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tv   Today  NBC  January 2, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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everybody else. that's what's happening on "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with more live news. >> join us for the news at 11:00. have a good one. . good morning. relentless. the below freezing temperatures as millions of americans return from the holiday break and now a new concern. al is tracking what could be another major winter storm that could hit the east coast. customs chaos. an overnight computer outage leads to long lines and major caos en aduana. delays at airports coast-to-coast. una falla computacional generó largas filas y demoras en thousands of frustrated aeropuertos de todo el país. travellers. miles se vieron afectados. ¿qué pasó? what was the cause? además, perturbador. nuevas imágenes del atacante de the rampage. chilling video emerges of the colorado que mató a un oficial e gunman who opened fire on police in colorado killing one officer hirió a 4 más. and wounding four others. déjenme en paz, váyanse. salgan. >> leave me alone! (disparos) leave me alone!
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esta mañana, las alertas this morning the red flags about rojas emitidas semanas antes del the shooter raised are weeks ataque. before the ambush attack. además, el presidente donald trump regresó anoche a all that, plus president trump returns to washington washington. hay varios temas en el país y en overnight to a full plate of issues loathe both here and abroad. chrissy tiegan and john el extranjero. legend fire back after a twitter john legend y chrissy tiegen se defienden luego de que un user drags them into a false usuario de twitter los mencionara en una teoría conspiracy theory, conspirativa. and this is "today." y, esto es today. >> what? ¿qué?! tenemos noticias muy >> we've got some really interesantes para contarles hoy, martes 2 de enero de 2018. exciting news to share about us, and here it about us, and here it is. >> we have exciting news to share about us. and martes 2 de enero de 2018. today tuesday, january 2nd, nbc presenta today, en vivo 2018. desde el estudio 1a en plaza rockefeller. ♪ buenos días a todos, good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." bienvenidos a today, comenzamos it's 2018, and we are kicking 2018 de buena forma porque hoda off the year right because hoda es la conductora oficial del today. is officially the co-anchor of "today." un gran aplauso! let's give her a round of applause.
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debe ser la decisión más this has to be the most popular popular que haya tomado nbc, decision nbc news has ever made, estoy muy feliz. and i am so thrilled. no puedo creerlo. >> i'm pinching myself. creo que tenemos que enviar a un i think that we should send some médico para que atienda a mi madre luego de escuchar la medi, medics to alexandria, virginia, where my mom has likely fainted after hearing the opening of that show. madre luego de escuchar la >> it's a tradition around here, meu know? let's play it one more time. >> and hoda kotb. >> what? >> and hoda kotb. >> just one more time. noticia. >> and hoda kotb. that's it. >+ >> pronounced right and everything. ++ aquí hay una tradición. >> it's so exciting. y hoda kobt. hoda, you have a partner and a qué! y lo pronunciaron bien. friend and a sister, and i am so eres una gran compañera y happy to be doing this. hermana. >> well, there's no one i would me alegra que estemos juntas. estoy feliz de estar contigo rather be sitting next to in este 2018. 2018 than you where. >> yeah. vamos a celebrar toda la we're going to separate all through the morning. mañana y tenemos un ashtag por oh, by the way, we have a hash tag. it's 2018. savannah hoda today if you want si quieren saludarla. to pass along your congrats to #savannahhodatoday por si quieres saludar a mi amiga. my friend here, and, yes, my co-anchor. comenzamos con las noticias. let us get going with the news. el frío no para. al nos a big story this bone-chilling cold. it just will not end. traerá el pronóstico, pero al will have a forecast in a moment. first, let's go to nbc's blake mccoy in frigid chicago this morning. primero vamos con blake mcoy que
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hi, blake, good morning. >> hi, good morning to you. primero vamos con blake mcoy que congratulations, hoda. don't let the sun fool you here in chicago. it is 5 below zero right now. even colder with wind chill and with the holiday now over, people are returning to school nos informa desde gélid nos informa desde gélido and work. they have no choice but to go outside. >> this morning much of the country is kicking off the new year in a deep freeze. chicago waking up below zero for the fourth day in a row. >> this is freezing out here. i don't even want to take my hands out until i open the door. >> i'm freezing. i'm from florida. this is craziness. >> the arctic blast has been relentless and widespread. in northwest washington an ice storm toppled power lines. officials urging people to stay home. texas, which is ill-prepared for this frigid weather, is coated in ice. a spatula doubling as a window scraper, and this police officer outside dallas slipping on a highway as a car nearly slides into him.
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the dangerous weather has now turned deadly. at least five people freezing to death across four states. polar plunging are a new year's day tradition. this year's event in milwaukee came with a medical warning from organizers. and a polar plunge in cleveland had to be canceled when they couldn't break through the ice. >> unfortunately, it's about ten foot of marble. there's no cutting through it. >> reporter: in new york city where it hasn't been above freezing since christmas day -- >> more battling on the boards. >> reporter: hockey fans attending the nhl's winter classic found their drinks freezing before they could drink them. >> it's cold. it's cold. >> reporter: niagara falls this morning frozen too as the bitter cold showed no signs of letting go. >> some school kids are getting a lucky break this morning. that's because class was canceled for kids in indianapolis and cedar rapids. at some schools, the school buses wouldn't start because they've been sitting idle for
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the past two weeks. in summary, bundle up. >> we will. thank you. >> al has his eye on the cold, and there could be a nasty storm coming. >> we're going to get to that in a bit, but first, we want to get to all this cold air. right now there are about 115 million -- 116 million people impacted by wind chill warnings and advisories from montana to texas to florida all the way in to new england. we're going to be watching this very closely as this arctic cold continues again. wind chills right now. it feels like 27 below in minneapolis. 28 in indianapolis. 2 above in new york city. look at how far south this cold feels. it feels like 19 in austin. 16 in new orleans. 10 in montgomery. atlanta, the wind chill is 2 above. we're going to finally see temperatures trying so struggle to bet into the low teens to mid 20s, and then we bottom out again tomorrow on wednesday morning and we've got one more shot of really cold air coming
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in by saturday, sunday. new york city, single digits. around 2 degrees. 7 below in indianapolis, and in minneapolis, and we're watching this storm in the next half hour. we're going to take a look at this. depending on the track of this thing reason, we could be dealing with anywhere from about 6 inches to 12 inches of snow along the eastern seaboard and wind gusts of 50 miles per hour. >> they're making that winter storm face you make. >> by the way, one of the traditions of the "today" show, the new host buys everybody hot chocolate. >> love you. >> you too. >> love you, honey. >> al, thank you so much. more on the forecast in a minute. meantime, tens of thousands of people returning from international trips last night arrived home to an unexpected welcome. massive lines at customs and border protection checkpoints after a computer glitch took the whole system off-line. tom costello is in washington for us with that story. what happened here? >> they're still trying to dissect that. i arrived on an international flight in the afternoon. no trouble at all. the problems, though, began at 7:30 eastern time.
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it took about two hours to get the system back up and running normally. so far nothing to indicate this was any sort of malicious attack or hack, but it was enough to cause major delays and frustrations as travellers arrived back in the states from that busy holiday. >> reporter: it was a holiday headache from travellers headed home on new year's day after a glitch in the u.s. customs and border protection computers created long wait times at airports nationwide. frustrated passengers posting photos of long lines at airports in miami, j.f.k. at new york city, atlanta, seattle, and san diego. the two-hour outage leaving the computers processing technology unable to recognize who was a u.s. citizen, a resident, or just a visitor. forcing travellers like this couple in dallas to abtd the self-serve computers and go through an immigration officer instead. >> one wasn't printing the receipt. one wasn't taking the picture. one was speaking german and that's it. it was crazy. >> reporter: u.s. customs
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released a statement overnight saying they do not know what caused a it glitch, but at this time there is no indication the service disruption was malicious in nature. but the disruption was enough to leave wary travellers disgruntled. >> there was a moment where we were waiting for 45 minutes without moving, without knowing what to do. children crying. old people sitting down. people sitting on the floor. it was pretty awful. just not to know what was happening. >> yeah. no fun. customs and border protection says it took immediate action to address the disruption. officers continue to process travellers using alternative procedures, but this morning all cbp stations say they are back up on-line at airports nationwide. guys, back to you. >> all right, tom. thank you. also ahead on this busy tuesday morning, it is back to work at the white house for president trump after his holiday break in florida. there's a lot on the president's plate to begin 2018 both here at home and abroad. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has more on all that. hey, peter, good morning. >> hey, hoda.
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huge congratulations from here in washington as well. new year, same set of complex foreign policy challenges for the president. first on north korea brsh president trump today in the days ahead will have to decide how to respond to a move that could put a wedge between the u.s. and its allies, south korea. with kim jong un calling for direct talks with the south, and south korea overnight proposing those talks next week, and in another volatile region, what if anything, is the president willing to do after more violence in iran? >> reporter: president trump returning to the white house as protests in iran intensify. iranian state media reports nine more people were killed in clashes overnight bringing the death toll to more than 20 after nearly a week of unrest across the country. demonstrators facing off against government security forces venting their anger over spiking food and gas prices. some protesters calling out the regime's supreme leader. the demonstrations, the largest in iran in nearly a decade. president trump voicing his
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support for the protesters, tweeting, "the great iranian people have been repressed pour many years. they are hungry for food and for freedom. along with human rights, the wealth of iran is being looted. time for change." in another tweet accusing iran's regime of engaging in terrorism. iran's president firing back. "government and people solve problems together. one who calls the iranian nation a terrorist does not have the right of compassion for our people." top republicans now urging president trump to do more. >> you just can't tweet here. you have to lay out a plan, and if i were president trump i would lay out a plan how i would engaej the renl i'm. >> reporter: the new year is also bringing familiar challenges. on now year's eve north korean leader kim jong un noting his latest ominous warning. the dictator sporting a western style suit for his annual address, insisting the entire u.s. mainland is within firing range and the nuclear button is on his desk. adding, "it's not a threat, but a reality." the president's reaction?
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>> we'll see. we'll see. >> reporter: all this as the special council's russia investigation pushes forward. the president blasting the inquiry in an interview with the "new york times" last week, but refraining from criticizing robert mueller himself saying i think that he is going to be fair. still, when asked if he would reasonable doubt on the department of justice to reopen the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, the president argued, i have absolute right to do what i want to do with the justice department. critics calling that a thinly veiled threat to the department's independence. former fbi director james comey fired by president trump last maytag an apparent swipe at his old boss, tweeting, "here's hoping 2018 brings more ethical leadership. focused on the truth and lasting values. >> and the president up early this morning again tweeting about iran. he will spend much of this week hashing out his strategy moving forward on critical issues overseas, but also at home. immigration and infrastructure and other potential government shutdown looming in the weeks ahead. he will sit down for lunches with the vice president, vice
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president pence, the secretary of state, and the defense secretary jim mattis as well. back to you. >> peter, thank you so much. new dealings emerging about the gunman who opened fire on police near denver on new year's eve killing one officer and wounding four others. nbc's steve patterson is in littleton, colorado, with that story. steve, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. you are about to see new video of matthew who recorded himself just moments before that mass shooting, including a call to 911. when police arrive, authorities say he opened fire immediately. >> i'm not here to hurt anybody, but, yes, i do have firearms. >> this morning chilling new video of suspected cop killer matthew. >> i will defend myself. >> taken just moments before he opened fire sunday morning on police in suburbandenver. >> leave me alone. get out!
7:13 am
>> in the profanity-laced videos obtained by gephardt, an nbc affiliate kusa, the 37-year-old former lawyer and soldier records himself calling 911 saying he had been the victim of a domestic assault. >> i appeared for my health and my safety. i do have some weapons. i own firearms. >> when douglas county sheriff's deputies showed up, he appeared agitated. >> i just feel like you're really upset. >> well, i am, because i was assaulted, and you didn't help me. >> he then slammed the door and police say barricaded himself inside firing over 100 rounds with a long gun, killing 29-year-old deputy zach perish, a husband and father of two. >> we have one deputy down inside the apartment. all of us have been hit at least once. >> he died in a shoot-out. four more officers were wounded, including jeff pelley, the son of a sheriff in nearby boulder county. >> he was a bit -- zach trying to get ahold of him to pull him out, and that's where the bull
7:14 am
rett went through his body. >> reporter: law enforcement say serious red flags had surfaced weeks earlier. in november police at the university of wyoming where he went to law school warned colorado authorities about him after he posted threats against some professors on-line. >> he had prior military experience. he had access to firearms. he was certainly making statements that were very indicative of having major mental health concerns. >> colorado police checked on him, but they found no threat. now a explain officer's family is in mourning. his heartbroken widow paying tribute with her young children at an emotional vigil overnight. >> i will do everything in my power, zach parish, to honor you. and i will raise these girls to love you. rirjts the community is left wondering if more could have been done to prevent this tragedy. >> now three of the four officers who were wounded in that attack have been treated and released from a local hospital.
7:15 am
investigators, meanwhile, still digging for answers as to why he would open fire without warning. savannah, hoda. >> just awful. steve, thank you very much. also this morning, we are learning more about a tragic plane killed 12 people. ten of the victims, americans on a holiday vacation. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest on that investigation. gabe, good morning. >> hoda, good morning. one family was from florida. the other from suburban new york. both on family vacations over the new yoew year's holiday thae to a tragic end. >> this morning the grief is overwhelming. >> bruce, irene, zachary, william, and matthew. >> very multi-talented family that will be deeply missed. >> they were among the 12 people killed when a small single
7:16 am
engine plane slammed into a mountain sunday in costa rica. two local crew members and ten americans were on board, including mitchell and leslie weiss, doctors from tampa, florida, area, along with their two children. also killed, amanda geisler from wisconsin, a trip leader with back roads active travel company. a california-based group that organized the flight. geiss ler's family writing that she was loved by many and lived her life with no regrets. >> oh, my god. like, it is -- it's right here. >> all of a sudden it veered to the left, and nosedived right in front of us. >> the charlotter plane involved to nature air in september two passengers, including an american were killed when another one of its flights crashed into a river. authorities say the aircraft in sunday's crash had been inspected a month ago, but strong winds had delayed its
7:17 am
landing earlier in the day. back roads says it's extremely heartbroken over this horrific loss of life. >> still just trying to digest it. a family goes on vacation, and they don't come back. >> nature air has not responded to a request for comment. the travel company back roads says it's conducted tours in costa rica for more than 25 years, and it's now working with local investigators to find out exactly what went wrong. savannah and hoda. >> gabe, such a heartbreaking story. thank you. we're going to shift gears now. sports. we'll turn to college football. the stage is set for next monday's national championship game. it's going to be georgia taking on alabama. those teams both advance to the title game after picking up big wins in a semi-final last night. let's start with the rose bowl. people are calling this one an instant classic. the back and forth battle between gornl georeorgia and ok finally ended in double overtime on this 27-yard touchdown run. bulldogs win it 54-48.
7:18 am
over the sugar bowl, alabama and clemson. this one was all crimson tide. they won it easily. 24-6. alabama heading back to the national championship game for the third straight season. >> and this guy was at the rose bowl watching the bulldogs. your wife's team. >> that's right. >> do their thing. >> that was -- >> right? >> unbelievable. >> you had to leave before it was over. >> catch the red eye, and hoda was calling me. >> i was giving him the update. let's check your forecast real quickly. we do have mild and dry weather through the southwest. blustery conditions around the great lakes. randomly moving into the pacific northwest in the next 24 hours or so. look for some showers down through florida. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. est. your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. use this evy i feel clean, there is no film use this evy like there's nothing left on my skin but are their soaps as clean rinsing as dove? i'm not sure what this is for. this is my soap something is left behind
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and i don't like that. dove is clean,... ...very clean. my soap,... ...dove. clearly dove is cleaner rinsing i'm convinced. i'm absolutely gonna be switching to dove. dove cleans beautifully good tuesday morning, i'm meteorologist, kari hall. we start with more clouds moving into the bay area. a live look outside in san jose. more people getting out there on the roads. as we go through the day, our temperatures will be starting out in the low 50s and reaching the upper 60s today. it will be dry with a high of 68 degrees in san jose. 66 in livermore and 62 in oakland. 66 in palo alto. san francisco, expect a high of 64. and that is your latest weather. >> all right. thank you. coming up e chrissy seei tegan n legend firing back. we're going to hear from them.
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>> california's green rush as legal weed arrives in the golden state. but first, this is "today" on nbc. the golden state. first this, is "today" on nbc.
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okay, let's do this, tina, tchick-tchick. here we go, tchick-tchick. i believe in ya tina. c'mon now. ah, we can just hang out here. breaking news this morning: firefighters good morning, it's 7:26, i'm kris sanchez. that breaking news this morning, firefighters still on scene of a large fire burning in the south bay. you can see in this video from nbc bay area sky ranger, moments ago, there are hot spots at a paper mill in santa clara. that's where the fire broke out in a building filled with card board. it's not too far from the san jose international airport or from highway 87. this is video from the ground crew shortly after we arrived. firefighters managed to get everyone out safely. right now, they are digging into the cause. we are looking at the possibility of weather in our
7:27 am
forecast, kari? >> we are tracking rain tomorrow. still staying dry today and warmer temperatures as the clouds move in. mid to upper 60s for the highs this afternoon. here is the storm system offshore. we see the arrival of rain by tomorrow afternoon. a closer look shows light showers well offshore and a slight chance of thunderstorms as well. in san francisco, the warmest, up to 64 degrees. as we check in with mike, get an update with the roads. >> green for the most part, a smooth drive. we thought we had more traffic build up. it was building up. the crash cleared and makes things recover north of 101. we take you to the east shore freeway as far as the travel times, they are looking great. a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have the metering lights turned on early, right on schedule. the metering lights were turned off just after 7:00 a.m. there
7:28 am
will be more commuters building from now to next tuesday. >> more news coming up in a half hour.
7:29 am
7:30 am
chrissy tei welcome back. 7:30 on a tuesday morning. the second of january. 2018. a new year. >> good morning everybody. get a check of the head lines including no let-up in this polar freeze. >> dep freeze, record breaking low temperatures across the country being linked to five deaths across four states. the week ahead looking even c d colder with the possibility of a major winter storm for the east coast. >> back in d.c., president trump returns to the white house today after the holiday break in florida as protests in h iran rage on. the death toll rising to at least 20 after a week of unrest as the president voices his support for the protesters this morning, tweeting, the people of
7:31 am
iran or finally acting against the brutal and corrupt iranian regime. >> olympic offering. south korea proposing talks with. south korea's president saying the two sides should urgently meet. >> fireworks fee yas co, a bizarre explosion caught on camera after a car trunk full of fireworks ignites outside the trip mall in houston. firefighters able to contain the blaze before anyone was hurt. and lot tomania, megamillions reaching $800 million. odds of winning both, 1 in 88 quad rill on. >> who even does that matt. >> i didn't know quad drill onwas a word. >> all right.
7:32 am
this morning chrissy teigen and john legend fighting back after being dragged into a hillary clinton linked conspiracy theory. nbc's joe fryer has that story. >> they were involved in a bizarre twitter battle. even threatening to take legal action over what was said about them on social media. >> the twitter fight pitted the super model against a self-described journalist who supports president trump. it centered around pizza gate that a washington, d.c. -- since been deleted thee posted photos of teigen's one-year-old dreszed as a hotdog alice in wonderland in a pineapple but no pizza emoji. that was taken as a reference to pizza ga
7:33 am
pizza gate including teigen who tweeted back. that accusation was denied but responded chrissy you run in irk circle with people who rape and torture kids. teigen replied anyone know any good lawyers. her husband also weighed in h. you need to make my family's name out of your mouth before you get sued. pizza gate has been declared false by federal agents yet they say a man who believed the rumor opened fire inside the pizzeria. >> what happened today shows that it does come with consequences. >> no one was hurt and the gunman was sentenced to four years in prison, as to teigen and ledgend their drama comes days after this. >> hi guys. >> teigen was live tweeting to her followers as her flight to
7:34 am
japan made an unexpected u-turn eight hours after taking off because of an unauthorized passenger. the pizza gate flap brings a different kind of twitter drama with support coming from chelsea clinton. it is awful and never okay when people threaten or demean a child. in a statement to nbc news, liz says she never made accusations teigen was involved in a child sex ring and said she finds it alarming she jumped to that conclusion. at one point teigen noted the other had a verified twitter account. twitter took that verification away and tells us we have rule the against abusive behavior and take action when it's reported to us. all right. thanks so much for that. al is back. check with the weather. >> for the first time in four years we've got a winter storm watch for florida. >> really? >> how about that? >> as this system getting
7:35 am
together we are looking at southern watches in h place through wednesday from florida all the way up to cape hatteras and norfolk. we also have winter advisories out the eastern great lakes and also got winter storm watches for parts of new england. we're going to watch this low pressure system get itself together tomorrow. it forms off the florida coast. there's potential for snow and sleet for the carolinas. the if this continues, this will mostly be a coastal event, however it could possibly track a little further west and that will bring more snow and winds inland. but right now here's what we're looking at. generally expecting up to 6 inches of snow from the carolinas into the peninsula. parts of new england could get upwards of a foot and a half of snow. we will continue to track this very
7:36 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist, kari hall. it is a spare the air alert day with unhealthy air quality for the east bay as well as the santa clara valley. moderate for the north bay, the bay and the coast and the south bay. no wood burning today. our temperatures warming up quite a bit, to the upper 60s. 68 degrees in san jose and concord. o oakland 62 degrees. napa, today, 67. we will have rain moving in by tomorrow. >> with this you might want to check out our friends at the weather channel. >> still' head today, what all parents need to know after a star popular with kids gets into trouble. >> plus, simple changes that should have a major impact. how you can say part of our start today fitness and well
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7:42 am
they say, at medman, one of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in all of california. with california becoming the world's largest legal marijuana economy, they and others like them are looking to cash in. this is how marijuana's been traditionally grown for sale in california, in secret. >> so, we have to get it out of here. >> reporter: lieutenant matt alexander of the fresno county sheriff's department is part of a task force that targets illegal marnijuana. >> this is typical of organized crime. >> reporter: they're losing a lot of money today? >> they are. >> reporter: officials and investors hope $2 billion pot industry is out of business quickly. legal pot could be worth $5 billion this year. in salinas valley, steve d'angelo is ready. you've been waiting on this
7:43 am
moment for a really long time. >> i've been working for and struggling towards this moment for my entire adult life. >> reporter: to me, this almost looks like you could be growing anything in here. you could be growing anything we might find in the supermarket. >> yeah. you can grow cannabis in greenhouses that's equal or superior in quality to the cannabis that's grown in warehouses and you can do it with a fraction of the carbon consumption. and it's a much less enxpensive way, under the power of the sun. >> reporter: as d'angelo works to increase production in his greenhouses, in the bay area, he's working to have his medical disrepensaries to have recreational marijuana. >> we expect to have a footprint in three years. and we hope to take this model out to the rest of the world. >> reporter: there's some economically struggling towns
7:44 am
hoping to turn their fortunes around with pot, like desert hot springs. >> we have over 200 parcels that are zoned for cannabis. >> reporter: greta runs a consulting group for cannabis here. one is this facility. it cost $7 million to bide. >> reporter: $8 million of cannabis out of this one building. >> your lips to god's ears. >> reporter: desert hot springs has 60 projects like it. it has had an impact on property values. >> reporter: a couple years ago, they were purchased around $60,000 an acre. >> today? >> you would be lucky to find one for $900,000 to $1 million. >> reporter: but carter acknowledges a harsh reality. it's hard to make it in the legal cannabis business. you were saying people are buying acres at $1 million a
7:45 am
pop. some won't get succeed. >> that's true. there's a 70% fail rate. >> reporter: a 70% fail rate should strike fear in the heart of anyone interested in growing pot. becoming a cannabis millionaire is not going to be easy. los angeles, san francisco, have not yet launched their recreational sales. they are expected to soon. pot, of course, is federally illegal and has no fan in the attorney general, jeff sessions. none of that, though, as harsh as they say, the legalization buzz out this way. >> and the hairnet is really working for you. >> top drawer. >> happy new year. we're going to head over to cour carson and see what's happening in the orange room. >> good morning. hoda, congratulations to you. we're going to tell you what some of hollywood's most powerful women are launching we started designing pop-up cards in our basement. what's cool is, today, we have 400 people working across the
7:46 am
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7:50 am
welcome back. 7:50. back with a powerful show of force from women in hollywood. >> big story today. more than 300 actresses, writers and directors have launched a project to help fight sexual harassment in the workplace. they're calling it times up. it was announced with this pull-page letter in "the new york times." for women to rise up the ranks and be heard and acknowledged in male-dominated workplaces must end. time's up on this impenetrable monopoly. it encourages people to donate to a defense fun fd for men and women.
7:51 am
they are getting huge donations from merrill sweep, reese witherspoon. shonda rhimes there. time's up on silence. using that hash tag, #timesup. justin timberlake tweeting, no longer accepting sexual harassment as equality. the attention to harassment was largely focused on showbiz. time's up is expected to include the plight of working class women, as well. still ahead, taking control of your health in 2018. our "start today" experts have everything you need to know to begin your journey. and we're getting so much reaction to our exciting news. hoda is officially the co-anchor of "today." we're going to share some of your tweets. you're trending. >> my phone is under a pile, as usual. >> we're back after your local news and weather. us.
7:52 am
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good tuesday morning, i'm meteorologist, kari hall. a lot more people heading back to work today. it is a cloudy start as we look outside at emeryville. at least the visibility is clear. our temperatures are now in the upper 40s to low 50s as you step out the door with the high temperatures today very nice, into the mid to upper 60s today. in san jose, expect a high of 68 degrees. 66 in livermore and palo alto. we will have rain moving in, starting tomorrow and during the afternoon, we'll have rounds of rain moving in as this storm system approaches. there will be a slight chance we could have thunderstorms, off and on showers continue into thursday as well as friday. saturday, at this point, looks dry. the temperatures much cooler and another round of rain in the forecast for the end of the weekend into early next week. i'll have more updates on the storm chances.
7:57 am
let's get an update from mike. >> we thought we had that commute returning. it did for a short time. look at all the green here. the south bay, north 87, we had slowing. it moved up to alma and in the last 30 seconds cleared from this grid as well. recovery from an earlier crash in san jose as well. i will show the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights were turned off. no back up. back to you. thank you, mike. happening now, a large paper mill fire smoldering in the south bay this morning. it started before 2:00 this morning not far from manetta international airport. the first day of legalized marijuana. as of midnight, it became legal to possess, grow and use quaupts. on our home page, you can see
7:58 am
the details and find out why locating it may not be as easy and you think. olympics! the big business the ice skating championships is bringing to the south bay. and i )m tracking our first chances of rain in quite some time. the overnight changes to my forecast. when you join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, when will it end? >> i'm freezing. i'm from florida. this is craziness. >> millions hit hard by that arctic blast now turned deadly, as another possible storm threatens the east coast. we're live with the latest. ♪ plus, join the journey. i think have having a friend to work out with makes a huge difference. >> a fresh idea for 2018, how friends and family can help jump-start your new year's fitness goals. ♪ and it's a new day.
8:01 am
hoda, officially joins me as a part of this team. help us celebrate the big news, today, tuesday, january 2nd, 2018. ♪ >> kicking off 2018 on the plaza. >> all the way from kansas. >> all the way from alabama. >> celebrate sonya's birthday. ♪ >> i'm turning 21 on the "today" show. >> from tennessee, celebrating ellie's 14th birthday. >> we love savannah and hoda. ♪ >> we're so excited. the plaza is not only celebrating, we're celebrating right here. it's an exciting day for us and for hoda, official co-anchor of the "today" show. >> i'm doing a pinch me thing here. i'm trying to call my mom and she's not picking up.
8:02 am
she might need the medics over there. >> she's going to watch it on dvr. this is exciting, too. we get to be on the cover of "people" magazine. >> that doesn't happen every day. >> so neat. >> wow. >> on newsstands this friday. and lots of people have been tweeting you and saying congratulations. carson is keeping track of it. >> i'm hearing from people from high school. >> that's the fastest turnaround "people's" cover, ever. that was quick, guys. al, i'm sorry. the hash tags. your winter storm watch not a big enough story. sorry, tuesday thoughts. #savannahhodatoday number one in the u.s. so many people sharing congratulations. chelsea clinton, congratulations to hoda. one of our viewers writing, best news, savannah and hoda. they are a winning duo. they are using #savannahhodatoday. congrats, hoda. >> thank you, carson. what a day. >> i know.
8:03 am
we're going to celebrate more. kathie lee is going to join this table in a few. let's get to the news at 8:00. we're going to begin with that winter storm. here you go, al. winter temperatures across the country. and another storm could hit the east coast this week. let's start with blake mccoy in frigid chicago. blake, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. another brutally cold morning here in chicago, after people go to school and work after the holidays. it is minus 5, minus 20 when you factor in the windchill. look at the chicago river, totally iced over. beautiful but cold. this is now the fourth morning in a row that chicago is waking up to temperatures below zero. we aren't alone. huge portions of the country under a sustained deep freeze. 20 or 30 degrees below normal. dallas, new orleans, atlanta, they're all below freezing. those are places not used to the temperatures.
8:04 am
some schools this morning in the midwest have decided to cancel class. indianapolis and cedar rapids, for example, with the holiday now over, a lot of people do not have the option to stay home. they have to go out and brave this brutally cold weather. savannah, back to you. >> make, thank you. al is here to tell us how long the bitter cold is going to hang around. hey, al. >> it's going right into the weekend. bismarck will be 24. 11 in green bay. temperatures starting to mad moderate. we get a reinforcing shot of cold air for the weekend. new york city's lows, single digits. 2 above. it will be 7 below. these are air temperatures. in indianapolis, on saturday, minneapolis, the same. and little rock will be 19 degrees on saturday. next, we're looking at the storm system that's going to be developing off the florida coast tomorrow. as it makes its way up, potential snow and sleet for the carolinas. if it goes west, we could see a
8:05 am
major storm, inland of the delmarva peninsula. we have winter storm watches from florida to new england. first time for florida in four years. we could look at six inches of snow in north carolina and virginia, through friday. as we get into new england, this thing could get wound up, 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. and snow, 15 inches or more. and lake-effect snow, from syraould be a foot of snow there or more. guys? >> al, thank you. keep an eye on that. american youtube star, logan paul, is apologizing after posting a video that showed a dead body hanging from a tree. the youtube channel is popular with kids. it has 15 million followers. the video in question showed paul walking in a forest in japan that's known to be a frequent site of suicides. the video was later deleted.
8:06 am
in an apology posted on twitter, paul said he published the scene to raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention. the video was widely condemned by social media users. switch gears now. you are the "morning boost." >> i got a good one. we want to show you a michigan guy, a dad, that went the extra mile to entertain his family and friends over the holidays. check this out. ♪ >> yeah. this dedicated dad, donned the leotard and joined his daughters for the rendition of "single ladies." the whole family is laughing in the background. and the dad did it. it's a performance that in one is going to forget, ever, as long as they live. >> mom is like, don't worry, i'm not going to post this video. >> just for us. >> i'm just going to shoot it for the family. much more ahead, including zac efron, what he said to michael jackson that made the pop star cry.
8:07 am
and a remarkable boy who was being picked on in school and the speeding ticket that changed his life. first, let's look at what megyn has coming up. >> good morning. today, the rise of white supremacy. this is an ongoing problem in our country. we will be joined today, by not one but two people, who were in the movement and managed to find a way out. how they did it, top of the hour. >> interesting. megyn, thanks. all that plus the launch of our "start today" journey to make 2018 the healthiest year yet. we'll have the top names in diet and exercise and so much more after these messages. ♪ . you come in when it's convenient i know this because i'm from seven days in the future. now don't be frightened, seven days in the future is a glorious place. after all you had two good hair days in a row... perfect. right out of bed. and this car you reserved on is still being held for you, for free. pretty sweet. or as we like to say from seven days in the future... ah...we still say pretty sweet. it's basically the same.
8:08 am
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♪ ♪ iand this is how i freestyle!s freestyle program, ♪ this is how i freestyle! i've lost 82 lbs., and i can eat wherever i want. i'm freestyling with dessert, and i'm down 46 lbs. the new weight watchers freestyle program has over 200 foods that are zero points®. now you can count less and enjoy more. i freestyle any way i like. join for free and lose 10 lbs. on us! hurry, offer ends january 8th! ♪
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your privacy makes you myt number 1 place to go number 2. i love you, but sometimes you stink. febreze air effects doesn't just mask, it cleans away odors. because the things you love the most can stink. and try febreze small spaces to clean away odors for up to 30 days. breathe happy with febreze. we're back. 8:10. time for the first official "what's trending today." supersize edition. kathie lee is here. >> yo, yo, yo.
8:11 am
that's right, baby. >> trending on twitter right now, as carson mentioned, #savanahhodatoday. >> yay. >> and kathie lee, we know you are so excited. you are still doing the 10:00 hour. >> oh, yes. >> a girl needs to drink, okay? >> that is nonnegotiable. >> so exciting. >> it really is. we all agree, it could not happen to a sweeter, better, more beloved person. we adore you, sweetie. for me to come back from florida. >> i know. >> just for you, we're going to toast later in the hour. >> yes, we will, baby. let's get out my stuff. not the cheap stuff. >> not the cheap stuff. >> not the cheap stuff. >> not this cheap. >> we don't know what the new year is going to bring. but linkedin rounded up
8:12 am
predictions and they're one getting buzz. venues will have easy pass for security lines. you'll buy the cheapest car in years. and fast food will be delivered. >> finally. >> those are some expert -- >> isn't that happening? >> in some cases, yes. do we have some -- we all have some predictions. >> i predict this year that meghan markle will become pregnant. >> they're not going to waste any time. >> you're not giving them one minute. >> this is a prediction. >> yeah. >> that's true. i believe they will. and then, also, my second prediction, is i will gain five pounds. just like every year. >> you will not be pregnant. >> no. >> my prediction is that we're all going to know the name chloe kim at the olympics. she's a 16-year-old girl. her parents are from korea. we will know her. she's a superstar. and my other prediction, carson, is that blake and gwen are going to get married. >> thoughts, carson? >> he took a breath.
8:13 am
>> you took a breath. i have no knowledge. i wish them well. >> you're a terrible liar. >> kath, what's your prediction. >> that miss jenna over there is going to have twins. >> what? >> i mean, i know i ate a lot of desserts over the holidays. i should i put on my spanx. >> that's fun. >> what about me screams twins? >> nothing yet. nothing yet. >> wow. ♪ it only takes a moment >> thank you, leslie. >> al roker? >> more and more people will be putting down the devices. digitally detoxing. and the next food trend, artisinal grits. >> wow. >> grits will have a moment. >> your prayers will be answered. >> yes. >> like a black truffle on it? >> no. like stone ground, kind of grits. >> solid.
8:14 am
>> what about you, carson? >> my prediction is that aaron rodgers will make the biggest nfl deal. probably $30 million deal. they need to reorganize his deal. in 2018, he will be the first big star to demand to get paid in bitcoins. >> no. >> crypto currency, how they're going to pay these big deals. >> i like that. >> i don't understand bitcoin. >> i don't, either. >> do we have to have bitcoins. >> my prediction, in the same vein, is that this is the year that klg will be married again. >> whoa? >> wow. >> can you imagine her in a white wedding dress? >> now, that would be a surprise. >> the fourth hour is throwing a wedding. >> yes. >> what? >> don't you have to have a boyfriend first? don't you have to have a potential first -- >> i have to say for 2018, there's going to be a lot of new things for kathie lee that are going to be revealed. there are little hints. >> it's going to be fun. >> it's going to be a big year. >> maybe she is the one having twins. carson daly, take us to "pop
8:15 am
start." >> klg having twins, not the lead story. we're going to start with mariah carey, returning to times square to redeem herself after last year's lip-sync mishap. while fans seemed to be impressed with her performance. there was a moment between songs that really lit up social media. >> i want to take a sip of tea, if they let me. they tell me there will be a tea. oh, it's a disaster. okay. we'll have to rough it. i'm going to be just like everybody else, with no hot tea. we're going to try to do this one for you. >> she kept saying, i was told there would be tea. twitter users were hailing, these are the last words of 2017. she later tweeted this photo, i found my tea. >> followed by a lot of champagne. >> i'll bet. now, to carrie underwood, the singer updating her fans about her recovery from a fall in november. she had more than just a broken wrist. in a message to her fans, she wrote, i somehow managed to injure my face, as well.
8:16 am
i'll spare you the gruesome details but when i came out of surgery on the night of my fall, the doctor told mike that he had put between 40 and 50 stitches in. even though i've had the best people helping me, i'm still healing and not looking quite the same. here's the most recent photo. this one has been out for a little bit. most of her face covered in the scarf. she's receiving, as you can imagine, an outpouring of support. >> how did she fall? i don't remember. >> i don't know. and zac efron. one of his idols, the king of pop. he never met him but he did have a phone call with him. he said that zac was on the phone with his agent and michael jackson when he first introduced himself. but after they hung up the phone call, michael jackson called back. take a listen. >> and he hands the phone over. he said, it's michael jackson again. what? okay. and i picked up the phone. i was like, hello? he said, this is zac from "high school musical"?
8:17 am
and i was like, uh, yeah. and he was like, oh, i love what you do. i'm a huge fan. i love what you do. and i lost it. i just lost it. i lost my balance. i think i fell over into the wall. i was like, do you know who i am? >> there you go. that's your "pop start." interesting story from zac efron. for your "daly click," the rockport police department was called to help remove a squirrel from someone's kitchen. he wasn't leaving without a fight. >> take a look. >> the squirrel turned it on? >> whoa. >> there he is. >> little startled there. the officers were able to laugh off the scare. the squirrel helped himself to cookies on the corner. captured and released without injury. >> he went nuts. >> oh. >> there it is. even after the redeye he's still
8:18 am
got it. >> yes. >> carson, thank you. al, take it away. >> a quick look to show you what's happening out there. look at the satellite map. you can see blustery conditions around the great lakes. mild and dry in the southwest. and showers through florida. that's what's going on around that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist carey hall. we'll see more clouds moving in today and it's still going to be warm with the highs in the mid to upper 60s this afternoon. this will be the last dry day before we have some rain arriving tomorrow as this storm system approaches. we will start to see that rain during the afternoon. the possibility of a few thunderstorms as well. scattered showers continue from thursday into friday and saturday at this point looks dry. much cooler, though, with a high in san francisco of 55 degrees. if you're heading out, you can check us out on siriusxm 108. home of the hoda show.
8:19 am
now, to the launch of our "start today" journey, we want to help you achieve your goals in 2018. >> the beginning of the new year, means a lot of us are looking to lose weight, get fit, do what we should do. and we're going to help you and your family and friends get healthy head-to-toe. this year, we're focused on mind, body and soul. >> 2018 is going to be our year. >> it is. >> one bell pepper has more than twice the amount of vitamin c, compared to an orange. >> we'll bring you expert advise, plans and tips to improving your diet and fitness. >> you're hitting upper body, lower body, cardiovascular. >> savannah is a former aerobics instructor. >> that's right. sure i had leg warmers. a leotarleotard, the whole thin. >> and exhale. and as you exhale, exhale your worries, your tensions. >> we want to inspire you and
8:20 am
give you the tools you need for a more mindful approach to life. >> our job is not to stop thoughts is get comfortable with thoughts arising. >> it's a practice that is quick, 10, 15 minutes in the morning. slow it down. there you go. >> and if initiating strane ini hard, you don't have to do it alone. every goal is easier with someone by your side. >> if jenna and i are going together, it's kind of fun. >> i like working out with her. every five minutes there's a little motivator. >> we'll show you how to embrace partnership and link hands with family and friends to improve quality of life. join us on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. >> it feels good. and it's more fun together. >> that was hard. >> i let them film the aerobics class. throughout this journey, we'll
8:21 am
be advised by a team of experts. let's get it started by one small thing that will make a difference. we have a couple of trainers here. let's start with bob harper. positive planking. first thing, drop down, get on to your elbows and your toes. hold it as long as you can. and try to beat your time the next day. >> should i plank while you give your tip. >> my tip is get uncomfortable. she's getting uncomfortable. if you do something uncomfortable every, single day, you have a higher chance of success. >> your core is nice and tight. >> yeah. keep it going. hoda? >> good job, by the way. whoa. >> in addition to fitness, we're going to focus on food and eating. joy bauer is here. give us one small thing we can do. >> the best thing you can do is swap out sweetened beverages. in other words, nix the soda, fruit punch. you want to guzzle water.
8:22 am
it can be flat or carbonated. it will lower your clholesterol and will lose weight. >> dave sin seng coe is here. >> don't count calories. make calories count. some of the camom calories come processed foods. you want to swap out soda. animal protein for vegetable protein. do that and push the junk out of your diet. >> savannah is planking. from natalie azar. what can improve our over all health? >> we want to sideline stress. stress can contribute to long-term health conditions. some little tips i think that are easy that everybody can do today, socialize more. exercise more. plank more. laugh a little bit more. and probably most importantly,
8:23 am
make an action plan to address if you are stressed in your life. >> hold on. we're going to al roker. >> tighten my core. another component of this is mindfulne mindfulness. what do we do to get centered? >> we're going to start small. start small and create small, specific goals, that you're going to easily accomplish. when you do that, you're going to follow through and you'll get that feeling of success and confidence that will keep you motivated in 2018. start small with reading a page or two a day at night. it will help you relax. >> we have stephanie mansour. >> you want to center your body and your mind. we're going to challenge everyone to do one move every morning. reach your hands up and say, i am -- >> i am starving. >> palms together.
8:24 am
-- committed to itself. >> committed to myself. >> you're focused and pumped up to step it up throughout the day. >> hold on. >> it's not just about being emotionally and physically fit. you have to be fiscally fit, as well. stephanie ruhle, what's your rule? >> cleaning up and cashing in. i'm talking about your closet to start. it's filled with stuff. you've given away the junky stuff. there's good stuff that you've paid retail for that you don't want to get rid of but you're not wearing. you have to go to websites like poshmark and tradesy. jean may have worn a dress once. i may have worn it the entire wedding season. mine should go for a lot less because i danced all night. sell those things and make some mu money. and furniture. the basement garage might be filled with antiques. you don't want it. go to cherish, like viet. designers go for the real good stuff. >> don't just put it on the
8:25 am
curb. jean chatzky is here. what else? >> i want everybody to put a savings app on their phone. there's apps that help you just move money out of your basic checking account and into savings. and they do it automatically. if every year your new year's resolution is to save more, digit, acorns and qapital, fellfell spelled with "q" to make it confusing. >> it ooh's within your self-fu. >> a little trick called mental accounting. next year, we will not be having this conversation. >> thanks very much. whoa. >> we're going the other way. thank you. this is just the beginning, i got to say. you can i )m ...
8:26 am
firefighters are still at the good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. firefighters are still on the scene of a card board manufacturing facility fire that burned for hours this morning in the south bay. this is video from our sky ranger from that area over at sunrise. this is over the paper mill in santa clara. that fire broke out in a yard at the mill on matthew street, just a short distance from the san jose international airport. you can see how that fire looked shortly after our ground crew arrived around 2:00 a.m. workers were on the site at the time of the fire. the firefighters say that everyone made it out safely. so far, there's no word on a cause of that fire. and right now, mike is tracking what's going on with your traffic. >> yes, marcus. good stuff. we had a return of traffic flowing. there was some slow dwroundowns.
8:27 am
now the only slowing, 84. the rest of the commute looks great. i want to show you the transit system. no delays but a note for folks taking cal train, if you park over at the hillsdale lot, you're not doing that anymore, it's closed. go to south delaware. they have changes going on there so you'll see that. you've known about that, you've seen the signs. the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on. backup about 40 minute, then it cleared up just after our show ended. they're clear now. back to you. >> hold tight to these images, it won't last for long. another local news update in half an hour. ♪
8:28 am
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[ cheers and applause ] okay, everybody. we are back at 8:30 on this tuesday morning. 2nd of january. we want to say thank you to everybody on our plaza because it is 15 degrees outside. they've been outside, a hearty group, all morning. we love you, too. what is that crowd -- it is cold. these are the real fans right
8:31 am
here. >> well done, everybody. >> are you ready for a proud moment, guys? >> yes. >> i'm going to come over here because i notice there's a #itsafamilymotto. >> what are your names #givemore. >> give more love, give more passion, give more energy. last year was the year of the experience and that's why we're here. this is our new family motto. >> we watched the ball drop. it was really cold, but it was really fun. >> i love the idea of a family motto, a hashtag. maybe we can figure one out. #givemore. >> we can steal theirs. that's a good one. >> i like it. #givemore. coming up, we have a nostalgic trend taking instagram by storm. you will be happy. this is a positive for your digital life. >> our family motto so far is, kids, keep it down. >> i know. >> plus, does the super
8:32 am
metabolism diet sound like something you may need right now? we're going to whip up some tasty dishes that will make reaching those resolutions easier. >> miss megyn is here. >> our family motto is and always has been, you are not special but today you are very special. congratulations. >> thank you, megyn. >> it doesn't really matter what we have coming up at 9:00. we have to talk about you. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling excited. >> can i just ask you because we talked recently about houten years ago your life was very different. >> yeah. >> you were going through a dark period. >> yeah. >> do you take a moment on a day like this to stop and think, holy moly? >> you know, ever since the day haley was born, everything changed. everything keeps getting better, and i don't -- i don't know -- good-bye, hat. i don't know what it is, but i feel like -- >> i know, it's because you put out so much positivity into the world, hoda, and it comes back to you. >> give her a round of applause for hoda. [ cheers and applause ]
8:33 am
>> thanks, megyn. >> a check of this weather. come on, it is cold, my friend. >> that could be my motto. actually, our family motto my dad used to say, i can't miss you if you don't leave. love that man. let's show you what we've got going on right now for today. blustery conditions around the great lakes. mild and dry through the southwest. showers developing down in florida and, in fact, those showers developing and part of the storm system that's going to make its way up the southeastern atlantic coast with snow and ice. coastal showers move into the northern california area and eventually pacific northwest. heavy snow developing around the great lakes. temperatures start to warm up that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. really looking forward to that rain for tomorrow. today, though, it will just be mostly cloudy and still staying dry. our high temperature up to 68 degrees in san francisco. and 64 degrees, rather, and 60
8:34 am
degrees tomorrow. upper 50s into the weekend. off and on showers and even the chance of some storms starting tomorrow afternoon. skatered rain for thursday into early friday. saturday looks dry. and then a second storm system moving in sunday. with this kind of weather you want to make sure you have the weather you need. check out our friends at the weather channel. come back this way and let's go over this way. all right. now everybody's been seen. let's get back inside. >> cold out there, al. thank you. when it comes to the way teens use social media, trends change so quickly, it can be really hard to keep up. >> and there's yet another one on the rise that may look familiar to anyone that grew up in the '90s. here is nbc's business correspondent joe lynn kent. >> pastel colors, clip art and could he lajs. they're popping up all over instagram. >> this is a fund trend we're
8:35 am
seeing that's growing in popularity. they're like digital news boards or virtual scrap books. >> reporter: unlike a regular meme, joke or sentiment, mi mish memes are more personal, good or bad. >> it's not a meme, it's more of a collage. really to a problem or something that's happening in the creator's life. >> reporter: michelle is 13 and she's one of more than 300 million people interacting with mich memes on instagram. >> do you ever feel like it's a good way to vent as well? >> that's the biggest part of it. some of us don't have a lot of people to vent to. it's so easy to pick up your phone and vent to all of these people on your line who don't know your name, your story. >> reporter: most mish memes are girls. >> how are these made?
8:36 am
>> most of the teens that are using these memes are taking third party apps and they're taking them, downloading them and using them to assemble something very quick. the teens that we talk with, they take less than 10 minutes to make these memes. >> i center it. >> 18-year-old whitney considers herself to be a niche meme community mod. >> a lot of people are younger and they are struggling with mental illness, school. i can help them. >> she makes a point to keep her posts positive offering self-care advice to the nearly 5,000 people who follow her. the most popular accounts have upwards of 50,000 followers some partnering with advertisers. >> i've soon a lot of accounts, especially bigger ones, that will have promo codes with them. >> reporter: it's a move that makes sense for brands since many are centered around fashion and makeup trends. both whitney and michelle say niche memes come with a
8:37 am
community with kind and uplifting comments. >> in a world where everything is perfect on social media, niche memes are cool. >> they're raw and gritty. >> but they say a lot. >> they say a lot, yeah. that's for sure. >> reporter: some of the posts do promote stereotypes, but instagram points out anything considered offensive or any posts that cause concern can be reported immediately within the app. >> from my perspective i think niche memes are a popular trend. this is about representing an identity today and then tomorrow maybe it's a different identity. that's what's so great about being a teen is being able to explore that. >> reporter: a modern take on those '90s could he lajs, teen self expression. for "today," jolene kent. >> what do you think? >> makes me think about it. >> niche meme. >> it was the '80s.
8:38 am
duran duran collage. >> coming up, a bully boy and a speeding ticket that changed his life for the better, but first this is "today" on nbc. >> ha! okay mcdonald's. i see your one, two and three dollar deals. tell you what, i'll raise you five. introducing value jack's way. five great ways to save. like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. that's value jack's way.
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three of jack's famous tacos and a small drink for $3! or a classic bonus jack combo for $5! it's like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. we are back at 8:40, with a story out of ohio that will definitely touch your heart. >> it will. it's about a young boy and his encounter with a state trooper that changed his entire outlook on life. kerry sanders has more. >> reporter: when you're different, life can be lonely. >> 12-year-old brett holbrooke. >> reporter: brett holbrooke's speech pattern is a result of his mother's frequent drinking. kids pick on him. >> i don't know why they tease me. >> reporter: what's it like? >> sometimes i get grumpy or mad or something. >> reporter: does it hurt? >> yeah. sometimes it hurts.
8:41 am
potential energy. >> reporter: as you'll see, sometimes in life, it's the unplanned moments that have the most impact. for brett, it began a year ago, while riding in the truck with his adopted dad. an ohio state trooper pulled them over for speeding. the ticket cost $325. what did you think when your dad got that speeding ticket? >> horrible. >> reporter: what's that? >> horrible. >> reporter: horrible? and now, dad, what do you think? >> oh. i'd do it over again. >> reporter: again because in that moment, on that day, that shy boy was mesmerized. the polite manner and authority of the trooper captivated brett's imagination. his adoptive mother stitched together a tiny uniform and off they went. on a journey. for months, they visited more than 60 trooper posts including a face-to-face with trooper
8:42 am
jackie layson. >> someone pulled him over. >> that was her. >> that was me. >> wow. >> reporter: with each visit, brett changed. >> the self-confidence has been amazing. >> reporter: you are the inspiration. >> i'm still shocked. >> reporter: and guess who noticed that being different wasn't weird, rather it's interesting. other kids. >> he has all these friends. >> yeah. >> now, he comes up to see me every day. and we do our little stupid thick that we found at lunch. >> he's more social. >> reporter: with his newfound confidence, brett has taken on a new mission, patrolling the neighborhood. >> has he practiced giving a ticket. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: i should have never asked. >> don't text and stay alive. >> okay, sir. i will not text and drive, as you tell me. >> have a great day. >> reporter: thank you. from a lonely boy, to a kid surrounded by friends.
8:43 am
and you thought no good came from a speeding ticket. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, erie, ohio. >> that's my favorite story of 2018. i'm just going to say. >> and it happened on the 2nd of january. >> he's set for halloween. >> adorable. make yours heart feel good. just ahead, if you're looking to drop a couple of pounds in the new year and who isn't? we have recipes for every meal to turn your me ttabolism into fat-burningmachine. >> i
8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back, everybody. as the new year begins, you may be looking to shed some weight that you put on over the holidays. one way to get on track is by boosting your metabolism. dave zinczenko is here with recipes from his new book.
8:46 am
"the supermetabolism diet." >> happy fnew year. you started yours with a bang. >> i think when people think about metabolism, they think, i'm born this way. >> you have four factors. age, diet, genetics, your level of activity. and you can optimize all of that. you need to. the metabolism is the rate at which your body burns through calories just to keep you alive. >> you can eat certain foods and it will get your metabolism going. >> people think about going to the gym for 30 minutes. they don't think of the other 23 hours. you can be burning calories the whole day. >> i see berries. >> this is your perfect day of eating. starting with breakfast. these are quiche muffins. you can make them by the dozen. real men do eat quiche. and lean women do, too. >> what's in it that revs your
8:47 am
metabolism? >> it's about superproteins, supercarbs and superfats. you have nitrate and sugar-free ham. that's your protein. or go with turkey. you have delicious veggies like tomato, onions and spinach. and for the superfats, you have some parmesan cheese over that. >> let's go to lunch. an avocado. >> you do not want to miss the boat on lunch. this is an avocado boat with tumeric iced tea. it's combining the avocados with mu mushrooms. you can mix them inside the avocado. and you have your supercarbs. >> it's interesting that fats can get your metabolism. >> everyone thinks that fat makes you fats. bad fats make you fat.
8:48 am
not healthy fats. and this tumeric iced tea is a complement because you have a nice, asian spice that helps in weight loss. >> let's look at the snacks. >> you are never going to go hungry on this plan. you are getting one snack of greek yogurt and berries or three slices of turkey and a peach. >> the supercarbs are fruits mainly? >> mostly. and veggies. >> all right. we're coming down to dinner. we're going to keep the metabolism going. >> and the great thing is, you have a steak, your superprotein. it ee's lean. and it's coffee rubbed. the caffeine is giving you a boost, as well. >> that's regular caffeine during the day, as well? >> yes. same thing. same effect. you have your soweto dweet pota.
8:49 am
you have a complete protein but it had four-times the calcium of ke quinoa. >> what is it? >> a nutty, whole grain, a complete protein. i know you like wine. >> thank you for this part. >> you get to drink wine on the plan. >> okay. >> only 200 calories and no sugar. >> is there anything you should eliminate from your diet to keep the metabolism going well? >> as much as the processed foods as you possibly can. you want to eliminate sugar, so soda. it's nutritionally void of anything that will be helpful to you. and you want to basically go with your superproteins, carbs and fats, that will give you your essential calories, not empty ones. >> dave zinczenko, thank you so much.
8:50 am
go to and you can
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8:52 am
including some birthdays. mr. roker? >> okey-dokey. bring on the smucker's jars want to meet some sweet people. it's 105th birthday to patty jones of cincinnati, ohio. she's been a proud member of her church for half a century. marshall is a retired air force pilot from straussburg, virginia. he flew small planes until he was in his 80s. happy birthday to jimmie forrester. she was an entrepreneur and owned many of her own restaurants. mabel guider is 102. when she turned 100, she was handed the key to her city. we can only imagine how her
8:53 am
birthday will be like this year. ripping people off because she can get in their homes. paul from pennsylvania is 100. he says the secret to longevity, you'll like this one, carson, a daily double dose of jack daniels. >> oh, yeah. >> hey, now. and happy 100th birthday to bob konen of chicago. he worked as an educator over 40 years. if you know someone who is celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, tell us all about them at tod >> can we please raise a glass? today, hoda was announced as the new co-anchor of "today." i wish everybody could see how everybody has been loving up on ho hoda, giving her hugs. everyone is so thrilled and deservedly so. this is a new day on "today." we have so much to celebrate.
8:54 am
what a beautiful family. >> and the good news is, she's staying with me at 10:00. let's just throw that in there. all right? >> you guys, thank you. >> i had a few people on twitter say, how about regis coming back? >> oh, wow. >> whoa. >> it's been awesome. >> can i add, hoda, i didn't get to say my congratulations. you are proof that good things happen to good people. >> absolutely. >> your warmth and your kindness means so much to me. >> if 2018 is starting out like this, with you in this position, for all of us, it will be a good year. >> and you having twins. >> i'm having champagne. >> the #savanahhodatoday, is still trending. people are taking notice of the brand-new addition. >> this means a lot. >> they're loving the girl power at the anchor desk. they're taking note of what a great person you seem to be and people are. when great people get rewarded, it's extra special.
8:55 am
>> have you heard from your mom? >> i just dialed in the commercial break. she said, you were just outside. how are you calling i )m - -...
8:56 am
a little later this morning .. good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. authorities are expected to announce criminal charges against the suspect in that christmas eve crash that killed a chp officer. it happened on interstate 880 in hayward. that officer had a wife and three children. so far, authorities have not released the name of the 22-year-old suspect. he suffered serious injuries. investigators have previously said that he was under the influence of both alcohol and
8:57 am
marijuana. at 10:00 this morn, chp is expected to join alameda county's district attorney in announcing the charges. in vallejo where that announcement will take place. you can also head over to our twitter feed for updaites as son as we learn them. we're keeping a close eye on the large paper mill fire. it started before 2:00 a.m., not far from the airport. on our twitter feed, links to images and raw video. california's pot dispensaries are counting up the money they made during the first day of legalized marijuana. on our homepage, you can find more details including why local, locating local pot may be not as easy as you think. i'm marcus washington. more news in an hour.
8:58 am
woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) the big business the ice skating championships is bringing to the south bay. and i )m tracking our first chances of rain in quite some time. the overnight changes to my forecast. when you join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
9:00 am
now. [ applause ] hi. hello. hi. hi there. happy new year. hi, everybody. i'm megyn kelly.


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