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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 5, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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a massive wildfire exploding in ventura cou breaking news out of southern california this tuesday morning. a massive wildfire exploding in ventura county. it is continuing to spread. yep. you see the crews are out there giving us the latest, live pictures. thousands of acres up in flames at this hour burning homes and a medical center. we are live as the winds continue to fan the flames. another fire burning this morning. so much going on this tuesday morning. i want to get the chance to say good morning to you at 5:00. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. kari has been tracking the weather. we are windy here as well as down there. >> it's not as windy here as in southern california. we have had gusts to 55 miles per hour. they are looking at gusts at 70 miles per hour. it's still going to be windy there throughout the day. we are watching all of this for
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you. as we take a live look outside in san jose, driving around, noticing tree limbs are down, it's breezy this morning. as we go through the day, the chilly temperatures gradually warming up. we are going to make it to the low 60s. more on the wildfires for southern california. what we are seeing here, coming up in a few minutes. mike, you are tracking the bay bridge closely. >> yesterday, lane 14 will be closed. i know it's only one lane, a cash lane, but affects the 880 crossing. we had a significant back up until two minutes ago. things lightened up as they open all but lane 14 now. more service for the traffic flowing through the area. look at all these coming off the maze z. look at the map. we have the build with folks coming in. off the nimitz, this might have the biggest effect. lane 14 is in the path. the feeder routes continue to build.
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there's a closure in san jose. back to you, laura. >> thank you very much. no doubt, a lot of roads are closed arn closed around the fire. it started about 6:00 last night. it consumed 3100 acres so far. i want to listen in on knbc for the latest as well. >> 7,000 people evacuated, many orders coming rapid-fire from officials. of course you are looking at this live. this is exactly why those orders to evacuate parts of ventura county coming about 11:00 last night. it wasn't long until the fire began burning through these homes. >> sheriff's office. evacuation in order. >> reporter: this is part of our new video from overnight. we found police officers ordering those evacuations.
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a tough job, under any circumstance, but made exponentially worse by the unprecedented conditions here. several homes burning overnight. we heard reports of flames jumping from home-to-home. neighbors tell us knocks on their door woke them up and they jumped into action to save their lives. >> materialistic stuff. you know? think of it that way. can't do it all on your own. >> we'll see. >> reporter: certainly a lot of people trying to remain positive out here this morning. back here to what we believe is the hawaiian village apartment complex. this video is from around 3:30. you could see what the building was, walls and floors still standing. as we come back to this live picture, incredible to see the difference in just a couple hours. the fire burning through that entire large apartment complex
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and now, all we see is the burning hillside, a couple palm trees standing up there as well as some power lines. certainly incredible as the fire is burning through this area. the thomas fire started around 6:30 last night in the santa pala area and more than once, iit has more than doubled in size in a short period of time. i was covering this at 11:00. 10:00, the fire was 5,000 acres. by 11:00, it was doubled to 10,000 acres, then jumped to 20 and now more than 31,000 acres. this fire has not been burning more than 12 hours. the wind gusts continue. it's cold, but ash is falling from the sky. that means embers possibly blowing because of this. firefighters are keeping a close eye not only on the areas that are burning, but also keeping an eye on the areas surrounding this, making sure they don't see
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hot spots flair up from embers carried in those strong wind gusts. of course, this fire still burning out of control. crews have a lot of work ahead of them. live in downtown ventura, today in l.a. >> so much going on. we are going to continue this morning. in the meantime, another fire is burning. this one in santa clarita. these are live pictures from that scene there. don't know a lot about this fire so far. there are a lot of homes in that area. >> the strong winds are playing a big role in the fire. that's why we want to bring in kari hall. the winds are up to 70 miles per hour. >> right, those santa ana winds are strong, coming over the mountains, funneling through the valleys, fanning those flames coming from the northeast up to
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70 miles an hour. sustained winds 40 miles per hour. this could cause a lot more fires to spread as we continue to monitor that situation. it's been very dry. this is a look at the drought monitor and those areas highlighted in yellow, abnormally dry. where we see the tan color, that's where they are in a moderate drought. southern california, much drier than the conditions we had here in the bay area. we have been taken out of that draught status, as we look closer at the bay area, not seeing that. look at the wind speed forecast throughout the day. it's going to be very strong. this shows the hour-by-hour forecast taking us through late morning, coming in from the northeast. possibly carrying more embers as well. it's possible that we could see more wildfires as we go throughout the rest of the day. very low humidity and very strong wind throughout southern california. >> thank you very much, kari. we'll continue to check in with
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you as we continue to take these live pictures out of southern california. look at this, just shelves remaining as the fire comes through the area. it's whipping through. minutes ago, some of these structures were still standing. the fire has been burning through. >> we are talking hundreds of people, thousands of people evacuateed from their homes. 27,000 people. this is the reason why, a mirror image of what we saw with the north bay wildfires, structures burning, people forced to leave their homes. i saw video of people trying to use buckets to save their homes and put the flames out. of course the place people do not want to see the fires. again, the strong santa ana winds are moving. we have been tracking the story behind the scenes all morning long. there are lots of new images filling social media this morning. this is from the -- >> it's their p.i.o., public
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informations officer. >> you can see that billowing behind the palm trees as it continues to spread. >> amazing to see. this fire is burning out of control. they have no way of wrapping their arms arnound it. we know the bay area teams, the alameda fire department is on the way to try to assist in the fire. head to where we are giving instant updates out of ventura county as well as following the days news. in other news, closer to home, city services coming to a stop in oakland. this morning, thousands of city workers are set to walk off the job. they are prepared to strike indefinitely. the union says negotiations broke down. oakland's mayor says the move is illegal filing a public complaint, forcing them to come to work. every facility is planning on shutting down. senior centers, recreation
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centers and libraries. there will be no parking enforcement, no street sweeping, no crime or traffic report. police officers and firefighters will remain on the job. new this morning, a petition is gaining traction this morning to name a san jose street after former president barack obama. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live with more on this proposal. good morning, kris. >> reporter: hi there, laura. the man spearheading this move to rename the street for president obama said this would be a good street. the city of san jose already has four roadway that is bear this name in some form. we looked up the city code to see how difficult the process is. it does take time and public input, but also money. $7,000 to file the application for that name change. supporters are hoping folks will pitch in not necessarily as a
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political show, but a testament to history. >> now, maybe more people in this country can believe anyone can become president. we want that hope to live on across the country. we want that hope to live on in the usa. >> he was a u.s. president. why not him? >> reporter: now, in addition to the application, the supporters have to gather 1,000 signatures. i will tell you, there are ten roadways baring barack obama's name across the country and one in tanzania as well. we'll track this for you. join the conversation on facebook. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." good morning. right now, it's 5:10. as you get ready to head out the door, it is chilly. look at the high temperatures
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for today. going to be really nice, up to 64 degrees in downtown san jose. gilroy, 65 degrees. east bay, going to see those highs in the low to mid-60s. 63 in walnut creek and fremont. for the peninsula. san francisco, reaching the low 60s for this afternoon. not as windy, either. also for the north bay, we are going to have the highs in the mid-60s, but very cold temperatures tonight. more on that coming up in a few minutes. mike is tracking what it looks like for the morning commute. >> that's right. the closure in the south bay has cleared. what went on here at the off ramp from the southbound side of 880, there was a brush fire. the good news, that did not spread. san jose fire took care of that. chp gave the all clear. all clear for speed sensors traveling north through the south bay. we expect it to kick in at 7:00, 6:30. here is an easy drive toward the bay bridge.
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we'll talk about the toll plaza coming up. >> we continue to follow breaking news this morning. two wildfires exploding this morning. as we get live pictures from the scene, this used to be a medical facility. not anymore. 27,000 people have been evacuateed from their homes. in happier news, soon, there is will be a button on your car dash to allow dwrou get a doughnut. we clearly live in the future. when "today in the bay" continues.
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good morning. coming up on ak 15, a chilly start to mostly clear skies. it's windy out there. as we go through the day, campbell is going to have a cool start, 41 degrees at 9:00, then seeing the highs today up to 62 degrees. a very nice afternoon ahead. what about the rest of the week? i'll talk about that and let you know if there is rain in five minutes. >> we are looking at the back up already forming at the bay bridge. it's tuesday. also, we have having some effect from the weekend activity there. we'll talk about that and some of your alternates. >> thank you very much. we continue to follow breaking news out of southern california. chopper is flying high over the scene of sempl fires burning. we understand there are three. the creek and ventura fire. you can see how the flames have enveloped complete buildings. lots of structures taken.
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27,000 people have been evacuated, one firefighter has been injured. 31,000 acres have been consumed so far from the thomas fire. great danger right now and those winds, the santa ana winds are famous for whipping up. it is a tough fight for firefighters right now. even firefighters from the bay area are headed to the scene there. alameda county fire crews are gearing up and heading to southern california. business and tech headlines. youtube will strive harder to protect children on its sight. >> scott mcgrew, kicking creepy content off the site. my kids are innocently watching something and it turns ugly. >> that's the problem. nbc news documented instants of what you are talking about on the youtube kids channel. they are going to increase the number of screeners to watch for distasteful stuff to protect kids. that's kid channels and other
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channels looking for inappropriate content. the 10,000 may not be youtube employees. they are done by overseas contractors. the effect is the same. the dow closed at another high. stitch fix up 2%. that stock turned itself around. there's a push to stop the fcc from striking down net neutrality rules at its meeting later this month. the allegation is millions of letters and e-mails received by the fcc in support of that move are fake. the commissioners and attorney general of new york asking fcc chairman agent to delay the vote because of the fake letters. fcc commissioner says the fcc is on course to eliminate net neutrality guided by a record corrupted by hundreds of thousands of filings with stolen identity. general motors wants to put
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you in the fast lane when it comes to getting a doughnut and coffee. there's a feature called marketplace. it lets you tap a button on your dash. >> isn't that distracting? come on? >> how about that. doughnut, doughnut, doughnut. >> you better get tired, tired, tired. >> look for it on gm cars. >> sounds good. thanks a lot. we want to take you back to that breaking news we have been following out of ventura. this is that fire. this is the medical facility that went up in flames. 13,000 acres have burned in the thomas fire. we have been telling you, there are three fires, the creek as well as the ventura fire burning. the first one started around 6:00 last night in santa pala. of course those wind gusts are very strong this morning and quickly spread throughout the night and firefighters are battling to get control of the
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fire. we can tell you fire crews are heading down to that area to try to help out and get control of that fire. we know that 57,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. there is one confirmed death. an evacuee in his car overturned and that is a firefighter hurt battling the flames here. again, we continue to monitor this coming out of southern california. >> firefighters on the scene and some are enroute this morning, even some from the bay area going to assist. look at the glow from the distance of the fire. attempting to do water drops overnight. they had so many winds in that area. those santa ana winds are treacherous when you take those dry conditions and it's fueling the flames. we'll continue to monitor everything going down. it is hard not to think of our own, you know, the napa fires that happened here, that's the first thing that comes to so
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many people's minds. we have been dipping into their coverage and they say it's reminiscent of that. >> just a month ago, right? it was october. >> october. >> just to see this happening all over again brings back all of those bad memories we had. starting to recover here. they haven't had as much rain in southern california as we have gotten here. so, as we watch our weather, it's been windy and as you step out the door, you are thinking, do we have a high wildfire threat here? actually, the answer is no because we have a lot more humidity and the winds will calm down tlout throughout the day. we have temperatures in the 48th. 48 until the south bay and tri-valley. san francisco, 49 degrees. 42 degrees in the north bay. looking at the highs today, it's going to shape up to be a really nice one. it is going to start out windy.
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the winds will start to relax later on today. as you check out the seven day forecast, looking at more 60s around, unfortunately, more dry weather the next several days. the morning commute and the east bay, it's going to be a chilly start. some spots dipping to the lower 40s. you may have the heater up on full blast in the car. as the day goes along, milder by noon as you head out for lunch, 58 degrees and sunshine. i want to show you the wind speed forecast for the bay area as we are seeing those winds coming from the northeast. with the strong area of high pressure, just to the north of us. blowing the winds offshore. a very dry wind. as we go into this evening, the winds will start to turn more northerly and calm down. we won't have as high of wind gusts as we have had recently and gusting since sunday night. the storm track up to canada, north of vancouver. the high pressure continues to keep it dry.
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we'll also have very dry weather through the weekend as well. the seven day forecast keeps it into the 60s for san francisco. the winds starting to relax and as we head for the weekend, more clouds, slightly cooler in spots. mike, you are tracking a crash at the bay bridge? >> a minor one. the major krosh crash over the weekend hit here. this is tuesday, a big volume day. the lanes off to the right or left are looking lighter as we expect about this time. just starting to build in those lanes. the maps, overall, the commute shows a light flow of traffic. no slowing for the tri-valley or much of the east bay. just the build over toward the toll plaza. again, the crash cleared and that's good news. alternates to the bay bridge are barton. san mateo bridge is running
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smoothly. or to the north, richmond to san rafael, is lightly populated. this is i-80. back to you. coming up, we continue to follow that breaking news out of southern california. >> i shared an incredible image you see from a reporter down in los angeles. you can follow me on twitter. we'll be back with a lot more. stick around.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of southern california. these are live pictures from the santa clarita fire, the creek fire. this popped up overnight because we are also following the ventura fire this morning that started at 6:00 last night. both fires have consumed thousands of acres. thousands of people have been evacuated as well. they are told to grab, not even their belongings. the santa ana winds are fueling the flames. people are told to get out. this is a photo of or a live look. you can see the reporters from our sister station standing by. this is a medical center that went up in flames. >> people told to evacuate the buildings, 150 structures destroyed already. clearly tharks clearly, that is part of the number. they were forced to evacuate the
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home as they continue to monitor the fire. look from boabove and see the glow. >> breaking news out of southern california where the flames are engulfing all the homes. live as thousands are fleeing. firefighters, even from the bay area are racing to the scene hoping to try to get the upper hand on these fires that are burning out of control. >> reporter: oakland city workers expected to go on strike. the city services that will be canceled starting today. breaking news this morning.
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a fire exploding in southern california. thousands of re breaking news this morning we are following from southern california where reporters are live at the scene. a massive fire that scorched thousands of acres in a matter of hours near ventura. >> homes and now a medical center up in flames as we take this live view from the camera from knbc. you can see where the wildfire is moving fast. winds expected gusts up to 70 miles an hour. we are looking now at the creek fire. right now, 1,000 acres have burned from that fire. of course, it is expected to continue to spread. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we are talking about a couple fires in southern california.
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we, of course, are familiar with the santa ana winds filiueling flames. she has that and our forecast. >> it has been windy through the bay area. the winds are going to calm down through the day. it's mixing up to have the temperatures widespread. look at morgan hill, 34 degrees. 48 degrees in san jose. 53 degrees in paloal po. as we go throughout the morning, the temperatures warming up. we are going to see the high up to 61 degrees in antioch today. 64 in san jose. 64 in napa. san francisco, expect a high of 62 degrees. i'm talking about the weekend forecast and what's ahead in about six minutes. mike is checking in on the bay bridge. metering lights on? >> yep, the metering lights are on and it's packed. it started earlier. lane 14, as you look at the map, that's the one that was impacted by the crash on saturday, the
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deadly crash at the toll plaza. the back up at 880, the arrow shows this might impact these folks. traffic flow and slowing this morning. we expect the feeder routes. look how many freeways feed in toward the maze. the heaviest volumes in today's commute. we'll track that. one lane down at the toll plaza. it may have a significant impact. the rest of the bay shows a light flow of traffic. the san mateo moves smoothly. it may be an alternate. back to you. >> we know a lot of people are having to evacuate in southern california. at least 27,000 people, so far. as we continue to take live pictures, these are from our sister station, knbc in southern california. these are the flames enveloping the hillside there in ventura county this morning. we have seen so many people evacuate their homes, at least
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27,000. 150 structures have been destroyed. let's briefly listen in to this reporter on scene. >> reporter: they have all been safely evacuated to a school down the street. that was the good news. they were evacuated hours before the area started to burn. firefighters anticipated the wind shifting in this direction. the fire may come this way. they were able to evacuate safely. apartment complexes and condos on the outer edge. so far, they appear to be okay. this complex is called a total loss. we did speak with a woman who works here, like i mentioned earlier, she told us she is devastated by the fire, but grateful they were able to get everybody out okay. >> totally devastated. my job here is to keep our patients safe. now, they are all displaced. they come here traumatized, now they are retraumatized. they are all down and i don't know how they evacuated all safely with the staff. i'm really concerned about my
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co-workers. >> reporter: we want to show you something. those winds will not stop blowing embers around. these trees recently lit up. some are still on fire. the palm trees, the embers keep flying every which way. everyone was evacuated here. guys, i quickly want to tell you, i was driving here this morning up the 101 northbound. when you come over the hill, you can start seeing this fire. i want to give you a sense of the magnitude. i could start seeing flames down south there. we are north of the city of ventura, on the northern part, south of highway 33 here. this entire area, from then to here, from down south, it's burning at this hour. it is zero percent containment. this is what we are dealing with. it is staggering to see. it is devastating. from the city of ventura, jonathan gonzalez, back to you. >> thank you. let's get more on the winds.
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not only are the winds -- >> you saw from our sister station, knbc. they continue to monitor what's going on with the fire. right now, we want a live view from up above the area. traffic is moving along there. we want to get you to video into the news room about that fast-moving fire that came through. you saw there, moments ago, in that live report, this is that medical facility that has gone up in flames. fortunately, they were able to get everyone out safely. the good news, as crews continue to monitor the fire, we know the crews from our own area, alameda county, fremont, hayward and oakland, heading to southern california to help battle those fires. three fires currently burning in that area. the first we got started around 6:00 in santa pala this morning. of course, with the gusts of wind this morning, fueling the fire. kari saying they are up to 70
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miles an hour. >> they pick up and whip up. the fires are completely out of control. firefighters are up against so much. this map gives you an idea of where the fire zone is. a couple fire that is are burning, the fire that started sneer santa paula and ohi. it's burned into fillmore and ventura. the fire similar to the north bay fire is what's reminiscent. all of us in the news room, when we woke up, you see the fires and it's your first thought. >> you see it and say i remember when it happened. we want to take you to the sheriff who talked about all of this. >> the evacuation notices. we saw the disaster and losses that happened up north in sonoma. this is a fast, very dangerous moving fire. >> firefighters have a lot to contend to. we are monitoring social media
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as well. firefighters are only able to send one water dropping helicopter overnilght. they are awaiting to send up more aircraft. they have to look at the conditions as well. the winds are billowing too much. if there's too much smoke in the air for the firefighters to make the drops, that makes it tough. what you are looking at here is how california is banning together. crews from alameda county, fremont, hayward, oakland, they are all headed to southern california right now, as we speak to try to assist in these fires. >> we will continue to monitor this breaking coverage of the fast-moving wildfire burning in ventura county. stay with nbc bay area news throughout the morning for instant coverage. happening here at home, a massive strike is about to bring city services in oakland to a standstill. thousands of city workers will walk off the job. bob redell is live in oakland where the widespread impact it is expected to have on the area. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus.
5:38 am
city of oakland buildings will be shut down. most city services as well, including head start for children run out of this church in downtown oakland. it is important to know the city says police and fire will not be impacted. they will resume normal operations. 3,000 workers with unions have called for the strike after contract negotiations with the city broke down. the oakland mayor says a strike would be unlawful. negotiates have yet to reach a total impasse. she's promising to file a formal complaint to keep those workers on the job. >> we have asked the unions to put off this strike until we at least from the opportunity to bring their last offer to the city council. the soonest that we were legally able to schedule a closed session was wednesday at 1:00.
5:39 am
>> reporter: the unions did say they would postpone the strike if they agree to a 4% increase in pay for one year with the understanding both sides continue to negotiate. the other two years of the contract. take a look here. here's some of the services result of the strike. city council meetings. head start, senior centers, libraries, multipurpose senior services programs. if you are driving your car into oakland, parking enforcement. police and fire, those agencies still up and running. live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." chp is still watching those freeways throughout oakland so be aware. traffic laws still apply. over here, a clean slate for most of the bay. green sensors for san jose.
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no major concern. we are looking at travel times toward the bay bridge. we are seeing that east shore freeway from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. the toll plaza has lane 14 closed after it was destroyed. this is the heaviest commute we have seen. you may want to avoid it. bart no delays. ferries no delays. there is an issue at toledo ferry landing. they have closures because of maintenance. >> it's going to be cold. >> oh, yeah. very cold. later today, it's going to be nice. this is the kind of weather we'll see as we go into the weekend. cool mornings and warm afternoons. as we look at the saturday forecast, reaching the mid-60s, more clouds in the mix. we'll see the highs for the inland areas up to 67 degrees.
5:41 am
sunday, the bay will be at 63. inland, 65 degrees. very mild. if you are planning to go to russian valley, up to 67 degrees on friday. up to 70 on sunday. then, for the sierra, here is a live look outside at the resort at squaw valley. upper 40s each day. no more snow for the rest of the week. it may be a while before we see snowfalling. no travel issues. santa barbara, mid to upper 70s, nice beach weather. a lot of sunshine. if you are planning to head out of town, i'm on twitter. i can give you a forecast for the place you are headed or, let me know what's going on. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> all right. we'll check back with you, thank you, carry. we continue to follow the breaking news as the thomas fire burns 31,000 acres. more crews are on their way from the bay area to help get control
5:42 am
of this fire. the president threw his support behind roy moore. now, the rnc is doing it as well. we'll bring you up to speed when "today in the bay" continues. ♪ the reuben is back for a limited time at subway. so much reuben.
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the reuben is back for a limited time at subway. ♪ so much reuben. it is 5:44 on this tuesday morning. grab a nice warm sweater before you head out. it's breezy and chilly. as we take a live look in fremont, the camera is shaking around. you have to keep a tight grip on the steering wheel, especially
5:45 am
as you head over the bridges. as we look at that temperature trend for fremont, 44 degrees at 9:00. noontime temperature, 57, reaching the low 60s later today. very nice afternoon, winds calming down, too. we'll talk about that and let you know if there's rain in the forecast, coming up in five minutes. here is oakland, a similar shot. farther north and traffic moves smoothly. chp warns about the wind. we are tracking the back up because of the effects from the weekend crash. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. we continue to bring you live pictures from southern california where our sister station, knbc are giving us the live look at the fire that enveloped the area. this is one of a couple burning. this is the creek fire near santa clarita. hundreds of homes have been evacuated. it is dark, so firefighters are not able to do the aerial drops.
5:46 am
they are fueled by the santa ana winds. we are going to follow the live pictures from our sister station as well as reports from crews on the ground. this gives you that ground look of what they are going up against. we have seen medical offices, just quickly go up in flames this morning. thousands of people are evacuated. crews from our own bay area, alameda county, fremont, oakland, are already on their way. they are on the road as we speak, hoping to aid firefighters on the ground to battle the flames. hopefully, they can get some kind of control. right now, it is burning out of control. >> we will continue to monitor this on air and online. we want to switch gears to president trump. campaign manager in more trouble this morning. >> scott mcgrew, paul manafort was already facing serious charges. >> and under house arrest, the whole ankle monitor and everything. he walked out as robert mueller
5:47 am
said, okay. except, manafort seems to have broken a rule. the former trump campaign manager worked in secret with another man to write a newspaper op-ed piece defending manafort's action in ukraine, where he worked as a political adviser. that would violate the judges gag order. don't talk about the charges or the trial. worst, according to mueller, the writing partner is connected to russia's spying agency. the republican national xh committee resumed financial support for roy moore after the president supported him. go roy. the alabama special election takes place one week from today. we will hear from john conyers today, the congressman from detroit, accused of sexual harassment. we think he will say he's not
5:48 am
running for another term. politicians on both sides urged he step down right now. the supreme court ruled president trump's travel ban may take effect while lower courts consider whether the ban is constitutional. the latest travel ban, the third version bans travel from chad, libya, syria and yemen. we'll continue to watch that. as always, contact me on twitter. >> thank you, scott. we continue to follow that breaking news this morning. here are live, aerial views from a chopper from knbc. you are looking at the creek fire. this is 1,000 acres burning right now. you can see that glow. again, we have been telling you about this throughout the morning. those strong winds push thing t fire as it is expected to spread more.
5:49 am
they have crews working. we have crews from the bay area going that way from alameda county as well as fremont, hayward and oakland trying to get control of this. the fire burning as you look at the creek fire. >> this is just one of many fires burning in southern california. we have been bringing information of the thomas fire overnight. it started at 6:00. it consumed 31,000 acres, completely destroying 150 structures. this is video of a medical office build thag went up in flames. luckily, they evacuated most of the people there. one firefighter has been injured so far. at least, almost 30,000 people have been evacuated overnight, so far, as the winds are whipping and fanning the flames in southern california. a very tough fight. we'll take the live pictures from knbc this morning. >> again, we look at the winds and that's pushing that. we are noticing some here, but not as strong.
5:50 am
>> not as strong. this is the longest and strongest they have had in southern california. we are feeling the breezes here, but our winds will subside throughout the day. not the case in those areas where we are tracking those wildfires. a live look outside in san francisco, all clear. breezy and a cool start. as you get ready to head out in san jose for the morning walk or ride to school for the start of the day, it's going to be in the low 40s. make sure the kids are bundled up, something nice and warm to wear. at recess, they will need the jacket. as you head home from school, it's going to be more comfortable, reaching the low 60s. the seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen with more low 60s in the forecast. we are heading up to 64 in san jose today. concord, 64. oakland, 61 degrees. 62 degrees in san francisco. a live look outside in san jose shows it's still been breezy, but our skies are clear.
5:51 am
as you are out there getting dressed and starting out the day, it's going to be one for a hat and coat, once again. it is a fairly cool start. as it has afternoon goes along, much more comfortable with 60s. light, long sleeves and pants definitely a great choice. as we go into the next several days, more of the same. cool mornings and mild afternoons. as we look, if there's more rain in the forecast, still clouds well to the north. high pressure blocking any chance of rain we can get in the next several days. so, unfortunately, it does stay dry throughout the next seven days, possibly beyond that. no rain in this forecast, which is really unusual for this time of year in december. we usually start to see at least a round of rain per week. we are all dry, even as we go through next monday. mike, you are tracking the tuesday build on the road. >> i am. and the chance of a little bit of different flow of traffic. let's show you what looked like
5:52 am
a normal flow. it may be lighter. the morning commute is early, before 6:00, we see lighter volume as we approach the end of the year. slowing in pleasanton and 680. hayward showing slowing down for 880. passing by that san mateo bridge. that might be an alternate for folks who avoid the bay bridge because of the activity, the crash and the fact that lane 14 is taken out indefinitely. it will have the cash lane closed. it may affect the feeder route. quick look outside shows the toll plaza show that is back up. back to you. >> a lot of people out there. thanks, mike. coming up, we are tracking that growing fire in ventura county. clothing company, patagonia taking a stance against president trump. the website with a stark page that says, quote, the president just stole your land.
5:53 am
this, after president trump reduced the size of the grand staircase at the monuments in utah. the website leads people to the new lawsuit. same-sex couples in austria will be allowed to marry by 2019. the highest court just made that decision. they have been able to enter civil partnerships since 2010, but not able to marry. a high speed police chase
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
ends with the suspect crashing into a home. this happened a high-speed police chase ends with a suspect crashing into a home. this happened yesterday in south los angeles. police say the driver in a high-speed chase ended up going down an alleyway, then suspects range rover went airborne and crashed into a house. that crash was so intense, it appears to have knocked the home off of its foundation. the vehicle landed on its side and the suspect took off landing. he was then arrested a couple blocks away. no one inside that home was hurt. 5:56, developing, a san jose earthquake could have a new rival. representatives from four cities in new york this week to make a pitch for an expansion franchise
5:57 am
z. they have been trying for some time to become an mls team for a couple years. fell short in a similar bid a couple years ago. since then, they have revitalized the downtown area and started building a new soccer stadium. >> it's an absolutely exciting time for sacramento. there's no -- there's no better time to be here. >> i think it's the fans of the team that's going to be the biggest selling point for the people in new york. >> we'll see. a lot of people have been fighting for it. sacramento will make the official presentation tomorrow and we'll keep tabs on if the legal will join. 5:57. starbucks surprising customers handing out $1 million worth of gift cards. it will happen at tree lighting ceremonyings and carolling events. the cards each worth $20 will be given away. dublin high school student,
5:58 am
noah mac, mac attack, is still at it. >> check out his performance last night. ♪ >> yeah. modernizing duran duran's "ordinary world." after all the votes are counted, two will be voted out. you can find out if he breaks out in the top eight tonight. good luck to him. right after tonight's live episode of "the voice," you can catch holiday episodes of "will and grace." will's love for the holidays leads through a yuletide trip through time with a scrooge inspired story line. >> he wishes things could be like the old days, so we go back to the old days. >> the hair, make up, wardrobe, set design and art direction was
5:59 am
so mind blowing. >> meantime, in the new episode, the crew is stuck at work on christmas eve. how many of us have done that. they decide to work on a store wide holiday display to get into the christmas spirit. it starts with "the voice" at 8:00. "will and grace" at 9:00 and "superstore" and 9:30. chicago med at 10:00. we are following breaking news out of southern california this morning where two large wildfires burning as we speak. bay area crews headed to the scene. we are tracking those strong winds, making it a tough fight for firefighters. >> live pictures from here in the bay area where you can see from the wind blowing on the flag, our own windy conditions. kari hall tracking the forecast, coming up. thousands of city workers going on strike in oakland today. the impact it could have on the
6:00 am
services you rely on. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. as we continue to monitor the breaking news in southern california, i want to take a look at what's going on here. >> it's been really windy. in oakland, gusts up to 55 miles per hour. this morning, it's still breezy. you are noticing there are a lot of tree limbs down as you head out for work or school this morning. it is windy. temperatures have dipped down to 45 degrees in the tri-valley. the right side of the screen looking live in the north bay. 39 degrees. yes, it is cold as you get ready to head out. look at the high temperatures for today, reaching the low to mid-60s. it won't be as windy this afternoon. i'll talk about the wind speeds and king tides, where we may see minor flooding coming up. mike has a new crash in walnut creek. >> that


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