: you might have to pay more soon for the camping experience. the national park say they are considering a fee hike that would more than double the weekly visitation cost during the five most popular months from 30 to $70 a car. >> it's kind of a jump. >> reporter: the park service says it needs extra money for
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park improvements. most bay area campers say they're okay with that. >> i don't think it will keep us away from going. that's something we like to do. just add it to the budget. >> i probably would still go because i'd want to support the park. >> reporter: if the cost is too much per visit, there is way to save for frequent campers. >> i would look into the annual pass to see if that's going up. that might be more cost effective. >> reporter: the national parks tell us that annual pass to go into and pitch a tent and any park all yearlong will remain at $80 no matter what. >> it's part of our natural history. should be able to see it. take us outside. >> we're going to have a lot of really nice changes.
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much cooler weather finally starting to push in here across the bay area. let's get you outside. it's a beautiful afternoon. there's mount diablo under clear skies. it's still warm outside. we did see some slight cooling tv but well above average. more than ten degrees where we should be here. notice the humidity down to a low 28% keeping fire danger high. temperatures do drop into the 70s. i want to take you out to where we are beginning the see some signs here of some cooling coming our way. that's at immediate coastline. you can see this wide spread fog throughout the coast. it's starting to drop temperatures in the coastal city. san francisco down five degrees. don't get too excited about it right,0 right,0 now. we're going to have to wait until the weekend before we see that marked change come our way.
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okay. let's bring you into our thursday morning forecast. we'll start off with no issue. mostly clear skies. it will be cool. 60 degrees in the south bay. for the tri-valley it's 59. north bay starting off in the 50s and clear and if you like sun and clouds in san francisco and 56. again, another warm day for tomorrow. as we get a look at our climate in the south bay it will be close to records but overall temperatures still trying to push down another degree or two. 87 in cupertino. not too breezy. the only thing keeping the fire danger up will be the lower humidity. down to 23% in the east bay. you have 85 in vallejo. then closer to the bay we have a bit of a breeze. that will put you at 82 in oakland. the beaches looking comfortable for tomorrow. 76 after half-moon bay. san francisco still warm. 83 in the mission and up towards
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the north bay. 89 in novato. what i want to do is break down the three next changes in the forecast that eventually could get us to some rainfall. for tomorrow, we're going to see that hot area of high pressure continuing to move off towards the south. eventually by sunday, it kicks out of here well throughout the desert and that ocean breeze and the fog will take over here in san francisco. then hold on. by next saturday, we could get some rainfall moving in and possibly a half inch to one inch of rainfall. still early out. saturday, november 4th is when we could see wet weather return. on the extended forecast, you can see cooler 60s coming our way in san francisco. as we head into this upcoming weekend that stays right through halloween and for the interior valley we drop down to 76 on sunday. 72 on halloween. by the following saturday we could get rainfall coming back. >> halloween clear. following halloween may be rain.
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those are important take aways there. it's boigoing to get toughe the bring electronics with you when you fly. new security screening no matter where you're going. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in.
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woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) opioid epidemic. the company will stock all of its stores with a nasal spray that happening now, walgreens is taking on the opioid especially di -- epidemic. president trump is expected to declare opioid addiction a national emergency. a san francisco home gutted by fire is on the market for about 800,000 bucks. it's 600 square feet. we have tweeted photos. "lift" by the white house today.
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the future is here. the future of drones got some lift today from the white house. president trump signing an executive order to boost the use of drones commercially. it speeds up the approval process for longer drone flights and flights over large crowds. this will help companies like amazon that is trying to use it for delivery. government could apply for test drones for things like air traffic control. get ready for tougher security flying into the u.s.
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the trump administration release add new round of regulations. they enhance security screening especially for electronics. passengers may be subjected to interviews by airline employees, even u.s. citizens. the rules apply for all flights entering the u.s. and goes into effect tomorrow. this is always a big deal. the list of restaurants are out. we have some new admissions. stay with us. he's brought us to the brink of nuclear war.
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obstructed justice at the fbi. and in direct violation of the constitution, he's taken money from foreign governments and threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become?
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i'm tom steyer and, like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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new york as the place to go for fine dining. a special distinction. as the place to go to fine dining. >> the annual list of star worthy restaurants. the bay area has the most. seven restaurants received three stars from michelin. the french laundry, manresa. the restaurant at meadow wood. that's one restaurant. i think raj has been to all of those. >> no. >> i've got some homework to do. i haven't been to any of them. >> they dpgive you all the fork.
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lester holt is next with nigh y ly news. >> don't forget your credit card. tonight new screening changes mandatory starting tomorrow. why it could take longer to clear the airport security line. victory lap -- has president trump staved off a revolt after high-profile republicans unleashed a fierce attack on his character, silence on the hill. and the president fires back. nbc news exclusive. new revelations in the wake of that deadly mission in niger. senior intelligence and military officials say the u.s. is paving the way for armed drones in the region. in-home delivery -- drivers unlocking your home leaving packages inside when you're not there. would you sign up? new vaccine to fight a painful condition. doctors now recommending millions get the shot. caught on camera. what critics call


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