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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at eleven. terror plot: interrupted. san francisco )s pier 39 is safe tonight - as we learn more right now at 11:00, terror plot interrupted. san francisco's pier 39 is safe tonight as we learn more about the man who wanted to carry out a christmas day attack. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm jessica aguirre. one of the most popular spots in the bay area the center of a terrorist plot. a former marine stands accused of plotting an attack on pier
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39. the man is in custody tonight. he liked some posts on facebook of isis, that led the fbi to move. >> reporter: according to court documents, be ef rit jameson told an undercover fbi agent he'd been here before he knew it was a crowded place he could kill people. families out enjoying the sights and sounds of pier 39 are stunned to learn the fbi stopped a christmas day terror attack that everitt aaron jameson was planning to carry out. >> very shocking and very scary. >> reporter: according to federal court documents with con
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confidential source saw him posting his ideas, and under cover fbi agents started to communicate with him. on december 16th, jameson met with an undercover fbi agent he believed was connected to isis, telling him pier 39 would be a good target because it's crowded. he will use explosives to funnel people into a location where jameson could inflict injury, saying christmas would be the perfect day to attack and he was prepared to die. a plan agents interrupted, serving a search warrant at his home on wednesday and arresting him today. visitors say they're grateful they foiled the plan. >> i'm glad they're vigilant. >> reporter: during a search of jameson's home, agents found a
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last will and testament dated in november and found a firearm and 13 rounds of ammunition. he's set for a hearing in federal court next week. nbc bay area has uncovered new information tonight about everitt aaron jameson after talking to people close to him. thom jensen continues coverage outside his home where he lives with his mother. that's the same home agents just raided. >> reporter: it is. and people who live in the neighborhood are still shocked about the raids, telling us they did not see it coming. meanwhile his mom is home at the house and his mom and dad say they both believe their son was set up by the fbi. >> he loved kids -- you know what i mean, he loved people. i don't see what happens. >> everitt aaron jameson's
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father said he doesn't believe the allegations in the criminal complaint. >> i just don't believe. not with him. he was the kind of son that told me pull over dad and give his hamburger to a homeless person. >> he lived with his mom and another man in this home. >> we don't know each other, friendly, hi, hello. >> reporter: just a friendly unassuming friendly and as far as melissa could tell jameson was like his mom, friendly and quiet. >> i thought he worked every day, because the tow truck would pull up. >> reporter: she was home wednesday when fbi agents raided the home with a search warrant. >> there were people all over. they were telling me i couldn't come out. stay inside. as soon as he told me to stay inside, i went and hit. >> reporter: despite the weapons and an admission letter agents
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say they found inside the home, his dad stands behind him. he's a devout muslim, but not a terrorist. >> he's like, no, dad we're the nice ones. i just pray. we're not like that. >> reporter: you heard from his father, but jameson's mother told another reporter earlier today that she too believes her son was set up by the fbi. and when we knocked at the door earlier tonight a man answered the door and said for now at least the family has nothing more to say. we're live in modestmodesto. >> we've posted the entire charging document on our website as well. hitting the road before the holiday, looking out from emeryville, we're three days away from christmas. >> will the weather be cooperating for traveler? jeff ranieri joins us with the
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forecast. no big storm system expected, that's the good news. as we look right now, if you're heading to the airport, we have wet weather in houston, and rainfall back towards washington d.c., no delays from the east coast to the west, but you want to watch out for possibly delays tomorrow morning ina nashville, d.c., new york city. also in boston. if you're on a road trip leaving from the bay area, interstate 5 or 99 to los angeles, it's going to be dry travel but cold in the central valley. interstate 5 to seattle, expect rain on sunday. and 80 to lake tahoe, 20 degrees in the morning and a chance for spotty snow showers in the morning. a great way to keep track of all these conditions download our nbc bay area app, it is free and you can stay one step ahead
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of the weather. new tonight she made a name for herself by smashing toilets and then made a name for herself smashing glass dealings. she passed away today, she was the first woman to go to the legislature. her senator was the ban of pay toilets. she mashed one on the capital in 1969 and made headlines. she was '69 years old. >> the owner of a pawnshop is in the hospital after being shot in a robby. sergio quintana is live with the details. >> reporter: a spokesperson here at zuckerberg general hospital says the pawnshop owner is in critical condition. tonight police are looking for
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four men they say are responsible. the armed robbery happened just before 5:30, according to police, four men walked into the mission jewelry & loan pawn shop. one witness said she could hear the gun shots at her taco stand across the street. she said she started to hear some noise, she heard the gun shots and she got real nervous. a neighborhood resident ran into this clothing store and told the owner what happened. >> he said it was gun shots next door, call the police. i came out from behind the counter and i see the two guys running toward 19th street. >> reporter: police haven't said if they made off with any cash or items.
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they assaulted the son as well. >> he was a nice guy. >> he said he was able to talk when he was loaded into the ambulance. he hopes he'll be okay. >> reporter: there were two or three employees in the pawnshop, he doesn't think they were injured. >> a string of fires in antioch has investigators thinking they have an arsonist on their hands. there have been six suspicious fires in the last two months. one of last night's fired spread to a home that was occupied. there was a family inside. investigators believe there's nothing accidental about any of these fires. >> big fire here. and i was very lucky. my house saved. god saved me. >> among the buildings that burned, a crematorium, a florist, and a church.
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help for the veterans. veterans from vietnam. the issues they're battling with decades after ward. did you see it lighting up the sky? not santa. the bay area culprit behind that display tonight. mostly cloudy and 49 in san francisco. we could have a few showers move into the bay area, we'll tell you when in a few minutes. take a look at how the falcon 9
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rocket lit up the sky around 5-30 check it out. we have new video of the space x launch. check that out. it's the falcon 9 and how it lit up the sky. it happened near the air force base near santa barbara. it's the 9th year and the 5th time that a reused booster has been launched. they have launches set for the first half of 2018. >> the veterans administration
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is treating a growing number of ptsd cases and if influx is is coming from our vietnam vets. >> what's triggering these symptoms all these years later? we look into that very question. >> reporter: it had been the longest year of his life. billy aldrich was a door gunner in vietnam attached to the legendary screaming eagles. when he left vietnam in 1970 relief was not what he felt. >> feeling bad that i survived and guys in my company didn't. my helicopter was shot down and everyone was killed when i was on r&r. i came back and left the oakland army depot and took a bus into
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marine, and there were protesters, kids our same age. and right away i realized we're not going to fit in. we're not cool. >> so billy aldrich didn't talk about his experiences, felt ashamed of his role in the role of veem nam and immersed himself in drugs. >> a lot of vietnam veterans came home, how a terrible reception, we're not sure how to feel about their service or felt strongly about their service but weren't around people that reflected their views, and it became easier to clam up and push through. >> reporter: it didn't help that some of the vets who did reach out for vets earlier in their lives were made to feel unworthy by the agency that was supposed to help them. shawn stephens. >> they were turned away once before at the va and they don't want to go back and deal with
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that humiliation. >> reporter: so countless vets moved inward and stayed there for years. he deals with veterans five decades later. >> vietnam veterans are coming forward more than ever because they've retired, their children are fully grown and they've had time to reflect. >> reporter: for billy the denial was shattered by the terror attacks. >> what about after 9/11? >> i don't know. i fell apart. i overnight became jittery, angry, friends took my weapons away because they were afraid i was going to use them. >> against yourself? >> yes. >> reporter: those same friends convinced him it was time to fight for survival again. so he went to the veterans
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administration which by then recognized the unique circumstances of the vietnam experience. >> one of the challenges is helping veterans overcome the ideas that they don't have the rights and benefits the other veterans do. the idea because it was a bad war and dirty war and so difficult they don't have a right to get care and get support for their injuries, both physical and mental. >> reporter: it was true as well there was no technical diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder until a decade after they had come home and disappeared in their silence. >> we were grasping at straws wondering what to do, but now we have therapy, resources and an ability to provide better support. >> it's important as veterans we stick together and take care of each other, just like when we were deployed. >> reporter: that's the message that provided the fix for billy
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aldridge. >> i have a new lease because i dealt with the vietnam issues, i got sober and clean. >> are you proud of the fact you served your country? >> i am now. >> did it take you a while? >> it took me a long time. until i started going to the vet center and being around other vets. and trying not to feel ashamed anymore. >> reporter: veterans of vietnam and war since have a greeting they share, it is a simple phrase they didn't hear all those years ago, welcome home. for billy aldridge it was what he needed to hear. >> therapists at the va encourage veterans struggling to seek help through the veterans administration. christmas comes early for 200 families in east san jose. tonight the santa clara county
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k-9 unit held the block party. 600 toys were handed out to underprivileged kids. this happened when a girl had a bike stolen and they couldn't find her bike, so they pooled their money to buy her a new one. this year they bought a tv for a 15-year-old boy with cancer. >> i'm very blessed. >> i'm surprised, i'm shocked. i'm in a loss of words. >> they also served the families dinner, two k-9's, named raider and niner were on hand to pose for pictures. >> whatever your team they had a dog for you. we have to talk about the holiday forecast we're almost there. >> a few speed bumps in the way, but overall i think we're going to win out for december forecast here as we head into the upcoming weekend. we look at our microclimate
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forecast, look ahead get a look of the travel days, if you're heading to the airport tomorrow morning we could have some issues, rain in houston, rain snow mix approaching st. louis, and wet weather reaching the eastern sea board. this is real time information showing no delays from the east coast to the west. keep your eyes out at new york, d.c., philadelphia, boston, any flights to or from those points tomorrow could have delays. this is all about the cloud cover back at home. really any rain chances are up into seattle or oregon. what we'll see happen is it will get close again but the cloud cover here at the bottom edge is our primary impact as we head through the next 24 to 48 hours. so tomorrow morning it's quite a
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bit cloudier than we're used on. the clouds will act like a blanket and help our temperatures from dropping down into the 20s. one of the coldest is the trivalley down to 33 degrees. instead of 26 in the north bay like this morning we're down to 32. san francisco will start at 42. the east bay, an over cast sky and 40. throughout the day, the cloud cover does not budge. this keeps temperatures on the cooler side. 59 in san jose. and 61 in gilroy. similar here, not too extremes. 55 in vallejo. 57 in liver more and 59 in hayward. 56 in san mateo and 58 in redwood city. last minute shopping in san francisco you can leave the
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jacket at home, but you need an umbrella, 55 in embarcadero. 57 in any va toe and 58 for napa. not only cloudy on saturday but we keep it for sunday as well. and just a very slight chance of a spotty shower early christmas morning. at this point it's trace amounts and then by tuesday through friday of next week, we are dry. 40's to start and 50's for highs. the inland valley we start with 30s the next two mornings and with a few spotty showers on monday i got the call tonight it's good for santa and his sleigh and reindeer. >> santa has a connection, we're good to go with the big man? >> yes. . just ahead, rescued from the side of a cliff. what we know about a man who has emergency responders to thank nont san francisco.
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>> we have jimmy. >> anderson cooper and andy cohen are my guests tonight. it's a great show, stay tuned. happening now, today's misamerica organization suspended its ceo, this after e-mails show him bashing the looks of the contestants. we have more on our home page. nbc bay area news. holiday weekend is here! on christmas morning, join us as we bring you stories of inspiration from across the bay. plus- we )ll be tracking any breaking news from overnight and any changes to your forecast. ...monday morning from really?
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near sutro baths in san
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frais a man is safe tonight after falling 40 feet down a cliff in san francisco, it happened just before 5:00 this evening. the fire department gave us that photo as crews set up ropes to save the man. he's expected to be okay. fire fights did not say what led to the fall. it's all downhill from hill. triple a says the worst holiday traffic is likely behind us. the busiest days were wednesday and thursday, and today was the busiest day in the skies. this is sfo today, slow moving. >> when i walked through the door i could not believe there's all these people. it was crazy. >> it was crazy. some of the busiest airports was o'hare, la gaurd ya and dallas-fort worth. a north bay family down on their luck gets help from
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police. their truck was stolen, and inside the truck was all the christmas presents and it was the only way to get to work. the police tracked down the truck but the presents were missing. the police replaced everything. everything. they got together. they got it done. also nice to hear, draymond green back on the court for the first time in two weeks. could he keep the warriors's 11-game win streak alive? up next.
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happy friday everyone. the lakers arrived at oracle with a confidence after stopping the rockets' 14-game win streak so there was reason to believe they could stop the warriors's win streak. one problem, tonight they had draymond green back. shoulder okay. the warriors up by double digits and jordan bell gets the steal and goes coast-to-coast. that put it is warriors up by 23. the lakers claw back.
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and l.a. takes the lead. later in the quarter, the lakers miss, it's green with the rebound. he had a double-double in his return. gets it to clay thompson and that puts the warriors up eight. green again, finds a wide open bell for the dunk. warriors win 113-106. they play the nuggets tomorrow and the cavaliers on monday. there will be no christmas miracle for steph curry, he's back on the court running but he won't be playing. my wish was a clubhouse,
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but we call it "the wish house." people visit national parks from all over the world. food tastes better when you don't have to cook it. he was just supposed to be my dog. i don't know why. (vo) we're proud that, on behalf of our owners, the subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars in just ten years. get 0% financing for 63 months on select models. plus we'll donate $250 to charity.
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an emotional return to school for kids in fire scarred santa rosa today. they got a parade going on. a parade of fire trucks escorting school buses to the elementary school. back in october, flames burned up to the fence but no further. firefighters stopped the flames from getting on campus.
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students were moved to other schools in the district while they cleaned up. jeff, final word. cloudy this weekend. by christmas morning a spotty chance of a shower, 61 for high, we're dry tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. heading up to lake tahoe, a spotty chance of a snow shower christmas morning as well. >> i want to tell you both merry christmas. >> you too. >> and everyone out there. bye-bye. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- anderson cooper and andy cohen,


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