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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 31, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

11:00 pm right now at 11:00, 60 minutes and counting until the new year. the bay area getting ready to ring in 2018. tens of thousands of people awaiting the big firework show. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thank you for joining us. i am vicky nguyen in for terry mcsweeney. getting ready for champagne toast and fireworks. the big ball dropped. but the freezing temperatures also dropped. sending a lot of people home after the festivities. more coverage from new york ahead. the fireworks will be
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glowing bright and well be bringing you the entire show live right here. sergio quintana is live right now. what is the mood like out there? >> so far, a lot of people are jostling for their position to get a good view. some of the most dedicated did turn out here a few hours ago to make sure they got their prime seats. >> reporter: they brought their blankets and snacks and came from all parts of the country and globe. >> modesto. >> chicago. >> sidney, australia. >> i brought my son who doesn't want to be on camera, my sister and fiance. >> reporter: she says her group keeps getting bigger and bigger each year.
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the family from chicago is bundled up but nothing like the temperatures they deal with back home. and the group from australia have been traveling through california for weeks. >> very excited. we googled it. and here we are. we are waiting and got our dinner and waiting for the fireworks. >> reporter: san francisco police mobilized hundreds of officers for tonight's events and in an effort to keep the public informed if there is an emergency, the city set up these public address alerts. this is one of those rare decembers where it is not all that cold. it is not foggy and it is not overcast. so everyone out here and actually for a good chunk of the city is guaranteed a good view of tonight's fireworks display.
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>> as we mentioned, the fireworks will air right here on nbc bay area. a live look looking towards san francisco. what kind of conditions can we expect tonight. rob mayeda has the forecast. >> better than the nine degrees they had in chicago. you can see it pretty well. as we head towards midnight, visibility still 3.8 miles. great news. patchy fog. you might notice the smoke from fireworks shows might linger. we have the spare the air day tomorrow and then big changes ahead as the air quality might improve. rain coming back and tracking three storms.
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and the king tides returning with the full moon. coming up in ten minutes. thanks. we have a list of events right now on our website you have about 50 minutes to get one. from dubai, and hong kong to new zealand and hungary. sidney harbor lit up bright. aif i h amid celebrations across the gloer globe. so far, a safe new year's eve. at midnight, recreational marijuana will become legal. analyst predict a multimillion
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dollar industry. live at a dispensary in oakland. they have waited a long time for this. >> reporter: that's right. mixed emotion as we head into the new year. for some marijuana's new legal status may price people out. toasting to a new era. smoking pot for 30 years but worried about pot's new legal status >> the number of regulations and controls, it is going to go up a lot. expensive to buy, and expensive for people to run a business. >> reporter: magnolia wellness center in oakland head a new year's eve with a count down to
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change. >> ending prohibition. >> reporter: the so-called end to prohibition is also a start to a complicated set of new reels and regulations. saying part of to want's party with a to help explain some changes. a 15% increase on all excised tax. she argues it could hurt consumers but she remains optimistic. >> celebrating new territory. something that we in california have never done it. >> reporter: some vendors see it as a positive step. for example no longer sending people for possessing pot. >> makes it the only big tax are getting in first with the most money, the most lawyers. the most everything.
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so, yeah, the small fries. >> reporter: now some vendors fear the new legal economy could struggle if the black-market strives in the face of regulations. as of right now 90 retailers have the license and be the ability to start selling. for those in san francisco, you will have to wait until thursday. reporting live, i am anser hassan. thank you. we have made a special section on our website called in the weeds. police are out in force tonight. it is called a maximum enforcement period. oakland chp tweeted this photo. if you don't have both of your license plates in tact, you will
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get a ticket. and with the new marijuana law people reminding people that you can get a dui for driving while high. dui arrests are already up this holiday season. last weekend for the christmas holiday, chp arresting more than 1,000 drivers for drunk driving. public transportation agencies are extending their schedules. bart running its service until 3:00 a.m. cal train and sam trans are offering free ride until 5:00 a.m. for drivers who find themselves in a stitch tonight, aaa has a help number to call for a free tipsy toe ride home within ten miles to your house. that number is one-800-222-435
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schb. or 1800-aaa-help. >> the big fireworks going on. will those skies stay clear and will rain make a big comeback. north korea's leader with a troubling message. what he claims he now has sitting on his desk. and his the road jack, oakland raiders splitting from their coach. eat men and workout more. but i will probably break those. >> not any. >> i have none for the new year. the raiders are looki
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the raiders are looking for a new head coach. jack del rio is out. it comes after a disappointing season with another loss today. today's loss put their record at six and ten.
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wanting to bring gruden back. we will have more on the firing of del rio. a mountain biker who crashed on a remote trail had to be air listed. their helicopter was dispatched to briones national park this afternoon. lifting the victim and taking him to the hospital. a crime that has played out some 45 times during 2017. a law enforcement officer being shot in the line of duty. this time in the suburbs of denver.
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two civilians. steve patterson reports. >> reporter: tonight a deadly shootout in what the sheriff is calling an ambush. >> one deputy down. we all have been hit, at least, once. >> reporter: disturbance call. >> 15 to 20 gunshots. >> reporter: police say the gunman opened fire at responding officers. the gunman shot seven, five deputies and two civilians. killed one deputy. >> an ambush attack on our officers. he knew we were coming. >> reporter: police warning residents to shelter in place. the deputy killed 29-year-old
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zackari parrish a father of two who joined the department. >> we are deeply saddened by the loss of zackari. when i sat with his wife and held her hand i could see her life is over. >> reporter: police say all of the injured deputies are in stable condition. among them deputy jeff pelle. >> this is the tragic he will be feeling. for the fourth day in a row,
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protesters demonstrated against the government in iran. in a cheat president trump cheered on the protesters saying iranians are finally getting wide. meanwhile iran's president took a swipe at mr. trump today saying he has no right to sympathize with iranians because president trump called them terrorists. >> his actions in terms of travel ban and visa bans. >> two people were killed in the protest last night. defense secretary james mattis is giving his assessment of
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isis. hans nickols takes a look at the state of the fight. >> reporter: defense secretary jim mattis told reporters defeat on the battlefield isis has lost 15,000 square miles from forces. the number of isis fighters down from 35,000 to 1,000. commanders on the ground have more authority. >> i think largely the same strategy as the obama era but an aggressive decentralization of tactical authority has paid off in the battlefield. >> reporter: isis afifiliates ae
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growing bolder. in the oldest battlefield afghanistan the trump administration is focusing more attention on isis. in april the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs. do you have confidence that you have the president's confidence? >> yes. >> reporter: what makes you say that? >> the authorities i have been given and the policies. >> reporter: secretary mattis told me that in 2018 he plans to shift some of those tasks to general purpose troops and rely on elite forces. north korea starting 2018 with a reminder of its nuclear
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prowess. kim jong sun says all of the u.s. is within range of nuclear weapons. he went on to warn that he has a quote nuclear button on his desk. also wishing south korea a successful winter olympic games. a lot of people expecting to take bart home tonight. starting in a week or two is requiring bart riders to have proof of fare. let's turn our attention to the weather of the last night of 2017. >> we don't have fog, we don't
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have rain or wind. and it is warm outside compared to the rest of the country. san francisco still in the low 50s outside. currently about 53 degrees. you see the temperature right there in san francisco again with some high clouds. the seven-day forecast hints big changes once get past new year's day and tuesday. we will take you to emeryville where it is 48. and in san jose currently 51 degrees. the issues we will be tracking for you tomorrow an additional spare the air day. another thing we will be watching is the king tides returning with another winter full moon heading towards tuesday. as you watch the high tides coming up over the next couple
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of mornings. the peak of the king tides just slightly higher at 10:02. cloud cover for the morning. no worry about any rain or stray sprinkles. 40s and 50s from san jose up towards san francisco. mid-60s around the south bay. and average high should be in the near 50s. close to 60s in oakland. upper 50s to near 60 in san francisco and here you see, north bay temperatures in the low 60s. the rain chances moving forward tracking two storms. here is wednesday.
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time stamp is 7:30. another round of rain, but a trend in the weather model tonight may be making a slightly dryer weekend forecast ahead. rain fall projection in that first system. the wetter the system still looks to be friday. all of that does mean we will see, at least, a foot of snow in the sierra. seven-day forecast changes everything midweek with the rain and the breezy condition. good air quality. after the fourth driest december on record. with the new yoear comes rain forecast. so air quality improves and the rain makes a comeback. >> that will help clear everything out and get a fresh start to 2018.
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less than an hour away from the legalization of recreational marijuana. there is a warning that everyone should be aware of.
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as recreational pot becomes legal, an important warning from veterinarians. make sure your dogs don't manage to find your marijuana stash. christie smith spoke with one local woman who dealt with that unexpected and scarey situation. >> reporter: test is feeling better today.
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barbara levant's dog showed signs that was very scarey. >> she also seemed wobbly. >> reporter: her dog trainer recognized the signs and told her to get tested at the vet. >> the doctor came out and said we induced vomiting and the room reeked of pot. >> reporter: she thinks it was likely edibles meant for people. >> definitely anticipating that we are going to be seeing marijuana toxicity. >> reporter: having discussions on new marijuana rules and pets. >> marijuana is toxic to dogs. most of the time it is not a fatal toxicity unless in the instance of pot butter.
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>> reporter: not uncommon to treat dog symptoms. >> it is based on the amount of active ingredient which would be the thc this at is going to aff the animals. >> reporter: a difference many point out to cbt. there are holistic veterinarians who are using it, but not legal for to to prescribe. as for tess, she was treated and back to her old self. in walnut creek, christie smith, nbc bay area news. coming up. a live look at nbc bay area sky ranger. we will take you live out to embarcadero.
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30 minutes left until 2018. the party is picking up along the embarcadero. thanks for joining us. i am vicky nguyen. 2018 nearly in sight and a lot of excitement across the bay area. the biggest party along the embarcadero. and that is where we find sergio quintana. it looks like security is a big issue but looks like they have it under control. >> reporter: i want to show you, we are across the street from the embarcadero. but you can see all of these people here, they are getting ready to they can check out those fireworks as they are set out.
11:31 pm
it is not just along the embarcadero. check it out there. that is a multilevel parking structure. all of those people up there who are waiting for the fireworks to go off. these are a whole lot of people who are ready to bring in the new year. people who have their funky glasses and everything on. of course they set up probably about four hours ago because they wanted to go ahead and get that best possible view of those fireworks when they go off. i want to show you also some of the security precautions that the police are taking this year. you can see right there that is a street sweeper that is set up right on the road. that is because police want to make sure that no vehicles make it onto the embarcadero. they are trying to protect all of the pedestrian who are here.
11:32 pm
they are taking different security precautions this year because of some of the situations we have seen with large crowds this week. the fireworks going off. reporting in san francisco for now i am sergio quintana. >> we are not letting you go. you, me, and rob, and everyone watching. less than 30 minutes from now, you can watch those from the comfort of your home. things looking clear for tonight. meteorologist rob mayeda crackicrac tracking the conditions. >> nothing showing up on the radar. no fog. hazy clouds out there. as good as it gets for firework
11:33 pm
viewing. tomorrow we are going to see another spare the air day. smoke may linger. midweek rain can lead to a cleansing of the atmosphere. air quality and another storm follows on friday. thank you. start off your new year by knowing what weather conditions are around the corner. download our weather app that is free. president trump ringing in the new year on a positive note. arriving with their son baron at the new year's eve galla. predicting the stock market will go up.
11:34 pm
in paris, big crowds gathering. new year's eve security was a major concern around the globe. gabe gutierrez has this report. >> reporter: from dubai to seoul, to hong kong. 2018 making a spectacular entrance. >> for new year's i am hoping to have a year full of love, happiness, laughter and help others where i am. >> reporter: new zealand greeted it with pyrotechnics. scotland with bag pipes. north korea put on an extravagant show. in australia sidney harbor lit
11:35 pm
up. police in turkey arresting more than 100 people with suspected links to isis militants. in germany, stricter security after more than 100 women were groped and robbed two years ago at a new year's party. >> i am not scared. >> the biggest thing is fear that scarce people. >> reporter: authorities say there is no specific threat for tonight's fireworks but urging revellers to report any suspicious activity. >> i want londoners to be the eyes and ears of police and help keep us all safe. >> reporter: 2018 coming to a close with a cascade of lights. in japan, a celebration of new
11:36 pm
beginning and letting go. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. hours from now more than 70 shops will be licensed to start selling marijuana in california. the state's bureau of cannabis control say the agency has been working through the weekend to process as many licenses as soon as possible. new laws go into effect tomorrow. players can no longer ask about your prior salary. bus passengers will be required to use seat belts if available. and drivers cannot be cited for parking at a broken meter. so how do you ring in the new year with kids to stay up until midnight. the kid's discovery museum has
11:37 pm
an answer. parents and kids packed the floor, marking noon, 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. they had a blast. >> it is pretty exciting for me because it is my first time and i have never seen this much stuff. >> the children's discovery museum has been hosting the ball drop event since 2006. tomorrow's rose par reade. the talent they are bringing with them. >> 2018 looking forward to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. >> travel. we of a new grandchild. >> having more success. >> more peace in the world.
11:38 pm
11:39 pm
the floats have been moved into position and thousands of people are spending the night along the route for the 129th rose parade. >> reporter: new year's eve pasadena style. a motorcycle club revving down the street. church group of kids playing a board game while parade watchers mark their spot. some creative using a dog and child and others more
11:40 pm
traditional using chalk. >> informal way of saying this is my spot. >> reporter: an annual tradition for the chino hills resident. >> if the flower falls out, you have to grab it. >> you have to come and stake your claim. >> this is our fifth year. my granddaughter and i. we have tammales and my granddaughter makes a salad. we have a heater and a fire pit over there. >> happy new year. well this is exciting.
11:41 pm
more than 200 members of the homestead high school marching band will be among those performing in the rose parade. the group has previously performed at the macy's parade. now just less than 19 minutes away from 2018. 53 degrees in san francisco. no fog. but rain will make a comeback. the latest on the big change when we come back. our fireworks show is coming up at midnight.
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olympic dreams will soon be realized in san jose. today and over the next couple of days skaters are competing at sharks ice. >> this is really exciting for us. it starts with the juveniles and culminates of the naming of our 2018. everyone's dreaming coming true
11:45 pm
at the national championships. okay. we are going to turn it over to rob with a look at the weather. things holding up beautifully tonight. >> here, nice. you can see for almost half of the country, look at those temperatures. minus three. and now, as we factor in the wind speeds, this is incredible. look at sioux city iowa.
11:46 pm
53 degrees right now. 46 in san rafael. 48 clear skies. not much wind out there tonight near emeryville. as we move forward to tomorrow morning, we will see patchy fog. no signs of rain, at least, for new year's day. morning temperatures in the valley. 40s and 50s for most to start the day. mid-60s for places like san jose, east san jose. closer to 60 in oakland. 65 in pleasanton and palo alto. north bay temperatures in the low 60s. tomorrow is another spare the
11:47 pm
air day. from the north bay, the coast, as we get into wednesday, thursday, and friday, the swiwi is going to pick up and the rainmaking a comeback. scattered showers for thursday and friday morning, and early saturday a little more rain comes through. one of the trends for the weather model tonight may make next weekend look dryer. for the sierras maybe a foot or more above 6,000 feet. when you add both of these weather systems up, the most rain we certainly have seen in six weeks time. second system rolling in on friday. as we go over the next few days
11:48 pm
hazy skies continue. next weekend, may not be as rainy. so north bay expecting to see upwards of an inch of rain. >> possibly. watching this next week. turning it over to sports. fallon smith joins us with a preview. >> final day of the regular season of the nfl. it is the last time these two teams will take the gridiron in 2017. plus the raiders have fired their head coach. jack del rio out. and more on that next in sports.
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
after the raiders lost to the chargers on sunday, jack del rio's three year run with the silver and black is over.
11:51 pm
first playoff experience in over a decade. i am fallon smith. nobody saw this coming, the raiders and the 49ers finishing with the exact same record 6-10. for the raiders failed to live up to expectations and it cost the head coach his job. ed raiders are planning to make an offer to jon gruden. owner mark davis informed him after the game. take a look. >> spoke with mark davis after the game. and he let me know he is not going to be bringing me back. he told me he loved me and appreciated all that i did and you know, to kind of get this program going in the right direction. but that he felt the need to change. i told him how much i appreciate
11:52 pm
the opportunity he gave me. and i mean that. very grateful. my childhood team. but it is a results business. and i understand that. >> met with coach del rio every thursday morning since he has been here. you know, we've spent time together. you create a bond. and that is a bond that will last. something that will last forever. so so it hurts. >> shanahan trying to end a year with a five game winning streak. ten-049ers. second quarter first in goal.
11:53 pm
third quarter, second and goal from the rams five. takes it in for the touchdown. 49ers end the season on a five game winning streak thanks to jimmy garoppolo. >> every year is different. we loved how we finished this year. and i get what the guys mean to win this much, you don't want to stop playing. it is a good feeling that we worked on hard to get to. definitely haven't arrived but happy how we ended with this. and have to go into next year and work to keep getting better. >> you know, we hold ourselves to a high standard here and we went out on the field and
11:54 pm
expected that. throughout the end of the season, hiccups here and there, but overall a good experience. >> i guess we will have to wait and see what 2018 has in store for both the 49ers and the raiders. two teams trending in two different directions. happy new year. that is it for sports. >> ♪
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. an estimated 2 million people braved freezing temperatures and crammed into new york time square to see the famous ball drop. it was nine degrees in new york city tonight which is the second coldest new year's eve on record. and felt colder than that.
11:57 pm
the massive crowd wasted no time for going to some place warmer. this looks familiar. that is yours truly during our dinner break. had a chance to get home and thanks to our friends forhost g hosting a potluck. there are my girls. >> my own twin boys. making a lot of noise. hopefully like yours, sleeping by now. seemed to be excited. they love those musical instruments. >> high energy to end 2017.
11:58 pm
we hope you are ready to ring in the new year right here with live fireworks. we have sky ranger over the embarcadero right now where tens of thousands of people lined up for the big show. rob, tell us about the ready. >> for this time of year, normally one of the wettest and windiest. no fog, no rain and a mirror like reflection across the bay. when those fireworks go off, you are not going to have the chop on the water. visibility more than four miles. the rain is coming, just taking a couple more days. tonight we are fog free and rain free. let's go down to sergio
11:59 pm
quintana. >> reporter: in just the last ten minutes is when a lot of people coming out to where we are on the embarcadero which is far away from, little bit away from the ferry building where everything is. you can hear in the background that there are people who are starting to cheer. the anticipation is building out here. we are just a few minutes away from midnight. in fact we are 30 seconds away from midnight. so people are starting to cheer. right along the water is where there are speakers set up where they are going to start playing music and the fireworks are going to be cohorio graphed to the music. a lot of people out here right now, they showed up in the last five minutes or so.
12:00 am
we are going to be out there with them as fireworks set off. >> there is the count down. there it is. happy new year. fantastic. beautiful out there. yeah, our clocks in studio show we are ten seconds into the new year already. gorgeous shot. rob and i are going to enjoy a toast with water here in the studio. >> a healthier start. >> any resolutions for 2018? >> starting off with drinking water. good health and the family too trying to enjoy happier time taking a moment to slow down. >> anything you are happy to leave behind. >> from weather


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