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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 2, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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i guess it was right after it happened. >> it was an armed robbery involving two people a masked gunman and a get away driver who assaulted a mall employees. >> somebody was. >> the lieutenant with central marine police told us a ups driver was confronted andically a nordstrom kbeets pistol whipped. but a victim corrected the account. explaining that victor who takes out card board for businesses happened to be standing in packet of the assailants. he says victor suffered gashes above both eyes and his head. police canvassed the area continuing the hunt for the suspect. >> right now i have no reason for anyone to be concerned for safety. it does appear that the vehicle that was involved in this did leave the area. >> reporter: now, a mall
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employee told us this morning that there were four sarnlts not two. police haven't confirmed that. arrests. we have calls placed to the marine police department. we are waiting to hear back. live from marine county, sam brock. nbc bairnz. >> let's get to the changing weather now. not a soaker but we'll take what we get. rain. the satellite radar here, you see the storm off shore. and headed right toward the bay area. so how much and when? let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. and what are you expecting, jeff. it's arriving once we hit wednesday's forecast. on the satellite radar picture the storm system is centered out in the pacific. but what makes this at least a little bit unusual for us from the typical winter storms is it moves from the south. mild ner terms of temperatures with it. it could bring a thunderstorm chance as we et humidity build in with it as we head throughout
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wednesday's forecast. right now on the doppler radar and satellite combined you can see the spotty showers off shore. but all we're dealing with right now is the cloud cover. that's what will continue to contend with throughout tonight. the brand-new updated time line for wednesday shows clouds at 5:00 in the morning. by 9:00 a.m. maybe a spotty shower. storm approaches at 1:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. not only rainfall but the potential here of some thunderstorms. we are pinpointing where we get the highest amount of rainfall and we'll have a closer look at totals. coming up at 5:19 tonight. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. you can follow any changes in the forecast right on the phone. download the free nbc bay area app for updated conditions specific to dwror microclimate. well the hope is the rain washes away some of the smoky hazy skies blanketing the south bay today. bay area quality management district has issued a spare the air alert. this fire is largely to blame
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for the smoky skies. investigators trying to figure out what caused the huge blaze at a paper yard in santa clara. this isn't from the airport. we brought you this fire as live breaking coverage starting at 4:30 on "today in the bay." the fire burning in the yard next to the mill on matthews street. workers were on-site when it started but luckily everyone made it out safe. >> a lot of people traveling for the who will tais. today a major headache at san jose international. the primary terminal b was locked down for hours. delaying travel plans for an estimated 2,000 passengers because of a suspicious backpack. marianne favro was at s zwrchlt c minutes after the shutdown and joins with us developments. marianne. >> we learned that back pack was found on the second floor of terminal b where passengers wit for flights after they've been
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through security. instead of waiting for flights at airline gates at the airport thousand of travelers were forced to wait outside terminal b today. >> there was a security guard not letting anybody in. and the reason given was that the airport was on lockdown. >> reporter: police placed the terminal on lockdown after someone discovered a suspicious back pack in the secure area near the gate. the bomb squad and personnel responded while passengers waited not just outside but inside planes parked on the tar mack. these southwest passengers waited two hours inside the plane and the delay stretched well beyond sjc. frank and joe brock say the granddaughters arrived two hours late because the flight was held on the ground in burbank because of the san jose evacuation. >> the plane was on the tar mack waiting in the line of planes to take off then everything stopped because of the situation here. >> reporter: authorities ultimately determined the
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suspicious back pack wasn't a threat and let employees and passengers back in. but the damage was done. with some incoming and outgoing passengers delayed through late afternoon. i just went inside terminal b and checked. and there are still some departing flights that are delayed two hours. now that's mostly impacting southwest and alaska airlines passengers. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. how about this, an odd delay at another bay area airport. this one because of a rat. passengers boarded an alaska airlines flight at the oakland airport to fly to portland when someone spotted a rat in the cockpit. everyone had to get off. the airline rebooked the ten passengers on flight that let sfo and san jose. the plane is out of service until it's certified rodent free by a professional exterminator
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>> from peeping tom to sexual assault a series of events endwood a north bay man arrested twice. here are the details. this man was first arrested after shining a flashlight into the bedroom of an 11-year-old girl nearly two weeks ago in santa rosa. cortez was booked on a misdemeanor charge and released. the girl's father went back to police after discovering the 11-year-old and cortez had exchanged thousands of messages on snap chat some sexual in nature. that led to cortez arrested again for sexual assault this time. he is being held on $1 million bail. 120 miles an hour. that is how fast investigators say a hayward man was driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana when he collided into a parked chp car,ings li an officer. tonight the dachlt filed murder charges against the driver identified as 22-year-old mohamed ali of hayward.
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. jodi hernandez has has been been tweet bag this is he joins us with what she learned. >> according to this court document the deadly collision began with the suspect making threats against his wife and getting behind the wheel while under the influence. tonight that hayward man faces felony charges, including murder. >> drinking and driving is socially unacceptable. smoking marijuana and driving is as unacceptable. >> but that's exactly what vrgs say 22-year-old mohamed ali of hayward chose to do on christmas eve. investigators say ali was driving under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana. when he crashed into a chp patrol car, killing officer andrew camilleri and injuring camilleri's partner. >> when will we say enough is enough. >> alameda county district attorney unanimous omaly has
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filed second degree murder charges against ali. he faces dui and speeding charges. according to court documents, ali was driving 120 miles an hour we he collided with the chp car. investigators say ali admitted to driving impaired to hayward. he told investigators he knew he should have pulled over at least three times but made the decision to keep driving. >> the individual was aware of the extreme danger that drinking and driving poses to others. and that the person made the choice to disregard that danger. >> reporter: and we are back here live where you are looking at some of the flower arrangements left in officer camilleri's memory. now tonight the suspect remains hospitalized. he is recovering from his own injuries from that accident. we are told he is expected to be released then booked into the santa rita jail sometime in the
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next 48 hours. reporting live in hayward, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. a footnote to the story. the drunk driving crackdown in alameda county this year was dedicated to chp officer andrew camilleri. he a was part of a team of specially trained deputies. this happened december 14th to january 1st. there were 174 dui arrests, 46 other arrests and 3 guns recovered as well. well it's back to work for millions and that includes president trump and members of the congress. there is a long to do list including avoid ago government shut down. the budge deadline is less than three weeks away. also on the list, fund children's health insurance, approve disaster relief for hurricane and fire rafaged city and stabilize obamacare marketplaces. for democrats the priority is fixing daca which is the law protecting undocumented immigrants brought here as children. but republicans have some
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conditions for this. >> daca has several issues it's not just the wall. there are citizenship issues chain migration issues all sides have to be ready to compromise. >> also today big news a shake-up within the senate utah senator orin hatch announcing he retires when his term ends this year. senator hatch is 83 years old. formal presidential candidate mitt rom in i may run for that. the. the international headlines the turmoil continues in iran. violent protests left 20 people dead and hundreds of others arrested. and some in custody could face the death penalty. now initially higher food prices and a weak economy prompted the demonstrations. but they've expanded to claims of corruption and demands for regime change. u.n. ambassador nikki haley called an emergency meeting. and president trump is demanding iran's leaders restore internet access to social media. now in a tweet president trump partly blamed president obama's policies for the chaos in iran.
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well robbers used a truck to smash a silicon valley restaurant and steal an atm. that wasn't the end of the crime spree. >> are you ready for the big woke. a live look at the shark tank in downtown san jose, the best figure skaters in america are all in the bay area for the u.s. nationals. the best of the best will advance to the olympics next month. we have a live report. clouds and 57 in san francisco right now. i'll have the updated storm time line for wednesday, coming up at 5:19 tonight. grab ) in mt. view.
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police say thieves used a stolen truck to smash thru the well take a look. a daring smash and grab robbery in mountain view. police say thieves use the the stolen truck to smash through the front ever my knowledge michael's restaurant. they drove off with the atm from the lobby. the truck was abandoned a block away. the atm was found torched broken apart and empty. in a google parking lot a few miles away. >> they worked a bit on it. because that machine -- it's torched. ripped apart. so they got in there unfortunately. >> right there at that golf course. coming up at 6:00 robert handa has more details and reaction to the unusual theft. well there is a glitch already in the new recreational
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pot law in california. the state department of food and agricultural says the computer system designed to track marijuana from seed to store pronate isn't ready. it makes sure plants are followed throughout the supply chain and don't drift back to black market. businesses are asked to document the sales manually. it could take months before the system launches. our coverage of california's new legal marijuana business continues on "nightly news," including a look into the great lengths dispensaries go to to attract more customers. lester holt joins news 15 minutes. okay the sharks are out of town. and some different type of skaters are in town. vying for a spot in team usa. you are looking at a time laps showing the inside of the shark tank in san jose. you see the workers there preparing the ice for the u.s. figure skating championships, all the skaters in town right now. it begins tomorrow night. the results, who gets to go on
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team usa to the olympics next month in south korea. >> no pressure. garvin thomas joins us live in san jose with what a skating legend is up to on the eve of the event. garvin. >> reporter: jess qua eating and drinking? restaurants all over san jose is the short answer. but there is more. san jose last hosted the skating national championships in 2012. but that wasn't an olympic year. they obviously did well enough, were award the the championships this year when the team will be chosen. so many more eyes are on san jose this time. >> when you roast the call flower do you boil it or roast it? roast an apple with it process peel it and roast it and it's a little sweet. really good. >> reporter: which is why bay area skating legend brian boitaneau is taking a small group over the best restaurants
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in the town showing off the best he is not only a 1988 gold medallist in figure skating. he hosts a show on the food network at one point. he has been gracious enough to step away from the table for a moment to chat with. >> a very, very difficult job tasting food and cocktails all over the city. >> someone has to do it. >> someone has it to. >> this is your backyard. what's it like to have the championships in your backyard and show it off to the rest of the skating world. >> it's so exciting to have it in san jose. it's huge. this is the olympic trials of figure skating. we are naming our olympic team this week to go to correa. it's important week to go to the championships. if you want to experience competition at the highest level go to sap center. >> you've been in the situation the skaters are now a week on the eve of championships what's
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going on in heads, stomachs, feet. >> just crazy, because you feel like you're in a pressure cooker, a microwave oven you're cooking from the inside out and got to explode but you got to retain it until after the event. you try to focus and keep in mind what the job at hand is and just, you know, you just want to skate well. honestly people -- people always say it they want to skate well. but it kills two birds with one stone if you skate well you make the team. >> thank you, brian. appreciate the time. send it back to you guys. >> garvin and the pride of sunnyvale, our gold medallist. good to see those two together. garvin heads to south korea onto cover the olympics. you can follow his reports dale and nightly. he will be posting behind the scenes photos and videos. >> we can watch the trials here very exciting. >> this is a big week. >> all the legends are in town and all the bright future stars
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as well. >> very exciting. it's one of the big events of the olympics. everybody loves the skating. >> we should go down. >> it would be nice. >> how we looking weatherwise. >> feeling like winter. a little bit of rainfall. i haven't heard complaints about that especially after how dry it was in december. you can lee looking at the moirkt climate forecast, we'll look at the storm. and the thing different about this is the tp typical winter storms move from the north or directly west. the storm pops in from the south. that means a little bit of humidity with it and also some milder temperatures. some of the humidity can fire off thunderstorms on wednesday's forecast. so let's get a look here at what we can speck for tomorrow. i think most of us are dry for the commute. but a few spots where we could see a little bit of spotty shower activity like the peninsula and 48 degrees. and we'll also look for maybe some spotty drizzle in san francisco and 50. we really won't see anything
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develop in terms of accumulating rainfall until tomorrow afternoon. we think about 4:00 we will see some areas of moderate rainfall through north by and san francisco and coast. and back towards the higher elevations of the south bay. but best chance to see the rain really firing off is 7:30 at night. notice the areas of yellow and orange embedded with the rainfall we expect, those are isolated thunderstorms the computer models pick up on that could give isolated higher totals. 7:30 to about 11:00 is when we pick up the best chance of rainfall. then we'll keep a lingering chance of potty showers into thursday. totals. overall a .109 to a quarter inch on average through throughout the bay. santa rosa could get close to the half inch. and right near the coastline that's where i think the computer models underdo it a we could see more than the .19
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of an inch in half moon. it could be closer to .5 inch. we'll martin it. certainly enough to get the road ways wet. thursday night a little bit colder. but not superchilly winter storm. 61 in antioch. 62 in napa. 59 in oakland and 65 expect the in san jose. let's get to you the extended forecast. a lot of moving parts the next few days. we'll have a second chance of rainfall by thursday night at 10:00 p.m. that brings lingering showers into friday morning. dry on saturday. looks mainly dry on sunday. watch out for another chance of rain developing next tuesday night. so this is more like it here for our typical january kind of a storm pattern moving our way. wednesday night, also thursday night, that's the next two best chances of rainfall coming our way. >> okay nothing major but enough to get us all a little wet. >> you got it. >> thanks ifrmgt they look fake. but these cutoffic signs were
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found in real places along the california border. we'll explain it to you next. page.
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warriors coach steve kerr, giving an update on draymond green. green tweaked his left ankle at pr happening on the twitter page, the warrior coach giving the update on draymond green. he tweaked his left ankle. he and andre iguodala might miss tomorrow. is it a tastier big mack. mcdonald's is launching out the fresh never frozen beef. expected to give mcdonald's a boost.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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first off, we're going to give you all... someone posted fake signs on freeways - mocking the a not so well sign to california. someone posted fake signs mocking the states for the sanctuary status. one person posted this picture online. underneath the usual welcome to california sign you see the blue sign. it's another sign reading unofficial sanctuary -- excuse me official antingary state and felons illegals and ms 13 welcome. democrats need the votes. cal advance quickly removed one sign on interstate 15 east of los angeles. another similar sign from interstate 40 near needles. caltrans says the signs are made of paper and placed over an
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existing sign that has emergency phone numbers. >> okay if you don't have a passport you should know about real id. starting in october a california driver's license will no longer be enough to get you onboard domestic flights. you'll have to have a passport, military id or a real id. the dmv starts accepting applications for those. some travelers like the idea. >> let of us maybe have a passport but don't want to bring it with us to take a domestic flight, flying down to l.a. or san francisco. it's not really that convenient to carry around the pass por. it's easier to have the driver's license that you have to have on you. after the 9/11 attacked congress mandated the improved driver's licenses but half the states including california have not made the final license upgrade. current california driver's licenses eventually stop working at airports. a history making decision by "the today show." we'll tell but it. th
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welcome up tonight at 6:00, not wanting to use the d word at least not yet. the reason south bay water officials say it's too soon to panic about a drought and why
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the next three months are critical. and finally at 5:00, today show host savannah guthrie calls it the most popular decision by nbc news. did you see it in hoda is the new coanchor replacing matt lauer. the first time two women hosted a major morning show. >> what do you think when young kids watch now look up and see two women. >> we got chills. it's normal. top trending item on twitter. she says there is no way to give up the old job. continuing to the cohost the 10:00 a.m. hour and where she hangs out with kathy lee gifrd. >> about time. >> it's a nice move. final word for jeff as we head out. >> we are looking at rain returning tomorrow night. possibly isolated thunderstorms. we'll be watching for lightning strikes and second system
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arriving thursday night and possibly rain into friday morning. active the next couple days. >> won't affect the ice. >> not at all. see you at 6:00. >> good night. tonight the death toll rising from extreme cold gripping the nation. snow and ice whiting out roads. dozens of vehicles in a massive pileup. over 200 million blasted with below freezing temps. tonight the new storm threat brewing. al roker is tracking it. violence exploding in iran. at least 20 killed. in clashes in the streets. iran's supreme leader blaming outside enemies as president trump cheers on protesters. family of one of the ten americans killed in a plane crash in costa rica speaking out. >> so proud to be your mom. i love you to death. >> u.s. investigators on the ground to determine what went wrong. under fire, youtube star who


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