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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 1, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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canton ez. . he is speaking with the police right now. we dough know what happened if he lost control or drove across here against a red light. but five people in a car injured minorly. they've been treated haven't been anne to the hospital. two elderly gentlemen are being treated one for light-threatening injuries and one for sfrs serious injuries. >> thank you, jean. the other top story, the green rush is on. >> as of today anyone over the age of 21 isv÷ allowed to buy marijuana legally in california. and thousands were willing to wait in long lines to be among the first to experience it. you're looking at three different dispensaries across the bay area packed with people. >> nbc baifr damian trujillo is live at the harborside accidentsry where the crowds include pot lovers to
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politicians. damian. >> that's right, garvin. it's been an all day party since the doors opened at 9:00 a.m. the line started oud and let's folks in. this is end flt line thp petition snaked the way around the table here getting samples what they may be able to purchase. the price varies depending on the potency of what you might buy. if you have cash and an id and weed. they began lining up before 6:30 this morning at harborside dependencery. one of 16 facilities in san jose that legally sells recreational pot. >> it's not illegal we're we're not doing something wrong. >> salvador was first in line but not alone. this politician came out as well concerned about public safety
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and yet believes there now needs to be educational component to alert kids about the potential dangerous. >> look at ways to find revenue streams for educational campaign not towards the general public specifically but more towards children. >> to buy pot in california you have to be 21 years old and provide a government issued id card like a driver's license. non-medical users can buy one ounce a day for a total of six what are called immature plants. smoking in public is prohibited. the legal drug comes with a state and local tax, significant. >> we have new taxes in the system. of course whenever you regulate something it requires taxpayers to have some burden on that. >> advocates call this freedom day. the day they say when prohibition ended. >> reporter: and last year san jose raised more than $10 million in tax revenue that
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is go into city coffers because of of the city tax. they expect that inincrement to go up 30%. live in san jose. >> thank you. nearly 50 dispensaries in the bay area in santa cruz are allowed to sell recreational cannabis. more licenses pending. currently none of the dependenceries are not in san francisco. los angeles isn't ready to sell. they expect pot sales to account for more than $1.0 billion in new tax revenue. to help navigate the new laws we have created a special section on the website called in the weeds. go to to read about the rules, limits and taxes on recreational marijuana in california and other states. >> a big change in the air for bay area weather this week rain on the way. you look at our sky raerm in san francisco and san jose. skies were sunny and a little8ú hazy today. both but on the satellite radar
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coast and closer to the bay area. our chief meteorologist is here with a time line when the rain arrives, jeff. and so much needed here across the bay area after the very dry december we had. you can see the wide loop of the pacific how much activity we currently have. we are waiting on the upper level of low pressure to get here once it does we see the rain also quite a bit of cloud cover, humidity, even thunderstorm chances. a look right now at the close-up satellite and doppler radar combined. and we mainly see the cloud cover increase from the south tonight. there is spotty showers but i don't expect rainfall tonight. again we have to wait until wednesday's forecast for that rain to return. we know a lot of you heading back to work, the kids back to school. we'll give you a sneak peek of the preview of when it returns. you can see 5:00 a.m. wednesday cloudy. spotty shower 9:00 a.m. wednesday morning. but 1:00 p.m. the storm approaches.e]e 6:00 p.m. wednesday, rain and thunderstorms. we are tracking exactly how much
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we get out of the storm system. brand-new update at 5:19. >> and while we wait for the rain millions are freezing. bone chilling temperatures ringing in the new year in times square. turns out the second coldest new year's celebration in the city's history. in other parts of the midwest and northeast the cold forced communities to actually postpone annual new year's day festivities outright. you can track the weather wherever you are free any time all you need is the nbc bay area app. that will give you personalized forecasts for your microclimate. font in the east bay a grim milestone. oakland already investigating the first homicide of the new year. be nbc bay area thom jensen is live outside the p. d. where the city starts off 2018 in the >> reporter: you are right graven. the city of oakland has made great strides in recent years to make it safer. but it's a grim reminder today this is the 17th most deadly
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city in the country according to crime stats per capita murder rate. and a constant reminder to many living in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods just how dangerous it is. >> pop, pop, pop that's all you heard. >> ali doesn't want us to give her last name she hears it almost nightly. two doors down from her home. a 38-year-old woman shot and killed. when police knocked on her door this morning she knew the rapid fire gunshots she heard wrrnt from new year's party. >> what happened? something happened to my child. >> relieved is wasn't her 26-year-old son who was shot and wounded two years ago. >> he had 26 bullets coming out of him. so yeah thank jesus they wasn't no good shots. still living. >> many say this is a way of life here. >> every time i come outside i have some worry if i'm living the next day because i mean this is crazy. >> this 20-year-old man asked me
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not to use his name or show his face. tonight he struggles to make sense of violence surrounding him. >> i just see kids and -- shot. >> reporter: according to fbi crime statistics oakland is the 17th deadliest city in the nation. 76 murders in 2017, many of them here in east oakland. nine fewer than 10u6r. but still a constant worry. it seems like everyone here knows someone who has been touched by violence. >> my friend just got killed on the 12th of december over at the liquor store. stopping to go in the store and got killed. >> reporter: oakland p.d. hasn't confirmed the name of the victim or the identity of the man taken into custody outside the home. we're living in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, thom. oakland police also looking for the person responsible for a deadly hit-and-run.
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someone hit a woman near the intersection of 98th avenue appear sunnyside. the woman's identity hasn't been released. officers haven't released info and who they're looking for. a fare jump isn't the only new addition at the b.a.r.t. station. the agency is routing out fare cheaters. sam brock joins us live where this is no shortage of opinion, i'm sure about tze?ñ decision t crackdown on fare evaders. >> reporter: jessica, a couple different changes. the crackdown coincidence with a rate hike, a 3% increase for riders. they were definitely aware of the fair evasion issues. but as far as slapping them with a $75 fine many aren't sure the punishment fits the crime. it's decidedly not the right track for transportation regs.
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>> oh can be come on. >> intd of fidgeting with tickets and flipper cards. some riders forgot it all together foernling a different path, the emergency door which as the signs indicate for emergencies. >> it makes me me awkward. i paid like $40 for the tickets to go back and forth. i see all the people jumping the rails i feel jealous out about it. >> some say it's laughably easy to game the system. watch this family of five spot our camera thenh7@ eventually their daughter back to swipe a flipper card. this would stop under the new policy but at what cost. >> $75 fine that's difficult for people who can't afford a b.a.r.t. ticket. >> they can't check every ticket coming through noway. >> b.a.r.t. police can enforce proof of payment. but the actually says it's unarmed fare inspectors going car by cold war are car passenger by passenger and
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dolling out $75 fines to adults and $5 a to myrens for first offense. if they climb up three offenses in a year. it could speed up. rule breakers might face a ding of $250. now many of you might be wondering if what i have a clipper card, how are they going to enforce that? b.a.r.t. tells us they will will have hand held devices on the trains they'll go around and the devices will be able to read both tickets and clipper cards. there is going to be a grace period from now until february 1st. then starting february 1st the citations are going to be handed down. reporting live in san francisco, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> they are a pretty penny. that's for sure. thank you. on the first day of the new year the president had foreign cq3korea.d an offer from north after celebrating new year's eve in florida the president woke up to a new threat from north korea. kim jong un moved the law firm button from the nuclear missile to the desk and the u.s. is in
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range. but in a new year's day speech next month a winter olympics he is offering to send a dell gracious to south korea for talks. meanwhile ongoing protest in iran prompted this tweet saying they are hungry for food and freedom along with human rights. the welt of the iran is looted time for change. former presidential advisers are urlging caution. >> we might taint this revolution and allow the regime to paint them as american proxies, the last thing they need. >> the president's first tweet of the new year was aimed at pack nlts. the president writing that the u.s. has given the country, quote, $33 billion in aid over the past 15 years and have dpifen us lies and deceit. still to come raiders and rumors. the silver and black have something to say about losing their coach and getting their old coach as a new leader.
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>> plus a new year and 900 new state laws breaking down the changes you need to know in the new year. clouds returning right now. but we're tracking a much needed return of rain. i'll have aci3n brand-new updat the storm time line coming up in eight months. minutes. lockers and saying goodbye in
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the east bay. one day after the raiders fi well, it was a day for cleaning out lockers and saying
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goodbye in the east bay. c% an underwelcome might be the next coach. nbc bay area scott wsób5ñ?lt wan the locker roomígd5 today. joining us live from female headquarters in alameda. hey, scott. >> reporter: hey, jessica, the0 raiders hadó, two coaches on m. jack del rio who just left and john gruden who left more than a decade ago. they weren't supposed to be packing up so early this year. but after a disappointing season, the raiders say they were still surprised to hear head coach jack del rio tell them he was fired. >> that's my coach, man. i came here to win. and you know, like i said we fell short this year. and things didn't turn out the way we wanted to. i mean at the end of the day. we didn't produce. >> it's hard, you know. it's hard to see a season enlike
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that and a great guy out the way it happened. you never want to see that for anybody. >> even as they parted way some with gifts. >> we don't know when it is but. >> nice gift. >> some nice apple sider. soda pop. >> they remembered the coach who turned things around. >> it's been rough, you know, you never want to you know end the season and is a sour note. but i'm just trying to focus on moving forward. >> reporter: while addressing rumors that john gratitude enwho coached from 1998 to 2001 is coming back. >> twitter is talking about it. but other than that, at the end of the day i still got to protect my job. and i got to perform. so whether he comes in here owner, whatever coach comes in i still got to do what i have to do to help him and provide for my family. >> reporter: and we checked on the gruden rumor but from gruden or raider management still no confirmation of any deal. reporting live in alameda, skut
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budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank youefósf very much, sc california a new legal marijuana law grabbed headlines. but one of more than 900 new laws going into effect today. it' employers to ask job politics what the prior salary was. and the politics can request the pay scale for position they apply for. bus passengers will be required to use seatbelts if pbl available. not buckling up carries a $20 fine. drivers can no longer be cited for parking at broken parking meters. and owners of gasoline fueled vehicles must pay a road repair fee raining from $25 to $$175. >> he may not have a name yet but he has a pot in the record action o books. i want to show you this little guy, the first baby born in the bay area in 2018. mom that samantha powell and
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martin dominguez welcomed him at 12:02. he arrived at ucsf the after are you ready, 48 hours of labor. >> oh, my. >> i had a clock. i was watching it the whole time. >> you were. >> and it was some inincentive >> tell me. >> well i remember them saying it's almost -- we could do this. we could be the hospital with the first birth. i was like okay, okay. >> i think"dk ending 48 hours o labor is enough inincentive. both parents are doctors. mom said no am of medical training prepared her for the eepgs of seeing the baby boy the first time. they narrowed down the name to a few choices but they are not reefrlg them to us ih @r(t&háhpc >> oh. >> you would think after 48 hours you wouldn't need more inincentive. >> happy new year or not get it out. >> glad it's healthy. >> a good start. nice start in the weather. a little bit of blue sky which was nice. and really nice to head into the week with the possibility of rainfall moving back into the
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forecast. much needed rain. let's look at your microclimate forecast. i know a lot of you are watching tonight. you have theó]óç food hangover new year's eve. you've been probably laez sitting around the tv. wet to get this out right now as you are head back to work and also kids back to school. big changes on the way that do include rainfall returning by wednesday's forecast. it's from the storm system out here. the upper level area of low pressure not only producing rainfall for us, quite a bit of cloud cover and humidity, even the potential here of thunderstorms. so we have more on that coming up in one minute. i want to take you into tomorrow morning if you have to get back into the grind, the biggest thing to know tomorrow as we start the cloud cover increases but not overlily cold. still need ago light jacket. south bay at 45. peninsula 46 and tri-valley at 41. across the north bay at 40. and cloud clofr in san francisco with 47 and the east by at 44. we keep that mostly cloudy to
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partry sunny skies and a mild day, not much issues shall 68 in san jose, 67 in morgan hill. throughout the east bay is a hazy sky. 68 in concord. 66 in livermore. and back to oakland 6 2. also overcast through the peninsula. light wind and 65 in san mateo. san francisco, 65 in the outer sunset. the embarcadero cooler at 63. and the north bay has 67 napa and 63 in mill valley. dry tomorrow but then wednesday that rainfall chance does return. so let's look closer at the time line how things play out. i think at 7:00 in the morning on wednesday we could have spotty showers near the sourgt bay. and also near san francisco and the coast. but the better bet of accumulating rain returning is by wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. here throughout the>/go north b coast lain, also for the south bay.
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notice potentially heavier rain near the santa cruz mountains and the south bay again wednesday evening. then the chance of spotty showers into thursday morning. overall i think we're good for a quarter inches of rainfall. certainly .3 of an inches forest most of the bay area cities. i'm watching the santa cruz mountsens for isolated higher totals. we'll know tomorrow. not only the chance of rain on wednesday we keep a scattered chance and thursday morning and also friday morning and even another chance once we hit sunday's forecast. temperatures also cool down as we head into friday we're looking at mid-50s in san francisco. and you can see the inland valleys instead of upper 60s like tomorrow, we drop down to 59 degrees. so a nice start to"ç 2018 in t weather department. this is what we need more of. >> and much snow in the sierra with this one. >> the storm on wednesday will be warmer. i think by in weekend and early next week we definitely could be getting snow. >> they'll be looking forward
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it. >> yes, thanks. >> coming up not the customer you want on new year's a suv plows into an east bay convenience store. page.
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north korean leader-- kim jong un-- says the u-s should be aware his happening now on our facebook page, north korean leader kim jong un says the u.s. should be aware that the nuclear forces are now a reality. he claims the button for if you can weapons is on his table. but he says it's not a threat. and mere words getting ready to roll out a new parking reservation system. you can sign up online. parking fee is $8 or ride a shuttle in for $3. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake!
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my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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first off, we're going to give you all... this was what clerks at an east bay convenience store had to okay, check it out. this is not how you want 2017 to end. that was what the clerk at an east bay convenience story dealt with last night. the suv plowed into 7-eleven in san leandro. luckily no one was seriously hurt. but the crash took out the entire front of the store. firefighters had to install f to keep the roof fromt[g/r8ó[q collapsm no woró"i on why it plowed into it. >> cold but flat is good for an early morning swim in the san francisco bay. flat water is what swimmers
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faced for today's annual new year's day alka traz swim. no complaints from the dozens who took the plunge. >> great way to start the new year. this is called jaw freeze. >> yeah. it's great. the water is salty. what more could you want. >> good crew, good club, great community of people. >> no wet suit, they are hard core. the last swimmer was glad to be along the guide boats. because she was wary of the sea lions. no encounters reported today. >> not in a million years, any amount of money. a south bay band gets a little more national attention courtesy of the new year's day tradition. we'll share it with you next. as we noted... california rings
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in the new year with hundreds of new laws - including one that )s a ton at 6:00, as we note the california rings in the dpleer with hundreds of new laws, including one that's a first in the nation. how the state is vowing to protect undocumented immigrants statewide. coming up tonight at 6:00. okay some 200 south way students before high school were up before down.
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homestead high, the marching band made the first appearance in the pasadena rose parade. >> the next band hails from the heart of silicon valley. >> you heard them broadcasting hailing the school ago the florm alma mater of steve jobs. >> andem bodying the theme for the parade which was making azã difference. >> watch with the kids this morning. every float that comes buy. that's made out of flowers? really? it's hard to believe. >> how did they make that out of flowers. >> i have to remind myself too every float. wow, my gosh. rainfall going to coming this week. i think we have time for a little last check. it's returning on wednesday down to 64 degrees. a slight chance will lirng on thursday and also friday. also much cooler goes from 67 tomorrow down to 59 by friday. finally teelg like winter out there. >> exactly, jeff thank you very much. thank you for joining us.
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lester holt with nightly news is back next. tonight, a frigid and dangerous start to the new year. below freezing temperatures in 90% of the country with at least five deaths now linked to the cold. just when will it end? the search for what caused a plane to hit a mountain moments after takeoff in costa rica. ten americans killed, five from the same family. the new warning to the u.s. from north korea's dictator, who says he has the nuclear button on his desk. buying pot. it's now legal for recreational use in california. one of the many new laws taking effect today. and a celebration of life at a big new year's day parade and the selfless acts that are inspiring america. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. and happy new year. i'm


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