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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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paul manafort and gates have been indicted on 12 counts. the charges include conspiracy against the u.s. and money laundering. they concealed millions in payments. we are learning for former campaign adviser george papadopoulos secretly pled guilty to lying to the fisher about communicating with the kremlin connected russian. niece are the first charges stemming from special counsel robert mueller's probe into possible ties between the trump campaign and russia. so compass the impact for the current administration. some bay area lawyers and politicians say the papadopoulos news may be more damaging than the maercht indictment. >> there are a lot of layers here and misdirection from both parties. nbc bay area scott budman joins us and is tracking the latest out of washington, d.c. even at this hour, scott. >> jessica and raj the news is just beginning with more
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revelations coming later this week from the tech world. so far though two separate charges, a white house denial, and bay area representatives sitting down with us to react. >> first it was a pair of indictments against former trump campaign manager paul manafort and his business associate rick gates. the two charged with among other things, money laundering, being in unrestricted foreign agent and conspiracy against the u.s. both pleaded not guilty as the white house tried to distance itself from the charges. >> and to some extent the white house is correct about manafort and gates. these are things that happened some of them many years before there even was a trump campaign. >> but then we learned former trump foreign policy advise george papadopoulos admitted he lied to the fbi g his dealings with russia during the campaign. >> i think the most interesting news is around george papadopoulos, you know that stipulation of facts shows first
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that he was as a senior foreign policy adviser to someone the president called an excellent guy working with the russians, traveling abroad during the campaign, and then taking meetings with russians about dirt that they had on hillary clinton. >> saying that i in effect acted as a middleman between very high level russian officials, including we're told that vladimir putin's niece on the one hand, and the trump campaign on the other. >> day one of what could be a long series of legal actions from special counsel robert mueller'ses investigation. >> people need to know if a foreign government that doesn't wish us well and doesn't believe in democracy affects our elections and is -- everyone know that is they tried. >> reporter: and that investigation will soon include a pair of bay area social networking giants. later this week facebook and twitter will face lawmakers about their possible roles in the u.s. election. today fischer admitting as many as 126 million of its users may have been exposed to content
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generated by russian axes jessica. >> thank you, scott. well paul march is a more recognizable name. rick gates joined the campaign team as the same time as manafort back in 2016 and his responsibilities including wrongling gop convention delegates and arranging the inaugural ceremony. in fact he took the helm of the campaign operations for the national convention. gates reportedly signed off on melania's peach petition convention. as you may remember that stirred controversy since it appearance to plagiarized parts of michelle obama's 2008 speech. >> getting back to papadopoulos this happened last year but it announced today. he admitted to lying to federal agents about his contact with russians while he was a foreign policy adviser to the trump campaign. he previously advised the ben carson campaign. so will all of this and any of this impact president trump? and the republican lawmaker sns our political analyst larry
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gerston joins news 25 minutes. >> aus heard from scott budman the facebook numbers are outs. we're learning how much people received russian based content during the election. nbc news reported approximately 126 million americans were sent the ads during the campaign. roughly one third of the nation's population. facebook says the posts came from russian backed accounts from january 2015 to august 2017. >> now to a story you see only on nbc bay area. stop are o or else. that'ses warning santa clara has given to owners of a tal o company. that company is in kmarj of picking up road kill and dead farm animals. but it's where they were storing the dead aim nam that is has them in hot water. nbc bay area damian true owe is in gillman in with the zaelts damian. >> reporter: raj, the county tells me the rotting carcasses were stored in trucks on the property enzymes for days.
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neighbors tell me the stefrmg was unbearable. we might warn you the pictures you're about to see might be difficult to watch. nbc bay area obtained these photographs they show trucks with animal fluid seeping from them. the trucks were carrying road kill along with the carcasses of horses, sheep and other farm animals all parked in rural gilroy. >> it's disgusting my kids smell it every day and it smells like it's rotting. >> neighbors don't want to show faces on camera fearing retaliation for sounding the alarm. the property where the truck was parked was bought by the san jose tal o company. >> they have contracts to handle dead animals and then convert them into a tallow, which is a resource. >> reporter: but the county says storing the carcasses on this property off the highway is not allowed. after a call from nbc bay area
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last week inspectors showed up andrd ohhed the company to remove the animals. the skt is giving the company a short window to comply because of the health and safety concerns. >> from the county perspective one of the golden rules if if you're contracting with the county is you have to abide by regulations. >> we heard back from the company late this afternoon. they told me they removed all the dead animals and are working with the county to find a solution. and because of the county order for now all road kill will have to remain on the road. and the company cannot pick up dead farm animals from veterinarians for disposal. the county says the company is under investigation already. >> i don't like it i don't like living next to it. >> reporter: just to emphasize san jose tallow does not kill the animals. they only pick up the carcasses of the animals. live in gilroy, damian true owe, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. damian was tweeting about the story before we came on air.
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you can follow him on twitter. >> sideshow gone wild, the san jose police investigators looking for a street racer who deliberately hit an officer shortly after the bust the sideshow. and street racing just the latest in a surge of sideshows in the bay area. nbc bay area robert handa joins from us last night's sideshow where it started. it's obvious what happened there behind you. >> reporter: that's right we're in the east side parking lot offer capital expressway. the starting line where police say last night's sideshow and street racing began. as you want people say sideshows who are kplon. you can see the trail of doughnut marks it came a abrupt halt when police showed up. the san jose police the morgan hill p. d. swarmed theed shied show at capital hill expressway much to relief of residents.
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many drivers ended up handcuffed for arrested for reckless driving and outstanding warrants. >> illustrate scarey to have people revving up driving at 70, 80-mile-per-hour that's not for this area. >> police are looking for a driver of a browniesen who hit a police officer during an traffic stop. >> it was intentional ac by striking the police officer and then fleeing the scene. we need to locate this person as soon as possible and take him into custody. >> the san jose and chp had to deal with had this sideshow the previous sand which effectively shut down a road near 101. one driver smashed a patrol car coned owe window. on saturday hundreds of motorcyclists roared to a sideshow offer 880 near oakland. four arrested including one after a chase up the peninsula. >> we have motorcycles out we approach it the same way in terms of in tracking the information, being aware of
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where meetups are, planned routes are. >> i understand why they gather they want to have a passion for cars and what they work on. but there is that mixture of the bad krou that shows up and ruins it for everybody. >> reporter: but officers acknowledge it's not easy getting the information since the plans are made on social media. police say what does help is when citizens report seeing sideshows performing or even shooting phone video before the show starts live in san jose, robert handa nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a jury is now deliberating the fate of a man charged with killing an off duty richmond police officer. robert vega is charged with murder for shooting and killing the father of his former girlfriend. there he is in court. off duty richmond police officer gus vegas that's the victim. last year. prosecutors told the jury that vegas heard yelling had miss daughterary room and vega shot
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him eight times. the prosecutor calls that murder. but the defers says vega suffers from ptsd and thought his dive was in danger. the family of the officer says it's been difficult because the suspect is someone they loved. >> we just want justice to be served in whatever fashion they bring back. the jury is going to make a decision. and whatever they decide we just stand behind that. >> gut wrenching for the family. the jury began deliberating this afternoon and will continue tomorrow morning. critical testimony in the skate steinle murder trial an argument over the bullet's path could make or break the case against an undocumented immigrant charged in her death. prosecutors claim that jose zarate intended to shoot kate steinle two years ago along the embarcadero. a retired sf p. d. crime scene investigator told the jury he reconstructed the shooting on pier 14 and that it appears the shooting was intentional despite
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the bullet ricochetting off the ground. matt gonzalez strongly disagrees. >> i will say this when i see the photographs posted they seem very far away. i mean in some of the photos you can see the dift the chair and you don't see the memorial. >> the distance between it struck the pavement and hit kate steinle was almost 80 feet. >> just in the newsroom a major trade by the winless 49ers. they have a new quarterback. within the past hour the 49ers have reportedry traded for that man number 10, patriot as quarterback jimmy garoppolo. the highly coveted quarterback for tom brady. they give up a second round draft pick to acquire him. he could make the 49ers debut as early as this weekend, sunday against the cardinals. how we are waiting for official confirmation from the 49ers. accused of sexual conduct involving a then teenage boy.
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the apology from kevin spacey, and what it means for his hit netflix show house of cards. still recovering from the dead deadly wildfires, the new threat from mother nate that has a lot of people concerned once again in the north bay. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll have the full track of incoming rainfall this we can. my forecast at 6:20 tonight. tragedy continues to unfold. the
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death toll of the noirth the flames are out. but the tragedy continuing to unfold. the death toll of the north bay wildfires has gone up. this 17-year-old from redwood valley died last night in sacramento. according to her aunt. she suffered severe burns in the redwood fire in mendocino county. the junior at yukiya hospital never regained consciousness. her 14-year-old brother also died. her parents are recovering at separate hospitaling from burns. s her becomes the 43rd victim of the wildfires. there is encouraging news here. the tubbs and nuns fire are 99% contained. and here is the latest challenge. as you might know, rain is on the way and it could create a toxic problem in the fire zone. nbc bay area mark mathews joins news santa rosa with the toxins -- where the toxins could flood the bay. mark. >> reporter: raj, we are out at
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mark west spring road in santa rosa. and behind me you can see, this hillside dotted with burns out homes. what you aren't seeing are the protections that would be in place to keep those toxins from flowing down into that creek bed. i'm told by the epa they expect just one to two inches of rain this weekend, not enough to be a problem but a deluge could be an environmental disaster. in the ashes much an urban fire there are all sorts of toxic materials, lead from old house paint, arsenic and mercury and chemicals that kill fish and pollute the bay. as we reported last week the epa has 17 teams out collecting the remains of propane tanks and paint cans and other hazardous households products but protecting the extreme beds from the ash runoff is not part of their mission. >> our mission has been the household hazardous waste collection. >> a new concern about the ash
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runoff comes with a weather forecast for rain. >> with the rain come can we get enough containment, straw, waddells and bails of hey to keep the ashes and runoff from entering the creek system. >> sonoma county supervisor susan goran lost her home in the fir. she is getting calls from constituents along mark west creek worried about the runoff. >> we recognize it and it's important to move forward in this. >> goran says she has been assured protections will be in the place. >> fema has assured us that they will be delivering resources to help us assess all of our creek sheds and begin the recovery. >> but she also knitted that at details have been hard to come by. >> i asked the questions and i get, well we're researching that, dough noent the time line. other than the assurances that we've been given by epa and fema that we hope to have the cleanup done by december.
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>> reporter: well, december is a month away. now, the weekend rains this weekend's rains just one to two inches may not be a problem. but if there is a big storm sometime during november, getting all of that creekside protection into place in time, would be a massive job. reporting from santa rosa mark mathews nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. well the lawmakers are working on a bill to stop pg&e from passing on the cost of the north bay wildfires to customers. we first told you last week that pg&e is urging state regulators to make it easier to charge customers when power lines and other electrical equipment cause wildfires. there is a lot to settle here. the fires destroyed more than 8,000 homes and buildings and killed 43 as we know. the launches will propose the became when the legislature convenes in early january. paige pg&e released a statement saying the investigation in the fires is ongoing and it's
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cooperate wg cpuc and other investigating agencies. a kient hearted quest zrid by the north bay wildfires. a northern california wine maker using profits for charity says his harvest is suffering. dr. craig senders travels the world and he funds his charity with wine profits. >> here we have smoke that's going to be around the liquid in high concentrations during the time that you're fermenting wine. >> normally dr. sernder says he produces 500 cases of wine each season but he is not sure if he will do the same thing this year. now you can help the fire victims while rocking out. remember this that's at&t park live, the home of the special benefit concert scheduled for november 9th. we told you metallica g-eazy, dave matthews and the dead and company will all be performing
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and tickets are still available. we posted a link on the website, all you need to do is click on the get your tickets tab to get tickets and do a good thing at the same time. >> any will cover up the infield and put out a concert stage should be great. jeff with us now finally feeling like fall in a big way. >> it's taken a while but looking like we are setting into the fall person heading throughout the week. and rainfall is back in the mix. as we look at the microclimate forecast we take you into tomorrow. and i still think it's going to be very comfortable out here. temperatures slightly below average, under a partly cloudy to moetly sunny sky. 66 in antioch, 67 in livermore. upper 60s in san jose. chilly 50s at the coast in half moon bay. san francisco 60. and half moon -- napa rather at 69. okay looks great for tomorrow. jacket for the day. but what about halloween? >> we have you covered. most of the bay area is going to experience very similar weather.
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here is what you can expect early on for the little trick or treaters. 4:00, 67 under sun judge skies. but 6:00 p.m. dropping down to 64. then chillier 50s from 8:00 through 10:00 with lab of cloud cover. bring a little bit of jacket. but you can leave the umbrella at home. we are looking at the chance of rainfall coming back into the mix. it's a little bit of complicated pattern but overall we see a storm system drop down from the forth. also a little bit of a southerly moisture combining in to give us rainfall chances from friday into next monday. here is how things fold out on the extended forecast. showers return on friday. moderate rain on saturday. a that's the big storm day for us. then into sand we see lingering showers 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and drying out by the afternoon. through monday morning we see another wave of wet weather. a longer look and more details on houchl rainfall at 6:48. >> thank you, jeff. see you then.
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more fallout tonight over the sexual misconduct claim against kevin spacey. the impact it has on the hit netflix show. house of cards." . sell recreational marijuana on
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january 1st. a lot of confusionor . happening now, california is gearing up to sell recreational marijuana and january 1st. a lot of confusion for pot shops and growers in regards to the legality and loop holes. that story on the website. and forbes magazine releasing
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the annual list of the highest earning dead celebrities. michael jackson tops the list for the fifth straight year. details on the twitter feed. getting worse -- for california
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students who are muslim. th bullying in schools is getting worse for california students who are muslim. that's the findings of a new study on american islamic relations or c.a.r.e. let am survey of more than 1,000 students ages 11 to 18 show kids feel less safe in public schools. more than half report being made fun of or abused for being muslim. 26% claim they were cyberbullied. and more than a third of muslim girls say the islamic headscarves or hijabs were tugged at or offensively touched. >> my daughter had muchlt incidences at her public high school last year as a freshman. she is a young woman who chooses to wear hijab. >> she says her older daughter didn't wear the scarf and had no
6:26 pm
problem. the family was most disturbed about the teacher reacting negatively to the head carve. prompting them to seek resolution with the superintendent. c.a.r.e. is calling on schools to kblmt for snds on different students. >> the upcoming season of house of cards will be the last. less than a day after the star kevin spacey addressed allegations of sexual abuse involving a child. production on the sixth season of the "house of cards" has been under way for several weeks. netflix is deeply troubled by the allegations. he anthony rapp says he tried to be seduce him back at a a party. spacey in his 20s at the same time. he says he picked him up and tried to lay down on top of him. spacey apologized for what he
6:27 pm
describes as deeply inappropriate drunken behavior. the notoriously private spacey officially came out as gay. a move many people criticized asset a tactic meant to distract from the abuse allegations. >> fights and arrest at cigarette america. we get details about the weekend security issues at the south bay amusement park. >> after the indictment what now for president trump our political analyst larry gerston joins us next.
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to the next generation of greats. from high school stars, to college athletes and fans. we're excited to meet you.
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to college athletes and fans. we now have the first indictments right now at 6:30, after months of speculation and investigation we now have the first indictments in the ongoing russia investigation. and the impact could be far reaching. two former trump campaign aides paul manafort and rick gates each facing a dozen charges. >> the indictments come as we learn a former campaign adviser pled guilty to lying to the fbi about his meetings with russians. nbc bay area terry mcsweeney, a lot to digest here. >> certainly it both men pled not guilty to the 12 charges. they've been released on bail. there is no mention of president trump or his campaign. but this represent as major step in the russia investigation. former trump campaign manager paul manafort and his deputy rick gates pleading not guilty to charges and in special counsel's robert mueller's investigation in russian election interference. we are learning former campaign adviser george papadopoulos
6:31 pm
secretly pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi earlier this month. the plea agreement says he was communicating with a kremlin connected hillary clinton. >> he is pleading guilty which may be the first sign that bob mueller has a cooperating witness in this entire case. >> reporter: the white house distancing from papadopoulos. >> he was a volunteer member of the an advisory counsel that literally met one time. >> manafort and gates are accused of lobbying for the ukrainian government and not paying taxes on tens of millions of dollars. they are facing 12 charges including conspiracy against the united states. conspiracy to launder money, and making false and misleading statements. the indictment makes no mention of president trump or russian meddling in the election. >> i think you all today that president donald trump was correct, there is no evidence that mr. manafort or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. >> there's been no evidence of trump/russia collusion and nothing in the indictment today
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changes that at all. >> on twitter the president emphatically repeating there was no collusion. saying about his former campaign manager it was years ago before manafort was part of the campaign. but his same twitter account showing a march 2016 picture of then candidate trump sitting with papadopoulos during a campaign season briefing. if convicted manafort and gates could face serious prison time. money laundering alone brings 20 years max in prison raj. >> thank you terry. not surprisingly it's turning into a political hot potato. white house officials said they won't be distracted by the indictments. democrats meanwhile are calling for another independence investigation. they know this could just be the tip of the iceberg. >> we know that mr. papadopoulos had extensive email exchanges with other trump officials regarding his outreach to russian officials. it is his admission released yet today raises more questions than
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it answers. >> now donald trump jr.down playing his role also in a wheat today. >> well the big story here may center on the former trump foreign affairs adviser george papadopoulos. >> larry joins us and nothing simple. so many layers where do we start with papadopoulos. >> you don't think much about this guy. no one heard about him. but if you dig deeper some things make sense. the guy was found guilty, pleaded glts to a single count of lying about an association he had with a russian who promised him lots of edition -- dirt on hillary clinton. nobody thinks about this. in fact, because of that sentence he gets between nothing and six months probably not serve any time mm manafort has the big deal. you know 31-page indictment crimes, 20 years in yale who knows. but here is the thing with the papadopoulos case, this is the first time we connect the dots. between the russians and somebody in the clinton
6:34 pm
campaign, that is amazing. >> well let's talk about the. >> excuse me. >> not clinton. >> trump campaign. >> trump campaign. >> let's talk about the significance of the timing because you had manafort and gates. and then we hear about papadopoulos today after that but it actually happened he pled guilty over the summer before. >> he pleaded guilty a few weeks ago in fact. and now we say look why did we not know? why did mueller's -- the special counsel let the news out today, the same day that the indictments roll out on manafort and gates in i'll tell you why it might be. maybe he is sending a message send ago message to all the dozens of people who have been already interviewed. hey, you've got a choice here. you can play ball and get a light sentence or you can go ahead and fight us and fet a very heavy sentence if we win. i think there was a very big message going out today. manafort is really on the hook. but not in terms of what's going on with trump but papadopoulos -- that's the story. that's the story that i think we need to watch in the weeks and
6:35 pm
months to come. >> we've been doing this nine months. is this now something where the president can overcome or is this just move on the news cycle changes monday. >> the president thinks nothing much to this. in fact we tweeted why are we looking at me my campaign? we should be looking at hillary clinton special counsel should be going after her and her connection to russia. guess what in case he forgot hillary clinton didn't have any connection with russia according to everything we know so far. hillary clinton did not win the election as far as we know. and 17 agencies are all pointed to the russians getting involved with this election and pointing all their efforts toward a trump victory. so how much is going on as far as the president is concerned? he can tweet all he wants. but this is not the beginning of the end. more likely -- more likely it's the end to the beginning. >> very clear analysis thank you, larry. our coverage of the mueller investigation does continue online. again we said so much to get through here. we posted on
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we posted the full indictment against paul manafort and rick gates. meanwhile a judicial rebuke today for president trump's attempt to bar transgender service members from the military. a federal judge formally blocked the measure today. over december the president tweeted the military can no longer be burdened with tremendous expense and distraction connected to transgender military members. several transgender troops sued and today a federal judge in washington, d.c. blocked the policy saying the administration's reasons are not supported by fact. california's attorney general was among the 16 state a.g. who joined the transgender lawsuit. he said that california will not be silent as the president demeans and marjleized citizens. >> a ugly weekend at great america in santa clara clair process. ppt amusement park is snndsing security after a weekend of fights, thefts and arrests. here is cell phone video of one
6:37 pm
of the attacks at the santa clara park. people reported multiple koits and kids using stun guns during the annual halloween haunt on saturday night. santa clara police say several cell phones were stolen. great america officials wouldn't comment feskly op on the security policy. but any say all guests have to go through metal detecters to get inside. police told us a taster should set off the metal detecter. they are investigating how the person got through security. police tell us they took 20 reports and arrest two people. they expect to make more arrests in the future. >> stanfords university is offering better access to birth control to students through a vending machine. morning after pill can be purchased from interest this key yosk costs, $25 for the contra steptive. the student government argued for the vening machine option. >> i think it's wonderful for women to have the opportunity to
6:38 pm
buy contra exception at the earliest convenience especially when time is of the essence. the best choice is to use protection before you have sex. best case scenario you're not going to have an unplanned pregnancy. >> uc davis and santa barbara selling the morning after pill via key osk. >> parking payback, the reason san francisco could owe you hundreds of dollars.
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility
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to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. trailer crashed in san jose this okay check this out. a truck carrying a 40-foot trailer crashed in san jose this morning. turning the commute into a nightmare. happened on the east bound on ramp to 101. the truck spilled scrap metal across multiple lanes, foreseeing closure for hours during the peak of the commute. this crash following a high-speed chase. that's what's left of a car involved. the chase started in brings bane ended near the mill bra off ramp
6:41 pm
at 3:15 in the morning. don't know why the chase started. it reached speeds above 100 miles an hour. >> how about this. san francisco might owe you money. the city says it os hundreds of thousands of dollars to drivers who got parking tickets. according to the sfmt ochlt a ob the city oos $600,000 in refunds to overpayments and do you mean kit tickets. for tickets written between january of 1995 and 2014. the refunds range from $20 to hundreds of dollars. you need to file a claim by mid-december. >> they have either overpaid or paid for the citation more than once. it can happen. we want to make sure you get the word we owe you money and want to get it back to you. >> i think they owe me money i've had a few tickets there. >> ooh. >> you can find out if you are owed a refund or file a claim go to the story on the website. any unclaimed money will be forfeited to the city and county
6:42 pm
of san francisco. go to we'll let you know if jessica or me. >> i'm clear. i'm good. >> how about you jeff. >> no. >> just me. >> i've taken b.a.r.t. lately. i'm clear. >> sorry dude. >> i'm looking online. >> we had a nice clear weekend and now a little chilly, nice. >> and rain the second part of that moving our way. you can see the live look at the san jose camera. current 60 degrees. down to 50s late tonight. we are tracking the rain forecast coming up in five minutes. >> for the record i did not fix raj's parking tickets. the doctor's office says this guy's procedure is free. but then a bill for almost $2,000. nbc bay area responds next. to a gilroy man who had a nearly
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
two thousand dollar dental well nbc bay area responds to a man in gilroy who had a nearly $2,000 in dental issue sfloos he needed our response team to help out. consumer investigator chris chumara here with his story. he went to western dental
6:45 pm
for a new bridge. he says i started having problems with it after just two months. sid took the bridge back to get a new one. he says western dental told him there would be no charge for the replacement. but later he got a bill for the new bridge. sid says he called western dental and tried to get this figured out several times. but says he never got a consistent response. after battling the bill for a year he turned to us for help. we called western dental and it clears his bill which had risen to $1800 with interest and late fees. western dental declined our request to explain what happened. if you end up in a situation like sid, consider requesting a receipt or invoice up front showing you have a zero balance. then hold onto it. if you have a consumer sclan, don't hold on to it, call us, 1-888-996-tips, or log onto
6:46 pm >> thank you chris. >> how about this a good chance your christmas tree will cost you more this year. oregon and north carolina, you might know this, the two states producing the most say they see a shortage. many tree farmers got forced out of business in the early 2000s. knows in business are struggling to keep up with high demand. prices go up. it can take up to nine years to grow a usable christmas tree. >> almost exactly 100 days from the beginning of the 2018 winter olympic games. wednesday pyeongchang, south korea, marks 100 days until the games begin. athletes are trying to snag a pot. the karen chen hoping to head to pyeongchang for first appearance in. the 18-year-old has been inspired by the bay area native skater. >> my hero is kristy yam a gucci. she my role model, everything i want to be. the funny thing is this year i'm
6:47 pm
actually skating decarmen for free state. and she had a plaque appear gold dress. she had one with hints of red. i'm channelling mycriner kristy this year. >> they're good friends. kristy has been a mentor. the flame makes it around 17 cities and provinces around the country leading up to games. a total of 7500 torch bearers take place in that you've done it. >> i've done it three times. amazing honor of run going. >> you've been a little selfish with that. >> it's been one of the biggest honors of my life. >> jeff and i are here. >> maybe you're next. >> five olympics nbc has been in partnership. >> we'll share the load if you need help. >> i bring them -- in the newsroom so everyone can share with us. >> rain, still on track you guys. as we head through the upcoming week. i know folks are interested in that and the full time line. we'll break it down for you here
6:48 pm
in the microclimate forecast. as we look right now i do want to set things up with that rain chance. just so you can get an idea of what we're thinking in terms of that weather forecast. and it looks like the storm system will start to arrive friday. and some of the energy will linger into next monday. it's rather complicated. we have the storm system from the north and also a southerly moisture tap that will produce these on again off again chances of rainfall. notice the scrolling she have-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. updates are there and particularing on the rainfall amounts here in just a bit. as we head into tomorrow morning, the bigsz thing to notice is the cloud cover is back for the morning commute. down as cold as 48 in the tri-valley. the south bay at 58. also a chill here where you need a jacket to start at 46. san francisco begins at 52 and the east bay average of 49. throughout the day for tomorrow, cool, crisp fall air in place. it's going to be beautiful down in the south bay under mostly
6:49 pm
sunny skies, 67 expected in downtown. 68 over towards gilroy. for contra costa alameda counties not warm at all. 66 in antioch, 69 in danville and over to oakland 65. the peninsula chilly 59 in half moon. and redwood at 65. san francisco you got 61 in ingleside. but over totem barked o for lunch or business meeting down to 59. the north bay continues under mostly sunny 69 expected in napa. trick or treating it looks like overall temperatures drop to the coldest in the upper 50s. the little ones might need a light jacket but leave the umbrella at home. rainfall eventually does come back into the mix as we head throughout this week. by 11:00 p.m. on thursday we get showers developing to the north near the coastline. i think showers really begin here the way things time out on friday. now this will not be the big storm day for us. again things get going on
6:50 pm
friday. it looks like on saturday, those, we see moderate and heavier pockets develop indicated by the yellow and orange on this map. we will likely see areas of moderate to heavy rainfall link ner saturday evening. what are we looking at? over a four-day total from friday through incomes monday a half inch to one inch. 15 to 25-mile-per-hour winds and sierra snow, 4 to 12 inches. on the extended forecast. saturday hau showers linger into sunday 4 to 9 "a" dry out sunday afternoon and then a new push of moisture for monday morning compute mp friday through next monday we have the chances of rainfall coming. and a quick look at the inland valley forecast on line looking at cool 50s and 60s this week. >> halloween, no rain. >> yeah it's going to be good. >> thanks, jeff. well up next more on the 49ers big trade and things could get a little teary at the sharks game here is why a legend
6:51 pm
returns to san jose in a maple leaf sweater.
6:52 pm
at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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the 49ers have a new quarterback. well as we mentioned earlier in this newscasts, you here the news, the 49ers have a new kwrkt.
6:54 pm
they traited for patriots quarterback jimmy garoppolo. the backup for tom brady. they give up a second round draft pick to pick him up. he could make a debut at early as sunday kbens the cardinals. also a big night for the san jose sharks. emotions will be running high to welcome back i can't wait to see him an old friend. >> yes. the fans players and especially for patrick marlowe after 20 years in san jose he returns the first time tonight as a member of the maple leaves. here is nbc bay area colin resch. >> i'm trying a my best put on a good poker face. but yeah a lot of emotions that's for sure. >> can you proclaim him patti marlowe know what's coming. any will pay tribute on the video bored. he will receive a standing ovation about before the puck is dropped. it's about 110 days since he
6:55 pm
star add new live in toronto. >> paddy when did you start thinking about this game. >> about a week ago we started asking questions. no, i mean obviously it's something that's been fast approaching i've been think bag it. >> the franchise leader in just about every statistical category. over 5 players in nhl history played more than games for the than the marlowe played with the sharks. when it comes to fan fair no one more deserving. >> he has earned the right for the trib. he earned it being a good man and good player, doing it for a long time. he should enjoy it. because for the many guys get to experience what he gets to tonight. >> the former teammates agree. >> he is mr. shark always will be. nobody will ever pass him many. i always thought there will be noum number eone number retired, number 12. >> that will come in retirement.
6:56 pm
tonight he is thinking about beating the former team and not doing what joe thorntonen did in 2006 when he returned to face his former team. >> i think he got kicked out in the first couple of shifts. try not to do that. >> in san jose, colin resch, nbc bay area. around here he still owns the house in san jose. tonight at 11:00, did the past predict the future? what our investigative unit uncovered about pg&e possible role in the north bay fires ton on the 11:00 newscasts. >> i was so excited i wore a sweater and boots. >> yes. look i'm with you on that. >> i've been waiting to pull those out. >> now an umbrella soon. >> it looks like extended forecast showers return inland valleys temps in the 50s and 60s. >> ug boots. >> no just regular boots. >> okay thank for joining us
6:57 pm
have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
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now on "extra." "this is us" star justin heartly married. the first photos from his intimate weekend wedding. who made the brides dress and who was there. plus gist in's costar is here. a voido surprise that left him near tears. >> are you getting emotional? >> yes, i am. >> house of cards star kevin spacey under far. the new accusations he made aggressive sexual advances on a teen aged actor. the new backlash as spacey publicly comes out. i didn't low and a-rod taking in one of the crazest games of all


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